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Amy Argetsinger and Roxanne Roberts
Washington Post Staff Writers
Wednesday, June 10, 2009; 12:00 PM

Washington Post columnists Amy Argetsinger and Roxanne Roberts were online Wednesday, June 10, at Noon ET to discuss your favorite gossip, recent celebrity sightings and their recent columns.

Today's Topics: Crazy trade-association dinners, from the raffish RAMMYs, to the big humanitarian prize for "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition." Hey, guess what, Adam Lambert's gay! The Obamas' European vacation (and who pays for this stuff anyway?). "The Real World: Dupont Circle" headed our way. The first dog takes a bite out of a visiting sports broadcaster -- bad Bo!


Amy Argetsinger: Good morning everyone! Looking forward to your questions. Also looking forward to Rox's arrival. It's always something, isn't it?


Already Out?: Is Adam's outing really a surprise? Any feeling the American Idol voter may have been swayed by subconscious homophobia?

Amy Argetsinger: I don't think it's a surprise to very many people. He had been living in L.A., out and on the scene, for eight years before he joined "Idol" -- he says in his interview that it's never been a secret, he just chose not to discuss it until he was off the show.

Adam was a real phenomenon. The fact that he did so well for so long on the show, and that no one seems shocked or scandalized by his coming out, suggests to me that this was a non-issue. If it had come down to him and Allison, I think Adam would have won; if it had come down to him and Danny, he may well have won. But you have to look at it this way -- when Danny was ousted, who were his fans more likely to throw their votes to? Makes sense that they'd go for another heartland evangelical, rather than a guylinered Hollywood guy. Plus, Kris is pretty adorable.


Poor Dupont: I lived in Chicago when they were filming the Real World there and all my friends in Wicker Park said the cast and crew were insufferable. It populated their neighborhood with not only the obnoxious RWers, but also with TV tourists, the most annoying tourists there are. If I lived in Dupont, I'd protest.

Amy Argetsinger: Interesting. I'll be curious to see how disruptive the filming is. I mean, seven obnoxious kids moving into Dupont Circle isn't exactly going to change quality-of-life; the difference is going to be all the cameras moving around them.

_______________________ Quoted: Adam Lambert


Baltimore, Md.: Okay, Adam's gay -- of course. But a crush on roommate Kris Allen! Love it! Quoted: Adam Lambert

Amy Argetsinger: Isn't that awesome? The entire Lambert interview is pretty great. He's an amusing guy, very professional, seems hugely at ease with his new fame.


McPherson Square, Washington, D.C.: Where can I stalk Paul Rudd this summer while he's in town filming a movie with Reese Witherspoon and Owen Wilson?

Amy Argetsinger: Good question. This movie will be filming here for 14 weeks, but exactly how long any of the main stars will be here is unclear. Owen has already shown up here and there around town. Rudd is a family man, so I suspect he'll mostly generate a lot of banal hotel-restaurant sightings, but who knows.


Woodbridge, Va.: Has either of you ever heard of Wendy Williams? She is getting a talk show -- I have no idea who she is, so why do I want to watch it?

Amy Argetsinger: She's one of the many broadcasting people I have a vague sense I'm supposed to be familiar with but am not really -- a radio personality, big in NYC, who is getting her on syndicated TV show. Apparently she is a completely distinct person from Wendy O. Williams, the former lead singer of the Plasmatics, now dead.


Anonymous: What's a "guyliner" as mentioned in your piece about Adam Lambert? Also, whenever anyone uses the initials "AI" to mean "American Idol," all I can think of is "Artificial Intelligence" which really isn't a bad description of the show!

Amy Argetsinger: Eyeliner on a guy. Lambert is an artist in this medium.


Arlington, Va.: I'm glad to hear that Sotomayor is doing well. However, why, oh why, did she wear ONE leg of pantyhose after her injury? I understand professional attire, but the combo of cast and hose is just awkward and confusing.

Roxanne Roberts: Some women just don't feel comfortable or feel it is unprofessional to go bare-legged, even in the summer. Maybe she's one of them. Personally, I give up hose after Memorial Day, even without a tan.


American Idol: Now we get Amy's breakdown -- after I lost money on the finals. Why didn't you write all that beforehand?

Amy Argetsinger: Why should I give away my gaming tips? They helped me win something like $300 in an American Idol pool last year. (Even though I mistakenly predicted an Archuleta win over Cook, I nonetheless did very well in predicting all the previous voted-outs.)... And you know, even though I was well aware of that dynamic, I was blindly convinced that Lambert was going to win. Just seemed like all the forces of history were converging in that direction.


Midlothian, Va.: I have a friend that was at Princeton's graduation and she said that Katie Couric's speech was a complete bust -- tasteless, awkward silences, no laughs at the jokes, etc. This gal was also at William and Mary the year Jon Stewart spoke and she raved about him, so it's not as though she has no sense of humor. Just wondering if you heard any scuttlebutt to this effect as well?

Roxanne Roberts: Haven't heard that, but will check it out. I will say it is not easy to give a good grad speech---everyone tries to surf that fine line between funny and inspirational. Hard to pull off.


WWDTM Fan: Hi Rox, when are next on Wait Wait? You're my favorite!

Roxanne Roberts: Thanks! I'll be on in two weeks.


Palin in comparison: Where was Gov. Palin spotted in D.C. during her recent visit?

Amy Argetsinger: You know, someone told us they saw her at a Starbucks on Pennsylvania Avenue, but it was too vague. That's about it, alas.


Fair Oaks, Va.: Will "Real World" be filming the same time as "Real Housewives of D.C."?

Amy Argetsinger: Don't think so. "Real World" seems about to get underway any minute now, while I think "Housewives" will probably be filmed in the fall. But don't, you know, quote me on that.


he says in his interview that it's never been a secret, he just chose not to discuss it until he was off the show. : I am the same way. I rarely mention my straightness, but I never meant for it to be a big secret.

Amy Argetsinger: I hate to tell you this, but it's totally obvious. Everyone knows.


K Street: After 3 straight days of traffic on Constitution I finally realized they were shooting a movie. Is Angelina back in town for Salt?

Amy Argetsinger: "Salt" is supposed to be back in town around now; and that Reese Witherspoon movie is getting underway... Wouldn't it be awesome if they all collide with each other and some "Real World" shooting?


re: hose: could have something to do with the shoes. I always wear hose with skirts or knee highs with pants because without hose, my shoes always hurt. Also, without hose, if you're bigger, there isn't as much separation in the legs and hose help with, um....chafing...

Roxanne Roberts: Okay, then. But it sounds hot, in the summer sense of the term.


More on Katie: She was in C'ville last weekend for her 25th reunion.

Roxanne Roberts: Were you there? Did she bring a date? Tell us more.


Dupont Circle: If this Real World thing were to go forward, how would you cover it from your column? Would they automatically become min-celebrities, so we would be reading about sightings of 21-year-olds named Kirby and Puck as they get drunk at Sign of the Whale and used lines about how serious they take living in the Real World house and how tough it is?

Amy Argetsinger: The problem with the "Real World" is that they naturally pick people who not only are not famous -- they're not even from here. I don't think the show's personalities themselves will be treated as celebrities during the shooting, at least not in this column -- if only because none of you, nor us, will know or care who they are. But to the extent that the shooting itself is creating any drama or chaos -- that's a story.


Wendy O. Williams is dead?: oh man, I feel old and sad

Amy Argetsinger: Sorry to tell you she died 11 years ago. Suicide. She was 48.


Adam Lambert?: I thought that was Prince on the cover! I am so old.

Roxanne Roberts: I blame the hair.

Amy Argetsinger: Don't you all think he looks like the young Kurt Russell playing Elvis in that late '70s made-for-TV movie? But I think we've already had this conversation before.


The Hangover: If we were casting this film with Washington figures, who would play the hunk, the timid dentist, the deranged bearded brother-in-law to be, and the missing groom?

Amy Argetsinger: Ha! Good question. You all tell us.


she is a completely distinct person from Wendy O. Williams: And also from Wendy W. Williams, who teaches law at Georgetown.

Amy Argetsinger: This is why God gave us middle initials.


Contrarian, USA: Re: "I mean, seven obnoxious kids moving into Dupont Circle isn't exactly going to change quality-of-life."

Isn't most of D.C.'s college-age, binge-drinking population already spending the weekend in the Dupont/Adams Morgan/Columbia Heights area anyway? It's stupid to assume the Real World people will be so extra-obnoxious that they'll stand out in a crowd.

Amy Argetsinger: That's sort of my point. It's amusing to see how people are already working up a head of steam about how much they're going to hate these people. Live and let live, I say, and wait to see if they're truly a problem.


W and M grad John Stewart's year: He was hands-down the best grad speaker EVER. That's all, keep up the good work ladies

Roxanne Roberts: Wait----what made it so good?


Washington, D.C.: Do the news events of the past year make you rethink the acting stylings of David Carradine in his classics -- like Kung Fu, Lone Wolf McQuade and Kill Bill?

Amy Argetsinger: Well, it's an unfortunate way to die, but shouldn't change the way anyone views his work.

It's a little unnerving, though, and I do wonder why celebrities can't die the old-fashioned way, having sex with their mistresses.


D.C.: Between the David Carradine death and its circumstances, and the story on what could have happened to Robert Wone in the Post story last week -- it's really been a tough couple weeks for weird kinky sex-related deaths.

Roxanne Roberts: Oh, pleeze: Is there anything more juicy than a sex-murder mystery? We couldn't stop talking about the Wone story, and now Carradine's ex-wives are weighing in on his sex life. Ratings gold.


Sheer pantyhose: are like the wigs that Orthodox women wear for modesty (not showing their own hair, but someone else's is perfectly okay). Sure the leg is technically covered, but ideally the hose are supposed to fade into the background, making the leg look nude. Only if someone was to touch your leg would the hose serve any purpose, but in that case looking professional would be the last of your worries.

Imagine the contortions that Sotomayor went through to wear hose on one leg. Even if she used a garter and stockings, that means she had some straps flapping around. Sheer insanity.

Roxanne Roberts: Anybody pro-pantyhose want to weigh in?


Adam Lambert is Gay?: Next thing you know, you're goint to tell me that Neil Patrick Harris and David Hyde Pierce are gay.

Roxanne Roberts: Honey, sit down.....


Washington, D.C.: Re: Wendy Williams I think I first heard of her for broadcasting a distasteful conversation she recorded with Whitney Houston years ago. Apparently Whitney called in to the radio program after hearing Wendy discuss the alleged drug abuse. It was a classic recording, the one where Whitney said she didn't use crack because "crack is whack." You guys remember that, don't you?!

Amy Argetsinger: Actually, Whitney used her classic "crack is whack" denial during an interview with Diane Sawyer. But thanks for bringing it up, because it's a treasured holiday family favorite, and a link to the You Tube clip is coming up.


the hunk, the timid dentist, the deranged bearded brother-in-law to be, and the missing groom?: Kevin Madden, Taylor Griffin, Mike Allen, and Jon Favreau -- in no particular order, of course.

Amy Argetsinger: Thank you. I'd watch that movie.


Cleveland Park, Washington, D.C.: Amy wrote: "Rudd is a family man, so I suspect he'll mostly generate a lot of banal hotel-restaurant sightings, but who knows."

Don't they all make it to the many museums at one point or another? I'd stake out the Smithsonian.

Also, Amy, how did you know of Wendy O. Willams and not know of Doug Sahm?

Amy Argetsinger: It doesn't make any sense, does it? Except that I came of age during the early years of MTV, where you saw a lot more Wendy O. Williams than Doug Sahm.


some women just don't feel comfortable or feel it is unprofessional to go bare-legged, : Some of us came of age in the Dress for Success era (late 70s - late 80s), and have never felt completely properly dressed for work in pants suits or without pantyhose. That said, I do wear pantsuits frequently, and still feel like a slob. The part that I can't figure out is how she can get around on crutches and shoes with any kind of heel. I just got done with foot surgery, and feel really bad for her. Being on crutches while having to get through a normal workday is tough enough -- I can't imagine how you traipse around Washington, trying to impress senators, while dressed that way.

Roxanne Roberts: She probably feels great, because she's getting so much extra credit for just showing up. Honestly, the guys probably won't notice or care about the hose. I wonder if any of the women senators said anything to her. Which makes me wonder: How many of them wear pantyhose in the summer?


10th and Penn: I just read the review of Little Richard at the Birchmere. Really wish I would have gone. Anybody call in tips in seeing him around? Just wondering where he would stay while playing Amexandria.

Amy Argetsinger: I thought the exact same thing. But the man is 76, maybe doesn't go out as much after work.


_______________________ Clip of Whitney Houston with Diane Sawyer (YouTube)


Carradine's ex-wives are weighing in on his sex life: ohhhhhhhhhh, office-safe links please!)btw, ask anyone in my office, I was the first to predict the auto-erotic route)

Amy Argetsinger: You're proud of this?


wait to see if they're truly a problem. : Camera crews in your neighborhood are, by definition, a problem.

Amy Argetsinger: Well, maybe it will be a subtle, discreet production... eh, never mind.


Sotomayor's pantyhose: Is there actually a person who believes that a woman of Sonia Sotomayor's age who is an federal appellate judge going to Capitol Hill to meet senators in conjunction with her nomination to the U.S. Supreme Court should NOT be wearing pantyhose, even on one leg?

That's pretty sad.

Roxanne Roberts: Now we're getting to the heart of the debate: No pantyhose----a professional dealbreaker? And in what professions?


Midlothian, Va.: Yes, it's me again. I'm an attorney and I would consider it extremely unprofessional to appear in any courtroom without hose, regardless of the weather. I can't imagine Sotomayor, a candidate for a seat on the highest court of all, meeting with senators barelegged. Perhaps she'd have been better off to switch from black to nude hose, it wouldn't have been as obvious. Given her schedule, though, perhaps there simply wasn't time to send someone out for a new pair!

Roxanne Roberts: I don't think there was any time.


Katie Couric's speech was a complete bust -- tasteless, awkward silences, no laughs at the jokes, etc.: Here's a link to it: My Speech To Princeton's Class of 2009 (The Huffington Post)

I read through it, and it did seem pretty stupid, forced, and tasteless. But I'm not, never have been, and never will be a Couric fan.

Roxanne Roberts: Check it out, people, and give us your verdict.


Some women just don't feel comfortable or feel it is unprofessional to go bare-legged, even in the summer.: And some don't have the option.

Roxanne Roberts: Your office has a pantyhose requirement?


The Hangover: Zack Galifianakis is Hax cartoonist Nick's younger brother, right? Did you read the NYT interview where he described what a terrible bully Nick was to him when they were kids growing up in NC?

Amy Argetsinger: Actually, I believe they're cousins. So it was a different fellow of whom Z. Galifianakis said, "My brother was torturous, I guess, but in a funny way. He used to say to me, 'I'm giving you a gag order,' then stuff his dirty underpants into my mouth. He used to drag me stark naked across the lawn, then hold me up by my ankles for the passing cars to see."


Stone's Throw, Dupont: I live two buildings away from the Real World house, and, when I went to pick up my dry cleaning, I noticed a van with extended antenna across the street from the mansion. As that put it in front of the building with the Princeton Review in it, I assumed someone was doing a talking head interview for TV News. Saw 3 touristy types taking photos of it and thought to myself "what rubes." Should I be expecting this kind of activity to increase?

Amy Argetsinger: Yes.


Wendy W. Williams: We used to refer to her as "Wendy O.," which was very funny by law student standards. She was stiff and nerdy (very nice) -- the last person to have even heard of the Plasmatics, let alone have one thing other than her name in common with the lead singer of a punk/new wave band.

Amy Argetsinger: You law students are a stitch.


Sotomay, Oregon: It is nice to see a respected media icon like The Washington Post endorse Supreme Court justices going commando. I guess she should wait until she is confirmed.

Roxanne Roberts: Now, now. I didn't say THAT---or your definition of commando is different than mine.


New York: On the bright side, there's a good chance David Carradine died happy. About how many people can it be said that he died doing what he loved?

Amy Argetsinger: Oh, stop it, you people.


Sarasota, Fla.: Silly post earlier. The "Real World" kids will not be getting drunk at Sign of the Whale. They're not like that at all! They'll be getting drunk at Big Hunt.

Amy Argetsinger: Well, actually, they'll be getting drunk at whatever bar agrees to allow filming. Looking into that.


Wait----what made it so good?: WM grad again -- Stewart was so good for a few reasons. 1. His speech was pretty short. 2. His speech was hilarious. 3. Half the audience had pursed lips and wasn't laughing, making it that much better for those fans of his who were so excited to be getting out of southern Virginia.

And for what it's worth, my brother's grad speaker two years before was Mr. Rogers and I never thought anything would top him.

Roxanne Roberts: So there were grads there who thought he was unfunny? Maybe there's always the group that love the speaker and the group that hates him/her?


D.C.: Why do people assume that just because WE only just found out Adam Lambert is gay, that HE only just found out himself? How old were you when you realized you were straight? For me, I'd say the first or second grade. Why would this be any different for gay people?

Amy Argetsinger: I don't think anyone's assuming that he just found out. Some people are mistakenly assuming that he's only now coming out for the first time -- he's been publicly gay all along, it sounds like, he just wasn't famous then. And like most Idol contestants, wasn't really giving a lot of interviews until the show was over.


Real Life/Real Housewife mashup: Too bad they are not filming at the same time because the cougar possibilities would make for good TV with both casts hanging out together in Georgetown somewhere...

Amy Argetsinger: Surely you can't be the first person to have thought of this -- surely this has crossed some producer's mind...


hose: without hose in the Summer, I'm FREEZING! cuz the AC in my office is artic! We're supposed to be saving money, but somehow still freezing the office and killing the athmosphere. (plus I'm right on the borderline, without hose, I need to shave the legs, with hose, I can 'pass'.)

Roxanne Roberts: One of the other reporters in Style lets me borrow her blanket in the summer. It's icy in here.


Washington: "I'd stake out the Smithsonian."

Now that would be some serious grunt work, wouldn't it? First, there is no one Smithsonian, but a handful of massive museums with throngs of visitors every day.

Could you imagine the reporting resources the Post would have to devote to staking out the museums? The Air and Space alone would probably require half the metro staff taking turns.

All that just to see Paul Rudd by some space ice cream? Definitely worth it!

Amy Argetsinger: I think the poster meant that not so literally...


Your office has a pantyhose requirement? : Yes, I work at a bank I'd rather not identify, but I will say I'm in Atlanta.

Roxanne Roberts: Very ladylike of them. I assume all the men have to wear ties with jackets, or it would not be fair.


Washington, D.C.: Does anyone really watch Real World anymore? That show is way past it's prime, I wouldn't be all that concerned if I lived in Dupont.

Amy Argetsinger: You're right. "Real Housewives" has more buzz, better ratings.


Pantyhose: I'm 40 and I used to wear pantyhose throughout the summer until a couple of years ago when I noticed bare legs were more "the norm." Ironically, that was about the same time I starting wearing Spanx full-time. So, my level of comfort is about the same...

Roxanne Roberts: Ha!


What is "Salt" About, Anyway?: Is it the sequel to "Milk?"

Amy Argetsinger: Hahaha. "Salt" is an espionage action-thriller...


Pantyhose : Hide a multitude of sins (pastey skin, need to shave, no tan, bad tan, splotchy tan, crusty heels, uneven skin tone, mesquito bite, poison ivy, cuts).

Roxanne Roberts: Poison ivy? Yikes? That must be so itchy under pantyhose. What are you doing on weekends?


Weird kinky sex-related deaths?: These guys really need a union and a new PR campaign. All you read about is deaths -- they need a new marketing strategy.

Amy Argetsinger: Truly, the BDSM community and the kinky lobby need to have an emergency meeting.


Food Network's Alton Brown: Is he in town? Could have sworn I saw him walking on Pennsylvania down by 21st. Started to yell at him out of my car window, but I'm just not that kind of girl.

Amy Argetsinger: Oh, probably. He's here a lot, isn't he? I have a hard time keeping track of all the Food Network stuff going on in town.


why celebrities can't die the old-fashioned way, having sex with their mistresses. : Re David Carradine, I propose the following philosophy of life: Don't do anything you wouldn't to be caught dead doing -- literally! -- especially if you're over 70.

Roxanne Roberts: That's why moms yell about wearing clean underwear.


Real World vs. Top Chefs: I haven't watched the former in years. If I wanted to watch a bunch of self absorbed, self-important, half in the tank, know nothings kvetch about things they barely understand, I'd watch C-SPAN. On the other hand, I thought Top Chef was/is in town? what has happened to them?

Amy Argetsinger: Does anyone else know? As stated, I have a hard time keeping up with food shows. I only just the other night discovered "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition." They showed a montage during the National Association of Broadcasters award ceremony with Paige Hemmis, and I was getting all weepy just watching the excerpts. Why don't I watch this all the time? Just to keep up a steady diet of pathos.


Re: Jon Stewart: Here's a link to a transcript of the address. You can see why it's funny. And also see what caused the pursed lips. Jon Stewart at William and Mary

Roxanne Roberts: Another one to compare.


Where was Gov. Palin spotted in D.C. during her recent visit? : Sure you didn't see Tina Fey?

Amy Argetsinger: Hey, anyone ever notice a resemblance?


Re: Pantyhose: Aussie lifeguards wear pantyhose in the water to prevent box jelly stings.

Cut a hole in crotch and pull over arms and head, slide second pair on over legs.

Used by sheilas and blokes.

Roxanne Roberts: Just picturing that made me crack up. But a question: Jelly fish can't sting through hose? It's pretty sheer.


I assume all the men have to wear ties with jackets, or it would not be fair. : I can't speak for other dudes, but I think I might actually prefer the pantyhose to the tie and jacket.

Amy Argetsinger: Hey, it's a free country -- give it a shot.


Arlington, Va.: I agree, the panty hose issue is a generation issue. I know plenty of people who would never consider not wearing panty hose. Oftentimes, those are the same people making up the dress code policies (or it is made up by a man who doesn't realize how uncomfortable pantyhose are to were, especially in the middle of summer). Having said that, I am an attorney and am completely comfortable with going without pantyhose in court.

Roxanne Roberts: Another opinion...


Advice?: I'm going to be a junior in college in the fall, and really love journalism -- writing for my college paper, though am concerned about whether there will be any reporter jobs in the future. The stuff you guys write about looks like a lot of fun and something I would love to do. Any small bits of advice you might be able to offer?

Amy Argetsinger: We decided to ask Marissa to answer this question since all of our answers involved doom and gloom, and buyouts, and blogs taking over the earth, and melting polar caps, and living out of our cars.

It turned out to be a good idea to ask Marissa:

"Hi, recent college grad Marissa here (class of '07). There will be reporter jobs, but not ones like Amy's and Roxanne's -- at least not straight out the gate. Make sure you have lots of clips, keep an online portfolio of your work and, good God, don't graduate college without knowing how to take a decent photo or a short video.

"Bottom line: Be flexible and OK with a foreseeable future of poverty and living in group houses, possibly with male housemates who are really great people but don't do lots of house cleaning."


Fairfax County, Va.: Me again. Can I just point out that comparing Katie Couric's "Class Day" address (where the speaker, usually more of a lightweight or entertainer, is invited by the students) to a graduation address, is like comparing the State of the Union speech to a White House Correspondents Dinner speech? The expectations of the audience and occasion are totally different.

This year the "baccalaureate speaker" at the Princeton chapel was General David Petraeus. The graduate day speaker, as usual, was the university president. I'd say Petraeus, was closer to the traditional commencement speaker, but even there it's different, since it's an ecumenical but religious service.

Amy Argetsinger: Thanks for weighing in.


Sotomayor's pantyhose: What, she couldn't have cut the hose leg off with enough left to stuff into the top of the cast and cover that thigh?

I hate hose, but like a previous poster if I have bad feet and if I don't wear them with certain shoes my feet just ache and I can barely walk. And they aren't high heels, either. And I've tried on so many pairs of shoes looking for some that are comfortable without hose, I know I've got the least painful pairs I can find. Unless I go to orthopedic shoes, which I think would be worse than wearing hose.

Roxanne Roberts: That does sound dire, although I'm surprised you haven't found a comfortable sling back or flat----still professional without hose.


Bethesda, Md.: I read an item today that Mike Tyson just got married, and it said it was for the third time. I could have sworn he was married three times already. There was Robin Givins, Michael Steele's sister, and I thought there was a third. Am I incorrect?

Amy Argetsinger: No, I'm not seeing another marriage -- sounds like this is indeed only his third.


What are you doing on weekends? : I'm out there baby, and I'm loving it!

Roxanne Roberts: Yay for you! Except for the poison ivy, of course. Then again, I had a huge reaction to a bee sting---which happened inside a store while I was shopping. Go figure.


New Title for Marissa: Can we call her the Sourcerers' Apprentice?

Amy Argetsinger: Oh, call her Marissa. Or Ms. Newhall. We'll be working for her soon enough anyway.


re: hose: Where does the generational divide end? I'm 30 and I wouldn't be caught dead at work without hose if I'm wearing a skirt.

Roxanne Roberts: And I'm much older and never wear hose in the summer. I think it has more to do with the office dress code than age.


Anonymous: "Aussie lifeguards wear pantyhose"F

Why don't they wear wetsuits?

Amy Argetsinger: Probably too hot to sit around in wetsuits. But maybe you should ask someone who knows something about this.


Re Sonia's hose: Ya wanna see dress-code attitudes? Check out Corporette

Some of their posters were railing a few weeks ago against Sandra Bullock's high ponytail when she was playing a hot-shot executive in her latest film ("The Proposal"), proclaiming it unprofessional!

Roxanne Roberts: For your enjoyment....


Letterman: Says Sarah Palin has that "slutty flight attendant look." Compliment or dis?

Amy Argetsinger: It's kind of a good look, though! She makes it work.


Amexandria: Yes, Amexandria -- the small neighborhood just west of Edgeboro, Va,, where you send your American Express payments. Very well known as the place where people would gets their wallets stolen as Karl Malden and a camera crew would look on.

Amy Argetsinger: Thank you for that.


David Carradine: I just don't get how he could tie up his wrists and then hang himself. Wouldn't he need help?

Roxanne Roberts: I'm thinking hooker, which mean the police have already scanned the hotel door and hall tapes for people coming and going.


Pantyhose vs. jacket and tie: If you are a skinny guy, go for it. You will quickly learn the misery of wearing a synthetic material on your legs in hot, sweaty weather. If you are a big guy, you'll learn the same thing, but everyone will be able to hear you coming as your legs rub together very loudly. You might also learn the joy of the double waistband, as your hose cut into your belly at a different level than your underwear.

Roxanne Roberts: Sounds like torture.


Amy Argetsinger: Let me just go on record to say that Letterman should not have said "slutty flight attendant." That crossed the line. It would have been amply funny -- and accurate! -- to say "sexy flight attendant."


Arlington, Va.: re: hose

I think it's tacky to go without hose. It looks unprofessional too. And no, I'm not someone's grandma -- I'm a 25- year-old.

Roxanne Roberts: Another opinion...


Alton Brown: Sat next to him in first class a few months back on and ATL to DCA flight -- was patient and charming with the ga-ga flight attendants, sweet to his daughter across the aisle with his wife. He drank Diet Coke with lime.

Amy Argetsinger: Nice to hear.


AB may be in town: because one of the contestants on the Next Food Network Star is from here.

Amy Argetsinger: That's right -- Teddy Folkman, right?


Speaking of The Hangover: You seen it? Really good?

Amy Argetsinger: No, but I really want to. Heard good things about it.


Now that would be some serious grunt work, wouldn't it? First, there is no one Smithsonian, but a handful of massive museums with throngs of visitors every day. : Look, we'll all get walkie talkies and station ourselves at different ones, okay?

Amy Argetsinger: We can totally do this. It will be well worth the effort for a two-sentence RS item. Do we have any volunteers?


Unprofessional ponytails: Thereby proving that the glass ceiling is being held in place by women fighting amongst themselves...

Amy Argetsinger: "Unprofessional ponytails" is one of those phrases I'm about to write down on that list where I store euphonious word combos that will be the name of my next album, or my memoirs.


Suit and Tie: Its 2009, you ladies have won equal rights and stuff, I'm totally lobbying HR for a dress code with hose unless I can ditch this suit and tie in the summer.

Amy Argetsinger: You just need to show up in hose one day and totally OWN IT.


Dupont/U Street: Wait, so where exactly is the Dupont Real World house? I live right between U Street and Dupont! Please tell me these people aren't going to be next door to me.

Amy Argetsinger: 2000 S Street, from the looks of it -- just east of Connecticut Avenue and north of the circle.


Sexy v. Slutty flight attendants: I would think there is a difference, and Mr Letterman is allowed his opinion -- so I don't know that we should be correcting him. And it was darn funny.

Amy Argetsinger: Free country, and he's free to say it; and other people are free to say, that was a little uncool. Speaking just for myself, as a woman, I wouldn't like being called slutty.


Brooklyn, N.Y.: Of all the talk about David Carradine's death, no one seems to bring up the one question I've been asking for decades ... were we really supposed to believe that this guy was Chinese?

I used to watch the show when I was a kid and just couldn't figure out why they kept calling him "Chinaman." It drove me crazy.

He looks about as Chinese as Jack Black did when he portrayed Jackie Chan in "Be Kind, Rewind"

Amy Argetsinger: It was a different era in Hollywood casting...


Washington, D.C.: 25-year-old lobbyist and former hill staffer here. I would never wear hose. Tights are one thing, and I frequently wear them in the winter, but hose look ridiculous, are constricting and sweat-inducing, and I still wonder what genius came up with the suntan color that makes your legs look approximately the color of the Oompa Loompas in Willy Wonka. No thanks.

Roxanne Roberts: And can we add that an orange fake bottle tan doesn't do any favors, either?


McPherson Square: Anyone know where I can get a decent burger?

Roxanne Roberts: Ask the president.


Alexandria, Va.: How sad are you that Creigh Deeds beat a Moran sibling and the life of the Clinton party, Terry McAuliffe? Really cannot be the best result for your column, can it?

Amy Argetsinger: Well, it's difficult. But I'm sure we'll find something entertaining about Creigh Deeds. Meanwhile, his GOP opponent is married to a former Redskinette, and that's good.


It will be well worth the effort for a two-sentence RS item. Do we have any volunteers? : How about some recent journalism graduates? You could probably go all the way back to the class of '03 and find willing volunteers.

Amy Argetsinger: Pesky kids still think they should get paid.


Your office has a pantyhose requirement? : Mine does too. I work for a law firm and we've got a 2 page document about what is and is not acceptable clothing for work. Hose must be warn if your skirt is above the knee.

Roxanne Roberts: Yet another reason why more women need to run more things.


the bright side, there's a good chance David Carradine died happy.: Really? You think people who so badly need to heighten their sex experience that they are willing to do something that might kill them, just for a bit of pleasure that will last only a minute, you think those people are happy?

Amy Argetsinger: Let's just have this be the last posting on this topic, if you don't mind.


I'm surprised you haven't found a comfortable slingback or flat: The sling backs are actually the worst ones. I don't know why. Maybe because I have to wear them too tight for the strap to stay on.

It's not even the height of the heel that matters so much. It's the flexibility of the sole (and a whole bunch of other factors, too). But they make soles too flexible these days. People think that's better for your feet, but it's not. I've had foot surgery, and my doctor told me a stiffer sole is better because then your foot stays in a better position for walking. Too flexible, and it bends too much in the wrong places.

I like flexible leather uppers, but stiff soles. Maybe I should just design some. I've had bunion surgery and suffer from other foot issues. I might be able to help fellow sufferers.

Roxanne Roberts: You could be the next....someone. Go for it. Everyone needs shoes.


Spanx Full Time...?: I'm trying to embrace this whole Spanx thing...but aren't they WAAaaay more uncomfortable (so hot and waistband rolls down causing major muffin top)than a good control top Panty Hose?

Roxanne Roberts: Spanx are more effective than most control tops. It's always a trade-off.


Washington, D.C.: Thank you, Amy, for taking at least some umbrage at Letterman calling Palin a slut. It's just sad that somebody can get away with that at this point in history. What a double standard we still have: Eliot Spitzer is making a comeback after being exposed as a long-time john, but Palin gets attacked as a slut and everyone just laughs, including other women.

Amy Argetsinger: It's hard to apply any consistent standards to comedy, since humor is supposed to be about subversion. I didn't have a bit of trouble with Wanda Sykes' "controversial" cracks about Rush Limbaugh -- the outrageousness seemed to be the point. But on a gut level, the "slutty" thing seemed like a bad call. Don't get me wrong, I'm not for making an issue of it or demanding an apology -- I hate how the cable-news channels work these things up into kerfuffels.


D.C.: George H.W. Bush will jump out of an airplane for his 85th birthday. How do you think you would end up spending your 85th birthday?

Roxanne Roberts: NOT jumping out of an airplane. Probably some combination of cats, dark chocolate and Las Vegas.


Letterman : Love Reliable Source but disagree with you on Letterman. Why should he have said "sexy" instead of "slutty"? I think it was dead on and clever -- not that I consider Gov. Palin slutty but the whole cartoonish persona/image she has is very funny. And so was Letterman's joke.

Amy Argetsinger: Like I said, it's a tricky thing, adjudicating comedy.

Maybe I'm a little sensitive because I see some really knee-jerk outta-nowhere misogynist comments in e-mails and the occasional chat comments we don't post...


Carradine: I was in New York over the weekend and could not decide which NY Post cover I preferred -- "Hung Fu" or "Chop Screwy."

Roxanne Roberts: The tab headlines are an unappreciated art form.


Anonymous: Did you hear about James Franco getting chased out of speaking at UCLA commencement? Apparently people balked because he was too young and too recent a graduate, and not serious enough. So they hire some alum who's the drummer for Linkin Park or something like that.

Amy Argetsinger: Just now seeing that story...

From NPR:

Actor James Franco, star of Milk and Pineapple Express, cited scheduling conflicts and withdrew from making the commencement speech at UCLA. Students at the school had waged a Facebook campaign against his selection.

His replacement? Linkin Park guitarist Brad Delson.

UCLA student Erin Moore, who started the Facebook campaign against Franco, says the main problem with the actor was that he only graduated from the school last year.

"James Franco was really one of our peers for several years, and so we feel very close to him and, you know, we feel we should have somebody who's had a bit more time to do something with their degree."

She says Delson, who graduated in 1999, would not be her first choice, but he has had 10 years away from UCLA and is still involved with the school.

"There are a few UCLA students who are disappointed at the replacement, but I would hope that everyone's just happy to graduate," she says.


Hosiery, Floor 4: I don't think it's generational per se. It's a divide between traditionalists and contemporaries. Of course until recently you had to wear hose. And of course anyone over the age of 15 has heard their mother or another adult woman state that it's unacceptable to go without.

But I'm a contemporary, and fashion changes, and I choose (along with the first lady) to go hoseless. And FWIW, I'm an engineer, so my workplace is quite conservative.

Roxanne Roberts: Cool. As


Re: Salt: I was driving around town over the weekend, and saw some plain yellow signs with the word SALT and an arrow. Thought it was weird at the time, but was this for the filming of the movie?

Amy Argetsinger: All makes sense now, doesn't it?


Probably too hot to sit around in wetsuits: Exactly. You can get heat stroke if you wear a wetsuit too long out of the water. That's why you'll see guys with their arms out of the top part, folded down around their waist.

My scuba instructor told me a story about an elder gentleman who took a class with him. He always tells the class not to put the wetsuit on until we're getting ready to get in the water, due to overheating issues. The elder gentleman was so excited about learning to dive, he put his suit on and drove to the dive site in July. He got overheated and had a heart attack and died.

Amy Argetsinger: Very educational.


Hose: Being forced to wear pantyhose in the summer is tantamount to cruel and unusual punishment, and thus a violation of every woman's constitutional rights.


Amy Argetsinger: "Being forced to wear pantyhose" sounds kinkier than "being required to."


Washington, D.C.: Which is the most exclusive club/bar to be seen at in D.C. these days -- L2 or Bourbon?

Amy Argetsinger: I don't know -- at which one are you more likely to find Kevin Madden, Taylor Griffin, Mike Allen and Jon Favreau, in no particular order?


Arlington, Va.: Any word on how Bret Michaels is doing these days? I keep reading conflicting reports on his near-death at the Tonys.

Amy Argetsinger: Can I just say? Not only did I never expect to see the sentence "Bret Michaels Injured at Tony Awards," I never expected to see the sentence "Bret Michaels [any verb here] at Tony Awards." Let's hope for his speedy recovery, though.


George H.W. Bush will jump out of an airplane: I thought the last time he promised Bar he wouldn't ever do it again. Liar!

Roxanne Roberts: I thought so, too. Maybe she relented, or maybe he's doing it anyway.


Dress Code: I'm sorta all or nothing. If we had a vote to allow jeans and flip flops at work I'd BE ALL OVER lobbying to pass it. But since we don't, I'd rather see people dress professionally rather than the bland 'business casual' which has none of the style available with real casual or professional, just laziness.

Roxanne Roberts: I think there's a middle ground, but we'll have to save that for another day.


You might also learn the joy of the double waistband, as your hose cut into your belly at a different level than your underwear.: Good lord, buy clothes that FIT YOU and you won't have all those problems! That isn't pantyhose' fault, but yours for denying you need bigger pantyhose!

Amy Argetsinger: I'm sorry I haven't been weighing in on this discussion, but I've enjoyed listening.


Northern Virginia: Another thing that was funny about Couric's speech at Princeton was that a huge bird (we think it was an owl) descended from the building roof above her just as she started to speak, nearly landed right in front of her, dropped something, and flew away. It was bizarre and she made the most of it, using her old morning-television skills to comment and exclaim.

Roxanne Roberts: That I would have liked to see.


dress-code attitudes? : Plus, there's Dress Code, what is written in your company handbook and enforced. Then there's professional dressing, which is more restrictive, not enforced, but much more important if you want to climb the corporate ladder. There's no rule saying you can't wear a ponytail, but if you want to be taking seriously, play with the big boys and be promoted, you don't.

Roxanne Roberts: Well, well. Who knew Sotomayor's fall would lead to all this?

Anyway, I'm pleased to say this chat has no Dress Code, although you are free to wear (or not wear) anything you please. In exchange, we ask for your tips and sightings at We'll be back next week, same times-----sans pantyhose.


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