Redskins Insider: Previewing the Philadelphia game

Jason Reid
Washington Post Staff Writer
Wednesday, November 25, 2009; 11:00 AM

Jason Reid, Washington Post staff writer and Redskins Insider blogger, discussed the Redskins and how they match up with the Eagles.

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Southeast D.C.: Your best guess: what 3 QBs who will be on the Skins roster next year?

Jason Reid: I would be taking a wild guess at this point. I would imagine Jason Campbell, just because he's a restricted free agent at this point. Other than that, I would imagine they would draft a quarterback and sign another quarterback. They have a lot of needs, but I guess they could take a QB in the first round.


Ashboro, NC: Jason, How much of the coaching staff (Zorn, Bugel, Gray, Sherman Lewis) will be back next year?

Jason Reid: Again, this is just a guess at this point, but I would think Greg Blache and Sherman Lewis. Owner Daniel Snyder really likes Blache and he has been praising Lewis behind the scenes, from what I've been told.


Anonymous: I really hope you do a in-depth article on Jason Campbell as the year-end approaches. It should look at his value in free agency, his failings/shortcomings/successes/future in DC. Talk to Al Saunders, Gibbs, Brunell, Cerrato and NFL insiders. Talk about his skill set and what system would be ideal for him, why the west cost does not work, etc. No more of his back in college stuff.

I think we are about to ship out a decent NFL QB in Campbell. Not a Manning or Brady, but definitely better than half the starting QBs in the league. I often wonder where the DC'S sense of entitlement comes from and how we think there's a good QB out there waiting. We need to rebuild but the QB search can be another 5-year odyssey. We've needed a new QB since Brad Johnson 10 years ago.

Jason Reid: Recently did a big piece on Campbell with my guy, Rick Maese. I agree Campbell has talent, but I just don't see it working here for him at this point. Perhaps a new GM/coach would see things differently, but I think he really needs to move on. Perhaps he could be more productive elsewhere.


Mt. Lebanon Pa.: How do you contain former PITT running back Shady McCoy, now that Brian Westbrook has been hurt? McCoy has that get-up-and-go one likes to see in rookies.

PITT big tomorrow night in Morgantown.

Thanks much.

Jason Reid: McCoy is an impressive young back. He's exactly the type of young back the Redskins really could use now. Anyway, the Redskins' defense chould fare well against him, especially if Big Al plays.


Ashburn, Va.: Jason, Turning to next season for a moment. If we do in fact get an uncapped year, will the Redskins be able to shed some of their high-priced players and get out from the burden of some rather hefty contracts (Portis is the first to come to mind)? Thanks

Jason Reid: Also did a story on this subject recently with Rick Maese. The Redskins are in a great position, in terms of their payroll, if 2010 is uncapped. They have few players with guaranteed money beyond this season.


Germantown, Md.: JR-

This move to add a QB from another PS to the active squad is pure Vinny. Meaning it makes no sense, and will have no positive impact. What was the point?

The Skins need to be signing OL or RBs...who probably wouldn't make a difference either.

Jason Reid: I don't know what his thinking was. I would ask him, but he declines my interview requests.


Ft. Lauderdale, FL: Hey yo Mayor!! I e-mailed you a couple weeks ago about Woodson's progress with Campbell being a human punching bag, I guess we got our answer! So with Bartel, is the thinking that he's there to potentially get some time this season if JC doesn't survive or a peek ahead for the future?

Jason Reid: That could be what they're thinking. To be honest, I really don't know. I mean, the guy has been on practice squads for a reason. Maybe they see something special in him.


SE, DC: As a Redskin fan, last Sunday's game reminded me of the teams of the '70s. They outplay the Cowboys for 58 minutes but never put them away and bam!, Dallas makes a play and wins the game. That was classic Washington Redskin football (minus a few seasons) until they broke through under Beathard and Gibbs in the 1980s and won more often than not.

Shockingly, I can appreciate performance of the last 10 quarters. I can accept losing as long as they play hard and frankly the team that started this season did not play hard. What has changed on this team?

Is it Zorn finally having some courage? is it guy realizing they have jobs to fight for? The offense is still weak, but they are at least fighting now.

Jason Reid: I don't know. I really thought they've been playing hard all season. I've never felt like guys have given up. Perhaps that's just the optimist in me.


Washington, D.C.: So who you got this weekend?

Jason Reid: Philly. I just don't see the Redskins going there and winning. Also, DeSean Jackson is a bad matchup for the Redskins. Of course, he's a bad matchup for every team.


Runyan: Seems the Chargers thought more of Runyan than Vinny did. Or is it possible that they were even more desperate?

Jason Reid: Who knows? These guys all get their scouting reports and go from there. The Packers passed on Levi Jones, and their offensive line is as bad (worse?) than the Redskins' line.


Philadelphia: How let down was the team from playing so hard last week, but still losing? I will say this -- they do keep trying despite some tough losses.

Jason Reid: A lot of guys were really down. But I think some guys have just come to accept they're not very good and they're going to lose a lot. Not that they've given up, but they're still not surprised they lost.


Clifton, Va.: Since 1980, how many starting Redskin QB's have had a higher passer rating than Jason Campbell? How did Joe Theisman compare? Campbell's is the highest. Joey T couldn't get out of the mid 70s.

Jason Reid: Ah, geez. Talk about a hard question. I'd have to do some research on that one. I don't have the time to do it now, but it's a great question nonetheless.


Alexandria, VA: Are we in a "rebuilding year"?

Jason Reid: You mean right now or next year?


Arlington, Va.: Is there a current team that Jason would be a good fit on? Obviously any QB is going to be better with a strong line, running game and wideouts, but it seems like he might do better somewhere a little more under-the-radar, like Jax or Houston.

Jason Reid: Good question. I think he could benefit from playing for a stable organization that understands how teams are supposed to be built and has wise people in place who make sound long-term decisions. Know what I mean?


On the off-chance the Redskins don't make it . . .: Who at this point do you think will be in the Super Bowl?

Jason Reid: LOL. Saints vs. Steelers.


Baltimore MD: Jason, I had hopes for Gray being the HC next year but that's a mute point now. I also think that Snyder will wise up and keep JC despite the opinions of some media folk (not you), fans and Vinny.

My two questions are as follows. Do the Skins have to sign a vet cb in free agency to replace Carlos "no hands double move" Rogers? Also I think their draft should go as follows. #1 OT, #2 RB #4 SLB/OL #5 OL with a free agent lineman as well. What say ye Mayor?

Jason Reid: It appears there is so much work to do with this roster. In terms of the approach (draft/free agency), I think it really comes down to who's in charge. I like you're thinking on the draft, but I'm just not sure about the approach the new people will take.


London, England: Jason, Can you please expand on why Desean Jackson is a bad matchup for the Redskins. Thanks.

Jason Reid: Speed, speed, speed. Also, Philly does a great job moving him around the field and getting the ball into his hands (remember the reverse for a TD in the last game against the Redskins). Washington really should have drafted him.


Richmond, Va.: Did the Skins audition any kickers this week?

Jason Reid: C'mon. That's tottaly unfair. Suisham has been really good for all but one game. He's still my offensive MVP at this point.


WR: Along with several offensive lineman, the Skins really need to find a #1 WR who can spread the field. Currently the Skins have no RBs or WRs that frighten defenses.

Jason Reid: Devin Thomas and Malcolm Kelly have shown encouraging signs recently.


Philadelphia: Jason, any thoughts about Andy Reid's job security, and where he might land if this is his last year in Philly?

Jason Reid: I have enough problems trying to get a handle on Jim Zorn's job security.

_______________________ Jason has to run. Thanks for your questions, and have a happy holiday.


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