Redskins Insider: Week 7 vs. Philadelphia and Team News

Jason Reid
Washington Post Staff Writer
Friday, October 23, 2009; 11:00 AM

Jason Reid, Washington Post staff writer and Redskins Insider blogger, was online Friday, Oct. 23 to discuss this Monday night's Redskins game against division rival Philadelphia, and take all your questions about the team's roster and plans for the season.

A Transcript follows.

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South Riding, Va.: Can we really believe anything Vinny says at this point? Doesn't he realize that his credibility with the "fans" is 0?

Jason Reid: Those are definitely two questions. I think you have to take the man at his word. Of course, people change their minds all the time.


Richmond, Va.: Any truth to the rumors about Gibbs coming back in some capacity? Also, has anyone tried to talk Bobby Bethard into coming out of retirement?

Jason Reid: Talked to a source close to Gibbs the other day and wrote about on the Insider. The guy told me he just didn't see it because of all the stuff Gibbs has going on now. But with this place and Joe Jackson Gibbs, I would never rule out anything completely.


Washington, D.C.: With the injuries to the offensive line, has there been any thought to having Lorenzo Alexander get some time on the offensive line again?

Jason Reid: I asked Lorenzo the other day and he said not at this time. When they used him like that two years ago, he wasn't as heavily involved in the D line rotation as he is now. That's not to day he still couldn't do it, but he's a much bigger part of the defense now.


Yorktown Heights, N.Y.: Hi Jason,

It seems like the eagles have the guys up front and the schemes to really put pressure on Jason Campbell. How many sacks do you think we're looking at? Will Levi Jones play? What's his status? Cut by the Bengals, while not nearly as bad as it used to sound, doesn't make it seem like he's close to top-level talent. What do you think?

I'd like to think that Sherm Lewis is all that's needed to give a spark, but I'm afraid it's just rearranging the deck chairs on the titanic.

Jason Reid: It's not just the sacks. It the pressure and the hits on the quarterback. I would be surprised if the Eagles had fewer than five sacks. I don't know if Jones will even be active this week. As for Lewis, I think it's more about the deck chairs at this point.


Alexandria, Va.: Any early indication of the player reaction to the "vote of confidence"?

Jason Reid: Nah. I left a couple of phone messages and texts with guys but they were preparing to begin practice when Cerrato was on the radio. We'll have a story after practice.


Washington, D.C.: Jason, love your stuff.

I wanted to ask you about a comment that was made by Jim Zorn in reference to the WR situation. He said that Devin Thomas has really improved practice play and work ethic and seems to have a better understanding of the offense. Zorn in now going to start Thomas opposite Moss from now on. My question to you is: where is Thomas on Sunday? He practices great but he disappears on Sunday. Second, why won't Zorn give Marko Mitchell the same opportunities that he give Thomas and Kelly to show their ability on Sunday? Personally, I'm not impressed with Thomas or Kelly. He should give Mitchell his opportunity on Sunday. Your thoughts.

Jason Reid: A lot of people feel the same way about Mitchell. But the Redskins have too much invested in Thomas and Kelly to demote one in favor of a seventh-round pick.


Fairfax, Va.: Jason, now that Cerrato has said that Zorn is the coach for the remainder of the season, how do you think that endorsement will translate on the field with the players in terms of their effort on the field? You reported that several players wanted management to give Zorn a vote of confidence, now that they have it, will their on-field play get any better?

Jason Reid: Only if they suddenly become more talented. The talent level just isn't as high as Daniel Snyder and Cerrato seem to believe it is.


Princeton, N.J.: I'm a 71 year old Eagles Fan. My first game in 1948, the Steelers were still using the single wing.

Please explain the Oakland game.

Who were those guys in Eagles' uniforms?

Jason Reid: I wish I could help, sir. I have a hard enough time trying to figure out stuff about the guys in the Redskins' uniforms.


Fairfax, Va.: Jason, call me crazy, but this team seems to match up well with Philadelphia. They swept them last year and I don't think it is out of the question they can do it again.

Jason Reid: Anything could happen. Of course, they also seemed to match up well in a other games they've lost.


Annandale, Va: Could you put some of the names that you think are up and coming GM's in the league, maybe you can help the Skins get the ball rolling in case they haven't started to look yet.

Jason Reid: That's not my job. There are a lot of talented people out there, though.


Your thoughts on Urban Meyer: Jason,

What do you think of Meyer as a coach? Do you think he could be a good pro coach? It seems like a lot of pro coaches now are watching what he does and incorporating that into their schemes.


Jason Reid: You could be right but I don't know about all that. I don't know what type of a pro coach he would be.


Chicago: Jason:

With a suspect offensive line, do you the Redskins will try to run more bootleg plays or even try the wildcat? I remember last year against Dallas, Jason Campbell ran up the middle for a nice 8-9 year gain.

Jason Reid: I really don't know. I'm sure he'll run a little. With this line, he'll have to stay on the move.


22202: Lets say that the Redskins lose 59-0 on Monday night. Are they really keeping Zorn on? Is this just a way of deflecting criticism of the front office to Zorn? He seems to be their scapegoat in a manner of speaking.

Jason Reid: If the Redskins get destroyed, well, people do change their minds. And is not as if their credibility would really suffer. You know what I mean?


Watching a proud franchise unravel: How long before Dan Snyder and Al Davis are mentioned next to eachother as the worst owners in the league? Am I just overly-frustrated because its my team or is the level of disfunction in the front office starting to look as bad as in Oakland?

Jason Reid: Ah, I think people already do that. Sorry.


Washington, D.C.: "Can the Redskins stun the Eagles?"

This is a joke, right?

I apologize. I'm somehow missing the punch line.

Jason Reid: Stranger things have happened, I guess.


Manassas, Va.: Which players do you think are not doing their job on the field?

Jason Reid: Many.


Woodbridge, Va.: Mr. Reid,

Im re-sending this question because I'm not sure if my first attempt went through. I want to ask you about DeAngelo Hall.

He has been outspoken about the teams work ethic and players thinking they are at a certain level when they haven't done anything in the league yet.

I know he leads the team in interceptions and made the tackle against Carolina on the goaline stand, but he also was faked out by Jake Delhomme at the end of that game and wiffed on Mario Manningham's touchdown against the Giants. Is he one of the problem players on the team?


Jason Reid: He's a play-maker. He makes plays. That's what they paid him to do. They didn't pay him to tackle guys.


Bethesda, Md.: Don't you think this running back situation (Betts coming in on third down) experiment isn't working? Usually, we're passing on third down, and if there is one thing Portis can do (and is proud of), it's his blitz pick up. I swear I've seen Betts whiff on several blitz pick ups resulting in a punting situation rather then moving the sticks!

What say you?

Jason Reid: Little is working on offense.


Re: "Can the Redskins stun the Eagles?" : I think the Redskins scoring an offensive touchdown would stun the Eagles, so I'd say it's possible.

Jason Reid: Yes.


Atlanta: Any reason why Vinny chose today to say Zorn would coach out the year? Was it just to get some hype for his radio show or did someone recently convince Danny it was the best route to go?

Jason Reid: I really don't know. They could have done this at any point in the last couple of weeks. I intend to find out, though.


Huntsville, Ala.: Do the Redskins have a snowball's chance in hell of winning this game?

Jason Reid: I guess so. I just don't think it's likely.


New Olreans: Quote from Cerrato:

"And Dan's thing is, he feels that during the season, the stage belongs to the head of football operations, the coaching staff, the players. That's why he doesn't talk, all right?"

But doesn't it seem that Snyder is constantly tweaking or meddling things throughout the season? Why are there always photos of Snyder and Zorn together on the practice field and accounts of them talking all the time? I am sure they are not talking about the weather. This completely condradicts Cerrato's statement above.

Jason Reid: You're too smart for your own good.


Lorton, Va.: I remember talk earlier in the season (and preseason) about both Jon Runyan and Pete Kendall being available.

1. Is that still the case?

2. If so, did the Redskins look at bringing in either of them (as opposed to bringing in another running back to help replace the two extraneous ones they cut)?

Jason Reid: They don't think they can play.


Fomer Buffalonian: Just how fat is Mike Williams these days ?

Jason Reid: That's not nice. He's not a very good offensive lineman, but you have to applaud the guy for his weight loss.


Glen Allen, Va.: Jason - Any truth to the rumors that Snyder offered Shanahan the head coach position and that Shanahan refused? If, in fact, Snyder did offer the head coaching position mid-season, it is yet another example of his incompetance as a NFL owner. He should be going after serious GM talent first (immediately) and let that person handle the coaching search, talent evaluation, draft, etc.

Jason Reid: I haven't been able to confirm the whole Shanahan thing. On the other hand, I don't doubt it.


Potomac, Md.: Have the players commented on their interaction with Sherman Lewis? Loved today's article, gives another perspective besides him just being hauled out of a bingo hall.

Jason Reid: They've told me he seems like a nice guy.


New Orleans: Don't you think that Snyder wanted to fire Zorn, but ultimately there was no other alternative? I bet Snyder knows everyone thinks the Redskins are completely dysfunctional, in part due to high turnover, and that he did not want to reaffirm everyone's perception of the organization.

Jason Reid: I think there's something there.


Richmond, Va.: Has there been any chatter in NFL circles ... anything ... about Snyder bringing in legitimate GM candidates? It would be great to get a competent guy in here NOW to evaluate the organization and, specifically, the talent on the field and in the headsets and put a long-term plan in place as soon as possible.

Jason Reid: You hear a lot of stuff out there. Confirming it is the hard part.


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