The Reliable Source: Sarah Palin's Wardrobe, Jennifer Hudson's Son, Stevie Wonder

Amy Argetsinger and Roxanne Roberts
Washington Post Staff Writers
Wednesday, August 12, 2009; 12:00 PM

Washington Post columnists Amy Argetsinger and Roxanne Roberts were online Wednesday, Aug. 12, at Noon ET to discuss your favorite gossip, recent celebrity sightings and their recent columns.

In today's Reliable Source: Sarah Palin's wardrobe mystery continues, Jennifer Hudson welcomes a son, Stevie Wonder in Wheaton, and more.

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Amy Argetsinger: Hello everyone! The blurb above doesn't give a full sense of what's been going on this week. We also had the Swiss/Dutch blogger who's protesting that he doesn't have a vote in D.C.... Obama's sister and her family moving to town... And, most tantalizingly: Is Chelsea getting married this month? Everyone strongly denies it -- and the may be telling the truth! -- but the odds still look better than Kate Gosselin moving to Rockville. (link to follow)


Quezon City, Philippines: Is Bobby Van's Steakhouse a high-class restaurant? How would you describe it? What are it's usual clientele? Heartburn Over Two Big Meals (Reliable Source, Aug. 12)

Amy Argetsinger: It's a high-end place. Not cheap. Draws a lot of lawyers, lobbyists, politicians, Capitol Hill types. They actually have two locations in D.C. now.

_______________________ All in a Knot Over Chelsea's Plans (Reliable Source, Aug. 4)


Palin's Wardrobe: Thanks for keeping your eye on this story, ladies! It's frustrating that the RNC continues to act like they don't owe anyone an answer, but hardly surprising. Fate of Palin's Wardrobe Is Unknown (Reliable Source, Aug. 12)

Amy Argetsinger: Glad you enjoyed!

(Oh, and, by the way, anything you saw in the column in the past three days is all Rox -- I've been on vacation.)


Amy Argetsinger: Oh, and if you haven't had a chance to read/enjoy/loathe/dispute my story on celebrities whose fame has increasingly little connection to the field for which their supposedly famous, links should be out soon.


MJ's kids: So now that Katherine has been given custody of the three kids, does this mean that if she is somehow incapacitated, Debbie Rowe cannot then come back and challenge, say, Janet, for custody? Is she out of the picture for good?

Amy Argetsinger: Before this went to court, Debbie Rowe and Katherine Jackson worked out an agreement under which Rowe agreed not to challenge Jackson on custody, with the stipulation that she get to have visits with the kids. That suggests she's not interested in taking this further, though I suppose there's also nothing to stop anyone from reopening this again. I suppose. I don't know enough about the law.


Des Moines, Iowa: Regarding the flap over Sarah Palin's clothes, it is great to see that she did pack them up and ship them to the RNC. It is also great that you gave her credit for doing so. Now I wonder why it is newsworthy? Perhaps one of the various volunteers and low-wage females who work at the RNC made a bid of $100 to get that ivory Valentino jacket and the money was given to the Red Cross. Do you really have the power to reach into the RNC and find out if I am correct?

Roxanne Roberts: The reason it is newsworthy is that the RNC voluntarily pledged to donate the clothing to charity after the election---and yet refuses to give any evidence that really happened. Palin did her part, and I expected that the clothes would be given to a charity that helps poor women reenter the workforce or some other worthy cause. I know fans of Palin had hoped to be able to bid on her some her things. If RNC staffers were allowed to purchase the items and the money given to charity---then all they have to do is say so. It's the lack of details that keeps the story alive.


New York, N.Y.: I like the idea of giving camels and goats for Chelsea's hand but I'm not sure if zoning allows for this in upsate New York ?

Amy Argetsinger: I don't know. There are probably still some agricultulal exemptions in Westchester.


Roxanne and the Palin wardrobe trail: Ha! We astute readers knew it was Roxanne pursuing the Palin wardrobe because she is such a clothes horse and I'll bet she has her eye on those Dolce and Gabannas...

Roxanne Roberts: I'm more of an Oscar and Valentino girl, but heck yeah---I would have bid on something if it showed up on eBay.

_______________________ They Must Be Stars Because They Get So Much Press, but What Is It They Do Again? (Post, Aug. 10)


Levi is going places: I'm still betting that Levi Johnston has a bigger career than his former mother-in-law. After all starting on the D-list the only place to go is up, right ?

Amy Argetsinger: Generally... not. You don't see a lot of people move up from the D list. Kathy Griffin might be an exception.


Historical footwear ?: That Sarah Palin -- RNC wardrobe flap is annoying because like it or not some of those clothes should have gone to a museum. Sarah Palin may or may not become any more than an historical footnote but she is what she is and it is shortsighted of the RNC to do whatever they did with those garments.

Amy Argetsinger: Interesting. Hadn't thought of them as artifacts. Some day, I suppose, someone could get their hands on the clothes through whatever means and donate them to the Smithsonian or auction them on eBay.


Sarasota, Fla.: Why would you want to protect the privacy of a charity? Are these "organizations" embarrassed that they were picked by a political party that is not exactly in good standing with the public? Is said "charity" hoping for a mid-term boost, then planning a surprise auction? I just think the whole thing smells. Oh, and I hope your intern theory is correct. Having fed my husband's D.C. interns, those clothes would buy a LOT of ramen noodles.

Roxanne Roberts: Well, there is that. While I support protecting the privacy of individual receipts of charities, every non-profit I know is struggling for funding and attention. If the RNC had decided that some charity was worthy of using the clothing, I'm sure the organization would be thrilled to say so. Win-win, you would think.


Dallas Tex.: Here is a real woman question: Do you think the recent pop off by Hillary Clinton reminding the world that she is Secretary of State NOT her husband can be written off to her frustration at losing major territory in the State Dept to other men like George Mitchell and Richard Holbrooke? Or do you think she has finally crawled out from under Bill's shadow to be her own person so the question from the Congo student lit a fire underneath as the student wanted her to speak on behalf of her husband? While Bill going to rescue those two journalists in N. Korea was a very good thing, is it possible that Hillary really wishes that her power could have resulted in making a diplomatic deal? Finally, how do you think Hillary's temperment compares to Condoleezza Rice's during her four years in the State Department? Thank you. Video: "My Husband is Not the Secretary of State." (AP)

Amy Argetsinger: I don't know. I'm on vacation. I missed all of this. I suppose, plain and simple, though, we did just see Bill Clinton go off on a ginormous mission that might otherwise have been the Secretary of State's job, so right there some clarity is begged for. Anyone else?


Hollywood, Fla.: Hilary Clinton's semi meltdown because she was asked about Bill's thoughts on China was sort of unseemly to me. Is the pressure too much or is there still a lot of unresolved "stuff" in that relationship?

Amy Argetsinger: Wow, now I wish I'd seen this.


Fort Worth, Tex.: Hey Roxanne, how fun is it taping NPR's "Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me," with the amazing crew they assemble each week? I was especially amused this past week when the call-in contestant made the best joke in the program about Gov. Sanford visiting certain German cities. What a hoot, as we say down here.

Roxanne Roberts: It's major fun. Full of laughs, cheaper than therapy. Tough, however, when a caller makes the funniest joke on the show! He was awesome. We totally cracked up. (For those who missed it, you can download a free podcast of the show.)


Philadelphia, Pa.: What do you make of this Tont Curtis claim that Marilyn Monroe was pregnant with his love child? Is Tony just trying to sell books or has he lost his marbles?

Amy Argetsinger: It could be true, could just be the kind of story he needed to sell his memoirs. It's a dirty business.


No Question, Just a Comment: Let's hope that Angelina got herself some fries or a milkshake at those recent McDonald's drive throughs. She is scary skinny now.

Roxanne Roberts: She goes up and down, doesn't she? I was just looking at photos from Cannes and she was very curvy and sexy.


Hillary Clinton: Jon Stewart made fun of her last night. I think it turns out that the question was not translated properly: the questioner was asking about President Obama's view of something and the interpreter made a mistake in asking Mrs. Clinton for her husband's viewpoint.

I think she was probably just tired and cranky, and travel in Africa is hard, and who knows what kind of sexism she had experienced up to that point after several weeks in Africa, where sexism is part of the culture. And, the question was stupid. I don't blame her for being cranky. Go Hillary! I still love both of them.

Amy Argetsinger: Definitely going to have to watch this...


Washington, D.C.: This photo caption "Maya Soetoro-Ng, her husband Konrad Ng, and baby daughter Saturday at the Mandarin Oriental hotel..." makes it sound like their daughter's name is Saturday. I thought, how very crass, til I read it again.

Roxanne Roberts: Just noticed that myself; could have shifted the wording to make it more understandable. The White House actually refused to tell us the baby's name because she is a "private citizen." (Her mother briefly mentioned it that night, but I couldn't get the proper spelling.)


Re: Hillary Clinton: You should definitely watch the clip -- her delivery is amazing! I think the question (explained as a failure on the part of the interpreter) was just the straw that broke the camel's back. The president and veep are touring countries and pressing the flesh, Bill Clinton is meeting with Kim Jong Il (the week after she was on Meet the Press saying we shouldn't coddle that country)...

She may feel a bit slighted/marginalized. Video: "My Husband is Not the Secretary of State." (AP)

Amy Argetsinger: Definitely will have to watch this...


Center City, D.C.: My office building overlooks the Kastles tennis stadium. They are currently setting up a giant tent for some sort of event inside the stadium. We have an office wager for what are they setting up? I'd ask the Gurus but their chat is tomorrow and we're hoping for instant gratification. Thanks!

Amy Argetsinger: Um... I don't know. And from here, not easy to look up. I was going to guess that it's Cavalia, the prancing horses show, but apparently that's at Pentagon City this year and not until September. Anyone else know?


Palo Alto, Calf.: On the issue of fabulous clothes and political/government women, do you remember that glorious red Valentine strapless red gown with red shawl given to Condi Rice on her birthday at the British Embassy? It cost her $10,000 since it was classified as a gift to a government offical. So I ask, if Gov. Sarah Palin had wanted to keep the clothes, and given $150,000 to the RNC, would that have been legal as well?

Roxanne Roberts: I'm guessing yes, if she used her own private income---not campaign money from the presidential run or Alaska. Palin was cleared of any wrongdoing since the clothing was purchased by the RNC for her. Maybe we have a FEC lawyer on the chat who can clarify.

Speaking of clarity: I meant to type "individual recipients"--not receipts---in my answer about charites. Typing (badly) too fast.


Lansdale, Pa.: Amy Argetsinger: .. I suppose, plain and simple, though, we did just see Bill Clinton go off on a ginormous mission that might otherwise have been the Secretary of State's job.

I don't think so. Having Bill take on that mission allowed the Obama administration to label it as a private mission. If Sec. Clinton had gone instead, it would have been an official mission and would have meant that the Obama admin has directly dealt with the Pigmy in Pyongyang.

Amy Argetsinger: Of course. I mean, obviously, as discussed in this chat last week as well as in many more lofty forums, there are many reasons why he went as opposed to her. But what we're talking about here is why she might have felt defensive or snappish, and one of the arguments is that, no matter the reason, by doing taking that trip he's seized center stage.


Chelsea: I was on The Vineyard recently and heard from local musicians that enterprising journalists have called around to the usual suspects -- wedding bands, tent rental people, etc. -- trying to nail down a wedding plan and nobody knows anything.

Roxanne Roberts: This is either the best kept secret of the month---or not happening. If the rumors are true, I suspect vendors have been sworn to secrecy. If false, then there's nothing to find because there's no wedding this month. Either way, we'll write about it.


Washington, D.C. : Amy, why do we associate Charles Nelson Reilly with Famous for Being Famous. I can remember hearing this phrase as a kid watching Match Game reruns. Do you know who said it first or where it came from?

Amy Argetsinger: I don't know who said "famous for being famous" first, but it was my mother's explanation to me all to often watching '70s television when I'd want to know who someone was or why they were famous.

My story seemed to bring out a lot of know-it-alls who took offense to certain star's inclusion, the late great CNR being one of them. People will say, "oh, you idiot, Charles Nelson Reilly won a Tony for best featured actor in 1962!" Which is true. And I don't mean to take away from his early stage accomplishments -- or even from Sienna Miller's very good work in very small films.

But the truth is, most of us who were watching Charles Nelson Reilly on "Match Game" had never seen him on Broadway... and didn't even know he had been on Broadway... he was just famous for being famous at that point. Same with Sienna Miller -- all those people obsessing over her clothes or snarking over her love life have never seen her in anything. So why do they know who she is? Why do they care? It's an uncomfortable kind of fame, I'm sure.


Hillary: I think she was just exhausted. But frankly I was kind of reassured by the outburst. I feel like our secretary of state is not one to be messed with. Don't cross her, you rogue nations! Or maybe all the wedding plans are getting her down (insert smiley face here.)

Roxanne Roberts: Everyone is entitled to be cranky now and then---although it is frowned upon in senior diplomatic circles. But Hillary is unique, in a number of ways.


Crazy like a fox: It is actually pretty much a known fact that Marilyn was already pregnant with Arthur Miller's child when she was making "Some Like It Hot" and that perhaps the strain of making that film caused her to miscarry. Tony may want to stick to painting pictures of his cats...

Amy Argetsinger: Ha.


Sterling Cooper: Can we talk about "Mad Men"? Specifically, Christina Hendricks? Christina Hendricks Isn't All That Fussy (Esquire, Aug. 3)

I used to think Angelina Jolie was pretty hot, but good lord --- Christina makes Angie look like a toothpick alien. Thoughts?

Amy Argetsinger: Very pretty lady.


I suspect vendors have been sworn to secrecy: Or they are using businesses located elsewhere, like in Boston or some place on Cape Cod. Just thought I'd fuel the speculation...

Amy Argetsinger: Thanks for helping!


Jennifer Hudson's son : "The boy, named David Daniel Otunga Jr., weighed in at 7 pounds, 14 ounces."

Well darn, a normal name. I was really hoping we'd get something that would make us gasp for a moment.

Roxanne Roberts: AND they announced the name right away---none of this waiting around to leak it a week later. I get the impression this couple is trying for some sort of normal life. Then again, after what Jennifer's been through in the past year, I would think normal looks pretty good.


"The White House actually refused to tell us the baby's name" : And good for them.

Roxanne Roberts: Because? What would be the purpose served?


Bill in Korea: I figured Bill was sent because he has "status" but he isn't an official U.S. representative. That way, Korea would be denied an official visit. Thank goodness someone got those women home!

Amy Argetsinger: They are very lucky to be home. Those North Korean prison camps are gulags from hell. You know, of course, there's a big debate about whether North Korea demanding someone of Bill Clinton's status gives them too much prestige and hands the U.S. an awkward precedent for dealing with future such situations.


New York, N.Y.: Many women are interested in fashion, so here is my question. When you look at Sec of State Madeline Albright, she seemed a bit frumpy even with her elegant pins. But when Condoleezza Rice served as Sec of State, she had real style with dresses, and jackets and even pantsuits. That outfit she wore to Germany, with the Matrix style coat and high-heeled boots even made worldwide headlines. So now we have another woman as sec of state. Do you think Hillary will have a flair for fashion like Condi or be frumpy like Madeleine?

Amy Argetsinger: Hillary Clinton has already been on the world stage for several years and has already established her look: Pantsuits. It used to be black pantsuits, now it's colored pantsuits, but it's a pretty consistent look.


Anonymous: It is so nice to see Charles Nelson Reilly remembered in this chat and I'm sure he is looking down from heaven and laughing but I'm thinking August is really a slow celebrity month in D.C. -- am I correct?

Amy Argetsinger: Slow indeed! This is why as of Monday, we're shut down until the end of the month.


Sanford: Gov. Sanford would have been better off backpacking the Applachian trail than taking those first-class international flights. And which side of the divorce divide are you on when your wife and kids move to the Outer Banks? Reality check called for here.

Roxanne Roberts: You are on the "this is not going well at all" side. That being said, maybe the marriage is over and he's still in love with the other woman. Frankly, it's a pretty awful situation for the whole family, especially the kids. That's not an excuse for his behavior, just the reality of where the family is now.


Grand Forks, N.D.: Here is a question I bet you never heard: When I went to Las Vegas a few years ago, I bought cute cocktail dresses to wear while my husband wore a suit to the City of Sinatra and Elvis. Could you imagine my surprise when most of the people in the casinos are in T-shirts and shorts and tennis shoes? Yikes, what a time warp! Have we as women been tossed to the scrap heap of fashion today so now even the majority of women in Las Vegas do not dress up for a night on the town?

Amy Argetsinger: I know exactly what you mean. Las Vegas is a state of mind, and we're always being disappointed by it. I remember stopping there with friends driving cross-country in the early '90s. At the dinner buffet, they were moping self-consciously about how underdressed we were in our roadtrip clothes. And I said, "Look around you! We're the best dressed people here!" Everyone else was in t-shirts and shorts and fanny packs -- and yet my friends still had that cocktail-dress vision of Vegas in their heads...


Washington, D.C.: Hiya,

How are Sasha and Malia Obama doing six months after dad's inauguration? We don't hear much about them (not that we did about Amy Carter or Chelsea Clinton....)

Amy Argetsinger: They're keeping a low-profile, like most pre-teens...


Arlington, Va.: Ladies,

Are we still in our jammies eating cornflakes? Or are we presentable? What would happen if George Clooney knocked on the door right now? How long would he have to wait beofre he was invited inside?

Roxanne Roberts: I'm at my desk in a dress and some pretty cute heels, if I do say so myself. George would fall in love in an instant, especially if he's into shoes.


I don't know enough about the law. : That's what I'm here for. The standard in these cases is The Best Interest of the Child. Which means that it's up to the judge in case Katherine dies before the kids are no longer minors. The kids would have their own representative, a guardian ad litem, appointed to take care of their interests before a judge.

BTW, harking back to last week, although my husband is an amateur classical musician, I didn't meet him via the Classical Music Lovers' Exchange. I later found out that a friend of his contacted me as a result of seeing my profile on CMLE. The friend eventually married a musician he met via CMLE.

Amy Argetsinger: Small world!... and thanks for your input on the custody matter.


Cleveland Park, Washington, D.C.: re: Hillary -- could be she was just tired from all the travel (and really couldn't be jealous of Bill for the Korea mission because it was supposed to be unofficial).

re: Palin wardrobe -- shouldn't the RNC's FEC reports reflect what they did with that asset?

re: Levi/Kathy Griffin -- Did you see the interview they did when Kathy was sitting in for Larry King? Not to be missed.

Amy Argetsinger: All the great stuff I miss being out of town with no TV. Larry King is the best show on the air. It's a modern-day vaudeville.


Chicago Ill.: I'm sorry, but Hillary Clinton is the secretary of state -- the nation's top diplomat -- not some private schlub out on a goodwill tour. If she's asked a lousy question she'd rather not hear, her job is to suck it up, smile, and answer as tactfully as possible. Not have a mini-meltdown or make herself the subject of the story. And to even suggest that her being a woman somehow explains her behavior is sexist and counterproductive. It's a tough job. She needs to deal with it or make way for someone who can.

Roxanne Roberts: True---although men have bad days and mini-meltdowns, too.


Why is Saturday crass?: I went to school with a Sunday and know two Wednesdays, one of them quite famous. It doesn't refer to day of birth, if that for some reason is "crass" and the reason the posted called it such.

Roxanne Roberts: Wasn't Wednesday one of the kids on the "Adams family"? Kind of ruined the name for me.


Same with Sienna Miller : I can understand your point, she's much more famous than warrants the level of movies she's been in.

But when I think of "famous for being famous" I think of people who have gained their fame via reality shows or merely because the were involved in some scandal. Like Paris Hilton -- I didn't know who she was until her porn tape came out. The octomom, Kate Gosselin, etc. At least Sienna Miller was considered an actual actress before her fame was more tied to her relationship with Jude Law. And Charles Nelson Reilly had a career as a comedian.

Amy Argetsinger: Exactly. That's why, for the new generation of celebrities, I made a distinction from FFBF with an entirely new designation: Not famous, but "famesque."

Because let's face it -- while Dr. Joyce Brothers and Zsa Zsa Gabor were famous for being famous, they were sort of jokes at the time. Whereas Sienna Miller, Ashton Kutcher, etc., have a kind of gravitas that comes from having a title ("actor") even though no one sees them doing this.

I'm not slamming Miller or Kutcher for not being box-office stars. I'm questioning why so many people are interested in them if they don't follow their work. You get why people are interested in reading about Julia Roberts -- everyone has seen her movies, which means they're at minimum aware of her. It's mystifying why we're all fascinated by these people who really only exist in the magazines. And yes, I'm part of the equation.


Washington, D.C.: Wasn't there a scene like that in Swingers? Where they dress up to go to an "old school" casino in Vegas, and find themselves among retirees pulling at slot machines?

Amy Argetsinger: If there wasn't, there should have been. But yes, I think there was.


True -- although men have bad days and mini-meltdowns, too.: Indeed.

Cheney: almost everything he said in public.

Rumsfeld: "you go to war with the army you've got, not the army you want."

Bill Clinton: "I DID NOT have sex with that woman."

Amy Argetsinger: Ah, memory lane...


Lansdale, Pa. again: Amy Argetsinger: Of course. I mean, obviously, as discussed in this chat last week as well as in many more lofty forums, there are many reasons why he went as opposed to her. But what we're talking about here is why she might have felt defensive or snappish, and one of the arguments is that, no matter the reason, by doing taking that trip he's seized center stage.

Sorry I misread you. Anyway, as a guy, I admire the way Hillary responded. Even diplomats have to be stern sometimes. Way to go Madame Secretary.

Amy Argetsinger: Thanks for your vote.


Anonymous: Hey, Hillary didn't melt down. Geez. She showed some spunk, that's all. Although the interpreter messed up the question, the question she was asked was asinine.

Amy Argetsinger: Thanks for your vote.


Eunice Kennedy Shriver: Snark-free comment. She was a terrific lady whose life work made a real difference for the thousands who have participated in the Special Olympics. We can salute her for caring about those much less fortunate.

Amy Argetsinger: Thanks for writing.


Hudson Babies:'s headline in its Scoop section today is something like "Hudson wants to make baby slugger with A-Rod." I forgot about Kate Hudson, and immediately wondered why Jennifer Hudson would want to do something so skeevy. Too many Hudsons, that's the problem. Also, Kurt Russell was at Sunday night's Yankees-Red Sox game at Yankee Stadium. He had really good seats. Wonder who gave them to him?

Amy Argetsinger: I had no idea about Kate Hudson and A-Rod until I picked up a slightly-old US the other day. Where the hell did that one come from? Though I guess it was only a matter of time, wasn't it?


White House, baby name: It's time people stopped feeling entitled to knowing every detail of the lives of people connected to public figures. If everyone who is less than four degrees of separation from someone famous is ever going to have a normal life, someone in authority, like the White House, should step up and say so. I'm glad they're looking out for their own. It's the opposite of the Gosselins and their ilk who actively pimp out the family members for a material payoff.

Roxanne Roberts: Hmmm. The Soetoro-Ng family is moving here to Washington because her half-brother is president and her husband has a fellowship at the Smithsonian. She's got a contract for a children's book, which probably would not have happened if Obama wasn't president. She's going to sell and promote that book---with the publisher using her connection to the White House as part of the selling point. And you think I shouldn't know the name of the baby she took up on stage at a public function here in D.C.? Really?


Anonymous: We also had the Swiss/Dutch blogger who's protesting that he doesn't have a vote in D.C

OK so where is it? No one has discussed yet

Amy Argetsinger: It was the lead in yesterday's column, just five items down from our homepage. in the column if you can bother to go there... Direct link to the item to follow...

_______________________ Thinking Outside the Ballot Box (Relable Source, Aug. 12)


Anonymous: I'm going to name my kid after a day of the week that doesn't exist. Like Saturfri or Monsunday.

Roxanne Roberts: I know---name it after the day of the week in a foreign language! How does "Donnerstag" strike you?


And Tuesday Weld: She was beautiful. Whatever happened to her.

Amy Argetsinger: She's kind of dropped out of sight. Stopped acting for the most part in the '80s -- okay, a few parts here and there since then. Got divorced from the violinist Pinchas Zucherman about a decade ago. Didn't Matthew Sweet write a song about her? She was on an album cover, anyway. And yes, pretty lady.


went to school with a Sunday and know two Wednesdays, one of them quite famous: I don't know, "Saturday" just doesn't have a pretty ring to it. I don't love Wednesday or Sunday as a given name, but they somehow flow better than Saturday.

Roxanne Roberts: But do you want your kid's nickname to be "Hump day"?


Washington, D.C.: "most of the people in the casinos are in T-shirts and shorts and tennis shoes?"

Have you ever been in a South Florida airport? Walk off a plane at West Palm beach you are instantly blinded by silver hair and track suits.

Amy Argetsinger: Ha! Yes, but you don't figure on wearing cocktail garb there...


Anonymous: Am I the only one who thinks Lindsay Lohan and Frankie Muniz look alike?

Amy Argetsinger: Hmmm....


And you think I shouldn't know the name of the baby she took up on stage at a public function here in D.C.? Really? : I'm betting that the baby had no choice in any of this. Thus, leave the baby and his/her name alone.

Roxanne Roberts: We're going to have to agree to disagree on this one.


hands the U.S. an awkward precedent for dealing with future such situations. : In the future Kim Jong Il will request a famous actress. With his movie obsession, he will be satisfied with nothing less.

Amy Argetsinger: Hopefully, Sienna Miller. I bet Kim Jong Il is more likely to have seen "Interview" or "Casanova" than your average US reader.


Monroe's Baby: I was thinking that for some of the younger chatters it might be worth mentioning that back in the day, it was necessary for celebrities to have sex before they could have a baby.

Amy Argetsinger: Thanks for the reminder on that.


Kate Gosselin on Today: I only caught a clip of it but what was up with her stripper shoes? Kate Gosselin on Today (NBC/YouTube)

Roxanne Roberts: Everyone's wearing them these days. I think some stylist told her they were in. Didn't work, IMHO.


Sienna Miller: I was so certain I knew who she was before the Jude Law scandal that I just looked her up in IMDb so I could remind myself all the movies I've seen her in. But all I did was find out I haven't seen her in a single movie. Not one.

Amy Argetsinger: No kidding, huh? Seriously, I'd been a fan of hers for years -- she's got this incredible charisma, a very interesting energy -- before I realized I'd never seen her in anything.

So I rented "Factory Girl" a couple weeks ago. She's very watchable. Her performance is good but limited by a bad script.

I hope it works out for her. No one should have to undergo such scrutiny unless they're getting $5 million a picture.


Am I the only one who thinks Lindsay Lohan and Frankie Muniz look alike?: Wait, are they dating or something?

Amy Argetsinger: I don't think so. Assumed that was just a non sequitur. But I'm on vacation, what do I know?


Wait Wait Dinner in Boston: Hey Roxanne, I know this isnt a WAPO question, but I am attending the Boston Wait Wait Don't tell me dinner/show in October for my birthday and I wondered if you were attending or had more info. Are all of the panelists are going to attend? Why choose Boston? Is everyone just going to mingle together or is there a formal set up? Any other good tips about that evening? I saw the last taping in Boston and loved it, so I'm really looking forward to this event!

Roxanne Roberts: I will, in fact, be in Boston for the dinner and taping, although I don't know much more than that. I presume just the three panelists, Carl, Peter and our fab crew will be there, but not all the other panelists. And why NOT Boston? Isn't it full of smart, funny people?


Washington, D.C.: Hope I can get this in under the wire. The charities that collect professional women's clothing for ladies entering the work force are always seeking large size clothing, size 14 and above. On her "fat" days, Palin probably wears a size 6. Her clothes wouldn't be much use to a charity, unless they were to be re-auctioned, and I can definitely see why the RNC wouldn't want that (Keith Olbermann would probably bid on them).

Amy Argetsinger: Very interesting.


True -- although men have bad days and mini-meltdowns, too.: Indeed. : Don't forget, Biden is always yelling at someone.

Roxanne Roberts: I seem to recall Bill Clinton has a temper, as well.


Is nothing sacred?: I was just wondering, that's all...

Amy Argetsinger: I don't think so. Why do you ask?


Sarasota, Fla.: Amy, you're working on your vaca. You're worse than my husband when we're at the family cabin in Maine. He always "volunteers" to go to town for supplies so he can get a signal on his BlackBerry.

Amy Argetsinger: Working? This is FUN!


Clinton: I'm really starting to get a double-standard vibe here. Clinton did not have a meltdown, for crying out loud. She got snippy with a completely inappropriate -- and frankly, offensive and sexist-seeming question. She did not throw a temper tantrum, she did not scream, she did not cry. She replied with firmness.

You know, like men tend to do.

Amy Argetsinger: Thanks for your vote. I will not be casting a vote until I actually, you know, see this video clip.


Levi Johnston: He is a very good looking D-lister actually. I was impressed with those photos with the divine Miss Griffin. I am afraid his 15 minutes aren't over yet. I predict something reality-related. Maybe dating some tragic celebutante with terrible taste in men. Paris? Pamela Anderson?

Amy Argetsinger: He does seem to be headed that way, doesn't he?


More on Hillary: "I think she was probably just tired and cranky" -- She's supposed to be a diplomat, for crying out loud! She couldn't have said, "Well, you'll have to ask him for his opinions, but my opinion is blah blah blah"?

Amy Argetsinger: Thanks..


Condoleezza Rice... had real style: So what? All that matters is the work. Speaking as a Democrat, I believe that Albright and Hillary are far abler secretaries of state.

Roxanne Roberts: History, as it always is, will be real judge of that. And you hardly every see wardrobes mentioned in history books.


Culture Differences Re: Clintons...: It is unfortunate but North Korean society does not believe women should be in high-ranking positions. They view women more as instruments of servitude. They actually asked to meet with Bill Clinton and he agreed with President Obama condoning the trip. The purpose of the trip was NOT to overshadow Hillary as some mindless right-wing pundits have said but to free those two journalists; which he did. We should be pleased that those journalists are alive, free,and well, and just congratulate BOTH Clintons for jobs well done. BTW...I would not call what Hillary did "an outburst." Dick Cheney telling a senator to go __ himself is an outburst. Hillary was just slightly annoyed because what was said was lost in translation. Thank you for listening. And yes, I view you two as in high positions of authority.

Amy Argetsinger: We're glad you've entrusted us to mediate this matter.


Everyone's wearing them these days. : Except those of us who have bad feet or are recovering from bunion surgery. Or want to avoid having bunion surgery. Stripper shoes are killers -- they'll destroy your back, knees, hips! Rox, I hope your heels are tasteful and not strippericious.

Roxanne Roberts: Every woman can use a touch of stripper now and then. Just a touch, mind you.


Kate G's shoes: I disagree - those shoes are fabulous!

Roxanne Roberts: See? What did I tell you?


Sanford: And trying to use his kids living apart as an excuse for taking the governor's jet hither and yon is just tacky. If he hadn't been such a cad they would be home with him.

Roxanne Roberts: That horse has left the barn.


Anonymous: Google "lindsay lohan frankie muniz look alike"

You'll see what I mean. Lindsay Lohan Totally Looks Like Frankie Muniz (Totally Looks Like)

Amy Argetsinger: Oh, so our chatter wasn't expressing an original viewpoint? Those photos look like they were both taken about 10 years ago, so it's unfair. I mean, all Hollywood 12-year-olds look alike.


Tony Curtis: Not that I was there and would know, but I thought there had long been reports that Tony Curtis had known and briefly dated Marilyn Monroe before either became very famous. Don't know what this would mean for a later rekindling of that relationship, especially since I thought they did not get along during "Some Like It Hot", but perhaps there was some history there.

Amy Argetsinger: You see, I know he's told the story about them hooking up in the late '40s before. But I think this is new, his claim that they hooked up during "Some Like It Hot." (He's since said his much-quoted line about how kissing her in the movie was like kissing Hitler was a joke taken out of context.) All we know is that the only person who could vouch for his story is dead. Interesting.


Anonymous: "The charities that collect professional women's clothing for ladies entering the work force are always seeking large size clothing"


Amy Argetsinger: Okay, thanks.


Tampa, Fla.: Now that others have asked about the Hillary temper question, would one of you please go back and answer those questions regarding Hillary. You can see the video and respond to the concerns about comparing Hillary to Condi Rice. How hard is that? Have you met Hillary at any other times? Did Hillary act like she had a chip on her shoulder or that she really wanted to be Sec of State and serve her nation? I am sure the person who wanted you to compare Hillary to Condi Rice was looking for your opinions regarding these 2 women in the powerful office as chief diplomat. Did either woman seem to have trouble with other men trying to take territory away from either of them at the State Department? People are interested and I hope you can share your viewpoints.

Amy Argetsinger: I haven't seen the video.... AND I haven't met Hillary Clinton. Nor did I ever meet Condi. You should get our State Department writer, Glenn Kessler, to have an online chat.


Kate Hudson and A-Rod: Those two are still together? I didn't think it would last this long. But let's hope they wait a bit before having kids. I mean, is he even divorced yet?

Amy Argetsinger: Cynthia filed for divorce more than a year ago, no idea if it's final-final. Kate and A-Rod were together as recently as this weekend.


And you hardly every see wardrobes mentioned in history books. : That's true except for when the first televised debate is discussed.

Roxanne Roberts: True enough.


I seem to recall Bill Clinton has a temper, as well. : People only call it a "meltdown" when a woman does it.

Roxanne Roberts: Exactly.


Ashton: Ashton Kutcher isn't really FFBF. He was on That 70's Show for quite a long time and Punk'd was a quasi-hit. Doesn't make him A-list, but not quite Paris Hilton territory, either.

Amy Argetsinger: Okay, let's break down our terms... There's no one who quite pushes the boundaries of famesque like Sienna Miller -- but someone like Ashton Kutcher's fame is completely disproportionate to the viewing eyes attached to his work. Of course he came to fame via "That '70s Show"... but it was a supporting role in a sitcom that was only modestly popular. In my sidebar I explain that all things being equal, Sienna Miller should be no more famous than Ludivine Sagnier (pretty blonde arthouse actress)... and that Ashton Kutcher should be no more famous than (drumroll please...) Topher Grace. Who has actually had just a big a presence in movies as Kutcher since they both left the sitcom. But you don't care about Topher -- and why is that people?


Anonymous: Yeah but would Glenn Kessler know a hoot about the OctoMom or Susan Boyle?

Amy Argetsinger: Oh, try him!


Stripper shoes: I must be the only guy anywhere who finds them repulsive, like Birkenstocks.

Amy Argetsinger: Will have to take a look...


name it after the day of the week in a foreign language!: Domingo and Domingos are not uncommon given names in Spanish and Portuguese-speaking countries, respectively.

Amy Argetsinger: Huh. Good point.


Pantsuits........ugh......: ........just sayin'.

Not exactly on the same plane politically, but look at Angela Merkel or Carla Bruni.......

Amy Argetsinger: No one should be judged stylewise against Carla Bruni. Not fair.


Hillary:: She was at a gala to honor her and Sec. Geithner's counterparts from China a couple of weeks back. Her speech was mostly off-the-cuff and brilliant. Her counterpart then goes up on stage and fumbles through his speech and then announces that Hilary is beautiful. There was some applause which confounded me. It's still a man's world, people.

Amy Argetsinger: Awkward!


Washington, D.C.: Topher Grace didn't go on to produce reality shows, date Demi Moore, or star in movies that anyone watched (besides Traffic). Like it or not, Dude Where's My Car was a modest hit, as was Bobby for that matter.

Amy Argetsinger: Topher Grace was in Spiderman 3.

And you just agreed with my article -- a large part of the reason Ashton Kutcher is superfamous is because of the Demi thing.


Kensington, Md: So we all want to know, what was Amy's first adult beverage on this vacation, and what does Roxanne plan on having first?

Roxanne Roberts: I'm into mojitos these days.

Amy Argetsinger: I already forget!


Tampa: Hi Tampa, lay off the coffee the rest of the day, okay?

Roxanne Roberts: Hey, kids! Everybody relax! You've got two weeks to calm down.

Amy and I are taking some time off the recharge the batteries---you know, sleep, read cheap novels, drink, buy some stripper shoes. In our absence, Marissa will be writing Names & Faces and needs all your sightings and tips---send them to

We'll be back on Wednesday (the day, not some kid, Sept. 2. Stay cool.


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