Redskins Insider: Week 6 vs. Kansas City and Team News

Jason Reid
Washington Post Staff Writer
Friday, October 16, 2009; 11:00 AM

Jason Reid, Washington Post staff writer and Redskins Insider blogger, was online Friday, Oct. 16 to discuss this weekend's Redskins game against the winless Chiefs at FedEx Field, and take all your questions about the team's roster and plans for the season.

A Transcript follows.

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Washington, D.C. in the 35332: In all the time you have been covering the team has this been the worst week ever for coverage?

I don't remember if you were around for Sean Taylor's death, but to me in the history of Redskins Insider, the worst three weeks were: the week of Taylor's death, the week where Vinny and Jason La Canfora were at war, and now this one.

Jason Reid: I was here when Sean Taylor was killed. And the week my boy and Vinny were at war? Only one week? If you're a Skins fan, the past week obviously wasn't a lot of fun. I really don't know what else to say about that.


Gloucester, Va.: Do you foresee the Redskins moving Orakpo back to the defensive end position permanently? He is a difference maker when his hand is in the dirt. Why don't they either look for another linebacker or use one of the guys we got like H.B. Blades or Chris Wilson?

If it's speed that we are worried about then why not run a cobra package? Maybe have it like this: Carter, Haynesworth, Griffin, Orakpo, Rogers, Hall, Mcintosh, Fletcher, Landry, Doughty, Horton. Our secondary seems to be a strong point. We need Doughty and Horton on the field together with Landry. What do you think?

Jason Reid: Yeah. They need to just let the kid put his hand down full time and get double digit in sacks for the next 10 years or so. H.B. has a real motor and is a good guy, but he's way too short to play the strong side regularly. Chris Wilson really is an end. Teams isolate on Orakpo in coverage,especially late in games, because they know he can't cover very well. The thing I find crazy is that it's not as if Marcus Washington's situation just snuck up on them. The guy had been hurt the previous two seasons and they knew they would need a strong-side backer. Oh, well.


Baltimore: Considering the fact that no head coach in NFL history has ever won a Super Bowl for two different franchises, wouldn't it be best for Danny to wait to see if one of the successful, non-Super-Bowl-winning coaches gets fired after the season ... such as John Fox or Jeff Fisher?

Jason Reid: Ah, okay.


Laurel, Md.: Hey Jason,

With the possibility of the 2010 season being uncapped, would you say that it would be a good idea for Dan Snyder to cut some players with big salaries in the offseason? Shedding these big contract players will help them bring down their payroll for a capped 2011 and beyond. I was thinking guys like Portis, Betts, Smoot, Randy Thomas, Griifin, Randle El ...

Jason Reid: You could be on to something. Lemme talk to my guy Rick Maese and see if we can come up with something for the newspaper soon.


Orlando, Fla.: Do the Redskins have a specific need in mind, in regards to shopping Anthony Montgomery? Are they looking for one position to fill, a draft pick? And how much will Cooley be left in to block now that the line has been destroyed?

We need our best receiver catching passes in Zorn's offense, otherwise Santana will be in the same predicament as last season, agreed?

Jason Reid: Anthony just needs to move on. Kedric Golston and Lorenzo Alexander are way ahead of him on the depth chart. It just didn't work out for him here. As for his trade value, he's a former fifth-round pick who, fairly or not, has a reputation for being lazy and unmotivated. They're not going to get a lot for him. Cooley on the block? I haven't heard that one.


Ashburn, Va.: What is the deal with Aldridge? Have they said anything about playing him anytime soon?

Jason Reid: They wanted to play him in the Detroit game. They had a small package of plays for him. But they would rather play him when they have a lead and, well, they haven't had many comfortable leads during the Zorn era. Of the five backs on their roster (I shake my head each time I write that line), AA is the only one with home-run potential. They just have so many problems right now, AA is not too high on the list of priorities.


Austin, Texas: Is Joe Bugel still talking? What does he tell you about Chad Rhinehart? He can't even crack the lineup under these circumstances? I guess he will be inactive because of his shoulder ailment. Very un-hog-like.

Jason Reid: To be honest, I don't base anything on what Bugel says because he thinks all these guys are great. I listen to people outside the organization for honest evaluations. As for Rinehart, he's just a guy. As for his supposed shoulder problem, he told me it's not keeping him out of the lineup.


Chevy Chase, Md.: Who wins the game this weekend? Washington or Kansas City?

Jason Reid: I don't know if the Redskins will win again this season. Seriously.


Staunton, Va.: Other than pure ineptitude, what reason can there be for the Redskins to have not thought it necessary to improve their woeful offense this past offseason? Other than picking up Derrick Dockery, did they do anything on offense? It appears that all their energy went to improving a defense that, statistically, was ranked fourth at the end of last season.

Jason Reid: You put that so well, I'm going to stop typing and just tip my cap to you.


Baltimore: Jason,

I have a few friends who work in the NFL and in talking to them they seem to think that Jason Campbell has the potential to play in this league, but it would be unfair to judge him now as a result of many things, most importantly the Redskins' awful offensive line for the past three seasons.

This has also been said by Aikman, Strahan and a few other national pundits but the opposite has been said by Jimmy Johnson and Rodney Harrison.

What say you? And by the way, the face Tony Dungy gave Rodney Steroids when he made his comments about Campbell told me everything I needed to know.

Jason Reid: Campbell will have a job in the NFL next season. Bank on it. As for some decision-makers around here, I'm not sure about that.


Jarmon: Hi Jason, and thanks for your info. Any thoughts on what kind of impression Jarmon has made in the league? Does he look like he's going to be a force? I'm a lifelong Redskins fan, choking on the dust of 2009, and I'm desperately searching for the silver lining to this season.

Jason Reid: Jarmon does some good things out there, I've been told. Jarmon and Orakpo could be a very productive end tandem for many years.


Somerville, Mass.: Mayor! It's gotta be a tough time to hold court over Redskins Nation these days but what do you make of Carlos Rogers' comments? Is Danny listening? Will he ever listen? Would the team completely imploding and going 4-12/5-11 do something to make him change his ways or is he just too thickheaded?

Jason Reid: Carlos hit it right on the head. I don't pretend to know what goes on in Snyder's head and whether he listens to anyone. Again, though, Carlos hit a home run.


"I don't base anything on what Bugel says because he thinks all these guys are great": This is what I really want to know about. Buges was a key cog to the great days of this team and widely hailed as the greatest OL coach ever. But is it past him now?

Jason Reid: I know about the Hogs and all of that. Obviously, the guy had a lot of success. But that was a long, long time ago. In a galaxy far, far away.


Washington, D.C.: Waht is giong on inside Danny Boy's office at Redskins Park? Why are things so quiet? Where is the news? How about some information?

Jason Reid: How about some information? News? Dude, you gotta be kidding.


Beltsville, Md.: Can't Redskins fans call for a "do over?" In lieu of that, I will just try not to watch -- it's too painful!

Jason Reid: I'm sure it is.


Fusheezi, Md.: As the mayor and face of Redskins Insider, how come you are never on the Podcast?

Jason Reid: Is this my guy Rick Maese?


Washington, D.C.: What was Sherman Lewis thinking in taking this job? Everyone has talked about how this undermines Zorn, so why would Lewis, who must have known that would happen, come out from the bingo hall to land in this kind of situation? He didn't even talk to Zorn before he came aboard, he must be getting a nice big paycheck right?

Jason Reid: Well, Snyder has never been afraid to spend his money on the football operation. Ask yourself this: Who else had asked Lewis to come out of retirement?


Columbus, Ohio: Hi Jason...

Since The Danny (remember that nickname?) seems intent on seeking some advice i.e. Gibbs and Jurgensen, what about convening an advisory panel of sorts comprised of former players that he trusts? Guys like Darrell Green, Monte Coleman, Bobby Mitchell, Charley Taylor, Brian Mitchell. You get the idea.

That way, if he needs further convincing, he could hear from them that he (Snyder) needs to step aside and the only way to turn this around would be to hire a competent GM.

Also, do you think he offered Gibbs a front office job, and if so, would he accept it? That would be pretty cool.

Jason Reid: I checked on Joe Jackson Gibbs the other day. I hear he's too busy with his cars and stuff to come back here. One person close to Gibbs told me he would be shocked if the hall of famer got back in. As for an advisory panel, I don't see that going down.


Brooklyn, N.Y.: Did Carlos Rogers make those comments because he knows he's not coming back next season? At this point, does he even want to come back?

Jason Reid: Both.


Durham, N.C.: If Zorn is let go, and it seems inevitable sometime between now and January, what do you think is next for him? He seems like a nice guy and I would like to see him succeed, but certainly there is little from his record in D.C. to suggest he will ever be a successful offensive coordinator or head coach in the NFL. Would you stay in the league (find a QB coach job somewhere else) or do you think he might retire from football?

Jason Reid: Jim is a nice guy. I don't see anyone giving him a OC job. I'm on record as saying the biggest problem is an overall lack of talent on offense, especially along the offensive line. But there has been inconsistency in Zorn's play calling, according to NFL people who know a lot more about this stuff than I could ever learn. Also, Zorn hasn't proven he can run a successful offense. I'm not saying he can't, but the Seahawks did not offer him their OC job. I think Jim will have to being a quarterbacks coach.


Woods Cross Roads, Va: Say the Redskins have a top five pick next year ... who do they go after? Another defensive player or will we address the offense? If a quarterback ... then who?

Jason Reid: They're going to need an overhaul offense: At least two, possibly three, starting linemen; a new No. 1 running back; and a quarterback, probably.


Baltimore: That being said about Carlos butterfingers: Does a team actually want a guy who has dropped 20 interceptions in two seasons and who plays 12 yards off the line on 3rd and inches?

Jason Reid: Good point. Corners these days have to get interceptions. That's why the Redskins gave DeAngelo Hall $23.5 million guaranteed despite the fact he gives up big plays and doesn't tackle very well. Carlos is better in press-man coverage and in other areas than Hall, but it's all about big-play picks. That aside, however, he nailed it on Snyder and the front office.


Crofton, Md.: Assuming we have a top ten pick in the draft in 2010 (which I think is a lock), give us a couple of names that the Redskins might draft (and dear God please don't include Tebow).

Jason Reid: Way too early for that, my friend. We don't know about underclassmen in the draft and there are a ton of other factors to consider.


Cedar Grove, Md.: Jason, thanks for taking the time to chat with us. Is there any sense that Snyder and co. finally get that the problem is the offensive line (no pun intended)? What does next years draft look like in terms of OL players? Not that this team has shown any skill in drafting ....

Jason Reid: They knew last year they would have to make sweeping changes on the line this offseason. As for O linemen in the draft, it's way too early for that.


Woodbridge, Va.: Do the Redskins have the worst offensive line in the league? I don't see them winning another game if Samuels isn't back in the line up, and that includes the Raiders game.

Jason Reid: I haven't studied every line in the league. Off the top of my head, though, I'd have to say the current group is one of the worst in the league.


Dupont Circle, Washington, D.C.: For the record, I am a Zorn guy, and by no means think that he should be fired (either during or after the season). That said, it seems inevitable. The only positive I see to yet another coaching change/system overhaul is that the coaches mentioned for the position (Shanahan, Holmgren, Gruden, etc.) would likely want total control over personnel decisions, or at least would want to work with someone other than Cerrato.

Do you think Snyder would finally part ways with Ceratto in order to convince one of these coaches to take the position?

Jason Reid: That's a great question. Only Snyder knows the answer for sure. But even if he said he would, I don't believe he would stick with it.


Greensboro, N.C.: What does Jason Campbell future with the team look like? I believe he is in the last year of his contract. To your knowledge, has there been any movement to get him signed to an new contract?

Yeah, I know they tried to replace him in the off season. But a smart GM would not want to go in to next season with a rookie QB and a no named vet on the roster. If the can re-sign him it would allow them to draft a quarterback in a round other then the first and let him develop. Campbell may get better in the mean time. If not at least next year you have a vet to start even if you don't like him. It's not like they're going to a Super Bowl. Also it may help to get a new coach if they have a sign vet. That's my take, anyway.

Jason Reid: Jason will be a restricted free agent. The Redskins could match offers. There has been no movement to sign him to a multiyear deal.


Go get 'em Jason!: So far today, you:

--predicted the Redskins may go 2-14 this year

--said Joe Bugel was over the hill

--predicated Jason Campbell had a better NFL future than Vinny

--made it clear Sherman Lewis was basically worthless.

Mind you, I love the honesty and don't necessarily disagree with you, but where are you planning to watch this week's game from, once the Danny and Vinny read this chat?

Jason Reid: From the press box as always, my friend.


Fans must share some blame: It's rather ironic to read about fans blaming Daniel "Mister" Snyder for the woes of the Skins. It is my humble opinion that fans must share some of the blame. "Mister" Snyder may not be many things, but he is a pragmatic businessman. If fans continue to fill his stadium, buy concessions, jerseys, etc, they are implicitly, if not explicitly condoning his meddlesome, undermining ways. If fans want "Mister" Snyder to change his ways, fans must do their part as well and change too, i.e., stop their economic support. Your thoughts?

Jason Reid: I totally agree, in theory. But even if the Redskins played in an empty stadium each week, I'm not sure if this guy would change the way he operates. My colleague, Sally Jenkins, really nailed Snyder's management style in her column in Saturday's editions. It's a must read, in my humble opinion, for any true Skins fan.


Hilton Head, S.C.: What is the take on the play of Landry? It seems he hasn't made the impact he should. Is it another case of the Redskins playing him out of position or not making the best use of him -- aka Orakpo -- or was is it him?

Jason Reid: Just talked with a longtime player-personnel guy about LaRon the other day. He has all the talent in the world but hasn't delivered yet. A big part of the problem is he's playing out of position. He's a strong safety.


Waynesboro, Penn.: What is the status of Colt Brennan, will he ever be brought back and put on the roster ... seems even he could help a lot these days.

Jason Reid: No. He couldn't help at all.


San Francisco: Help me out Jason! I'm despondent after the last few weeks, show us the silver lining in the dark and stormy cloud that is the Redskins.

Jason Reid: Orakpo could become a perennial Pro Bowler.


Redskinsville, Skinsland: Even if the bottom falls out of the season, what are the chances Vinny gets canned? 25 percent?

Jason Reid: Only Snyder knows.


Vint Hill, Va.: Is an uncapped year the only answer? It would allow for a dumping many high priced veterans and give an incoming new coach the ability to shape the roster as he sees fit. Is Danny Boy the type to work behind the scenes with other owners and see that it comes to fruition?

Jason Reid: Make sure to read our sports section on Sunday.


Portis: Hey Jason,

Clinton Portis seems really slow this year, and no longer seems to be able to turn on a dime. He runs straight ahead, rarely dodging. His ankles hurt, but, is he past his prime? Time to let him go (like an earlier chatter mentioned)?

Jason Reid: Makes sense to me.


Todd Collins: Let's rewind the clock two years.

Offensive line in shambles.

We don't have anything close to a number two receiver, people were saying.

The team in disarray.

And then I came in and in the blink of an eye, everything about the offense changed.

Sonny knows I'm the answer. Greg Williams knew it. Even Joe knew it and told Danny so.

So why don't you?

I mean, I know JC is a great guy and the media loves him. But if you can't see the field, you'll never be a winner in this league.

Jason Reid: Then if that's all that's keeping them from a playoff berth, well, I'm totally in favor of starting Collins.


Deep Gap, NC: What do you think about what Wilbon, Riggins, and other well known's have said about hiring a real GM, other changes to management and letting the new qualified people run the team?

Jason Reid: Mike Wilbon has been one of my heros since I was a young pup in J-School. Riggo was one of my favorite running backs. That aside, they really make a lot of sense on this subject.


Bethesda, Md.: Don't want to speculate, but I'm thinking Zorn is done after or possibly during the season. My question to you is ... did Snyder single handedly screw Zorn's career by promoting him instantly to head coach? I don't know of any team that would now hire this guy as a head coach again, or even an offensive coordinator? Do you see him getting a prominent position in the NFL after this head coaching stint? Or will he always and only be a quarterback coach?

Jason Reid: You hit it right on the head. I think he's looking at being a quarterbacks coach.


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