Got Plans?: Dining in Dewey, High Tea, Baseball Seats, Tap Dancing

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Thursday, August 20, 2009; 1:00 PM

In the live discussion on Thursday, Aug. 20 at 1 p.m. ET, the Going Out Guide staff talked about dining in Dewey, high tea, baseball seats and, oddly enough, tap dancing.

_______________________ Hey folks. It's chat time. We're all here. So let's do it.


Re Virgin Mobile Fest Aug. 30: When do I need to get there to see Blink 182 and Weezer?

David: Sometime around 1996 or 1997 would be best.

Oh, I kid, I kid. There's no schedule yet. We'll let you know when there is. But it's safe to assume those two bands will be near the end, since they are the headliners. So think somewhere around 7.


Crabs query?: True or false: Adams Mill serves steamed crabs?

Also - went to weekly (and final) crab special at Art & Soul last night. It was affordable, but middling...

Julia: Wow -- true. I totally did not know this. (Fritz did -- obvi!)

Anyway, according to manager Paulie (Pauly?), here's the deal: on Sundays, $85 gets you a pitcher of Bud, corn on the cob, watermelon and a dozen jumbo crabs. "They're really jumbo," he says. "They all say that," says me. "I'm serious! You can come by and check 'em out for yourself!" he replies.

And there you have it. You can split that $85 between people if you want, but, if you do, I will look down on you. Take that dozen down all by yourself!


The Oval, Kennington: Can I be that guy and ask (again) about any bars that might be showing the decisive Ashes test this weekend? Solly's? Thanks.

Fritz: Dear That Guy -- again, I don't have an answer. Last time I asked (admittedly during the World Series), Solly's wasn't showing much cricket. No info from the Australia-America Association.

So... readers?


Alexandria, Va.: Looking for a quick, inexpensive brunch suggestion near Chinatown that a friend and I can grab before a 12 p.m. play on a Saturday. Personally, I've never had any other brunch cuisine other than your standard french toast and bagels/eggs, etc, however can't say eating Asian or Mexican at 11 a.m. does it for me, however I'm open to your suggestions either way.

Julia: Matchbox is the best in the area in my book. The dishes are just egg-y enough to be breakfast-y and just interesting enough to be, well, better than your average brunch buffet.

Also, kind of pathetic, but I always accidentally type "buffett" when I mean "buffet" -- totally different things.


Pizzeria/Birreria Paradiso: Did I spell that right?

Unbelievably, I've never been to Pizzeria Paradiso even though I love pizza.

But I'm confused. We're headed to the one in Georgetown tomorrow night. Is this the one with the birreria? If so, are there two separate restaurants in one? If I were to make a reservation (should I?) do I just note that I want the, er, beer part?

Help me not look goofy and touristy when I walk in the door.

Fritz: Pizzeria Paradiso -- and the Birreria -- do not do reservations. It's first-come, first-given a vibrating pager. But I don't think I've ever sat upstairs. If you want a beer, you just walk in like you own the place, cut through the dining room, hang a left at the pizza oven and go down the stairs by the bathrooms.

If you want a table ... you can ask for one downstairs, but all the tables on both floors serve great beer.


The Burbs, Va.: Sad as this is, I still sort of like Rumors. Is there a similar place in the district where there's dancing to '80s and current stuff but isn't all clubby?

Fritz: Chief Ike's Mambo Room, the upstairs at Draft Pix, Porter's, and if you're under 25, McFadden's. (If you're under 25 and an intern, the Hawk and Dove.)


Alexandria, Va.: Hola GOGs, Any idea where a gal can take adult tap classes (beginner level) in the Alexandria area? My Internet search hasn't revealed much. I was hoping you or the readers could help me out. All I seem to be finding are kiddie classes or ballroom classes. Thanks a bunch!

Stephanie: The only place that leaps to mind is Joy of Motion, but you'd have to go to Friendship Heights or Dupont. Any readers have experience with adult tap classes in Northern Virginia?


Bethesda, Md.: Greetings GOGs! I am looking for some advice for a location and or restaurant for a rehearsal dinner for about 50 people. My fiancé and I are getting married in April (at the Fairfax Embassy Row) and we'd like to start the process of find a place soon. We don't want to make the dinner like a second wedding, so something in the moderate price range is preferable. Ideas?

Julia: Bethesda -- hit me back with the general area of where you want the rehearsal dinner to be. Near the wedding? Near Bethesda? Downtown? Etc.


WDC: We want to go out for cocktails tonight in Penn Quarter. Where?

Fritz: PS 7's for happy hour. Rasika's bar area is smaller, so you might try there first. Cafe Atlantico has a fun (if slightly sweeter/girlier) menu, but the bar is tiny and often full of people waiting for dinner.


RW question: Does brunch on the weekends fall in the $20.09 lunch deal for restaurant week?

Julia: As with all RW questions, it really depends on the restaurant. I've been to some places on weekends that let you order off the brunch menu and I've been to others where they just give you a special Restaurant Week menu (listing a few items from brunch and a few from lunch) and let you order off of that. If you really want brunch and not lunch, call the restaurant where you'd like to dine before you reserve to double check.


Arlington, Va.: David: Sometime around 1996 or 1997 would be best. HA! What's there to do at the Arlington County Fair other than eat fried dough and avoid sticky children?

David: Um, you can get your photo taken with one of the former "winners" of "Rock of Love," if that's your thing. You can even win a date with her! I don't think there are even pig races anymore, which is too bad. Mostly fried stuff and sticky children, but isn't that the point of a county fair?


Close the link!: you forgot to close the link!

Julia: My bad! Sorry for the excess linkage:) Not my day so far.


For the Tap Dancer: A few friends and I took a tap dance class through Fairfax County Rec -- it was held at a rec center near Alexandria. Out of 4 of us, one continued on. I however, was a tap school drop out and sold my shiny patent leather shoes at a yard sale.

Stephanie: Great rec. Thanks, tap school deadbeat.


Arlington, Va.: Gurus,

I'm trying to get my friends to give Old Town(e?) a shot as a saturday night destination to mix up the Clarendon/D.C. routine. Would you recommend this area as a place for a few mid-20's to try out for a change of pace. We aren't necessarily looking for the Rumors/Tattoo/ESL of Old Town, just a few places that may draw a younger weekend crowd. If so, what's a good bar crawl to string us along? Thanks

Fritz: Well, Old Town is nothing like Clarendon. Or D.C. But it's not lacking in places for a 25-35 crowd. Try the divey Bayou Room, which I always enjoy. Salsa dancing in a tight space upstairs at Cafe Salsa. Karaoke at Rock-It Grill. Sports (especially hockey) at Bugsy's. Flamenco dancers performing to guitarists at Las Tapas. And the cocktails/sushi/karaoke/DJ combo at Flying Fish, which is where you'll probably want to end the night.


Dewey Beach, Del.: Hi gurus!

Is there anywhere in the Dewey Beach strip that has food that is above average? Anywhere you would recommend?

If not, is there anywhere you would point to as being not awesome but at least doable?

Going up there this weekend and don't want to starve!

Fritz: I don't dislike the food at Nalu, the Hawaiian surf place across from Ruddertowne. If you don't mind driving up Route 1 to Lewes, I've never been let down by Agave, an intimate Mexican restaurant. There's a new Bethany Blues up that way for BBQ, too.


Falls Church, Va.: Hi Gurus. Loved the Fro-yo article. Any reason that we don't have my NYC favorite -- Tasti D-Lite available in D.C.? It tastes great and it's so low calorie. I think it would be a huge hit here, don't you?

Julia: Why thank you! My food section homies and I had a lovely time researching that one. Red Mango and a few other fro-yo chains are supposed to make an appearance here, but as far as I know Tasti D-Lite is not among them.

Do I think it'll be a huge hit here? Maybe. I feel like we MUST be reaching the saturation point on fro-yo places like this, right? I mean, a) they all taste very similar, b) have similar toppings and c) are really only seasonal businesses.

That being said, I have totally turned some friends on to the sweet-tart stuff while doing this reporting. What do you guys think? Can the fro-yo trend continue at this break-neck pace.


Dupont Circle, D.C.: My mother, bless her heart, has gotten it in her head that we should do high tea, in the afternoon, like with gloves and stuff (I will be foregoing the gloves). Where can we do this? I understand the major hotel chains do this sort of thing but how do we know which is best? I'd actually rather skip the chains and go somewhere with a little more character but if that's our only white-glove tea-drinking option we'll do the hotels.

Stephanie: If you want more of a unique experience, you could try the afternoon tea at Oatlands or even Hillwood. Obviously it's a chain, but the Ritz does a great tea as well.


Arlington, Va.: Love the chats! Hope you guys can help me with this. I want to see the Brewers and the Nats tomorrow and I'm interested in the Center Field Lounge/Red Loft seats. The only thing is I'm a little confused as to the difference between the CF Reserved, CF Lounge and Red Loft seats. Know anything about these seats? Also, where would you recommend sitting?

Anne: Red Loft is kind of like a sports bar, with lots of tvs. Find out more about it in the interactive stadium guide -- scroll to the bottom right and click on Best Seats. Fritz will give you a breakdown on the rest of your question.

Fritz: Anne's right about the Red Loft -- just a big covered patio with TVs and a long bar. If that sounds good, buy the cheapest seats in the park: You don't need to be sitting in the Red Loft to spend the whole game hanging out up there. (Trust me.) The difference between CF Lounge and CF Reserved: CF Lounge is closer to the field. CF Lounge is closer to the centerfield restaurant, and includes a $20 credit for food and drink.


DC Beer Week: I really liked the idea here, but I thought that perhaps the bars could have been a little better prepared / staffed. Were they not expecting it to be so popular? Crowds were to be expected, so I think having to wait 30+ minutes to put in orders could have been avoided. Maybe I was just there at the worst times too, so I don't know.

Guru thoughts??

Fritz: It's the first one, you think they would have expected the crowds. I got to the Reef late, but there was at least an hour wait for oysters WHEN THEY OPENED. (I heard Big Hunt was pretty chaotic last night.)

But since this is the first time they've tried this with so many bars and so many events, I'm willing to give them the benefit of the doubt, chalk it up as a learning experience. Next year, though, I hope they will have taken notice.


Springfield, Va.: Hi GOGS !

Do you know of any No.Va. bars/pubs showing the All Ireland Hurling Championships on 6 Sept -- either live or time delayed ?

Fritz: Try O'Faolain's in Sterling, maybe the Four Courts in Court House.


Re: Tap Dancer: I've taken adult ballet classes at BalletNova near the REI in Bailey's Crossroads.. they also have tap classes. They used to be called, Arlington Dance or something like that.

Stephanie: Another idea for the aspiring tap dancer.


Dewey Beach Eating: For the question about eating in Dewey - I'm a Dewey regular and depending on when the original poster is going (ie Fri or Sat), driving to Lewes is a not such an easy idea. Traffic is miserable on Rt 1. Its much easier to just take the trolley into Rehoboth (Sting Rays, Dos Locos) and eat there. Of course, if they aren't in a rush to get back to Dewey, then Lewes would be ok.

Fritz: Good advice. I should have suggested early dinner in Lewes, THEN Dewey. Or the freaking Jolly Trolley.


Reston, VA: Hi Gurus!

I love the chats and have gotten some great advice from you guys in the past! So can you recommend a good place to take a handful of friends in Northern Virginia for some really good Dim Sum? I've never had it before, but a friend of mine is desperate for some good stuff after living in China for a year. I really want to try to stay in Virginia, and keep the price tag reasonable. Can it be done? Plus can you give any advice for me on what to order since I've never had it before? Thanks!

Julia: Hey there, well, first let me state for the record that I'm a bit of a dim sum novice myself. Went with a boyfriend in NYC one time and after souring on the relationship, I didn't give it another go until my lovely friend Jordan invited me out to ortune Chinese Seafood Restaurant a few weeks back. We ate more food than I can even describe here and the total was $16 per person so.... I think that qualifies as reasonable. At this particular place, I liked the bok choy and pretty much anything wrapped up in a dumpling. There was a shrimp and banana dish that totally rocked my world. Tom Sietsema also has great things to say about A and J if you're looking for another option. Chatters -- on dim sum?


Old Town, (No E!) : You forgot Light Horse Tavern! Relatively new place that opened up on King Street, near Murphys with a decent crowd, pool, shuffle board and decent music. It's like Rocket Bar (Chinatown) for grown-ups!

Julia: I reviewed The Light Horse a few months back -- great one to add to Fritz's list. It's not quite like Rocket Bar -- much, much smaller -- but I really liked the vibe in the upstairs bar.


Anonymous: Hi, I'm going to be in D.C. next weekend. I'm a single gal traveling by herself and totally at the mercy of the Metro. Any thoughts on what I could get into that weekend? Only prerequiste is that I would love to spend as much time outside as possible. Thanks!

Anne: You're coming to D.C. in August and you want to be outside. You know most people here want to do the opposite, right? Anyway, it's probably going to be hot, so how about a pool party? It's not super close, but you could walk there from the Metro. The other thing I think that's cool next weekend is that you can take an airplane or helicopter ride at the College Park Aviation Museum's open house. It's also walkable from the College Park Metro, and -- conveniently, it's right across the street from a pool.


Matchbox brunch: Just my two cents about brunch at Matchbox: bland food and bad Bloody Marys.

Julia: I disagree big time. Did you have the goat cheese-chorizo roll? Amazing.


Arlington County Fair: How can I avoid mixing with people who hate sticky children? I want to take my kids but am afraid one of them will get stuck to someone and we'll spend all day at the ER trying to unglue them. Thanks.

David: For whatever reason this is making me think of Ralph Wiggum.


NW DC: Is Chuck Brown himself scheduled to appear at Saturday's block party and/or the 9:30 club after-party? Seems like that would be kind of the point...

Rhome: Chuck's performing with L'il Benny at the 9:30 Club. It's only right. Of course he'll be at the block party too.


Orange Line, Arlington: My three childhood best friends are in town this weekend. We're all poor grad students, so I'm trying to plan a low-budget weekend. We've done the monuments and many of the Smithsonians in the past.

I was thinking of a stroll around Eastern Market on Saturday morning and then taking advantages of free summer Saturdays at the Corcoran in the afternoon. Do you have any ideas for Saturday evening or Sunday activities? Any favorite cheap food recommendations?

Stephanie: Sounds like fun! Eastern Market is always a crowd-pleaser. I might also try hitting up the Culinary Arts Festival, which sounds pretty cool. That night, you all can head to Fort Dupont with a picnic to take in some free music. And on Sunday hit up Capitol Skyline for a day at the pool. It's $10 to get in, but that includes a free Good Stuff burger, which sounds like a good deal to me.


Washington, D.C.: I've been asked to help find an after-hours venue for a wedding on Saturday, September 19. I'm racking my brain to try to find a place where a few dozen people could show up in NW DC around midnight or so. We don't have a budget to get a VIP table or something like that. I was thinking of Black Cat - their Brit-pop backstage. We all don't have to sit together. We're fine if we have to spread out a bit. Any recommendations? I fear that any places like 18th St. Lounge, Marvin, Chi-Cha, Big Hunt...would already be packed to the gills by the time we got there.

Fritz: I'm gonna be pragmatic right from the start: At midnight on a Saturday, "a few dozen people" is going to overwhelm a place if they all show up at the same time. (Seriously. That's why there are lines.)

Take the Black Cat. Lil'E's Right Round -- mix of 80s, Britpop and alternative -- is a pretty good idea, but it can get crowded sometimes. The Backstage capacity is around 150 or so. If there are already 100 people in by midnight, adding a few dozen more ... gonna be pretty crowded.

If you don't want to go the club route, ou're going to have to go to larger, spread-out places, like Buffalo Billiards, Rocket Bar (which can really fill up, depending on the night), Bar Louie, Rock and Roll Hotel's upstairs DJ bar, maybe Chief Ike's. Could probably do Little Miss Whiskey's, which is my (and Rhome's) favorite new spot on H Street after separate visits.


High Tea: The National Cathedral has a very nice Tea and Tour package on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons. After a tour, tea isserved in the Pilgram Gallery tower, with a lovely view of the city.

Stephanie: Another nice idea for afternoon tea.


Bethesda: Help me GOGs! Going to the Improv Friday night for the Dave Attell show, and need a spot for dinner. We wanted to do Dino, but couldn't get an early enough reservation to make the 8 p.m. show. Looking for something on the Red Line, price and atmosphere similar to Dino. The other couple joining us isn't too adventurous with food (no Indian, Ethiopian, etc). They are from out of town, so bonus points for something that will really impress them! guys are the best!

Julia: Hmmm, tough call. Prices may be too high upstairs at Darlington House, but I'd start there. Perhaps the boisterous Bistro de Coin could work?


Dim Sum: Mark's Duck in Falls Church has waaay better food in my opinion, if you can look past their dingy appearance, that is.

Julia: Oh, good to hear. I've heard good things about this place.


Birthday help: Hi, GOGs! I'm hoping you can help with a decision. Two of my friends turn 30 on the same day (soon!). I'd like to throw them a surprise party, but I don't know where to start. It would be around 25-30 people, and I'd like to do it in DC to keep it centrally located (the guest are split b/t DC and parts of NoVa). Any thoughts on where I should get started? Are there any cool restaurants or bars you'd recommend that could accommodate us? I don't want to go overboard (we're not exactly swimming in money these days), but since it's a milestone b-day and it's for both I'd be comfortable spending up to $350 -$400. Is that going to get me anywhere or am I deluding myself? Thanks so much for any suggestions you and the chatters can share!

Fritz: The $1000 answer is that it depends on the night and time. If you can do it outside of prime-time (after 8 p.m. Fri-Sat) then you've got bargaining power. (Or a Sunday before football season gets underway.) Here is a place I did earlier this year on places to hold wedding parties, but many of them would work for you. I'd add Continental (Rosslyn) and Buffalo Billiards to the mix, too.


20008: This may be a dumb question but I'm going to FedEx for the first time on Saturday for the Steelers game. Never been out that way before. Obviously we need to pregame. Obviously there is tailgating, but are there any bars metro accessible out there, or should I just carry some "happy juice" with me to down before going in because I'm assuming Danny Boy charges more than $2 for a beer...

Fritz: Your option is grabbing beers at Lavar Arrington's Sideline Sports Bar in between walking from Largo Town Center Metro and the stadium. That's about it.


Jolly Trolley: Thanks for the wisdom thus far re: Dewey Beach dining options. Nalu looks like the top contender thus far.

Following up -- I assume the Jolly Trolley goes between Dewey and Rehoboth?

Regarding the trolley, how often does it run, and are there obvious pickup/dropoff points?

Regarding eating - would it be worth it to trolley over to Rehobeth - are there any better restaurants over there?

Fritz: Yeah, better restaurants in Rehoboth, starting with Dogfish Head. For sure. Everything you need to know about the Trolley is here:


Capitol Skyline Pool: Can a single gal feel comfortable hanging out at the Skyline pool by herself for a few hours on a Sunday? It's been a long few months and I think I want to indulge in some me time...

Anne: See, I was reading single gal as someone who wanted to meet people, and the pool party seemed like a good place for that. Then maybe you want to take a gander at our Best Places for Flying Solo list.


Capitol Hill: Any great events taking place locally during Labor Day weekend? Thinking about staying in the city (to avoid crazy holiday traffic) instead of road tripping somewhere and would like to do something fun/different from a regular weekend. Suggestions?

Anne: I have to say, the main Labor Day events tend to be in the 'burbs -- parades, jazz festivals, Labor Day festivals, etc., but I'm guessing that's not what you're after. Sounds like you want a staycation.


Centerfield Seats: Just to add a bit about the three areas...

Centerfield Reserved: Normal seats, plastic-ky, close together. But you get to hang right behind Nyjer Morgan.

Centerfield Lounge: big padded seats with loads of legroom and tables in between for your food and drinks. Table service available w/ the food/bev credit (but it can be painfully slow)

Red Loft Seats: Same legroom and padded, club-like seats as the Centerfield Lounge - no tables or service (fantastic usher though!).

Just worth a mention - I know my wife loves the extra room you get in the Lounge and Loft - so the extra cash can be worth it for some groups.

Anne: Thanks for the tips.


Alexandria, Va.: I'm a very late contributor but I wanted to make note of your Old Town conversation -- Majestic's bar is a favorite of mine, past the dinner rush. It's still lively, and Mike and Sydney make some great drinks that are fun to enjoy with a group of pals. Cheers!

Fritz: Yep. Less crowded than some of the other bars, too.


Tap class!:

Stephanie: Okay! And it's in Alexandria, which is promising...


Woodley Park: re: Birthday Help He/she should call Stetson's. I reserved their upstaits bar for about five hours on a Saturday night about a year ago (for a surprise birthday party) for $300--that also included food!

Fritz: There's an idea. (You're going to get the rest of the non-birthday guests to chip in, right?)


Arlington, Va.: My girlfriends and I are looking for a something fun and different to do on a Tuesday night (our usual girls night). We usually always do dinner and wine but we'd like to do something with an activity. We love the Drafthouse but we're looking for something different. Any fun ideas?

Julia: Head to Bethesda. The town is showing "Mamma Mia" as part of its Movies Under the Stars series. Make a reservation on Redwood's patio for about 8 p.m. and you can stag a three-course meal for $20 per person.

You could also do a progressive dinner. A girlfriend of mine and I had a great, hazy walking tour of D.C. wine bars not too long ago. It's kind of nice to get a drink and a bite and then move on for the next course.


to Orange line with the old friends walking around Eastern Market:: a nice cap to that day would be a Nats game. Great way to spend a summer evening.

Stephanie: Totally. Great idea.


Clarendon: Re: person looking for dinner spot before Dave Attell show -- Panache would be easy since it's directly across the street. Spezie almost as close.

Julia: Why, thank you.


Silver Spring, Md.: I was really disappointed a few weeks ago when I went to Ceviche in Silver Spring to find that they no longer book the live band that they used to! It was a great place to go latin dancing... Can you recommend anywhere for 20-25 year olds in Montgomery County or D.C. that has a similar feel to how Ceviche used to be?

Rhome: This is a good question. I'd only been to Ceviche when there were DJs but it would seem to me that this type of niche would be a popular one on Mont. Co. Have you tried salsa night at The Barking Dog on Tuesdays? Not the same aesthetic, of course. There's also salsa at Bambule on Thursdays. There's often latin nights with salsa in the basement level of Ultrabar. Then you've got your mainstays like Habana Village, Rumba Cafe and Bossa.


Saturday with a One Year Old?: It's going to rain on Saturday and I need something to do out of the house with a one year old. I live in Northern Virginia and would rather than come in to the city. Ideas?

Anne: You could go join the sticky children at the Arlington County Fair. The exhibit space is huge, so your kid can run around all the tables. That's all you really need, right, somewhere free and big indoors -- I'm guessing the toddler probably isn't that interested in say, who won the biggest pumpkin contest. But maybe. And if the rain lets up, you can go to the petting zoo.


Bethesda, Md.: Hi all., Recently my husband and I went to a Sports Bar/Restauant for dinner as well as to watch sports. The sports part was fine, but I was frustrated with the food -- it was nearly all fried. I was able to order a reasonably health meal, but there were very few choices (and the one I did order was heavily salted). Do you know of sports bars that have serve good (i.e., healthy as well as tasty) food? Almost any place within a reasonable driving distance would be okay. Thanks!

Julia: For healthful options at sports bars, my favorite places are Town Hall and Cleveland Park Bar and Grill. They both have GREAT salads. (Town Hall's especially). Here's a list of sports bars with good food that I "penned" a long time ago. As a Bethesda resident, you surely know that Caddie's isn't healthy, but I've always liked their pizza.


Va./D.C. lounge?: A few girlfriends (late 20s, early 30s) are venturing out from the 'burbs (gasp!) this Sat. Can you guys recommend a nice loungy place where we can chill, have some cocktails and do a little dancing? We don't feel like keeping up with the kids at the clubs, and a rooftop would be nice in case the weather cooperates this weekend.

Thanks Gurus!

Fritz: In Arlington: Rooftop bar at Eventide, then to Eleventh for dancing; the large patio at Yaku, which has a DJ inside.

In D.C.: Eighteenth Street Lounge's upstairs deck is always great. Current has a nice back patio. Muse's rooftop is fun, though it's not really a cocktail place.


UMD Grad: Single girl traveling to D.C. alone, please do not take the metro all the way to College Park or go to the pool there. Don't get me wrong, I will always have a fond place for CP in my heart, but no. Just no. (Unless maybe you will be here when school is in session and you are under age 23 and go to the pool on campus.)

Anne: Safety is totally a personal thing, but I feel the opposite way. I mean, I wouldn't ride that long on the Metro just to go to the CP pool, but that wasn't what I was encouraging. If you're a single tourist visiting D.C. for the first time, then obviously you want to see the major sights downtown, and that will probably involve riding public transportation at some point.


Columbia Heights: Help GOGs! My out of town friends want to go to Love this weekend, and I'm desperate to find some kind of classier alternative that's a bit closer (hopefully in NW). We're in our early 30s and just looking for a fun place to go dancing. Any suggestions would be appreciated!

Fritz: What, Love's not classy?

If you're looking for the dressed-up more-lounge-than-club scene, there's Josephine, the Park at 14th, Lima, Eighteenth Street Lounge, maybe Fly (if it's Saturday).


Tuesday Night/Girls Night: Why not try class at The P's so fun! Great workout. I went to a pole dancing class Saturday and had a BLAST!!! Of thighs were sore three days later, but it was a great way to spend time with the girls.

Julia: Michaela, is that you? I kid, I kid. I have nothing but great things to say about the P spot. I wrote about the place a long time ago. Those classes are INTENSE. (This is one of those articles that I hope my future children never find through Google one day.)


Rehoboth Restaurants: Espuma, Nage and Eden are all really good places to eat!

Fritz: Nage is nowhere near the Trolley, though. (It's next to my favorite Delaware discount likkasto.)


Dewey Beach Eating, again: There isn't much in Dewey that would be considered "good eating." I am partial to Mama Celeste's at last call, but Rehoboth is by far a better bet for a real sit down dinner. The trolley is $2/person/each way. The drivers will ask you where you going and will tell you exactly where to get off. Dogfish, Adriadico (sp?), Sting Rays, Abstractions - all good picks!

Fritz: Good advice. Thanks.


Arlington, Va.: Not sure if I did something wrong, but here's my 2nd attempt.

A girlfriend and I want to get out tomorrow, maybe a good spot to catch the game? I love football so always down for a good game spot. We are not into the club scene, but we are single and ready 2 mingle, so what's the hot spot for the game? Where will the sexy, single professionals be?? We are open to Va. or D.C.

Thanks GOGs! I love this addition to the Post.

Julia: Hey there, so, we're curious. Do you want to catch tomorrow's games? Like, Tennessee at Dallas? Or are you looking for something to do on Saturday to watch the Skins defeat the Steelers?!? Either way, check out Fritz's handy list of the area's best sports bars. It sounds like Velocity Five might fit your needs.


Washington, D.C.: My friend is hitting the big 30 this weekend and is looking for a fun place to go in D.C. that has good music (preferably hip hop or reggae), a good vibe without being a huge crush, and not too expensive/chic. It also needs to be pretty metro accessible as there will be people coming from all over...any suggestions?

Rhome: There's always Wonderland. Rock and Roll Hotel keeps a great lineup of dance parties. Keenan and Smudge are in the upstairs space this Saturday. Should be a sweaty, wild good time and there's no cover. And definitely consider Close To The Edge tomorrow night.


Washington, D.C.: I would like to take my boyfriend out for a very nice dinner on Saturday. I would like to dress up and have fabulous food. Any recommendations?

Julia: First off, make reservations soon. Secondly, check out Corduroy, Proof, Bourbon Steak and (maybe) Adour. Have fun!


Downtown, D.C.: So I need a good Happy Hour suggestion around Metro Center, with good cocktails and outdoor seating?

Fritz: Well, there's Poste's huge courtyard garden. $5 beers, $5 red/white wines, $5 truffle fries.

I can think of good places for cocktails around Metro Center (Ceiba, Ten Penh, Central). I can think of good happy hours near Metro Center (Laughing Man, Cap City Brewing Company, Ceiba). I can think of bars with outdoor seating near Metro Center (Elephant and Castle). I'm just having trouble putting them all together.


Hobbling Around: Hey GoGs

So I am (quite unexpectedly) on crutches for the next few weeks and am looking for something fun to do tomorrow evening that might involve alcohol but doesn't involve walking... (or standing)

Do you guys have any suggestions?

Fritz: Where ever you go, get there early. Seriously. When a friend of mine tore a muscle in her leg a few years ago, she wanted to see a band at the Black Cat, so the staff gave her an elevator ride upstairs, then arranged for her to have a barstool on the side of the stage. How cool is that?

_______________________ That's it! Thanks and see you next week!


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