The Reliable Source: Presidential Beefcake, Bromance, Parking Swagger

Amy Argetsinger and Roxanne Roberts
Washington Post Staff Writers
Wednesday, April 22, 2009; 12:00 PM

Reliable Source columnists Amy Argetsinger and Roxanne Roberts were online Wednesday, April 22, at Noon ET to discuss the bromance between Orrin Hatch and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, presidential beefcake, Eleanor Holmes Norton and her parking swagger and the first lady's fashion sense.


Amy Argetsinger: Or should we just say: Susan Boyle. Susan Boyle. Susan Boyle. Boyle, Susan. susanboyle, susanboyle. You know, to bring in the web traffic. Either way, we welcome your questions.


D.C.: Michelle Obama at the Shakespeare Theatre last night for the Welcome to Washington event -- in a black cocktail dress. Any idea what she was wearing?

Roxanne Roberts: We have it on good authority she was in a black cocktail dress.


Arnold Scaasi: Who can take his comments seriously? He may be right about Michelle Obama's choice of a cardigan for the Obamas' meeting with the Queen (who, by all accounts, didn't seem to mind one bit) but the picture of Barbara Bush completely undercuts his snark. That dress, and his overstated style, didn't do her any sartorial favors. Oh, and let's not forget that he changed his last name from "Isaacs." Which is Scaasi spelled backwards. Quoted (Reliable Source, April 22)

Roxanne Roberts: He gets to weigh in since he did dress first ladies in the past---the past being the operative word. I don't always agree with Michelle Obama's fashion choices, but she's clearly far more progessive and experimental than former first ladies. Being younger probably plays a big role, too.


S. Rockville, Md.: Amy, did you know Lane DeGregory of the St. Pete Times and winner of this year's Pulitzer Prize while at U-Va.? I remember her vaguely, sort of the friend-of-a-friend variety. And we'll miss you at Foxfield this weekend. Look for all the YouTube videos to pop up next week to show you what you missed!

Amy Argetsinger: Yes, back in the day she was Lane Thomasson, editor of the Cavalier Daily in 1989. I knew her slightly then and have followed her career. I think she was at the Virginian-Pilot with a lot of other UVa alums for a while before St. Pete.


Photoshopped taxes?: Just checked your blog and saw the picture of Grover Norquist. I thought the picture was a joke as it looked like someone photoshopped an adult size head on a much smaller sized body. Which one of you is proficient in Photoshop? Love, Etc. (Reliable Source, April 21)

Amy Argetsinger: Photoshop? For that you'd have to go to the folks at Washingtonian, hahaha.


Play dates: Any word on whether First Puppy Bo will have a chance to frolic with Champ, the Biden's new pup? Imagine the fun they could have at Camp David.

Roxanne Roberts: I bet they'll totally have play dates. Now THAT would be an awesome photo op. Cute overload.


I'm hoping she will adopt me too: I'm sure there are plenty of jokes to be made about Madonna falling off that horse but I for one am not laughing and am just glad she's okay.

Amy Argetsinger: Don't worry, she's mostly made of titanium. She'll be fine.


Bromance: In the Washington remake of "I Love You, Man" Hatch would have the Paul Rudd role and Dwayne Johnson would have the Jason Segel role? (I kinda get Johnson and Vin Diesel confused -- beefy bald guys.)

Amy Argetsinger: That would be such a good movie. For future reference, Dwayne Johnson is the one who can act. And who does a better Obama impression than Fred Armisen.


New Mexico: It should be noted that Val Kilmer has put his New Mexico dude ranch up for sale, and for only $33 mil -- does this signal he's all in for the governor race or is he planning to get out of town before we start picking on him again ?

Amy Argetsinger: Yes, it was noted in Saturday's Names and Faces... Maybe he needed the cash to fund his governor's race. Let's hope anyway. I don't know what we'll do if he doesn't move forward with this.


D.C.: I would think conservatives would be put off by the whole "smell what the Rock is cookin'" business, especially with the lascivious tongue rolling.

Amy Argetsinger: Oh, come on, conservatives can be fun too.


A man's man: What is this blurb about "dishing" with you all? I hate some of this new design on the site with all it's cluttery stuff and just don't like the implication of "dishing" with anybody. Can we fix that please ?

Roxanne Roberts: That's just gossip-speak for spending quality time with us----and it is quality, wouldn't you agree? We'll pass along the design thoughts to the powers that be.


Higher standard: Doesn't a "bromance" require a little making out, if only in jest?

Amy Argetsinger: Once it crosses the line into making out, it's a romance not a bromance, right?


Amy Argetsinger: Oh, and I can't stand the word "dish" either. But everyone else seems to like it.


More on "The Rock": He's shown up a lot lately, but I haven't heard much about his personal life since his divorce. What's up with that?

Roxanne Roberts: Seems to be happily divorced: Both ex-wife Dany and their 7-year-old daughter Simone were with him at the lunch yesterday (Dany wearing a massive diamond, BTW.) He called her his "partner"----they say they're best friends; might(???) even still live together, but I couldn't get confirmation on that. Anyway, they looked pretty cozy.


Maine: That picture of Reagan's head on Swarzenegger's body kind of got me hot and nostalgic for the 80s. Does anyone else miss Max Headroom as much as I do? We've Got This One Covered (Reliable Source, April 21)

Amy Argetsinger: Twas the dawn of the '80s at the time of that cover...


Eleanor Holmes Norton: When she parks in front of a fire hydrant, do the firemen break her windows to put their fire hose through them in order to get the hose closer to the fire, like they do in New York? Hey, Isn't That . . . ? (Reliable Source, April 22)

Amy Argetsinger: Do firefighters really do that? Awesome.... While federal statute allows members of Congress to take many off-limits curb spots, fire hydrants are not one of them. Del. Norton is pretty well versed in this statute, so I doubt we'll catch her in front of a hydrant.


NYC: Ok, I'm trying to formulate a Catherine the Great joke out of the Madonna incident. Little help please?

Roxanne Roberts: Let's see: She fell off the horse, not under it, so the options are limited. Went for a tumble with her horse?

I know....lame.


He called her his "partner": Maybe Dany is really a spelling-challenged man and they are having a bromance.

Roxanne Roberts: Nope....she's a very pretty female. He married her when he was just 25.


Pembroke Pines, Fla.: So....I think Timothy Geithner is the hottest treasury secretary since, well, forever. Can you spill all the details on him? Favorite color, favorite food, favorite band, boxers or briefs?

Amy Argetsinger: Seems like just yesterday you chatters were debating exactly how hot Henry Paulsen was -- simmering, or scorching? You move on awfully quickly, don't you? And really, could either of them hold a candle to Alexander Hamilton?


He gets to weigh in since he did dress first ladies in the past -- the past being the operative word. I don't always agree with Michelle Obama's fashion choices, : I don't always agree with the fashion choices of Nancy Reagan, Barbara Bush or Laura Bush, either. Or Cindy McCain or Sarah Palin (or Meghan McCain, either) for that matter.) Let's face it -- he dresses them in a ridiculous over the top 80s, frumpy way, like something out of Dynasty. I just think he has a lot of nerve commenting on Michelle's fashion choices. Clearly he's upset that he hasn't been consulted.

Roxanne Roberts: A little compassion, please: It's hard to be the kid not invited to the party.


Washington, D.C.: Obviously the Rock helps Hatch appeal to voters, but how on Earth does hanging with Orrin help the Rock?

Amy Argetsinger: What was the old line about Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire -- he gave her class, she gave him sex appeal? Hanging with a movie star makes a senator look cool; hanging with a senator makes a movie star look smart.


Michelle Obama's fashion sense: Unlike some of the First Ladies who relied on Scaasi's designs, she has two very young daughters, a tweener and one of grade school age. I wonder if this makes her more inclined to look for zippy, younger-skewing outfits.

Roxanne Roberts: I would guess it makes her more inclined to fashion that fits into a busy life----and perhaps influences her love of color.


Anonymous: I worked for the CD too. I bet you won the earth momma contest, didn't you!

Amy Argetsinger: I didn't work for the CD, and don't know what the earth momma contest was...


Washington, D.C.: Re: Madonna's "mostly made of titanium. She'll be fine."

I agree. Kind of like Wolverine. Am I right?

Roxanne Roberts: Oooh. She should have been in the new movie.


Alexandria, Va.: Ladies, Have you seen the Russell-Crowe-as-D.C.-reporter movie? What did you think?

Amy Argetsinger: I enjoyed it. It's a big popcorn movie -- action-adventure, plot-twisty suspense stuff, so I didn't mind the implausibilities. A movie that's dead-on accurate about Washington and journalism? That would be pretty dull! So I was okay with that stuff; and in the meantime thought it was much smarter about Washington and journalism than most movies.


Perez Hilton: Do you think Perez Hilton will ever be asked to "judge" a beauty pageant again, after calling one of the contestants two words that I can't get past the nannyware on my employer's PC?

Roxanne Roberts: Maybe. Then again, the Miss USA pageant is owned by Donald Trump, who knows a thing or two about promotion. When was the last time the pundits were talking about Miss USA four days later? This is the best thing that happened to the show in years.


Two birds with one stone?: If Madonna adopted that teenaged Somali pirate, wouldn't that take care of two birds with one stone? Of course, he's old enough to be her boyfriend...

Roxanne Roberts: Three birds!


D.C.: It really irks me when people say Susan Boyle should get a makeover. It's just so incredibly insulting, presumptuous and condescending.

She's loved because she has succeeded despite her looks (which is perhaps the most debilitating of handicaps in today's TV society).

So what's the point of the makeover? Is it for her or for us? What would a makeover do? It's not going to turn her into Angelina Jolie. And even if it did -- ho hum -- we already have an Angelina Jolie to look at.

The people who want her to have a makeover are the same people who think Shallow Hal is a deep movie.

Amy Argetsinger: Okay, Robin Givhan devoted an entire chat to this yesterday, and her article was probably the most viewed on the web, so I can't really add to much...

I'll just say this: If I were being launched to overnight fame and fortune, damn straight I'd want a makeover. Heck, if someone came up to me right now and said, "can I give you a couple hair/makeup/clothes tips for your two-minute MSNBC spots?" I'd say yes, please. I'd be assuming they're not talking about hair extensions and a boob job -- just a way to clean me up a bit. Just as Susan Boyle hadn't had a shot at a showbiz career earlier in her life, she hadn't had a shot at the kind of professional buffing-up that anyone gets at the lowest levels of showbiz. It strikes me as a little patronizing to say that people are only going to like her because of her current looks -- wasn't this supposed to be about her voice?


New York: "don't know what the earth momma contest was"

It's pretty straight forward. Every year the CD staff would vote for the person they most wanted to have sex with. The man who won was crowned MoonDaddy, and the woman was crowned Earth Momma.

I wonder if Katie Couric ever won.

Amy Argetsinger: No kidding, really? We over at the Dec never thought the CD folks had that much fun.


Madonna/Wolverine: Not to geek it up, but Wolverine's got adamantium, not titanium.

Roxanne Roberts: I like a little geek in my life. God knows I can't fix my own computer.


Washington, D.C.: Okay, someone has to say it (actually, the New York Post already did, but anyway), so yeah, I'm going there: Does anyone else feel like the Susan Boyle thing is WAY too good to be true? I'm sure she's authentic and all, but the idea that she just showed up at the auditions and sang that particular song and Simon Cowell had NOTHING TO DO with setting the whole picture-perfect thing up sets off my alarm bells. Just saying.

Amy Argetsinger: Nothing's really real about those showbiz audition shows. Even if Simon Cowell hadn't actually heard her before she stepped onto the stage for the performance we've all seen, you know that a whole fleet of producers along the way had vetted her. (Think about it -- you know that the American Idol judges don't hear auditions from all of those thousands of hopefuls we see crowding the arenas.) Those producers knew she had a hell of a voice and that this would be good TV -- and framed the intro to maximize her "unlikely" stature, so it would be even better TV.


POTUS with no shirt: Remember those photos of Putin fishing without a shirt? I'd put our Pres. up against him any day of the week! Putin (Google Images)

Amy Argetsinger: Ah, Putin. Our favorite judo-master, shirtless-hunting, tiger-cub-owning dictator. Why is he not a Bond villain yet? So cool.


Hot Treasury: Well, Alexander Hamilton was supposed to be quite a hunk, but that IS going back a bit.

Amy Argetsinger: But you have to admit, he set the bar pretty high. He died in a duel, man.


We all know Amy went to UVA...: ...where did Roxanne go to college?

Roxanne Roberts: A checkered educational past....a year at the University of Minnesota, later on, a couple years at the University of Dallas, where I was one of the few non-Catholics in the classroom. I think the term we're looking for is dilettante.


Reston, Va.: "Does anyone else miss Max Headroom as much as I do?"

Ah yes. Was this the first incident of a TV commercial becoming a show (I bet most people thought Geico was the first).

While we're in 80s obscure shows. Am I the only one who loved Get a Life?

Amy Argetsinger: The Chris Elliott show? IMDB tells me it aired in the early '90s.


It's hard to be the kid not invited to the party. : He's not a kid, he's 80 years old. Most of us learned to use our big boy face by age 25.

Roxanne Roberts: Fashion designers? Not so much.


WWDTM: Roxanne, who dresses you for your WWDTM appearances? Are you inundated with offers of clothing from up-and-coming designers?

Roxanne Roberts: Why haven't I though of that? Then again, we ARE talking about a radio show. Anyway, I wear my own clothes.


For future reference, Dwayne Johnson is the : cuter and more intelligent one.

Roxanne Roberts: He does have a killer smile.


Anonymous: One of your colleagues wrote that Miss California should be entitled to voice her opinion without facing vitriol.

Why is that? No one denied her her opinion. But why should we be denied the right to not like it?

Amy Argetsinger: This is the biggest made-up non-story ever. Very hard to get worked up about it. I will say that it is certainly ungentlemanly for Perez Hilton, after agreeing to serve as a judge, to call Miss California names because he didn't like her inarticulate answer. But still find it hard to get worked up about the ethics of the Miss USA judging process. I think we can all agree that both Perez Hilton and Miss California have prospered, in terms of media attention, because of this episode.


Anonymous: "If I were being launched to overnight fame and fortune, damn straight I'd want a makeover."

Right, so would I. But my point is that SHE has specifically expressed that she DOES NOT WANT a makeover. Many times, she has said this. Nevertheless, people still say she should have one -- and that she should want one.

And might it be just a tad insulting to tell someone over and over and over and over again that they should get a makeover?

I swear this poor woman is STILL being bullied.

Roxanne Roberts: You're probably right. I still think a brow job would be a good idea. My bad.


Adamantium: I was going to ask if Adam Ant was made up of adamantium, but then I found out that it's made up. Maybe Adam Ant the cartoon is made of it, but not Adam Ant the singer.

Admantium (Wikipedia)

Amy Argetsinger: I am adamant that that is not the case.


Kansas: Amy and Roxanne : Can you explain how General Growth Properties could go from being a $4 billion company to 25 million? I know the malls are ghost towns but isn't the real estate still worth more than Val Kilmer's desert hell hole?

Roxanne Roberts: Bad investments. Real estate tanked. The usual self-destructive hi-jinks.


Body Politic: Any word on when they start filming? I wanna see Minka Kelly!!

Amy Argetsinger: I think they've done some filming already -- maybe in Richmond?


Anonymous: "Does anyone else feel like the Susan Boyle thing is WAY too good to be true?"

Someone needs to be reading Gene. He's leading the movement on this.

Amy Argetsinger: Gene Gene Gene -- why are you all so obsessed with Gene? Oh, no, wait, it's Tom Sietsema you're always swooning over. Ask him what he thinks about Susan Boyle.


D.C.: A movie that's dead-on accurate about Washington and journalism? That would be pretty dull!"

Woah. What about All The President's Men?

Amy Argetsinger: Okay, they pulled that one off pretty well. Name another.


Brands: What are your personal brands?

Amy Argetsinger: Well, I used to just like to use a large capital "A," but I couldn't stand the smell of burning flesh, so stopped using the brand.


Washington, D.C. journalism movie: What, you don't think people want to watch a movie about an over-educated middle aged person sitting at a desk, re- working a lede ten times over and waiting for someone from Commerce to call to confirm the latest housing start figures?

Amy Argetsinger: Hey, it would be more interesting than "The Hills."


Wolverine: ...his skeleton is plated with adamantium, which is much MUCH tougher than least in the comic book world...I now go back to my geeky sexless life ;)

Amy Argetsinger: Well, thanks for visiting!


brow job: Wow.. I read that sentence way too quickly and was like "the post censors must be sleeping." Or my mind is in the gutter. Either way, first real chuckle of the day. Thanks!

Amy Argetsinger: Why, heavens, I don't what you mean.


M Street, Washington, D.C.: Well, to be fair, Gene and Susan Boyle do share the same hair style.

Amy Argetsinger: hahahaha


The whole Susan Boyle thing: is another example of how we in the U.S. are more superficial about the whole looks thing than they are in Britain -- which is probably why Posh Spice wanted to mover here, where her looks were more important than her (lack of) talent.

Amy Argetsinger: You don't think the Brits enjoy the whole looks/talent contrast as much as Americans? This was their story originally.


Texas: I'm liking the looks of this new Matthew McConaughey movie. Have you heard any buzz ?

Amy Argetsinger: Matthew, stop goofing around on the Internet and go marry your babymama already, okay?


New York, N.Y. : I just read that Angelina Jolie will be Kay Scarpetta in the movie version of Patricia Cornwall's books. I love the Scarpetta books, but somehow Jolie was not the first person I would have picked. I'm thinking more along the lines of a Diane Lane. Have you guys read those books? Who would be your choice?

Roxanne Roberts: Hard question. I agree that Jolie is a little too flashy for the part. I'd go with someone more intense, like Jennifer Connelly or Naomi Watts.


$4 billion company to 25 million: $4 billion was based on highly inflated numbers being thrown around during the real estate bubble. $25 million is based on the fact that there was a real estate bubble that burst, and people are afraid to invest in real estate. Both numbers are wrong and based on fantasy or fear. We saw this in the late 80s-early 90s RE bust.

Amy Argetsinger: Good, I knew there was someone better able to explain this stuff than us.


who dresses you for your WWDTM appearances? : Well, Edgar Bergen was a ventriloquist on radio -- think about that for a moment! -- so why not be concerned about what panelists wear on a radio show too, especially since both programs were performed before large live audiences?

Roxanne Roberts: Which is why I always dress up for the show----but no designers knocking at my door....yet.


Makeover: My thought on Susan is this: she should go ahead and get some advice on how to improve a few things (like Robin advised, Stacy and Clinton). If at that point she looks at herself and says, "Nope, not for me" so be it. However, if she's never had access to that type of guidance (and assumes they'll want extremes) I think she's doing herself a disservice not to at least give it a go. Hair grows out, clothes can be placed back into the closet, etc.

I always go back to the WNTW when the person of interest lost a lot of weight and just had no idea how she looked. We all see ourselves through tainted glass, it's helpful to be willing to let someone clean the glass a little for a better view.

Roxanne Roberts: This is far too sensible and mature for the chat.


Brooklyn, N.Y.: Of all the Susan Boyle talk no one seems to be asking the obvious. Why do we only have crap singers discovered on our reality shows in America? Boyle's not even the best on that show. There's a 12-year- old Welsh dude whose got a voice and a half. And this same show launched the opera career of another contestant a few years ago.

We have six times as many people than the U.K. does. And what we end up with? Clay Aiken?


Amy Argetsinger: Okay, let's go apples to apples here: Who from the winners of the British reality shows has gone on to a serious career of selling records? They have Leona Lewis, we have Carrie Underwood (both pretty girls who were made even prettier by stylists, fwiw)... But I don't know much about other UK winners. You tell me?


Pulitzer strategy?: If you change your first names to Gene, would it improve your chances of winning a Pulitzer Prize?

Roxanne Roberts: Gene Roberts and Gene Argetsinger think that's a great idea.


Dueling hunks: Dwayne Johnson vs. Hugh Jackman. Discuss. Both have killer smiles and pleasing public personas. No big scandals. Jackman sings and dances, but Johnson does better impressions. Who would you rather accompany to the coming White House Correspondents Dinner?

Amy Argetsinger: They'd both be pretty entertaining tablemates, don't you think?


but no designers knocking at my door....yet. : You need a better publicist. Then they'd be knocking down your door.

Roxanne Roberts: The idea of having a publicist cracks me up.


D.C.: Susan B. was just photographed in a much more flattering outfit -- bright print wrap dress, leather blazer, better shoes. I have a hard time believing that a woman who claims she has never been kissed has zero desire to look a little more polished, especially since she seems to be buffing up her look already.

Why is everyone so determined to see her stay the way she is? I get that people are fed up with talent-lite pretty stars like Britney, but that doesn't mean SB has to keep the moustache to make you feel better...

Amy Argetsinger: It raises the question: Do people only like her voice if she looks plain? Doesn't seem fair.


"I kind of get Johnson and Vin Diesel confused": Really? Two very different skin tones there, not to mention acting ability.

Amy Argetsinger: Eh, do a Google Images search and toggle back and forth between the two. They're not dissimilar physical types, and if you're not a connoisseur of their movies, you might be forgiven...


Miss California: The thing I find funniest about the whole episode is that, while everyone focuses on the question whether she was penalized for the substance of her opinion, her answer was, in fact, completely incoherent. I mean, if you're going to bother having an interview component, then it's not too much to expect the winner to be able to string together a comprehensible, albeit shallow and trite, thought. But Miss Cal spoke gibberish, from "opposite marriage" (yeah, we know what she meant) to the irreconcilable statements that (1) she thinks it's great that everyone is able to make that choice (except, um, they're not) and (2) that she believes they shouldn't have that option. Huh?

Roxanne Roberts: It was awesome----almost as good as "the Iraq." I do love it when beauty queens live up to the stereotypes. Then again, this is not a woman getting by on her wit.


Frederick, Md.: Pic of Putin - so why is his rod in one hand and the reel in the other? Noticed this after I got done with looking at his body...

Amy Argetsinger: Vladimir Putin -- he does things Vladimir Putin's way.


I just read that Angelina Jolie will be Kay Scarpetta in the movie version of Patricia Cornwall's books. : GREAT fit! Joile is the MOST ARROGANT actress living and Cornwall is the MOST ARROGANT writer living. Jolie will be able to channel Cronwell's alterego. (I've met Cronwell at a fundraiser, believe me)

Amy Argetsinger: Well, there's one vote.


Where do I sign up ?: Roxanne: Is your radio show syndicated nationally because even though I don't own a radio and I live in Middle America, I would buy one and/or relocate just to hear your beautiful singing voice.

Roxanne Roberts: If you're looking for a beautiful singing voice, save the money and watch Susan Boyle on YouTube.


Anonymous: Besides Tony Danza and the Easter Bunny who else have you been getting tweets from?

Amy Argetsinger: I spent some time reading Joy Behar's Twitter feed this weekend. It did not tempt me to spend more time with Twitter.


Scarpetta: Mariska Hargitay is who I see in that part.

Roxanne Roberts: Too obvious, plus I think they want a movie star.


Sarasota, Fla: Sorry I'm late.

Amy Argetsinger: Well, you certainly are. We were just about to leave without you.


Kay Scarpetta : Jodie Foster, maybe.

Roxanne Roberts: Excellent choice.


D.C.: "Why is everyone so determined to see her stay the way she is?"

I don't think this is the case. I think people want her to do what she wants. They only want her to stay the way she is because that's what she says she wants. I'm in that camp. But if she wanted a makeover, I certainly wouldn't be saying she shouldn't get one.

I'm just against forcing people to do things against their will. But I'm funny like that.

Amy Argetsinger: I'm totally for forcing people to do things against their will. However: I am no longer using a brand.

_______________________ Vin Diesel (Google Images)


the hottest treasury secretary since...: ...since George Shultz, who reportedly has a Princeton Tiger tattooed on his derriere!

Amy Argetsinger: That is so hot.

_______________________ Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson (Google Images)


Mia Farrow Hunger Strike: I just saw that the actress (whom I haven't thought about in quite some time) is going on a hunger strike to protest the situation in Darfur. Since she is a rather small individual, I'm wondering if she will require IV fluids in a matter of hours. I admire her dedication, but how does this help?

Amy Argetsinger: I can't really follow the logic here. I guess because she hopes the media will write about that? And that will put the word "Darfur" in headlines again? Beyond that, it seems a little indulgent (if a hunger strike can be indulgent).


Jodie Foster, maybe. : been there, done that -- Silence of the Lambs

Amy Argetsinger: Yep.


Who would you rather accompany to the coming White House Correspondents Dinner?: Whichever one does their own tweeting.

Amy Argetsinger: I can't imagine anything ruder than sitting next to someone who is Twittering.


Anonymous: Fact is that in six months most of us won't even remember who Susan Boyle is.

Amy Argetsinger: Possible...


Silver Spring, Md.: The lowest levels of showbiz -- is that where you're at?

Amy Argetsinger: No, not yet, but I can dream, can't I?


have a hard time believing that a woman who claims she has never been kissed has zero desire to look a little more polished: Maybe she's just embarrassed about needing the makeover, getting it, and then having to continue hearing how horrible she used to look. When I was in 7th grade I remember my mom wanting me to wear makeup and wear nicer clothes. I actually would have liked some of those things, but felt weird about making such a big change overnight. I had to do it at my own pace.

Most of us would like to look better, but it can be a little touchy sometimes.

Amy Argetsinger: I'm so glad I remembered to put the susanboyle susanboyle tags on this chat, because otherwise we'd have nothing to talk about today, other than Miss California...


Falls Church, Va.: Well, we know who doesn't need makeovers -- Amy and Rox!

Roxanne Roberts: Aawwwwww. Well, maybe a tweak or three---but that's very sweet.

In any event, we DO need to write tomorrow's column, so let's wrap it up. Send your tips, sightings and makeover tips to Next week, same time.

Amy Argetsinger: So many good questions today -- sorry we couldn't get to most of them. Talk to you next week...


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