The 'Lost' Hour: Season 5 Analysis -- Clip Show Week

Jen Chaney and Liz Kelly Staff
Thursday, April 23, 2009; 3:00 PM

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Liz Kelly: Afternoon. A clip show week seems like a perfect time to share two snippets making the rounds this week. I'll share the first now -- a link to Michael Emerson's Jimmy Fallon show appearance, in which he gives a foreboding reading of "Little Boy Blue." And who knew he spent a short time as a magazine illustrator? We'll include the second at the end of the show since the clip is a wee bit long.

Jen Chaney: Seriously, that is the best thing that's happened on the "Jimmy Fallon" show so far. After "Lost" ends, if for some reason he has free time on his hands, Emerson should do a one-man show where he just reads random things -- children's stories, poems, lyrics to Tone Loc songs -- in that cadence of his. I would pay to see that.

Anyway, no new episode last night, but since when has that stopped us from talking "Lost"? In the words of the aforementioned Tone Loc, "Lezzz doit."


Charlotte, NC: Surely it's significant that the narrator was Richard Alpert, yes? That this telegraphs that Richard is perhaps THE central figure to the mysteries of both the island and the Oceanic 6?

Liz Kelly: Or he drew the shortest straw.

Jen Chaney: Or that he has a very nice voice, in addition to his impeccable fashion sense.

Liz Kelly: And dreamy eyes.


Sleepless in Seattle: I have to admit that I fell asleep during part of the clip show, but I do recall that the narrator referred to Eloise Hawking as Daniel Farraday's mother. I thought this issue was still up in the air. Perhaps not.

Liz Kelly: I missed that particular reference. We have been assuming that, yes, but you're right -- I don't think it has ever been confirmed.

I guess the question now is, who is Daniel's father?

Jen Chaney: You know, Liz, maybe I shouldn't have been trying to do other things while watching the clip show. I missed this, too. Again, something we all had pretty much known, but that is more explicit confirmation.


Bethesda, MD: Ladies,

ABC stole your LOST bracketology concept! Sue! Or ask for a credit line at least....


Liz Kelly: Now now, we were hardly the first people to apply the bracket model to something other than basketball. That said, the Disney folks can use direct deposit for any royalty payments.

Jen Chaney: I guess our credit line was the shout-out that Damon Lindelof gave to us on one of the season four DVD commentaries. That, and the fact that he told me last year at Comic-Con that he voted in "Lost" Madness.

That said, if they want to include a pop-up in a future "enhanced episode" of the show, stating very specifically that Liz Kelly and Jen Chaney are totally AWESOME, well, that would be all right, I guess.


Chicago: What was new? We were led to believe some things would give us new insights. I didn't see any.

Jen Chaney: No, I found the clip show pretty lame. Of course, if I missed something important, please tell me.

Liz Kelly: I don't think you missed anything, but I believe it's now available online if you really want to watch. It was helpful for some people, though, like my mom who has been watching since the beginning but still says this to me every week: "'Lost' is kind of weird."

Jen Chaney: Or my mom, who is a fanatic but doesn't have the Internet and is always amazed by things that people with computers realized two seasons ago.


Nikki > Paulo: Should real fans actually watch the clip shows? I read some comments that said there was commentary last night that explained some things that haven't been plainly shown in past episodes yet. 1 - Jack and Kate were driven apart by Kate and Cassidy's friendship. 2 - Confirmed that Widmore planted the fake Oceanic 815 complete with bodies

Both items were thought to be true, but were apparently confirmed in the clip show.

Jen Chaney: Nikki>Paolo. That right there should be a T-shirt.

Both points were addressed but I guess I didn't think either one was earth-shattering. We knew that Jack was jealous because Kate was doing something to help Sawyer, and it was already pretty clear that said something was communicating with Cassidy and Clementine. And we all knew about Widmore, too.

Liz Kelly: Wait -- but does that mean Nikki is greater than Paolo? I would consider them both equally annoying.

Jen Chaney: It does mean that, which isn't true. But it would look good on a T-shirt.

Liz Kelly: Might I suggest:

Nikki & Paulo?

Jen Chaney: Ooh! We should make a "Ghostbusters" style T-shirt, but Nikki and Paolo would be behind the big red barrier.

The back would just have a picture of Miles, with one line underneath it: "Who you gonna call?"

You all would buy that, right?

Liz Kelly: I LOVE that idea.

If anyone steals this idea, let this chat serve as proof of our original idea.


Pittsburgh, PA: Love you two. A lot of fans seem to think the world will end if Miles meets baby Miles, but they never say why. Did I miss some Dharma video or a speech by Daniel that spells out why this would be crossing-the-streams-bad, as opposed to merely awkward? Bonus points if you can answer this without reference to The Time Travelers Wife or Back to the Future.

Jen Chaney: I don't think anyone on the show has explicitly said that. But Daniel has made it very clear that (allegedly) you can't change the past. And it stands to reason that if Young You runs into Old You, that would change the past pretty significantly because Young You would be like, "Woah. Really? This is what I look like in 30 years?" and that realization could change the choices Young You makes on any number of levels.

Does that make sense?

(Please note that I did not make reference to either of the works you mentioned, though I was tempted to just McFly the heck out of this answer. I resisted.)

Liz Kelly: Well it would seem that adult Miles has at least observed baby Miles without any obvious immediate negative results, but who knows -- these things could take time to show themselves.


Disappointed Fan: PLEASE tell us that this did not count as a true episode in this season. It was just filler, right, not one of the 16 episodes?

Jen Chaney: No, it doesn't count as an official episode. No worries there.

Sadly, though, this means we only have three more episodes. Well, four hours, but three more "Lost" weeks.

Liz Kelly: This season really has flown by. I mean it -- we have had hours of incredible TV this season. I think every show should be limited to a five or six season run in order to allow a plot to fully develop and resolve without stretching on endlessly.

Jen Chaney: Well, that's essentially what they do in England. There's an argument to be made for it, that's for sure.


Somethings Confirmed: The clip show did, indeed, confirm a few "silent, but basically already assumed" things. 1. Elosie is Farraday's mother. 2. Widmore did in fact plant the plane, bodies. 3. Claire is "missing" and not dead. So yes, it was a good refresher for "casual" viewers, but also confirmed a few things for the rest of us.

Jen Chaney: When did they say Claire was not dead? During the section where we revisited Kate leaving Aaron with Claire's mom?

(A friend of mine recently confessed that she cannot stand Mrs. Littleton. Which I find amusing. This nice little Australian woman really gets under her skin.)


DC: Any thoughts on the Lost bloggers plagiarism kerfuffle with "Seanie B" purportedly stealing blog posts word for word from "Long Live Locke" and "DarkUFO" Lost blogs? I read (and love) Long Live Locke but haven't seen any of Seanie B's videos or gone to the Dark UFO website. I saw though that the Long Live Lost blogger got a shout out/support from Doc Jensen though. Any inside scoop?

Jen Chaney: Yes, Doc did give that blogger a shout-out. And if you watch the video that circulated, which ran the Seanie B. clips side by side with what Erika had written, there was some definite, um, borrowing going on there.

Obviously this happens quite frequently in the blogosphere. But all you have to do to avoid looking like a plagiarizer is to credit the person who wrote it. If Seanie B. had done that from the beginning, there would have been no problem and no backlash.

That's not really inside scoop, just me sharing my opinion.


Los Angeles: Sleepless in Seattle: I have to admit that I fell asleep during part of the clip show, but I do recall that the narrator referred to Eloise Hawking as Daniel Farraday's mother. I thought this issue was still up in the air. Perhaps not.

I noticed this as well and was sure that it hadn't been confirmed yet. But if Richard Alpert says it, it must be so! Isn't he the only one on the show (with the exception of maybe Hurley) who pretty much always (or at least mostly) tells the truth? What about Vincent?

Liz Kelly: Well, to be accurate Paul, we don't know that Vincent is telling the truth. He could be the Ben Linus of the dog world.

Jen Chaney: Liz, how dare you speak ill of Vincent. I won't have it!

Liz Kelly: I'm just keeping an open mind, Jen. I understand a little bit about the lengths dogs will go to to get a bone -- so imagine how motivated Vincent must be. That island is literally teeming with bones.


It's almost over..: Only three more episodes?? This season went by so fast!

Liz Kelly: I know -- we need to figure out a good way to keep this train rolling over the summer.

Hmmm, maybe we can build on an earlier commenter's idea about reviewing the previous seasons and keep chatting over the summer, going over specific episodes or storylines.

Jen Chaney: You know, Liz, we never duelly analyzed seasons one and two. I'm just sayin'...

(Our editor's head just exploded.)

Liz Kelly: This is true. And this could be just the thing to ensure I stay inside and pasty white throughout the summer months.


Meeting yourself: But baby Miles isn't going to remember adult Miles watching him so it can't really do anything to his future. Even if Miles was reading him the book it wouldn't change anything.

Now if Kate were to go explain to young Ben that he's going to grow up to be a murderous bastard that might be different.

Jen Chaney: Okay, true. With a baby it's less likely that encountering Old You would even register. I was just using that as a more general analogy about why meeting a previous version of yourself could potentially be bad. Doesn't mean it is, though.

In certain works of fiction whose titles shan't be mentioned, it happens and it doesn't make the space-time continuum explode.


Hmmm...: I wonder: Has anyone pondered the theory yet that Ben had Sayid kill all those knowing that he would be busted for it? Thus, being able to replicate the 815 flight? I'm betting yes, but, I was really excited last night about pointing this out. All I could think was, "Oooh, thats a good one for tomorrow's discussion."

You guys totally move my island, by the way. This discussion is the best part about my Thursdays.

Sawyer also moves my island. My boyfriend can't understand and sadly, never will. Speaking of which, I have him watching the back episodes, and I wanted to read your blogs about season 3, but can't get to them. Any ideas?

Jen Chaney: I haven't pondered that theory, but that's interesting. The fact that Ilana busted him and that she clearly has some connection to the island suggests that there may be more to it than Ben. But we shall see.

We're totally happy to make your Thursdays more complete. And in that spirit, I have fixed the problem on "Lost" Central that was preventing the seasons four and three tabs from working. It's a long story involving HTML code and apostrophes, which is so compelling that I plan to turn it into a screenplay. In the meantime, though, enjoy those old recaps.

Liz Kelly: "...which is so compelling that I plan to turn it into a screenplay."

Now that is funny.

As for Ben and Sayid -- I don't get the feeling that Ben had Sayid kill his way around the world expressly for the purpose of getting him on the Ajira flight. One killing would have sufficed, right? Sayid was merely an instrument of Ben's revenge -- the people who died were all part of paying back Charles Widmore for the death of his daughter, Alex. The final payback, of course, being his attempt on Penny -- the attempt we assume was unsuccessful.

Jen Chaney: I just wanted to let you all know that my screenplay has already been optioned. It's called "'." Look for it in theaters, Summer 2011.

And now this is truly the nerdiest chat in the history of creation.


A lot of fans seem to think the world will end if Miles meets baby Miles, but they never say why. Did I miss some Dharma video or a speech by Daniel that spells out why this would be crossing-the-streams-bad, as opposed to merely awkward?: I thought that this was kind of addressed in the one black-market Dharma video with the rabbits, where Dr. Chang is holding one version when the other drops from the sky behind. He says something to the effect of "don't let them get near each other." I'm guessing that whatever he knew in the video about what happens when two versions meet is because of something that might have happened when Miles met himself.

Liz Kelly: Good point. It is addressed. I just rewatched and, for those of you who can't, we see Pierre Chang (this time as Edgar Halliwax) holding a rabbit with the number 15 painted on its side. While he talks, another rabbit -- also with the number 15 falls into the frame behind him and he freaks out and, as you say, yells that they can't touch each other. Chang and an assistant then briefly argue about settings and she apologizes saying they are still getting it right.

So, yes, this does create a strong impression that there could be some negative consequences if various instances of the same being encounter one another.

Here's that video:

Jen Chaney: Those orientation videos have turned out to be even more important than we suspected. Thanks for reminding us of this.


DC: Yup the clip show said Daniel was Eloise's son. The other thing is upon seeing the statue again, it looks like something from "Fraggle Rock." It has a very Henson-esque feel.

Liz Kelly: Good god, you're right. Part of the Fraggle show intro even includes hard hat-wearing Fraggles constructing some kind of underground structure.

Perhaps this is the key we've been missing all along.

Jen Chaney: So it's not about Muppet Babies, but Fraggle Babies?

And follow-up question: is it really Henson-esque "Fraggle Rock" or could it be Henson-esque "The Dark Crystal"?



Farraday's Mom: I thought it was confirmed when Desmond ended up there after Widmore gave him the address for Faraday's mother...

Liz Kelly: It was implied, though not confirmed.


Alexandria, Va.: I've been toying with the idea that, in preparation for the final season, I would use the off-season to rewatch all of "Lost" from the start. I mean, I'm in Lost withdrawal from only one week of no new episode (no, the clip show doesn't count), and who knows how many little details I missed the first time around, or have forgotten, that will turn out to be important. I figure about 3 episodes per week.

Does this make me insane? And, if so, is that a bad thing?

Liz Kelly: You are not insane at all. I'll probably be doing something similar, but if you don't want to park yourself in front of the TV for that many hours of viewing you could also catch up with the very good episode synopses available on Lostpedia and, starting with season 3, our analysis -- all of which are available at "Lost" Central. Ahem.


New Otherton: A full-series re-watch this summer? WITH Dueling Analyses?!

Count me in.

Also, what are your thoughts on Bram and Ilana's little group? Whoever they're working for, Ilana CLEARLY needed Sayid on that flight - could she have known he was going to end up in 1977?

Jen Chaney: Well, Ilana may have needed Sayid on the flight for the same reason Hawking told Jack to put sneakers on Locke's feet: To get back to the island, they had to recreate the circumstances of 815.

I am not sure she knew he would enter '77 (so to speak). But it's possible.

Liz Kelly: Agreed.


Dallas: Re Ms. Littleton: Anyone else notice that sometime between Christian's funeral and the whole Aaron-custody thing, Claire's mom got plastic surgery? Oceanic settlement bucks, anyone?

Liz Kelly: At the very least, she had her lips plumped.

Jen Chaney: She did look younger (or more smooth-skinned) in the "What Happened, Happened" episode.


Arlington, Va.: I was ruminating over the history of Ol' Four Toed, and I remember that when we first saw it, we shortly saw Sun totally shoot an Other in the gut. It just made me think about how we all think Sun is totally a stone cold (expletive) now, but really she has always kind of been that way...cheating, killing, etc., makes me wonder what the Island/Jacob really has in store for her, knowing she is a killer and will do whatever to save/protect/see Jin.

Just a these chats. I had the same thought about Jin when everyone was talking about how much she changed after they got off the island.

Jen Chaney: That's a fair point. But I would add that Sun was pretty flipped out before she shot what's-her-face and shaken up afterward, too.

So, yes, it's true that she could shoot to kill when she felt she had to. But post-island she seemed emotionally dead in a way that she wasn't. I think that's the difference.


Falls Church, Va.: Am I wrong? I've got a major Hurley crush after seeing that footage with his Halloween costumes.

More Hurley (and Jorge!!) Please!!!

Liz Kelly: Here's a link to Jorge Garcia's Halloween craftiness.


Just to clarify: I'm pretty sure the guys in hard hats are Doozers, not Fraggles

Liz Kelly: It's been a long time. But thank you.


Arnold, MD: Did you do a review of "The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham"? I can't find it on the site.

Jen Chaney: We sure did. I may have inadvertently left it off of Lost Central, in which case I will make sure to add it. But here is "the link. Sorry about that!


Bowie, MD: Something new hit me watching last night.

We know Richard Alpert told Locke he had to die to go back. Now he's back and now he's alive.

Christian Shepherd is now alive on the island after dying in Sidney. Can we thusly derive he is "back?" Was he there before?

Liz Kelly: Well, that wouldn't be so surprising considering the growing list of people we're discovering had previously been on the island -- Widmore and Ellie (who we assume to be Eloise Hawking. Maybe good old Christian was their medic back in the Jughead days.


Arlington, Va.: I can't stand Ms. Littleton either. She delivers her lines just like William Shatner, with super cheesy pauses for effect. So annoying.

"Her name was... ... ... Claire."

"Who is ... ... ... Aaron?

Jen Chaney: Well, I just can't get over the fact that she didn't clue in to the fact that Aaron was her grandson. I guess she had no reason to know, but when she saw him at Christian's funeral, you would think she might have at least thought, "Wow, that baby really looks nothing like Kate."

I don't know, maybe I am being too harsh...

Liz Kelly: Maybe she didn't clue into it because she was too busy thinking about her plans for surgical enhancement.


Nerd Herd: On the Comicon video - the kid with the camera is one of the Nerd Herd on "Chuck." I heart "Chuck."

Jen Chaney: Is he really? I watch "Chuck" from time to time but not regularly.

That kid totally stayed at the same hotel where Liz and I stayed. I saw him at the front desk before the "Lost" panel (and accompanying video) even happened.

Liz Kelly: I remember -- you were going to try to track him down for an exclusive interview. Sadly, he remained elusive.


California : I don't know if this has been asked yet but is there any speculation that the passengers on Flight 816 did die when the plane broke apart - but that the Island brought back to life certain people the same way Locke was brought back to life after he came back to the island? Maybe one of the mysteries is why certain people were brought back to life and others weren't.

Jen Chaney: There has been some speculation about that. In fact, I think some mentioned that theory again in this discussion last week. The writers have insisted that the island isn't purgatory.

But that doesn't mean that the island isn't a place where dead people don't know they're dead. Or something.

Liz Kelly: We did talk about that. The only contingency that doesn't cover is the Oceanic 6's return to the world -- they were clearly alive.

Jen Chaney: Right, but maybe they only seem alive off the island?

Look, I am not saying it makes sense necessarily!


Somewhere Between Dagobah and The Death Star: Ladies, Thank you again for the great LOST forum you provide all of us who really have nothing better to do at work than write in. But I have a question regarding our friend Richard. How is it that while the other Others are all dressed in what is essentially rags and frocks he is traipsing around the island in the latest looks from Eddie Bauer? This bothers me more than his seamless lack of aging. Please help!

Liz Kelly: This is a huge lingering question -- I'm sure the writers won't leave it unanswered. And, as one of you commented above, Alpert looks to be figuring as increasingly important in the end game.

Jen Chaney: At one point -- when Alpert first sees Lil Ben, for example -- he was in rags. And The Others wore similar clothes when the Losties first encountered them, but we soon realized those were costumes.

There is a connection there, I'm just not sure what it is. Like Liz said, add it to the list of lingering questions.


Fairfield CT: I'm pretty sure it's Dozers, not Doozers.

Liz Kelly: Maybe we should save this question for the "Fraggle Rock" Chat Hour.


dre7861: Assuming that the scripts to these clip shows are vetted through Damon and Carlton I find one line curious. The narrator described the Island as a "forgotten island." That made me wonder are we talking Atlantis, Lemuria, Mu or Avalon?

Plato describes Atlantis as being right outside the Straight of Gibraltar. In his description of Atlantis he was relying on Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics which describes a mainly mountainous island. Francis Bacon has his New Atlantis off the western coast of the Americas while Edgar Cayce predicted that Atlantis was in what some call the Bermuda Triangle.

Lemuria is supposed to be located in the Pacific or Indian Oceans. "A Dweller On Two Planets" by Frederick Oliver has the Lemurians living in Mount Shasta while coming to the surface in white robes (remember Colleen's funeral). Tis from Wikipedia is interesting: "Popular novels have also repeated the belief that Lemurians inhabit Mount Shasta. Among such novels, Vin Smith's The Outrageous Views of Professor Fogelman links Lemurians to Ancient Egypt, UFOs and a method of travel called vortex portals--essentially a pathway to sacred places on Earth as well as points unknown in the universe." HP Lovecraft also used the myths of Lemuria when he created Cthulhu or his dark gods, which could be our Smokey. The Indians have a vanished island kingdom of Kumari Kandam which has been equated with Lemuira and the Oceanic 6 got back to the Island by Ajira Airs, an Indian Airline.

Mu was another sunken Island kingdom that which founded the kingdom of what was to become Ancient Egypt. That might explain why the Lost hieroglyphs look like crude versions that you see on Egyptian monumnets. Also the Kingdom of Mu was destroyed by a volcano - hmmm, wasn't young Ben studying the Island's volcano his first day in class. Mu also has ties with Easter Island which also has imposing statues staring out to sea!

Avalon is a phantom island off of the coast of England that is supposed to wink in and out of existence. Sounds like a certain Island to me. It's name means Island of Apples (Adam and Eve?) and food was provided without toil (Dharma drops?)

Given the fact that the Island moves maybe it is all of these mysterious places 'forgotten' in time.

Liz Kelly: This is a lot to digest, but some interesting possibilities here.

And I certainly wouldn't object to adding a Lovecraft work to the next iteration of the "Lost" Book Club.


Displaced Manassas-ian: I may not have been paying attention well enough in past weeks, but last night's episode made me wonder if the Oceanic 6 were ever told how or why Locke was back state-side. When he was back, in his wheelchair, trying to get them all to return to the island, did he tell them "hey I turned the frozen donkey wheel and we were hurtling through time and I showed up in the desert and..." or did he just show up, and they asked no questions, and that was that? Last the O6 knew, the island had disappeared. Isn't it weird they didn't ask any questions? Or did they and I totally am drawing a blank?

Jen Chaney: I remember thinking that was weird, too. Liz, didn't we talk about this in our analysis?

Liz Kelly: Hmm, ya know, I think we did touch on it -- but only to again wonder why the writers didn't address such an obvious question by having Jack or someone else say, "Wait, how'd you get here, John?"

I believe all he said was that Jacob had sent him to bring them back.


Atlanta, GA: Liz and Jen,

I look forward to your chats every week. They are the highlight of my week. Your witty banter has sustained me through some very rough times these past two years.

I am happy to report that this is the last chat from inside grad school sludge. By next week's chat, I will be DONE.

And there will be a new episode of Lost.

Jen Chaney: Aw, we're glad to hear it Atlanta. Good luck finishing school.

Maybe once you completely such unimportant things, like your education, you'll have more time to think about "Lost."


Olympia WA: "Maybe good old Christian was their medic back in the Jughead days."

Maybe Christian was an alcoholic because he couldn't get back to the island, same as Jack spiraled out of control when he was trapped away.

Jen Chaney: Ooh, I like that.


Moms!: I laughed out loud when you two mentioned your moms. My mother is so confused. She loved it when they had the hour before with the previous episode with explanations. Any talk on them bringing that back, for all the mothers of the world who are confused?

Jen Chaney: My mom loves the pop-up video version, too! It truly is designed for people without Internet access.

I think they ran those because ABC had nothing in the 8 p.m. slot for a while. But now that we have "Scrubs" and "Better Off Ted" there, I doubt they'll bring it back.

Does anyone else think it's such a shame that "Pushing Daisies" isn't on at 8 p.m. instead? That would be a solid two-hour block of TV right there. But they had to cancel it. Sigh.


Newark, DE: The clip show confirmed that the marina scene was the night before the Ajira flight (my husband had insisted a few days had passed in between). So that means that starting sometime after sundown, Kate found time to stop at a store for milk-no-wait-juice, almost lose Aaron, cry over tea with Cassidy, check into Mrs. Littleton's motel, explain to her son that when he wakes up Grandma will have custody, and go to Jack's place to have we're-on-the-same-plane-but-we're-not-together sex. Busy night, no?

Liz Kelly: And we wonder why she looks so tired all the time.


Hurley's got me confused: Watched the recap last night, and I was talking with my Mom, who converted me to the ways of Lost, and we were both wondering what was it that got Hurley on the plane to go back to the island?

Here's what we got:

  • Sayid breaks Hurley out of the Mental Hosptial
  • Sayid kills a bunch of guys with the knives in his dishwasher, but everyone thinks it was Hurley
  • Hurley hides out at his house
  • Ben visits Hurley and his Hot Pocket and tells him he has to go back to the Island.
  • Hurley responds, "No way, dude," and runs outside and "confesses" he killed the men Sayid actually killed to get away from Ben and the Island
  • Ben and his smarmy lawyers get Hurley off the hook
  • We see guitar-toting Hurley in the Ajira Air waiting area buying out all the seats on the plane

What convinced Hurley to get on the plane? Am I missing something?

Liz Kelly: Wasn't it implied that Hurley had another visit from Charlie or am I totally making this up?

Jen Chaney: It may have been implied, but I agree there is a bit of a hole there. Hopefully they'll revisit that since the narrative did go back and cover what happened to everyone else in the hours before the flight.


Herndon, VA: I know this isn't directly related to the clips episode, but why didn't Sawyer tell Dharma that Jack, Kate, Sayid, etc. were those missing members of his "crew" as per his story three years before? Of course I realize it was necessary for the plot for him not to, but I still thought it was a little odd he didn't.

Liz Kelly: I'm guessing it is because it would have been almost impossible to explain where they had been for the intervening three years -- between the Dharmas and the Hostiles the island is pretty well locked down.

Jen Chaney: Yeah, the three-year interval would have seemed odd. Given the situation, and the fact that a sub had just arrived, the lie he chose was the logical one.

One that will no doubt bite him in the behind in the next few episodes.


Liz Kelly: Thanks for joining us on the off week. See you here next week for the real deal.

As promised, here's the other clip. It's titled "What's in the Box" and was widely speculated to contain some clue to the "Lost" mystery. Damon Lindelof denies any "Lost" connection, but does admit to being impressed.


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