The Reliable Source: Palin and Newsweek, Levi Johnston, Tony Danza, Tina Fey

Amy Argetsinger and Roxanne Roberts
Washington Post Staff Writers
Wednesday, November 18, 2009; 12:00 PM

Washington Post columnists Amy Argetsinger and Roxanne Roberts were online Wednesday, Nov. 18, at Noon ET to discuss your favorite gossip, recent celebrity sightings and their recent columns.

In recent columns: Obamas gear up for their first state dinner -- with special guest, Kal Penn. Levi won't be doing the Full Monty after all. When pundits attack: the Joe Klein/Jamie Kirchick smackdown. A Fox correspondent's battle with cancer. Blago, KRS-One are no-shows for D.C. book fair. Hillary Clinton's diplomatic crush. Maury and Connie move back to Washington. Ted Kennedy's house goes on the market. And special news for our Web chatters: Tony Danza comes to town!


Amy Argetsinger: Good morning everyone! Let's get it started with a kind word from one of you.


Washington Insider: Is this like an early Christmas gift or what? You two really outdid yourselves this week: Kal Penn and Tony Danza and Levi Johnston and almost too much for this reader to take. Thank you so much but now it makes the socks and underwear I usually get seem like a total letdown.

Amy Argetsinger: You all think that we're only thinking of you for one hour on Wednesdays, huh? No -- we are thinking of you ALL WEEK LONG. So when Roxanne got the tip on Sunday that Tony Danza was sneaking into town, she *knew* that we had to go catch up with him. Rox is the one who got upcloseandpersonal with The Man himself, so I'll let you ask her for more details.


Palin: So what do you think? Was your sister Newsweek publication sexist with its Sarah Palin cover? Palin angered by 'sexist' Newsweek cover (Yahoo News, Nov. 17)

Amy Argetsinger: Oh, probably it was a little sexist, which sort of comes with the territory of a lot of coverage of female politicians. (I hope you appreciate how, from a seven-page Vogue profile of Hillary Clinton, we zeroed in on the quotes where she talks about how cute the British foreign secretary is, and the passage where Vogue gushes on about how lovely she is.) But you know what? Palin also looks GREAT on that cover. But I leave it up to you -- what do you think?


More on David Miliband: Where can we see other photos? The one you ran wasn't that great. Interesting to me, though, was that the quote from Hillary reminds of descriptions of Bill Clinton from years gone by.... Quoted: Hillary Clinton on David Miliband (Reliable Source, Nov. 17)

Amy Argetsinger: Just do a Google Image search on David Miliband. We kept trying but couldn't find a photo that captured the babe he is alleged to be. Maybe it's one of those things where you have to be in a room with him.


Arlington, Va.: Just to schedule my holiday travel next week. Will there be a chat on Nov. 25?

Amy Argetsinger: Yes. There will be a chat on Wednesday the 25th.


Washington, D.C.: Shortly before the presidential election, a friend of mine who works for a Democratic think tank called Sarah Palin "the gift that keeps on giving." And the gift continues! I can't help but feel absolute glee at every Levi Johnson tidbit that comes out, plus everything else. A fig leaf! I couldn't make that ($-#&% up... Quoted: Playgirl on Levi -- no "full frontal" (Reliable Source, Nov. 17)

Amy Argetsinger: Levi! How much longer do you think we'll have him occupying his prime spot in the pop culture hierarchy? I hope you noticed the two other bits of news -- that he's expected to make six figures from this shoot, and that he's inspired Playgirl to return to publishing newsstand editions (they had gone online-only). Levi, the savior of print media!


D.C.: I enjoyed reading Cormac McCarthy's post-apocalyptic novel, The Road, last winter and noticed a blurb on the cover saying, "Now a major motion picture." What happened? That was like a year ago.

Amy Argetsinger: I believe it comes out next week, the day before Thanksgiving. Actually looks pretty compelling. Link to the trailer to follow. I became a big Viggo Mortensen fan after "Eastern Promises" (never really got it with LOTR), so looking forward to it.

_______________________ The Road (YouTube)


Fairfax, Va.: I haven't heard anything about Mickey Rooney lately. How's he doing?

Amy Argetsinger: Well, that's because you failed to pick up the paper the day Rox wrote up her encounter with him, just a couple weeks ago. He was in D.C. for the Shakespeare Theatre gala, reciting lines from "Midsummer Night's Dream," having starred in the movie literally 74 years ago.


Washington, D.C.: It was tough to tell with that photo in the paper, but it sure seemed that Tony Danza had not aged at all since Who's The Boss or Angels in the Outfield. Does he look like he has had any work done? Tony Danza brings show, students to District (Reliable Source, Nov. 17)

Roxanne Roberts: One I got past the glaring, lurking producers (you would have thought Tony was carrying the nuclear codes), I talked to him. Yes, he looks really, really good. Doesn't look like he's had work done---none of that tight weirdness in the face. Only sign of age was some gray in his hair, which was cut really short. But at 58, he should have gray hair.

And can I say: he was absolutely charming. While the goons tried to pry me away, he did his best to be decent although he clearly wasn't allowed to talk about the show. And he was great with the students. Came away thinking he was a really good guy.


I can't call SP's photo sexist: Since I keep the Hawaiian photo of our president's 6-pack in my day planner.

Roxanne Roberts: I think he looked better than she did. Just sayin'.


ALWAYS the blamer: Why did Sara Palin POSE in shorts if she didn't want the picture used? I thought Republicans believed in PERSONAL ACCOUNTABILITY.

Amy Argetsinger: She says the photo was used "out of context," since she posed for that image for Runners' World. And frankly, when does she NOT criticize the media?

_______________________ On a mid-autumn night, Mickey Rooney's puckish glory (Reliable Source, Oct. 27)


Trump Towers: You were just making that up about Blago on Celebrity Apprentice weren't you? I don't think the man could have fallen that far down the food chain could he?

Amy Argetsinger: No, it's totally real. He's been spotted taping the show, alongside luminaries like Sharon Osbourne, Cyndi Lauper, Bret Michaels, Darryl Strawberry, Sinbad. I might have to watch this season.


Post Pub: Hey Amy -- didn't there used to be someone who would help you answer questions? I think her name was Roxanne or something like that.

Amy Argetsinger: She's been having computer problems. Please bear with her.


Palin: I thought Palin looked terrific in Newsweek. Of course, I am considered to be pretty sexist myself.

Amy Argetsinger: Thanks for your vote!


Hollywood, Fla.: There aren't words to tell you how disappointed I am that Levi will not be giving us the Full Monty because when it comes right down to it -- what else does he have to offer?

Roxanne Roberts: Inside information of the inner workings of the Palin family---which America, it seems, cannot get enough of. And he has a cute smile.


Washington, D.C.: "Maybe it's one of those things where you have to be in a room with him."

Oooo those are the best! Except then you think you have the crush all to yourself, but usually turns out everyone else is charmed in the room, too.

Amy Argetsinger: Isn't that the case? It's so disappointing to realize that what you thought was a Unique Connection is shared by everyone.


Annapolis, Md.: Maury and Connie -- have either of them been doing anything of note in the past 20 years? I totally lost track of her after she was co-hosting with Dan Rather and having Newt Gingrich's mother whisper in her ear what he really thought of Hillary Clinton. Didn't she also go an over-the-top suck-up interview with Tonya Harding? They're back! Connie Chung, Maury Povich buy D.C. home (Reliable Source, Nov. 16)

Amy Argetsinger: Man, you're asking me to remember stuff from the '90s now -- more than a full 10 years ago! (Yesterday a friend name-dropped Pamela Smart and I couldn't remember for the life of me who she was, even though she was the True Crime media sensation of the day.)


Prejean: How dare she threaten to walk off the set of Larry King. That is insulting show business royalty. I would expect this will end worse than when Joan Rivers crossed Johnny Carson and got her own TV show. We can all look forward to eventual tacky commercials with Prejean joking about her bad plastic surgery.

Amy Argetsinger: No one should mess with Larry King. He's the Angel of Death.


having starred in the movie literally 74 years ago: Arrgh with you Gen Xers using the term "literally" FIGURATIVELY!

Amy Argetsinger: No, I meant "literally" literally. He was the star of the 1935 movie. Wrap your brain around that.


Cleveland Park, Washington, D.C.: Johnny Depp is the sexiest man alive? Seriously? So many better options out there that should have been listed over him. Alec Baldwin, Levi Johnston, George Clooney, Dan Balz? Who would get your vote? Johnny Depp (

Roxanne Roberts: This whole thing has jumped the shark---it's always some movie star with a new something coming out. Nothing against Johnny---who I'm sure is interesting and maybe even sexy---but there's a lack of imagination here.

And really---I'm no better. If I have to pick someone famous, I'll go with my longtime fav George Clooney just because he would a great weekend---but that doesn't mean he should be on People's cover.


ah, how time flies: I was the chatter who had a Thanksgiving-eve first date last year and we discussed to fill the slow chat. That didn't work out, and I'll be traveling this year so no Thanksgiving-eve first dates.... Hard to believe that was a year ago! Happy early Thanksgiving, ladies!

Amy Argetsinger: Oh, I remember you! Thanks for helping us out that week. We're having a brisk chat today, but I'm sure it will be sleepy next week -- anything else personal you can discuss next Wednesday? We're all ears.


Happy Thanksgiving: When sitting around the dinner table next week, when my family and I all discuss what we are thankful for, I'm always sure to mention the 12-1 on Wednesday distraction of reading your chat. So thank you very much. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Amy Argetsinger: And we're thankful for YOU. Thank you.


Ballston, Va.: BTW W was in better shape and is in better shape then President Obama. The man used to leave his Secret Service protection in the dust on mountain bike rides. You have to be in better shape to mountain bike with W than playing bball with Barry by a significant amount. Talk to the agents who worked for both. W was in much better shape. Obama couldn't keep up with him on a bike or on a run.

Roxanne Roberts: That's probably true, but I think we're talking about who looks better with his shirt off. Obama has a nice, lean line.


Peoria: Will we be doing the casting for the movie that's sure to be made of "Going Rogue" ?

Amy Argetsinger: Here's my provocative idea: Tina Fey is NOT the person to play Sarah Palin in the dramatic film. Who is, though? Suggestions?


Washington, D.C.: Joy Behar had Speidi on the other night.

Why is beyond me. I'm sure I don't know of any other more worthless pieces of humanity than these two.

Amy Argetsinger: They are brilliant performance artists.


No, I meant "literally" literally. He was the star of the 1935 movie. Wrap your brain around that. : MY SUPER BAD! I was thinking Mickey Rourke! LOL!

Amy Argetsinger: hahahahahahahahahahaha! That just made my day, or maybe my week. I am dying to see the production of Midsummers Night's Dream with Mickey Rourke as Puck.


The Road: I read somewhere the release was postponed to better position it for Oscar contention.

I do not like it when my Viggo fix is postponed, however.

Roxanne Roberts: Does that entail midnight runs to Blockbuster for "28 Days"?


Need HELP: I'm leaving Saturday to go home to visit the family for a week. It is way too much time, but that leads to my question. Any good movies that I need to go see which will be an excuse to get out of the house? Absolutely nothing has caught by eye, but there has to be something good, right?

Amy Argetsinger: Hmmmm. Not a lot has caught my eye either. There have been a bunch of indie and foreign movies that came and went too quickly for me to catch ("The Baader-Meinhof Complex" -- you know my fondness for long violent movies about doomed Germans).

Looking forward to "The Road" -- that'll cheer you up. I can also sort of recommend "Paranormal Activity," which should be seen since it's the pop-cult phenomenon of the year.


Memory: So you can remember a Thanksgiving eve first-date chatter from one year ago, but not Pam Smart?

Amy Argetsinger: Yeah, basically. That makes sense, though. Pamela Smart was a true-crime figure from nearly two decades ago. The web chatters are like family -- especially those who turn out on Thanksgiving Eve.


Insult or Cool?: While on a walk a man stopped me and asked if I am Lindsay Lohan. I laughed and said no but inside I wondered if I looked frazzled, momentarily insane, or like Michael Lohan had called this guy to reveal private conversations. Um, not any of the above but I was not planning on having a long conversation with anyone so I wasn't wearing make-up or dressed like I wanted to impress someone. Well I did. And this guy said at least 5 times "are you sure you aren't Lindsay?" He also mentioned he thinks she is hot. Interesting stuff. By the way I have brown hair and I am pale but not covered in freckles. Still, she is pretty so maybe it was a back-handed compliment.

Amy Argetsinger: Okay, clearly he was trying to pick you up. Just hard to figure out whether this was a compliment-way or a "neg" way of hitting on you.


New Orleans, La.: Hello,

I noticed that Kalpenn Modi will be attending the state dinner for India. Do you expect to see Gov. Jindal there too?

There's this "thing" here about Gov. Jindal and his roots. I don't know if you recall this story, but The Times-Picayune tried to do a human interest type story about Gov. Jindal's extended family living in India. Nothing shocking and hard-hitting yet they were shut down at every corner by the Jindal administration with his relatives in India saying they had been told never to speak with the press. It was just odd because an aid leaked that Gov. Jindal was trying to downplay his Asian and Hindu roots.

So my bet is not to expect to see Gov. Jindal there as it might highlight him being Indian.

Roxanne Roberts: Hmmmm. That's interesting and kind of odd, frankly. Still, it is an honor to be invited to a state dinner---especially the first one---so I'll keep my eyes out for his name on the guest list.


Pennsylvania Ave.: You get your invitation to the state dinner yet?

Amy Argetsinger: I keep checking the mail...


The "Going Rogue" movie: Sandra Bullock to play Palin. Hayden Panetiere to play Bristol.

Amy Argetsinger: That is not bad. Not bad at all.


Bethesda, Md.: Blago wrote a book? Seriously? So the guy cannot comment while a criminal prosecution is going on, but can write a book? This just in: Blagojevich, KRS-One, Tila Tequila (Reliable Source, Nov. 18)

Amy Argetsinger: Yeah, his memoir, "The Governor," came out in September. I think he basically explained that he's a great guy and world-class leader. You know.


No one should mess with Larry King. He's the Angel of Death.: I did, when I appeared on his radio show with Weird Al. I'm still alive, although I haven't been on the radio or TV since then.

Amy Argetsinger: You see? He stopped your talking-head career dead in its tracks.


Should he have curtsied?: Since Obama is getting a lot of grief for bowing to the Japanese emperor, I wonder what other male presidents (U.S. and otherwise) have done. Bow? Thank hands (not sure how the Japanese would react)? Give a high-five? Do the women curtsy? What about when they meet the Pope? What about the Queen of England? What about Queen Latifah? Larry King? Dairy Queen? President Barack Obama bows as he is greeted by Japanese Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko, not pictured, upon arrival at the Imperial Palace in Tokyo (AP, Nov. 14)

Amy Argetsinger: There was a Reagan aide who got grief for curtseying to Queen Elizabeth years ago. As for Larry King, you're only supposed to kiss his ring.


For the movie: Dana Delany? (How old is she? She looks pretty good on "Desperate Housewives," but her character is played out. Time for something new.)

Roxanne Roberts: Dana would be really good at the steely, behind-the-scenes Palin. I wonder about the perky part, though. Her age? She's 53, and could easily play Palin---so good for her.


Raljon, Md.: Too soon to jump onto the Redskins bandwagon?

Amy Argetsinger: Yes.


Actors to play Sarah Palin...: This is a tough one, but I would go for Catherine Keener and Steve Carrell as Sarah and Todd. Or, alternatively, maybe Jennifer Gardner and Ben Affleck.

It's tough to think of someone that can match her perkiness level.

Amy Argetsinger: I know. She's got such a force field. I was briefly thinking Ashley Judd, but she definitely doesn't have that energy.

My bet is they'll pick some British or Australian actors and put them through dialect coaching. Isn't that what they always do?


Washington, D.C. : The People people need to young it up a little. It's like their pool of hot men stopped growing ten years ago. And, I'm no spring chicken.

Roxanne Roberts: Yeah, that too. I'd like to see someone in their 30's, maybe.


Arlington, Va.: Playing the part of Sarah Palin in the movie Angelina Jolie or Eva Mendez. I vote for Eva a little hotter and more exotic. You just change the setting to South Beach.

Question ladies ... which Dem babe has the bod and looks that can compete with Palin?

Amy Argetsinger: You know what? Angelina just might be able to do it.


Roxanne's computer: Can we just all chip in and get her a new one or perhaps deluge the Post with e-mails requesting they update her system? Sheesh! I'll bet she still has a BetaMax that she uses too...

Roxanne Roberts: Human error, baby. I hit the wrong button. I'll be hopeless when my kid goes to college.


RE: She says the photo was used "out of context," since she posed for that image for Runners' World. And frankly, when does she NOT criticize the media? : And frankly, when has Newsweek and the Washington Post NOT criticized Palin?

Amy Argetsinger: Hey, EVERY politician thinks they're ALWAYS getting criticized by Newsweek, the Post, etc. Meanwhile, enjoy Sally Jenkins' profile of Palin from last year (link to follow).


More on Prejean: The real insight to her, as a person, was in her comments to the Larry King staffer trying to help. Nothing faith-based in that behavior.

Roxanne Roberts: Carrie Pre-mean.

_______________________ Palin's Strengths Rooted in Alaska (Post, Oct. 2)


Amherst, Mass.: RE: People's Sexiest Man Alive

I thought they got it right the very first time with John-John aka John F. Kennedy, Jr.

I've dated myself, haven't I?

Amy Argetsinger: That was 1988. But no, he wasn't the first one. The first was Mel Gibson in 1985; followed by Mark Harmon and Harry Hamlin...


Bowing: It's called protocol, people. The State Department has an entire office devoted to these things. The president was doing what was culturally expected and appropriate.

Didn't y'all see "Protocol" starring Goldie Hawn?

Amy Argetsinger: Believe it or not, I think I did see it. In a theater.


Clearwater, Fla.: Carrie Prejean has just about twelve seconds left of her fifteen minutes of fame, and then he'll be forgotten quicker than you can say "Susan Boyle."

Roxanne Roberts: Yeah, Susan faded much faster than I expected. But she might be back---I think her CD is coming out soon.


Playing Palin: Bring back Lynda Carter?

Amy Argetsinger: Oh, they do resemble each other, don't they? And have the same energy. But sadly, Lynda is too old...

_______________________ Protocol: "Like a Hawk" (YouTube)

_______________________ Protocol: "Like a Hawk" (YouTube)


Washington, D.C.: Has anyone ever figured out exactly what Kal Penn actually does? Seems like he has pretty much been under the radar for a while.

Amy Argetsinger: He's keeping his head down and doing work, presumably, like a lot of White House aides you don't hear of either.


D.C.: What was the impression in the Post newsroom on that Vanity Fair story on your publication that ran last month? Post Modern (Vanity Fair, October 2009)

Amy Argetsinger: It was a thoughtful story that captured a lot more nuances about this industry than most articles.


State Dinner for India: Do you know if Venketesh, Rani Mukherjee, Vikram, Shruti Haasan or Remya Nambeesan will be attending? Kal Penn is nice but he's no Venketesh if you know what I mean.

Amy Argetsinger: Oh, stop showing off your Bollywood knowledge.


Suburbs, Md.: Tony Danza has definitely had work done. I remember pics from 5+ years ago, when he was aging normally, then miraculously reversed the process later. He had that weird tightness, but maybe the Fountain of Youth works in mysterious ways.

Roxanne Roberts: First time I've seen him in person, so all I can report is how he looks now, which is good. Plus it's nice to know that bad face lifts can settle down. I always feel so bad for the people who spend so much and look so bad.


Rochester, N.Y.: I've been seeing Hillary Clinton on magazine covers and feature stories all over the place. What's up with that? Did she suddenly get a new press agent or is she making some sort of comeback?

Amy Argetsinger: Good question.


Sarah the Movie: Madrigal, here.

To play Sarah: Annette Bening, Patricia Heaton or Megan Mullally (my choice).

Who should play Todd?

Amy Argetsinger: Annette Bening is a good idea -- but like the others, she's just a little too old.


Casting Call: I'm wondering who could play Todd of the sexy blue eyes variety or will we have to settle for some dork wearing blue contact lenses?

Amy Argetsinger: I keep thinking this should be obvious, but I can't quite place who the actor is.. .


"Maybe it's one of those things where you have to be in a room with him." : I'm told by those who have been in the room with her, that back in the day (mid-1980s) not only did Margaret Thatcher have good legs, she could be quite flirtatious. To the point of flummoxing the men in the room. There's one story about her about to take an official photo with a group of her aides and advisors, when she reached inside the double-breasted jacket of one of her aides to button it properly. All the while commenting about how much nicer he looks when his clothing is fastened correctly.

Amy Argetsinger: Maggie, that minx!


Sarah Palin: Not much I like about her, but as a woman her age, I love that everyone keeps saying, "She's still young..." when talking about her political future. Between her and the truly fabulous Michelle Obama, it's a good time to be forty-something. Take that, you gauche 20-year-olds.

Amy Argetsinger: Good point.


Richmond, Va.: Jolie and Keener are too intelligent to play Palin. If Goldie Hawn would dye her hair, she has the age and the combo of cutsie and ditzie.

Roxanne Roberts: Nope. Sad to say, Goldie is way too old---she turns 64 on Saturday. She's old enough to be Palin's mom.


Detroit, Mich.: Forget Sarah Palin casting, I'm curious about the minor parts?

Joe the Plumber? Tina Fey? Katie Couric? Levi Johnston? David Letterman?

They've got some neat casting chances.

Roxanne Roberts: Oh, hell. They should totally play themselves.


Dem babe?: Maybe Debbie Wasserman-Schultz (which I'm sure I just misspelled). Though I haven't seen her in running shorts. Debbie Wasserman Schultz

Amy Argetsinger: She's one heck of a softball player. Broke her fibula at the women's congressional game this summer. Link to follow.


Tom question: Several weeks ago, Tom Sietsema began his chat by noting that his significant other had gained 25 pounds as a result of dining with him so frequently. Apparently, the SO was also aware that Tom was publishing this tidbit and was okay with it. As I can't imagine a female SO being okay with a public statement about a 25 pound weight gain, I assume that means we can narrow down our search for the elusive Tom by looking for male couples?

Amy Argetsinger: Tom, Tom, Tom! All you want to talk about is Tom! You should nominate him Sexiest Man Alive.


State of Depp: Sexiest Man Alive? Please. Can't they pick someone who washes his hair?

Roxanne Roberts: Remember, he lives in France.

_______________________ On Capitol Hill, a Fibula Buster (Reliable Source, July 16)


Blago: Is there a reason why Blago did not show up at the National Press Club's Book Fair yesterday? Ann Coulter was there. Would have been cool to see those two side by side.

Amy Argetsinger: We answered this in today's column -- and had a link out here earlier. Blago's rep told us that the ex-guv had planned to be in NYC for a TV show taping this week and then Amtrak down to D.C. for the book fair... but the taping got delayed, and that threw his travel plans out of whack.


Washington, D.C.: You can't possibly think that Jenkins article actually balances the negative, and indeed vicious, coverage of Palin by this newspaper. Why don't you link to Sally Quinn's latest diatribe, in today's newspaper? The level of venom in Quinn's piece is frightening. I can't honestly recall anything that nasty being published for a long, long time. Sarah Palin's 'rogue' Christianity (On Faith, Nov. 17)

Amy Argetsinger: There you go -- I haven't read it. (Online only, so far as I know.)

_______________________ This just in: Blagojevich, KRS-One, Tila Tequila (Reliable Source, Nov. 18)


Kal Penn's invite: So, who is he taking for his date? And aren't we supposed to call him "Mr. Modhi?"

Roxanne Roberts: Since there's no public girlfriend, I'm betting he'll take his mom. Because if he's dating someone and brings her to the dinner, it will make tabloid headlines. And remember, he's trying to be under-the-radar normal.


Baltimore, Md.: Re Mickey Rooney: Parade magazine had a question about him this past week. At the age of 89, he is touring in a show with his wife about the musicals of MGM's glory days. It was noted that he has been in show business for 87 years! (His parents were vaudevillians who brought him into the act at 2.)

Amy Argetsinger: Amazing, huh?


Goldie is way too old---she turns 64 on Sa: THAT blows my mind!

Roxanne Roberts: Not really, if you think of all the work she's had done---but she has maintained a very cute figure.


Washington, D.C.: To be fair, when Palin posed for that shot, it was for an article on running -- hence the running clothes. I think she's right this time, though I get the feeling she'd call the sunrise sexist if it woke her up too early.

Anway, isn't it odd we've never seen W shirtless? We've even seen Biden.

Amy Argetsinger: We've never seen W shirtless? I don't have time to Google Image that...


Casting call: For Sarah Palin, Courteney Cox!

Amy Argetsinger: Hmmm. Okay.


D.C.: Todd = Gerard Butler

Amy Argetsinger: Yeah! That's a good one.


Re: Newsweek Cover: I go back and forth on this. For the record, I firmly believe that Palin is a complete hypocrite and yells sexism when convenient (and yet is on record basically stating that Hillary had to deal with it). The picture was borderline appropriate for Runner's World, but Newsweek? I'm not sure -- but I get the whole "running" for President thing - and would they use a similar pic of Obama, Biden, Romney? Well, I think they might -- it's just that she's so pose-y in the picture -- which she did, so I guess my answer is no!

Amy Argetsinger: Okay, thanks for your vote.


Beautiful Silver Spring, Md.: Please rate, on a scale from 1 to 10, exactly how excited you are for this first chat after the Tony Danza Extravaganza (Ex-Tony Ganza?) this week. Do not be afraid to use exclamation points in your answer.

Roxanne Roberts: I give him an 8!!! Mostly because of his devoted followers on the chat, and because he really was very nice.


Sarah Palin played by:: Cate Blanchett with a dye job. She's only about 40...

Roxanne Roberts: Cate is too elegant for the part. Need rougher edges.


Washington, D.C.: I remember during the Clinton years that C-Span had coverage of the guests arriving at the White House for state dinners. Do you know if they will be doing that for the Obamas? It was always fun to see the guests walk the D.C. version of the red carpet and check out what the ladies were wearing.

Roxanne Roberts: I think they will cover as much as possible---but I don't know how much the Obamas will allow to be broadcast live.


Alexandria, Va.: This has very little to do with gossip, but more celebrity stuff. I was watching Swingers the other night for the first time since it came out, and had forgotten how 1) thin Vince Vaughn and Jon Favreau were, and 2) how brilliant they both were. They should have really retired after that instead of polluting the world with these awful Couples Retreat and The Breakup movies. Everyone in that movie was great: Ron Livingston, Heather Graham, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy.

Amy Argetsinger: So weird -- I was watching that last night too. Yes, both Vaughn and Favreau are completely unrecognizable now. It's a great movie that really holds up with the passage of time. Hasn't Favreau moved on to directing/producing more? And aren't we grateful to Vaughn for bringing us Wedding Crashers and, uh, Old School?

My favorite line in that movie, and maybe in all movies: "You probably could have hit that if you didn't have to drive us home."


Serious Questioner: I promise my SO I'd clean the house after this chat so is it possible you could keep this going for another few hours?

Roxanne Roberts: Love to help you out, but we've got an actual column to write. Remember?


Venkatesh : a Tollywood actor not a Bollywood actor. And he has quite the 'stache.

Yay google.

Amy Argetsinger: You've been giving us so many questions today I haven't been able to keep up the pace of Googling, so I'm still not sure what "Tollywood" is. Wiki tells me it could either mean the Telugu-language film industry, or the Bengali-language film industry based in Tollygunge. It sure is a big world when you think about it.


Montreal, Canada: For the Palin movie, I like Sandra Bullock for Sarah. For Todd, how about Steve Zahn??

Amy Argetsinger: Steve Zahn? No.


Los Angeles, Calif.: Is Lady Gaga the daughter of Orly Taitz?

Is Lady Gaga the Daughter of Orly Taitz? (YouTube)

Amy Argetsinger: Wow. I never noticed the resemblance...


Seventh Avenue: How come you don't have more gossip about fashion people? Don't the women in D.C. still have their favorites (i.e., Nancy and Jimmy Galanos, Barbara Bush and Bill Blass, Hillary and J.C. Penny)? Whatever designer Michelle will be wearing for the state dinner I pray she avoids the temptation to do the one-shoulder thing...

Roxanne Roberts: Because the fashion names don't spend much time in Washington and rarely make news when they do. The Post has written a fair amount about Michelle Obama's clothing and designers, but there's not one person making waves.

And why do you hate the one-shoulder thing? She's got the arms and shoulders to carry that look.


Sexiest Man Alive: What? No Jon Hamm? Seriously? I think Don Draper is WAAAAY Hotter than Captain Jack Sparrow and can make a much better Old Fashioned.

Amy Argetsinger: Economics play a role in that one. As much as you college-educated folk and media professionals love Jon Hamm, only about 2 million of you watch "Mad Men" every week. People is aiming for a broader audience, so it's typically going to name the guys who get 20 million Americans to go see their movies.


"I'll be hopeless when my kid goes to college": Then, you'll need to get Skype. Voice over IP, and use your Web cam so you can see what's going on. It might be the only way to get them to clean their rooms....I love Skype, though. Used it a lot when my oldest did a semester in London.

Roxanne Roberts: That will take some convincing on my part---I'll be lucky to get a weekly phone call. Besides, do I REALLY want to see the state of his dorm room?


Mad in D.C.: Why no Jon Hamm as People Mag's Sexiest man alive? sure they joked about the Fabio resembence. I love Johhny Depp but come on? My sister and I have this thing about real men versus girly men (she's more of a Jude Law gal. Me, I like my Hamm). Your thoughts Amy?

Amy Argetsinger: I'm so out of step with the mainstream. I'm still waiting for Daniel Craig, Dominic West or Lou Reed to be named Sexiest Man Alive. I'd settle for Viggo, though.


To play Todd Palin: Bradley Cooper? Maybe too young. Clooney is too old. Pitt is too big a star -- Todd is definitely a bit part in this movie. No, wait -- how about Matt Damon or Scott Bakula?

Amy Argetsinger: None of those guys look right for the role.


As Sarah: Helen Hunt.

Whatever happened to her, anyway?

Amy Argetsinger: Nah, she's got the wrong energy.


Family members: Carrie Prejean - Sister Helen Prejean Sarah Palin - Michael Palin Courteney Cox - Wally Cox Vince Vaughn - Robert Vaughn Pedro Martinez - Mel Martinez

Amy Argetsinger: Uh, yeah.


Didn't y'all see "Protocol" starring Goldie Hawn? : Ohh, great full circle to the Goldie comment about Sara Palin.

Amy Argetsinger: Goldie Hawn, definitely a trending topic today.


Lizard Island: Does Palin even know what "Going Rogue" really means? Check the Urban Dictionary, if you dare.

Roxanne Roberts: Uh, yeah. That's what I thought it meant. Unless it's her idea of political commentary....


Dem "babe": You certainly can't leave out Stephanie Herseth-Sandlin. Oh, and what about Catherine Zeta-Jones as Palin?

Amy Argetsinger: Catherine Zeta-Jones -- not a bad idea. She's sort of got the same intensity.


Washington, D.C.: I don't know about the one-shoulder thing, but someone needs to stage an intervention about those belts.

Roxanne Roberts: I'm with you on that. Too much too often.


Arlington, Va.: Off topic -- Didn't one of you go to surf camp in Central America a year or two ago? If so, can you provide where you went and if you'd go back?

Thank you.

Amy Argetsinger: I did. Email me at if you want to trade info.


Sarah Palin poll: I never thought about it before, but now that she's everywhere, I've realized something. I think her updo looks silly. But she doesn't look so great with her hair down, either. I think she should cut her hair like Nancy Pelosi or Hillary Clinton.

Roxanne Roberts: I disagree. She's actually very pretty, especially with her hair down. I like it up less.


Playing the Part of Palin...: Mary Louise Parker?

Amy Argetsinger: Hey, that's not a bad idea.

Mary-Louise Parker, CZJ, Sandra Bullock, Courtney Cox -- I think those are the most compelling choices you all have come up with.


Sexiest Man Alive: Johnny Depp? I'd vote for my neighbor. He is smoking hot and nobody I know have any pictures of him. He, sadly, has a girlfriend. But really? I'd say Gabriel Aubry for a person most people know about.

Amy Argetsinger: Hey, we had a chatter who started telling us about her cute neighbor she had a crush on -- and now they're engaged and living in California together.


Protocol: It's one of my favorites! And about the only Goldie Hawn movie I can take, aside from "Private Benjamin."

Roxanne Roberts: Takes you back, doesn't it?


Centaurs are What again ?: I see where Goldie's daughter had some things to say about A-Rod and his Centaur picture rumor but I don't care I still believe it.

Amy Argetsinger: Well, she didn't DENY that A-Rod has a portrait of himself as a centaur, did she? She just kind of laughed at it. Link to follow.

I mean, honestly, if you were making as much money as A-Rod, you'd just run out of other stuff to spend it on and you'd probably be forced to commission some portraits of yourself as a centaur, just for tax purposes.

And have we already discussed? I've been thinking a lot about Kate Hudson's love life (Chris Robinson, Owen Wilson, Lance Armstrong, etc.), trying to figure out what Her Type is, and the best I can come up with is: Famous.


Sarah Palin: What about Holly Hunter?

Amy Argetsinger: Too old, sadly... otherwise she'd be perfect.


Washington, D.C.: Jane Kaczmarek for Sarah Palin. What else is she up to these days?

Amy Argetsinger: Hmmm. Nah.

_______________________ Kate Hudson Laughs at Centaur Portrait of Alex Rodriguez (,, Nov 16)

_______________________ A-Rod Centaur Image (Google Images)


Trenton, N.J.: John F. Kennedy Jr. was the first "Sexiest Man Alive" but his issue was the best selling one.

Wow, hard to believe that 1988.

Roxanne Roberts: Wasn't, you mean. But yeah, can you believe that was 21 years ago?


Catherine Zeta-Jones as Sarah Palin: Too beautiful and too old.

Don't believe what you read about the age gap between her and Michael Douglas. It's closer to 15 years than the 25 advertised.

Roxanne Roberts: I always wondered about that. If she really is older, then she has to be lying about her age very early on, which is harder to do. I figure a couple years shaved off, max.

Amy Argetsinger: For years I've been hearing people claim that CZJ is older than she says she is, but I went on a fact-finding trip to South Wales a few years ago and talked to my fifth cousin who works in the arts community in Swansea -- and he remembers her as a little girl in local talent shows and can vouch for the fact that she is the age she says she is, currently 50. Okay, so I didn't go to Wales FOR that purpose, but otherwise everything I've just said is true.


Georgetown, Washington, D.C.: How is Jill Biden recovering from her shoulder operation? The Bidens are such a nice couple and always struck me as very real and genuine. It was so nice to see the vice president was out and about serving food to the homeless.

Roxanne Roberts: Seems fine, from what I can tell. She's back to her normal schedule. And yes---they seem really nice and very devoted to each other.


Virginia: So, back in the spring my friends and I had a weekend in Richmond and met Peter Horton (the long-haired guy from "Thirtysomething and bicycle-guy from "Singles"), who was very nice and very charming and said he was filming TV show that was a "Capitol Hill legal thriller" and was supposed to premiere in the fall. I've kept my eyes peeled and haven't seen anything on the networks. Heard anything about this?

Amy Argetsinger: Yeah, that would have been "The Body Politic," one of the many D.C.-set pilots that producers were filming over the past year -- none of which, I'm sorry to tell you, got picked up.


Goldie: How can the previous poster not like Foul Play? Hilarious movie, and one of Chevy Chase's few good ones.

Amy Argetsinger: Thanks for your vote.


only Goldie Hawn movie I can take: The First Wives Club had its moments. Goldie uncharacteristically got to be a b&-#@ on that one.

Amy Argetsinger: Total trending topic, #goldiehawn.


Silver Spring, Md.: House IS Todd Palin with his hair dyed brown and grown out a tad.

Amy Argetsinger: Um, no.


Arlington, Va.: Ashley Judd as Sarah Palin?

Amy Argetsinger: Didn't I just say that?


Sexist?: Come on, she posed for that picture for Runner's World. Sexist? Little Miss Wink? She has used her sex as a tool since day 1. Bill Kristol might as well have said he wanted to ask her to the prom with the treacle he printed about her.

Roxanne Roberts: Prom? Is that a euphemism?


Palin=Reese: Playing Sarah, Reese Witherspoon. Who was Tracy from Election but a young Sarah Palin?

Amy Argetsinger: Oh, wait -- I think we have our winner.


Amy Argetsinger: Confidential to Glover Park -- thanks for the real estate tip, we'll look into it.


Charlottesville, Va.: If "Going Rogue" was ever adapted to the big screen, imagine a dramatic actress playing Tina Fey as she comically plays Sarah Palin.

Now that's post-modern.

Amy Argetsinger: Mindblowing.


CZJ=40 you mean: not 50

Amy Argetsinger: Aaaarrrgh! Freudian typing slip!!! Horrible. You bad people have infected me. Catherine Zeta Jones is 40! I will shout that from the mountain tops -- she's 40! 40! 40! Sorry about that.


Thank you, thank you, thank you!: Loved seeing Tony Danza's face in the column! I didn't know how much I needed a "Danza fix" until you provided it. Can't wait for the show to air -- viewing party at your house?

Roxanne Roberts: We live to serve! And yes, we'll have to watch at least the first episode at a bar with a big screen.

Chatters, we'll be here next week, even as you're slipping off to Grandma's for turkey. If you're around, we'd love to have you join us. If not, be safe. Either way, send you tips, sightings and other intel to


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