The 'Lost' Hour: Season 3 Review -- "Left Behind," "One of Us," "Catch-22"

Jen Chaney and Liz Kelly
Washington Post "Lost" Bloggers
Thursday, November 19, 2009 3:00 PM

Join "Lost" bloggers Liz Kelly and Jen Chaney this fall to discuss "Lost's" third season. Each week, we'll assign a few episodes to watch. Then join Liz and Jen each Thursday at 3 p.m. ET to talk about what happened and how those early shows tie in (or not) to "Lost's" looming final season.

For the Thursday, Nov. 19th chat watch the season three episodes "Left Behind," "One of Us" and "Catch-22."

Liz and Jen, both obsessive "Lost" fans, have been writing their weekly dueling analysis of the show since 2006. When not debating the merits of Sawyer's hotness, Liz Kelly writes the Celebritology blog and Jen Chaney acts as movies editrix and DVD columnist for For episode analysis, discussion transcripts and more, visit's Lost Central.

____________________ We're running a few mins behind folks. We'll be underway shortly.


Liz Kelly: Helloooo, didja miss me? Probably not seeing as how you had Jen here last week and she's the real brains behind this operation anyhow.

I have been keeping up with my episodes, tho, and am ready to talk about this week's shows. Pretty much all of which were good solid shows and prove that season 3 wasn't all a waste. Especially now that we have Juliet at the beach, Naomi on island and Locke running off with the Others. This is all juicy, vital to the plot stuff. Me likey very much.

Also saw an interview with Ian Somerhalder earlier today in which he said his cameos on "Lost's" upcoming season involve him wearing clothes he wore five years ago. So we have to extrapolate from that that we're either going to get some retelling of events we've already seen, or additional views.

Or he just likes old clothes.

Jen Chaney: Boone can wear whatever he liked.

But I'm late so let's just get started, shall we?


Arlington Gay: From Liz's other chat:

Liz Kelly: Okay, time for me to dash. See you back here next week -- same time, same place!

Really? You're chatting on Thanksgiving?

Liz Kelly: Ehrm, no. Make that two weeks hence. Thanks AG!

Jen Chaney: Same goes for this chat, P.S. We will resume Dec. 3. Just reminding you all now...


Washington, D.C.: Hooray, the back half of Season 5 is posted online now! I finally get to see the reveal of when Ben killed Penny (I'm assuming) and find out what the heck happened with Aaron!

Jen Chaney: Hooray! Speaking of season five, guess what I have in my hot little hands?

That's right -- season five on Blu-ray! I haven't dug in yet, but I will soon begin the hunt for Easter eggs that tell us something -- anything -- about season six.

Liz Kelly: Ooh, I'm jealous!


Back from Hawaii!: Hi Liz and Jen,

I was the one who wrote in a few weeks ago saying that I was going to Hawaii and was wondering how to find out where LOST might be shooting in the off chance I might get to see a star or two. While I had an amazing vacation, I unfortunately did not see any stars on Maui. However, supposedly I was a day late in seeing Jon Gosslin at the airport (according to some TSA gossip I overheard). I would have loved to tell him what a d-bag he is to his face! Although I think my boyfriend was glad we missed him for that very reason...

Liz Kelly: Yeah. Jon Gosselin is really not much of a consolation prize.

Jen Chaney: Agreed. Jon Gosselin is no John Locke. Although I can totally imagine him saying to Kate (Gosseling, not Austin): "Don't tell me what I can't do!"


Austin: I really liked this part of the season; the Ben-centric stuff was great. I think by now we were noting the Stephen King reference if not the possible Dark Tower linkages.

I am hoping we're going to find out why Juliet was chosen specifically--how did Ethan and Co know to go get her, know to run her problem guy over with a bus and all of that. Presume Jacob directed but it would be cool to see how that occured. Same deal the "The List."

Jen Chaney: Agreed, Austin. I keep assuming that they wanted her there because she needed to be there to ignite the explosion.

But that assumes that Richard or Ben has an incredibly broad knowledge of everything that would happen, including all the time shifts and the fact that Juliet would eventually wind up back in the '70s.

Liz Kelly: Or that Jacob would know that. Which wouldn't be too hard to swallow considering how he made her one of the people on his list of kids to visit.


Washington, DC: Liz and Jen, please help! Tomorrow my husband and I start our marathon re-watching of all the Lost seasons (yes, we're couch potatoes). So we need a Lost dinner, but not sure what to make - he won't be too happy with a big tub of ranch dressing or invisible peanut butter. Any ideas?

Liz Kelly: Well, as per this week's last rewatch episode -- Catch 22 -- you could just eat oatmeal. It worked for Kate, Jack and Juliet.

Jen Chaney: Liz, come on. That's not much help.

Let's see...

I do think you could offer invisible peanut butter as a palate cleanser, just to be cute.

Start with some buffalo wings in honor of Hurley's job at Mr. Cluck's. As a main course, I think you have to go with something pork-related. (Wild boar is pushing it, but pork is close enough.) Maybe some pork tenderloin garnished with a mango relish of some sort. (Mango also strikes me as key to the meal.)

If you can't work the mango into the main dish, then at least have mango sorbet for dessert. And wash it all down with some Dharma wine or beer -- or regular wine or beer that you can just refer to as Dharma.

Liz Kelly: Show off.


NotDoc: This has been floating around for awhile already, but I thought it might make a nice addition to the "Lost" rewatch:

"Lost on Gilligan's Island."

(It's 8 minutes long, so give yourself time)

Liz Kelly: I didn't have time to watch the whole thing, but I'll take your word for it.

Jen Chaney: That is awesome. I can't believe I haven't seen that before.


Arzt: OK, so I see on imbd that a certain dynamite expert among the castaways is listed among the cast for the first episode of the season. What do you think gives?

Jen Chaney: I think what gives is that a lot of familiar faces are coming back, particularly from season one. And Arzt is one of them.

I, for one, will applaud when he comes bursting into a scene, acting all surly and left out of everything. Unless season six is bizarro Lost and Arzt's personality changes. Which -- and I'm being totally serious here -- I think is a possibility.

Liz Kelly: I think LindeCuse should grow a pair and put Nikki and Paolo on that plane in episode one.

Jen Chaney: I hate to say it, but Liz, I agree. In some strange way, I might be disappointed if we don't see Nikki and Paolo.

Never thought I'd say it, but it's true...


DC's Lost-themed Dinner: Make a ham!! Recreate the Ben-Juliet dinner scene. Am so excited about this, I might now suggest it to my husband.

Liz Kelly: Of course -- ham. Can't go wrong with ham.

Jen Chaney: Oh man. Clearly we should have suggested this. Thanks for setting us straight.


Ketchikan: Ben always likes to cook ham dinners. Do you think we're going to get more on the Des/Penny storyline in season 6?

Liz Kelly: Since we already talked about the ham, I'll just address the Des/Penny thing.

I certainly hope so. Though things aren't looking to good for Penny right now, so it remains to be seen.

In "Catch 22" when we got to see Des and Penny's first meeting at the monastery, I actually started tearing up. I'm such a dork.

Jen Chaney: I'm glad you mentioned "Catch 22," because watching it again reminded me of an issue that has been raised in recent chats.

There has been some debate about whether Desmond's flashes are legitimate because he claimed he had seen Claire leaving the island on a helicopter. And at least thus far, that clearly hasn't happened.

But this episode in particular made it clear -- at least to me -- that Desmond's flashes come in pieces. And he is trying to interpret those pieces in ways that may or may not actually correlate to reality.

So Hurley tripping over that cable on the beach actually happened exactly like Des's flash even though ultimately, because of Desmond's intervention, Charlie didn't get an arrow jammed into his throat. But the cable actually was relevant to (spoiler!) Charlie's real death because it connects to the Looking Glass station. And a helicopter did show up, but Claire just didn't get on it. Is this making any sense?


Liz Kelly: Okay, Jen and I just conferred behind the scenes and we think the Nikki and Paolo thing bears bringing to LindeCuse's attention. What better way than by starting a Twitter hashtag campaign?

So starting now, spread the word. Here's some sample text you can post to Twitter:

LindeCuse -- we want Nikki and Paolo on the plane in season 6. Don't let us down! #wewantnikkiandpaolo #lost

Jen Chaney: Or simply: Nikki and Paolo must be on the island in S6. #wewantnikkiandpaolo #lost

If everyone works together on this, it could become a trending topic.

Plus, if there is a bizarro element to the last season, then demanding the return of Nikki and Paolo is incredibly appropriate.


Sawyer withdrawal: I can't wait for Season 5 to come out on DVD (so not fair that Jen has it already!) I rewatched the first 4 seasons this summer and am going thru serious Sawyer withdrawal! The first ep will take care of that since he's half naked through most of it.

Liz Kelly: I hope you're doing the season 3 rewatch along with us because there is much primo Sawyer stuff unfolding right now. For instance

-- Sawyer and Kate getting down and dirty.

-- Sawyer forced to go without using nicknames.

-- Sawyer campaigning to win the hearts and minds of the Losties.

-- And many unforgettable lines including, but not limited to, "What, do you want me to make you a mix tape?"

Jen Chaney: I laughed so much during that mix tape episode. I also still love the line, "Are you guys arguing over who's your favorite Other?"

Josh Holloway's deliver of those lines is just spot-on. He doesn't get enough credit for that.

So yes, please do join the end of the rewatch, won't you?


Dude: You have some ... Arnzt ... on you.

Jen Chaney: See? Without Arzt, we wouldn't have great lines like that.

Liz Kelly: That was a good one.


"Arnzt is fine": Yeah, I know old characters are coming back, but Arzt? He basically existed for a few scenes to give bad advice about weather and then blow himself up. It's hard to believe they have time to mess with him.

Not complaining, though. ...

Jen Chaney: Well, you're not being fair. He also complained about being left out of the core gang of Losties. And he gave very condescending advice about handling dynamite before he blew himself up. So, you know, there's that.

Speaking of minor characters, will Scott and Steve return? Hmmm....

Liz Kelly: Or Neil Frogurt?

We should do a poll of minor characters we'd like to see return.

Seriously, don't underestimate the nostalgic effect. Watching "Curb Your Enthusiasm" this week I was totally jumping off the couch when Newman, George's mom and some of the other old characters made an appearance.


Olney, MD: Is there something wrong with me? I don't find Sawyer at all attractive, and I don't think I'd care for his looks even if he were short-haired & clean shaven. I love the way Ian looks on The Vampire Diaries. Charlie' ears really stick out on Flashforward! But the one who could share my tent is Richard Alpert!

Jen Chaney: Well, these things are subjective. Holloway is a handsome man, in my opinion. But it the redneck-Han Solo swagger he brings to the role that puts Sawyer over the edge.

Nestor Carbonell also a handsome man for sure. Pretty much can't go wrong in that lot.

Liz Kelly: See, Sawyer fits in with the whole dirtbag hottie thing I was talking about in Celebritology today. I guess it isn't for everyone, but works for me.


Next Season: Now that we are nearing the launch of the season 5 dvd and the beginning of 6, I recommend we keep a running list of questions we hope are answered next season. Such as: 1. What happened to Ben after he was shot as a child and brought to the hostiles? 2. What is the smoke monster? 3. Why does McPatchy seem to have 9 lives? 4. Why is Richard never aging (Does he have the ability to time travel as he chooses)? 5. Who is Penny's mother? Please add to the list!

Jen Chaney: Yeah, we need to compile a monster (no pun intended) list. Liz, we probably need to get on that, right?

Liz Kelly: We probably should, ayup.


Arlington: A few weeks ago, I wrote in about how I couldn't wait for Charlie to get auf'd because he annoyed me so. I believe it was Jen who told me that I would feel differently. Well, Jen you were right. I bawled like a baby during "The Looking Glass, Pt.2"

Also, Desmond is hot.

Jen Chaney: That scene in Looking Glass is, in my opinion, the most heartbreaking Lost moment in the show's history. At least thus far.

It's the sign of the cross that does it to me. That, coupled with the Giacchino music.

Liz Kelly: I dunno. I've always had a weak spot for Charlie. He's sometimes annoying, sometimes cloying and sometimes he can be downright funny. He's kind of like the little brother you never wanted. A pain in the Arzt sometimes, but you don't want him to die a watery death.

Jen Chaney: I love the Dominic Monaghan, so I always liked him.

Liz, you know, it just occurred to me: the first ep of season six is already shot. So can our twitter campaign really impact LindeCuse?

I mean, I think it's still valid to voice our opinion on this matter, don't get me wrong...

Liz Kelly: I think they could add in a stray shot of Nikki and Paolo on the plane. It's never too late to edit.

All we can do is try...


Arzt: Don't forget, he has valuable information about spiders, as well. Nikki/Paolo might still be alive in the absence of Arzt. Think about it.

Liz Kelly: True dat. Those Medusa spiders are no joke.


Alexandria, VA: So Liz, are you saying Sawyer is so dirty he's hot? Kind of the female version of she's so ugly she's hot, vis a vis SJP?

Liz Kelly: Hmm, no. I'm just saying I have a soft spot for the bad boys.

Jen Chaney: We all do, Liz. We all do.


Hurley Fan: Whoa dudes? No ranch dressing at the Lost dinner?

Jen Chaney: Fair enough: Serve salad with ranch dressing on it alongside the baked ham with mango relish.


Washington, DC: Did I miss something where we definitely know all the old characters are going to be back on the plane? Is this a given? I thought we just know that they will be making appearances.

Jen Chaney: Well, that's true. We know characters will return. And I believe there will be at least one scene on 815. (Don't want to reveal spoilers but I, ahem, read it somewhere.) And all we're saying is that Nikki and Paolo should, technically, be on that plane.


On the way to the Black Rock: HURLEY: Let me ask you something, Arnzt --


HURLEY: Arnzt.

LESLIE ARZT: No, not Arnzt. Arzt. A-R-Z-T. Arzt.

HURLEY: Sorry, man. Your name's hard to pronounce.

LESLIE ARZT: Oh, yeah? Well, I know a bunch of ninth graders who pronounce it just fine.

HURLEY: How about I just call you by your first name?

LESLIE ARZT: How about you don't?

HURLEY: Why not? I remember it from the plane's manifest. I think Leslie's a bitchin' name.

LESLIE ARZT: Arnzt is fine.

Liz Kelly: Leslie is a bitchin' name.

Jen Chaney: I love Arzt's raging anger problem. It's so charming.


Liz Kelly: Alrighty, that's it for this week. We'll be back in two weeks. Have a great Turkey Day. Make sure to watch these FOUR eps by Dec. 3: "D.O.C.," "The Brig," The Man Behind the Curtain" and Greatest Hits."

And don't forget to Tweet: LindeCuse -- we want Nikki and Paolo on the plane in season 6. Don't let us down! #wewantnikkiandpaolo #lost

Jen Chaney: Enjoy the Thanksgiving break, folks. Chat with you on the 3rd.


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