Celebritology Live: Michael Jackson Lives, Booties and Dresses, and a Special Guest

Liz Kelly and Leslie Gornstein
washingtonpost.com Celebritology Blogger
Thursday, August 27, 2009; 2:00 PM

Join Celebritology blogger Liz Kelly LIVE every Thursday at 2 p.m. ET to gab about the latest celebrity pairings (and splittings), rising stars (and falling ones), and get the scoop on the latest gossip making waves across the Web.

This week, Liz was joined by E! Answer Bitch blogger Leslie Gornstein. Gornstein also released "The A-List Playbook" -- a snarky how-to manual for celebs -- in February.

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Liz Kelly: Hey folks -- we'll be getting started shortly.


Liz Kelly: Welcome to today's show. Not a bad turnout for a late August afternoon. Today we're joined by a special guest: E!'s Answer Bitch -- aka Leslie Gornstein. She's super smart and super dialed in to how the lives of celebrities work. Despite what Us Weekly says they aren't "just like us!" So Leslie's here to give us the real scoop. She also published "The A-List Playbook" earlier this year -- a must-read for celebrities and those of us who wonder how they cope with it all.

I know I have a question for Leslie that's been bugging me ever since we taped last week's Twits video: Celebs like Paula Abdul, Courtney Love, Miley Cyrus seem to do more harm than good to their image when they take to Twittering. Are agents/studios/record companies going to get wise to this soon and start forcing their talent to sign "non Tweet agreements?"

Leslie, anything to add before we get started?


Is Chris Brown going to do actual hard labor as part of his punishment?: The judge was pretty clear that she did not want to let him off the hook with volunteer-esque community service. But what will his sentence entail: roadwork? Garbage pickup?

Liz Kelly: I don't think we have any specifics yet on what his community service will be. One thing we do know -- the sentence will be carried out in Virginia. From Billboard.com:

Brown will serve his sentence in his home state - Virginia - and his community labor will be overseen by the police chief in Richmond.

The judge said she wanted to ensure that Brown, 20, performs physical labor instead of community service, such as mentoring young people. He will also undergo a year of domestic violence counseling.

I don't exactly see him being sent out to break rocks in the hot sun, but I'm sure Richmond has plenty of gritty jobs to keep him busy.

Leslie Gornstein: He'll be doing something physical, but not necessarily "hard." Unless you think sweeping stuff up is "hard."


Washington, D.C.: Heard a rumor yesterday morning that Michael Jackson may still be alive and faked his own death. The report was about someone seeing a frail figure resembling Michael Jackson leaving the LA Coroner's Office through some secret entrance. Have you heard anything about this? Doubt it's true, but you never know...

washingtonpost.com: I've been way out front on this theory. Eccentric with a fondness for plastic surgery and massive debt dies suddenly under mysterious circumstances? C'mon...

Liz Kelly: I did. I saw it earlier this week. My guess is that it is a nicely produced fake. Have a look.

Leslie Gornstein: I don't think it's fake, just because a homicide has been ruled in MJ's death. That means someone may be facing charges, and to charge someone in a fake death is kinda over the top.


Glover Park, NW: Have you seen the wretched West Side Story take on the VMAs? It's an embarrassment for all involved:


Leslie Gornstein: *cringe*


Washington, DC: I'm going to have to go ahead and disagree with your post about not wearing booties with dresses. The reason the ensembles looked bad in those photos is because those dresses were kind of ugly and weren't flattering in the first place! Dresses and booties can definitely be paired successfully, you just have to be discriminating about what you put together.

Liz Kelly: Give This Trend the Boot

I'm willing to keep an open mind about this. But I'd like to see some evidence. I've yet to see a dress-ankle boot pairing that didn't make me gag. Maybe Leslie has a different take. Maybe she's a huge dress-ankle boot fan.

Leslie Gornstein: You know, if you have the gams, you can pull off anything. I am a garden gnome of a human being, so I can't wear them, but models sure can. Do those count as people, tho?


Lincoln Park, Chicago - How much is too much time spent on a single celebrity: Liz - When does one cross the line from innocent timewasting on a particular celeb, into full-on weird online obsession? (FYI: And I'm not talking about scary stalking with a candlelight shrine or doll made out of the person's hair.)

I think daily Google News searches and irrational happiness upon finding out a new tidbit online is pushing it, but still okay. YouTube tributes, excessive Twittering/chat-rooming, and running a Web site in that person's honor is going to the dark side.

Your thoughts?

washingtonpost.com: You don't have to do a daily Google News search, jeesh. You can just have the feed of the search sent to you.


Liz Kelly: I wouldn't worry about daily searches or even, say, keeping your chosen star's picture as your computer wallpaper. As with any addiction, the alarm bells would start going off if and when it interfered with your life, work, relationships. Or if you, say, started reasoning that being a stalker isn't such a bad thing.

Leslie Gornstein: I once read that if it's interfering with your daily routine, it's too much. It's obsession at that point.


Chris Brown - Stay Classy, San Diego!: Yep. He seems real broken up about this whole thing: beating, conviction and all. Chris Brown Performs Michael Jackson Dance After Sentencing

Liz Kelly: I saw that report this morning and I didn't include it today's Mix because it felt like a non-starter to me. So he went to a club and sang along to a Michael Jackson song. Big deal. He was sentenced to five years probation, not five years of no dancing or singing.

I'm not a fan -- of him personally (especially after reading the detailed report of what happened the night of the assault), but the fact that he went out to a club the night of his sentencing just doesn't get my back up. I'm interested to see what he said to Larry King, tho, in an interview set to air next week. That may just do it depending on what he has to say.

Leslie Gornstein: I get a serious feeling that kid ain't sorry. At all. Even a little bit.


San Diego, CA: Jennifer Aniston should indeed feel screwed over by Us (as well as US magazine, People, etc.). WHAT is the deal with the media fixation on her single status? I don't see any other celeb being portrayed as unable to get/keep a man. Jen, by all appearances and accounts, is grounded, respected, totally cool and real. And that's much more of an accomplishment in celeb-land than who she's dating!! Is it because she's not crazy that she's lambasted all the time?

washingtonpost.com: Why Jen Should Feel Screwed Over by Us

Leslie Gornstein: I have the exact opposite attitude. Jen Aniston cultivated that interest herself, and she milks it for all the fame she can get. She's at least 50 percent responsible for any ongoing stories about Brangelina and her, and we have no way of knowing if she's really all that "grounded" and "respectable." We see only what she wants us to see.


Boston: Hi,

Why do magazines/newspapers sometimes print blind items? Why not come out and say who really did what, if they know that it happened? I've always been confused about this.

Leslie Gornstein: One word: Libel.


I am a garden gnome of a human being: Are you any relation to the Travelocity Gnome?

Leslie Gornstein: Don't talk about my mom.


I knew it: I can't remember whether or not you printed my question, but I remember asking once: how soon well it be before the "Michael Jackson is still alive" rumors start. I mean, seriously, just because Jim Morrison got away with it...

Leslie Gornstein: They're already out there. Started the day he died, as I recall ...

Liz Kelly: Please see the video above.


New York, N.Y.: Leslie, I found your recent post about Paris Jackson's haircut and why her bodyguard insisted on taking the cut hair with them overly snarky. To harp on the fact that she might not be MJ's biological child just seems mean. She's only 11 and just became an orphan. Don't you think that little kids -- who aren't celebrities themselves -- should get a pass?

washingtonpost.com: Do Salons Sell the Hair They Cut Off Celeb Heads?

Leslie Gornstein: She is indeed a public figure, and she reinforced her desire to be a public figure when she spoke in front of millions at her father's funeral. And questions about her blood relation have been swirling for years because Michael Jackson told the world what appeared to be an obvious lie. It's that apparent lie that's drawing the "snark," as she puts it. You can lay the blame squarely at the feet of MJ.


Liz Kelly, get outta my head!!: A couple of weeks ago I was in the hospital for a minor procedure, while waiting for my turn, I saw a doctor. I was thinking, he was kind of cute, then he turned and I saw the dreaded pleated pants. Suddenly he was no longer cute. Not that I was in any shape to flirt, the nurse did a crap job putting in my I.V. and it was hurting, not to mention, my wardrobe consisted of one of those awful hospital gowns...that opens in the back.

Liz Kelly: Well, it sounds like it distracted you from hospital ickiness -- even if for just a split second.

Leslie Gornstein: Please tell me they finally gave you some decent drugs.


Age police question for the Answer Bitch: Leslie - A while back on this chat the topic of Anna Lynne McCord's age came up: the theory being she seems way older than 22, but given the Internet it's pretty hard to pull one over on the age police these days. Catherine Zeta Jones aside, is it really possible to lie about your age in Hollywood these days?

washingtonpost.com: Celebritology Live: Kate Gosselin's Hair, George Clooney's Girlfriend, More

Leslie Gornstein: Absolutely, and not because it's too hard to track down public records. I know for a fact that publicists have pressured magazine editors to lie about stars' ages, and have threatened blackballing when the editors don't play ball.


Woodbridge, Va.: What's up with Arlington, Va.'s own Sandra Bullock? After trying to do serious roles and failing, she is back to doing romantic comedy films. "The Proposal" was actually one of her biggest hits, so it appears that she is trapped in the role of the zany woman. At age 45, I think she is getting too old to play these parts.

Leslie Gornstein: Why? Meryl Streep could play a zany woman tomorrow and no one would say anything.


Washington, D.C.: Dresses w/ booties poster here. I think you guys may be right - I wear dresses with booties all the time, but (you guessed it) I'm a model. I do like to think that I'm a human being though...

washingtonpost.com: Liz, this may require further research.

Leslie Gornstein: Congrats. You are one of exactly four people on the planet who can rock this look. Do not let us down.


A Liz & Leslie question - better to be single or in a couple for pap coverage?: Okay ladies activate your Wonder Twin powers: Does a celebrity get more or less coverage when they are in a couple, or when single?

In the new issue of NYLON, Anna Paquin said, "I understand my being in a relationship seems to make me more interesting, but actually, couples are a hell of a lot more boring than single people who are always getting into trouble."

So is it -- stable celebs get more coverage when in relationships because the tabs can build storylines around them, but outrageous celebs get more coverage when single because they provide salacious photo ops?

Liz Kelly: Hmm. I'm not sure there's a hard and fast formula. Sure, Anna Paquin is more interesting coupled with Stephen Moyer because he's her co-star but there are plenty of other couples that get tons of attention. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's coverage skyrocketed when they got together and it still hasn't really died down.

On the flip side, there are plenty of ho-hum singles out there (Jennifer Aniston), tho for others it's the getting into and out of relationships that makes for interesting gossip. I'm thinking Lindsay Lohan and her on-again/off-again SamRo relationship.

But in the end I think it's really all about the stars involved. Some are just naturally more compelling than others, paired or single.

Leslie Gornstein: Definitely in a couple. As a former reporter for US, trust me, there are more headlines to be made with a couple: Falling in love, coming out to the world, the notorious "baby joy," trouble in paradise, the big breakup, why they broke up, whether they're getting back together, whether they're REALLY really getting back together, and then, of course, "moving on."


Procedural Question: When US, People or the other tabloids run a story citing a celebrity's pal, who are these friends? Is it a plant by the celebrity or his/her publicist? Or someone in the network of stylists, manicurists, personal trainers and personal assistants that leaks info to the tabloids?

Liz Kelly: Leslie, I think you addressed this in your book, didn't you?

Leslie Gornstein: Yes. Unlike many other industries, where it's expected that sources go on the record or shut up, celebrity publicists are cowards. They don't want to take responsibility for the things they say -- in case it's later found out to be a lie -- and so, many times, the "pal" is simply the publicist doing spin. Sometimes it's other types of folks -- the best source for dirt on one particular celebrity happens to be the star's grandmother!


Washington, D.C.: Leslie,

Love your column on E! Online. Reading too much gossip has probably distorted my Hollywood world view. If they exist, who are the genuinely nice stars in Hollywood (I would like to think there are some) and are there any couples who actually have good relationships?

Leslie Gornstein: You know who's righteous? Marg Helgenberger. For reals.


Dupont Circle, DC: I'm so glad you brought up the missing GOOP. I was just sifting through my e-mail folders looking for it the day before you posted that. Jesus, I have a fall wardrobe to organize. Just who does she think she is? I've built my life around that woman. How dare she abandon me.

Liz Kelly: She's seriously leaving the door open for Rachel Zoe and her daily e-mail to turn us all into little maxi-dress wearing zombies.


Anne Heche's child: Her Letterman clip is funny, but then you realize there is a child involved who loves both his parents - then the clip becomes a little disturbing/sad.

Any idea who has custody? Is it shared?

washingtonpost.com: Video: Anne Heche calls ex "lazy" on Letterman

Liz Kelly: Actually, the ex won primary custody of the kid as I recall. Here's a story from 2007 confirming that. If that arrangement still stands it makes what she said about Coley's job basically consisting of checking the mailbox for checks from her all the more mean-spirited.

Laffoon reacted this morning with a statement to Us Online:

"After coming home from showing two different clients two different condominiums, I was disturbed to see Anne taking out her personal frustration on the father of her child on national television.


Washington, D.C.: What is the attraction to Bradley Cooper?? I don't get it! He looks totally creepy to me....maybe it's the eyes.

Liz Kelly: He's totally hot and has a wicked awesome grin. But maybe he's just not your thing.

Leslie Gornstein: I can see why some people are weirded out by the stare. Could go either way, that stare. Could be yo man lookin at you. Could be the last face you see before you die.


Thank you Leslie: I am so glad to hear you agree that celebrities cultivate and often encourage the media coverage. There are a ton of celebs that you never hear anything about - even when they are promoting a film. I think Angelina is one of the deftest at making it look like she pursued by the media when she in fact puts herself out there.

Leslie Gornstein: She is so deft that even the New York Times says so. Which means it must be true, right?


Richmond, Va.: Re: dresses with booties. Tights would help, but in general, if the combination makes Sandra Bullock look stumpy, God help the rest of us.

Liz Kelly: I dunno. I don't think tights would make much of a difference here.


Redmond O'Neal Deal: The O'Neal kids - Griffin, Tatum, & Redmond are notoriously troubled when it comes to substance abuse. Giving Redmond his own reality show and the notoriety that goes with it seems like a bad idea.

Liz Kelly: Agreed. But the deal was apparently brokered by papa Ryan, the same man who accidentally hit on his own daughter at his longtime partner's funeral.


Seriously?: "She is indeed a public figure, and she reinforced her desire to be a public figure when she spoke in front of millions at her father's funeral."

She's 11. Perhaps cutting her some slack on her iron-clad decision to be a public figure would be in order. Eleven-year-olds put into the spotlight probably aren't the best judge of the level of media attention they want. Sometimes adults should be adults & leave kids out of it.

Leslie Gornstein: It's a parent's job to parent. It's my job to write. As harsh as it may seem to you, it is not the media's job to ensure that famous people have a better day, even children. If Paris' custodial guardians are wise, they will keep Paris away from news and gossip sites until she's old enough to read them. It's not the media's job to second-guess how someone might feel if they happen to run across an article. If we thought that way, no critical thinking would ever get published.


Little boots and dresses can't be wrong: Because Gwynnie wears them.

Liz Kelly: She isn't always right.

Leslie Gornstein: I guarantee she looks good in that kind of stuff. She looks good in anything.


The VMAs: Considering MTV hasn't played anything close to a music video in two years (with the exception of a 48-hour Michael Jackson tribute) shouldn't they change the name?

Leslie Gornstein: Oh yes, but what name?

Hills TV comes to mind.


Jen Aniston: I don't get the fascination with her. She's pretty...but so are lots of women. She's an okay actress..but so are lots of actresses. She seems over all to be about a 5 or 6 on a scale of 1 to 10.

washingtonpost.com: Who are your 1s and 10s then?

Leslie Gornstein: I disagree. I don't think she's particularly pretty at all. But she has taken her clothes off and rocked that bod at just the right moments to sell the public on the concept that she is *sexy*. Smart.


Catherine Zeta-Jones lies about her age?: So wait a minute there. Does this mean the age difference between CZJ and Michael Douglas isn't as shocking as she makes it out to be by lying about being younger than she really is? How old is CZJ really?

Leslie Gornstein: No, I am not insinuating that any particular star lies about her age. As for CZJ, there's really no way of knowing without a trip to Wales, and I don't even know whether birth records are public there, or whether such a thing could be altered. However, I will tell you this: According to on publicist I once interviewed, the average celebrity shaves an average of three years off of his or her age at one point or another.


Corrrelation?: Do you think there's a significant positive correlation between a celebrity's lack of formal education and his or her predisposition toward making inane comments, tweets, blog posts, etc.?

Liz Kelly: I don't think it would be fair to make that kind of blanket statement. Intelligence isn't always directly related to formal education.

And, hey, if they're tweeting we know they at least learned to read and write. Or type.

Leslie Gornstein: Totally second Kelly's motion, there.


New York, N.Y.: I saw a familiar face on Eigthth Avenue a while back and I waved and she waved back, and then I realized it was Cameron Diaz, or at least her double, and she waved back briefly and then realized she didn't know who I am and then just turned around so I nor anyone else would spot her.

And, yes, sadly, that has been the highpoint of my life so far.

Liz Kelly: Thanks for sharing. Who knows - maybe that random act of kindness made Cameron's day. Or, as Rachel Zoe and her team would call her: CD.


Celebritology vs. Answer Bitch : Do you ladies find you are asked about the same celebrities, or does one column traffic in particular people more than the other?

Leslie Gornstein: Would be curious about Ms. Kelly's input on this (or may I call you Liz?) but for me, it's all about the Gosselins, Gosselins, Gosselins. Jolie, Jolie, Jolie. And, of course, Robsten.


Arlington, Va.: Leslie/Liz - I love the double dose of snark. Great that you're doing the chat together today.

With Dominick Dunne dying this week, is it officially the most lethal summer for celebrities?

Liz Kelly: It's been a pretty deadly summer for celebs, but also for other names of note -- Walter Cronkite, Ted Kennedy, etc...

Leslie Gornstein: Hmmm. We'd have to crunch some serious numbers; in what season was The Day the Music Died?


Hey Starlets, Give This Trend the Boot: Thank you Liz! You shook me out of my stupor -- I was nearly brainwashed into buying a pair before I saw this piece!

Although, you do realize it was your BFF Gwynnie who started the trend last year right?

washingtonpost.com: Hey Starlets, Give This Trend the Boot

Liz Kelly: I do recall her wearing boots and a mini-dress for some of the "Iron Man" premieres. I thought maybe she was going for a futuristic look. Here's to hoping she doesn't come back from her GOOP break with an ankle boot recommendation.

And just to be clear, I'm not anti-ankle boot. Just objecting to pairing them with dresses.


Upper Peninsula, Mich.: Hi L&L, Wapo's Paul Farhi reports Bob Dyland is negotiating to be a GPS voice

On GPS, Bob Dylan Might Guide Lost Drivers Home

Fran Drescher not available?

Liz Kelly: I'm thinking Gilbert Gottfried would keep drowsy drivers from falling asleep pretty well.

Leslie Gornstein: So when someone wonders exactly how many roads must a man walk down, we'll actually get an answer.


Above the Apple Store: Liz, I'm embarrased to admit I care. But in your expert opinion, are Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart a couple or do you think it's the media/crazy fans that are keeping this story alive?

Also, based on the chatter's recommendations, I went through Season 2 of "Mad Men" On Demand this past weekend. I loved the show but found it so overwhelmingly sad and draining.

Liz Kelly: This sounds like a good question for Leslie. I'm truly not sure here. Are R Patts and Kristin an item or is this all so much smoke and mirrors to help sell "Twilight" tickets?

Leslie Gornstein: I get this question easily -- easily -- half a dozen times a day. My colleague at E! Online, Ted Casablanca, has been reporting them as a real couple for months now. I have no sources on that pair, and to be honest -- and no offense to anyone -- I have a really hard time caring.


Stop Aubrey O'Day before she records again!: I see Aubrey has taken a perfectly good song by New Order (Bizarre Love Triangle) and changed the lyrics to be about "ballin'" and "haters". Travesty! I thought she was mostly a nude model now anyway?

washingtonpost.com: Aubrey O'Day Rushes Into The "Worst Lyric Of The Week" Race With Her Bizarre Reworking Of New Order

Liz Kelly: OMG, that is horrible. Worse even than the trendy new Backstreet Boys vampire-inspired video.

How could New Order possibly have allowed this to happen? Don't they know Aubrey dresses her dog in really hid outfits?

Leslie Gornstein: I just love the name Aubrey O'Day. Sounds like the name of a ventriloquist dummy.


Undead Celebs: Hey, let's not forget the REAL king of undeadness -- Elvis. Especially, since there have been reports of him working in an A&W in Michigan for about 20 years.

Leslie Gornstein: How on Earth can I forget him when he keeps showing up at my grocery store?


Celebritology vs. Answer Bitch: Do you ladies find you are asked about the same celebrities, or does one column traffic in particular people more than the other?

Leslie Gornstein: Would be curious about Ms. Kelly's input on this (or may I call you Liz?) but for me, it's all about the Gosselins, Gosselins, Gosselins. Jolie, Jolie, Jolie. And, of course, Robsten.

Liz Kelly: Yeah. That's pretty much the drill for me, too. With a healthy dose lately of Jackson family drama and Lilo and a smattering of questionable celeb parents -- Papa Joe Jackson, Papa Joe Simpson, Ryan O'Neal, Billy Ray Cyrus, Jamie Spears.


Washington, D.C.: What do people in the celeb business think of stars who come to D.C. to testify on behalf of some cause? Are they viewed as serious policy wonks or dilettantes?

Leslie Gornstein: Neither. I don't see much of a reaction to things like that, they happen so rarely.


booties : Heidi Klum rocked it on the opening to last year's "Project Runway." So there you go, 2 of 4 in the world. I wonder who the other two are? Jen Aniston is too short.

Leslie Gornstein: Two words: Kate Moss.


Age police?: Case in point: "Scott Baio is 45 and ..." When I was a kid, Scott Baio was a teenager/young adult. How is it that he is now only a year or two older than me?

Leslie Gornstein: Oh, that Chachi. He always did have a magic about him.

Liz Kelly: The same way that Rachel Zoe claims she is 37.


Dork, Us: I know I've been out of the loop for a while, but what is a Robsten?

Leslie Gornstein: Any Twihards care to wax forth?

Liz Kelly: Come on folks, don't let me down here...


speaking of Gilbert Gottfried : in high school, my friends and I ran into him in Mission Beach (San Diego) -- he totally hit on my friend, gave her his number and would not stop following us. And yes, I stil make fun of her for it.

Liz Kelly: Please tell me you were 18 at the time.


George Clooney: Is he deceptively fragile? Hurt his back badly playing basketball, broke a couple of bones in a motorcyle mishap a couple of years ago, now allegedly broke his hand in a car door incident?

Leslie Gornstein: Here in Hollywood, we spin that as "doing our own stunts."


Stop With the Rachel Zoe: Oy, enough mentions of her, okay? Just saying her name conjures visions of the Olsen twins and I prefer to keep my Thursdays hippie-freak free, thank you.

Liz Kelly: Sorry. Her show's new season started this week, so I've got Zoe on the brain. At least I haven't said "bananas" yet.

Leslie Gornstein: Rachel Zoe. Makes me hungry for an air sandwich with a side of nothin'


More on booties: Incidentally, the same models who can rock the bootie/mini dress look are the only ones who can rock a maxi dress. For most, the maxi dress looks like we're ready for a condo in Florida (del boca vista?)

Leslie Gornstein: Truth. I don't wear minidresses unless I tell someone first. Otherwise no one comes to find me when I get lost in there.


Leslie: I bet you don't as many photo requests for Andy and Opie as Liz does (hint, hint, Liz!).

Liz Kelly: They aren't big in L.A. yet. Give them time.

Here's a shot from earlier this afternoon.


Scruples: Was there ever a gossip item (duly confirmed) that you didn't run because it made you feel bad to publish it? (not asking what the item was, but if you've ever hesitated to air something because it was hurtful or egregious)

Leslie Gornstein: I don't really air anything just for the sake of airing it. If I am reporting something -- a trend, a phenomenon -- and the gossip tidbit is salient to the piece, and I've confirmed the information, I print it. But if it's just gossip for gossip's sake, it serves no purpose and I just file it or forget about it.


Miami Social: Pretty sure no one cares about this show (I don't even care about it, but had to watch it after I met them), but I met part of the cast of the show and they are all basically jerks. Anyway, I took a lot of pleasure in noticing that George (the one who dates the crazy Russian girl) has a really intense blinking problem. They try to minimize it on the show, but it's DEFINITELY noticeable in person. How can you have a tick like that and still be a douche?

Liz Kelly: I haven't seen Miami Social. My reality show dance card is full right now with Rachel Zoe, Intervention, Obsessed and the latest A&E offering -- Hoarders.

Leslie Gornstein: Two words: Top Model.


Bawlmer, Hon: I'm guessing Robsten is a portmanteau of Robert and Kristen, like Brangelina or Bennifer.

Personally, I think it should be the new Twilight-themed drink- chocolate milk, strawberry syrup (or liqueur if you are of age), and whipped cream, garnished with edible sparkles and served with a fork. Ideal for soothing the throat after a round of fangirl shrieking. "Hey, barkeep, another round of Robstens down here!"

Leslie Gornstein: That's right. And, hands down, Robsten generates more Answer B!tch questions than anyone else right now.


Greetings and Salutations: IMDB says there is going to be TV show based on the movie "Heathers." Is nothing sacred? I can't wait to see how they mess up this classic.

Liz Kelly: Everything old is new again. Fame, 90210, Melrose Place and now Heathers. Here's a story.

Why do I seem to recall hearing talk last year of a "Heathers" sequel that would reunite Winona Ryder and Christian Slater? That seems like the better choice. It's not like they're doing anything else.


What's the over-under?: How soon will ScarJo's marriage be ending?

Liz Kelly: Scarlett and Ryan do seem like a mismatched couple. It's like the all-American high school quarterback dating the punk rock captain of the debate team.

Leslie Gornstein: This q is actually a bit harder to answer than most simply because they're so stealthy as a couple. Unlike most stars, they don't use their marriage as a marketing tool to see movie tickets. It's refreshing.

Leslie Gornstein: I mean sell movie tickets. Sorry. I need a sandwich. A Rachel Zoe air sandwich.

Liz Kelly: We're almost there, Leslie.


Arlington, VA: Hi, Leslie,

Glad to see you're here. Any gossip on the only celebrity worth reading about: Alexander Skarsgaard?

Leslie Gornstein: Oooohhh, Mommy likey the Eric Northman. Even though he comes off kinda too euro in True Blood. I recap True Blood for Hitfix.com, and for weeks, I didn't call him Eric. I called him the Oontz Oontz Euro Vampire Sheriff.

Liz Kelly: Agreed -- the True Blood costume department needs to stop with the tight black wifebeater look.

Alex, by the way, celebrated his 33rd birthday earlier this week. And here I thought he was like 500 years old.


Rachel ZOE: Apparently she has a skin care line coming out. For reals? Who is dumb enough to back this idea? Her nickname is Raisin Face. Why would I want Rachel Zoe skin care? I'll buy that right after I pick up some Donatella Versace skin care/tanning cream.

Liz Kelly: BA ha ha. I can't add anything here that would be more effective than your comment.

Leslie Gornstein: Knock it off. You're making my face hurt.


Raleigh, N.C.: Leslie, I just want to thank you for your props to Marg Helgenberger.

A few years ago, a dear friend of mine was in the hospital dealing with her second round of chemo from her recurrance of non-Hodgkins lymphoma.

Not good stuff, and definitely bad reoccurrance less than 5 years after the first instance.

Anyhow, Ms. Helgenberger was in Omaha, Neb., (where my friend was receiving treatment), visiting cancer patients, and attending a fundraising dinner for cancer research.

She invited my friend to dinner on the spur of the moment. Nothing compelled her to ask, she just did. I can't imagine anything that lifted the spirits of my second-time-bald, dealing-with-cancer-AGAIN, feeling distinctly down 24-year-old friend more.

She was just floating for days after that dinner. Without Marg Helgenberger, she would have stayed depressed and had a harder time fighting her illness. I will always think of Marg Helgenberger as one of the true good guys of the celebrity world. Thanks for mentioning her.

Leslie Gornstein: You bet. And may I add that, in person, she hot, as the kids say.


Couple vs. Single: She may cultivate it, but Angelina was interesting as a single and in a few different couples. She's just one of those people. I always thought Jen was a weird diversion, from one's natural progression from Juliette Lewis to Gwinnie to Angelina. Seems logical. You want the refinement and bearing of one and the crazy from the other.

Liz Kelly: Agreed re: Angelina. I don't think she was any less compelling as a singleton -- she was adopting Maddox, learning to fly, cultivating her humanitarian thing.

Leslie Gornstein: True. But she wasn't nearly so juicy as when she started dating Brad. The needle went off the scale after that pap shot in Africa.


Liz Kelly: Thanks for joining us today, Leslie. This has been fab. You're welcome back any time.

That's it for today. See the rest of you back here next Thursday.

Leslie Gornstein: Liz, thanks so much for thinking of me!

Liz Kelly: Alright -- Lost fans can head over to the 3 p.m. Lost Hour. Link to follow.



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Liz Kelly: The link, as promised.


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