The 'Lost' Hour: Season 5 -- Episode 13: 'Some Like It Hoth'

Jen Chaney and Liz Kelly Staff
Thursday, April 16, 2009; 3:00 PM

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Reston, Va.: A clip-job show next week? Didn't we just have a Lost-less week not too long ago?

Liz Kelly: Yes, but don't think of it as losing a show -- think of it as gaining another week in which to get our minds wrapped around the season so far.

And, stay tuned -- I can't promise anything, but Jen and I may have a special treat to get us through the off week.

But, in the meantime, let's get this party started... I think Jen's bringing the garlic mayo.

Jen Chaney: I've got the garlic mayo and the Boba Fett action figures. Now you all bring on the questions. Let's get started, suckas.


Washington, D.C.: I think this has been speculated here before, but I am thinking more and more that the 1977 Losties cause the Incident. I have two thoughts about this: (1) They know it is coming, so they purposely try to prevent it. However, whatever they do actually ends up causing it. Or.... (2) Last night, when Miles and Hurly were in the VW looking at the construction of the Swan, Hurley told Miles: That is what caused our plane to crash (or something like that). I think maybe Hurley tries to sabotage the construction of the Swan so as to prevent the crash of 815. Something goes wrong... Incident.

I think both of these would add a cool element to plot in that the Losties actually were responsible for their own plane crashing. The Incident is why the button-pushing was necessary, correct? And Desmond missing a button-push is what brought the plane down, right?

Anyway, nothing major here. Just speculation.... Thanks for doing these chats, by the way. I love how you mix snarkiness with serious nerdiness. My kind of gals!

Jen Chaney: I think this theory has been posited before in some form -- the notion that the Losties' crash could be prevented in some way. I find that pretty intriguing. But that's where the space-time continuum could be potentially implode. Because then you'd have Hurley circa 2008 (who happens to be in 1977) altering the course of events for Hurley (and others) in 2004.


Alexandria, Va.: I was interested in the fact that Dr. Chang called the experiments stupid last night. Does that mean he is there for some other reason and is just playing along with Dharma? I took it that he meant the polar bear experiments were stupid, in comparison to his own invaluable work.

Jen Chaney: Or he think that something dysfunctional is happening on the island to prevent Dharma from doing the work it originally intended. He definitely seems disgruntled, that's for sure.

Liz Kelly: I think both Paul and Jen are right. Chang sees his work as vital and the polar bear experiments as a waste of time. He'd hardly be the first scientist to suffer from extreme self-absorption.


Desmond Hume is My Constant Mug!: I must have one! I'm adding that to my Xmas list in addition to the Dharma baby t-shirt. So sweet!

Liz Kelly: Jen -- did you actually buy this thing somewhere or did you make it with a blank white mug and a Sharpie?

Jen Chaney: My husband bought it, actually. Off Cafepress. I bet there are still some available.

He actually gave it to my mom -- another huge "Lost" fan -- as a Christmas gift. But she felt guilty accepting it so she suggested we keep the mug at our house, where both my mom and I could use it.

Number of times my mom has used it: 0.

Number of times I have used it: 873.


Fredericksburg, Va.: A comment in your analysis this morning, i.e., on Island=dead, off Island=alive, brought me back to something that has been bugging me for 4 1/2 seasons. The Oceanic crash on the Island was not surviveable. The first shot we see of the airliner back in season 2 or whatever shows it breaking up over the Island at clearly an altitude of some thousands of feet. I think we may just find at the series conclusion that the entire cast and crew are zombies.

Jen Chaney: Wait, are you suggesting that the legendary zombie season could come to pass, in a sense?

The Losties could be walking dead of a sort, yes. But not zombies in the traditional sense. They aren't trying to eat anyone's brains.

Liz Kelly: Well, we don't know exactly what was in that garlic mayo.


Washington, D.C.: There seems to be an issue with the HTML (specifically, the line breaks) in today's Dueling Analyses full post... I'm getting a screen that's about a mile wide.

Liz Kelly: Try reloading. I'm seeing it rendering just fine right now. I'm wondering if it is one of the ads that is cycling through and throwing off the page alignment. Can you try a shift+reload?


Newark, Del.: One way to ruin LOST - inject Star Wars nerdiness into the equation. The Star Trek commercial during the break was bad enough.

I don't think Chang will die in the Incident, but I wonder if that's when he loses his arm.

Popular Theory on the Net Today - "shadow group" are long-lost Dharma folk, eager for revenge on Widmore and Ben.

Liz Kelly: Silly Newark, I'm guessing you've never been to Comic-Con. Trust me, this show has been must-see nerd viewing for quite some time. And I include myself among the ranks of nerds, though I am not -- like Jen -- Queen Nerd.

Jen Chaney: Don't worry, Liz, I certainly plan to grant you some sort of Nerd Knighthood.

Thank you for bringing up this arm thing. I know this is a popular theory, but I am not convinced Chang lost his arm. Speaking of Comic-Con, the video of Candle that was shown there last summer -- which we'll try to post here shortly -- shows him with both arms. Unless one was prosthetic, which is quite possible. It's hard to tell.

Anyway, that would certainly play back into the "Star Wars" parallelism.

And in addition to long-lost Dharma folks, some of you also think Bram and Ilana may be working for Ms. Hawking. Both plausible theories.

Jen Chaney:


Does Miles talk to Dead People?: Good afternoon ladies,

I was struck by a thought last night that I built on in your dueling analysis piece today. Namely, is it incorrect to say that Miles "Talks To" Dead People?

From what I remember of his explanation to Hurley, he basically says that he can't converse with them he can only listen to their thoughts, memories, and feelings. I have to believe that this is an important distinction to make - namely, because it rejects the idea that "the losties are dead" or anything like that and Miles is talking to them and doesn't know it (a la sixth sense). From what I can gather, he listens to the dead, he can't talk to them.

Liz Kelly: Okay, that's interesting and I like it. Miles definitely addresses Hurley and the rest of the Losties as if they are living, breathing beings.

Jen Chaney: Ah, yes. Good point. Thanks.


Lost Laughing: Not the best quote but the funniest visual was the expression on Miles' face when his father Pierre tells him he likes country western music!

Liz Kelly: That was a good look. I know that look. It's the same look I had when my dad wen through his bolo tie and leather vest phase. (Don't ask.)

But, speaking of best quotes, make sure to vote:


Bloomingdale: It was pointed out to me that the clock on the microwave said 3:16. John 3:16 in the Bible states: For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

Knowing the lost writers this was SO NOT a coincidence. but what "son" do you think they meant? Aaron? Ben? Miles?

Jen Chaney: 316 was also the name of an episode from earlier this season, as well as the Ajira Airlines flight number. So way it's a coincidence.

The obvious answer at this point would be that it's John Locke, because the "316" episode was the one where dead Locke came back to the island and became living Locke again, as well as the one where Jack realized he should believe in what John had been saying all along.

That, however, is the obvious answer. And there may be some other Christ-like figure that we haven't quite seen in that light yet.

Liz Kelly: And make sure to read the analysis all the way through to the end -- Jen shared a reader's theory re: 3:16 at the end that was very well put.


Endor: Much as I loved Hurley in this episode, I've got to ask what could he possibly have against Ewoks?

Jen Chaney: I understand the anti-Ewok contingency, which is extremely vocal in their stance against cuddliness.

But compared to Jar Jar, they are positively adorable, completely unannoying and quite intellectually advanced.


Reston, Va.: So there was a magnetic anomaly powerful enough to pull a tooth through someone's skull, but all of the metal construction machinery and hand tools weren't affected?

Talk about a focused magnetic attraction!

Jen Chaney: Well, it is focused, right? Remember in the first episode from this season, someone else got hurt at the station because he entered a very specific area.

Scientifically, okay, maybe it's a bit of a stretch. But I'm willing to roll with it since, you know, I majored in English instead of Physics.

Liz Kelly: Right. All science cred aside, I think the show explained this. There is a certain area to be avoided -- Alvarez may have been one of many (it seems Horace had sent out body bags before) who were sacrificed to discover how close one could get without risking harm.


Jen and Liz are my Constant: Cool fact: if you look up your own name on Cafepress... you can find the image of "is my constant" with ~your name~ in it.

So if your husband was really crafty, he could have gotten "If anything happens, Jen is my constant/Liz is my constant." What about Bacon is my constant?

Liz Kelly: And yet when I searched "Liz", this was one of the first returns. Lovely.

Jen Chaney: Funny. This is one of the first returns for Jen.

Hey, if it ever turns out I am definitively right about Ben's good intentions, I think I should carry around that bag for a full week while you have to wear that shirt. That idea rules!


Mrs. Chang: Who was the woman who played Mile's Mother? She looked so familiar, have we seen her before?

Liz Kelly: Miles's mother, Lara Chang, was portrayed by Leslie Ishii, who I think looks familiar because she bears a striking resemblance to Sun. But it looks like she's played bit parts on many primetime shows over the past decade or so, so it's possible you've seen her before.

Jen Chaney: Well, and also we saw here in the very first shots of this season, when she was lying next to Dr. Chang while a young Miles cried out for his morning bottle.

Jen Chaney: we saw HER, that is.


Producer Paul: Has he ever -not- been right? I really don't think so. We need to listen to him more. (Without hearing from the two of you any less, natch) Well, I did think that Ilana and co. were suffering from the Sickness last week, so it looks like I was wrong there.

Liz Kelly: Yeah, suck it, monkey!

Jen Chaney: Also, Paul, it's really not cool to submit questions about yourself then answer them.

That said...

Reader From Bethesda, Md.: Man, that Jen Chaney. She is right about EVERYTHING.

Jen: She sure is. Very astute observation.

Liz Kelly: Arlington, Va./Andy's Mom: Jen and Paul are King and Queen Nerd. Liz, how can you stand it?

Liz Kelly: Now now, they're not actually this insufferable in person. Also, I am not in the same room.


Washington, D.C.: Do you think Faraday actually found his way off of the island (and is thus returned via the sub), or could he be time traveling within his own mind (the type of time traveling for which a constant is necessary) and thus explain his arrival from Ann Arbor?

liz: This is something I'd like to see answered soon. I haven't had a chance to read through today's blog comments. Are there any prevailing theories about how Daniel made it off island?


you're confusing the stations...: Alvarez (or whatever toothy's name was) was building the Swan - and the donkey wheel is under the Orchid. That's where the Dharma dude got hurt in the first episode this season, not the Swan...

Jen Chaney: Oh, you're totally right. My apologies.

But I still stand by the same basic (albeit shaky) scientific explanation, which is that the electromagnetism is stronger in certain sections of the island, which (kinda) explains why all the metal work doesn't go kablooey.


Austin, Tex.: I'm sure this joke has been made many times, but here it goes anyway - so, I bet right now they can all use that time machine Uncle Rico got on eBay, huh?

On another note, something I thought about after last week's episode - didn't we assume that Widmore was sent off the island through the donkey wheel and that's how he ended up in the dessert and knew it was the exit place? Why was he headed to the submarine then? How many times did they kick him off?

Jen Chaney: You know something Austin? I don't think anyone has made that joke yet. Liz and I are clearly falling down on the job.

Re: Widmore, I thought he had not returned to the island after being banished by Ben. We may have surmised that he used the donkey wheel -- I honestly can't remember -- but knowing what we now know, I don't think he has been able to get back to the island. The island has to want you to come back, as Hurley aptly pointed out to Jack at the beginning of last season ("It wants us to come back!") I think the island is done with Widmore, which is why he has to send proxies on his behalf.

Liz Kelly: Wow. I can't believe we missed that when it was literally right in front of our faces. For shame.

By way of apology, here is a short, important clip:

Re: Widmore -- I agree with Jen. The island is done with Widmore, for now. He's persona non grata.


Comic Con video: thanks for putting that back out there for everyone...I think it's the reason why people have been seeing the Bram/Ilana contingent as Dharma 2.0 - if the video being made actually fulfills its purpose of making its way 30 years into the future (through the pinhole), then the Dharma financiers might have gotten the message to "reconstitute" the initiative...

Jen Chaney: Excellent point.

I hadn't watched that video in a while. And obviously, last July, it didn't make nearly as much sense as it does now.


Desmond Mug Girl Again: Jen - you need to get Cafepress to print up some "Jack/Kate/Sawyer/Lost-Hottie-of-Choice moves my Island" goods. That should do it!

Jen Chaney: Maybe Liz and I should print up T-shirts of our own:

The "Lost" Dueling Analysis on Moving Islands Every Thursday.


Aida from Florida: Was it just me or did it seem like the whole episode was spent in the van with Hurley and Miles talking about Star Wars and daddy issues?

Jen Chaney: There was a good bit of that. Compared to last week, it was certainly less action-driven.

But I think the episode in two weeks is going to be a corker, so this may be the calm before an end-of-season storm.

Besides, I totally love being in a van with Miles and Hurley, talking about "Star Wars."

In fact, if Kevin Smith directed a movie called, "Hurley and Miles Talk About 'Star Wars' in a Van," I would totally go see that.

Liz Kelly: I liked being in the van, too - especially with Elton John and Kiki Dee on the radio.


What lies in the shadow of the statue?: This question is starting to annoy and intrigue me at the same time. I wonder if the statue marked the entrance to some sort of tomb where something or someone (maybe Smokey in human form) is buried, and the combination of the electromagnetic thing, Jughead, and whatever is under the shadow of the statue cause the incident.

Liz Kelly: As I stated in the analysis today, I think Ilana and Bram may be descdendents of some cult that is either responsible for the heiroglyphs and four-toed statue or has taken on those island objects as a manifestation of their spiritual beliefs.

Bram seemed surprised that Miles wanted money to join his "team" and leave Widmore's employ. He clearly thought that the reward of having the "empty hole inside" filled was enough.


Arlington, VA: Hi Jen & Liz- This is more of a comment than a question, but that was a really weak show last night. And I cannot fathom the point of the kidnapping of Miles by Seth Rogen and crew. What was up with that? So hokey. Thanks

Liz Kelly: Wow, I really liked last night's show. I thought the writers handled bringing Miles's backstory into the mythology well.

And I wasn't at all put off by the kidnapping by Bram (the Seth Rogen lookalike), especially since it lent support to the growing contention that there is a third group fighting for control of the island.


Somewhere in the south Pacific: Maybe the difference in Hurley / Miles' powers is an indication that the images Hurley sees aren't really ghosts, but are projections by Jacob/the Island? After all, there was a projection of Walt, and he certainly wasn't dead. Maybe also current Locke is a projection, rather than a true resurrection?

Jen Chaney: Well, I don't think Hurley has the same gift at all. I think he has some ability to be in touch with spirits (see Dave, Jacob's cabin, Charlie). But I am not sure if it's a special power or a keen ability to hallucinate. Which is special in its own way.

Liz Kelly: Agreed -- I think Hurley's visions, if they exist at all, are manifestations of the island.


DC: Notice in the video how Dr. Chang looks at and grabs his arm, as if in disbelief (maybe that it later gets blown off).

Also, sounds like Miles doing the video, no?

Jen Chaney: It does sound like Miles. I also could swear that at the end, Chang refers to LaFleur.


On coffee mugs: Did anyone find it odd Jack had a cup of coffee or tea at Juliet and Sawyer's house when he was waiting for Sawyer to return to let him know that our nit-wit Kate had made Ben's dad mighty suspicious. Like hey, "Kate probably ruined all of chances of a happy little Dharma existence... But sure I'll take a cup of joe".

Liz Kelly: Well, what else was he going to do -- he was there for an indeterminate amount of time waiting for Sawyer to come home so he could alert him to the Uncle Rico situation. He and Juliet probably spent a little time catching up and a cup of coffee doesn't strike me as an odd thing to share while doing so.

The weird part was that Jack's mug said, "Producer Paul is my constant."

Jen Chaney: And he had a copy of "The Empire Strikes Back" Storybook, based on Hugo's still in-progress screenplay.

What a dork.


Freckles: I miss the old Sawyer. It's been quite a while since we've gotten any Sawyerisms. He's calling people by their actual names and stuff... how boring.

(For the record, I don't count 'Doc' as a Sawyerism)

Liz Kelly: Okay, this gives me the perfect opportunity to share one of the funniest comments submitted to Celebritology this week. Following news that Josh Holloway and his wife had welcomed their first child, one commenter -- whose comment I can't find now, of course -- suggest that Holloway was referring to his new baby as "Cordless."


L8tF8: Can't seem to post after the analysis so will send this here.

My Empire Strikes Back Theory:

I think last night Hurley set up the whole idea that, if Darth Vader and Luke had just talked no one would have had to lose an arm. But, we know that Pierre Chang does lose an arm. My theory is that Miles eventually tells Pierre who he is. Unfortunately, this somehow distracts or angers Pierre and at that moment "the incident" occurs. The incident kills Miles and causes Pierre to lose an arm. In an effort to save his son from death, Pierre banishes his wife and son from the Island. He may also change his name so that he is harder to find. His knowledge of time travel will cause him to build the secret bunny time travel pods in the basement of the Orchid that Ben later fills with metal when he needs to move the Island.

Jen Chaney: Oh, this is good stuff.

I don't agree with all of it, only because I'm still not 100 percent on the arm losing thing. Which isn't to say that it's wrong, but I don't think that information has been made clear on the show, or is even part of canon. So I just need more evidence. That said, if someone can produce said evidence, beyond a Wiki page, please bring it on. I think that could be an important detail.

As I said in the post today, I do think Chang either knows that older Miles is his son or, as you suggest, finds that out eventually. I guess the question is how banishing his wife and son would actually avoid Miles's eventual death, if he's destined to come back circa 2004 and travel back to the 1970s. But that gets back to the time travel argument we all keep having every week, about whether the future can be changed. I have to think that rule will get blown out of the water, giving your theory more credibility.


Anonymous: Didn't those guys who carried the body off the truck look like Cavemen or something ? Yes! And that dude who was reading the Hatch numbers was very odd looking.

Liz Kelly: He was a little strange looking -- and, come to think of it, Alvarez was a bit hairy, too.

Here's a pic of the worker at the hatch site -- he's actually got more of a Color Me Badd than caveman vibe.

Jen Chaney: Weirdly, though, he has Hurley's hair.


Washington D.C.: Now that Sawyer has cold-cocked Phil, isn't the jig up (or as Ed Rooney would say: "Le jeux sont fait.") for LeFleur, Julliette, Jin, and Miles. I mean the only way to Houdini out of this is to kill Phil and dispose of his body, and I don't think Sawyer's up for that.

Jen Chaney: Or they could tie him up and try to bribe him somehow. Phil doesn't strike me as someone who responds well to bribery but if it's a choice between that or biting it, maybe he would keep his mouth shut.

P.S. Thank you for the Ed Rooney reference. Just so you know, with your bad knee, you shouldn't be throwing anybody.

Liz Kelly: Well played w/ the Ed Rooney and, yep, as I said in the analysis, Sawyer's plan to tie up Phil is a dead end. Especially since Ben's dad is about to share his suspicions of Kate and Jack with Horace.


Portland, Ore.: Widmore did tell Locke something about "Ben tricked me into turning the wheel," didn't he? I think he just said he was exiled.

Liz Kelly: I don't recall him saying he was tricked into turning the wheel, but I do recall Widmore saying -- not in so many words -- that he was unable to return to the island.

Jen Chaney: Yeah, I am not remembering that either.

Producer Paul reports that Widmore said to Locke: ""That's the exit. I was afraid Benjamin might fool you into leaving the island, like he did with me. I was their leader."

He doesn't explicitly say Ben tricked him into turning the wheel, at least not that we can seem to remember.


Drunk Daddy: Tell me if I'm the only one who had this thought:

Last night when Ben's not-so-sober daddy was talking to Jack about Kate, Jack vouched for her saying she was a friend of his. I didn't take his response to mean he wouldn't talk to Horace (this is what Jack relayed to Sawyer). To me, it seemed like drunk daddy was going to go to Horace and report BOTH of them being in cahoots.

Jen Chaney: You are not the only one who thinks this. And I think there is a good chance he will say something about both of them.


Libby: Do you think they'll ever explain why Libby was in the looney bin with Hurley? We've gotten so many answers to questions in seasons past, but this one looms. Plus wasn't she the one who gave Desmond the boat that landed him on the island?

Jen Chaney: She did give Desmond the boat, which was supposedly (if memory serves) her ex-husband's.

I don't think Libby is going to figure in prominently again, just because there are so many other bigger storylines to deal with. But I agree, I would like to know the answer to that, too!


Templar?: You mentioned something in this morning's analysis about the Knights Templar and the Holy Grail. That got me thinking about what else people have searched for. I'm sure it's come up before, but what might lie in the shadow of the statue...I think it's the Fountain of Youth. Mystical powers discovered by the ancient Egyptians, stuck on an island, has the power to time shift. Alpert never ages, we know that for sure. Hell, my brain's all warped (at least I don't have a nose bleed), but just throwing it out there.

Jen Chaney: The Fountain of Youth theory! This was bandied out at one time, too, but no one has brought this up in a while. Worth considering.

Hmmm ... that also makes me think about the fact that Jack, Kate and Hurley all showed up on the island again and found themselves immersed in water. And Charlotte did, too. Not that it means anything, but that imagery just popped into my head...

Liz Kelly: And that Richard Alpert just doesn't seem to age. Which leads me to believe that whatever his association with the Hostiles is, he's not actually one of them. As Juliet intimated, he's always been on the island.

I wouldn't be surprised to discover that Alpert and Ilana are on the same team.


Ann Arbor: Do you think they'll ever show us what happened to the Dharma funders? How is that they just let the Others kill all their people off, move into their barracks, take over their submarine and the people in Ann Arbor just sat there doing nothing? Maybe they are the third party involved in this war?

Liz Kelly: In watching the Swan film posted in the analysis brought Alvar Hanso -- one of Dharma's major funders -- back into focus for me.

A quick scan of his Lostpedia bio reminds me that one of his major reasons for funding Dharma was to modify the Valenzetti equation and, by doing so, change the date of the end of the world. All of which fits in well with this season's focus on whether the past can indeed be changed to influence the future.

Just something to keep in mind...

Jen Chaney: It wouldn't surprise me if Hanso figured back in. His role has been limited mostly to the alternate reality game and that "Lost"-related novel, "Bad Twin." But maybe he'll be a bigger player as the series moves toward its conclusion.


Tucson AZ: Ladies -

Can you help clarify something for me?

A couple of episodes back we see Dr. Chang, listening to Willie Nelson, with baby Miles in his arms. He is eventually called to the station where Jughead is buried and we see Daniel Faraday as a member of the work crew.

At the end of last night's episode, we see Faraday coming out of the submarine.

Has Dr. Chang being summoned to Jughead happened yet? Or better put, will we see that moment again in the not so distant future?

Liz Kelly: I don't think that scene was set at Jughead's burial site -- it was actually the Swan construction site and, no, I would assume it hasn't happened yet vis-a-vis last night's timeline.

Jen Chaney: Yeah. What she said.


jes: I don't think there's anything wrong with adult ghost listening Miles being in the same place as baby polar bear reading Miles. As long as adult Miles doesn't try to harm baby Miles everything should be fine.

I'm wondering about the Roger/Kate exchange on the Alex Linus Memorial Swingset. Am I the only one thought Roger made a huge leap from Kate's expressions of sympathy to "are you involved?" I mean, we all know she is but how would drunk Roger make that connection?

Jen Chaney: Well, she has been hanging around a lot. So at the very least, it's natural for Roger to assume she might have seen someone take Lil Ben out of the infirmary.

I think it was her clearly uncomfortable response when he asked if she knew something that really raised his suspicions.

Liz Kelly: Kate has no poker face. She totally gave Roger every possible reason to believe she knew something. In fact, I think she thought that she might comfort him by hinting that she had certain knowledge that Ben was safe. That obviously backfired.


Baltimore, MD: Ewoks suck because they are so completely and obviously fake. Their weird plastic eyes don't blink, their furry snowpants legs don't bend.

Jen Chaney: But you have to admit that they throw a pretty happening Ewok Celebration!

Liz Kelly: I think Ewoks look like George Lucas. There, I've said it.


Boulder, Colo.: Curious: do you two get together to write the Dueling Analysis or do you do it over the phone?

Also, how many episodes are left this season? I'm going to be so sad and need to start preparing...

Liz Kelly: We do it online in a chat room of sorts. I would be way too distracted by Jen's Queen Nerd accouterments if we were in the same room.

Jen Chaney: Rude! Liz and I have collaborated in the same room before and it worked out fine. I moved my Burger King Star Wars glasses out of the way so you could set down your drink and everything!

To answer your question about episodes, next week is the clip show. Then (tear) there are only three more weeks. But the finale on May 13 is two hours, so there are four new hours, if that makes sense.

Liz Kelly: I kid because I love, Jen. Even your BK collectables.


Washington, DC: DUDE! That was totally Daniel in the Comic-Con video operating the camera w/ Dr. CAndle!

Jen Chaney: Was it? It sounded like Miles. But the copy is so lousy it's hard to hear clearly.

You know what's sad? Liz and I were actually there and can't even remember! We were typing pretty furiously at that point, though.

Liz Kelly: That's right. We totally twittered that panel. We were Twittering before it was cool. Now it's all Ashton Kutcher and MC Hammer. Lame.

Jen Chaney: We may have to go back to our Lost panel transcript for more details.


Fountain of Youth: I thought that was supposed to be somewhere in South/Central America as opposed to Africa. And Egyptian wasn't the only writing in the tomb, there was sanscrit as well.

Jen Chaney: The notion of a fountain of youth would explain Alpert, though. And as far as being geographically accurate, that may not matter so much.

I mean, polar bears can't live in the South Pacific either, but that hasn't stopped the people on the island from trying to make it happen.


Pick Me!!!: Can I be the last question you answer this week??

Liz Kelly: Sure, we aim to please.

Thanks for the thought-provoking discussion, as ever. We'll be here next week, clip show or not.

Jen Chaney: Until then, may the force be with Hurley.

_______________________ Comic-Con: Live-Blogging the 'Lost' Panel Comic-Con: Live-Blogging the 'Lost' Panel

Liz Kelly: For anyone who is looking to kill another few minutes before returning to work, here's what Jen and I wrote from Comic-Con.


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