Celebritology Live: Celebrity Odd Couples? Jon & Kate Plus 1?

Liz Kelly
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Thursday, May 14, 2009; 2:00 PM

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Liz Kelly: Afternoon.

Non-"Lost" fans will be happy, I assume, to note that last night's season finale will bring an end to my distraction from all matters Celebritological for the next eight months. Today's 3 p.m. "Lost" Hour discussion will be the last for the foreseeable future. (Still, I think even non-"Lost" fans might enjoy this video shot at last night's "Lost" Happy Hour.)

Okay, moving right along -- the sordid break-up of John and Kate Gosselin is approaching warp speed. Can you imagine being a single parent to eight close-in-age children?

Surprise: Lindsay Lohan has landed a movie role.

No surprise here: Sarah Palin is defending Miss California Carrie Prejean for sticking to her "opposite marriage" guns. (And I bet she wishes an opposite marriage gun actually existed).

What else is on your radar? Let's get started...


Sean Penn and Natalie Portman - seriously?: Are they seriously an item?

Liz Kelly: Well, that item was in Rumor Mill for a reason. The reason being that it originated in Star magazine, which as I've mentioned before, is less than reliably acquainted with the truth.

But, hey, if an Olsen twin can date Lance Armstrong, is there any relationship left that would shock us?

Hmmm... that might make a good Friday List.


Movie premiere?: "Night At the Museum," with Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson and Robin Williams premieres at the Smithsonian tonight. Do you get to cover things like this? Will there be a red carpet? And what an odd band of merry men involved.

Liz Kelly: Yep, actually I'll be there helping Jen Chaney -- who takes the lead on all things movie-related for the site -- cover the premiere. And there will indeed be a red carpet.

Robin Williams, though? Sigh.


Which is the more annoying, continuously fake, tabloid story?: A) the continuing tales of Brad & Jen, (includes lonely Jen, pathetic Jen, needs a baby Jen, and evil Angie);


B) the made-up "Twilight" romance of Kristin Stewart and Robert Pattinson?

Liz Kelly: I'm going to go with A. This thing has been stretching on for four years and counting. Enough already.

As for Stewart and Pattinson -- I've found it surprisingly easy to utterly ignore them. At least as pertains to their purported romance.


Kate Gosselin's Hair: Can you explain what's going on there? (I'm a newcomer to these "plus 8" people since the tab coverage started last week.) Is it straight and short on the sides, but Flobee style shaved in the back? Seriously I'd like an explanation here.

Liz Kelly: Glad you asked because Us Weekly posted an entire item about her coif this morning.

She claims it reflects her feisty personality and claims "Everybody wants it."

It isn't even original, though. It's Salt n' Pepa circa the late '80s.


D.C. Hunt: Why the crud does Gene always put the Post Hunt on a crappy rainy day. I didn't go last year cause it might rain and I was lazy, but this year I was all about going, but of course its gonna be a washout. Didn't he check the farmer's almanac or his horoscope to make sure it wasn't gonna rain?

Liz Kelly: Gene is guilty of many transgressions, but this isn't his fault. The Hunt date is picked about a year in advance.

The only person with knowledge of weather patterns that far out is Dave Barry. Blame him.

2009 Post Hunt


Crazy work: It has been a week at work, and it's only Thursday afternoon. Can we please start off the chat with some Daniel Craig? It's an emergency.

washingtonpost.com: Better?

Liz Kelly: Well since it's an emergency and all.


Jon + Kate = Hate: How soon before Dr. Phil gets involved?

Liz Kelly: I love your subject line.

Is it just me or has Dr. Phil really been losing steam ever since he tried to insert himself into the Octomom story?


methinks: This isn't a LOST question I swear but I did see that one of the LOST actors has signed on for V: The Series. Now is this a remake of the gloriously cheesy Marc Singer 'V' series? If so, sign me up. I want to go to there.

Liz Kelly: It's Elizabeth Mitchell and, yep, it's a reboot of the "V" franchise (which I absolutely loved, too). No word yet on whether Marc Singer will be back.


Can you imagine being a single parent to eight close-in-age children? : Octomom would probably consider it slacking off to have so few kids.

Liz Kelly: Good point.


There should be a rule...: Any magazine that publishes multiple pages of "Best And Worst Beach Bodies!" criticizing celebrities for having a "lumpy butt" (Katherine Heigl), or "saggy boobs" (Uma Thurman) - i.e. the human condition of daring to age and leave one's home - should give us accompanying pictures of the mag's editorial staff and article author in their swimsuits so we can judge the folks throwing stones - I'm looking at you, new issue of In Touch Weekly!

Liz Kelly: That's not the worst idea I've ever heard.


Jon minus 9: (Borrowed from Joel McHale) Anyways, those poor poor Gosselin children. I see some Lohan like behavior in the older twins future--this kind of stuff will mess you up.

I don't know why the Gosselin's have chosen to make their marital turmoil such a public spectacle. I think they chose the low road here, and I think its just plain sad. I am sure those kids are hearing tons of stuff from other kids at school and it just can't be easy.

Liz Kelly: Are we really surprised that two people who chose to live their lives in full view of reality show cameras have trouble with critical decision-making?

No matter what the motivation, they are exploiting their own children. And sure, it may be helping to pay for the care of such a large brood, but it tells me they aren't necessarily interested in putting the welfare of the family first.


Alexandria, Va.: I have less of a problem with the Post Hunt being on a potentially rainy day than I do with the fact that it's on graduation day for at least five DC universities. If someone steals my rented mortarboard, s/he's going down.

Liz Kelly: I know -- Gene's gotten this complaint, too, and as far as I know has refused to address it. Which means he doesn't care about soon-to-be college grads or their family. If I were you, I'd write the Post ombudsman.


is there any relationship left that would shock us? : Anthony Quinn claimed that when he was a young stud, the middle-aged Mae West bedded him. Prompting my question: Is Madonna the new Mae West (except for a lack of bodily padding)?

Liz Kelly: Hmmm. I don't think so. Not yet.

Speaking of aging stars and padding, did everyone see this picture of Cher trying to recapture her "Turn Back Time" look earlier this week?

Guess which one is present-day Cher.


"he tried to insert himself into the Octomom": Ew.

washingtonpost.com: Ha!

Liz Kelly: DId I mention I'm tired?


Ordway St., NW - Thank you Donald Trump?: I would be fine with Carrie Prejean taking a vow of silence and moving high atop a mountain convent never to be heard or seen from again (unlikely). Is it possible that sleazy, publicity-hungry, Donald Trump actually did us A FAVOR by letting her keep her Cali crown? This way the news story will die down and go away (I hope!) in a few days, but if she had been dethroned she would have been free to fuel the story and her public profile for as long as talk radio and cable news would allow - i.e. forever.

Liz Kelly: I think the story would have died down either way. It might've taken a teensy bit longer -- and peppered with immediate Playboy offers and reality show deals -- if she'd been denied the crown.

Wait -- what am I talking about? That's going to happen anyway.


Djibouti, Djibouti: Did you know that Kal Penn is (or was, or shortly will be) here? He, Christian Slater and Zachary Levi (a.k.a. "Chuck") are on a USO tour. What a nice thing for Penn to do before he starts his new job at the White House, but can you imagine a more random grouping of celebrities?

Liz Kelly: I can see Kal Penn and Zach Levi getting along well -- both are relatively young and possessed of good senses of self and humor. Christian Slater really stands out as the odd ball in that group.


8 is OK for them?: What I want to know is why it was great and cute and they got a TV show and Brad and Angie get excoriated as baby collectors for having 6, especially when they adopted several and gave them clearly more privileged lives than they would otherwise have had. It just seems bizarre to me.

Liz Kelly: Because we are by nature fickle and prone to criticizing others? And I know plenty of people who actually took the opposite stance -- feeling a bit icky about Jon and Kate and their fertility-enabled mega-litter while thinking Brangelina -- who can afford it -- have done a pretty solid thing in adopting three children and having three of their own.


Shocking relationship: Courtney Love and Daniel Day-Lewis.

Liz Kelly: I dunno. He's kind of a weirdo.

I mean that in a good way. He's just a bit eccentric.


Michael Cera: Re: your attraction to him, do you think the 20-year-old Liz would have liked him in the same way, or is it that his appeal is to older women? (FWIW, I have an 89-year-old friend who saw him in "Juno" and pronounced him "really cute.")

Of course, when Liz was 20, Cera was how old? (By Doane Gregory -- Fox Searchlight Via Associated Press)

Liz Kelly: Thanks Paul, for chiming in. Don't you have some pictures of Megan Fox to crop?

Yes, I would've been attracted to Cera when I was 20. Trust me.


DC: I don't understand your blog post last week about the two McConaughey movies. Had you not seen either... but still passed judgment on both? What's the point?

washingtonpost.com: I've never gouged my eyes out with a corkscrew, but I'm willing to pass judgment on it based on prior experience and context. But that's just me.

Matthew McConaughey's Forgotten Film, 'Tiptoes,' Surfaces Online

Liz Kelly: I don't need to eat rotten rat stew to know I won't like it.

Same with these movies -- the trailers, in both cases, were enough to ward me off.

But if you'd like to demonstrate to me how the trailers didn't capture the true essence of what turned out to be surprisingly wonderful films -- films that should be recognized for their depth and spirit -- then I'm all ears.


Washington, D.C.: Hi, Liz! Watching that clip from "The Daily Show" that you posted yesterday (you looked lovely, by the way), made me wonder something. How do you come to appear on TV shows - meaning the show you were actually on? Does someone read what you have written and call you and ask you to talk to them? Do you seek out opportunities to discuss? Do you have a publicist who helps you? Are you just a regular go-to-person for celebrity discussions? Finally, do you like making tv appearances?

Lots of questions, I know, but the clip made me realize that I have no idea how any of that works.


Liz Kelly: I'm relatively new to TV commentating, aside for some groundbreaking commenting on the Cruise-Holmes wedding I did for Al Arabiyah back in 2006.

We've got a group of publicists who flak us to the news shows. You'll notice there are tons of Posties weighing in on MSNBC all the time. But, yes, I think they look for trustworthy sources who have taken a particular stance on a story -- as I did with Carrie Prejean twice over the past week or so.

And, yes, I totally enjoy it. Nothing like live TV to keep you on your toes.


Cher and looks: Not that I like her turn-in-my-grave-in-time look, but I'd love to have a body that great at that age. Heck, I wouldn't mind it NOW!

Liz Kelly: Fair point. She's definitely in shape.

But, when she goes out of her way to recreate the same look she rocked in her early 40s, one can't help but compare and contrast. She should do something new and fabulous, but maybe just a touch more age appropriate.


K8: I don't think it's a matter of THEM expoloiting their family, it's a matter of HER doing it. All you see is her on Larry King, her book, her on Oprah, her dominating the dialogue of their show, her hair, her plastic surgery. No wonder the poor guy wants out.

Liz Kelly: Based on the show episodes I've seen, he does seem to be kind of an unwilling or ambivalent participant.


Dupont hangover: Hi Liz, I saw ads last night for a reality show where Heincer, among other gems, are dropped into a jungle. Is this true? Can I really call in to get them surrounded by a swarm of bees? Can it be too good to be true?

Liz Kelly: Yes -- it's the relaunch of the American "I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here" coming to NBC (I think) on June 15th. I'm hoping to cover it over the summer. We'll see what I can work out with my editor.


Bethesda, Md.: Is the premiere tonight going to be pretty packed? I don't wanna battle large Los Angeles sized fan crowds. but it would be cool to see Ben Stiller.

Liz Kelly: Just asked Jen and she said that as the chances for rain increase the likelihood of a large crowd decreases.


Justin T: Is he approaching Alec Baldwin god-like territory as an SNL host? He was hilarious last weekend and appears to not take himself too seriously, which is always attractive.

washingtonpost.com: The obligatory -- Saturday Night Live: Motherlover

Liz Kelly: Is it just me or does anyone else think JT should give up music and take up comedy full time?


Alexandria, Va.: Ok, I just saw the thing about being at the Air and Space museum by 5 for the red carpet. I don't get off work until 5:30. I could maybe be there by 6. Am I screwed? Also, why did I not bring my camera to work today?

Liz Kelly: It's a low-tech solution, but you could always buy a disposable at the drug store.


Robin Williams: If you get to talk to him, tell him that one of your readers was born on his birth date - July 21, 1951. The only difference is that I'm not as famous, or rich, or funny...

Liz Kelly: I will make sure to tell him that.



wait, what?: DD Lewis and Courtney Love?? He is married to Rebecca Miller and they have two kids.

Liz Kelly: No no -- I asked folks to imagine inappropriate couples. No truth to this one.


Washington, DC: I don't mean to be creepy, but I though Liz Kelly looked way hot in that video.

Liz Kelly: Mr. Liz, everyone!


Cookie monster of Bethesda: Hi Liz! Have you read Outside's article on Mike Rowe (which was mentioned by somebody - must be a Discovery PR person ;) - a couple of weeks ago here)? I was pleasantly surprised that he was very candid about his personal life. I might be wrong, but I always thought he hadn't said much about his romantic life.

washingtonpost.com: Man At Work

Liz Kelly: I haven't, but I will. Thanks for the link.


Save the children: As much as I love watching random strangers self destruct, who should be responsible to put an end to this fiasco for the sake of those kids? At what point does someone say, "hey psycho, you're humiliating your kids in public and you have to stop." Do you think the Jon and Kate mess will dissuade anyone for subjecting their kids to reality TV "stardom."

Liz Kelly: No, I don't. Anyone who is predisposed to that sort of thing is probably only motivated by the press the Gosselins are getting this week. If you want proof, just watch five minutes of the train wreck that is "Toddlers & Tiaras."

On an unrelated note: The wind just picked up outside and sent something metallic crashing into on of the screened in porch columns. The cats, who had been out on the porch checking out birds, both came running in with their hair standing on end. Now they're sitting on the bottom of the stairs contemplating whether or not to be abundantly cautious and just go upstairs and hide under the bed.


Anonymous: Why the sigh over Robin Williams? The poor fellow has got to eat.

Seriously, I am old enough to remember when Williams was considered "edgy" and dangerous. What the heck happened?

Liz Kelly: I'm not the biggest Robin Williams fan. Sosumi.

What happened? He got older and less relevant. It happens. Look at Billy Crystal or Steve Martin or -- most glaringly of all -- Eddie Murphy, who went from "Raw" at one end of the continuum to "The Nutty Professor" at the other.


Unlikely : Cher and Michael Cera. But it would be easy since we could just call them "Chera."

Liz Kelly: That is a frightening combo to contemplate. The only thing worse I can conjure is Joan Rivers and Robert Pattinson. Or wait -- maybe Joan Rivers and Daniel Radcliffe would be even more horrifying.


Omaha, Neb.: Was being all responsible and listening to NPR like a grownup, and some random commentator did a little bit on Twitter and how he thinks Twitter "jumped the shark." So, Liz, not only do the clever minds at NPR read your posts, apparently they think highly enough of them to lift your phrasing. Brava.

washingtonpost.com: Um, Omaha, I hate to break it to you...

Liz Kelly: Thank you so much for the credit, but it ain't mine. It belongs to the inimitable John Hein.


Re: American "I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here": Yes, this sounds amazing! Looking forward to your coverage. If they need help, perhaps we celebritoligists can offer some potential activity options: sending Heincer alone to the North Pole, making Heincer cross a rushing river, making Heincer drink contaminated water. The list goes on and on. But surely others have suggestions?

washingtonpost.com: Making Heincer watch "Tiptoes."

Liz Kelly: Or just the trailer.


Christian Slater really stands out as the odd ball in that group. : He is an oddball in just about any group. Can't stand that guy. Gives me the heebies.

washingtonpost.com: But he was in "Pump up the Volume"! And "Kuffs"!

Liz Kelly: And "Heathers" and "True Romance" -- which were actually good movies.

He was at the Correspondents Dinner on Saturday night and was somewhat of an oddball there, too.


Real Housewives New Jersey: So, Liz, are you watching this wonderfully delicious bit of guilty pleasure TV? I know there's only been one episode, but I'm getting the feeling that it could be my favorite cast of the franchise.

Liz Kelly: Not yet, but we've got the first episode DVR'd. This past week has been a bit frantic what with the Correspondents Dinner, the "Lost" finale and tonight's "Night at the Museum" premiere -- so I'm hoping to catch up on my other TV shows this weekend. I still haven't see the "Real Housewives of NY" reunion yet, either.


Is it just me or does anyone else think JT should give up music and take up comedy full time? : YES!!! I can't stand his music and actually walked out of his concert (he was closing for Pink) because my ears almost started to bleed.

But I LOVE him on SNL. He makes me laugh everytime he has a cameo (the Cathy boyfriend thing, the Single Ladies video) and I was almost crying on Saturday evening.

The only problem is, why oh why must he bring Jessica Biel with him every time? I get it, they're a couple, but doesn't she have her own career?

Liz Kelly: Oh come on -- they're obviously very close and like being together. Give them a break.


Total fanstasy relationship: Oprah and anyone who is not Oprah

Liz Kelly: Snicker.


Somewhere, Pennsylvania: What does John Gosslin do for a living? Seriously, I live under a rock. People are telling me he used to work down the hall from me for years, and I did hear talk about the guy being on some reality TV show. Now, all of a sudden, he's everywhere. Yet, I don't want to give out his occupation, as maybe the show wants that kept secret. So, I am wondering, for those who watch the show, I am just wondering if they ever mention what he does?

P.S. If you don't want to print this, you don't have to, but I can tell you what you did for a living when the show started, which makes me wonder if, when you know the job, you realize they wanted it kept secret for security's sake.

Liz Kelly: I thought he had been some kind of computer programmer. Anyone else out there have the scoop?


Shocking Celebrity couples: Tom Cruise and Will Smith. Let's face it, brought into the light of day that would be shocking.

Liz Kelly: I'm not so surprised somehow.


Beat this.: Helen Mirren and Dane Cook.

washingtonpost.com: Dame Dench and Baba Boey??

Liz Kelly: Dane Cook and humor.


RE: "There should be a rule...": That's creating a false equivalence between celebrities and writers/editors of gossip rags. They have different jobs.

The celebrities' job, primarily, is to be hot. Whatever they do (sing, dance, act) while hot is an aside.

The writers and editors' job is to write trash that appeals to mouthbreathers, they generally do a good job at that.

This poster's argument is akin to saying "What authority does Jen Chaney have saying that 'Glitter' was a bad movie? I'd love to see all the movies that she's made that are better!"

Liz Kelly: The Jen/"Glitter" logic works, but the rest of your argument doesn't.

Here's why: The pix most often featured in the celeb beach expose spreads are most often taken surreptitiously while the celebs are attempting to enjoy a private vacation or somesuch. Therefore, they aren't on the clock, so to speak.


No name, No place: I definitely need Celebritology help. I have recently become enamored with Sexy Spock, a.k.a. Zachary Quinto. Jeez, for the first time in my life I Googled a celebrity. I found myself watching "Heroes" (no I hadn't seen it before but really I don't live in a cave). How do I stop? My marriage might be counting on your advice.

washingtonpost.com: Mister Spock, homewrecker (Paramount Pictures)

Liz Kelly: Whoa -- a little Spock-inspired crush never hurt a marriage.


Mad Mel: At what point do we determine that Gibson ran completely off the rails? (acknowledging that he had alcohol problems as far back as the filming of "Mrs. Soffel" in 1984 when he was picked up for DWI) He was People's first Sexiest Man Alive in 1985, and now he's pretty much lost his appeal to much of his audience.

Liz Kelly: He's somewhat anti-Semitic, wants to impose his morals on others and cheated on his wife.

Is he completely off the rails or just kind of a jerk?


John & Kate: See? I have a different take on them. I think 8 kids is madness and chaos and a zoo and I don't know how you'd remember one minute of any of their childhoods unless...someone made you an offer to chronicle these kids growing up and also pay you a nice amount of money to do so.

Are you saying that you might not be swayed into making that same decision if you were in those circumstances? If they weren't cheating on each other and getting ugly in the press, would you still have the same opinion about them having their kids on television? I think it is unfortunate now that they are self-destructing, but can totally understand what might have motivated them to agree to being the subject of a television show.

Liz Kelly: So you're saying the Gosselins agreed to do a reality show primarily in order to provide themselves -- and their kids -- with an enduring family album? I'm not buying it.

If I were in the same circumstances would I do the same thing? It's hard to make predictions like that, but I doubt it. I know myself and know that the constant invasion of privacy and act of living my life on TV would only add to the stress, not diminish it.


Daniel Craig: Hi - I wrote in earlier requesting Daniel Craig. Much better, thank you very much.

Liz Kelly: Happy to oblige.

Or, rather, Producer Paul is. I think he has that pic bookmarked. Just for you guys, I'm sure.


Paul, don't forget: "Gleaming the Cube"! With baby Tony Hawk as a pizza delivery guy.

washingtonpost.com: And a little movie we like to call "Legend of Billy Jean."


Liz Kelly: I LOVED "Legend of Billy Jean," which co-starred Christian's sister, Helen... who seems to have completely dropped off the face of the earth.

Okay, for anyone else who remembers the movie -- was I the only one who found Billy Jean's attraction to the rich kid (played by the guy who starred in "Christine") to be totally unbelievable?


re: unlikely couples: Dame Judy Dench is already linked with Joel McHale (by Joel McHale).

Cher and Frankie Muniz were a fictitious couple in "Stuck on You," which was a hilarious movie and I give props to everyone who was in it, especially Cher and Meryl Streep.

washingtonpost.com: I love the joke about Steve Buscemi in that movie.

Liz Kelly: Well, then there's always Buster and Lucille 2.


Somewhere, Pennsylvania: He was a computer operations guy to Gov. Rendell. I wasn't sure if they wanted they kept quiet for the Governor's security, or not.

Liz Kelly: Well, the cat's out of the bag now.


Rosslyn, Virginia: Regarding Zachary Quinto. Just watch a lot of "Heroes" where he plays Syler. It will soon be very hard to get past the creepy bit.

Liz Kelly: Yeah -- the one episode I ever watched (at Comic-Con) involved Quinto sawing off the head of the cheerleader chick. I almost hurled on the Trekkie next to me. (No, not Jen. She was on the other side.)


John Hein: ...makes me think of Jon Hamm (thought drift) and I wondered "Why is it we never get gratuitous pictures of Jon Hamm on the Celebritology chat? It's always Daniel Craig and Scarlett Johannsen..."


Liz Kelly: Ahhhh. That picture is almost better than yoga.


They seem to deserve each other: Sarah Silverman and Sasha Baron Cohen

washingtonpost.com: But his actual wife is hotter and funnier!

Liz Kelly: Yes, you might remember Sacha's wife, Isla Fischer, from "Wedding Crashers."


Timberlake and SNL: Yes! Yes! I used to dislike him because he was in a boy band and should Know His Place and not attempt to be a legitimate musical artist. But he is adorable on SNL and I find all of my baseless prejudice floating away. He went to some awards thing wearing big dorky coke bottle glasses, it's awesome to see sexy people when they stop trying to be sexy. Or bring it back. Or whatever.

Liz Kelly: Agreed.


re: Whoa -- a little Spock-inspired crush never hurt a marriage. : I recently confessed to my husband that when I was young I had fantasies about marrying Leonard Nimoy. I love Spock. The original. But I can't wait to see the new movie!

Liz Kelly: Now that may actually be damaging. I mean, we're talking about Leonard Nimoy here.


Producer Paul is slipping: We've had Daniel Craig, Michael Cera, and Zachary Quinto so far today...

And not a single ScarJo...

washingtonpost.com: I'm done with her, sorry.

Liz Kelly: Obviously Scarlett has done something to curry Paul's disfavor. Maybe he doesn't like the new darker hair and more slender look.


Beat this.: Helen Mirren and Dane Cook: Joan Plowright and Dustin Diamond.

Liz Kelly: Hats off to you, sir or madam. Well played.

Let me add to the horror by saying two words:

Dirty Sanchez.


"Somewhat anti-Semetic"?: What does that mean?? Gibson's proven himself as anti-Semetic, period. We shouldn't cut him any "somewhat" slack simply because he hasn't led any gangs in defacing synogogues or doning white robes. This is pretty clear.

Liz Kelly: Good point. I was trying to be writerly there. He's an anti-Semite, plain and simple.


Washington, DC: Oh gawd. The Legend of Billy Jean. "She's Everywhere!!"

No, the romantic attraction wasn't believable at all. That and the song was probably when Pat Benetar jumped the shark.

Liz Kelly: Thank you.


washingtonpost.com: Time has not been kind to Keith Gordon of "Billy Jean"/"Christine"/"Back to School."

washingtonpost.com: Time has not been kind to Keith Gordon of "Billy Jean"/"Christine"/"Back to School."

Liz Kelly: Oh. My. God. You ain't kidding.


No, no, no: Christian and Helen Slater are not related -- just a name coincidence.

Yeah, where did she go? She did that and "Supergirl" (right?) and then -- poof. Not that she was that good...

washingtonpost.com: "City Slickers" and "Secret of my Success" too. (It's possible I had a bit of a thing for her...)

Liz Kelly: Okay, this has rocked my world.

You're right. I just looked it up. They are not, in fact, related. I need to rethink my entire world view now.


odd: "Liz Kelly: Well, then there's always Buster and Lucille 2."

Remember GOB and Lucille 2? I gotta go to spin class...

Liz Kelly: hahaha.


Tampa, Fla.: "Sacha's wife, Isla Fischer"

Not so fast - they are engaged, and have been for about a year and a half, but have not married yet.

washingtonpost.com: So there's still time! "The Lookout" with her and Joseph Gordon Levitt is a very good movie.

Liz Kelly: Okay, not married, but they have a long-time engagement and a kid together already.


Speaking of unlikely : I used to think that about Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher. But now I think they're both a couple of immature weirdos.

Liz Kelly: Somehow they're making it work, though. Maybe Ashton is as mature as Demi is immature. They're meeting halfway. They also, btw, were at the Correspondents' Dinner.


re Isla Fisher: Yes, she is. How about a picture of her. How old is their kid now?

washingtonpost.com: Maybe next week, if you remind me.

Liz Kelly: Allow me to translate: Producer Paul has already turned his attention to the 3 p.m. "Lost" Hour chat, which he also produces... so he doesn't want to distract himself with pix of Isla Fischer.

Speaking of which, I'm going to head that way myself now.

I'll be back here next week and may even stay an extra 15 minutes since I'll no longer be torn away to talk about "Lost."

Thanks for coming.


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