The Reliable Source: Real Housewife of Washington, Watergate Auction, 'Real World,' Ron Paul, More

Amy Argetsinger and Roxanne Roberts
Washington Post Staff Writers
Wednesday, July 22, 2009; 12:00 PM

Washington Post columnists Amy Argetsinger and Roxanne Roberts were online Wednesday, July 22, at Noon ET to discuss your favorite gossip, recent celebrity sightings and their recent columns.

Recently in The Reliable Source: A Real Housewife of New York recommends becoming a Real Housewife of Washington, if you know what you're doing. When did the Watergate lose its coolness? "Real World" producer tells fans to delete their photos. Ron Paul fans, looking for love. The sad family feud surrounding a former White House press secretary. The ladies' broken-wing club of Capitol Hill.

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Roxanne Roberts: Morning, all! Or should it be afternoon? So, can we talk about something other than health care? Please? I'm in such a good mood and don't want to get all depressed.


Arlington, Va.: Ladies, This may be a question for Ms. Givhan, but you are far more accessible. Can we please stop the trend of using sunglasses as a headband? I understand when you go into a store to pick something up, but there are people at work who come in, put their sunglasses on their head and wear them like that all day. I just don't get it.

Roxanne Roberts: Two explanations:

1)They think it looks cool.

2)They forgot they were there.


1) None. Hopeless.

2) "Hey, did you realize you're still wearing your sunglasses?"


Washington, D.C.: Any updates on our resident actor-turned-federal worker, Kalpen Modi?

Amy Argetsinger: A reliable source reports seeing him sitting in a corner office at the Old Executive Office Building today, telling a story that was making his coworkers laugh uproariously. Tie, no jacket. So I guess he's fully on the job now.


RWers are fascists : So what would the RW producers have done if the picture takers had refused to delete the pictures? They're in public, anyone can take their picture. It makes me want to go after them and take pictures just to tick 'em off. 'Real World' Producer Ruins Glory's Day (Reliable Source, July 20)

Roxanne Roberts: I think rude Hollywood producers and their ilk should be ignored. Somebody needs to tell them they don't run the world. Jerks.


Anonymous: Roxanne: Whatever you do, DON"T get depressed -- your health insurance might not cover that !

Roxanne Roberts: I'm actually amazed how stress-free this summer has been. I think it is the gorgeous weather.


Potomac, Md.: I saw celebrity chef Tyler Florence at Dulles on Sunday night at United's baggage claim. His Twitter page mentions that he's here now and going on to NYC for the Today Show but that he can't talk about D.C. What's the big secret?

Amy Argetsinger: Who knows. Clearly he wants you to wonder. We had a couple sightings of him in town this week... I'll look those up for you, hang on...

Amy Argetsinger: He went to the Spy Museum with his son on Monday, then to Blue Duck Tavern for dinner with his son and dad that night.


Re : Ron Paul Singles: How important do you think it is to be politically similar to a potential mate? I know politics makes for strange bedfellows but it seems to me there's something to be said for a little political spice and difference of opinion in a relationship too. Ron Paul Fans Are Dating Themselves (Reliable Source, July 20)

Amy Argetsinger: I don't know. The whole opposites-attract thing is basically not true. Seems like a good idea in theory, but don't you agree that most couples you know tend to be like-minded in these things? There are always exceptions, and those people tend to make parties more interesting, but they're the exceptions.


Sarasota, Fla.: What's wrong with a dad in a good pair of dad jeans? Quoted: Barack Obama (Reliable Source, July 20)

Roxanne Roberts: Er, nothing. I'm with the president here: If he was strutting around in really tight jeans, I might be a little worried. Everyone needs one super-comfy pair of jeans to throw on at the beach, cabin, etc.


Hollywood Producers: We do so run the world. You're fired.

Roxanne Roberts: Pfffft.


Real World Photos: The producers (I think) don't want any staged shots. However once the producers leave, the RW cast members are normally pretty friendly and will gladly pose for a pic or two. Why people in a public place agreed to delete photos for the producers is beyond me. The cast is very friendly and polite, the bad news keeps coming from the production crew.

Roxanne Roberts: Typical.


District of Columbia: Fringe Festival is going on, any good shows and/or celebs performing?

Amy Argetsinger: I was delighted with "Pepe, the Mail Order Monkey: A Musical" -- but I understand tickets may be close to sold out if they're not already. That show was featuring cameos by the likes of Carla Hall and Captain 20.

I'm told that Delaney Williams, who many of you know and love as Sgt. Jay Landsman of "The Wire," is in Fringe's "4.48 Psychosis." Check your listings, though; I don't know which of these still have performances left to catch.


Give us more on Bethany Frankel: How skinny is she really? Did you see her rock? Although incredibly driven, she actually seems genuine on Real Housewives of NYC. A Typical 'Housewife'? Get Real . . . (Reliable Source, July 22)

Amy Argetsinger: She's tiny, but she's a healthy gym-body tiny. Looked great -- very put together. I didn't notice a ring -- but I did notice her gold-and-zirconia (I assume?) necklace spelling out "Skinnygirl" in cursive.


Washngton, D.C.: So Kumar starts months after everyone else, avoids the job application Web sites that leaves some former campaign workers still unemployed, gets a corner office, doesn't have to wear a tie, and spends his days telling jokes? Hey, good for him.

Amy Argetsinger: Hey, I'm not saying it was HIS corner office, just that he was seen in one, yukking it up with some colleagues. If you've never cracked a joke with colleagues in the office, then yes, please step forward with that first stone -- it's yours to cast.


Alexandria, Va.: Now that John McCain lost the lawsuit with Jackson Browne, concerning McCain's unauthorized use of Browne's song "Running on Empty," did anyone sue him for the unauthorized use of his singing of "Bomb, Bomb, Bomb Iran"? Obviously, McCain doesn't have any musical expertise.

Amy Argetsinger: Hahaha!


RFK Stadium: I was unclear from your item -- did the guy at the D.C. United game actually delete the photo of the Real World cast with the mascot? I cannot imagine an MTV producer has legal authority to force a photo to be deleted.

Amy Argetsinger: Yes, he did delete it. I'm sure the photo-taker could have made an issue of it -- and prevailed -- but he did not.


Merion Station, Pa.: The other morning, during our daily chat, my darling twin sister said "Don't you think Hillary Clinton had some work done while she was out of circulation?" Not three days before I had seen a recent photograph of her and I had said the same thing to myself! I don't think you can search Google picture by time frame, but you two can pull some recent file photos and take a look at her. What do you see? I see one very refreshed, youthful looking Secretary of State. Hillary Rodham Clinton in Phuket, southern Thailand, Wednesday, July 22, 2009 andHillary Rodham Clinton Shakes Hands With Thailand's Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva in Bangkok, Thailand, Tuesday, July 21, 2009 andHillary Rodham Clinton Speaks During a News Conference in Phuket, southern Thailand Wednesday, July 22, 2009.

Roxanne Roberts: Hmmm. Could be. Then again, she had some down time when she broke her elbow, so maybe she finally caught up on her sleep. Chatters?

Also, saw a picture of her today wearing a bright pumpkin-colored pantsuit. Not a good look. (And yes, if a man wore a bright pumpkin-colored pantsuit, I'd complain about it, too.)


Landover, Md.: If Levi Johnston were to star in a reality TV show or a movie -- would you watch?

Amy Argetsinger: The first episode, absolutely. Hey, I watched the first episode of "I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here" out of respect for the news value of Patti Blagojevich. The entertainment value was not there to keep me, though.


Twitter: I followed John Mayer for awhile but he was boring. Who in celeb land do you follow?

Amy Argetsinger: I don't follow anyone on Twitter.

Marissa follows a couple cast members on "The Office," Ashton Kutcher (though she says she just tracks him, not really reads him), and Mo Rocco ("does he count as a celebrity?" she asks). Also: Diddy. Apparently, he's the best.


D.C.: After reading the Post yesterday trying to sort out who is the most trusted person in America now, me and some friends were trying to figure out who it might be. Of course, the obvious answers are Roxanne and Amy. But who would you say? Whom Can We Trust Now? (Post, July 21)

Amy Argetsinger: I would say Marissa Newhall. I entrust her with my computer passwords. And I entrust her to follow Twitter celebrities for me.


Amy Argetsinger: Nah, just kidding. The most trusted person in America is Dennis Haysbert, aka President David Palmer, aka the guy on the Allstate commercials.


Hollywood, Fla.: I hope you realize all this chatter about the Real World is just free publicity for their very tired and who-cares-anyway "product". Perhaps if we pretend not to notice them, they will go away...

Amy Argetsinger: What I find amazing is how people who haven't watched the show in years are now either stalking the production like mad or are all up in arms about how terrible it is that they're here, or both.


Hudson Valley: Got to weigh-in on the Obama jeans thing. From all the coverage you would expect that he was in some elastic waistband, cotton bellbottoms or other bad taste variety. From what I see of the picture, he looks totally appropriate and fine. His throwing ability on the other hand needs some work.

Roxanne Roberts: That's what Amy says, too. The sin seems to be that they were baggy and washed out. Truth is, the president looks so elegant in suits and formal wear that he seems geeky in most casual clothes.


Attracted Opposites from NOVA: I am an Obama-loving lefty living with a Fox-News-watching Republican. It is actually easier. Rather than fight about sex and money like everybody else, we can fight about politics.

Amy Argetsinger: Hmmm. Okay! Sounds good.


Washington, D.C. : With all these fractures and broken bones, I'm getting a little worried that our women in power aren't getting enough calcium.

Amy Argetsinger: I'm wondering if we should put it in the water system, like fluoride.


D.C.: The papers and cable news were talking all last week about Franken showing the slightest bit of a sense of humor at the Sotomayor hearings. But then if you listen to him -- he really said nothing funny at all. Are we going to be forced to hear people debate how hilarious every time he says something that is not totally scripted?

Amy Argetsinger: Yes. I'm afraid so.

It's a weird phenomenon. You'd think the humor bar would be higher for Franken, as a professional comic -- like, while we smile for the banal situational humor when it's coming from any other senator, if he made the same lame half-joke, we should be disappointed. Instead, it seems to be the opposite effect -- people are SO primed and so eager to hear something funny from him that they're going to guffaw at his mildest bit of banter.


Dupont Circle, Washington, D.C.: Hey Rox, excellent work on digging up that Ron Paul dating site! My boyfriend is a big RP fan and I was so hesitant to send him your piece because, well, I didn't want to be left for a libertarian. But good news! He enjoyed the article and has no immediate plans for searching for libertarian ladies. He's happy with his dem for now. Meanwhile, I'm looking forward to more hockey player sittings now that I live near Russia House... Ron Paul Fans Are Dating Themselves (Reliable Source, July 20)

Roxanne Roberts: Thanks, but I can't take credit: "Wait, Wait" and our colleague Mary Ann Akers both found it first. Sounds fun, but makes me wonder how they decide who pays for what on a date. If you've ever spent a lot of time around Libertarians, you know they can be exhausting when it comes to economics. And I say that with love.


Dupont Circle: Has anyone been to the new W bar yet? Worth the wait?

Roxanne Roberts: Not yet, but for those who remember the Hotel Washington: Same fabulous views, probably more expensive drinks.


Obama's jeans: I definitely did a double-take when I saw the picture of Obama throwing out the first pitch. Those jeans are terrible and definitely too short. But who cares! I look terrible half the time I'm at work and Obama, on the other hand, looks quite nice in his suits.

Amy Argetsinger: It's such a ridiculous discussion. I mean, really -- were those jeans any less cool than the jeans George Bush or Bill Clinton wore in office? No, of course not. They're the same suburban-dad jeans. Honestly, why do we expect this man to be wearing anything different? He's a middle-aged dad who works for the government.

It's comparable to the minor buzz when Michelle Obama wore a couple of recognizable dresses for the second time... which is something that, you know, everyone in the world does. But somehow our culture has put her into the red-carpet category, half-expecting her to return her loaner dress to the designer after a single wearing like Kate Hudson.


Attracted Opposites from NOVA: I worry my bf is going to leave me for a RonPaulsingle. He must get tired of talking at me.

Amy Argetsinger: This should make you feel better: There are currently three times as many men on Ron Paul Singles than there are women.


Doorman: The Watergate auction is for the entire complex isn't it? Are they planning an auction of like old out of date furniture and stuff because that might be cool or did they have that already? I know some places call in liquidators for that kind of thing when they sell a place and new owners plan to renovate.

Roxanne Roberts: Just the hotel. And they got rid of the stuff---glasses, china, furniture---at a public sale two years ago.


Dennis Haysbert: My trust level is compromised by memories of him as Pedro Cerrano, the voodoo-practicing outfielder in Major League. On the other hand, maybe he was just way more honest about his voodoo leanings than other leaders.

Amy Argetsinger: His voodoo practicing didn't prevent the nation from electing him president -- though clearly he got a useful assist from Kiefer Sutherland.


Shelton, Wash.: Now I'm depressed: that question about who is the most trusted person in America -- yikes! I don't trust any of the usual people, certainly nobody in government, or business, or academics. That's bad, isn't it?

Roxanne Roberts: Or maybe not. I trusted the bankers and SEC---and lost a huge chuck of change. Maybe it's back to Reagan's "Trust, but verify."


Our president's jeans: Did you expect him to wear some skinny emo jeans like an 18-year-old drama major? He's 48! He came of age when men wore loose jeans, that is the standard by which I judge him.

Roxanne Roberts: Very mature of you.


D.C. outsider: Any thoughts on that former secret service agent's claim in a new book that Jenna Bush wasted a lot of the agency's time with immature antics? It boils my blood that the father let her behave like a spoiled brat and endanger national security. I mean, imagine if she got kidnapped or hurt while playing these stupid little games. It really makes me angry at the stupidity of it all.

Amy Argetsinger: Voters? I mean, chatters?

Link to follow on this. I don't know, I mean, I guess it all depends on whether you're inclined to loathe the Bushes or inclined to like the Bushes or, like me, just interested in interesting stories. Stories about the Bush twins shirking their Secret Service guys have circulated for a long time -- I remember one about the agents following one of them losing the car because she was traveling with friends who had EZ Pass, and they didn't. Never occurred to me that this was "endangering national security," though.

Link to follow...


re : bright orange pant suit: Nice going now I'll need to shop for a new suit. Why can't you just stick to gossip and leave us fashion forward guys alone ?

Roxanne Roberts: Because---unless you're a clown or a pimp---you have no business wearing a bright orange suit. You'll thank me someday.

_______________________ Jenna and Barbara Gave Secret Service Fits (New York Post)

_______________________ Hillary Clinton in India


If Levi Johnston were to star in a reality TV show or a movie : What would the theme be? "Chaotic" has already been done. Chatters?

Amy Argetsinger: Does Levi need a theme? I think the only selling point you'd need is: Levi.


Hillary and "work": you know, I thought that too when I saw pictures yesterday in the New York Times of her in India -- but I just looked at the pictures you posted and the third one sure makes it look like the answer is "no."

I am convinced that she had work done after she left the White House, before she ran for senator, however. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Roxanne Roberts: That was a decade ago. These things wear off.


Sarah Palin on the move: If she is no longer required to live in Alaska after 7/31, do you think she will will rent/buy a property in Washington to be closer to the seat of political power? Maybe some place near the Tidal Basin so the First Dude could keep up his fishing skills?

Amy Argetsinger: That would be so beyond awesome. I think she won't, though. It's hard to call yourself an outsider when you have a condo in D.C.


Humor on the Hill: Al Franken will never be funnier than Bob Dole.

Roxanne Roberts: Alan Simpson was pretty funny.


maybe he was just way more honest about his voodoo leanings than other leaders.: Or their membership in the Fellowship (or whatever it's called) in that house on C St.

Amy Argetsinger: hahaha. Just so we don't confuse people, President David Palmer was never a member of C Street.


Arlington, Va.: So Joe Jackson claims Michael's doctor was behind his son's death, and now the doctor's office in Houston is raided. And I had thought the Stephen Baldwin bankruptcy was going to be the biggest celebrity news of the week.

Amy Argetsinger: Stephen Baldwin -- such a shocker. You know, you think you go on "I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here!" and that everything's going to work out in your life after that...


If you've ever spent a lot of time around Libertarians, you know they can be exhausting when it comes to economics: Ohmygosh, this is true! My libertarian boyfriend just does not let these things go. He is obsessed with arguing about libertarian economics, but I wonder if it counts as an argument if I don't care.

Roxanne Roberts: He's lucky that you don't bop him on the head more often. My idea: Give him a time limit to rant, then set an alarm and kiss him when it goes off.


Watergate: Any idea what Monica Lewinsky is doing these days?

Amy Argetsinger: Sadly, no word on her since she got a graduate degree from the London School of Economics. But that's been about two and a half years now. She's doing a good job at laying low.


One more comment on the jeans? : I honestly thought Obama's jeans were loose because he had some sort of bullet-proof thing going on, I mean, his jacket was all zipped up, you know he had on a bullet-proof vest, so maybe he had on bullet-proof long johns?

Amy Argetsinger: I think they're just ordinary non-cool jeans. Sorry.


He can't talk about D.C.: He's looking for restaurant space, but doesn't want property owners to jack the price up when they know it's him

Roxanne Roberts: That makes sense.


RE: Very mature of you. : Are you calling me OLD? (lol) I do NOT wear Mom jeans... (but is anyone really aware of their own Momjeanness? The essence of momjeanness is the wearer 'thinks' they're being cool by wearing jeans.)

Amy Argetsinger: This is the tautology of jeans.


Laurel, Md.: So what are the odds we have dueling reality TV shows of Jon and Kate as they share custody of their eight?

Amy Argetsinger: I'm afraid the odds are probably high.


Presidential fashion: JFK was decidedly preppy. Reagan dressed like a SoCal businessman. Obama is a middle-aged Midwestern guy, and likes his old jeans. At least it wasn't baggy shorts. Didn't Bush appear in Crocs at the ranch one time?

Amy Argetsinger: He did indeed.


you have no business wearing a bright orange suit.: I have a dusty pale pumpkin suit I've gotten compliments on (but were those people Mom-jean wearers...?)

Roxanne Roberts: Pale pumpkin is a different matter. Iffy, but might work in the summer.


Levi: Maybe Levi's show can be him critiquing the jeans of famous people...he does have the name for it....

Levi's Jeans....

Amy Argetsinger: Two great ideas, combined in one. You are a genius. I would absolutely watch every second of the first half-hour episode.


Most Trusted Man: I'm with Amy, but have never actually watched Dennis Haysbert in 24. But I cannot imagine not trusting him after his performance in "Love Field."

Amy Argetsinger: The guy is totally presidential even when he's not playing a president.


Anonymous: "she just tracks him, not really reads him"

What is that, like cyber-stalking?

Amy Argetsinger: It means she follows him on Twitter, so she's aware of his tweets popping up, but she typically doesn't have enough interest to plow all the way through his entire 140 characters.


Ron Paul daters: So is this dating service basically like Date Lab, but over gun rights and repealing the IRS?

Roxanne Roberts: Basically. "Likes long walks on privately-owned beaches, drinks in front of my non-regulated fireplace, and playing Anti-Monopoly." Hot.

_______________________ Whom Can We Trust Now? (Post, July 21)


Ron Paul, dating: What other boutique political interests can we think of to set up dating sites around? I'm stumped, as mine seem too large: pro-choice, pro-GHG reduction? Umm... hybrid car drivers?

Amy Argetsinger: This is a good question. Let's see.... Drug legalization? Return to the gold standard? Animal rights? Gun owning? All such great material for pillow talk...


The guy is totally presidential even when he's not playing a president. : What about that movie where he has an affair with Julianne Moore when Dennis Quaid is her gay husband?

Amy Argetsinger: Yes, he was totally presidential in that too. Though I think he played a gardener.


D.C.: Stephen Baldwin is bankrupt? How is that possible -- I would have thought he had all that money rolling in from Threesome and The Young Riders DVD. He's the one that loves Jesus and John McCain, right?

Amy Argetsinger: Exactly! He's had a 20-year career in movies, though most of it was more than 17-years ago. And he's not even the most troubled Baldwin!


entire 140 characters. : right, who's got time to read 140 characters! That already took 48!

Amy Argetsinger: You were counting?


My idea: Give him a time limit to rant, then set an alarm and kiss him when it goes off. : Excellent idea. Although unfortunately he's astute enough to notice my eyes glazing over before he's finished. So now he often makes fun of himself, or me for being bored, before I can initiate the kiss. I should try that earlier now!

Roxanne Roberts: A Libertarian with a sense of humor? OMG! A keeper!


Obama Jeans: Even as a Republican, this jeans story is a non-issue. If he had rolled out there in a pair of Seven Jeans or True Religion we would see 9,000 stories from the right about how Obama isn't the every man he claims because he wore expensive jeans. It would be like Dijongate all over again. We don't need that, it was too annoying and stupid the first time.

Amy Argetsinger: Exactly.... What I'm not sure of, though, is who was even making an issue of it. You just suddenly saw stories about "the controversy over the president's jeans." I don't know where exactly the criticism was coming from -- probably, like, two bloggers, and then everyone decided to make a story about it to fill the summer lull.


Reston, Va.: "Ron Paul Fans Are Dating Themselves"

They are dating each other, or are indicating how old they are?

Amy Argetsinger: Hey, we don't write the headlines.


re: you have no business wearing a bright orange suit: Funny, there was a guy wearing a bright orange polo shirt at a hearing I attended yesterday. At first glance I thought he was an inmate!

Roxanne Roberts: See? Now do you believe me?


Reagan dressed like a SoCal businessman: I still remember how the media made fun of Reagan for wearing a brown suit. My image of his is that bad shoe polish dye job. He did NOT dress like a SoCal businessman, he dressed like a used car salesman.

Amy Argetsinger: Forgot about the brown suit.


Silver Spring, Md.: Al Franken wrote in one of his books that Bob Dole was (to his surprise) the funniest guy on the Hill.

Amy Argetsinger: Forgot about that too. I believe it.


Presidential fashion: Let's not forget Bill Clinton's running shorts.

Amy Argetsinger: Let's not remember.


Presidential fashion: Let's not forget Jimmy Carter's cardigans.

Amy Argetsinger: President David Palmer would not be caught dead in a cardigan.


Brooklyn, N.Y.: With all these reality TV shows, do you think eventually there will be more non celebrities than celebrities in this country? Will the unknowns be the ones hounded by the paparazzi? Will everybody be striving for their 15 minutes of anonymity? Someday I hope to be famous for being unknown.

Amy Argetsinger: You're confusing me. I think non-celebrities still outnumber celebrities, but I haven't checked the census data lately.


President Palmer: Its the voice. Playing a gardener or a president, he sounds trustworthy.

Amy Argetsinger: He's got the full gravitas package.


Dr Green! Goose!: Anthony Edwards was here two weeks ago for an international development conference. He walked past my organization's booth and we flagged him down for pictures (which he gracefully, albeit not enthusiastically, permitted). I was soo excited and went to your column hoping to see the news, but nothing. I'm sorry I didn't have time to e-mail you -- I was working. But still, I was excited -- a real live celebrity! Yippee!

Amy Argetsinger: You know why he wasn't in the column? Because of a weak link in the news-gathering system: YOU. Next time, send it to Don't assume that someone else is going to shoulder the responsibility.


Monica at the Watergate: That mention of her writing each resident a note apologizing for the disruption her time in the building caused reinforced something that I already believed -- that she's actually a well-brought up and thoughtful young woman who let herself get into an inappropriate situation with a charming powerful man. Your thoughts?

Roxanne Roberts: Well-brought up? Maybe. Thoughtful? Probably in the sense she wished no harm of others, but not so self-aware to realize that she was in WAY over her head and this was headed for disaster. Hey, she was young and in love.


Bad shoe polish dye job: Ack! Reagan should have gone gray gracefully like Richard Gere.

Roxanne Roberts: You're right about that.


Dating Ron Paul: Whenever I see Ron Paul's name, I think of RuPaul. Imagine a dating website for followers of RuPaul.

Roxanne Roberts: They'd always be stealing from each other's closets.


Anonymous: "There are currently three times as many men on Ron Paul Singles than there are women."

That's pretty much the ratio at any dating site/bar.

Roxanne Roberts: More proof that life is not fair.


RP Dating: Actually, giving credit where credit is due, Wonkette had it weeks and weeks ago (and posted hilariously about it), so maybe Akers saw it there?

Amy Argetsinger: What do you know, they did have something on the 8th. Just googled my way there. I think Mary Ann saw something in Roll Call, which she cited... She, however, got Ron Paul to talk about it.

(At the end of the day, we're talking about a business with a public web site that is actively seeking attention, so the who-had-it-first debate is a little pointless... I'm sure there are many others who've blogged or written about this before or since, so no disrespect to anyone else.)


Anonymous: Any word if Sasha has been trying to ditch her Secret Service detail and pedal off on her bicycle for some downtime like Jenna is accused of doing?

Amy Argetsinger: Hahaha! Just give her time...


Orange Sui, TS: I graduated from Princeton. There are a surprising number of men wearing orange suits at graduation. Of course, it's semi-ironically. One of my friends said he got his on sale at Ralph Lauren and all the salespeople gave him really funny looks.

Roxanne Roberts: On graduation day at Princeton, you get a pass. But still....imagine the pictures 30 years later.


Amy Argetsinger: Breaking news: reports that the Taco Bell Chihuahua has died. Gidget was 15. "She made so many people happy," her trainer told People.


Sarasota, Fla.: I've seen Emmitt Smith in an orange suit, but he's a Florida Gator. Orange and blue. Yes, his shirt and tie were blue.

Roxanne Roberts: Doesn't count if he was at a game.


The new Most Trusted Man in America?: Jim Lehrer! Bonus: His uncle is the legendary satirical singer Tom Lehrer!

Amy Argetsinger: I'm going out on a limb and saying this is not true -- not that Jim Lehrer ISN'T the most trusted man in America, but that Tom Lehrer is not his uncle.


Anthony Edwards was here...hoping to see the news, but nothing: Further complicated by the fact that ... oh he's a has-been! WHO was in town? A guy who died 10 years ago?

Amy Argetsinger: Hey, be nice to your fellow chatter. She was excited to see him. He was on a hit show for a decade. And we've given sentences to more obscure people.


Anonymous: "He's got the full gravitas package."

is that a new euphemism? I like it.

Roxanne Roberts: I love it. Sounds dirty and dignified, all at the same time. I think it should be added to the Ron Paul dating site.

Honestly, we can't top that today, so this is a good time to sign off. Send us your dating tips and sightings to Stay cool---and take those sunglasses off your head, okay?


Anonymous: You eat orange. You don't wear orange

Roxanne Roberts: Except on Halloween.


W bar: Been there, done that. Now you have to wait downstairs behind the velvet rope to be escorted up in the elevator. Populated with the "beautiful" people. Drinks and food expensive. Weird reservation system (we made a res for 10, they saved us seating for 6 and space for 10). When VIPs were about to show up, the managers shooed everyone out of the prime viewing spot, erected another velvet rope and basically crowded into our "reserved" space. The view is still spectacular.

Roxanne Roberts: Velvet ropes are so...snotty. Really, someone needs to come up with something more discreet.


Amy Argetsinger: Okay, we're really done now. Thanks!


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