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Thursday, September 3, 2009; 2:00 PM

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Liz Kelly: Afternoon. Welcome to the last summer edition of Celebritology Live. Sadly, we'll be closing up the pool at the end of today's show so jump in while you can.

Congrats again to readers dstu and Alison-in-TN for the winning Spencer Pratt monikers: Spencer for Hire Pratt and the "Friends" inspired Princess Consuela Banana Hammock and his wife, Crap Bag.

Bravo, also, to fashionisto Tim Gunn who finally officialized what we've been saying here for weeks, that Ed Hardy-loving Jon Gosselin represents "the slobification of America." Hear hear.

In other news, congrats to Taye Diggs and Idina Menzel who today welcomed son Walker Nathaniel Diggs. And, even though it seemed like it might never happen, Michael Jackson is skedded to be laid to rest this evening.

Okay, let's get started...


Alexandria, Va.: Madonna and Michael, both 51, one still going strong, one dead from drugs. I would've predicted the other way around.

Liz Kelly: Now see, I don't agree at all. From the get-go Madonna represented a strong woman who clawed her way to the the top. Michael Jackson, on the other hand, was every bit as talented but kind of had the whole fame thing thrust upon him, right?

There was a great essay re: Madonna in New York Magazine recently -- about her staying power (or lack thereof) and the author, Emily Nussbaum, was way more eloquent than my lame attempt of earlier this week. Here's a link:

Justify My Love, (NY Mag, Aug. 3)


Twitter: I finally joined Twitter, mostly so I could follow crazy celeb tweets and news. Do you know if there exists a list(s) of celebrity Twitter accounts somewhere online?

Liz Kelly: Why yes, several sites have attempted to aggregate the ever-growing number of celeb Twitter feeds. Here's one Producer Paul sent me earlier this week.

But why waste your time reading all of that twattle when you can just watch two minutes of Twits each week?


Arlington, Va.: What made DJ AM such a great DJ? And this is non-snarky, just not sure what makes someone a famous DJ (dating life aside)

Liz Kelly: Having never heard DJ AM do his thing, I honestly don't know. I guess he spun a wicked groove. Other than that, all I can figure is he dated -- and friended -- a lot of famous folks.

It is just so tragic that this guy defied the odds by surviving an airplane crash only to die months later from what's looking like a drug overdose. Sadder when you think his addiction had been under control but was reportedly rekindled by the painkillers prescribed following the crash.


Broken, USA: I found a dead pigeon this morning when I walked one of my dogs. It's not fair. People don't care about animals. My roommate/best friend took a pigeon to a vet and the poor little bird was euthanized. Please make the day better with a picture of Andy.

Liz Kelly: You poor thing. I'm sorry. But don't lose faith in humanity because you found a dead pigeon -- I'm guessing it was probably old age or West Nile that did it, not a neighbor. (Unless said pigeon showed obvious signs of human intervention -- tire treads and whatnot.)

But, ask and ye shall receive. The cats hammed it up this week.

Here's Andy, Opie and a bonus link to a picture a work pal sent me because it reminded him of Andy. I now call this cat "Andy's Nerd Cousin."


Southern California: What's the over/under on actually (finally) burying Jacko today?

Liz Kelly: I'm trying not to talk about it too much in the hopes of not jinxing the whole thing.


I'm itchy!: When will we have more dramatic readings of celebrity tweets? I need to know when it's going to be a GREAT day!

washingtonpost.com: VIDEO -- 'Twits': Wisdom from Diddy, LiLo and BrookeHo

Liz Kelly: The plan is to return next week and, if all goes well, add new installments weekly thereafter.


Ellicott City, Md.: When will Levi Johnston's 15 minutes be over? Does he ever get interviewed about his own mom and her issues? He makes me feel sorry for Sarah Palin and that's not a place I want to be.

Liz Kelly: I'm thinking he's in minute 16 at this point. He'll continue to fade, but -- and you may want to sit down before reading on -- we may never be fully rid of him.


Liz Kelly: Okay, I just heard back from my "True Blood" expert, Amy in New York, and according to her the Vampire Queen is not superfluous and does actually exist in the books. So much for my theory that they tacked that character on to the show just to find a spot for Evan Rachel.


Demi's never had plastic surgery? Excuse me, HA HA HA HA HA...: ha ha ha ha...

Okay I'm better now. Who does she think she's fooling? The US Magazine evidence (flat-chested pictures, etc.) are pretty damning.

This Week In Tabloids: Lindsay May Have Robbed Herself; Demi's "Never" Had Plastic Surgery

Liz Kelly: Glad you brought that up. For years Demi's been like the poster child for successful surgery. I don't think any of us can deny that she's built like a brick house, but it is really difficult to believe she's just that naturally gifted.

But, and there's always a but, according to our BFF Leslie Gornstein over at E!, it is not only possible, but plausible that Demi is au natural. Says one plastic surgeon she interviewed:

Some people really are just lucky in the face. "One of the reasons she can pull this off is she has excellent bone structure," Mayer says. Plus, "she has kept a certain amount of fat in her face, and she may do well against sun damage because she has got more pigment in her skin. Blond and fair-skinned people ain't gonna look like this at that age."

So, I'm torn. I honestly could go either way on this -- especially since I have a 73-year-old mother who doesn't look a day over 50.

So maybe I will give Demi the benefit of the doubt here. But does "no surgery" include little non-surgical procedures like Botox or collagen injections? I'm guessing that's between Demi and her doc.


Jason Bateman: Just wanted to say that I think he is really cute and I will even go see his strange looking new movie "Extract" about spices or whatever.

Liz Kelly: Thanks for sharing.


Page?: Page wasn't doing press last week. And now all we get is a blurry dog shot in Andy's picture? Inquiring minds want to know.

Liz Kelly: Page is a bit camera shy, but I'll snap a picture of her before the show's over and share it.


Dupont Circle, DC: Wait a minute, when you say the pool is closing do you mean the whole Celebritology establishment? Or are we just adjourning to the sitting room with our Chardonnay?

Liz Kelly: The latter.

Tho I'd prefer a vampire queen-style conservatory with an indoor tiled pool. And a mojito.


Lawyer, Here: Liz!! Are you saying that this chat will end after the end of summer? WHY???? I can't live you Gene AND you, it is too much. How will I be able to get through the day?

Liz Kelly: NO NO! Okay, apologies. The chat will go on. I was just goofing about the end of summer. We'll be here next week and the week after that and the week after that and... you get the idea.


Speaking of twits...: I have celebs to recommend: David Lynch (to Ben Stiller: "@RedHourBen I want to be your friend, Ben. - David") and Elizabeth Taylor ("But as I said before I went into the hospital, "I am a survivor.")

Liz Kelly: Thank you, keep em coming!


Bon Temps, La. - Evan Rachel Wood: good or awful on True Blood?: The blogosphere seems very divided on Sunday's True Blood. Liz, I'm dying to hear your thoughts....

Liz Kelly: The best part about ERW's "True Blood" cameo? Her sea shore-themed conservatory. That was way cool. I want a shell chandelier.

As for her acting, I thought she sucked. And not blood. Not only that, her entire presence was superfluous. I've got a question out to my "True Blood" expert, so hopefully we'll hear from her before the end of the show -- but that entire errand felt like filler. It didn't do much to further the storyline -- I'm sure Bill could have gotten the goods on how to kill Maryann elsewhere. Blech.

More to come..

Liz Kelly: Okay, I'm a total idjit. I meant to send this out ahead of the last Evan Rachel Wood missive. Please to backread.


San Diego: How did Jeremy Piven suddenly get so much hair?

washingtonpost.com: Reuters

Creative Captioning: A Piven Worth a Thousand Words

Liz Kelly: Hair Club for Men? Side effect of Mercury poisoning?


Mississippi Gulf Coast: I'm not a prude by any means, but I just feel bleech hearing about the knocked up Kardashian.

Liz Kelly: That doesn't make you a prude. It makes you sane.


Is this Bryce Dallas Howard?!?!?: Help me Liz - this commercial for Zyrtec is driving me batty - is this Bryce Dallas Howard? (The voice is obviously not, but the woman in the ad is a DEAD RINGER for BDH.)

washingtonpost.com: Google says no, but it did return this provocative link: Bryce Dallas Howard: Franchise Killer!

"Remember, she's driven bigger and better franchises to the verge of complete collapse - what's to say that Bella and her brood are immune?"

Liz Kelly: No, I don't think that's her. Close, but not quite waifish enough.


methinks: Against everything in me I like the Madonna song you posted the other day. What does this mean?

re: Jon Gosselin...he finally caught on to the fact that his wife verbally abused him? Really? I mean, yes, he's a bit of schmuck but I saw approximately 5 minutes of that show a couple of years ago and figured that out. What a stupid head.

Since all the other kids are asking for pictures, may I please have a picture of Jon Hamm? Thank you.

washingtonpost.com: You May

Also, I would like to officially announce that Christina Hendricks has replaced ScarJo as my official celebrity crush. Thank you.

Liz Kelly: Why do I feel like we just posted this picture last week? Ah well, no matter.

Best moment of Sunday's "Mad Men?" When Betty asks her dad how the drive was and he responds "In the Lincoln?!?" and then does a Sammy Davis Jr-esque finger snap. Loved. It.

As for Jon Gosselin, I'm not buying his whines about verbal abuse. At this point he's just using that as a lame attempt to score back the sympathy points he lost when he took up with the 22-year-old daughter of his wife's plastic surgeon and started d****ing his way around Vegas and the Hamptons. The man needs to grow up and think about the fact that he has eight children who don't need to see their parents lobbing accusations at each other in public.


Queen of the High School Drama Club, maybe ....: I know this Evan Rachel Wood person dated Marilyn Mason and Mickey Rourke, but is she supposed to be a good actress? All that eyerolling and sighing and elaborate gesturing upset the delicate camp balance on my delicious/ridiculous "True Blood"!

Liz Kelly: Agreed. At this rate we'll be seeing Kristin Stewart and her way more pronounced eye roll, sighs and sneer on next season's shows.


TrueBlood Reader DC (Ed's note - possible spoilers?): Hi Liz -

I've read all the books save one, and with this version of the Maenad story they've strayed a bit from the books. The Queen does exist, but this particular errand I don't recall at all. There is a storyline that does involved Bill and the Queen, and the fact that Sookie's cousin knows the Queen also becomes relevant (in the books). But, there are definitely some things going on re: Bill/Eric/Queen/Sookie that are diverging from the way they're handled in the books.

Also -- In the books the Queen is a 16 year old French woman/girl... I imagined her a bit more Kirsten Dunst in Vampire Lestat (with dark hair) rather than ERW.

Liz Kelly: Ah, thank you! Amy in New York should have told me this crucial information.


Demi surgery: Wait, we know she had implants - she admitted that. I'm guessing she had her real girls lifted once she took them out (otherwise Ashton would be using an umbrella to keep this on the up-and-up). That made sense in my head, I don't know if it does in writing...Labor Day please!

Liz Kelly: Was it ever confirmed that she had implants? I know we all assumed as much around the "Striptease" era, but I don't recall an actual admission.

Here are some TOTALLY NSFW pix claiming to be Demi before and after a boob job.


Best dates: Vampires or zombies?

Liz Kelly: Vampires, fer sure. I don't personally know any zombies, but imagine them smelling like putrefying flesh.


Chris Clown: I don't remember. wait. what was I talking about? My new album is dope but you need to talk to my man to get hooked up.

Liz Kelly: Dude, how can you doubt the sincerity of anyone wearing a bow tie?


As bad as a knocked-up Kardashian: That knocked up Girl Next Door, Kendra whatever. Who wants to know about her pregnancy? Who wants to think of her bringing up children? I think they are on a magazine cover right now together. (I grocery shopped yesterday.)

washingtonpost.com: Pregnant Kourtney Kardashian and Kendra Wilkinson cover US Weekly (Celebitchy)

Liz Kelly: Indeed.


Best movie you saw this summer?: Star Trek (though a cameo by the inimitable Shatner would have added to the awesomeness)

Liz Kelly: Hmmm, off the top of my head I'm going to go with the latest one I saw, "District 9," but I reserve the right to change my mind.

Anyone else wanna share?


Jon Gosselin: When did he score the earrings? In the pix from the Vegas pool party, it looks like he has earrings.

washingtonpost.com: See 2nd photo here:

Jon Gosselin's Las Vegas Pool Party (PHOTOS)

Liz Kelly: Dunno. I guess it's part of the whole d****y uniform.


Demi Moore shoes: I just don't think a 46-year-old woman whose had 3 children is going to have shoes that perky. She may have great bone structure, but gravity is an equal opportunity sagger.

Liz Kelly: There's that.


I'm breaking up with you: After you hosted that horrible Answer B---- woman and her inability to see why it's wrong to claim that a distraught 11-year old child who has been sheltered most of her life and wants to speak at her dad's funeral, why it's wrong to say she's "asking for it" in regards to fame. That is totally wrong and you said nothing. Goodbye.

Liz Kelly: Okay, see ya. Never mind the fact that I didn't have a chance to see Leslie's answer until after the show was over thanks to the magic of our circa 1997 chat software.

But, since you brought it up, I'll respond now.

For anyone not up to speed, this ex-reader is referring to last week's chat in which the Answer Bitch defended her right to hate on 11-year-old Paris Jackson thusly:

Leslie Gornstein: She is indeed a public figure, and she reinforced her desire to be a public figure when she spoke in front of millions at her father's funeral. And questions about her blood relation have been swirling for years because Michael Jackson told the world what appeared to be an obvious lie. It's that apparent lie that's drawing the "snark," as she puts it. You can lay the blame squarely at the feet of MJ.

and later in the same chat:

Leslie Gornstein: It's a parent's job to parent. It's my job to write. As harsh as it may seem to you, it is not the media's job to ensure that famous people have a better day, even children. If Paris' custodial guardians are wise, they will keep Paris away from news and gossip sites until she's old enough to read them. It's not the media's job to second-guess how someone might feel if they happen to run across an article. If we thought that way, no critical thinking would ever get published.

Now, my thoughts:

I don't completely agree with Leslie. There isn't so much a line when it comes to what is appropriate to cover so much as a continuum. Leslie and I obviously fall at different points along that continuum. She considers Paris to be fair game for everything from paparazzi to undisguised vitriol. I think Paris should, and will, be covered but I lean more towards the restraint afforded to other famous kids in similar situations -- Princes Harry and Wills come to mind.

Like it or not, Paris Jackson and her brothers are now persons of interest to the media and the public. And, no, not because Paris chose to speak at her dad's memorial -- she was a torn up little girl who wanted the world to know she loved the only parent she ever knew -- but because of who that father was and the conflicted relationship he had with the public.

Sometimes the coverage may be uncomfortable -- it may have to be depending on how Paris, and those around her, decide to go forward. Hopefully not.

One thing I do agree with Leslie on is in hoping that Paris's family keeps her away from tabloid and media exposure as much as possible.


Best Movie of the Summer: Up!

Liz Kelly: Danke.

(And sorry about the delay -- that last answer took a while to craft.)


TrueBlood Reader: (This may contain a spoiler, but I don't think it will)...

The one big bummer about the way that Ball has changed the Maenad story is that in the books Sookie and Eric go to a Maenad party together and he's dressed up in pink spandex. It doesn't look like that's going to happen in the TV version, which is a shame. I would have definitely paid to see Skarsgard dressed up in pink spandex - even if I may not have stopped laughing about it for a month or more.

Liz Kelly: Oooh, interesting. And I've just had some even more interesting plot news from Amy in New York about the Queen's involvement in the plot. I won't share here because it involves big time spoilers.


Best movies: "Hurt Locker" was the best. "In the Loop" was great. "500 Days of Summer" was cute. "Inglorious Basterds" was very good. "The Hangover" was great, too.

Liz Kelly: Yep, loved "The Hangover," too.


Upper Peninsula MI: Hi Liz

Did you see Hasselhoff singing last night on America's Got Talent?


It's like Adam West doing a Sammy Davis Jr impersonation.


Liz Kelly: Yeesh. That's all I can say.


Celebrity wannabe: What's your opinion on Kaitlyn Maher? I thought she was cute enough on AGT, but people think her singing is curing them? Ick ick ick.

Singer's Only 5, But Career Hits The High Notes

Slightly relevant question: can you "ick nast" a child?

Liz Kelly: Didn't we just go through this, Paul?


Fairlington, Va.: Have you heard the conspiracy theory about Lady Gaga being a puppet for the Illuminati and New World Order movements? Thoughts?

Liz Kelly: No, do tell...


ishkabibble: I remember in earlier Celebritology Chat days, we would get the occasional "you people are wasting your time/incredibly shallow/ignorant of REAL news issues and should be ashamed of yourselves." Does lovely Producer Paul screen these comments, or do the wet blankets now know better than to darken our door?

washingtonpost.com: I don't screen them, but they're not as frequent it seems.

Liz Kelly: I knew eventually the readership would join me in the shallow end of the pool.


John Gosselin's earring's score explained: They come standard with the Ed Hardy T-shirts, sports cars and midlife crisis.

Liz Kelly: Thank you.


Her sea shore-themed conservatory. That was way cool. I want a shell chandelier. : Sigh. That from was home decor porn perfection if ever I saw it.

Now if they could just get the visual team to stop making Vampire Bill look like he entered a Moe Howard of the 3 Stooges contest - we'd have a fair visual fight between him and Eric. What happened to the hottie from Season 1?

Liz Kelly: Agreed. They've got way too much pancake makeup on poor Bill. But, truth be told, I'm not sure makeup alone would make that fight fair.


Jon Gosselin: It feels like every day there is a new story about how he was at some bar/club/party with attractive women hanging all over him. I do not understand the attraction. At. All. He's not attractive, and his obsession with Ed Hardy, and then leaving the shirts half unbuttoned gives me the major heebie jeebies. This is not hot. What are these women thinking? It makes my head hurt, Liz.

Liz Kelly: Agreed. I'm guessing these are the same chicks that would have been throwing themselves at Joey Buttafuoco and John Wayne Bobbitt 15 years ago.


Who is advising John Gosselin?: If the guy was smart he would have behaved over the past 3 months and exploited the pre-existing "Kate Hate" for a book-type deal of his own. Now he looks like King of the Loser/Jerk Dads.

Liz Kelly: Who's advising him? Michael Lohan.

Which pretty much explains everything.


TB is off this Sunday, will Mad men be off too?: I don't think I can handle not seeing either.

BTW - any ideas for coping with True Blood withdrawal when it ends in 11 days?

Liz Kelly: Re-runs on OnDemand?

Not sure re: Mad Men, but I wouldn't be surprised. They aren't going to want to waste a new episode on a sparsely-watched holiday weekend.


w-t-f: I opened your link for your friend's pick of her cat and the link went berserk. The same page kept popping up in a new IE window over and over and over. It wouldn't stop even though I wasn't pressing x. Ahhhh! At work too! I finally shut down.

Speaking of cats, how do I get a cat if one of my relatives is dead scared of 'em and refuses to live with one? I really want to adopt a shelter cat. Sigh.

Liz Kelly: Oh no! I'm sorry. Did this happen to anyone else?


Charlie Watts: If I leave the Rolling Stones, what will Mick, Keith and that other guy do?

Liz Kelly: Electric drum machine?


Liz Kelly: As promised, a pic of Page -- snapped moments ago, mid-yawn. So cutez.


"I'm not sure makeup alone would make that fight fair.": Agreed. Esp when Skarsgard looks to be 10 feet taller than Moyer.

Even still, since Eric got his makeover the deck has been way too stacked on one side -- they need to at least try to even the score.

Liz Kelly: Agreed. Maybe they should let Bill's hair grow out a little.


The Nicole Kidman bad mother rumor: You included in your rumor section this week that Nicole Kidman hasn't seen her kids with T-Cruise in 2 years. Could this be true? She doesn't seem like the type to abandon her kids.

Liz Kelly: Nope, but remember she and Tom differed greatly on spiritual matters and Connor and Isabella stayed primarily with their father after the split, being raised as Scientologists. It wouldn't surprise me too much to find that exposure to Nicole has been limited as they've grown apart.


Washington, D.C.;: How did Kate Gosselin become sympathetic? I swear a year ago she was the evil lady who was mean to her husband and now we (yes, me included) are so anti-Jon. Are Ed Hardy shirts really that ugly to turn the sentiments of a nation?

Liz Kelly: Kate is sympathetic because all she's had to do is hold her tongue and look somewhat dignified while Jon has an early mid-life crisis in the tabloids.


Richmond, VA: The endless popups thing didn't happen with this link, but it did happen to me with a link on Gene's last chat. Maybe some wierd html quirk?

Liz Kelly: Could be. Thanks.


Dork, Us: Is there some way we could do a side by side comparison between Scarlet Johansson and Christina Hendricks? In the name of science of course.

washingtonpost.com: That could require a lot of research, so hopefully this will tide you over.

Liz Kelly: Thanks. I'm only posting this because I let the Jon Hamm through earlier, so it seems only fair.


re. friend's pic: My computer didn't get messed up, but my firewall blocked it, calling it porn.

washingtonpost.com: It has a bad word in the title of the blog.

Liz Kelly: It's definitely not porn, though. So check when you get home.


Best thing to look forward to in the fall...: Besides the weather? "Glee"! I'm officially smitten. What a fun show.

Liz Kelly: I'm going to give "Glee" a chance, but the real best thing to look forward to: The return of "Curb Your Enthusiasm" with the reunited cast of "Seinfeld."


Sterling, Va.: I heard there was some dust-up between Heincer and Ryan Seacrest. Something about Seacrest offering to taser Heincer and Heincer getting on their high horse about "violence is never funny." Have you heard anything about that? (As much as I hate to ask a Spencer-for-Hire-Pratt question, I feel as though I'm in a "Safe Place" and I can ask embarrassing things.)

washingtonpost.com: There should be a term for when someone makes you feel sympathy for someone unsympathetic, like how Heincer force one to side with Seacrest, or Levi and Palin.

Liz Kelly: Or Jon making us feel sympathetic for Kate.

I'll take nominees.


Jacko: Isn't the over/under about six feet?

Liz Kelly: Nice.


Liz Kelly: Okay, time for me to skidaddle over to the "Lost" Hour chat. See you there or, if not, back here next week.

Have a fab holiday weekend. Ne labor pas.


washingtonpost.com: 'Lost' Season 1-2 Analysis

Liz: Join me...


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