The 'Lost' Hour: Season 3 Review -- Special Guest JOpinionated

Jen Chaney and Liz Kelly, with special guest Jo Garfein
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Thursday, December 10, 2009; 3:00 PM

Join "Lost" bloggers Liz Kelly and Jen Chaney this fall to discuss "Lost's" third season. Each week, we'll assign a few episodes to watch. Then join Liz and Jen each Thursday at 3 p.m. ET to talk about what happened and how those early shows tie in (or not) to "Lost's" looming final season.

For the Thursday, Dec. 10 chat, Liz and Jen will be joined by a special guest: Jo Garfein, who has been writing about "Lost" for four years on her site Get LOST with JOpinionated. She was at New Otherton on Oahu to witness live filming of "Lost's" 100th episode ("The Variable") earlier this year, and is currently on season 5 of her own "Lost" re-watch.

The trio will discuss the season three finale, "Through the Looking Glass. Questions about JOpinionated, the newly-released season 5 DVD and the upcoming final season are also welcome.

Liz and Jen, both obsessive "Lost" fans, have been writing their weekly dueling analysis of the show since 2006. When not debating the merits of Sawyer's hotness, Liz Kelly writes the Celebritology blog and Jen Chaney acts as movies editrix and DVD columnist for For episode analysis, discussion transcripts and more, visit's Lost Central.


Jen Chaney: Here's a bold statement to start the discussion: I think "Through the Looking Glass" -- at least up to this point in "Lost" lore -- is the best, most important episode of the series. I've watched it several times and I still am floored by it, and not just because the Charlie biting it scene is so heartbreaking.

This episode turned the entire show on its head and in ways that are still reverberating as we enter season six. Should Jack have made that phone call? Is he right when he cries out to Kate, "We have to go back"? (And isn't the use of that word -- back -- doubly interesting given what we know about they're journey back in time?)

Anyway, I could go on and on, but there's plenty of time for that later. Besides we have a special guest -- JOpionionated herself, a devout "Lost" blogger who has been kind enough to join us today. Thanks for being here today, Jo.

Jo Garfein: Hi Jen & Liz! Thank you so much for having me. This is fantastic, and I feel the same way you do about the S3 finale.


Geneva, Ill.: Seeing Jo here totally moves my island!

Jo Garfein: Why thank you, Geneva, Il! :)

Jen Chaney: It moves my island that you used the phrase moved my island. My goal was to get that phrase into the Urban Dictionary. I see a version of it here, not quite the same definition, but close. Baby steps, my friends.


Portland, OR: RIP, Charlie Pace. I actually teared up a bit during the re-watch, even though I knew what was going to happen.

Jen Chaney: I tear up every time, and I think this was probably the sixth time I have seen that episode. It's just a gorgeously tragic moment, made all the moreso by the Giacchino score.

Jo Garfein: I thought that Dom Monaghan did a tremendous job throughout his final episodes in S3. His eyes are clearly red in those last few scenes. Charlie's transformation from S1 to S3 was a revelation, and there has never been a more beautifully filmed death scene in television history.


Black Rock Legend: I just learned the most interesting thing about the Black Rock in a book about ancient maps. The author describes how cartographer Gerard Mercator filled in unknown areas in a 1569 map. (Mercator is just about the most famous cartographer ever for us map geeks.)

The author writes, 'The Arctic region [of the 1569 map], meanwhile, is a massive donut of land, broken up by four rivers that lead into a polar ocean, through which water was thought to flow to the center of the earth. From this strange sea rises a giant magnetic "black rock," which, according to ancient versions of the myth, destroys ships by pulling out the nails that held them together.'

How cool is that?? Even back in the 16th century, mysterious magnetic forces were destroying oceangoing crafts. I mean, they knew about magnet north and stuff back then, but such drama and danger!

[from The Island of Lost Maps: A true story of cartographic crime, by Miles Harvey. Random House, New York, 2000. p. xiii.]

Jo Garfein: Hi Black Rock Legend - One of my readers recently pointed out this very thing! If you're interested, I explored it a bit in an article (


Newark, Del: Are we (meaning me) so spoiled that I was very disappointed the new box set only has 2 commentaries? I know they all can't be the Simpsons' sets, but come on, Darlton...

And to answer a question for Jen, the Best Buy disc only has a couple extra short features on it (2 of those "On Location" pieces and some behind the scenes stuff). It's not that great a loss if you don't have it.

Jo Garfein: Hi Newark, Del - I wouldn't be surprised if we will be treated to more commentaries once the series ends. My hope is that more appear on the 6-season box set that is bound to be released toward the end of next year :)

Jen Chaney: Jo is undoubtedly right, but I agree. Two commentaries is the fewest on any of the box sets so far, and they come at a moment when people are hungrier than ever for insights. That was my biggest beef about the season five collection.

And thanks for the info on the Best Buy disc. Kinda figured it wouldn't be much, but I always like to get the dirt to be sure.

So has anyone else begun their Lost University classes yet? I tried to register last night and realized I couldn't remember my student ID and had already shut down my computer, so I couldn't retrieve it. Will be so ticked if Jungle Survival Basics is full.


Machias, ME: For Jo:

Why do you think they killed Charlie instead of letting him escape?


Jo Garfein: Hi JBRam - I honestly believe that Charlie's death served a true purpose, and one that we will finally see by the end of S6. He sacrificed his life because he believed that Desmond's vision of Claire & Aaron getting rescued via helicopter would come true, and depending on WHEN we are when the new season opens following Jughead's detonation...Desmond's vision may still come true. I know that they did not come by the decision to kill Charlie lightly.


Naperville, Ill.: I believe Lost is sort of like the movie Trading Places. As in that movie where the two old guys have a bet that turns Eddie Murphy's life upside-down, Jacob and his buddy have a bet about what happens when they try to manipulate a group of other random people. The difference is that Jacob and the MIB have special powers, but the last episode will show the MIB paying Jacob $1.

Jen Chaney: Interesting.

Funny, I also think "Lost" is a lot like another Eddie Murphy movie: "The Golden Child." I mean, there are so many similarities it's just *eerie.*

Liz Kelly: See, I always saw the show as more inspired by "Vampire in Brooklyn."


Columbus, GA: Was Charlie wise in his decision to sacrifice himself? Also what are the chances that Desmond's flash comes true?

Jo Garfein: Hi Columbus, GA - I feel very strongly that Desmond's vision of Claire & Aaron will come true, perhaps in an alternate reality or timeline.

Liz Kelly: I'm with Jo -- I think we'll still see Claire getting on that helicopter. But the interesting thing about Charlie's supposed drowning is that it wasn't inevitable, after all -- it wasn't a lightning bolt or an arrow through the neck. In the final moments, it was Charlie himself who chose death. He could have just as easily gotten on the other side of that bulkead door with Desmond after keying in the code that stopped the signal jamming. But he died in service to Desmond's vision that he was a required sacrifice in order for Claire to find salvation. Or for salvation to find Claire.

Over the course of the rewatch this summer and fall we've had some criticism and hatred aimed at Charlie and I'm glad to see many today lamenting his death. He really did redeem himself in the end, didn't he?

Jen Chaney: Re: that alternate reality idea -- I still can't shake the fact that Bonnie notes that a musician programmed "Good Vibrations" as the code to unjam the signal. I have always thought Charlie is that musician -- that somehow, he programmed it himself in a parallel universe or timeline.

Don't ask me to explain that in terms of logic or science -- I haven't taken Jeremy Davies's physics class yet, so I definitely can't. But I like the idea.

Jo Garfein: Jen - I am also fascinated by "it was programmed by a musician." I actually believe that Faraday (himself a classically trained pianist) went back in time to program it FOR Charlie (theory explored here, for DocArzt's site:


Binghamton, NY: What are you most looking forward to in 2010?

Jen Chaney: Hmmm ... tough question. Honestly, I am looking forward to the show starting again, but I really want those weeks to drag out as much as possible because I don't want to "Lost" to end.

I want to know all the answers, and yet I don't, if that makes sense.

That said, I am just looking forward to the premiere. Because the hiatuses are so long between seasons, it's always thrilling to see what situation the writers thrust us into at the beginning of each season.

Liz Kelly: Agreed. I can't think of one "Lost" season premiere that has disappointed, so I've got high hopes for Feb. 2. Especially considering where we left off, with Judghead exploding and the fade to white.

I'm actually getting chills as I type this.

Jo Garfein: Hi Binghamton NY - I am looking forward to closure. I love that they have six set seasons, and not only do I NOT expect them to wrap everything up nicely...I don't want them to. One of my favorite aspects of this series is that it makes you think, read, research, ponder. I know I am alone in this, but I am fine with lingering mysteries in the end.


Luebeck, Germany: Hi Jen, Liz and Jo!

With all the emotional turmoil going on in TTLG, overshadowd by Charlies death, what surprised me the most was the behavior of Sawyer and Locke. Sawyer killing Tom after he surrendered, and Locke throwing a knife in a womans back for making a phone call appeared pretty harsh, and out of character for both of them. But a season finale is always good for changing the rules, I guess.

Jo Garfein: Hi Luebeck Germany! Sawyer's actions did not surprise me, only because we'd seen a violent and vengeful side of him before he crashed on that island. Even though I always liked Tom more than most of the Others, I felt that they had Sawyer get his revenge for Walt to show that he now cares for more than just himself on the island; that he has grown. It sets up a gradual transformation into LaFleur in S5.

Liz Kelly: Nice analysis, Jo. Agreed. Though I was a little surprised, too. Here's why: I don't think Sawyer got the satisfaction he was looking for when he killed Anthony Cooper -- the man responsible for the death of his parents. Hence his extreme moodiness and seeming indifference for life after returning from the Black Rock. So to again kill someone in the name of revenge -- especially since Walt didn't die as a result of his abduction -- struck me as a bit much. Maybe Sawyer had decided at that point that he'd killed one man, so why not two?

As for John's knife in the back to Naomi, I wasn't surprised at all. John has always had a starry-eyed fanaticism when it comes to "the island" and what he believes the island wants from him. That's why he wasn't remorseful at all about tricking Sawyer in to killing his dad and why he didn't hesitate to knife Naomi. The guy is a victim in the biggest way. He's willing to believe anyone who tells him he's special. In this case, tall ghost Walt did the trick.

Jen Chaney: Well, hello, Locke just survived a bullet to the chest. I think that does make him special on some level, or at least possessed, if we're going to start all this MIB business again. (BTW, love the look on Ben's face when he sees that John is the one who threw the knife.)

And as for Sawyer, I think both Jo and Liz are right: he is transforming after the Cooper incident and perhaps not quite satisfied by how he feels after getting that long-sought revenge. But I'll also toss this in for good measure: I think his shooting Tom is just a good, 'ol Han Solo moment. It's a great line -- "That's for taking the kid off the raft" -- that makes Sawyer seem like a total badass (given) and it also reminds the audience of the stakes, how much these characters have all been through over the course of the past couple of seasons.


Columbus, Ga.: Do you think Sun was marginalized during S5? Also chances of Yunjin getting an Emmy nod?

Liz Kelly: I wouldn't say marginalized. No. She had a clear storyline -- the revenge plot and ended up returning to the island with the rest of the Oceanic 6. So She wasn't any more marginalized than, say, Hurley or Sayid.

By the time season 5 rolled around, the producers knew they had a concrete end date for the show. So, suddenly, they had to start gathering the threads that will eventually bring our story to an end. Meaning we didn't get as much filler in season 5 as we saw in previous seasons -- most scenes did indeed move us closer to the endgame, so we didn't get a lot of extra background on the characters or subplots that didn't have much bearing on the main storyline. So in that sense, I think we could say many of the characters didn't get as much in depth coverage as they did in seasons past.

Jo Garfein: Hi Columbus GA - I love Yunkin Kim and her scream for Jin when the freighter blew in S4 still haunts me. It was her Emmy moment for sure.

Sun is a very layered, complicated character, and I love the strength and confidence that she has shown over the last few seasons.

Jen Chaney: Also, we did get a glimpse of hardened Sun in the flashbacks in "D.O.C.," when she threatens Jin's mom. We were all a little surprised by how cold-blooded she seemed once she left the island and snatched the company away from her father. But she had that in her all along. Losing Jin just brought it to the forefront.


Austin: Hi everyone. I really liked this season finale (can't think of any I didn't come to think of it). I didn't like, and still don't, Locke's knifing of Naomi. I don't think we still know that she would have been crucial to the pending plans to gas everyone on the island after they stole Ben so there was no reason for it. Killing her also alienates Locke from the rest of the party and I don't see how doing that or preventing the freighter from getting there possibly advances MIB's future plans (assumes Locke is somehow possessed at this point).

Other issue is Juliet. If the Others had been chasing us around all this time and stealing children and being generally unpleasant to be around, why would you trust/allow Juliet in to your camp just because Jack wants her there? Should have caused more dissension than it did by my way of thinking.

Jo Garfein: Hi Austin - The S3 finale is equally poignant and intense, and stands the test of time as absolutely compelling. I'm not sure that the MIB had taken over Locke's shell that early on, and think that Locke was doing anything he possibly could to prevent people from leaving the island at that point. While I also felt that it was out of character to Locke to kill someone to do so, I think that it was necessary to set up a 'last straw' scenario between he and Jack, setting up the future season(s) when the survivors split into two groups. I was disappointed that they killed off Naomi because unlike Faraday, Charlotte and Miles...she knew about and was looking for Desmond. It seems to me that there was far more to her story.

As for Juliet, we've seen how easily Jack falls for and trusts the women in his life, so his easy adoption of her as 'one of them' did not surprise me. Until the time shifts in S5, it certainly seemed like many of the survivors still had trust issues with Juliet.


Columbus, GA: In addition is there a chance that Desmond was perhaps lying or assumed again? Maybe he saw himself on the helicopter and saw Aaron and thought it was Claire and not Kate?

Jo Garfein: Columbus GA - I like your line of thought...very interesting!


Reston, VA: I actually went to Lost U last night also and completely forgot my student ID also. Kinda hard to remember a couple months later. I'm curious to know what the classes are like!

Jen Chaney: Me, too. See you on the quad, Reston!


Portland, OR: I have never hated Ben more, or loved Hurley more, than in this episode.

Jo Garfein: Hi Portland OR! I tend to agree, although Ben's actions in the S4 finale (killing Keamy, which blew up the freighter) were on par with this one.

Liz Kelly: And yet some people, people very close right now, still persist in this idea that Ben is inherently good. Hmm.

Jen Chaney: For the love of God, that is not what I said! I said he was working for the greater good and using bad means to do it. Which still may be wrong, BTW, but at least don't misquote my stupid theory!

(Also, for the record, Damon Lindelof said I was right when we interviewed him and Carlton Cuse a few months ago. Of course, that was also after I asked him to repeat the words: "Jen is right"....)

Liz Kelly: I don't think the words "Jen is right" were uttered. As I recall, Lindecuse hinted that your theories on Ben were in the realm of possibility but hinted that he perhaps has deluded himself into thinking he's acting for good.

Jen Chaney: Dude, that interview was recorded. Let's go to the audio file!


Charlie Pace: I just rewatched the Lord of the Rings trilogy, which as you know, has Charlie as one of the hobbits. I also watch Flash Forward where his character is becoming more important. I have to say I'm so glad he's not a one-key actor and can play such varied roles. Good for him!

I've read on EW (Ausiello) that Maggie Grace is not yet signed up for the final season of Lost. So we will have Boone but no Shannon?

Jo Garfein: Hi "Charlie Pace" - I am covering my ears and eyes, as I am spoiler-free (but I respect those who chose not to be). Though many do not consider casting news to be spoilers, I simply chose not to read it when possible. :)

That being said...I've heard the exact opposite re: Boone & Shannon.

Jen Chaney: Ooh, the exact opposite? Are you suggesting no Boone, Jo?

Because I will have issues if that's true.

Jo Garfein: Jen, if I were to open my Vampire Diary, perhaps it would suggest that Boone will appear in S6...

Jen Chaney: But ... but ... Boone said he would come to season six! He responded yes, with a guest (presumably Shannon?) to my e-vite.


Binghamton, N.Y.: I'm also just looking forward to the premiere. I've had lots of theories in the past, but they were never as exciting and interesting as what Darlton & all the writers & actors came up with. I want to savor every moment and am even a little sad it will be finished. Maybe I'll be ready by May, but right now I am not.

Jo Garfein: My friends and family are actually concerned about me when Lost ends. I laugh now...but I anticipate a feeling of strange loss and emptiness for a while.

Jen Chaney: It sounds weird, doesn't it, but it's true. We know it's just a TV show, but it's become such a huge part of our lives.

Maybe we should form some sort of support group...

Liz Kelly: I think yearly conventions are in order.

Jo Garfein: Hi, my name is Jo and I have been seriously Lost for the past six years...


Harrisburg, Pa.: Charlie's death has to rank up there as one of the greatest on-screen. It's still powerful to see such a sacrifice.

O/T- Jen, a long time ago I believe you recommended "Sugar" as a worthwhile flick, and I just want to say THANK YOU. I got it from Netflix a long time ago, where the disc sat on top of my TV for almost a month. I finally popped it in, and wow. Maybe not quite as good as "Half-Nelson", but still one of the best things I've seen in 2009. Thanks, Matt

Jen Chaney: Oh, I'm so glad you liked "Sugar." Every minute of that movie rings true, which is so rare, especially for a movie about sports.

I think Charlie's death would certainly rank on a top TV deaths countdown. Liz, I smell a Friday list...

Liz Kelly: Yep, that'd make a nice breather from the celebs -- which everyone appreciates from time to time.


San Luis Obispo, Calif.: any predictions (without spoilers) on when next season will end? There has been so much bouncing through time that there is no guarantee that it will end in any of the timelines we've seen so far (flight 815 taking off or landing)...

Jo Garfein: Hi SLO! Given that the Pilot episode aired on 9/22/04 (the day of the 815 crash), I wouldn't be surprised to see Lost end in 'real time' in May 2010 on the same date the show airs.

Liz Kelly: Speaking of predictions, next week's chat -- since we're done with our season 3 rewatch -- will be dedicated to giving a good listen to everyone's predictions for season 6. So start thinking now...

Jen Chaney: I have a not-fully-formed theory that we're on a time loop. The beginning of this season will see the Losties on a new time loop, but by the end, we'll be back to 2004, repeating Oceanic history again.

Although that conflicts with Jo's theory. And according to Liz I don't know what the heck I'm talking about. So who knows?


Seattle, Greenland: Are we absolutely sure Charlie is dead?

Or could he be the vessel as Locke is a vessel?

Jo Garfein: Hi Seattle Greenland - No one is ever really dead on Lost, but I do believe in THAT timeline...Charlie died. I much prefer Ghost Charlie's short hair and new look, by the way.

Liz Kelly: Although there was the Comic-Com moment this summer with Dom flashing his hand reading "Am I alive?"

Jo Garfein: Liz, I think Dom was helping to tease the S6 reboot/alternate reality possibility. I believe he did know that Charlie would make an appearance in S6 at some point, whether in alive or ghost form :)

Jen Chaney: I say he's alive in S6, but in an alternate timeline.

At least, I say that until I change my mind again.


McMinnville, Ore.: In the episode, Jack says he plans on killing Ben once he's able to see them leave, but he has the chance on-island to do so during the season 4 finale and doesn't and also many off-island chances. Is Jack just all talk?

Liz Kelly: I don't know that Jack's "all talk," so much as he's a man of the moment. As he's demonstrated again, he's not much for planning ahead and often acts before thinking about whether his actions will ultimately lead himself and the "Losties" in the right direction. Hand in hand with that, I think he tends to forget his past motivations as he responds to new external stimuli.


Sawyer moves my island: I re-watcvhed seasons 1-4 over the summer, but the season 3 finale was one of my favorites. When you realize at the end that you've been watching a flash forward instead of a flashback - pure genius!

And I have to say it - I ran out at lunchtime on Tuesday to buy season 5 and can't wait until I have time to watch it. I'm salivating just thinking of the very first episode with Sawyer parading around shirtless for the first half! Yummy!

Liz Kelly: Ahh, a girl after my own heart. One reason why Josh Holloway (as Sawyer) ranked so high on my Hot Dirtbags list a couple of weeks back.

Jo Garfein: Hi Sawyer Moves My Island - The S3 finale is integral to the overall mythology and series for so many reasons. Allow me to list a few: Juliet reveals that they are building a runway, the appearance of (dry and taller) Ghost Walt, the introduction of flash forwards & "we have to go BACK" etc.

Jen Chaney: I remember the first time I watched the episode, waiting for that promised "snake in the mailbox." I expected a real "da-naaaa!" type of moment, so it took me a few moments to realize what had just happened.

Once you get that the whole thing is a flashforward, it's just stunning. And the dialogue between Jack and Kate, now that we know what we know, makes a heck of a lot more sense. As I've said before, I love the idea of Jack flying all over the place on the faint hope that he'll somehow crash and wind up on the island.


I digress a bit.: What do you think of Dom Monagahan's role on V? Impressed that such a diminutive guy can pull off such a scary intimidating role! Very creepy too!

Liz Kelly: Wait -- I thought Dom was on "Flash Forward."

Jen Chaney: He is. I think this person just accidentally got his/her "Lost" actors on sci-fi-esque shows confused. A refresher: Elizabeth Mitchell is on "V," and Monaghan is on "Flash Forward."

I'm a big Monaghan fan. Was bummed that he didn't get more screen time in "Wolverine" over the summer, but I guess the filmmakers needed to make sure they had plenty of time to bore moviegoers with endlessly, tedious action sequences.


Northern Indiana: To Jo - On the contrary, I think all the deaths were in anticipation of Season 7: The Zombie Season :)

Sorry, I couldn't resist. But seriously, a number of the deaths on the show seemed to be a reflection not just on the journey of the deceased (like Charlie and Mr. Eko), but also how that death would affect the journeys of the other survivors (a la how Boone's death affected Locke's journey).

This is hijinx, by the way :)

Jo Garfein: Hi Hijinx! You just know that someone will create a Lost S7 zombie comic. Crossing fingers...

And I agree - just look at how many Ghosts have re-appeared with messages and warnings. The amount of deceased Losties could serve as a Shakespearean chorus at this point to the remaining survivors. :)


Farragut Square: I've been thinking. Which is always dangerous. But I've been thinking about our friend Richard Alpert and why he doesn't age.

A lot of people think he's an Egyptian god, or that he has been granted immortality by Jacob or someone else. Or that he's a time-traveller.

But I haven't heard anyone speculate as to whether he's not really there. What if Richard is something akin to Ghost Dad? Or Yemi?

Jo Garfein: Hi Farragut Square - Interesting thought! I would be surprised if Alpert turned out to be Ghost Richard only because he has spoken and interacted with many more people than Taller Ghost Walt or Yemi, etc.


Luebeck, Germany: I am quite sure that John Locke was himself till Ben killed him and 316 landed on the island... the whole compass maneuver would made no sense at all if Locke were Esau during the time jumps.

Jo Garfein: Hi Luebeck, Germany - I tend to agree with you. That being said, throughout this entire Rewatch, I noticed that there are scenes from earlier seasons which are SO creepy and open up the possibility of an earlier takeover by MIB.

Jen Chaney: I don't think he was taken over until then either. But as Jo said, I think those darker scenes are interesting; I suspect that once all is said and done, they will play as foreshadowing of his takeover by MIB rather than proof that it happened earlier than we thought.

Liz Kelly: And even if Locke wasn't outright in the control of the MIB in the earlier seasons, it is possible that MIB was able to arrange things in a way that would influence John, a guy who is obviously pretty susceptible to suggestion, to take certain courses of action.

Jo Garfein: Ah yes, the old "amenable to coercion." Locke is the perfect shell of a man to take over or transform into. Then again, there are a few other vulnerable candidates on that island.


Olney, Md.: I'm most excited about Richard Alpert becoming a regular in season 6. He has become my favorite character, and I'm dying to learn his back story. I'm thinking he's the first mate of the Black Rock (not the captain but the second in command). And is there more to him than what we've seen? Is his ship in the bottle significant? And the glasses we've seen him wear twice?

Jo Garfein: Hi Olney MD! I also love Alpert (and the special feature on the new Lost S5 Blu-ray DVD "An Epic Day with Richard Alpert" is fantastic!), and at Comic-Con in July, Darlton confirmed that there will be an Alpert flash...whatever. So we will more gain insight into his character.

Speaking of the Black Rock, I'm pretty sure that the wheel (I do not know the fancy ship term) is missing; perhaps it is now frozen deep in the earth somewhere on the island...

Jen Chaney: I think Alpert is a more key character than we know. Not sure what to make of the glasses, though.

I bet Liz has a theory. (Putting her on the spot...)

Liz Kelly: I think Richard Alpert has been on the island longer than the Black Rock. I would align him more with whoever erected the statue on the beach, the temple, etc. Why? Because the guy doesn't age and -- as far as we know -- the Black Rock was basically a 1700s era version of Oceanic 815.

Thanks, Jen, for the spot-putting.

Jen Chaney: Anytime. Hey, can you also explain time travel and course correction in five words or less?



Desmond's vision: So, it has been stated that people (myself included) believe that eventually Desmond's vision of Claire and Aaron getting on the helicopter will come true. The question I have is, if it is in a different timeline/parallel universe, what does this say about Desmond that he could see into that alternate timeline or parallel universe. In some ways I believe that the Claire/Aaron scene will be retconned, but is Desmond the "all seeing eye" that not only sees the future, but sees the past and into alternate timelines?

Is the guy who plays Desmond (sorry, brain on Benedryl and not doing too well with names) scheduled to appear in Season 6?

Jo Garfein: Hi Desmond's Vision - Remember that Faraday said that Des is "miraculously special" and that "the rules do not apply" to him. So yes, I think on some level that Des is absolutely key to their fates, the alternate timeline and end of the series.

Henry Ian Cusick WILL be back on Lost in S6, but not in every episode.


Portland, Ore.: It's hard to remember that these things that are taking weeks and weeks of episode time are actually taking place in a matter of a couple days on island time. Does anyone know of a good timeline that someone's done (dates when important events happened) on Lost, to clear things up a bit? Have you checked out our interactive timeline? Time/Space: LOST

Jen Chaney: In addition to that, Lostpedia's timeline is also a very good resource.

Jo Garfein: I am hoping to find a special feature in the final series DVD box set that allows us to watch Lost in exact chronological order; all scenes, flashbacks and flashforwards. :)


What Jen said: Totally agree about the bad@-- Han Solo line- it was 'wrong', but it was right.

As for Naomi v. Knife,Bowie- that call DID bring those mercs to the island, so....

Jen Chaney: So Locke was right to try to knife her. Although perhaps for the wrong reasons.


We're the good guys: I had forgotten just how often that phrase gets used. Kidnapping? Murder? Whatever, it's all good, 'cause we're the good guys.

I still think (is it Lapidus who says it in S5?) "In my experience, people who go around saying they're one of the good guys usually aren't" is one of the great lines of the show.

Jo Garfein: I always think about the first time that Tom and the Others pointed out to the survivors that THEY were the ones to kill first. The line between "good" and "evil" has always been blurry on Lost, and I love that. Both sides (good and evil, Losties & Others) have been presented as both sympathetic and horrific individuals throughout the series.

Jen Chaney: Exactly. And the larger point is that everyone always sees themselves as "the good guys." But that's a matter of perspective, isn't it?


Wormtown, Mass.: Hello Ladies,

I apologize for being out of synch with the rewatch, but have a question re: season 5. In "The Lie" Ben tells Jill the Butcher to take care of Locke's body so it can make the trip back to the island or else what they are trying to do will not matter. Well, what happened was that the corpse's arrival on the island somehow allowed MIB to appear as Not Locke, whose intent was to kill Jacob. Not Locke didn't do the actual killing of Jacob, but manipulated Ben into doing it for him.

So has the MIB been playing Ben, making him think he was serving Jacob when in reality he was serving the needs of Jacob's adversary? Remember, Ben brought Locke to the cabin to meet Jacob, but according to Ilana, Jacob had not been living there for a long time.


Jo Garfein: Hi Wormtown MA - You bring up a very interesting thought, which is that Ben was working WITH the MIB. Why else have one of his people "prepare" Locke's body before it returned to the island. AND, Locke's body had not decomposed at all. There were at least several days between Ben strangling him and his body being shown on the beach...

Jen Chaney: There's a deleted scene on the S5 DVD between Ben and Jill. We still don't know exactly who she is, but she seemed to be playing a key role in helping Ben beyond simply housing Locke's body. If I remember correctly, she tells Ben she tracked down Desmond for him.


Vienna, Va: Like Jo, I don't expect, or even want, Season 6 to provide every answer to every question. But I do hope they provide an over-arching framework that explains the "big" questions.

For example, is Jacob on the island because it has these mysterious powers, or is the island like that because Jacob is there?

Are the Others' actions based on knowing that there are "duplicates" of them in alternate timelines? (For example, Ms Klugh is willing to let Mikhail kill her because she knows there are other Ms Klughs).

Hmm, I wonder if the island's ability to heal people is due to exchanging their health with that of another is an alternate timeline? That is, Rose gets better because the health of a Rose in another timeline is exchanged for hers?

Jen Chaney: Wow, I don't think I can handle all this right now. Brain hurting...

But re: the multiple Klughs (nice double entendre there): I don't think there are several clones of her -- or anyone else -- running around. A double maybe, but not like millions of Malkovichs or anything. But that's just my take and -- since apparently I equate Benjamin Linus with Mother Teresa -- I could be wrong.

Jo Garfein: Hi Vienna VA - It is fascinating to ponder the possibility that they all may have an avatar of sorts, another version of themselves perhaps in an alternate timeline. They clearly had a closet full of Mikhail robots ready to go, as he died and reappeared OFTEN. :)

I believe that the island is merely an island without Jacob on it...


Penny: Any speculation on where the heck Penny is in Through the Looking Glass and how she could access a Dharma station? There are a lot of things about her that, to me, don't seem to add up. I don't think she's just an innocent supporting character...

Jo Garfein: Hi Penny - It always struck me as odd that Penny happened to be at a monitor when Charlie unjammed the island's signal. And I agree that there is something we do not know about her. That listening station she commissioned in the frozen locale still seems key to me, given that her team was Portuguese and Naomi spoke Portuguese when she crashed on the island (holding that pic of Des & Penny)...

Liz Kelly: And yet no one else on the freighter seemed to have any special knowledge of Desmond and, instead, seemed to be more interested in locating Ben Linus. So, you're right Penny (if that is your real name), there is something odd there.

Jen Chaney: I don't think Penny knows Naomi. I believed her when she said that. Is it possible she has tapped into her father's resource pool, but has gone rogue and convinced some people to help her specifically (while under the auspices of helping Widmore) so she can find Desmond?

I think we definitely need more information, but I hate to think of Pen as being shady.


Liz Kelly: This has been a great hour. Sorry we weren't able to get to everyone's questions and comments. But please come back next week -- same time, same place -- when we'll be taking your predictions for season 6 and sharing a few of our own.

And thanks so much, Jo, for joining us today. Everyone make sure to bookmark Jo's blog,

Get Lost with JOpinionated


Jo Garfein: Thank YOU so much for having me, and thanks to all who joined us! Lost fans are the BEST.

Jen Chaney: And as Liz mentioned earlier, we'll be back next Thursday with a chat that focuses on season six predictions. Start making up stuff -- no spoilers, please -- now.

See you next Thursday at 3. Bye!


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