Balance of Power with Tucker Carlson and Ana Marie Cox

Tucker Carlson and Ana Marie Cox
Political Journalists
Monday, August 17, 2009; 12:00 PM

Tucker Carlson. Ana Marie Cox. He's conservative. She's liberal. They both write for The Daily Beast, he's a contributor to Fox News and she's a national correspondent for Air America Media. They will be online Monday, Aug. 17 at noon ET to offer their analysis of the Obama presidency and other goings-on in the world of politics.

The chat will be rescheduled due to scheduling conflicts.


Washington, D.C.: Curious about your thoughts on what happened to Bob Dylan? Do you see it as a light amusing story, or as a "whoa... let me stop and think about this" event?

Tucker Carlson: So a 68-year-old, famously eccentric rock star is picked up wandering on foot through a tough neighborhood with no ID in the middle of the day, and his explanation is that he was just looking at houses? Yes, there's more to that story.

Happy Monday. Thanks for having us back.


Toronto: Is dumbness in the US distributed fairly evenly? Or are there regional variations, say between the South and the states on the Canadian border? Or is it more on the basis of party affiliation? Or by neckwear styles? So many questions!

Tucker Carlson: Welcome, Toronto! I knew you'd be back. (If you want to hear from a Canadian again, insult him.) Still thinking about America, I see. Wish I could return the compliment, but that would be dishonest.

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