The 'Lost' Hour: Season 3 Review -- with special guest Paul Scheer

Jen Chaney and Liz Kelly, with special guest Paul Scheer
Washington Post "Lost" bloggers; actor, comedian and fellow "Lost" fan
Thursday, December 3, 2009; 3:00 PM

Join "Lost" bloggers Liz Kelly and Jen Chaney this fall to discuss "Lost's" third season. Each week, we'll assign a few episodes to watch. Then join Liz and Jen each Thursday at 3 p.m. ET to talk about what happened and how those early shows tie in (or not) to "Lost's" looming final season.

For the Thursday, Dec. 3 chat, Liz and Jen will be joined by a special guest: Paul Scheer, the actor and comedian known for his work on "Human Giant" and FX's "The League," among other things. But "Lost" fans know him best for his role in the recent "Lost" art alternate reality game and for spearheading the Web site

The trio will discuss several season three episodes: "D.O.C.," "The Brig," "The Man Behind the Curtain" and "Greatest Hits. Questions about "Lost" art and Mr. Scheer's bond with LindeCuse are also welcome.

Liz and Jen, both obsessive "Lost" fans, have been writing their weekly dueling analysis of the show since 2006. When not debating the merits of Sawyer's hotness, Liz Kelly writes the Celebritology blog and Jen Chaney acts as movies editrix and DVD columnist for For episode analysis, discussion transcripts and more, visit's Lost Central.


Jen Chaney: Welcome all. We feel very, very fortunate to be joined today by Mr. Damon, Carlton and a Polar Bear himself, Mr. Paul Scheer.

We welcome your questions about this batch of season-three episodes, the "Lost" art ARG or anything else you want to mention. Now, over to Liz and our very special guest.

Liz Kelly: I have nothing to add. Well, maybe I'll just say that we had some very juicy stuff happen in the four eps we watched for this week and next week we'll wrap up our rewatch of season 3 with the two-hour finale. So, if you have any comments about the purge, Jacob's cabin, etc... bring 'em on.

Paul Scheer: Hey! Thanks so much for having me.


Haverhill, Ma: Ok now we know about the art show. But can you tell us if it's going to be the 1st time frame 16 will be revealed?

Paul Scheer: I can tell you that by attending the Art Show you will not be missing out on getting the final piece.


Worcester, MA: One more question to Jen & Liz - Have either of you been following the Art ARG and/or purchased posters. :)


Liz Kelly: Jen has been following the ARG a bit closer than I. But I did manage to snag one poster -- this one.

Jen Chaney: Yes, I have been a little obsessive about it. But only had luck scoring two: this one and this one.


Portland, OR: From the Brig: "Do you want me to walk you home? I gotta pee anyway."

Sawyer is such a romantic guy...

Jen Chaney: He's Capt. Love. At least that's what I like to call him.

Liz Kelly: I mainly just like to call him "hot."


Boston, MA: So I am wondering How Paul got involved with this arg to begin with? Was it merely an acting gig or was it something cooked up by him and Darlton as a team? And if it was something that you worked on together, how far back did the planning for this go? Thanks so much!

Paul Scheer: I met Damon at Comic Con a few years ago, he was a fan of Human Giant and I was a fan of LOST. So we became friends and then when this ARG came up, he thought of me for it. Which was awesome.


Sydney, Australia: Dear Jen, Liz & Paul:

The "LOST fan art appreciation project" has so far given us 15 different artistic interpretations of various "water cooler moments". Could you all shear with us your favourite or most memorable WCM(s) from the past 5 seasons? And which WCM would you like to see interpreted for Frame 16? Thank you. Sincerely Yours, Jas from Sydney, Australia

Liz Kelly: Hmmm, that's a good question. I wouldn't mind seeing the frozen donkey wheel show up in one of these things. Well, that or Hurley downing Dharma ranch sauce.

Paul Scheer: I think if I was an artist I would have painted the scene of Locke watching the past version of Locke.

But my Water cooler moment was the 1st time you saw in the hatch. That blew me away.


Massillon, OH: I don't know how much to read into this, but in the new Steve King book "Under the Dome" there is a line mentioning "The Hunted Ones" described as being a "sequal to 'Lost'" being on TV.

King messing with us? King messing with LindCuse? A clue?

Jen Chaney: I have not read "Under the Dome," in part because I don't have, you know, 887 hours to kill. But I am inclined to think it's an affectionate, funny reference more than a clue. Written, however, with the full knowledge that we all will think it's a clue.

Liz Kelly: I'm with Jen -- there is a pretty robust mutual admiration society going on between LindeCuse and Stephen King. So I'm guessing it's just a nice shout out.


Spanish Preview: Guys, I am so behind on the re-watch. Still at the start of Season 2.

Anyway I wanted to ask, have you seen the Spanish Preview that Doc Jensen talked about this week? It's trippy. What did you think?

Chess, the four toed statue--the ominous poetry voiceover! So cool.

Paul Scheer: The Best Lost Previews are from Sopain. Last season they had an equally great one.


Milwaukee Wisc.: How old is the island?

Jen Chaney: 573. That's just a guess.

Liz Kelly: I'll go $573.01. Oh wait, this isn't "The Price is Right?"


Worcester, MA: Liz & Jen - Thanks for bringing in Paul as your special guest this week. A few questions directed to him regarding the DCAAPB art project and the DCAAPB web site.

1)As we've followed DCAAPB, have you followed sites such as or DarkUFO to see how the fans that post there have taken the clues and run with them (for better or worse)? If so, any thoughts to the sleuthing skills of those involved? We're all kind of "lost" regarding what we need to do (or not do) with the final red "?" frame - so if you want to tell us exactly what we need to do to get the last print right now it would be greatly appreciated.

2) In your first post on DCAAPB, there were several questions regarding the last season of Lost that you'd hope would be answered including if Vincent was mad at Michael and Walt for leaving him on the island? Do you think Vincent has gotten over it by now? Time supposedly heals all wounds - except for maybe in the case of Jacob and the MIB.

3)There are many Lost fans that have graciously traded posters they've purchased with other fans who were not so lucky to purchase a poster they wanted (including myself). In the spirit of the upcoming holiday season, would you be interested in trading an original Damon, Carlton, and a Polar Bear print or another Paul Sheer "original" print for one of the posters I have that you might not have?

Finally, a BIG thank you for spearheading this project - you've allowed fans of Lost to become fans of art and vice-versa.


John LaHair a.k.a JPL on

Paul Scheer: 1.) I love following LostARGs, DarkUFO, Doc Artz, etc..I think that the sleuthing skills there are better than most police work. In the beginning I was watching a lot of fans try to piece together clues from my web posts (and their weren't any in those) but they created the most amazing interpretations of them. All of them were wrong of course but it was still damn impressive

2.) I think we might find out that this whole show was in vincent's mind right before he was put down at a local shelter.

3.)Ha! I actually don't have any of the posters. I'm going to have to see if Carlton will let me steal one from him.


Liz Kelly: Here's that Spanish promo, in case anyone hasn't seen it yet:

Jen Chaney: I mean, the fact that it's in Spanish adds a level of intensity, doesn't it? Si o no?


Manchester, uk: Will the last reveal be at the exhibition at gallery 1988. Will there be another series of posters for seasons four onwards? Thanks for a great arg, mister tibbs

Paul Scheer: There will be tons of original artwork at the gallery from lost that you haven't seen. The last piece of art will be on display but it won't affect your chances of owning it if come to the show and aren't at your computer


Arlington, VA: Please help me plan my winter evenings! Lost is premiering on a it always going to be on Tuesday, or is it moving back to its usual Wednesday? The ABC website is most unhelpful. Thanks!

Jen Chaney: My understand is that it will be on Tuesday for the entire run of the final season. Which stinks.

"Lost" is such a middle-to-end of the week show to me. I know, I know, it's just because I'm used to it being on Wednesdays and Thursdays...

Liz Kelly: I'm sure we'll all settle in nicely to Tuesdays once things get going. As I understand it the move accommodated ABC's desire to keep their new Wednesday night sitcom lineup intact.

Jen Chaney: But what about my desires, Liz? Why didn't they consider those?

Paul Scheer: I'm just bummed the Olympics is going to interrupt it the last 2 episodes of the season


Chicago, IL: Why, in the middle of the poster contest, did you (or whoever is running it) decide to announce the exact day and time of the reveal as a final clue (which is not actually a clue, is it.)? If the point of the ARG was to make people follow clues to figure out the reveal, why abandon that principle and leave the deciding factors to who has the best browser speed? Or types the fastest? I mean, 10 second sell-outs?! How is a fan supposed to have a chance? (I won;t even start on 'flippers') Although the poster idea started out as amazing, the decision to announce the reveal left MANY fans (including myself) disappointed and irritated.

Paul Scheer: You have to take that up with Ronie Mifdew Enterprises they work in mysterious ways.


Memphis, TN: How do I get my hands on a copy of the new DamonCarltonandaSmokeMonster print?

Paul Scheer: It's destined to be a classic. Velvet is coming back in a big way. I still want to paint one of Locke head on a wolf's body howling at the a moon of Jack's face


Madison, TN: You're gonna have to give us more on the 16th print! Please don't tell me we have to be on tenterhooks for the next two weeks waiting for whenever it will be available!


Paul Scheer: Maybe it's not a print? Maybe it is. It's definitely a piece of art


Chicago: How did you choose to put your print, the one that started all of this, on black velvet?

Paul Scheer: It came from the heart. I think Velvet is the only type of art that can be evocative yet coy.


El Paso, TX: Hey ladies and Paul,

In "Greatest Hits": Do you think that Desmond's "flash" of Claire getting on a helicopter was true or just a lie Desmond told Charlie so that finally he could die? Cause that is the only "flash" we didn't get to see. Also Paul what is your favorite print?!?! Thanks, AB

Liz Kelly: That is a puzzler. I was inclined to believe Des since they made such a big deal about him lying to Charlie in the ep where he was willing to risk Charlie to find the parachutist (who he thought was Penny at the time). This time there was no hesitation. At the time, it served the story.

And I'm guessing that with Claire returning as a regular character to the show in season 6 we may get to see Claire board that chopper after all.

Jen Chaney: I believe he did see that flash. I don't think he was lying to Charlie. But, as I mentioned last week, Desmond may not always know how to interpret his flashes. He gets pieces, but can't necessarily understand the puzzle in its entirety.

I wouldn't be surprised, though, if we see Claire getting on a helicopter at some point in season six.


Plainview, NY: Is Aziz Ansari as awesome as I think he is?

Paul Scheer: Aziz is great but he hates people from Plainview NY ..It's a weird thing


Liverpool, UK: Are you suprised by the sheer crazed popularity of the whole Lost Art project? I've got someone to go to LA for me for the last reveal! Can i have a Damon Carlton and the smoke monster print?

Steve (AKA MurghBatwar)

Paul Scheer: I'm happy the the art project is going so well LOST fans are incredibly picky so I was nervous before it launched what the reaction would be.

There is only one smoke monster print and it's in Carlton's office in Hollywood


Jacob and Ben: I just learned this, Jacob (biblical Jacob that is) had a son named Benjamin, whose mother Rachel died shortly after childbirth. If we're sticking to the theory that Jacob is the biblical one, seems a very interesting coincidence, doesn't it?

Jen Chaney: Assuming that the script gets flipped in the last season -- and I think that's a fair assumption at this point -- I wonder if Ben might actually become "the chosen one" rather than Locke.

Liz Kelly: You'd love that, wouldn't you, Jen? You've always had Ben's back.

Speaking of our character prejudices -- I realized in these last few eps that


was the moment I started disliking Kate intensely. It was when she ignored her better judgment to betray Sayid, Desmond and the rest to tell Jack about Naomi. It was just such a transparent move.

Jen Chaney: Yeah, but Liz. Come on. This is what makes her a flawed -- and I would argue, also real -- character.

It was immature and motivated by nothing but jealousy and spite. But plausible. And interesting from a narrative perspective.

So there!


Arlington, VA.: So, Paul, when is the "Lost" stand up comedy appreciation going to occur?

Paul Scheer: It could happen there are enough comics that are fans. That would be great. All lost stand-up material

It would be a lot of "What's the deal with Sawyer?"


Boston, MA: Hi Paul, Now that we know there will be a showing of all 16 at the gallery will there be any way for those of us who are nowhere near LA to participate/follow/buy anything at the opening? Thanks, Jill

Paul Scheer: I believe that the art at the gallery show will be on sale online, but don't quote me on that email the gallery. They'll let you know.


Atlanta, GA: Will the 16th poster be available the same ways the others were? By going to a URL and purchasing?

Paul Scheer: Yes


Boston, MA: Hi Paul, Will the final poster be on black velvet? Thanks, Eugene

Paul Scheer: I can't answer that definitively but I can tell you that 1 or 2 of my new black velvet paintings will be there


New York: LOST Art Arg question for Paul Scheer.

What's the 16th URL? When and where can we buy the final art print?

Paul Scheer: Follow the clues.


New York, NY: Paul, if you were going to live in a print, which one would it be and why?

Paul Scheer: Cabin in the Woods. It looks cozy.


Washington, D.C.: Are the balloon boy and White House gate crashers clues?

Paul Scheer: No but read Tiger Wood's Sext Messages and you'll get a huge clue about Season 6


Post, TX: Did you decipher what was on that paper when you went dumpster diving at ABC? Divulge! I can haz roze?

-Chase T.

Paul Scheer: The TYitle of the 1st Episode LA X


Carlow, Ireland: Please please please will we find out why the others were so interested in pregnant women in earlier seasons!? It just still seems central to me ! Bejamin Behinus 82 :>) Ireland

Liz Kelly: Well I think there's the obvious issue of not dying out as a people. After all, not everyone has Richard Alpert's longevity.

Jen Chaney: I suspect it's also of understanding the island's healing powers. As we learned in this batch of episodes, some people who are special (see Locke) can be healed on the island, while others (see Ben) cannot.

So perhaps, in addition to the issue Liz raised about expanding the population, they also want to breed "special" people.


Memphis, TN: The posters to date have all reflected WCMs from the first three seasons. Will there be a second ART project for the final three season WCMs?

Jen Chaney: I like the way this person thinks. Paul, please say yes.

Paul Scheer: I don't know. I think this might be it but that not stopping a grass roots campaign of people doing it themselves (also the show will have tons of new LOST artwork)


Liverpool: I found a clue for you all. Is this helpful?: The walrus was Paul.

Paul Scheer: You Figured it out!


Spokane, WA: I heard once that Walt and Mr. Abaddon could be the same person because of the time travel issues and they are the only ones to call Locke Mr. Locke. Is this way off?

Liz Kelly: I don't think that works considering the timeline. That would have Walt and Abaddon existing simultaneously as different ages -- ie working for Widmore while he's a teen living with his grandmother in New York.

Though we did get to see adult Miles coexisting on the island with the baby version of himself.

Jen Chaney: Great. There it was. The moment today's chat made my head hurt.


New York, NY: Is there going to be a 16th reveal before the LA gallery opening?

Paul Scheer: It might be the same day or it might be earlier or it might be later


Lubbock, TX: Why have you not been in an episode of LOST? Will you make an appearance in Season 6 as a funny Other? All the Others are so dry witted and sarcastic. They need you Paul to lighten the mood.

Also, when will the last url for frame 16 be revealed?


Paul Scheer: I'd love to be a guy who works at the Marina where Desmond and Penny Keep there boat.

There are only 9 episodes left to shoot, so there is still time. You never know.


Tampa, FL: When looking at how LOST has changed the game what has been the most impressive to you as fans in not just the show, but the "experience" and community that has been created? (i.e. ARG, surface level entertainment, hidden meanings and easter eggs, podcasts, contests, a true phenomenon)

Paul Scheer: From my brief time working with everyone involved. I feel like Lost is really created by people are Fanboys/Fangirls so they know how to make it interesting and fun and pay it back to the fans. They don't wanna do do dumb corporate stuff that's not good. They spend as much time on all aspects of the show and I think it shows. Their Comic Con panels were always amazing!


The Kharma Initiative: Jen, Liz, and Paul,

Were you folks expecting so many LOST art related questions?

And here's a LOST art related Q:

How did you feel about many of the purchasing websites being leaked weeks ahead of time?

Liz Kelly: Well, we were hoping considering the fact that Paul's here and all...

Paul Scheer: I think no one was expecting everyone to be Jr. Hackers those support sites were found immediately.


Long Beach, NY: Why were there two different colored statues in the box? Is this a hint at something?

Paul Scheer: Yes!


Margate, NJ: Paul, Could you backtrack on the "interrupting the finale with the Olympics" statement.

Didn't pushing up the finale date to February 2nd fix that situation? Are they still planning to hault the season during the Olympics even with this new February 2nd date?

Paul Scheer: My Info could be bad. Maybe you are right.


Post, TX: Paul, that was the shredded paper you put back together. You found another piece in the dumpster that you folded and put in your back pocket. What was that? Did it smell in there?

-Chase T.

Paul Scheer: That was a image of a set design called THE TEMPLE you can see it at LOST ARGS and if you still frame the video


Deep thoughts...: Okay, here's an out-there theory. If we're assuming that the MIB can take the form of dead people like Locke, then maybe Jacob does the same thing. Maybe they have trouble appearing in their own forms on the island and have to use someone else. So maybe, Richard is the "host" for Jacob. Maybe Richard has been dead all along and was taken over by Jacob sometime in the long ago past, maybe even willingly. Might explain why he doesn't age.

Okay, done with deep thoughts.

Jen Chaney: Interesting theory. I could get with that.

All I know is that I hope they explain the whole MIB/Locke thing immediately in season six because I can't take much more speculation about when Locke became possessed. Definitely want that one resolved so we can all sleep a bit more soundly.


Jack's beard: Paul, are you (and Tyson) really bad typists, or do all of the misspellings mean something?

Paul Scheer: Yes. It means I never went to typing class


Portland, OR: Any chance of any of that poster art being put on t-shirts or other items for purchase sometime down the line?

Paul Scheer: I think it's a on time deal. I think reproductions would have to be done with the artist approval and as far as I know. That's not happening


Manchester, UK: Paul, what are your feelings on non lost fans buying these posters and selling them for profit? It's not really in the spirit of the arg is it?

Paul Scheer: It sucks! But you can't help it. It's the same people that wait for hours to get an autograph and then just sell it on ebay. I hate that.


Blare Hackle, Sri Lanka: To Paul Scheer, when you met Ronie Midfew people thought you had been kidnapped, the Lostargs website even put up a missing poster.

Are you ok and can you asure us that Ronie Midfew is not in control ?

Paul Scheer: Ronie Mifdew made me a very strong offer. I don't remember much of the meeting. There wasa blinding light and I was back in my apartment with a signed agreement.


Worcester, MA: If you had to pick 3 characters who you think are going to survive to the end of the series who would you pick?

Jen Chaney: Ooh, good question.

I would say: Jack, Kate and Locke. That's an instinctive response, not necessarily one I can support with evidence.

I have to think Jack will hang on to the end. It all started with Jack's eyeball. And therefore, Jack (and his eyeball) must remain.

Liz Kelly: Sensible answer: Jack, Kate and Sawyer.

More likely scenario: Jack, Rose and Bernard.

Jen Chaney: Or perhaps: Arzt, Vincent and Paolo? That would be unexpected.

Paul Scheer: I think Jack is going to die (That's only based on what I think ... No inside scoop)

3 survivors Vincent, Ben, and Sun


Arlington, Va.: Paul -- how can I get one of the sold out Locke prints? I won't be a complete person without it.

Paul Scheer: I Know it's my favorite too. Ebay I guess or email the artist


Chicago: Sp Paul, when did you discover LOST?

How do you like to watch LOST? Lockdown -- no interruptions. With a few select LOST fans. With a bunch of people...others It doesn't matter -- it's private, none of your business!

What would your DHARMA job/title be?

Have you ever wondered what an Apollo bar would taste like? Or would you prefer DHARMA peanut butter?

Who do you identify with most -- the LOST bunnies, the polar bear or Vincent?

-Do you follow any LOST blogs or post at any LOST forums?

If you could turn a Wheel and end up anywhere/anywhen, where/when would it be?

Namaste and NamARTe! ObFuSc8

Paul Scheer: I love watching it solo. No interruptions on DVR after it airs. I can't watch it in real time, it's too stressful.

Dharma Title: Head of Sandwiches and Snacks

You gotta go with an Apollo bar over PB.

Yeah I Love Doc Artz, Lostepedia, SL-Lost and a ton more (LostARGS)

DONKEY WHEEL: I think I'd like to end up when they were shooting Ghostbusters in NYC, that would be cool to see.


Amy Lynn: Paul, if I write you a song parody for the entire project, will you buy me a round trip ticket to the gallery event?

Jen Chaney: If you're buying, Paul, count me and Liz in, too?

(Kidding ... you know, mostly.)

Paul Scheer: Virgin America is running a good sale, grab those tickets today.

Unfortunately, due to contract restriction with Ronie Mifdew I can't fly anyone in for the event


Charlie: Okay, I understand why he did it, but hitting Desmond upside the head with an oar was a little harsh. He could have knocked him into the water and drowned him, he could have had a concussion or gone into a coma, and then who would have saved his ass?

Jen Chaney: I know, struck me as way harsh too. Whatever happened to diplomacy and rational conversation, Charlie Pace?

Liz Kelly: Why worry when it worked out just fine? Desmond did not fall in the water and did not drown and did not go into a coma.


Cleveland, OH: Which past episodes would you watch prior to this final season if you could only watch a handful? That is, which do you think will be most relevant to the end-game mythology?

I'm a die-hard fan and have been re-watching along with you, but I've fallen behind and want to at least make sure I can squeeze in the most relevant episodes before Feb. 2.

Liz Kelly: If you have limited time. I don't think you could go too far wrong than by watching the openers and finales for each season.

And any episode involving Sawyer shirtless -- oh wait, that's practically all of them.

Jen Chaney: I also think "Flashes Before Your Eyes" and "The Constant" are pretty important, as is "Man Behind the Curtain," which we just watched. Also, if you can watch one season in its entirety, it might make sense to watch season five since it is the most recent and sets up the storyline for season six.


Burbank, CA: What ONE LOST mystery do you want answered by the end of the series?

Paul Scheer: How did Richard Alpert get to the Island. I know that's an easy one but I wanna see his relationship with the 2 dudes from the Finale


Philadelphia, PA: Are there two statues?

Jen Chaney: Yes.

Paul Scheer: I Don't think so


Luebeck, Germany: Paul, do you expect the finale to end like the pilot began, with a closeup of an eye?

Paul Scheer: That would be better than it all taking place in a snowglobe


Post, TX: Who do you think Adam and Eve are? I think they are Rose and Bernard.

Also, would you dig up the Nikki/Paulo diamonds before you left the island in the middle of the night? I would.

-Chase T.

Paul Scheer: Yes and Yes

Anyone for a Nicki and Paulo Spinoff show? Just an ohourlong drama in the vein of Pam Anderson's VIP


Sundeep: Paul, Jen, and Liz, thanks so much for doing this chat. As you can see, there's been a lot of pent up demand for some contact with the folks behind this ARG!

Paul, can you tell us if you will be at the opening reception?

Will those statues in the box be available for purchase?

Did the leak of the URLs cause any changes in the ARG?

Thank you, I appreciate it!

Paul Scheer:

I will be there -- after the eent starts

Statues interesting question. There will be statues there.

The leaks didn't disrupt anything cause you never knew when they would be active and in what order


Manchester, UK: Guys, here's my own lost art for you. Would love to do it on velvet!

Mr Tibbs

Paul Scheer: That's Awesome!


Charlottesville, Va.: I just thought this was funny.

Ian Somerhalder is the lead on a new TV series on The CW titled The Vampire Diaries. It's actually a lot more entertaining and engaging then you'd expect from a TV series on The CW titled The Vampire Diaries.

But the fictional town where the TV series is set is mentioned once as being in Boone County which I thought was a nice touch on the showrunners there.

Jen Chaney: Ah, to live in Boone County. Sigh.

Liz Kelly: Did you hear that, Jen?

Jen Chaney: Yup, I heard.


Baltimore, MD: Hey Paul! Wanted to say I'm a big fan of Human Giant, and was happy to see that you're a fellow Lost fan too!

1)How did you get started watching Lost? Can you tell us a little about your experience with that?

2) were you able to see ALL of the prints before the ARG started, and if so, how do you feel that Frame 16 holds up in comparison to the 15 we have seen already?


Paul Scheer: I started watching LOST right away. I was a big Alias fan so when I heard this was JJ's new show I was psyched to watch, I was hooked from the start. Also the ad campaign was great. Those missing posters all around the city.

Yes and Yes


Solihull, UK: Any chance of the gallery show doing a world tour? Would love to see some of the prints that DCaaPB site doesn't do justice for!

Jen Chaney: Agreed! None of the reveals took place here in D.C. We're the nation's capital. Show us -- and other cities -- some love.

Paul Scheer: The Smithsonsian should do a show


Never seen Lost, but: I missed Celebritology!! I've met Natalie and have a good story. Should it wait until next week?

Liz Kelly: Sure, or you can email it to me at


Burbank, CA: Paul- Will the 16th poster be revealed before December 15th?

Paul Scheer: You have to follow the clues


Haverhill Ma: Can you tell us if the last reveal will be as limited as the others? Or will we all be able to get a chance to get one.

Paul Scheer: Limited like the rest


Manchester, UK: Paul, can we look to previous posters for clues to the 16th. Come on, it's got to be not Penny's boat right?! Mr Tibbs

Paul Scheer: the 16th piece has clues to a lot of things


Memphis, TN: Exactly how involved were you in the planning and execution of this ARG? Did you have a lot of input into how your role would play out?

Paul Scheer: My Role yes, the over all idea was fully planned


Atlanta, GA: Paul - in your video there appears to be a box of the Tawret statutes. Is that what it is? Will they possibly be given away at the Gallery? Or maybe sold online???

Speaking of which - the last "Lost Untangled" with the band "Previously on Lost" and their video with the dancing statute was a riot!! I hope they'll be back for the last season also.

Paul Scheer: Good Eyes. It could be the Tawret. But you werenb't supposed to see it. For sale at the gallery? That would be cool if that happened.



Dover, NH: Will there be painted statues for sale at the art show?

Paul Scheer: Hmm...


Burbank, CA: Which season of Lost is your favorite? and do you have a favorite episode?


Paul Scheer: 1st season is pretty much perfect and I love the last season as well

I think my favorite episode was the LOCKE one in the 1st season with a close 2nd being the finale where you realize Jack is back in LA



Jen Chaney: Based on my previous script flipped assertion, I vote: not dead. At least for part of the season.

Paul Scheer: Not Dead.

Look at the screen grab from Comic Con -- loook at his hand


Iowa City, Iowa: Paul, I bought a plane ticket last night and am coming all the way from Iowa for this thing. I expect it will be really worth my while. Think your buddy Damon might show up?


Paul Scheer: It's a possibility!


Madison, TN: Hey Paul, the invite to the LOST Art show (that you can see on says we will see "all 16 POSTERS in one room". So nyah, doesn't that mean the last piece of art is another poster?

What have you and Ronie thought about the -really- fast recent poster sell-outs? Are you still sure people who attend the art show will have the same chance as anyone else to get the last poster?

What 'clues' should we follow, other than to attend the Art show in about two weeks?

Thanks again!

Paul Scheer: Everyone will be able to get the last piece like always

Going to show doesn't preclude you from getting one.

There is a huge clue that everyone missed! About this season


Manchester, UK: Hey Paul, did you manage to get the powers that be to put anything about this arg on the bluray for season five?

Paul Scheer: The ARG will be featured on the upcoming LOST DVD -- I think the final season one


Steve in Orlando: Is Tyler Stout the last artist for the series of prints

Paul Scheer: Can neither confirm or deny that assertion. The final piece really brings it all together


New Haven, CT: Is it February 2 yet?

Paul Scheer: Yes and u missed the 1st episode


Liz Kelly: Thanks to Paul Scheer and everyone for joining us today -- fab chat.

For those rewatching along with us, next week we'll be discussion the season 3 finale:

Through the Looking Glass

. See you then...

Paul Scheer: Thanks for having me and remember you missed one big clue..It involves Ping Pong

Jen Chaney: I can't even begin to guess what that means. Anyhoo, big thanks to Paul for joining us. Liz and I bring on other special guests in the future ... stay tuned.

Bye, all. See you next week.


Burbank, CA: Is there a LOST character that you can't stand and wish would get killed off or maimed in a serious manner? :)


Paul Scheer: I really love them all. But I'd like to see Jin's dad take a football too the face


Cairo, Egypt: will we have a 16th print reveal before the art show?

Paul Scheer: Potentially. It won't be simulataneously though


New Haven, CT: I'm probably too late, but have to say I agree that Jack will die. He has to. For our sins. Get it?

Paul Scheer: Alpert will also live. He's been here a dozens of times


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