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Liz Kelly
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Thursday, November 19, 2009 2:00 PM

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Liz Kelly: Afternoon. Sorry about missing last week's chat. I have been battling some kind of cold/flu that I'm told is not H1N1, but still bit off a large chunk of my energy and kicked my behind. I'm on the mend, tho, so it's all good.

Running late, as per usual, so let's just jump right in. If you haven't had a chance to watch this week's Twits, Paul has embedded it in the page above, so take a minute and check it out. Some fine acting from three of our regular actors.

So Johnny Depp is world's sexiest man, according to People. And, per TMZ, Tila Tequila has gone on some kind of UStream rampage.

The hits, they just keep on coming. Let's get started...


Wilton, Conn. - US Magazine's ageist zings at Katie Holmes: The new US magazine criticizes Katie Holmes for being "dowdy" and "matronly" in an ugly bridesmaids dress, but then it goes the extra mile and slams her for acting "35." Huh? There's plenty you can criticize KH for, but a completely non-nonsensical ageist criticism of " 'You'd think she was 35 based on how she carries herself,' a source tells..." is just plain weird, and mean.

1) Katie is a month shy of her 31st birthday, why is aging her 4 years older a zing?

2) Thirty-five may be some sort of "Logan's Run" extinction date in Hollywood, but it's not for the rest of the country. (Including much of US's readership.) When did being, acting, or looking 35 (or God forbid older!) become a negative?

We're all headed in that direction, people.

PHOTO: Katie Holmes Films New Movie in Dowdy Bridesmaid Dress!

washingtonpost.com: Well ranted!

Liz Kelly: Agreed. Not much more I can add.

Someone at Us has had it in for her lately. This isn't the first story calling her dowdy. There was one a few weeks back saying that she had glammed up on a recent trip to Hollywood, but as soon as she got back within Tom's clutches, had reverted to her boyfriend jeans/shlumpy persona.

I'm not the world's biggest Katie Holmes fan (in fact, I like KH 2.0 -- Carrie Mulligan -- much better), but a person shouldn't have to wear evening gowns 24/7 to avoid the dowdy name-calling. And that bridesmaid dress is a costume for the movie, anyway.


Did both actors benefit public-opinion wise from the Tom Cruise-Katie Holmes marriage?: I realize they are still married, but public-opinion wise has their match really been win-win?

Pro: He appears younger by having a younger wife, she may have achieved a level of gravitas via the pairing. Suri is cute.

Con: The couch jumping, her career tanking, the general view she is now a brainwashed zombie who literally sold out for fortune and connections.

I think the whole thing has benefitted him more than her. (On the other hand she could have ended up largely forgotten a la James Van Derbeek -- so what do I know?)

Liz Kelly: Since we're already talking TomKat, I'll give a quick minute to this one.

Neither of those two benefited from the marriage, which could mean it was a bit of PR planning gone horribly awry or actually a love match.

And I'm seeing only the cons you mention. None of the pros.

Well, there is one pro: Suri. That kid is ridonculously cute.


Office Space guy marries Don Draper's girlfriend Midge: Cute couple! And deliverers of great lines:

Midge Daniels: "You know the rules: I don't make plans, and I don't make breakfast."

Peter Gibbons: "What am I gonna do with 40 subscriptions to Vibe?"

Liz Kelly: I'm going to avoid the "O face" joke I could make here.


Which celebrity weekly is the most trustworthy?: I realize they all dabble in fiction and pr spin but which ones are more believable?

Here's my breakdown:

More trustworthy: People, Us

Suspect (but the occasional juicy scoop) National Enquirer, Star

Fake, or outlets for Z-level celebs: Life&Style, InTouch

Liz Kelly: I think you've got it about right there, tho I would put the Enquirer in its own category. They do manage to put out some reliable information and usually way ahead of anyone else.

I think you also need to start adding Web-only pubs into this ranking, too, tho. F'rinstance TMZ who seem to have cornered the market on celebrity justice reporting and Perez Hilton who is pretty reliable and manages to get some juicy stuff.


Twilight madness: Am I the only person in the world who doesn't understand the "Twilight" madness? I can't get into any of the vampire stuff and can't seem to get away from hearing or seeing "Twilight" stuff and I don't seek it out. Please HELP me.

Liz Kelly: So I'm guessing you didn't vote in post.com's "Favorite Twilight Character" poll today.


Somerville, Mass.: Liz, I need to start thinking about my picks for the 2010 Death Pool. I'm going to keep Sargent Shriver, Margaret Thatcher and a few others on the list again next year so I'll need 5-6 more. I take a young train-wreck each year (this year I took Amy Winehouse, last year was Mary-Kate Olsen) but that's getting me no where. Any suggestions for my 2010 list? (By the way, I had "hits" with Sen. Kennedy and Robert Novak this year.) Thanks!

Liz Kelly: I wouldn't scratch Amy Winehouse off the list just yet.

Let's see... I might add Tila Tequila given recent developments. Also Courtney Love.

You know who we haven't heard a thing from in a long time? Joaquin Phoenix. What happened to that mad hatter?


Can we take a moment for Ken Ober and Remote Control?: For some weird reason, this death of a guy I hadn't thought of in more than 10 years has resonated with me more than most of the high-profile passings of this year. Remote Control in its day was incredibly cool, funny, and clever. Ober was a Letterman-esque ringmaster of a circus that gave us Colin Quinn and the beautiful Kari Wuhrer. RIP.

Ken Ober 'Remote Control' Video Marathon

Liz Kelly: Agreed.

But bite your tongue for crediting anyone with bringing us the "lovely" Kari Wuhrer. Man. I remember when she was the big thing on MTV. They had some contest wherein fans could win a trip to the opening of Van Halen's Cabo Wabo bar in Mexico and the bonus incentive was that Kari Wuhrer would be there.

Where is she now, I wonder.


Johnny Depp: Puzzling over the Sexiest Man Alive honor. Lots of interesting, quirky film choices in his 20-year career, but not a lot of romantic roles--Chocolat, Benny and Joon, Edward Scissorshand? Loved Jack Sparrow, but his is not the image that comes to mind when you say "sexy."

Liz Kelly: Hmm, I don't know. Women of a certain age -- say my age -- seem to universally swoon for this guy. Trust me, "21 Jump Street" wasn't much of a romance either, but he had us at hello.


Is the press tide turning for Alexander Skarsgard?: Up until now, I've only ever heard positive press about AS. Generally that he's humble in addition to being ridiculously hot. This post about the Radar coverage of AS at the GQ event makes me think the tide is turning given 1) speculation that "he thinks he is the biggest star (on True Blood) and should be given the most screen time", 2) the Woodward/Bernstein investigation as to AS and Kate Bosworth deny being a couple to the press then are palsie-walsie inside at the party.

Does this level of coverage indicate he has been a jerk to someone in the press corps, or just that his star is rising and the public wants more coverage?

washingtonpost.com: Alexander Skarsgard Says Kate Bosworth Is Just A Friend - Uh Huh

Liz Kelly: I don't know that I can get my panties in a bunch about a report from Radar magazine. In fact, Radar should be added to that list of tabloids above in the category of "Despicable." Remember, Radar is the mag that basically paid Michael Lohan for Lindsay's phone tapes and brought us a gazillion-part video interview with the Octomom. They're bottom feeders.

As for Alexander, he's a young guy and I'm sure it's possible fame may have gone to his head. We'll see how he handles things in the long run and whether or not the guy has any longevity beyond "True Blood." Personally, I think he is one of the bigger draws for that show. His character is interesting and unpredictable. Unlike Sookie and Bill, who seem to be stuck in the same story arc over and over and over.

But for my money the biggest star on that show is the guy who plays Lafayette: Nelsan Ellis.


Speaking of schlumpy ...: What's with those ginormous, dragging-the-ground maxi dresses Angelina is regularly photographed wearing? Having a skirt you can trip over doesn't seem very practical when you are always carrying at least 1 kid and trying to shepherd numerous others.

Snark aside, Liz, glad you're back and better, and I hope Andy, Opie and Page kept you warm and snuggled.

Liz Kelly: Well, to be fair, Angie's been rocking the maxi dresses for years. She was, to put it in Marie Osmond terms, country when country wasn't cool. Or, umm, maxi when maxi wasn't cool. My biggest beef with maxi dresses? The name. I don't want to cover my body in something that sounds like a feminine hygiene product.

And thanks for the well wishes. Andy, Opie and Page have been very understanding.


Vampires Gone Wild - Twilight Madness: No, I don't get it either, don't care too, although I have friends that are in their for's (like me) who are actually going to see it at midnight tonight. I'd rather sleep. Plus, I think Robert Pattinson looks like a deranged junkie that is in desperate need of a haircut and shave.

Liz Kelly: Yes, but see, for some of us the "deranged junkie" thing is very attractive. Not that I'm saying I go gaga for Robert, but sometimes there's nothing so hot as a dirtbag.


Falls Church, Va.: OMG, thank you for "The Twits" this morning! After a having crappy evening last night it totally gave me a much-needed laugh. The "Shaq to Ashton Kutcher" ones almost had me falling out of my chair. Bravo!

Liz Kelly: Well, the credit goes to Shaq for writing the lines in the first place and to our actor, Ryan S. Taylor, who always brings a bit of panache to his portrayals.


"I like KH 2.0 -- Carrie Mulligan -- much better": She is ridiculously cute with long blonde hair in 2 BBC productions from a few years ago. (The update of Austen's "Northanger Abbey", and as "Sally Sparrow" in a great Doctor Who episode "Blink".)

Is she really dating Shia LeBoeuf or are they just coupled in the "Wall Street" sequel?

washingtonpost.com: Blond Carrie (or is it Carey?)

Liz Kelly: I think it's Carey, you're right Paul. Thanks.

She is totally cute. Loved her in "An Education." Matt and I were both like, "Ooh, look, it's a Katie Holmes who can act."

And, sadly, yes -- she does appear to be dating Shia. Which strikes me as an odd choice, but the heart wants what it wants.


Glover Park, DC- Chris Kattan's Twits birthday fantasy : Great twits as usual, but is it possible to have a candlelight supper IN a sauna? - Wouldn't the candle go out with all that steam?

washingtonpost.com: I'm sensing a new segment: "Celebritology Science Lab."

Liz Kelly: Wait, so you're saying we should basically truth squad some of these Tweets? That's brilliant, Paul. I'd love to try to have some of Kirstie Alley's recent tweets reenacted. I'm sure Conan O'Brien would, too.


Begging to differ...: "sometimes there's nothing so hot as a dirtbag."

And sometimes, there's Joachim Pheonix.

Just sayin'...

Liz Kelly: Or Joaquin, even.

True story: When the movie "To Die For" came out and he played a delinquent, somewhat braindead and scuzzy, teen, I had major hots for him. Here's a pic. Obviously I have issues.


Arlington, Va.: Depp has always seemed like a man who appears dangerous but really isn't. This makes him much more attractive than many men who appear safe but really aren't.

Liz Kelly: And the guy pulls off beard beads way better than that Johnny Come Lately Brad Pitt.


Where is Kari Wuhrer? Here.: The last time I saw her on the big screen was as (a then up and coming)Owen Wilson's love interest in "Anaconda." Apparently she then had a run on General Hospital, had a harrowing run in with some collapsing breast implants, and is now on the direct-to-video level.

Kari Wuhrer - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

washingtonpost.com: Heh: "Wuhrer's first television break was working for MTV on Remote Control (1987), before moving on to film. After appearing in The Adventures of Ford Fairlane (1990) and the leading lady role of Beastmaster 2: Through the Portal of Time (1991),"

Liz Kelly: How dare she sully the "Beastmaster" legacy with her cheezy image?!


Arlington: "Liz Kelly: Yes, but see, for some of us the "deranged junkie" thing is very attractive."

Let's not forget Liz's affection for Iggy Pop...

Liz Kelly: Yes. Thank you. I should post a list of top 10 dirtbags to whom I'm attracted. Add Vincent Gallo to the list.


Levi Johnson: Did you see the story about him pulling a diva act when boarding a plane recently? I truly do not get this guy or why the media is so interested in him. He tries and fails to get money to attend parties.... Can he really do anything?

Liz Kelly: I did see that. Apparently he refused to wait in line with the rest of the passengers (and apparently Jason Alexander, who one could argue is an actual star was patiently waiting with everyone else).

But hey, he's young and in the midst of his 15 minutes. Everyone is blowing smoke up his igloo. It'll pass.


Joaquin Phoenix, Whereever, US: It is mysterious that he's disappeared, or been disappeared so long. Lends weight to the theory that it wasn't an act. Maybe he went down the rabbit hole and can't find his way back.

Liz Kelly: Right. Or is actually getting help, which is my hope.


Should celebs give autographs if asked? : Obviously people have the right to be grouchy if you bother them in a bathroom or during dinner, but what is the ettiquite on asking for an autograph these days? Am I right in thinking Cameron Diaz and Claire Danes are real jerks for having reputations for berating people who ask them to sign their names?

Liz Kelly: I think if one willingly takes steps to become a public figure, then one needs to take the good and the bad that come with that status. So, yeah, I think it's pretty crappy when someone like Cameron or Claire brush off their fans. It may not always be convenient but, hey ladies, you asked for it.


Alexandria, Va.: The same week Johnny Depp is voted sexiest man alive, his frequent co-star Helena Bonham Carter is widely ridiculed in the press for looking like a hot mess (again). Now, I'll certainly agree that HBC often looks like a cross between an aging hippie and an extra from Cirque du Soleil, but you have to admit that Depp often looks equally bizarre in terms of his grooming and attire. So, how come he gets a total pass to get voted as sexiest man, and she just gets slammed?

Liz Kelly: I think Johnny gets his fair share of skewering for some of his more outre get ups.

With Helena, I'm not sure how to say this delicately -- it isn't just the get-ups. She isn't aging well and rather than mask that fact, her whackadoodle fashion choices tend to come off more as cherries on top of a big weird hot mess cake.

We talked about this earlier this week in the blog.


Tree lighting etiquette: Mariah Carey demands 20 white kittens and 100 white doves for a London tree lighting ceremony. Please describe likely outcome of such a gathering?

Liz Kelly: I'm just seeing blood, feathers and one severely wrecked manicure.


Kari Wuhrer : was in "Thinner." I have it on VHS. I don't know why.

Liz Kelly: And that about sums up her career right there.


Paris Hilton and Levi Johnston: They should be together, shouldn't they? Or does it just seem oh-so-right to me?

Liz Kelly: Ooh, that's good. I like it. She may be single soon if the dischord with Doug Reinhardt keeps up.


I should post a list of top 10 dirtbags to whom I'm attracted. Add Vincent Gallo to the list.: Liz, the first step is admitting you have a problem!

Have your WP duties ever given you an opportunity to meet Gallo in person? He is an egomanic who carries himself with the demeanor of a street person. (No offense to fine street people everywhere who would be mortified to be associated w/ VG!) I had the misfortune of attending his Sundance Q&A after a screening of "Buffalo 66" in '99 - the man is a jerky lunatic.

Liz Kelly: Oh, I know. All one needs to do is ready any interview or see "Brown Bunny" to get that about the guy.


Washington, D.C.: Who benefits the most, publicity-wise, from the Conan O'Brien / Kirstie Alley feud?

A. Conan - It boosts his sagging ratings;

B. Kirstie - It might get a few people to watch her pathetic reality show; or

C. Star Jones - Who the hell is she again?

Liz Kelly: D. Twitter, which ends up with about a million more pageviews.


washingtonpost.com: Vincent Gallo??!! I think that buys me at least one snark-free sketchy celebrity crush.

washingtonpost.com: Vincent Gallo??!! I think that buys me at least one snark-free sketchy celebrity crush.

Liz Kelly: Dude, of course.


Ashton Kutchner: @Shaq: Your moma has such a big butt that when she sits down she's taller.

Liz Kelly: Awww, that's so sweet. I'm sure Ashton will appreciate the help.


Celeb Death Watch: How about Jeff Conaway? If he hasn't croaked yet, that is. He just can't get off the drugs.

Liz Kelly: That's a good one. Or, really, anyone featured on "Celebrity Rehab" in the past year or so.


Iggy!: Ooooo, saw Iggy this past weekend in Miami. Live! Giving an interview to promote a new book coming out. The guy is unbelievably HOT, even after all the madness he's lived through. Seriously, he was intelligent, engaged, funny and SUPER charismatic. My vote for 2010 sexiest man alive, and I'm 30 years younger than him.

Liz Kelly: See! It isn't just me. Thank you, nameless smart person possessed of uncanny good taste.


Threadweave : Wondering about Joaquin whereabouts reminded me of his brother River, who I thought was such a incredibly gifted actor, who died way, way too young (age 23) outside the Viper Room, Johnny Depp's Hollywood club.

Liz Kelly: Small world, eh?


New York, NY: So I just realized (two months after the fact) that a minor celebrity blocked me on Twitter because I linked to a screenshot of a vicious joke she tweeted about the Polanski victim in the comments section of an arts blog.

Is it weird that I am absurdly flattered that this rising star took the time to do this? I mean, clearly this is a thin-skinned woman, but she's getting A LOT of accolades lately and her career is probably going to take off soon. It's amazing that she cared so much about comments that I made on a -very- niche blog. I wonder if a lot of celebs block fans that are critical of them.

Liz Kelly: Ooh, name names please.


Fairfax, Va.: Is it possible that Cartman's version of Poker Face is actually better than Lady GaGa's?


Liz Kelly: Yes. Yes it is.


Kari Wuhrer: She used to do Skinamax movies I believe and then she randomly rolled on into Port Charles and was on General Hospital until they killed her off - she annoyed me on Remote Control, but wasn't half bad on GH.

But in any event, James Franco rolls on into town tomorrow -- with what looks like a great storyline.

(for the record, I realize I am pathetic -- I am a 34-year-old lawyer who DVRs GH every day!)

Liz Kelly: That's not pathetic. Mr. Liz watches Spanish telenovelas. Muy caliente!

You know who else did skinimax movies for a while there? Tori Spelling. Hmm... and Alyssa Milano, too, if I recall correctly.

Paul, am I right?


Vincent Gallo: Don't tell me you're a "Buffalo '66" fan ??? That was one of the oddest movies I ever saw (and I'm from Buffalo by way of NY and DC). (OK, not as odd as an Ed Emschwiller movie.)

Liz Kelly: I have to admit I did like it. Probably because I didn't go into the experience expecting much.


Have you pre-ordered your Susan Boyle CD yet?: I missed the deadline while standing in line for Sarah Palin's new book.

Liz Kelly: He he he.


Convenient: Perez Hilton's Perezzies look a lot like the Lizzies. I'm just sayin'

Liz Kelly: Hmmm. Agreed. That beyotch.


Levi/Sarah: Now that Levi Johnston is posing nude and pushing pistachios in a TV commercial, what are the chances Sarah Palin will be the spokesperson for Bumpits. Can't you see her plugging them on QVC?

Liz Kelly: Oh man. I totally can. Good call.


Tinseltown: I recall a story in screenwriter John Gay's autobiography about a time he was at lunch with Paul Newman and Henry Fonda. A woman asked Paul Newman for his autograph. As you may know, Paul Newman was notorious not refusing to sign autographs and he declined to sign. The woman then asked Henry Fonda for an autograph, and he agreed. His autograph read "Dear Nancy, Paul Newman is a sh--. Henry Fonda."

Liz Kelly: Love it!


Iggy Pop: I guess I have to admit I am strangely attracted to Iggy Pop too. At first I was disgusted with myself but I have to admit I find him fascinating in the dirt bag way. I even like him shirtless.

Liz Kelly: Oh he's best shirtless.

It's okay. You're not alone. You're among friends here.


Nosy Parker: Liz: "Everyone is blowing smoke up his igloo"

Yep, and don't you just know his igloo's gonna melt real soon?!?

Liz Kelly: Ayup.


Dirtbags: One person's dirt bag is another person's molten chocolate cake. Who are these top ten dirtbags anyway? Gallo, Rourke, Nolte?

Liz Kelly: I need time to compile the list to make sure I don't leave anyone out.

Also on the list: Billy Crudup as a junkie in "Jesus' Son." (And he's also a dirtbag for ditching Mary Louise Parker while she was preg!)


Arlington, VA: "I think it's pretty crappy when someone like Cameron or Claire brush off their fans. It may not always be convenient but, hey ladies, you asked for it."

AMEN!!! I have NO patience for stars who are any less than incredibly gracious to their fans. You have no privacy? Boo hoo. You also get paid millions of dollars to work for a few months at a time. If they really want to regain their privacy and focus on "their craft" they could get off of the star track very quickly. The public has an extremely short memory.

Liz Kelly: Agreed.

Robert Pattinson said he misses being able to ride around Hollywood in his convertible without 10 cars chasing him. But, hey, he's at least good natured about it. And he totally gets the fan thing.


Anytown, USA: Liz, Sorry if you've answered this in the past few weeks (I've missed some chats) but I was wondering if you've been watching "V" and what you thought of it?

Liz Kelly: I haven't yet. Plan to. But being a big sick bump in the bed got in the way -- even of TV watching plans.


Olney, MD: Johnny Depp as Sexiest Man? Never! I would much prefer Christian Bale, who is drop dead gorgeous. I almost had another candidate--the gorgeous Matthew Bomer, who stars on White Collar. Almost. . .

Liz Kelly: Christian Bale is hot. But also, from what I read, a bit of a jerk.


If you don't get RPattz...: you need to check out the latest Vanity Fair pictures. He is jawsome.

Robert Pattinson: The Bruce Weber Portraits

Liz Kelly: Thankew.


Helena Bonham Carter: I totally disagree that HBC isn't aging well - her skin and face look fantastic. As long as she's wearing clothes that actually fit (which apparently only happens when she's wearing costumes in movies), she looks much younger than someone who's 43 (according to IMDB).

washingtonpost.com: I always thought she was universally disliked for stealing Kenneth Branagh from Emma Thompson, no?

Liz Kelly: Enh. That's old hat. We should all be hating her now for stealing Tim Burton from Lisa Marie.


With Helena...She isn't aging well...: Or is is just that NEARLY ALL actresses go under the knife, laser, or injectable needle as they age - and since she seems to be aging without medical intervention she looks bad as compared to how we have been conditioned to see famous women age these days?

HB may be getting saggy and schumpy looking, but atleaset she's still herself. I would love to see Meg Ryan back with the pretty face she was born with - wrinkles and all! - instead of the FrankenMeg we havenow.

Liz Kelly: You've got a point there. But, as I said -- or tried to say -- in the HBC blog post, she's not dressing age appropriate. I'm all for creativity and I realize she's with Tim Burton, who is a big old freakazoid, but she looks like she just walked out of Hot Topic. And that look doesn't even look good on 14-year-olds.


Nameless smart person with uncanny good taste: I think we need a link to Iggy. You know, to convert others.

washingtonpost.com: I might have nightmares tonight: Iggy

Liz Kelly: Paul, I can see you went out of your way to find a craggy picture.

Okay, so they're all craggy (I just did a quick search). What can I say? I like the crag.


DC: RE: Tree lighting etiquette likely outcome:

"As God is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly."

washingtonpost.com: Best. Episode. Ever.

Liz Kelly:


Celebrity who blocked me on Twitter: Mindy Kaling (Kelly Kapoor from the Office) because I linked to this in the comments of a South Asian arts blog.

Liz Kelly: Dang.


Autographs are dumb: The whole autograph things is silly. A scribble on a piece of paper somehow proves you met someone famous? I would rather have a picture with me and the famous person(David Bowie).

But usually I don't even bother them. I was in an elevator with Travolta in Hawaii once and other than "Aloha" all he said was "one" when I asked him what floor he wanted. I didn't bother to tell him that "Get Shorty" was a fun movie.

Liz Kelly: Listen, I'm not into autograph collecting or celeb-hounding either (unless the later is done as part of my duties as a Celebritologist), but some people are into that and I'm not going to fault some kid whose entire year is made because she got R-Pattz to sign her autograph book.


Dirtbag list: Don't forget Chris Cooper in "Adaptation." Rowr.

washingtonpost.com: He has like two teeth in that movie!

Liz Kelly: Oh, and -- what's his name -- Sam Elliott in "Road House."


Sexiest Man: I thought that the Sexiest Man Alive had just become a popularity contest, with the people included being the new hot things and/or people with new movies to promote.

Not that I'm arguing, but how the hell did Johnny Depp end up on the cover? As far as I can tell, he's not promoting a damn thing. Maybe his PR bid the most this year?

Liz Kelly: Yeah, that was a bit of a head scratcher. He did have that "Public Enemies" movie earlier this year, but it didn't seem to do too well in theaters.

Maybe it was a sentimental, end of the decade kind of choice.


Helena: I wished there was another option to your poll, namely one that let me choose: "Eh. She's just wacky enough that it works." For some reason, a cleaned up HBC just wouldn't be the same. I just expect the crazy from her now.

Liz Kelly: Fair enough.


Silver Spring, Md.: Okay, it's a different type of d-bag, but I have a major thing for Jeremy Piven. Have since "PCU." Thank you for giving us this forum to share our shame.

Liz Kelly: Ewww. He's a different kind of D-bag altogether. But I will respect your crush.


GOOP latest: Got the GOOP today....sweet potato gnocchi recipe. I might actually try it!

Liz Kelly: For realz. I saw that and it actually had me salivating. I'm a fan of gnocchi and a fan of sweet potatoes. What's not to like?


Reston, Va.: I like the pick of Johnny Depp as sexiest man, but think that they picked a weird picture for the cover. It's kind of an odd look for him.

Liz Kelly: Yeah -- it's kind of like a JC Penney's portrait studio outtake. I'm sure they could have done better.


We should all be hating her now for stealing Tim Burton from Lisa Marie: Lisa Marie Presley? Heck, we should be THANKING HBC for rescuing Tim from that Scientologist wackadoodle!

Liz Kelly: No, no -- Tim's ex, Lisa Marie. Just Lisa Marie. She was in a lot of Burton's movies -- Mars Attacks, Ed Wood, Sleepy Hollow...


RIP : Jon & Kate PLus 8..last show is this coming Monday..

Ding dong the witch is dead...

Liz Kelly: I so don't care.


Great White North: What is age appropriate? I mean, I'm 51, 5-10, size 8, and if my mother had her way, I'd be in polyester slacks with an elastic waistband and nurse-shoes, or Tilley, or something. And I just won't do it. I wear whatever I want.

I love HBC the same way I do Tilda Swinton; they are themselves. And I think they are both beautiful.

Liz Kelly: I think you know I'm not advocating polyester slacks and nurse shoes.

And your invocation of Tilda Swinton just proves that you and I will never agree on fashion.

I suppose you're also a pleated pant aficionado?


Washington, D.C.: Who writes Shaq's twitter put-downs, Jimmie "JJ" Walker?

Liz Kelly: Dyn-o-mite!


washingtonpost.com: 'Lost' Season 3 Review

Liz Kelly: Okay, time for me to dash. See you back here next week -- same time, same place!


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