Redskins Vs. Buccaneers and NFL Wrap Up

Cindy Boren
Washington Post NFL Editor
Monday, October 5, 2009; 11:30 AM

Post NFL Editor Cindy Boren was online Monday, Oct. 5 to take your questions about the Redskins' win over the Buccaneers at FedEx Field, the latest league injuries and all the breaking news in the NFL.

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Washington, D.C.: Does anyone realise that if it wasn't for the lousy field goals missed by TB, that it would have been 16 nothing at the end 2 qtrs?

Would the Redskins be able to have pulled off the win then and get out of the funk if that were the case?

Seems like it's still not smooth sailing ...

Cindy Boren: Good morning! There's plenty to discuss after yesterday's game, so let's roll.

If Mike Nugent could kick a field goal (he must have had a bad case of cat scratch fever...), everything would be different today. Instead, he's a shankapotamus and the Redskins pull out a win. I'm not much of a sailor, but I tend to agree that the waters are choppy. How do you feel about playing yet another winless team this week -- and one that's coming off a bye week?


Section 432: If you are a combined 5 points better than the 0-8 Rams & Bucs, isn't there no hope at all of beating the Eagles, Falcons, Broncos, Cowboys, Saints, Giants and Chargers? (Let's call the Raiders a push). Doesn't everyone not in Ashburn have reason to expect no more than 5-6 wins?

Cindy Boren: Sometimes only a dope clings to hope, but I don't think that's the case here. With the team at 2-2, a fan has to hold onto the thought that maybe the Redskins can get going and beat some of the teams on the second half of the schedule. It seems unlikely that they're going to be an above-.500 team, but the unpredictable can happen in the NFL.


Brooklyn, N.Y.: Yesterday: A gut check, turn the season around (and by that I mean hover around .500 and try to sneak into the playoffs) win? Or squeaking by a truly awful team that might challenge the Lions for 0-16 this year?

Cindy Boren: It's always difficult to know just what will be the catalyst for the moment a team clicks, but I think the latter is probably the case here. Tampa Bay is just wretched. I don't see "we beat the Bucs" as a really inspiring rallying cry.


Houston: It hit me yesterday that "stay medium" is a pretty silly concept for pro football players. In baseball, it's a great idea, because you have a long season, and emotion does not factor into individual game play too much - teams get streaky over long periods of time.

In football, you should be emotionally ready to play, and teams that "dig in" and get pumped up to score the touchdown with 2 minutes left or make the impressive goal line stand at the end of the game are the ones that win.

Staying medium does not translate into this.

Cindy Boren: It's good to stay medium during the week, but not on Sundays. Everything you do during the week should be geared toward peaking on Sunday; hence "getting up for the game." There are only 16 of 'em.


Chantilly, Va.: Well, the field looked in bad shape yesterday, the after effects of the U2 extravaganza. It should remain in that condition and probably get worse as the season goes on. You just can't cover up turf that long and have all that weight on it, no matter. Best not to have shows like that on a football field in season at all.

The Redskins stunk up things in the first half and were lucky that the Bucs were even more inept in the second quarter. Interesting to see how the 49ers blew out the Rams and we barely squeaked by them. We are not a good team right now and I suspect that when the tough part of the schedule arrives we will look really pathetic. Four weeks into the season and we still look like we are playing preseason-style games.

Did you hear Sonny calling for Collins to come in during his 1st half comments?

Cindy Boren: The Redskins are well aware of the situation and are resodding the field (damn that Bono and his turf-trashing ways), beginning today.

I did hear Sonny's comments and was wondering when you guys were going to bring up Collins and whether Zorn should have gone to him. We asked that poll questions at halftime yesterday; I would not have gone to Collins, but that isn't going to surprise you, is it?

I agree with you that it does get old seeing teams that the Redskins squeak past get their doors blown off by other (in some cases lesser, in some better) opponents.


Washington, D.C.: Quick observation: In the glorious Snyder era, teams that were assembled by Vinny Cerrato are 58-70 (0.453 -- average 7 wins a year). And teams assembled by someone else were 18-14 (0.563 -- average 9 wins a year).

Quick question: How many NFL GM's have weekly radio shows?

Cindy Boren: Are you saying that the radio show is the problem? Wasn't last year the first year for the show? Other GMs do have them; Bill Polian of the Colts does (or at any rate, did). I think you'd have a more convincing argument if the difference in average wins were greater.


Derwood, Md.: Campbell looked awful in the first half, but I think his poor performance has more to do with the lousy offensive line and his frustration and trying to force plays.

Put JC and Portis behind the Giants offensive line and everyone would be asking why the Redskins can't get players like that.

Any thoughts?

Cindy Boren: The offensive line is a mess -- not a very deep messe at that -- and the problems cascade from there. It would be cool to see the results if, for one game, the G-Men came in and blocked for Campbell and Portis. Petition the NFL on that one.


Carlos Rogers: Sorry, I failed to catch the INT. I need to setup a workshop with DHall to correct this problem.

Cindy Boren: Dude, the ball hit between the 2 on the left and the 2 on the right. You have to catch that ball. You. Have. To. I've gotten more emails and tweets about this than just about anything else since yesterday's game.


Washington, DC: The list of next year's free agent QBs is awfully thin: Orton, Pennington, and back-ups like Boller, Grossman, and our old friend Patrick Ramsey. Assuming Campbell's gone after this year, do you think Snyder will go for a big trade like he missed out on with Cutler, or try to draft the next Matt Ryan or Mark Sanchez?

Cindy Boren: Bring back Patrick Ramsey! The problem is this: Whom do you trade? Which player on the roster is so desperately coveted elsewhere? Which big contract would another team take on? And I ask this not in a smart-alecky, jerk way. Really, I want to know. Orakpo? Do not trade him, I beg of you. Sure, they could go the route of the draft, but didn't they do that with Campbell? And do you think the Redskins will be bad enough to get Tebow? I don't.


Washington DC: Do you believe that if Jason Campbell has another game like he did yesterday with 4 turnovers that we might see Todd Collins in the mix because he gave us a 5 game winning streak last time he was under center?

Cindy Boren: Toddball! Do you go to Collins this early in the season, with Campbell healthy? I don't think so. There were significant other factors in that five-game winning streak, not just Collins. He's not the guy you go to in Game 5 and expect to play 11 or 12. Great guy, smart guy but not that guy.


Baltimore: It's the personell, dummy! Boswell sort of touched on this in today's column. This is who we are, not the most talented team. Portis is older and slow, the O line stinks, Campbell appears to be a very good 2nd string QB in this league, Laron Landry is wildy incosistent and on and on. These "so-called stars" are not stars, but very average players. Redskins fans, accept this fact. It is what it is! Thomas Boswell: Let's Hear It for Poise (Washington Post, Oct. 5)

Cindy Boren: Thanks for your post.


Bright spot: Okay, how about we comment on Reed Doughty's play yesterday? He's turned into a very reliable, well-rounded player and keeps getting better.

Cindy Boren: Reed Doughty is a smart player, a guy who is getting better because of his intelligence. He's had a nerve problem that required back surgery and you certainly hope that doesn't become an issue again -- back surgery is always scary. He's a good story and his son is an inspirational one.


Note to Baltimore: "It is what it is!"

-- Somewhat true. Indeed, no big deals or personnel movements are going to make the Redskins any better this season. That's what the offseason is for.

Ah, but coaching! Coaching can happen every day this season. I think the main drive of coaches in this league is to take "It is what it is" and make it "Better than what it should be."

Cindy Boren: And then they get to "a win is a win."


Raljon, Md.: As I was watching the game at the stadium, I was thankful my cell phone could give me live updates of real NFL games. It struck me that the skins have so many problems that it's impossible to point to them. But, I'll try:

1. O-line is amateur

2. Talent scouting/drafting is atrocious

3. QB is mediocre at best

4. Defense has no legitimate playmakers

5. WRs (except Moss) are non-factors

6. No depth

7. Owner has no football sense

What else am I missing?

Cindy Boren: Thanks for sharing that.


Joe Bugel: Dear Front Office,

Thanks for bringing in a fifth running back when I lose one of my linemen.

How's that workin' out for you?


Cindy Boren: I don't think you're really Joe Bugel.


Fairfax, Va.: Buy or sell...

Caps score more points in October than the Redskins.

Cindy Boren: Let's see...opponents are Tampa Bay, Carolina, KC and Philly...KC may be even worse than Tampa Bay, so I'm not sure I want that action.


Washington, DC: Every Single national TV announcer, and Sunny and Sam to boot, have in the last few weeks said exactly the same thing: That there is something WRONG with Jason Campbell physically, they've all noted that he's lacked, either velocity or accuracy on nearly every single pass play. After a lackluster eprformance again Detriot and 3 interceptions by the same guy yesterday, when is Redskins park going to come clean about Campbell and maybe put him on the bench to heal up for a couple weeks?

Cindy Boren: I've listened to them say those things, too. Whatever it is, Campbell and Zorn don't regard it as serious enough to sit him, at least not given the depth at QB.


Washington, D.C.: I've said it before and I'll say it again:

if you own a McDonald's and your food gives people food poisining, headquarters will come down and pull your franchise. If you own a Dunkin' Donuts that a coporate inspector finds is not up to company standards - the corporation pulls your franchise and puts you out of business.

So why oh why can't the NFL do this too? If after a decade of bad play where a once-quality franchise sees it records slipoping every year, why can't the league say "I'm sorry MR Snyder, or MR Ford" but we're buying out your ownership of your teams and selling them to a new owner?"

Cindy Boren: The Redskins are the second-most valuable franchise in the league. They're an ATM, so there's no reason to change.


Bethesda, Md.: Zorn wasn't being honest when he said he didn't consider putting Collins in, was he? I know he had to say that since he didn't replace him, but he has to have thought it. Everyone else did.

Cindy Boren: I think you have to take him at his word on that.


Bowie, Md.: Speaking of Carlos Rogers, can't he spend one day working with the receivers or something? Is that a crazy idea.

Cindy Boren: That's not the worst idea I've heard.


CULT OF COLT!!!: "Assuming Campbell's gone after this year, do you think Snyder will go for a big trade like he missed out on with Cutler, or try to draft the next Matt Ryan or Mark Sanchez?"

Duh....Colt Brennan!!!!!!

Cindy Boren: Oh, no. I thought you guys were on hiatus.


Five Game Winning Streak: RE: Significant Factors

Not the least of which was that it was a four game winning streak -

Cindy Boren: Good point. Forgot to make it on my reply.


Baltimore: Last year, the Campbell-to-Moss bomb against New Orleans seemed to spark a few weeks of offensive surge. Any chance we see something similar this year?

Cindy Boren: Everyone has been waiting for the game to open up. You saw some of it with Moss yesterday, so perhaps.


McLean, Va.: Cindy -

Thanks for taking these questions.

Haven't we learned that this is who the Redskins are? They won't blow out anybody, but rarely will they themselves get blown out. They can go out and beat the Cowboys, Eagles, and Saints last year, and lose to the Rams and Bengals. They'll score 17 on the G-Men this year and not hit double digits vs the Rams and lose to the Lions. They're not inconsistent - they're tremendously consistent at playing 17-13 type games, no matter who wins and who the opponent is. Why is it such a shock when it happens every week?

Cindy Boren: It hasn't been a shock to me for a couple of seasons now.


Maryland: Why doesnt Zorn call more rollout plays for Campbell? It seems that Jason has a "knack" for making plays with his feet..

Cindy Boren: Agreed.


Who do we trade for a new QB?: Well, we could see if anyone's dumb enough to take Haynesworth's bloated contract off our hands. Alternatively, have the Redskins ever had a problem spending draft picks like they're Monopoly money? Surely, between now and next summer, some QB will get disgruntled and demand a trade. Maybe we could even get Jamarcus Russell!

Cindy Boren: 1) Don't call me Shirley. 2) They have already spent a couple of draft picks. 3) Do you really want a disgruntled guy? Who's to say he won't get disgruntled here? Jamarcus Russell made me LOL, tho, so thanks for that.


The Ego of Zorn: Wasn't it telling yesterday that in his press conference Jim Zorn mentioned how he actually questioned his game plan? As if this was some monumental moment, when they stunk up the joint in the first half?

Yikes, I think we are in trouble with that guy ...

Cindy Boren: Thanks.


Joe Bugel: How do we know you're Cindy Boren?

Cindy Boren: I have her driver's license....


Paris, France: If LaRon Landry is so bad at his free safety position and both Horton Hears A Boo and Reed No Daughty are really good, why not make a switch so Dirty Laundry plays better at strong safety?

By the way, is it Ok to cheer for this win? Yeah? Go team?

Cindy Boren: Good idea. I think you just whistle and move quietly along from this game.


Todd Collins: Please stop asking for me to get put in the game because I'm old and slow and would get killed behind our line. I like watching from the sideline just fine, thank you. Give me another six years to memorize Zorn's playbook and I'll be ready go though ...

Cindy Boren: Thanks, Todd.


Monday Night Football: Any prediction who will win tonight's game- Favre or the Packers?

Cindy Boren: Favre and the Vikings.


"Mr." Snyder: Don't worry fans...we're only 1 player away:

1 QB 1 RB 1 C 1 RG 1 RT 1 CB 1 DE 1 DT

Cindy Boren: Thanks.


Falls Church, Va.: Having watched both the Redskins and the Brocos games yesterday, I was left wondering ... who got the better deal in the Champ Bailey for Clinton Portis trade?

Cindy Boren: I've actually been in situations in which this was debated...What's your take? I rate it a toss-up, btw; maybe a smidge toward Denver.


Los Angeles: More medium: Jim Zorn or Dick Jauron? And which is more likely to be in the same job next year? Sorry but there are eerie similarities between these two teams, and not just because we keep trading lineman back and forth, but that's probably part of it.

Cindy Boren: Can one be medium-er? Probably neither is around without some wins.


Washington, D.C.: I don't think the Redskins get it with game day entertainment. At the end of the horrible first half the jumbotron showed the "play of the half," a 15 yard pass to Moss. Needless to say a lot of boooos followed. Why would they try to spin the first half into something positive when it clearly was horrendous?

Cindy Boren: Thanks.


South Amboy, N.J.: I just want to say thank God for Chris Cooley.

Cindy Boren: Doesn't all of Redskins Nation feel that way?


Arlington, Va.: "Reed Doughty ... He's a good story and his son is an inspirational one."

Where can I read up on Reed's story?


Cindy Boren: Well, you could do a little something called "subscribe to the newspaper..." Would it KILL you???

Oh, we kid because we lurve.

Here's one on Reed's hearing problems:

and Micah Doughty, who underwent a kidney transplant, is braver than all 53 of 'em:


Boycott city, USA: George Michael recently ascribed the off-season signing woes on Dan Snyder, and not Vinny Cerrato. True, not true? Who's fault is it that the Redskins signed Haynesworth instead of 2-3 offensive lineman?

Cindy Boren: I don't ascribe blame; that's not for me to say. But I respect George Michael; he's certainly watched this organization for longer than I have and is definitely plugged in.


Eagles Mere, Penn.: It's not the O-line (not that they're very good); it's the receivers. All day Fox showed nobody getting open downfield. On the long pass to Kelly he showed no speed whatever.

The Kelly-Thomas-Davis experience seems to be a real failure. Want to join me? WE WANT MARKO! WE WANT MARKO!

Cindy Boren: Well, the receivers certainly are part of the issue, too.


Newport News, Va.: In my opinion medium means mediocre, middle of the pack, .500 or below, average. Seems to fit the Redskins right now. I guess they are buying into Zorn's approach.

Cindy Boren: Right around .500 was my feeling going into the season, yes.


Ocean View, Delaware: Where are our wide receivers? Malcolm Kelley and Devon Thomas are in their 2nd year and have done zilch. No wonder the offense is pathetic.Campbell needs a full retinue of receivers to open the offense.Also, if Clinton Porter goes down what happens?

Cindy Boren: This is mystifying: where are Kelly and Thomas? They do have some RBs, but is any of 'em adequate to replace Portis?


Tallahassee, Fla.: Everyone has an opinion about Jason Campbell, what I've not heard is how stiff he always plays -- technique concerned, unable to enter the "zone" and play by instinct. It's displayed by his lack of passion and confidence.

What if he has to go through a learning curve of listening to his gut and throwing pics. Hey,Peyton Manning, Farve regularly throw pics along with their high number of touchdowns. Thoughts?

Cindy Boren: He does his best work when he's on instinct, I agree.


M&T Bank Stadium, Baltimore: You call that a "jumbotron"? More like a "Tron" since it's the same size as the ones from the 1982...

Cindy Boren: Let the JumboTron smack talk begin.


Lighten up!: So the Jumbotron showed Moss as "The play of the half". Should it instead read "Your team stinks, go home now!"

Cindy Boren: You left off "Francis."


Washington, D.C.: Is it time to hit the panic button on Portis? He's obviously not the player he was even just last year, and the team's shown no interest in finding his successor. Rashard Mendenhall, Felix Jones, Chris Johnson...the Redskins could have gotten any of them with the pick they traded for Devin Thomas and Fred Davis.

Cindy Boren: Is there a concern button? Does everyone have to go straight to panic?


Falls Church, Va.: Hi Cindy, Thanks so much for doing these chats!

I was wondering why the Post decides to use negative comments from Redskins fans on the Monday morning wrap-up after the game? Sure, it wasn't pretty but a win is a win. Right? There surely must be some positive feedback somewhere. Thanks again.

Cindy Boren: We do try to be vigilant about getting all sides. I'll make a note of that for next week.


Alexandria, Va.: So when you go to parties, are you surrounded by men who love to talk football? Or do you only mingle with a Kennedy Center crowd?

Cindy Boren: I used to go to the Kennedy Center, but I kept asking my opera buff friends when the fat lady was going to sing and giggling and, about the 15th time, they dropped me like a bad habit. So, yeah, I'm now at parties, in the corner talking fubball, but not just with men. Chicks dig the pigskin, too.

On that note, such as it is, I'm going to wander back to the Redskins Insider blog and twitter. See you there this week and back up here next Monday. As always, thanks for bringing your A game and making this a fun place to chill.


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