Got Plans?: Hangover Remedies, Marriage Proposals and Doves Tickets

The Going Out Gurus
of The Washington Post's Going Out Guide
Thursday, June 4, 2009; 1:00 PM

The Going Out Guide staff swapped hangover remedies, talked about places to pop the question and gave away some Doves tickets on Thursday, June 4 at 1 p.m. ET.

_______________________ To cheer you up on this cloudy day, we have a very cool giveaway. All you have to do is write us a sentence with the words "Gibson" and "doves" in it. If we like yours, you could win all kinds of things related to those words, including two tickets to this Saturday's sold-out Doves show at 9:30. Read this for all the details. One more announcement: mark your calendar for *next* Thursday's Going Out Guide happy hour from 6 to 8 at Freddie's Beach Bar in Arlington. There, we'll be giving away (among other things) two tickets to Beyonce's show at First Mariner Arena on June 23. But you know what else we give away for free? Lots banter and advice on going out. So what should we talk about today?


Gaithersburg, Md.: How social is the vibe at Glen Echo's swing dances? I used to go swing dancing near Boston with friends when I was in college, and almost no one ever danced with the same person twice. Is Glen Echo like that, or do people tend to stick to their date?

Fritz: It depends how good the dancers are, honestly. The better dancers -- i.e. the ones who've been taking lessons -- tend to rotate very frequently, usually no more than a dance or two in a row. The beginners and people aren't very sure of themselves -- or aren't in "the scene" and just come to slowdance with their sweetie -- aren't as social. When I'm out, I tend to rotate as much as possible, though if I'm out with a date who's not that into dancing, I'll dance more with her, because that's the polite thing to do.


Fort Reno: Any word on when a schedule for the Fort Reno summer concert series will be posted?

David: I wish I could tell you, but your guess is as good as mine. One day, hopefully soon, you will visit the Fort Reno Web site and the schedule will just magically be there. With the usual batch of TBAs, of course. In years past we've always been able to piece things together before the official announcement based on bands putting info on their MySpace pages. But I can't find anything this year. Anybody out there seen anything?


Adams Morgan: Thoughts on where to watch Ireland v. Bulgaria on Saturday?

Fritz: Well, everyone's charging $20 -- Setanta apparently needs the money, as the satellite sports channel recently skipped a £3 million payment to the Scottish soccer league for TV rights -- so you're going to be paying for atmosphere.

Fado will be packed. Lucky Bar, too. If you want your beer and food in a timely manner, I'd go somewhere like the Irish Channel or even Flanagan's Harp and Fiddle. Both less crowded on match days, but still fun and with plenty of screens.


Chevy Chase: I have the day off tomorrow and am going to hit up D.C. solo and check out some of the art galleries. I'm assuming the Nat'l Gallery of Art is pretty essential and was considering the Phillips collection as well. How bout the Masks of Lincoln exhibition -- worth checking out? Any ideas for a good lunch -- good eats but nothing really pricey. Basically I want you guys to plan my day -- thanks.

Stephanie: Well if I were to have the day off tomorrow, I'd probably hit up Maya Lin at the Corcoran and Marcel Duchamp at the Portrait Gallery. Then I'd head to the National Gallery to check out the new exhibition of Spanish still lifes (with a couple of pit stops to spend some time with Degas and Seurat). Artomatic is also underway, so you could always hop on the metro and head to the Navy Yard to see the huge selection of art on display. As for lunch, it would probably be easiest to stay around the Mall, so good bets would be Mitsitam or the Garden Cafe (which Julia reviewed recently).


Rockville: Please help me, Gurus! I need some advice -- going out to dinner with friends in Silver Spring on Friday night. What is my best bet for drinks afterwards -- Quarry House Tavern, McGinty's (with the cover band), or the billiards hall (don't remember the name of it, but it doesn't seem to have a Web site)? Thanks!

Fritz: You pretty much nailed your choices there: If you're looking to hang out, chat and relax, I'd do the Quarry House for good beers -- the menu is long, but pricey) and good music on the jukebox. One of my favorite dives. For more of a scene, it's McGinty's, with the band and dancing upstairs. Also, don't forget about the cozy bar at Austin Grill. Love those margaritas/Shiner Bock drafts.


Post-Going Out question:: The Gurus' best hangover remedies?

Fritz: Water and multi-vitamins the night before, Smart Water and, in extreme circumstances, Pedialyte. (Seriously. Recommended to me by a doctor.)

Rhome: As long as I remember to drink water between each alcoholic beverage, I don't get hungover. The problem is that I often forget. Hangovers are all about dehydration. Fritz nailed it. Filling up on something high in fiber for breakfast also helps me. I gets my oatmeal on daily.


Northern Va.: Dear GOGs, We have some guests coming to visit soon, and I know they want to dine at a restaurant that feels like they are really in a CITY. You know, something that feels cosmopolitan, energetic; a place where we can dress up a bit but not feel like we have to whisper when we get there. I'm not asking your colleague Tom Sietsema about this because frankly I am more interested in atmosphere than food (though obviously I strongly prefer to pay for a meal that we would actually enjoy.) I'm hoping to spend no more than $50-$75 pp with a couple of drinks and would like to go to D.C. not a suburb. Also, we're all late 30s/early 40s, so I don't want to feel like I am crashing a college party. What would you suggest for this kind of outing? THANKS!

Julia: Co Co. Sala would top my list. It gets a little loungey the later you go. Not college-party-like exactly, but, your crew may want to dine on the earlier side. Cork, Marvin and 1905 -- all in the U Street area -- come to mind as well. The food is better at the first two, and I don't personally find the food to be that bad at the last one. And for the record, while I'm delighted you're asking us, you can ask Tom these sorts of things too. He's a pretty cool dude.


Dupont: Gurus, I really need your help on this one. An out of town board member, with a budget far greater than mine, has asked me for recommendations for her upcoming trip to D.C. She usually flies in for meetings and leaves the next morning. This time she is staying for the weekend (June 12-14) and sightseeing with her 88 year-old mother.

I am trying to come up with everything from hotel to restaurant to museum recommendations and everything in between. For hotels, she would like something in a neighborhood where there is convenience and restaurants (i.e. not Mandarin). I was thinking Hay Adams, Ritz (on M) or Willard, but I am up for suggestions. What restaurants would you recommend around each? On the entertainment side, I think she would like Looped at Arena Stage, the Newseum and have arranged private tours at Holocaust and Archives.

So, I guess this question boils down to if you were spending next weekend in D.C. with and money was not an issue, what would you want to do...with your 88 year-old mother.

Julia: Wow. There's a lot going on in this question. Near the Hay Adams, I'd point her to DC Coast, the well-priced Siroc or the expensive BLT Steak. Near the Ritz on M, Westend Bistro (obviously) comes to mind. Blue Duck Tavern, too. Near the Willard, I think Cafe du Parc is your best bet. Perhaps Old Ebbitt and Siroc as well. I'd also throw the Renaissance Marriott on F Street up there as a hotel suggestion. Or Hotel Monaco. Both are in the bustling Penn Quarter neighborhood, which could be cool for your visitors.

I'm spent. Anyone else care to chime in with events for next weekend?

Stephanie: Hay Adams is a great choice for a hotel, and best of all they'd be across from one of my favorite restaurants: Bombay Club. As for plays, another option would be Arcadia, which is the best play I've seen in a long while. And on the museums front, I don't know if the 88-year-old mother will have much energy after the Newseum and the Holocaust Museum, but the National Gallery is always a good bet, as is the Portrait Gallery/American Art Museum.


Silver Spring, Md.: Hola Gurus!

I have a question about the "Free with ticket" concerts at the Carter Baron Amptitheatre. How does one procure tickets? Do you have to go to the box office the day of the show?


Fritz: It depends on the organization hosting the event. For the Washington Post's Weekend's Weekends concerts, which begin next Friday with Orquesta La Romana, Joe Falero and the DC Latin Jazz All Stars and Orquesta La Leyenda, you need to pick up tickets on the day of the concert at either the Washington Post building at 15th and L or the Carter Barron box office, beginning at noon.

For other free events, like the Washington Area Music Association's tribute to Patsy Cline and Emmylou Harris (July 17) or the Blues Alley Youth Orchestra (July 26), you just show up and walk in, space permitting.


Washington, D.C.: Gurus,

Is there anywhere I can find a list of late-night dining establishments in the District or ones that deliver late in the evening? I moved here from the emerald city for delivery -- NYC -- and would love to know what places are serving dinner (even on nights during the week) after 10 or 11.

Julia: Welcome to the neighborhood. Here's a start: a list of dining establishments we've tagged "late night". This list isn't exhaustive, but it's a good start. Delivery is tougher. Slim pickins in this town. Man, I ordered the worst pizza ever last night. Don't you hate that?


Silver Spring, Md.: Hey there GOGs, For the first time in a long time, my husband and I will have a completely work-free weekend ahead of us. I'd love to daytrip somewhere where we can stroll around and feel like we had a little getaway. Somewhere with nice shops or galleries, great restaurants, etc., but I feel like after 10+ years in the D.C. area, we've exhausted all our options -- Annapolis, Alexandria, Baltimore, Frederick, Leesburg, etc. Any ideas on someplace we may have missed? (If it's a dog-friendly town, that's even better...) Thanks!!

Rhome: You pretty much hit all of the suggestions I'd have given, particularly Frederick. Have you tried the Tidewater area? Norfolk, Richmond, Virginia Beach etc.? That might be outside of your preferred driving radius but consider it. Also, Charlottesville, Lynchburg and Williamsburg PA and VA.


Re: Hangover remedy : First, that was one of the best questions! If even a bit pedestrian.

Second, really? Pedialyte. And how much of it do you take? I'll have to remember this....

Fritz: He mentioned it in passing as being better for rehydrating than Gatorade or sports drinks.

As for how much ... I dunno, a glass or two? Hangovers are not an exact science. But I should say I rarely get them, because of the drinking lots of water, etc.


Re: Hangovers: Why don't bars make drinks with gatorade (or similar)?

hydrate + get minerals while you get your drink on!

I've known EMTs to stick an IV in themselves after drinking.

Fritz: I've heard of people using saline drips after hangovers. Must have been a baaaaaaaaaad night.


Hangover remedy: Take two Advil BEFORE drinking. Worked for me all the way through college.

Fritz: Is that like how some girls take advil before they go out if they're wearing heels? Seems like an amateur move to me -- the issue with most hangovers is that you're dehydrated. (There's also that you've drunk so much that your liver can't process it all ...)


Laurel, Md.: Hello Gurus!

Could you please mention the 11th Annual Starscape Festival to be held Saturday, June 6, Ft. Armistead Park, Baltimore, from 2 pm to 6 am. All ages.

I've been every year for about the past five years or more, and it's fantastic - it brings out free-spirited creative people who love to dance and listen to great electronic music and bands, so it's a colorful high-spirited night.

Watching the sunrise surrounded by good music and good vibes is magical. I wouldn't miss it for the world.

Thank you very much!

David: In a different lifetime I went to Starscape, when it was in its infancy. My counsel has advised me to say nothing further on the matter, but I remember DJ Ease of Nightmares on Wax doing a great downtempo set right on the pier in the middle of the night and it was pretty great. I do find it weird that there is now a dance tent. I know there are more live bands these days, not just DJs, but still struck me as odd.


Falls Church, Va.: Red Velvet Cupcake report: Larry's Ice Cream wins! Superior to 15 other cupcakes from DC and VA in both cake flavor, texture and all features of icing. Runners up were Furin's, Georgetown Cupcake and Clement's Pastry. So thanks to the chatter lasy week who recommended Larry's.

Julia: Furin's? Seriously? I find that hard to believe. Their showing in Cupcake Wars was pretty hard to swallow. Here's to improvements, I guess!


Bored on Maternity Leave in D.C.: I am in week 7 of my generous 18-week maternity leave with my first baby, and am becoming desperate for things to do outside the house. Baby/mama yoga is great, but I need other ideas. For example, I know that the AMC/Loews theater in G'town used to have a "Reel Moms" program where you could take your baby to the movies one morning each week, where it didn't matter if the kid cried. I can't find anything online indicating that this still exists. Any intel? Any other suggestions? Thanks!

Anne: First off, congrats to you on the little one. And congrats also for already getting yourself out of the house so much with a little one. I know that's not always a breeze. Onto things to do... Reel Moms is definitely canceled, I'm sorry to say. But here's the thing -- not many people go to movies early in the day anyway. So if you and your friend with a baby together went to an 11 a.m.-noonish screening, I bet you would find you have the theater practically to yourselves. So if you sit in the front so you could escape quickly if the baby cries, I say that's fair. In general, what you need (especially this summer) are free, large, air-conditioned places to go. You're in luck now, because I bet Artomatic is pretty empty during the day. The zoo is also a place where you are sure to find many like-minded moms. As your baby gets bigger, s/he will love looking at faces, so hello, Portrait Gallery. American Art/Portrait Gallery in particular is so new, so it has swell changing tables. But it's also refreshing to sit outside sometimes, like a coffeeshop or at Dupont Circle and do some people-watching. And, of course, that shopping mall cliche is a true one. I'm sure someone has told you about the wonders of Nordstrom's mama room, right?


Washington, D.C.: Does the Portrait Gallery still host a jazz happy hour on Thursday? If so, is it inside or outside? I can't find details about it anywhere. My friends and I are looking for some post-work relief.

Stephanie: The American Art Museum still hosts its "Take Five" series, but they take place on the third Thursday of the month, so the next one is June 18. And the performances are indoors in the Kogod Courtyard.


Fells Point: What is it with fights in and around bars? We saw a fight in broad daylight on Sunday in Fells Point. One guy took on another who was clearly a decade or more his elder.

Only a few people seemed to try to stop it. We were trying to drive down the street and it was happening in front of us.

Who is supposed to break up a fight like that? Bouncers (who were present and standing), girlfriends, or just wait for the po-po ?

Fritz: What I've been told by bouncers in Dupont/Adams Morgan: If it's not on their premises (or the sidewalk outside), they've usually instructed not to interfere for liability reasons, and it becomes a matter for the police. Personally, with Adams Morgan weekend fights, I get the *$#(* out of there as fast as possible, because you never know who's carrying what these days.


Reston: My husband wants tapas for his birthday. Which of the many "tapas" restaurants is most authentic or delicioso?

Julia: Gots to go with the originator: Jaleo all the way. Over the next two weeks, all three locations will be offering special paella dishes as part of their annual festival celebrating the Spanish dish. Happy birthday to your man!


Er... plan on keeping your liver?: Ibuprofin with alcohol is a no-no. That's how that dude lost his liver (and tried to sue Advil).

Fritz: Acetaminophen is what you really have to watch out for. It's toxic with alcohol. (This is also why I try to avoid painkillers for hangovers. Or hangovers in the first place.)

And if you drank enough to have a hangover, your liver's unhappy as it is. You don't want to make it angrier.


Bethesda: I have some friends visiting from New York this weekend. They want to go to museums on Saturday and brunch on Sunday. Are there any can't-miss exhibitions going on now? Where would you suggest for brunch in Bethesda or nearby?

Julia: I think the chains do Bethesda brunch well: Mon Ami Gabi, Daily Grill. There's also Redwood, which just hired a new chef.

Stephanie: Aside from Artomatic, which I already mentioned, your friends might appreciate some of the more offbeat exhibitions, like Non-Places at Flashpoint (through Saturday), Foodjects at Apartment Zero and Domesticated at Transformer. Another thing to keep in mind is that this weekend is the Dupont Kalorama Arts Walk so there will be all kinds of special events, and museums like the Phillips will be free.


Takoma Park: I'm looking for a romantic and/or secluded spot around Dupont to propose to my girlfriend. We're going out for a fancy lunch next month and I'd like to propose in the area beforehand (but not at the restaurant). Thanks!

Julia: Not sure if this is really secluded, but right at the intersection of 23rd and P (on the southwest corner), there's a trail that takes you into the park. (Make sure to be at the southwest corner, cause the other corners are like a gas station, Rock Creek Parkway and a median). Anyway, the meadow down there is pretty. I often see people jogging through it.

Oh! Just thought of a great one, actually! What about that cute little bridge with the lions on it on Q Street as you head toward Georgetown? That place is really cool. Scope it out.


Lol: I'll never forget my Mom's face the first time I told her I was going to a Tapas bar ... (not topless!)

Julia: This exact same confusion happened with me and my mother-in-law last weekend.


D.C. Transplant: Are you guys saving all of the Doves contest entries for the end? I was looking forward to some witty wordplay in addition to the fab advice today!

David: Okay, I'll push some through now. A lot of people submitted in the comments, too. Here they come...


Arlington, Va.: What do you think about the Legwarmers show at the State Theatre? I've always wanted to listen to Debbie Gibson and hear "When doves cry".

David: I think she goes by Deborah now...


Arlington, Va.: What is the best way to get to H Street Country Club? Is it metro accessible and if so, how far is the walk? Is the neighborhood safe?

Fritz: Man, it's weird that we're still having "Is H Street Dangerous?" questions four years after bars started opening there. There are fewer people getting shot or stabbed in alleys than in Adams Morgan, though it's not like you're going out in Glover Park or something. You still need to watch your back on less-trafficked side streets, but that's common sense.

To get to H Street, either grab an X2 bus, which runs all the way down H and stops at both McPherson Square and Gallery Place stations. Or you can grab the free H Street Shuttle, which runs about twice an hour from the corner of H and 7th NW, right outside Gallery Place station, near the Chinatown arch.


Washington, D.C.: Are those cocktail onions in that Gibson or did a flock of doves just lay their eggs in your martini glass?

David: I think you have to pay extra for that...


Reston, Va.: I grew up in a small southwestern town where we could go to Gibson's to buy some ammo to get us some doves....(my apologies to animal lovers).

David: Too much violence...


Want Doves Tickets!: Mel Gibson quickly realized that doves can not, in fact, fly under the influence.

David: Lots of Mel Gibson submissions...


Gibson and Doves: Mel Gibson quietly sat pondering the meaning of life while watching doves fly overhead he asked himself 'who am I?'.

David: See...


Greenbelt, Md.: A flock of doves made a mess of Mel Gibson's car early this morning.

David: Yup...


Arlington, Va.: Does Mel Gibson remind you of a pair of doves or a sheep in wolf's clothing?

David: Something like that.


Dupont Circle: Hey, did you hear about the new drink at the Gibson? It's got real doves in it, that's how you know it's good. 60 percent of the time, it works all the time.

David: Definitely a bunch referencing the new, hip bar in town.


re: Glen Echo: The Gottaswing dance last Saturday at Glen Echo was awesome. The ballroom was sold out for the first time in ages. Re: folks rotating or not, there's more rotation than not, but if you just want to dance with the one you're with, that's cool.

Fritz: I heard it was sold out, which is great -- I'm just not a huge fan of the Jive Aces, England's #1 Scientologist Jump-Swing Band.

But yes, the awesome thing about Glen Echo is there are so many dancers that if you want to ask someone to dance, you just do it, without feeling awkward. Everyone's usually very polite.


Arlington, Va.: Hey everyone. So my boyfriend and I have been spending a lot of time with family and other people. We would like to do something just the two of us this Saturday -- late afternoon/early evening. We are mid-thirties... eat out in all the great places we have here, but just looking for something a little different fun -- maybe outside. Any suggestions?

Julia: Picnic! My fave spot is on Ohio Drive right across from the FDR Memorial. Other ideas? David Byrne at Wolf Trap, National Harbor Food and Wine Fest (pricey), Dupont-Kalorama Museum Walk (this is low-key, but a cool way to see these oft-overlooked museums) and Capital Jazz Fest.


Informed consumer - advil: It's acetomeniphin (sp???) that's processed by your liver -- this includes Tylenol, Exederin, and Vicodin (hydrocodone) those are a big DON'T. Advil is okay for the liver, but you should take the advil AFTER you come home from drinking, not before you go out -- because as an NSAID it thins the blood. Unless this is that go for a long run and don't eat dinner trick -- but I'm not gonna hold anyone's hair back if they puke after that!

Fritz: Thanks, doc.


Dupont Proposal: A couple of suggestions:

The Spanish Steps, the meditation labyrinth behind the church on 18th and Church, the Kahlil Gibran memorial on Mass ave. Once walked past there on a beautiful evening, at dusk and saw fireflies and deer. It was as bucolic a scene as I've ever witnessed in D.C. There are other spots but I'm drawing a blank at the moment and also dreading that people will now make these not so hidden gems even less so.

Julia: I'm almost tempted to keep your ideas to myself...but what kind of guru would that make me?


Paris: If any GOGS have been to Paris, could you individually give me your one must see/eat/visit/ etc place?

Fritz: Funny, I'm actually sending some notes on Berlin bars to a reader who e-mailed me directly. Maybe I should just write a European guidebook. But Steph's been to Paris the most recently, so I'll let her answer.

Stephanie: I just went to Paris, although it was only for a quick weekend, unfortunately. But I would say you should make a point to: spend a day at the Louvre (obviously), check out the Kandinsky exhibition at the Beaubourg, eat crepes in Montparnasse and grab some macarons at Laduree (which I didn't get to do, alas! Guess I'll have to go back).


PS7: A few weeks ago a friend had a bday party at PS7. The bartender was amazing- truly earning all the rave reviews you guys have given her. At the end of the night I thanked her for her amazing cocktails and promised to return soon. The only problem is...I can't remember her name! Please help me out.

Fritz: I don't think Gina really needs any more PR, but she's featured in tomorrow's Weekend Section for a story on new options for summer cocktail, and we'll have a video in the Going Out Guide that features her whipping up her entry: a gin-based drink inspired by tom yum soup. Check back tomorrow for both.


Washington, D.C. : I tuned my Gibson Les Paul in drop D and discovered that this is what it sounds like....when doves cry.

David: Drop D -- making grunge possible for 20-some years.


Marriage Proposal - Dupont Circle: The Spanish Steps! A little out of the way, unexpected, quiet, romantic.

Fritz: I'd probably go for the Exorcist steps. Seems more appropriate to me.


Washington, D.C.: Gurus, although today is nasty, we have had some nice weekends and I really want to find a nice spot to take my girlfriend (and hopefully soon fiancee) for a picnic to "pop the question" and spend a nice afternoon. I was thinking Annapolis, but is there anywhere in D.C. that has a nice setting to put down a blanket and have a nice meal. Thanks for any ideas GOGs!!

Julia: Love is in the air! I'm partial to that Ohio Drive spot I mentioned above. There are also lovely picnics to be had near the intersection of Tilden and Beach Drive in the park. There's a bridge over that way (near Beach and Klingle) that's pretty much the ideal proposal spot.


Arlington, Va.: Hi Gurus - Looking to find a place for coffee and cake, preferably with a somewhat upscale atmosphere. The catch is, it needs to be in/near Rosslyn, and be open on a weekday afternoon. Any recommendations? Thanks!

Fritz: Right across the river, Leopold's Kafe is a cozy little Vienna-style coffee shop tucked into Georgetown's Cady's Alley. Opens at 8 a.m. daily.


Mike W. (Dupont): RE: Safety of H Street NE. I still think the safety question is valid given the eastern end of the street's proximity to the Trinidad neighborhood. Don't get me wrong, I was at Sticky Rice on Sunday, but the police did have to shut the neighborhood down last summer due to the number of homicides and run checkpoints. Just sayin'.

Fritz: That was last summer, though. People were killed during an attempted robbery in Adams Morgan just weeks ago, but you don't hear many people asking how safe it is.

And no, I don't live on H Street.


Washington, D.C.: As I sipped my warm beer and strummed my unplugged and tattered Gibson guitar, I looked out at the doves on the ledge and thought - tonight is a good night for Going Out!

David: Hey people who submitted an entry in the blog post comments section -- please resubmit your entry now in the chat, if you can. Some of you already have, but we want to get them all in one spot.


H St safety: GAH! So over the H St safety question. So 2 years ago.

More info on the shuttle -- it picks you up outside of Zenga on 7th, not on H.

Fritz: Ha! Really? Last time I nabbed it on H, along with a bunch of other people. Whoops.


Arlington, Va.: Proposals -- Iwo Jima memorial has some quiet spaces with awesome views of the monument. I didn't think it was that romantic, but I saw someone holding a wedding by the Netherlands Carillion there once.

Julia: Hmmm. Sometimes a view is all it takes, I guess.


Re: Livers, Advil, Hangovers (oh my!): Pretty much EVERY drug is processed by your liver, but if you have to take one, Advil is your best bet. While it isn't as dangerous as the other ones when mixed with alcohol, NSAIDs can cause erosion of the stomach lining and bleeding in the stomach when taken in excess, OR mixed with just plain corrosive things like alcohol...

I think the pedialyte is a smart plan -- developed for tots who are dehydrated, so its practically designed for hangovers!!

Fritz: Pedialyte: It's Not Just for Kids Anymore.


FROM THE FDA: People who regularly consume large quantities of alcohol (three or more drinks every day) have an increased risk of adverse effects (possible liver damage or gastrointestinal bleeding). OTC drug products containing internal analgesic/antipyretic active ingredients may cause similar adverse effects. FDA concludes that the labeling of OTC drug products containing internal analgesic/antipyretic active ingredients should advise consumers with a history of heavy alcohol use to consult a physician. Accordingly, any OTC drug product, labeled for adult use, containing any internal analgesic/antipyretic active ingredients (including, but not limited to, acetaminophen, aspirin, carbaspirin calcium, choline salicylate, ibuprofen. IT'S BOTH IBUPROFEN AND ACETEMETAPHIN.

Fritz: You know, you probably are hurting your liver anyway if you have three or more drinks every day, so what's a little NSAID going to matter?

(I kid, I kid. Kind of. Seriously: As a professional, I don't use Advil for hangovers, and neither should you.)


Proposal for Takoma Park: A friend of mine proposed to his now-wife at the Gandhi statute on Mass. Ave. between Dupont and Sheridan Circles. Worked for him. :-)

Julia: Nice.


Washington, D.C.: My boyfriend and I want to go to the jazz concert in the sculpture garden some Friday, but he has trouble making it into the city for the 5 o'clock start. Do people usually arive at 5 and stay through the end or would it be normal for us to roll in late? And more importantly, would we be able to find a spot to sit? Thanks.

Fritz: I never make it ANYWHERE by 5 p.m., so you wouldn't be the only ones rolling in late.

One of the fun things about Jazz in the Garden is that people come and go. You don't have to stay the whole time if you have dinner plans or a movie to get to. It's a fun drop-in diversion.


Paris: If you don't want to spend a whole day at the Louvre (and yes, you could spend a week there and not see half of it), try the Musee d'Orsay. Much more manageable.

Oh, and do a bateau-mouche ride. Yes it's kitschy and touristy, but it's also a lot of fun.

Finally, if you go to Montparnasse, don't go on a Sunday -- almost everything's closed. And bring cash, because a lot of restaurants don't take plastic, and then you might have to ask the one shopkeeper whose store is freakin' open on Sunday where the ATM is, except he won't know the term "ATM" so you spend fifteen minutes exhausting your French vocabulary trying to explain that it's a machine in the wall where you put in your bank card and it gives you money, and then your traveling companion tells you AFTER THAT that it's a "bancomat" in most of Europe.

Or maybe that's just me.

Stephanie: I went to Montparnasse for crepes on a Sunday morning, and there seemed to be a lot of restaurants open. Maybe it's just the shops that are closed...? And yes, The Musee d'Orsay is phenomenal.


SSMD: Dude, Neil Young totally did not play his Gibson SG on the Hawks & Doves album - only the Fender Deluxe that goes up to 12 (not 11).

(posted in the Blog)

David: Am I the only one who thinks eight discs of Neil Young rarities is a bit much to consume?


Washington, D.C.: Julia, regarding the proposal spot...P Street Beach? Hmm.

Julia: Fair enough. I guess that place has had a less than stellar rep in the past, but I run through the area and it's always been good to me. And pretty.


Rockville: Hey. My husband and I both have next Thursday and Friday off. I'd like to take a day trip to one of the beaches, but wonder which will be easiest? We'll need public parking and something easy given our one-year-old son. Thoughts? Thanks!

Fritz: Speaking as a non-parent, I think either Rehoboth or Bethany would be fine with a one-year-old. Bethany is less busy and touristy, and probably easier to park, but Rehoboth is popular and there's really more for the parents to enjoy.


Petworth: Propose on a paddle boat!

Or perhaps on Declaration Island.

(Yeah, that where I WANTED to be proposed to. The reality was less romantic. Still, we are married, and that's what matters.)

Julia: So true. So true.


Ballston Dude: Barry Gib's son, Michael, demonstrated his lack of grammar by stating 'I doves into the pool."

David: Clever ... I think?


ATM in French: Dispenseur d'argent. Just to save you some angst.

Stephanie: Thanks for the tip. And I was also just informed that it's Beaubourg (not The Beaubourg). My sincerest apologies for any confusion.


Sterling, Va.: With probable rain, any recommendations for a birthday happy hour tomorrow in D.C.? Thanks

Fritz: Looking for space, I take it? It really depends on the average age of the crowd and how loud you want to get. If it's closer to college age, I'd say My Brother's Place for 75-cent beers, starting at 4, or the Tonic at Quigley's in Foggy Bottom, which is less crowded now that school's out. Something classier? Science Club, the 51st State, maybe Clyde's in Gallery Place or Rocket Bar?


Philadelphia, Pa.: Mel Gibson's face paint kills two doves with one stone in Brave Heart: intimidation and beauty.

David: Um, sure...


Public Humiliation, USA: GURUS! Love the chats/blog/all of it. I'm sure this has been asked, but where is the best karaoke in town? I live in Vienna, usually go out in Arlington. Would be willing to go into D.C. but preferably would stay in Va. because let's face it, I can be lazy. Also, I'm going to the Nats/Mets game on Sunday -- any good recommendations for a brunch place with lots of mimosas that is stadium-accessible? Or at least not a total pain to get to? Thanks in advance!

Julia: My favorite karaoke place is Va. -- at Nick's Nightclub. It's a country-western bar, so most people sing classic rock or country. It's super fun. Here are some more options for your perusal. I've always been fond of Cafe Japone and the Friday night party at Recessions.

As for your second question, I'd go with Matchbox, if you can get in. Lola's if you can't! (Lola' good.)


H Street vs. Adams Morgan: FYI, I try to stay away from areas like Adams Morgan. I still remember when a bystander (who I believe was a big guy, and in the armed forces) got by-accidently hit by a punch, hit his head on the cement and died in AM a couple of years ago. It's got all the jerks of a Gtown frat party, but none of the class. A better reference point as far as safety would be Gallery Place.

Fritz: Yeah, but Gallery Place has more restaurant/movie/sports/retail foot traffic, whereas Adams Morgan, Dupont or H Street are primarily filled with people going to bars, who tend to be easy targets.

Actually, I think the better reference for "places you don't want to be walking around when you've been drinking" for me would be Columbia Heights. I've heard too many mugging horror stories from friends and bartenders -- more than Adams Morgan, probably.


Friendship Heights: Swing dancer here. I can attest to us rotating partners. I started dancing two years ago with no prior dance experience, and have never wanted for a partner. The vintage dresses might not hurt on that front, but seriously, you don't have to come with a date-I almost never do. Most of us are pretty friendly, and it's considered good form to switch it up. After all, we want to keep the pool of dancers large-and what better way to do so than to reel people in by being friendly?

Fritz: First-hand advice for the Boston ex-pat.


Falls Church, Va.: Did I read somewhere that the H Street Country Club is best visited (at least for shorter lines at the mini golf holes) earlier in the week? How long will I have to wait for the hype to die down a bit so that my friends and I can play mini golf without too much pressure from the people behind us?

Fritz: I made that point in my blog post yesterday, actually. I played before the White Rabbits show on Tuesday (between 8-9), and my date and I didn't have anyone breathing down our necks, even though we spent forever trying to putt into the damn Lincoln Memorial hole. (The course supervisor later told me he's never seen anyone get a hole-in-one there.)

On weekends, though, there have been waits. Since the course is open at 5 p.m. daily, I was told Sunday-Wednesday were the best nights to go.


D.C. Transplant: After a couple of Honey Doves at The Gibson I'll forget all about my ex taking that skank to the sold out gig at the 9:30 club instead of me.

Snarky sentences and exes aside, what are some interesting happenings for two people that have just met and are trying to suss out compatibility as friends or more? We're both highly educated, hyperliterate, introspective people, so probably not something super loud, but not too esoteric either. Art-o-matic? H St CC? Help!

Julia: I love your Gibson sentence.

H Street CC'll probably be too busy for you guys at the beginning. Artomatic's good. Talk-provoking. Maybe one of the smaller 14th Street galleries?


Washington, D.C.: Oh yeah, sure, maybe an African dove, but a European dove could not carry Tyrese Gibson, and that's my point.

David: Point taken.


Gibson and Doves: I live in Pennsylvania, so can't use the tickets. I just wanted to submit a sentence.

My grandfather's Gibson guitar has mother-of-pearl doves inlaid on the backside.

Julia: We admire your interest. (And I want that guitar.)


True fact!: Gibson, the world's largest dog, is no match for Petie, the world's first ultrasonic pigeon!

David: Right ... see, when the band Ultrasonic Pigeon comes through town, submit this one. But this won't help you win DOVES tickets.


Arlington: Hey 'Rus!

My boyfriend is a blues fan but NOT a jazz fan. I am at a loss to find the perfect, laid back, bluesey bar that we can get to easily either by car or metro. I just want a place to sit on a fluffy couch, drink delicious but not super expensive bevs, and chill out. Does such Nirvana exist?

Fritz: Not the couch part, really -- I like Bangkok Blues in Falls Church, which has great Sunday jams but feels like more of a restaurant; the divey Zoo Bar in Woodley Park; the old-school roadhouse feel of the Surf Club, and the more relaxed, taverny feel of the Old Bowie Town Grille. None have couches, but all have good blues and cold beer.


Washington, D.C.: Better than Pedialyte: Pedialyte ICE POPS. They are like the flavor ices of our childhood, with the bonus of being a nice little hangover cure.

Fritz: Anne says "Yuck," I say "Intriguing."


Re. MPD and bar fights: I just work in D.C., so I don't go out in Adams Morgan late at night. Do the police REALLY step in and deal with fights on the street? REALLY? I ask because on my walk to the office off K Street, the only time I see police officers outside their cars is when they're slobbering over their extensive lunches in a cafe while cars and pedestrians cut each other off.

Fritz: Depends on which Jumbo Slice line you're talking about, and if they're off dealing with muggers lurking on Euclid and Adams Mill, but yes, I've watched cops wade into brawls on 18th. There just aren't enough cops there to deal with the bleary-eyed idiots who want to be a tough guy.


Silver Spring, Md.: Hi GoG's!

I'm writing in today with a suggestion. I have Celiac disease, which is a genetic disorder that prevents me from being able to eat anything with "gluten" - found in wheat, rye, or barley.

As you might guess, this disorder makes going out to eat pretty tricky. I've managed to find some restaurants I like in the D.C. area that are friendly and accommodating to my condition, but going out to eat (and especially finding new places) is a constant challenge.

You may have noticed that "Gluten-Free" is a tag you're seeing more often these days. More and more people are getting diagnosed and/or choosing to live a life without gluten. I'm writing to suggest that Washington Post's City Guide create a tag for its restaurants that indicates if a restaurant has shown itself to be "gluten-free friendly." Obviously it's not a guarantee, but it would be a huge help for those of us who find picking out a new restaurant to be an emotionally exhausting task.

Thanks so much! Keep up the great work.

Julia: Thanks so much for the comment. We'll see if we can make it happen. (Got a very very very good friend with Celiac, so I know what you're going through.)


Washington, D.C.: Where can I go to find out about any festivals or fun and free events in D.C.? I want to explore the city but I am a student on a student's budget! Please help!

Anne: People watching their budgets, meet our Free and Cheap D.C. guide, and let the exploring begin. As for festivals, I'm really excited about Unifest this year. It's coming back from the very sad 2007 one with some cool new things, like a playground just for grownups wher you can play hopscotch, double dutch or do some hula hooping. The dance contest is always a hit, too.


Washington, D.C.: I am organizing a office happy hour today Thursday. I was going to Cantina Marina, but the rain spoiled this. My office is composed by a mix of college interns (meaning no vinoteca and similar) and older management (meaning no front page and similar). Where can I take a mixed bag like this?

Fritz: With a group like that, you need something to keep them entertained. I'd say the H Street Country Club or Rocket Bar might do the trick -- Skee-Ball and golf sound like great bonding opportunities.


re P Street Beach: DO NOT GO DOWN THE PATH. that path does have a "romantic" reputation, but probably not the sort you're looking for.

Most shocking trail run I have ever taken.

Julia: What time do you guys go through there? I run through there a lot and have never had a problem, so I sort of thought all the cruising was in the past. Anyway, since this is now the second avoid P Street Beach comment we've gotten, I take back my earlier suggestion to the proposer. Whether or not sketchiness persists, the engaged couple would have an awkward answer the "where did you get engaged" question. Apologies to all.


Arlington, Va.: As a former Hoya, it's worth mentioning that GU doesn't really have frats, so "Georgetown frat party" doesn't really make sense. "Georgetown house party" or "Georgetown party after the Hoyas beat Duke" are both perfectly acceptable, however.

Julia: Excellent point, Arlington. Excellent point.


David: Thank you for all of your submissions! Here are the winners (drumroll)....

First Place (2 tickets for show at 9:30 club, 2 invites for Gibson Pre-Party): DC Transplant: After a couple of Honey Doves at The Gibson I'll forget all about my ex taking that skank to the sold out gig at the 9:30 club instead of me.

Second Place (2 invites for Gibson Pre-Party): Washington, D.C.: Oh yeah, sure, maybe an African dove, but a European dove could not carry Tyrese Gibson, and that's my point.

hird Place (Doves catalogue on CD): Washington, D.C. : I tuned my Gibson Les Paul in drop D and discovered that this is what it sounds like....when doves cry.

Congrats to the winners! If you submitted one of the above, please e-mail events (at) and we will be in touch!


Washington, D.C.: Today is my b-day and I am bummed out about being 39 and single. Where can I go (besides the park tonight) to people watch at eye candy (preferably milk or dark chocolate)?

Fritz: First, happy birthday. I'd say the Park, though you know that's going to be a madhouse.

Zanzibar's "Networking" happy hour offers networking of both types, if you know what I mean, plus a dressy crowd and free snacks. Taz Wube, who throws great parties with Marc Barnes, is promoting a new event called Runway Thursdays at kstreet Lounge, and you can hit for free admission. (Haven't been, but his events are usually pretty well attended and have a good vibe.)

_______________________ That's all for today. Thanks for playing, and here's hoping you'll be free of nasty hangovers until we catch up with you next week.


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