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 Dan Steinberg
Dan Steinberg (The Washington Post)
Dan Steinberg
D.C. Sports Bogger
Tuesday, October 20, 2009; 11:30 AM

D.C. Sports Bogger Dan Steinbergwas online Tues., Oct. 20 to break down all your questions about the Redskins, the Caps, D.C. United, the Nats and the latest sports news and your questions and comments about his latest bog posts.

A transcript follows.

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Dan Steinberg: Hey, I'm late, my fault. Had to switch from laptop to big boy computer, after an exciting podcast session in which I was given a free donut AND a free box of froot loops. Good day already. Have at it. Please pepper me with questions about being a hypocrite for criticizing others' lack of hockey coverage and then completely bailing on the Caps in favor of Skins navel gazing.


Herndon, Va.: Heard on the radio that the judge was having trouble deciding custody for the Balloon Hoax boy. His parents beat him. Judge tried giving custody to his aunt. The boy cried and said she beats him even more. The judge wanted to give custody to the grandparents. They also beat him. What's the judge to do? Here's a suggestion. Perhaps the judge should consider giving the custody of the boy to the Washington Redskins. They don't beat anybody.

Dan Steinberg: That joke's so old, when it was invented, Sherm Lewis hadn't even retired yet.


Raleigh, N.C.: So, the Redskins seem to be turning into one of those college teams (Alabama, UNC Basketball, etc). In order to coach there, you have had to touch the garment of Joe Gibbs, or be Joe Gibbs. It makes no sense to me. Sure, Gibbs was a good coach. Sherm Lewis, the only qualification he seems to have is that he was with the Redsikins in the past. And the fans want Bugel, Gibbs, etc to come back.

In the words of Pitino, he ain't walking through that door. Get over it.

Dan Steinberg: Unless I'm missing something, Sherm Lewis was never with the Redskins in the past. Nor the Redsikins. Am I missing something?

I don't think this move is about Joe Gibbs, I think this move is about panic and disorder and chaos. Plus, Sherm Lewis's excellent mustache.


Anonymous: In a junky front yard in Ashburn, the bandwagon is up on blocks and the engine is hanging from a tree.

Dan Steinberg: I'd rather think that it drove off the Beltway into the Potomac. I don't want to see it sold for parts.

And look, despair and gloom and dismay aside, I think it's not at all impossible to imagine a rapid improvement in the future. Not this year, obviously, because this offensive line won't allow for that. And yes, I share your concerns that if things continue to be run in the way they've been run in the past, that's impossible. But there's nothing to say that if someone else is given the controls, this thing couldn't turn quickly. That's the way the NFL works. It's theoretical possible that this season is actually the bottom.


Calif.: Mr. Steinberg, Do you have any thoughts on this:

I want to apologize to everyone on the WaPo blogs for my insanely optimistic predictions for the 2009 Redskins. I could not have been any more wrong. Please feel free to tee off on me, I deserve it.

I will be taking some time off from the blogs except to continue to apologize and occasionally respond to comments that are addressed to me.

I still love the Redskins with all my heart, but I'm not okay right now.

Take care.

Posted by: Barno1 - October 18, 2009 4:20 PM ---------------------------------------

Or this:

Barno, Md.: What will the Campbell haters say when he makes the Pro Bowl this year? (notice I said "when" not "if")

A) I knew he had it in him

B) Big deal, it was just one season

C) He only made it because it was a weak year for QBs

D) I'd still rather have Cutler or Sanchez --------------------------------------

Or this (which seems to contradict what was mentioned first):

Dan Steinberg: Hey Barno, by the way, good to hear from you. Been hoping you're well. Whatever you want to say about Barno--and lots of fans have said lots of uncomplimentary things--he says what he believes, and he doesn't back away no matter how dire things look........He has said, over and over, that he'd be shocked if these Skins don't win 10 games. I'm guessing the Samuels injury has him down, but he won't back away from what he's said. Give him credit for that.

Dan Steinberg: Well, Barno has certainly made himself into a known personal around these parts. Look, I guess what I meant more was he doesn't run away from his words. When he's right--as when he predicted Gary Williams's resurgence last spring--he will openly and loudly point out that he was right. When he's on an island--as when he spent six weeks predicting the Skins would be just fine--he doesn't care that popular opinion is against him. And when he's wrong--as he has been thus far, in spectacular fashion--he'll admit it.

I know he rubs some folks wrong, but I think the WaPo is better for his comments. He certainly helps our page views, anyhow.


Rockville, Md.: So who will get the loudest boos on Monday: Campbell, Zorn, Snyder or Vick?

Dan Steinberg: If their four faces were shown one by one on the big screen, the order would go





I feel good about that prediction. Adding in a Cerrato option would make it trickier. I guess I'd rank him second out of five.


Noone From Tampa, Fla.: Does it really matter who starts at QB with the CerattO-line taking field? I would start Jason and tell him to run as much as possible.

Dan Steinberg: No, it doesn't much matter. If you really care about winning games in 2009, I think I'd go with Collins, mobility issues notwithstanding. I thought he did at least as well as Campbell on Sunday, without taking the snaps with the ones and without having played in an NFL game since January of 2008. I'm not sure Campbell's thrown three passes this season as beautiful as the first one Collins tossed up last week. The mobility is a concern with this line, but I'd rate him marginally better. I think I'm in the minority.

But I think you'd risk really losing the locker room if you did that, and I don't think it much matters.


London, U.K.: Hi Dan,

I'm a Redskins fan (formely lived in D.C.) and I watched the awful display made worse by the terrible picture in a bar here in London on Sunday evening. On the NFL show on BBC radio that night, the question for all the fans of awful teams was who they would like to pick up as a trade before the deadline. Given the disaster zone which is our front line, and a plucky but ultimately delusional quarterback - who would you pick? What is our priority? Cheers.

Dan Steinberg: There aren't really trades at the NFL deadline. That's sort of sad. It would make this week really exciting, especially for the struggling franchises. Maybe they can try trading Ronnie Belliard.

I don't think there's any question that if you could bring in one B+ pick at this point, you'd want a guy who can play offensive tackle.

But the Redskins would be sellers, not buyers, if this were MLB. They'd be trying to stock up on draft picks, and getting rid of older guys with expiring contracts who could help a contender.


Reston, Va.: Is it possible the play calling has been over thought? Here's my idea of play calling. Hand the ball off at least 25 times - pass the rest. Can we at least give it a try?

Dan Steinberg: The only thought I have on playcalling is it can't possibly make the offense worse. I mean, even if they scored 3 points next week, it would be almost impossible to be less impressive on offense. If they can avoid confusion or delay of game calls, I really don't see the harm in turning over the playcalling to a new voice.

Sure, the rational move would be to ask Sherm Smith or Chris Meidt to take over the playcalling, but really, Frank Herzog or Albert Haynesworth or the Balloon Boy could all take a shot and I wouldn't be convinced things would get worse.


Bethesda, Md.: How long can the Post duck the Ft. Hill-Dunbar story appearing recently in the City Paper?

There, the scoop was that no report finding racial slurs had been used issued, largely because Dunbar would not cooperate. Suggestion was the Dunbar coach pulled his team because it was going to lose.

The Post, particularly M. Wilbon, owe the Ft. Hill players closure for the accusations made against them. Can't you do the right thing?

Dan Steinberg: You asked this last week, no? City Paper's Dave McKenna has posted several items on this. It's well worth a read, but I think it reflects worse on Rhee and the DCPS administration for refusing to respond than on Dunbar, at least by my way of reading.

I don't speak for Michael Wilbon or for the Post high school sports staff, but I'll pass along your thoughts.


Alexandria, Va.: If Snyder does not get rid of Vinny Cerrato this offseason will D.C. riot?

Dan Steinberg: Literally? No, there will not be a riot.

Will people actually follow through on all the hundreds if not thousands of threats to give up season tickets? Even that, I'm not convinced. When people complain at FedEx, I always say "Why are you here?" Last week, someone told me he didn't want to risk losing his seats and have to go back on the list. Now, say what you want about the list, but if even the highly disillusioned are still saying this, then the boycott talk is in trouble.


Washington, D.C.: Any one of us would be a better GM than Vinny Cerrato. This is, unfortunately, not a joke. How is this possible?

Dan Steinberg: I know I wouldn't. I do wish there were a GM simulation game, though, so we could ask someone like Fred Smoot--who wants to be a GM--to compete against Cerrato.

I think no matter what you think about Cerrato, we can agree that when he attempts to explain moves in public, he's neither decisive nor convincing nor articulate. This doesn't necessarily make him a bad GM, but it sure makes it easy to pick on him. Ernie Grunfeld and George McPhee would never, ever, ever put themselves in a position to be mocked like that. You wonder how important public speaking is/should be in the GM job description.


Washington, D.C.: Hey Dan since our offensive line is the problem do you think that Joe Bugel should take any of the fault for not developing the players enough? Or is it just because the players we have are not ready to start on an offensive line for an NFL team?

Dan Steinberg: I'm not a talent evaluator, and I don't talk to NFL talent evaluators, but from reading the reporting of others I'd tend strongly toward the latter. That said, I think everyone associated with this offense in any way has to get a share of the blame.


Germantown, Md.: Dan -

How often do you think the Redskins will get a delay of game or waste timeouts, because it will take too long to get the plays to the QB? I can see more confusion and less time for the QB since the play has to now start with Sherm, then go to Zorn, and then to QB. Monday will be a mess! Thanks.

Dan Steinberg: Well, they only have six timeouts, so not more than six.

Look, this is a real possibility, but as much as we want to ridicule this whole situation, Zorn and Lewis know a week in advance what the deal is. If they can't come up with some sort of system to make this work, they probably don't belong in the NFL. It's obviously way, way, way far from ideal, but you have quarterbacks come in off the street and play for NFL teams within a week. There has to be a way to make this work.


Arlington, Va.: Do the Redskins have an Offensive Coordinator anymore? Why isn't he calling the plays? What does he do exactly? He's been there for a while (hypothetically at least) as opposed to Lewis ...

Dan Steinberg: Yes, Sherm Smith remains the offensive coordinator, at least in name. He's been here for about as long as Jim Zorn's been the head coach, as I recall. He's also been doing weekly interviews with Comcast SportsNet, on Thursdays as I recall. Curious if he'll do that this week. I'd challenge you to find many other franchises that, within the span of two weeks, appoint their secondary coach to speak for their defensive coordinator and their consultant to call plays instead of their offensive coordinator or their head coach.

As for what he does, he helps come up with the game plan, speaks with Zorn during the game, etc


Fusheezi, Md.: You are on Redskins Insider's Podcast and you blog about (lately) nothing but Redskins. Can't we just put you over on Redskins Insider as the Mayor's backup and eventual successor? We could have a contest and award your old Bog position to the winnder or you could just hand the reins down to one of your office minions.

Or you could just stick with the bread and butter that got you here and drop this bad Redskins bogging habit you seem to have picked up this year.

Dan Steinberg: Hey man, you got me depressed with your comment yesterday, saying the Skins obsession may make for good Web traffic but it's bad for the Bog.

It's a hard position I'm in. Let's say my typical Web traffic was X. Let's say this fall it's jumped up to 1.5x. And let's say that yesterday, for example, it was at 3.5x. Let's say our Wizards and Caps blogs yesterday got around x, or 1/2x for traffic. But let's say that, objectively, we can all recognize that transcribing radio interviews and adding snarky comments makes for a terrible blog. What in the world am I supposed to do? It's not like what I'm doing is immoral or evil, it's just boring, but how can I possibly make the argument that a boring blog that appeals to more readers is a bad thing? You tell me, Fusheezi.


Belstville, Md.: Will all the good quarterbacks be gone by the time the Redskins draft next year? And will Portis be gone by next year? Because he looks slow.

Dan Steinberg: It's theoretically possible that there won't be any players gone by the time the Redskins draft next year.

But no, I think the projections have something like four QBs going in the first 16 picks, so it's impossible to imagine the Skins not having a shot at one of those, if they so choose.

Portis did run 78 yards a lot faster than most slow people would, but I agree that he's not close to being one of the best tailbacks in the league. The offensive line is giving him lemons, and he's turning them into chopped up lemons.


Laurel, Md.: How do you feel about The Post's new "columnist images," in the print version? You know those grayed out pics that look like the Wall Street journal columnists?

Dan Steinberg: Turns out there's actually one of me. I didn't know about this until yesterday's paper came out.

Truthfully, having loved and read The Post for about 15 years, I found it all hard to take. I think that's the natural reaction when anything you're so familiar with changes so dramatically. I'd include the photos in that sentiment. I don't really feel the need to know what people look like, and it seems to me like space that could be better used on jokes about the burgundy revolution, but apparently many readers say they like to see what the writers look like, and for a clear differentiation between columns and articles.

Either way, I look smashing in my image.


Washington, D.C.: You've mentioned in the past that you don't like the national sports media outlets "piling on" when things are bad for the local teams, like the Natinals debacle of a season. When you mess up to that degree, it really is low-hanging fruit.

That said, we now have a bingo-caller running our offense. And we have a nationally televised MNF game coming up. How merciless are Berman and the other blowhards going to be?

And for good measure, which is a more embarrasing team, the Natinals or the Deadskins?

Dan Steinberg: I feel slightly different with this, because this doesn't strike me as growing pains. I still think the Nats are actually in the growing pains stage, which is lasting way way longer than it should, but to pick on them (nationally) seems like bullying to me. The Redskins are a three-time Super Bowl winning franchise with a massive fan base, a fairly strong tradition and a huge payroll. I think they're a fair target.

I'd worry less about Berman than about Jaworski. I'm not sure people take Berman seriously, but if Jaws unloads, it could be ugly.

As for the last part, for the reasons cited above, I think the Redskins have been more embarrassing, by a wide, wide margin. Though they haven't yet invited Philly fans to FedEx this week, that I know of.


Capitol Hill, Washington, D.C.: Dan- The reason I still attend is that I have already paid for the tickets and the parking pass so why not? I don't buy anything at the stadium so Snyder won't get one more cent out of me but he already has my money for the tickets. Also, I don't have neighbors yelling at my when I scream about how horrible the Redskins are like I do when I watch at home.

Dan Steinberg: I understand that, but I'm talking more about renewing for the future. But honestly, I wouldn't fault anyone for doing that, either. I'd just fault you for renewing if you're also complaining about the direction of the franchise and the people making the decisions.

But as horrid as it is in many ways, I think it's still possible to have fun going to FedEx. I think I'm in a massive minority on this one, but part of the reason you go is the fellowship and the charred meat and soy products and the nippy fall air, and those things remain what they are even in 14-6 losses to the dregs of the NFL.

it's just, if you're railing about the system, your only real leverage is those checks for season tickets.


Arlington, Va.: Dan - I think we need to come up with a Brangelina type nickname for our current head coach/playcaller hybrid, and I nominate "Shorn".

It works on so many levels.

Dan Steinberg: That's pretty clever. I like it.


What Would You Do?: Dan, lots of opinions have been expressed about what Zorn should have done, or still do, when 'asked' to relinquish play calling duties to Mr. Bingo. Tony Dungy says he should have said, 'no'. I agree. JZ may have been fired (probably still will be) but he would leave with his dignity self-respect and the remaining money from his contract (what is that, by the way?). And if they didn't fire him he'd still be calling the plays and his players would be proud of him for standing up to Snyder and Vinny.

Dan Steinberg: Reading between the lines, and listening to the experts, I'd say the issue is that he would not leave with the remaining money from his contract. I think it would not be called a "firing" if he refused to accept the demotion and walked away. I think that's known as resigning, or quitting.

Now, would I take public humiliation and castration in exchange for collecting on millions that were still owed me? You bet your Bingo card I would. Someone's got to pay for preschool.


Washington, D.C.: I seem to recall a previous iteration of the Post Sports section that showed images of the columnists - maybe the late 80s/early 90s?

I remember seeing Kornheiser's mug on there, and Boswell too. Of course, that didn't stop Kornhypocrite from trashing the Post's redesign on his radio show yesterday. I think he would prefer if each day's sports section simply showed a giant photo of Tony Kornheiser.

By the way, he's starting to love you CheeseBoy. Only took the guy five years to spot your talent - maybe he's less threatened by you now?

Dan Steinberg: I appreciate anything nice Tony says about me. I still think he runs an entertaining radio show, though there aren't enough appearances from Jim Zorn for me to transcribe.

I think you may be right, but I started reading The Post in 94 when I moved to the East Coast, so that might have predated me. Either way, especially with us sports fools being on TV non stop, you all know what we look like. And it's not particularly pretty.


Woodbridge, Va.: Hey, I saw you after the game as I was walking to the Metro. It was great to see you among the fans and getting comments. Keep up the great work. Be our voice!

Dan Steinberg: I've never actually hung out in the parking lot after a game. It was an interesting site. It was actually more pleasant than before the game, in some ways. Sure, people were really angry, but it felt less frantic than the pregame somehow.

This isn't intended to be flip, but if attendance remains at the levels it was last week, the commute for everyone will be much, much better. i'm not sure about everybody else, but I left home in Silver Spring right around 11 and was in a parking spot by around 11:30. It was glorious.


New York, N.Y.: Bloggy,

Can you please interview Matt Bradley and ask him how it feels to be the tied with Nicklas Backstrom and Mike Knuble in goals? They both have much higher earning potential than me. I mean him.

-Not Matt Bradley

Dan Steinberg: I haven't seen a Capital face to face in something like a month. I'm planning on going to practice this week. Seriously. But I'm completely and totally out of Caps questions. I think I already did the "tell me about when you used to be a goal scorer growing up" thing with Bradley during the playoffs last year. Any other ideas?


Los Angeles: Re: the Burgundy Revolution - The way to effectively influence Snyder's hand might be a class action lawsuit from season ticket holders demanding to be released from their contracts. Let's say the goal is to get rid of Cerrato - the argument is that the team ownership is not acting in good faith to provide a winner (or maybe "best possible team")to the paying customers. Mostly what this would do is create a huge embarrassment for Snyder, perhaps enough for him to even sell the team. There are 90,000 season ticket holders. They should unite and throw their weight around.

Dan Steinberg: Sure, think outside the box, but bear in mind that only premium seating people have contracts, and I think there are a bunch of empty seats in the clubs anyhow. So it's not anywhere close to 90,000 with contracts.

I'm not sure, but I have to think the message is getting out to ownership without suits.


Springfield, Va.: What should the fans do if the first play called by Sherm Lewis is a stretch run to the left?

Dan Steinberg: If he gets tackled for a loss, boo. If he runs for 145 yards, cheer.


Washington, D.C.: Trade deadline is 4:00pm. Can we trade coaches?

Dan Steinberg: My mind is locking up trying to do this while transcribing Zorn on radio. Can we trade bloggers?


Gaithersburg, Md.: Monday Night vs. the Eagles will be must see TV, perhaps for the last time this year for the Redskins. It should be really interesting to hear the Redskin's possible next coach (Gruden) critique the players and management he could be workign with next year.

If he is interested in the job, its quite a chance to "negotiate" on live TV. Your thoughts?

Dan Steinberg: I would be surprised if there was much of this. I already have the sense that the ESPN folks won't be offering up much of Gruden in the week of promotion ahead.


Anonymous: Is it the stadium? Maybe it's not the owner - after all he does try to get good players, something not all owners do.

But I just feel like the Redskins haven't been the Redskins since they left RFK. Moving back is unfeasible. But maybe if they rename FedEX field RFK Stadium, it might help?

Dan Steinberg: If I was given a choice between two young bookend offensive tackles and a name change, I'd take the former.

Remember, before Zorn, the team made the playoffs two of the previous four years. It wasn't pretty, and it wasn't dominant, and the playoff runs fizzled, but it wasn't horrendible.


Arlington, Va.: While it isn't noticed by many in this city who are so obsessed with the NFL team, I feel in a similar boat regarding my D.C. United season tix. The early bird deadline to re-up is this week. I am fairly disillusioned with the state of the club. We need a new coach and we need to cut the high-priced dead weight out of the roster. I am not convinced either of those things will happen. But I have had season tickets since year 1 so I feel weird about even considering not renewing.

Dan Steinberg: It's also a much, much less costly investment. But I guess for you, as for a Skins STH, it's about sending a message, and you don't have many outlets for actual message sending.


I think we need to come up with a Brangelina type nickname for our current head coach/playcaller hybrid: "Jerm"

I think it works better

Dan Steinberg: Ok


Redskins Park?: If you were Jim Zorn, how long would your work week be at this point? 4 hours counting the post-game press conference? Maybe attend practices once a week with a few crossword puzzles?

Dan Steinberg: It's a great point, but he's not that kind of guy. Really, I can't imagine this. Plus he probably has some clause that requires him to not play golf for 8 hours a day.


Anonymous: So what's the more awkward gig; interviewing angry Redskins fans or naked soccer players?

Dan Steinberg: Definitely, definitely naked soccer players. Ok, they weren't actually naked when I was interviewing them, but it's just a weird dynamic. "So, uh, what was it like when you took your clothes off? And how do you think you looked naked?"

Nah. That's no good. Redskins fans wanted to vent on Sunday. That was easy. They were stopping ME, asking to talk. No naked soccer player has ever requested that I interview him. Or her.


Pentagon City, Va.: In case you were looking for a new nickname for Todd Collins, since he could now be the starter, how about "Hot Toddy"? It could revive his career.

Dan Steinberg: Except Jim Zorn just said on his radio show that he's probably gonna start Campbell. Sorry. You can call him Hot Jason if you want.


Washington, D.C.: "the team ownership is not acting in good faith to provide a winner."

You've gotta be kidding me! Where on a Redskins ticket does it guarantee a win or even a well-played game? Stop whining you babies. I'm starting to understand what Wilbon gets so annoyed by some Redskins fans.

People think they are owed and guaranteed far more than they really are. Do you realize that when you buy an airline ticket, you are not guaranteed to be taken to your destination? Read the fine print. They are not obligated to take you to your destination. And Snyder doesn't owe whining fans wins, no matter how much money they spent.

Grow up people!

Dan Steinberg: Ok, I'm fine with that, but I'm not sure about the airplane thing. So you can buy a ticket to Las Vegas, and get dropped off in Cleveland, and you can't complain? That's outrageous. Fortunately for me, every time in my life I've boarded an airplane, I've wound up in my destination sooner or later.


Greetings from the Alternate Universe: The Redskins squeak by the Giants, and roll over five cupcakes. The Eagles beat the Saints in double overtime (thanks to a bad call) and roll over four cupcakes. Two undefeated teams on Monday Night! How cool is that?

Dan Steinberg: Wait, who's playing O line for the Skins? And how much are they favored by this week? And if I take the Eagles +3 in your alternate universe, will Vegas honor the ticket?


Urban Meyer: There, I said it. Urban Meyer should be our next head coach. That guy is an absolute beast and he's coming to the pros sooner or later and I can think of few people who have the leadership skills that Meyer does, pro or college. The Patriots head coach goes to Florida to watch Meyer's innovations. His players would die for him. I don't buy all of this stuff about college coaches can't work in the NFL. It's about whether you command true respect of the players. I think he could do that from day one. I think we need a combo of a younger coach who commands some respect. Not a lot of those out there. Maybe Gruden. Mike Tomlin.

But I think Urban Meyer is the guy.

Dan Steinberg: You might as well just have added on this comment.

Dan's comment: Because hiring the head coach from Florida has worked so well in the past.

At least Meyer might be fooled into thinking style points matter and be dissatisfied with 9-7 home wins over the Rams.


Zorn not play calling: And just how efficient is it going to be for Lewis to radio down to the sidelines to Zorn who then relays the play out to the team. Should we have a betting pool for how many delay of game penalties there will be next week?

You'll probably have to edit this out ... but someone has to say it. What Snyder did to Zorn is the equivalent of hauling the poor guy out on to the 50 yard line and castrating him in public.

Dan Steinberg: You're not the first person who's said it.

So I finally finished the Dan Brown D.C. book. Wow, is it terrible. I mean, I'm all for trashy writing, but golly, it's just abysmally awful. Anyhow (spoiler alert), there seemed to be a suggestion that the bad guy castrated himself. Was I misreading that? Is it even biologically possible to castrate yourself? And what do you do with the...you know? I mean, after?


Tired of 24/7 Redskins Angst: Can we please read about anything other than the Redskins, at least part of the time?

Earlier you talked about how your coverage decisions are being driven by the number of clicks on the site. Here's a rhetorical question: do you really think Joe Pulitzer's only concert was how many newspapers he sold?

Here's a second rhetorical question: are you journalists or salespeople?

Dan Steinberg: Ok, this is me, the D.C. sports bog, independent-ish goof who writes whatever he wants on his blog. This isn't The Washington Post, or The Washington Post sports dept. If I transcribe Redskins interviews instead of interview Matt Bradley about shopping bags, that doesn't mean the paper is covering more or less hockey or football, in a journalistic sense. Also, never having met Joe Pulitzer, I have no idea what he was concerned, or concerted about.

But I will say this: we're not a non-profit. Speaking for nobody but myself, I don't see how writing what people are most interested in--within the bounds of taste and accuracy and fairness--is a bad thing. As long as your paper comes with ads for Macy's and Home Depot, I think it's pretty obvious what business we're all in: the business of selling stuff.


Staten Island, N.Y.: Do you think Snyder hears the criticism?

Dan Steinberg: yes


22202, Washington, D.C.: I'm headed to Paris soon. And since it's the capital of all things cheese and you are also vegetarian (I believe), are there any favorite restaurants/haunts you recommend most?

Dan Steinberg: I've only been there once, for like three days, and it pre-dated my cheese thing. As I've said before, the actual great cheeses of the world aren't always my thing. Like, you could get real, unpasteurized Epoisse in Paris, but it smells like feet and tastes like cow; it's not really my thing. I'd probably spend all my money on Nutella crepes.

Just go where your nose leads you. It's hard to eat badly in Paris.


Washington, D.C.: Does Cerrato need to go?

Dan Steinberg: To the potty? Heck if I know.


Bowie, Md.: Was CBS trying to send us a hint when they cut away to Ravens-Vikings in the third quarter? That turned out to be a great game, although it didn't seem so at the time.

Dan Steinberg: What was with the audio during the cutaway? Did you notice? Pat Summerall and John Madden calling the Redskins' Super Bowl win over the Bills? So bizarre.

Two weeks in a row Skins coverage has gone kaput on TV. Definitely a ploy to get more people to listen to the Papa John's ads on the radio broadcast.


Washington, D.C.: That guy from an "Alternate Universe" is an idiot. There's no double OT in the NFL.

Dan Steinberg: Oh, that was Donovan McNabb writing in, I forgot to label it correctly.


Ovi vs Redskins: Caps only have 2 games this week. Can Ovi outscore the Redskins?

Dan Steinberg: I had a throwaway question earlier this month about whether the Caps would outscore the Skins in October, and I said no way. A long time reader wrote in yesterday to point out that it's looking like it'll be awfully close one way or the other.


Washington, D.C.: Does Snyder actually think if he treats Zorn bad enough, Zorn will just walk away from the rest of his contract? At this point all Snyder is really doing is scaring away all potential head coaching candidates from even considering the Redskins job.

Dan Steinberg: You have to assume that someone believes the first sentence to be true.

But I don't agree at all with your second point. If you think enough money couldn't land a big name coach....well, I just wouldn't agree. No one thought Marty would work here. No one thought Spurrier would try the NFL. And certainly no one thought Joe Gibbs would coach NFL football again.


Ann Arbor, Mich.: As a life-long Detroit Lions fans, I find Redskins fans very amusing. One terribly disappointing season in a decade and they want to sue the owner. You people don't know what losing is.

Dan Steinberg: This is true, though Redskins fans would argue that it's been a terribly disappointing decade, in that the overall trend doesn't seem to point to future success. But you're right, in the larger sense, such fury over mediocrity is a bit unusual. I mean, sure, this year threatens to be way worse than mediocre, but the anger has bubbled up from the years of mediocrity.


Strasburg: I dominated my first AFL game and nobody in the DC media market covered it. What gives?

Dan Steinberg: Hey, Tracee Hamilton went all the way down to Arizona to see you, you ungrateful rookie millionaire.


Staten Island follow up: If Snyder hears the criticism, do you think he CARES? That's what really matters.

Dan Steinberg: I don't know him well at all. It's very, very hard for me to imagine any person who could be called so many names, be the subject of so many rants, and be so universally reviled, and not care at all. I just have never met anyone like that. (No, I've never met Skip Bayless.)

I'm not saying I think Daniel Snyder will change anything about his behavior or his franchise (I have no idea about that), but I just don't see how you couldn't care.


TV Land: If Zorn gets fired, will there still be a Jim Zorn Show on channel 4?

I'm sure they'll just plug in whoever the new coach is... but wouldn't it be more fun if Zorn kept the show?

Dan Steinberg: Jim Zorn sure does have a lot of media outlets, doesn't he? It's almost impossible to keep up. Does every NFL coach have this many scheduled weekly appearances?

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