Redskins Insider: Previewing the Denver game

Jason Reid
Washington Post Staff Writer
Friday, November 13, 2009; 11:00 AM

Jason Reid, Washington Post staff writer and Redskins Insider blogger, discussed the Redskins and how they match up with the Broncos.

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Laurel, Md.: On the any-given-Sunday principle, what will it take for this Redskins team to win against Denver?

Jason Reid: Well, the'll need to pass protect well. Denver is third in the league with 26 sacks. I think it will be hard for them to protect Campbell with their patchwork line. There's a chance Stephon Heyer might sit out as well because of an ankle injury. Levi Jones is the new starting left tackle. If Heyer can't go, D'Anthony Batiste will start at right tackle. There could be some serious protection problems.


Arlington, Va.: Jason --

How come our fan boycott has not yet driven Snyder into bankruptcy and forced him to sell the team? We would like to get back to eating hot dogs.

Jason Reid: Ah, well, it's probably going to take more than a few weeks to do that. Of course, you could be kidding. If you are, sorry I didn't pick up on that.


Washington, D.C.: What do you think of John Riggins stand on Snyder?

Jason Reid: I think Riggins is entitled to his opinion. He has definitely made his feelings clear.


Silver Spring, Md.: The two quarterbacks -- Sanchez and Cutler -- that the Redskins pursued to replace Campbell have had five interception games this season. Clearly, with the offensive line and receiving corps here both these guys would have done a lot worst than Campbell, who isn't the problem. The problem is with the folks that put together the Redskins team. Bringing either Cutler or Sanchez here would have compounded the problem and left the team with even fewer draft picks to turn things around.

Jason Reid: Well, I don't disagree. But there's really not a question here. I like your thinking, though.


Bethesda, Md.: Okay, so I've got a Redskins/college football question. Redskins Question: I've heard some rumors (talk radio) that the Redskins might get a chance for Jimmy Clausen of Notre Dame?

College Football Question: How has Jimmy Clausen become NFL first round elite? The guys a Junior who got benched his first 2 seasons & his having an okay year playing cream puffs & can't finish games?

I'm an Irish/Redskins fan...but please don't draft Jimmy! They need to keep Campbell for 1 more year (with a healthy line) and see if he's our future!

Jason Reid: I don't recall him getting benched in his first two seasons. I think he started as a true freshman. I'd guess they'd have a chance to draft him. All that stuff, however, is a long way away. Let's first find out how the front office and coaching staff looks after the expected shakeup.


Silver Spring, Md.: What are the odds that even if Snyder brings in a GM he hires the right one? He hasn't exactly been an eagle eye for talent either on the field or administratively (see: Vinny). The guy hired may not be the right fit. I am not saying not to do it. Just that just because he hires a football guy does not mean deliverance for skins fans.

Jason Reid: Well, of course not. Nothing is guaranteed. But something needs to change. Or not. It all depends on Snyder, obviously.


Anonymous: If Brett Favre was playing behind this line would he have been dead already?

Seriously when will an O line get credit?

Jason Reid: It's not a good offensive line, obviously. The Redskins have to do a lot of work there. They need a lot more talent along the line to become a consistent playoff contender.


D.C.: I have seen a few analysts pick the Skins as their upset special this weekend. How on earth can anyone think we will win? Deep down even the players have to think nothing but a big L is coming, right?

Jason Reid: Nah. They don't think he's coming. As for people picking the Redskins, stranger things have happened. I've said I don't think they'll win another game this season. But I could be wrong.


Anonymous: If the Redskins were paid based on performance, rather than their current contracts, would they starve?

Jason Reid: That's not nice. A lot of these guys are trying real hard. It's not their fault some of them were put in roles they shouldn't be in on this team. Look to the people who put them in those positions.


Chantilly, Va.: Jason,

Does anyone think the Skins have a snowball's chance at beating Denver after they've been shellacked by Baltimore and Pittsburgh? May as well hand em the win now and save the agony.

Jason Reid: Nah. You play to win the game. They're going to play as well as they can. I truly believe that. Will they win? Well, that's another story. Perhaps.


Tysons Corner, Va.: The Skins are battered, dysfunctional and in the middle of a season- long soap opera that won't end until next year at the earliest. Denver is ticked, Champ is back in town, and they get after the QB. This game will be over by halftime.

After this game, we won't be asking whether we can win another game this year. Instead, we'll be asking if it's possible to opt out of the rest of the season as an act of mercy for the fans.

Jason Reid: You listed a lot there. I think you've got a good handle on the situation. But maybe the Redskins will surprise people.


Glenn Dale, Md.: At what point would the NFL consider doing to Daniel Snyder what the NBA did to Ted Stepien? That's going to be the only way the Redskins get out of this mass of dysfunction brought about by Danny Napoleon.

Jason Reid: I can't see that going down. The situation in Cleveland was way worse than this on a lot of different levels.


Anytown, USA: It blows my mind that Zorn has been hired by anyone for anything. I read quite a few articles and posts about how these interviews for the HC position were hours almost entire day sessions. As an employer I would have ended that interview after the third question when all I get in response is "ah, well, see, what I think I will do there is, I mean, hah, you gotta believe that I'm working my butt off"

Jason Reid: That's not fair. Zorn was a well respected quarterbacks coach. He did good things in Seattle. You can't judge the man on what he's saying and doing now. It's just really bad around here for him and others right now.

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"guys are trying hard": No, they're not and it's obvious: they're playing Pop Warner football. Offsides, false starts, missing tackles, dropping passes. If they were "trying hard" the fundamentals wouldn't be an issue.

One of the comments that struck me in the article about Riggins yesterday was about his relationship with Gibbs.

"Riggins gave Gibbs every ounce of effort on the field..."

That's not happening here.

Jason Reid: Well, you're entitled to your opinion. But I think your comments are more about talent, discipline and execution. I believe they're still playing hard. That's just my opinion.

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