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Robert O'Harrow Jr. and Jeff Leen
Washington Post Staff Writer and Assistant Managing Editor, Investigations
Tuesday, August 7, 2012; 12:00 PM

"You been sleepin?" George Raymond wrote to Catherine Campbell in September 2005.

"I slept some," she wrote back. "Just got out of the shower."

"Oh boy," he wrote.

Theirs was a cozy relationship, and they worked in a world where such cozy relationships are officially frowned upon. Raymond, now 61, was the director of a technology program for the U.S. Army, and Campbell, now 47, was a favored contractor. As they grew close, the lines between their public duties and private lives blurred, drawing them into a morass of ethical and legal allegations surrounding government contracts worth up to $191 million.

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Washington Post staff writer Robert O'Harrow Jr. and Jeff Leen, Post Assistant Manager for Investigations, will be online Friday, Aug. 7, at Noon ET to discuss the government's $532 billion procurement system and how oversight and conflicts of interest led to allegations of collusion and impropriety.



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