Celebritology: Meghan McCain's Twitpic, 'Mad Men,' More

This week, Donnie Wahlberg's world view, Rainn Wilson's kid-averse shopping skills and Melissa Rivers shares way too much information.
Liz Kelly
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Thursday, October 15, 2009; 2:00 PM

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Liz Kelly: Welcome to today's show. First off, make sure to watch this week's new Twits episode for some really good stuff from Donnie Wahlberg, Rainn Wilson and Melissa Rivers.

Second, Us Magazine is using some pretty flimsy evidence to support an assertion that John Mayer and Jennifer Aniston are back together. Do we believe it?


Union Station - January Jones & Ashton Kutcher: Having seen Jones in "American Pie 3" I can see why Kutcher might have told her to quit the biz. That said, she's great on "Mad Men" and I love seeing her get the last laugh in this interview.

Go January! Living well is the best revenge!

January Jones: Ex Ashton Kutcher Told Me to Quit Acting

Liz Kelly: I missed "American Pie 3" -- but if I take you at your word, let's look at it this way:

At least January's career has evolved, rather than (like Ashton's) devolved.


Arlington, Va.: I think whether or not January Jones was digitally enhanced on the cover of GQ is a matter of utmost importance, and I demand an investigation.

- Not your producer.

Liz Kelly: I can't believe Paul pushed this question through to me without including a link to the cover in question. But, I'll remedy that. Here NYMag.com makes a pretty persuasive case for her having been digitally enhanced. The clincher for me was the point that if she were really that -- umm, gifted -- there would have been some bulging going on at the sides of that jacket.

Liz Kelly: In the interest of full disclosure, I must tell you that Paul just admitted to submitting this question himself.

I'm now doubly surprised that he didn't include the pic link.


Move over Jon Hamm, this Vincent Kartheiser guy is pretty cool: Mad Men's Pete did a terrifically snarky interview w/ NY Mag. After his take on "affairs" and digs at Jeremy Piven, I think I have a new celebrity crush. (Plus, I thought his Grinch dance when he found out he was getting a promotion was adorable.)

Mad Men's Vincent Kartheiser on Swine Flu, the Charleston, and the Sterling Cooper Bag He Carries Everywhere

Liz Kelly: Thank you for pointing this out. I loved that interview, too, and am so happy for Vincent that he's able to walk the streets of New York unmolested by crazed fans or paparazzi -- yet.

And this is also a good way to broach the topic of the Brooks Brothers "Mad Men" suit. I don't want to get in the business of giving Brooks Bros. free advertising, but for the flat bants-challenged, keep in mind that they'll only be available until late November.

Liz Kelly: Did I happen to mention this is a special "Mad Men" only edition of Celebritology Live?



Annapolis, MD - Miley's futile Twitter exit: If Miley is going to continue to upload absurd video raps about her Twitter absence (among other topics that are sure to follow), and her Dad is going to Twitter about missing her on Twitter. What was the point of her leaving? - the drama/unhinged publicity ramblings continue, just in another medium.

Liz Kelly: She's just another little girl in need of love and affection from the whole world. If she isn't getting it on Twitter, she'll settle for YouTube.


I am glad, tho, that we captured her Twitter genius before she stopped tweeting. (Check out episode 3 in the menu on the right.


Twits Praise: Hi! I didn't watch any of the episodes until today because videos = blank face for me (I'm deaf). But I accidently hit play on the video when your page was loading and I saw... I saw WORDS! I could follow along! I immediately watch the past twit episodes. Greatest highlight of my lunch today. Keep them coming!

Liz Kelly: That is wonderful. I'm so happy to know that we're reaching an entirely new audience with this feature!


Arlington, Va.: Your "twits" was mentioned on one of my favorite blogs, Celebitchy!

A celebrity Twitter exodus? Plus hilarious dramatic readings of celebrity tweets

Liz Kelly: Very cool -- hope they saw today's new episode.


Mad Men : Have you seen the photos of Christina Hendrick's wedding shoes? Talk about bulging.

washingtonpost.com: Christina Hendricks is an ample bride

It's possible I brought this to Liz's attention earlier in the week.

Liz Kelly: Indeed. Her shoes were hard to miss.

And the fact that Paul linked to pix of said shoes proves that his loyalty still lies with Ms. Hendricks, no matter how nekkid Ms. Jones gets in GQ.


Bethesda, Md.: Dear Liz, Queen of all things camp. Once again, twits has outdone itself. I especially liked the gender reversal tactic of the man twitting the woman and the women twitting the men. Makes it much more ironic. On to my question. I would not quite kill but would do mean things to others to get to audition and try out to dramatically read a twit. Can you think of a contest your chatters might win to get to be in one?

Liz Kelly: I'm glad you mentioned this. We'd love to do just that, we just need to figure out a snazzy way of allowing you to submit video to us. And, according to Producer Paul (who knows everything about everything), the means to do just that may arrive on-site soon.

I'm thinking that we'd have you submit 45 second auditions and we'd either edit them into a reader-submitted episode or bring you in for a formal shoot.


Coral Gables, Fl - Spotlight seekers & avoiders: Liz - who would you say are the celebrities who desperately seek out the spotlight (Paps, Twitter, hot spots, outrageous antics, etc.) and who are stars who genuinely do not seek out attention and are regularly stalked by the press while they do mundane things? (Reality "stars" not accepted.)

Liz Kelly: Well, this is a big question, but there are some pretty obvious answers.

Right now the two names doing their darnedest to stay in the spotlight are Jon and Kate Gosselin. I can't tell you how it fills my heart with joy to know that the end of their show may actually be in sight (there's a rumor that it will wrap up in November).

As for celebs who manage to keep a low profile -- there are more than you think. Shakira, Julia Roberts, Kate Winslet, Harrison Ford (when not breaking up his marriage to take up with Calista Flockheart) -- these are just a few people who have managed to maintain a level of normality (assuming normality means not being surrounded by a swarm of paparazzi at all times). There are many, many more. Did you have anyone you wanted to add?


Mayer: "Have you ever heard me play guitar? I'm really (expletive) good. You know what I'm bad at? Answering questions about public health care. This is not in my wheelhouse. Do you have any questions about music?" -- Jon Mayer, when asked about the health care debate by a New York magazine reporter.

I HEART Jon Mayer.

Briefly I wished all celebs would answer questions like this. But then we'd have so much less to giggle at. So well done Jon, but glad you're the only one.

Liz Kelly: If you read the entire interview, though, he was pretty rude to the reporter -- not that we can't take that. Our skin grows pretty thick. -- and even threatened to sodomize her editor. Was that necessary?

That John Mayer. Thinks he's such hot snot, that one.


An homage in Twits: Have any of the twittering celebs you have immortalized been in touch to thank you for preserving their memorable outpourings?

Liz Kelly: Not yet. They just quit tweeting.

Miley Cyrus, Courtney Love... dismissed as coincidence.

I'm fully expecting Donnie Wahlberg to be the next one to crack under the "Twits" pressure.


What will be this year's most tasteless Halloween costume?:

  • Michael Jackson sans nose?
  • Dead "fill in the blank": Farrah, McMahon, etc.
  • Roman Polanski?
  • Roman Polanski's victim?
  • Roman Polanski's apologists?
  • Mark Sanford in Appalachian trail hiking gear?
  • Letterman with a coterie of assistant?

Liz Kelly: I can see you've given this some thought. And I like the way you think.

Let's keep this going...


Mens Wear Dept, Tysons Corner: And how many Mad Men suits will Mister Liz be getting? For the record, the Mad Men style of suit has been available with minor variations for years.

Liz Kelly: Mr. Liz is all set in the suit department. He has a fabulous stylist.

And, yep, a slim profile, pleatless, thin lapelled suit is usually something one can find if you search long and hard enough. But this just makes it that much easier for the average male -- and I mean no disrespect here -- who doesn't usually like to spend much time shopping.


Our long national Gosselin nightmare is over..: TLC is pulling the plug on J & K + 8, aka, the Great American Train Wreck.

But somehow, I feel that funny hairdo lady will find a way, u$ing tho$e kid$, to $upplement her $alary...

$ame with dad..

Liz Kelly: Well Jon did tell Larry King as recently as last night that he plans to continue in TV. But there's a big difference between being the star of a heart-warming family-friendly documentary show (as J&K once was) and the latest C-lister on "Celebrity Fit Club." And I'm thinking Jon's fate is more likely to follow the second path.

As for Kate and the 'do -- she's still got that Paula Dean talk show idea on the burner, right?


Alexandria, VA: What's the difference between a celebrity and a personality?

Liz Kelly: Hmmm... let's see.

Lindsay Lohan -- celebrity

Sarah Silverman -- personality

I guess it's the difference between having a recognizable face and a recognizable intellect.


Arlington, VA: I think Coral Gables was asking if there are any celebrities who are hounded by papparazzi even though they prefer to stay out of the spotlight.

Liz Kelly: Oh oh -- I'm sorry.

I'd guess SJP and Matthew Broderick would be in that group.


Cleveland: Love Twits! Loved Jen doing Rainn Wilson! And Melissa Rivers done by a (very talented) man -- just great. I have some suggestions for future Twits celebrity subjects, do you take them? Good: Michael Ian Black, Rivers Cuomo, Tracy Morgan, LL Cool J, Wilmer Valderrama, Carrie Fisher (have you done her?), Shaquille O'Neal.

Speaking of Shaq, sports superstars could be a good theme for an episode.

Also, how about a Twits where actors read "breaking" news tweets from celebrity news orgs, like E!, People, etc.?

Liz Kelly: Yes -- definitely always open to suggestions.

I would love to Twit Tracy Morgan cuz I heart him big time, but he needs to clean up his Twitter act a little bit before we're able to use any of his material here.


Chris Pine: Captain Kirk this summer, now on track to be the next Jack Ryan (following in the footsteps of Alec Baldwin and Harrison Ford, which is a lot different than following William Shatner). Can he handle it?

Liz Kelly: Sure, why not? There's a pretty well-worn manual for how to build a career as an action-movie hero.

My favorite Jack Ryan? Alec Baldwin, of course.


Spotlight seekers and avoiders?: Isn't there a third smaller subgroup of those who seek the spotlight, but mainly to further their personal causes -- like Matt Damon with clean water or Don Cheadle and George Clooney for Darfur?

Liz Kelly: Absolutely -- I would describe more like this, tho: Celebs who figure that while they have our attention, may as well try to do some good.

Edward Norton is in this group -- his Twitter feed is (maddeningly for me) confined to sharing information about conservation -- the same reason he'll be running the NYC marathon in a couple of weeks side-by-side with three Masai warriors.

Another one: Brad Pitt. It's usually not possible to get through a Pitt interview, even one conducted by that dolt Ann Curry, without a reference to the good work he's doing in New Orleans.


byool, IN: Most tasteless Hallowe'en costume?

It may not be the Lindbergh baby, but I really like the Elton Jon Benet Ramsey costume.

Worst Taste Costume Ever

washingtonpost.com: That is just horrifying.



Washington, D.C.: One of my favorite Halloween costumes of all time was a Dad dressed as a bucket of boardwalk fries and his kids chasing him dressed as seagulls. Might work for Letterman and his assistants. A zombie Michael Jackson could be funny. Has that been done before?

Liz Kelly: Well, he (Jackson) did it himself in the "Thriller" video, right?

I'd be more impressed by a zombie Bea Arthur.


McLean, Va.: Considering the content of the two tweets included, are you sure that was Rainn Wilson's account and not Dwight Schrute's?

Liz Kelly: I am. But you're assuming there's some vast gulf between the personalities of the two. I'm not so sure.


luvlinsey: liz - y are u so mean to linsey all the time? she's just trying new things and everyone hates her for it. her new clothng line is the best! i'm going to buy all of them aynd where them to school. plus when my second mom dina comes out wyth her shoe line, i'm goin to buy all of theym too! so pleaz stop pickin on her in yuour blog!

Liz Kelly: Welcome back, luvlinsey! Good to see you're still around and still pulling for your girl.


Arlington, Va.: Liz, can I ask a dog question? I've never had a dog so don't know much about caring for them, but I'm wondering about a situation with my friend (we'll call her Sue) and her puppy. Sue and her husband are retired; they have no kids. Fearing that life would have no meaning after she retired early this year, Sue adopted a puppy (a terrier mix who we'll call Spot).

Spot has terrible separation anxiety. She cries when she is left home alone or even when she's alone in the room. When Sue and her husband left town for a long weekend over the summer, they put Spot in a kennel, where she did not eat or drink the entire time she was there.

Sue and hubby have responded to this separation anxiety by never leaving Spot alone, ever. They either stay home or take Spot with them wherever they go. Now, like I said, I don't know anything about dogs, but this sounds very unhealthy for the poor puppy. Am I right? Do I need to convince Sue that she has to address this? BTW yes Sue now refers to herself as "mommy." Thanks.

Liz Kelly: I'll give you a short answer: These people need to get the dog to a vet. They have medication and therapy designed specifically for dogs with separation anxiety.

Paul also had a link he recommended for you. I'll post it next.


washingtonpost.com: Do Dogs Think?

washingtonpost.com: Do Dogs Think?

Liz Kelly: Here's the article -- from Slate.


Burke, Va: What is your opinion on Jeff Flake, the congressional version of Robinson Crusoe? Lifelong dream or spotlight hogger extraordinaire?

washingtonpost.com: 1 Rep., 1 Week, 1 Deserted Island

Liz Kelly: I'm honestly not familiar with the story. I'll read up after the chats. But didn't Bear Grylls already do this?


Alec Baldwin: All this Baldwin talk is getting me excited for the "30 Rock" premier tonight! Woot!

I heart A.B. but I wonder why I'm so much more willing to forgive his personal life transgressions than Tom Cruise, Mel Gibson or others. The first thought is talent (which A.B has in droves above the rest). But is it that easy/shallow?

Liz Kelly: Yes -- premiere! Tonight! Yay! I want to go to there.


Winning combo: Today's topics of shoes and Twitter combine in the tank top picture posted by Meghan McCain on Twitter to such lively response.

washingtonpost.com: Meghan McCain twitter photo backlash leads to apology

Liz Kelly: Meghan McCain -- future of the Republican party? Or party girl? Discuss.


Cleveland: Re: trying to stay out of the spotlight: Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson? They are so not publicity whores and I just feel so bad for them sometimes as they always seem to get caught by paps when diving into cabs or running into hotels. Unfortunately, they do not succeed with the non-spotlight thing...

Liz Kelly: You are kidding, right?

Because if there was ever a case of a studio precisely crafting a "story" of stalked star-crossed lovers only in order to sell more movie tix, well, this is it.


Let Me Answer Your Question With A Questi, ON.: Liz Kelly: "Us Magazine is using some pretty flimsy evidence to support an assertion that John Mayer and Jennifer Aniston are back together. Do we believe it? "

John Mayer: "Have you ever heard me play guitar? I'm really (expletive) good. You know what I'm bad at? Keeping a steady girlfriend. This is not in my wheelhouse. Do you have any questions about music?"

Liz Kelly: Ah, thanks John. My bad.


Tampa, Fl: Regarding John Mayer and Jennifer Aniston rumors, This was in People magazine today, which tends to be "conservative" when it comes to reporting on celebs:

It's not the first time Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer have reunited after a split, but the couple are simply "enjoying their friendship," says a source close to the singer. "They've been talking for a while - they're very friendly."

Adds another source, "They've remained close."

The duo recently spent a night together late last month at New York City's Bowery Hotel. "Jen was there on the arm of John and they were all very lovey," says an onlooker. "She was in casual clothing as was he, and she seemed very comfortable around his crowd of friends."

People seems to be hedging it's bets on whether this means they are back together or not, but the fact that they even reported this makes me think that where there's smoke, there might be fire.

Liz Kelly: Right -- but a friendly dinner does not a rekindled relationship make, right?


"Us Magazine is using some pretty flimsy evidence to support an assertion that John Mayer and Jennifer Aniston are back together. Do we believe it? ": Better question: Do we care?

Put me in for a No vote.

Liz Kelly: Rut roh, did someone get lost on the way to the economy chat?


Arlington, Va.: "But somehow, I feel that funny hairdo lady will find a way, u$ing tho$e kid$, to $upplement her $alary... $ame with dad.."

Dude--you totally stole the use of the the "$" in the Gosselin reference from Amy and Rox yesterday. Not cool. Give credit where credit is due.

Liz Kelly: Wow, I guess that is a bust. In the questioner's defense, isn't imitation one of the highest forms of flattery?


January Jones: I think the GQ cover effect can be achieved with products from the American Duct Tape council. Not joking - before the push up this was a standard trick to move the girls around. As to her talent, I am not sure it is as ample as her chest on the cover photo. I think the part of Betty Draper is just terrifically written and January's cool delivery enhances it. But I am not convinced she is a great actress. An awfull of eye-flashing.

Liz Kelly: I think she's doing a pretty fab job, and I'm not swayed by her shoes or anything like that. She does a fabulous job of playing someone who is simultaneously completely emotionally shut-down and just dying for a little passion in her life. That can't be an easy balance to strike.


Veracity of US: Seeing their primo cash cows (the Gosselins) drifting toward oblivion (punctuated by occasional courtroom flareups), US is returning to one of their previous favorite go-to celebrity figures. Jen will once again be linked to any man within a 20-foot radius, pregnant, contemplating marriage, not pregnant, not contemplating marriage, etc.

I do believe her dogs are too large to be carried off by coyotes, so that story line is unlikely to be used.

Liz Kelly: And let's not forget that Lilo is back in the country. Us has plenty of plan B's is the Gosselin news dries up.


TK PK, MD: A moment of silence please for Captain Lou Albano...

Liz Kelly: Agreed. I'm wearing my hair in a ponytail today in his honor.


RE: John Mayer in New York: Maybe he was rude, but too few people admit they aren't experts on a subject. Too many people answer whatever is asked of them. Why didn't the reporter just stick to music?

I heart John Mayer too.

Liz Kelly: But, see, Jon Mayer comments on all kinds of things all the time that are nowhere near his "wheel house." Check his Twitter feed.


Reston, Va.: Hi Liz: I'm totally with you on Alec Baldwin being the best Jack Ryan. On another topic, have you been watching Glee? I've fallen for this show in a big way. Just wish they'd let Mr. Schue sing more.

Liz Kelly: I haven't. I should. I know. But my dance card is full. I am totally charmed by "Bored to Death," tho.


Brentwood, Los Angeles - Michael Jackson's kids on reality show: I thought Michael Jackson was a pretty creepy guy for the last decade of his life but AT LEAST he kept his children shielded from the media. The news that the kids will be exploited by Joe & Co. in a new reality show is gross.

Exclusive: Michael Jackson's Kids to Appear in A&E Reality Show

Liz Kelly: Apparently grandma Katherine Jackson put the kibosh on this. No reality TV for Paris, Prince Michael or Prince Michael II, sez she.


Who is Ralph Lauren's target audience - folks suffering from body dismorphia?: ANOTHER photoshopped-into-oblivion ad from Ralph Lauren has emerged (with the same model they fired for being "too fat"). Have we all gone through the looking glass where this type of thing can go unnoticed by creative teams and magazine editors?

Yet Another Ralph Lauren Photoshop Of Horrors

Liz Kelly: Ick. That one is horrible. She looks like an alien or a rubber bendy person.

But, what do I know? By Ralph Lauren's standards I'm probably morbidly obese.


Jon Gosselin: D-List Celebrity Porn 1.

Liz Kelly: Hey it worked for Joey Buttafuoco and Jon Wayne Bobbitt.


Desperation: Speaking of desperate celebrities (and their pets), what say you on Pamela Anderson employing (?) a child to carry her train during red carpet/awards ceremony? It's eeewwww but also a money-maker for her heretofore unknown (but creepy) makeup artist/stylist who would sell her underage daughter off for such hijinx.

Liz Kelly: I don't know. I can't really get my panties in a twist about this one. I don't think it was a calculated play by Pammy to make some statement about having dominion over all children or that much premeditation went into the stunt. Pammy needed someone to attend to her train and the makeup artist's daughter was handy.


eeeeee, ek: We think our turtle, Kevin, is dying!

He's 17 year old.

He was lying motionless at the bottom of the tank, but now has sort of slitted open his eyes.

Any ideas?

Liz Kelly: There must be turtle vets. You've had him for 17 years -- surely you must know someone.

Seriously -- this sounds bad and you don't want the little guy to suffer. Drop everything and get him to a vet.


More costume ideas...: Kate Gosselin pushing a stroller full of money

Taylor Swift and Interrupting Kanye (although that's not so much tasteless as incredibly irritating)

A bruised Roman Polanski pursued by a crew of tween girls wielding baseball bats

Miley Cyrus and the Twitter Bird

Liz Kelly: Ooh, I like the Taylor and Kanye suggestion.

How about Miley Cyrus being attacked by the Twitter bird, Hitchcock style?


Liz Kelly: Rut roh, did someone get lost on the way to the economy chat? : Economy chat? Ewww, no.

Just tired of Jen and her love life. She's either back with Mayer or talking about Brad. When she does something different or interesting I'll care. Maybe.

Now Courtney Cox's new show is good, even if the title sucks.

Liz Kelly: Another one ("Cougar Town") I haven't had the time to watch.


Congratulations: Excellent chat today. More diverse celebs skewered than usual. Only needs one more thing to achieve perfection---pix of Andy and Opie, and Page if she is doing press today.

Liz Kelly: Why thank you. I crave your approval, so keep it coming.

Alas, no pix today, but I can tell you that little Opie has a cold. He's been having sneezing fits for the last 24 hours and is sleepier than usual. According to the vet, these things usually run their course -- but we're keeping an eye on him.


SNL Feuds: Team Morgan, Team Oteri, or Team Kattan?: Tracy Morgan did not get along w/ Cheri Oteri and Chris Kattan during their SNL days and is call ing them out as unemployed hacks in his new memoir.

I love Tracy on "30 Rock," but I've always liked the other two as well in their SNL work. Isn't it a little mean to put someone down when they are struggling, if he isn't going to elaborate on the beef? (i.e. was it a personality conflict or was something truly heinous at work?)

What happened to "living well is the best revenge"?

washingtonpost.com: Tracy Morgan on Two Former SNL Colleagues: 'F¿k 'Em"

Liz Kelly: Well, he's got a book to sell -- he needs to do something to spur sales. And although Kattan and Oteri could be funny from time to time, in an ensemble, they never came up with anything as genius as this:

So I guess I'm on team Morgan.


Ooooo KKKKKK: I admit to Rox's use of the $$$$ yesterday..but I have used it many times before then. So there. Plus I am a dude-ette.

I think J & K have a future in tabloid Nirvana with earning potential if they only date the right people (next step after nasty divorce is final). Kate: Jon Mayer, for certain, no question. Tony Romo is possible..Jon: Kathy Griffin, Jen, Jess, ???

Liz Kelly: Okay. Fair enough.


Ms. McCain: Meghan used the word "twitpic" to refer to her snapshot. I had to look twice to make sure there was a 'w' in there.

Liz Kelly: To be clear: "twitpic" isn't her creation, it's the name Twitter uses to describe pix uploaded to their proprietary site.


Arlington, Va.: WOW, that John Mayer interview is awful. You know a few years ago, my friend and I used to occasionally look at his blog because it was really weird and funny but ever since then he has seriously turned into the biggest d-bag ever. He is like the worst possible combination of traits in that he takes himself so seriously, yet prides himself on coming across like he doesn't take himself seriously.

Liz Kelly: I completely agree with you. He's like some spoiled child who is pretty smart, but not the genius he takes himself for.


Dead celebrities with new projects: What's creepier: Billy Mays hawking products from beyond the grave, or DJ Am getting addicts clean now that he's dead from an overdose?

Liz Kelly: Ya know, I'm still following DJ AM's Twitter feed. I just can't bring myself to delete it. Wasn't a big fan, but it's still tragic.


Rachel Manteuffel : We enjoy her talents.

Liz Kelly: I'll pass along the kudos.


Long Island, NY: My grandmother recently told me that the style convention in the late '50s and early '60s was that women older than 40 should not have long hair. Today that stance seems too extreme, but it begs the question: Who do you think currently has a hair style that is too young for them? Jennifer Aniston is my pick and has been for five years.

Liz Kelly: That's a great question. I don't think Jen's hair is too young for her. I think it looks great and she totally pulls it off. I would kill for that hair. And, keep in mind, I'm not a big fan of La Aniston.

I'm going to have to give this one some thought. Dina Lohan springs to mind. But then so does Lindsay Lohan. And Alli.


Pacific Northwest: Do you think that Alec Baldwin's character on 30 Rock has ruined him for serious roles? Now I can't help but think of him as Jack Donaghey. And I was so disappointed when he gave up the Jack Ryan role way back when. I would have loved to have seen him in more of those.

Liz Kelly: Not at all. I think it just showcases his depth as an actor even more -- though I have to go on record saying that I have zero intention of seeing his new movie -- the one with Streep and Steve Martin. Gag.


John Mayer: I too love John Mayer but I thought he went a bit overboard in giving that reporter a hard time. His tweets are all over the place, definitely not residing in the music wheelhouse. Perhaps he would be a good candidate for Twits?

Liz Kelly: Oh, don't worry -- he's on tap. We've already taped a little Mayer.


Liz Kelly: Alrighty, that's it for today. Thanks for a great chat. It makes up for the craptastic weather we're having here in D.C.

Watch Twits. And Tweet about it. And pass it along to friends.

Oh, and if you're looking for another hour of chat magic, we'll kick off our discussion of "Lost's" third season NOW.


washingtonpost.com: The 'Lost' Hour: Season 3 Review


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