The Reliable Source: Hilary Rhoda, Blonde Charity Mafia, John Edwards, Courtney Love, Mariah, the Salahis, more

Amy Argetsinger and Roxanne Roberts
Washington Post Staff Writers
Wednesday, December 16, 2009; 12:00 PM

Washington Post columnists Amy Argetsinger and Roxanne Roberts were online Wednesday, Dec. 16, at Noon ET to discuss your favorite gossip, celebrity sightings and their recent columns.

In recent columns: Catching up with local gal Hilary Rhoda, who is weeping no tears for her lost college years. White House Christmas parties keep changing. Mourning "Blonde Charity Mafia," as it's dumped by the CW. More drama for John Edwards, Courtney Love. Mariah Carey shows up on Mariah time. Look, it's Krist Novoselic! And those delightful Salahis -- hocking fake watches, stiffing bartenders. And now, the first drag-queen Michaele.


Amy Argetsinger: Good morning! Sorry for the slow start, let's make up for lost time.


Detroit, Mich.: Wow -- not a peep from the Salahi's. I wonder what's going on, do you think they realize that their 15 minutes are up and that any publicity is not good publicity?

Amy Argetsinger: Well, they were lucky to get a breather between court dates. But indeed, they seem to be lying low. Miss them yet?


John Mayer: I see John Mayer has decided to take a break from dating for a while. The two of you must be devastated... John Mayer: I'm Too "Freaked Out" to Date Right Now (

Amy Argetsinger: And yet you know what John Mayer has not taken a break from? Talking publicly about his love life. That's his real addiction.


Celebrity Sighting at the Birchmere?: I swore I saw your colleague Chris Cillizza at Ralph Stanley's amazing concert at the Birch mere on Saturday. (1) Can you confirm? and (2) Does this count as a celeb sighting?

Amy Argetsinger: 1. Yes, it was Chris.

2. That's for you to decide.


Tony Danza Love: I thought I'd share this Tony tibdit: my brother used to work as a liftie at a ski resort in Utah. One winter, Tony was skiing at this resort and he and my brother became friends. My brother said that Tony was very nice and even learned my brother's name. Isn't that special?!

Amy Argetsinger: Yeah, but honestly, your story is lacking on the details that would really make it sing. Why don't you work on it a bit and come back to us with a new draft next week?


Wahoo: Ladies, saw you on Comcast Sports last night. Is that a regular gig?

Amy Argetsinger: Semi-occasional. While I still don't completely understand why Comcast Sports wants a couple of non-sports writers on there, I have to say it is probably the most fun TV spot we have.


Sorry for the slow start, let's make up for lost time.: That's what SHE said.

Amy Argetsinger: Haha.


Alexandria, Va.: Did you both go to the White House ... did you get your pictures taken with the Obamas ... what did you wear? Are they angry with you for outing the Salahis?

Roxanne Roberts: Although some of our Post colleagues were invited to the White House press parties, Amy and I were not. The list changes every year, and we heard it was reduced this year---lots of people didn't make the cut.


Clooney vs. the ages: Where does George Clooney rank as a movie star (both acting ability and star power) against the all-time greats?

Amy Argetsinger: What do they call him, the last movie star, right? But that has a lot to do with his lack of competition these days, in the old-school movie-star gravitas department. But for the ages? I mean, I don't know, he's no Bogart. He's no Burton. He's no Eric Idle.


Evanston, Ill.: Has anyone asked Michelle how she feels about the state dinner security breach?

Roxanne Roberts: The first lady hasn't spoken in public about it, but the president said he was unhappy about it. I think its fair to assume no one at the White House is pleased that it happened, and overshadowed an otherwise successful state dinner.


Woodbridge, Va.: Hilary Rhoda is all very well and good, but she's no Elizabeth Hurley, va-va-voom. Hilary Rhoda, D.C.'s home-grown supermodel (Reliable Source, Dec. 16)

Amy Argetsinger: Okay, thanks for your vote.


Mason Dash Disick: When I first saw Kourtney Kardashian's son's name I read Mason Dixon and I keep seeing it that way. I doubt either one remembers any history that doesn't focus on their own lives but it's really bothering me! Born: A son (Reliable Source, Dec. 15)

Amy Argetsinger: Mason Dash Disick. It's a helluva name, huh? Kind of a tongue twister. Unless, of course, they just decide to call him "Dash Disick." That sounds kind of awesome.


Alexandria, Va.: I can see the Hirshhorn putting in a balloon to generate some buzz, but a 5 million dollar one? The Hirshhorn Museum's inflationary measure: A $5 million balloon expansion (Post, Dec. 16)

Amy Argetsinger: Hey, what do you say we try to undercut that bid? I say we can do the same thing with some plastic sheeting and high-powered fans and duct-tape for.... well, let's say $20,000.


Rockville, Md.: : Is the Secret Service just dropping the whole Salahis crashing the party? Will there be arrest warrants issued? At least for trespassing?

Amy Argetsinger: Investigation still ongoing...


Missy Holt Salahi: Last week you had a teaser about researching an article on Michaele Salahi before she was famous -- for example, interviewing high school friends, since she was a local girl. Did I miss it? Any progress? Have you found out anyone who knew her when?

Amy Argetsinger: No, we're helping colleagues on a larger story that hasn't run yet.


Atlanta, Ga.: What did Rhett ever see in Scarlett, anyway?

Roxanne Roberts: Two of a kind. She was as driven and tough as he was. She was a fool---a fool, I tell you---for letting him slip away.


Anonymous: Comcast is suddenly a big media player and now that they seem to have you two locked up as well, I can only guess what this means...

Roxanne Roberts: Yeah---pretty soon we're going to get all of Tiger's endorsement deals. Sweet, huh?


At Home, Va.: NBC Universal has a poll on whether they should keep the Salahis on Real Housewives... can you link to the actual poll? We must vote. To Salahi or Not to Salahi? NBCU Takes a Poll

Amy Argetsinger: Here's a story that links to a story about the poll. But the poll must be going out to select customers, because there doesn't seem to be a direct link to it.

Why don't you just share your vote with us here?


re : Krist Novoselic: Isn't that like Merry Christmas in Ukranian or something? Hey, isn't that: Krist Novoselic, Alain Ducasse, Tony Bennett (Reliable Source, Dec. 15)

Roxanne Roberts: Ho ho ho!


Elizabeth Hurley: no Bettie Page.

Amy Argetsinger: True.


Clooney: Is not even Mickey Mouse.

Amy Argetsinger: Okay.


Arlington, Va.: Do you think we will see Tiger end up on "Dr. Phil? Or Dr. Drew? Will he have to go into some sort of rehab to get his image back? I see she took the kids and high-tailed it to Sweden for the holidays. That must be quite a change from Florida for the holidays.

Roxanne Roberts: Tiger isn't cut out for Phil's or Drew's tough love. I'm thinking Oprah's couch, if anyone. Imagine the ratings for that...


Mason Dash Disick: Considering Scott cheated on her and they are not married, very nice of her to give Mason his father's last name. Some wouldn't have done that. I would think Kardashin would carry more weight in Hollywood than Disick.

Roxanne Roberts: Must be love----or child support payments.


Too hot in the kitchen: Gordon Ramsey's ship seems to have hit an iceberg -- I know celebrity chefs aren't your forte but what do you think about all that?

Amy Argetsinger: Is there some Gordon Ramsay news that I've missed? Admittedly, I've never seen his show, whichever one it is. About the only food show I ever watch is "Chopped." You ever seen it? "Chefs, you have 20 minutes to create a dessert using brandy, ostrich tenderloin, and twine." Awesome.


Tara, Ga.: In the sequel, Rhett finally reunites with Scarlett in Ireland. All fairy tales do come true.

Roxanne Roberts: Not a real sequel, doesn't count. Mitchell was too cynical for that, I think.


Washington, D.C.: Now that it's passed a little, can you talk a little bit about what it's like to have broken such a HUGE story like gate-crashergate? I mean, here's a story that might not have been discovered except for Roxanne, and the result is all this attention to security and (thinking ahead maybe) the SS head and social secretary losing their jobs, it's just amazing. Do you get a special pin from Bob Woodward? Champagne from the bosses? We're proud of you two, and want to know what it's like to be inside that storm.

Amy Argetsinger: Honestly, breaking a big story is its own reward. It's lots of fun, and comments like yours make it even better.


Seattle, Wash.: Hey, give Courtney Love a break. At least she remembers she has a daughter. You know, somedays, that can be touch and go.

Amy Argetsinger: Aw.


That Italian guy with the broken teeth: Look how close someone got to the Italian leader and what happened to him. Good thing the Salahis were not there, they would have wanted a photo of the bloody guy.

I heard it was in retaliation of Jersey Shore.

Roxanne Roberts: We've always said politics was a tough gig. When I first heard the news, I figured it was thrown by a former mistress.


Beautiful Silver Spring, Md.: Are you two going to get in on this "Best _____ of the Decade" meme? My faves (not in order):

Jenna Bush karaoke-ing "Sex Machine" at Peyote Cafe

Jenna Bush dancing to E.U.'s "Da Butt" at some party in NYC

Jenna Bush in general

Gilbert Arenas's 25th birthday party

Mark "Don't Cry for Me, Argentina" Sanford

I'm surely missing several (even ones I enjoyed), and I know you weren't ruling this beat for a few of the years in this decade, but that's no reason to avoid exploiting a meme, it seems to me. Chat: Best of the Decade: Monica Hesse on the top Internet memes

Amy Argetsinger: It's been the Decade of Jenna. She helped us all survive some pretty bleak times, and she continues to triumph again and again.


Clifton, Va.: So should I get my girlfriend something from La Perla or Lisa Charmel? Which do you prefer or both? Or just go nasty and get her something from Agent Provocateur? I figured you two are the experts so I am asking two of the three most intriguing women in D.C. My girlfriend is the other.

Roxanne Roberts: I'm impressed you even know the difference---most guys head for Victoria's Secret and call it a day. My advice: Always opt for classy. I'd vote for La Perla.


Tiger: Considering he was cheating on her when she was preggers with their first child, and all through the 2nd pregnancy. I hope they are all getting checked for STDs and AIDS. Hear he wasn't very careful at all about that part. His arrogance is unbelievable.

Roxanne Roberts: The more I learn, the more I think we're talking about one very wealthy divorcee pretty soon.


15h St., Washington, D.C.: If you want a photo of yourself with Barack and Michelle, you can avoid the long lines and have one taken at Madame Tussaud's. Honest.

Roxanne Roberts: Dana Milbank did that in his very funny video about not being invited to the White House party. Link to follow.


Vienna, Va.: What is up with Susan O'Malley, the ex marketing executive for Abe Pollin? Was she at the funeral services? She's been quiet since she left town.

Amy Argetsinger: Sorry, can't find much news for you about Susan O'Malley since she left the Wizards two and a half years ago.


Ithaca, N.Y.: Is The CW really a network? I mean it's got like 4 original programs and then it's pure rebroadcasting.

I admit my daughter watches that vampire show on it and I've gotten hooked into it. It's so shameful.

Amy Argetsinger: It's really a network -- even though it's now robbed us of the chance to watch Blonde Charity Mafia, unless we move overseas. Such a tragedy.


Washington, D.C.: Not surprisingly, Hillary Rhoda's friends from high school are all hot. Which I actually find refreshing, because doesn't it seem like almost every gorgeous model/actress claim that she was an unpopular geek in high school? Can we now establish the Rhoda Rule, where any celebrity who makes this claim will be forced to provide a photo of their high school friends?

Amy Argetsinger: That's a very good idea.


Question about your John Edwards piece: Bunny Mellon is still alive? This just in: John Edwards, still under the microscope (Reliable Source, Dec. 16)

Roxanne Roberts: Yup. 99 years old, turns 100 in August.


Margaret Mitchell: I read her biography and she died in an interesting way. She and her husband were crossing a street when a car swerved to miss her handicapped husband and hit her. Guess she should have been more noble and not left her husband helpless in front of an oncoming vehicle.

Amy Argetsinger: Um, she's the one who got hit and killed.

_______________________ Milbank Video: Attempting a 'Salahi' at the White House press party


Derwood, Md.: Triple A and Foxy-Rox! Could you tell us what the brouhaha is over C. Love and her daughter? If the courts wanted to help, shouldn't they have stepped-in, I don't know, anytime over the past 17 years? Why wait until now, when Bean is almost 18 and presumably liberated? Love, etc: Kourtney Kardashian, Courtney Love (Post, Dec. 15)

Amy Argetsinger: We don't know. No one in a position to talk is saying much, and court records don't give any details. Courtney Love's lawyer says Frances made the decision to live with her grandmother. Love, meanwhile, took to Facebook with her thoughts on the matter, according to the NY Daily News:

"I hate to sound cold but any kid of mine who pulls this s--- has lost her position," Love wrote. "she was deceptive she lied and she's lying to herself my daughter is not always honest."



Blacksburg, Va.: Who do you think will take over George Stephanopoulos's job on "This Week." Jake Tapper? Gwen Ifill? Or is there somebody out there under the radar?

My vote is Stephen Colbert.

Roxanne Roberts: George is keeping the job for now---there are rumors Ted Koppel might be lured back, which would give "Meet the Press" a run for its money. Colbert isn't really a Sunday morning person, is he?


Chris Cilliza : Wow, I would have liked to see Mr. Fix at the Ralph Stanley Concert. All I saw were women in oversized Christmas sweaters and men who had too much Botox. It was like landing in a Bravo reality show. Wait, you're not saying... ?

Amy Argetsinger: Yes, Cillizza has been tapped to replace Michaele Salahi in "The Real Housewives of D.C."


Home cooking !: Are you two up and running every Wednesday through the New Year or is there some Christmas vacation thing coming up ?

Amy Argetsinger: The column goes dark the week between Christmas and New Year's -- back on Jan. 5. No chat on Dec. 30. Sorry!


C. Love: had lost custody of her daughter before (to the same grandmother I think), but went to rehab cleaned up and regained custody. That's my understanding...

Amy Argetsinger: Yep, they've been through this before.


Bennington, Vt.: The Bush twins always seem like they'd be fun, especially compared to Chelsea.

C'mon, back in the day, you'd way rather party with Bush twins, right?

Amy Argetsinger: Chelsea didn't seem to have any fun until her dad left office -- and then she was hanging out at fashion shows with Madonna and Gwyneth, and honestly, that doesn't seem like much fun either.


Arlington, Va.: ...or the mother of a former mistress! Berlusconi likes them almost barely legal.

Roxanne Roberts: Yeah, that's an accident just waiting to happen.


Washington, D.C. : you guys want to take a crack at a non-gossip question? I read the chats all the time, so I consider us friends. :) Met a guy online (I know.), had a couple of dates, and now he wants to get together tonight. What should we do? Also? How do I get myself to stop being all shy and weird around him? Can you tell it's been a while since I've made it to date # 3? Sigh.

As far as gossip - A-Rod and Kate have broken up. I guess Yankee fans should all mourn, since she got a lot of the (fake)credit for his game changing. I guess they're like the slutty version of the same side of a magnet...

Amy Argetsinger: Kate and A-Rod have split up? Hmmm. Yes, People just posted that news about an hour ago. Sad. Really thought those two great kids would go the distance.

Let's think through Kate's future in terms of an SAT-style logic question. If her dating life has been, in roughly this order: Chris Robinson, Owen Wilson, Lance Armstrong, A-Rod, then the next in the sequence is -----------. Fill in the blank.

Oh wait -- we were talking about you, weren't we? HE wants to see YOU, right? So clearly you've got that going for you, confidence-wise. Conversely, if you've already spent two dates together and he wants a third, maybe he likes "shy and weird." So be yourself.

That wasn't very helpful, was it?


Dash Disick: Sounds like a male porn star name..

Amy Argetsinger: It's that awesome.


More details on Stephanopoulos plz: So, is the whole family moving? One would think NYC would provide more opportunities for the adorable Mrs. Stephanopoulos.

Roxanne Roberts: That's what George said. Their kids are little, and she can work from New York as well or better than from Washington. So I guess we'll be bidding them farewell after the New Year. No word if they'll sell their house in Georgetown.


Naughty or Nice ?: Anything special you would like to find under the ole tree this holiday (besides Matt Damon and George Clooney)?

Amy Argetsinger: Matt Damon?


Boston, Mass.: I had a cinnamon roll this morning so that rules out me being the type to have fun with either Madonna or Gwyneth.

Amy Argetsinger: Yes.


Portland, Ore.: I miss the Salahis. They are so entertaining and delusional, like creatures from "Where the Wild Things are." I think they should not be on "Real Housewives." Taking into account their skill at bilking and stiffing almost everyone, we should see them every week making amends to their victims and doing odd chores around the house for each one. They would probably steal the silverware, though

Amy Argetsinger: Thanks for your vote. I sorta miss them too. I'd definitely watch. Even if it weren't my job.


Hollywood, Fla.: Speaking of Stephanopoulos, do you think the GMA route is a smart move for this kid and isn't Diane Sawyer's victory sort of sour since no one except the very old) watch network news anymore?

Amy Argetsinger: The evening news thing is so strange. It's still this ginormous honor, and an amazing pay raise, but no one watches.


Keep the Salahis!: Here's why: I'm facinated and I want to see the day of footage, as will the entire nation. Big ratings. Also, as a former watcher of The Hills, you know that heavy editing is always involved, and they can make anyone seem innocent or look like the villain. In order to not get the wrath of the public (possibly the WH) NBCU can paint them as the slime balls they seem to be, as the wannabes of D.C. much fun would that be to watch?

Amy Argetsinger: I'm with you.


Washington, D.C.: You're a cast member of The Blonde Charity Mafia. Are you humiliated that this reality show you've been telling everyone you're going to be on for over a year will apparently never see the light of day, or relieved it will apparently never see the light of day?

Roxanne Roberts: I vote for bummed. The shame threshold for reality show participants is really, really low.


Triple A?: Shouldn't it be AVA? Or Ava? As in Ava Gardner?

Amy Argetsinger: Triple A is an old inside joke we have around here. It's what my initials would be if I married Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Hahahah! Maybe you had to be there.


Rhode Island: OK, I have to say this. Something about the Mark Sanford affair brought out the Awwwww in me. What he wrote to his Argentinian girlfriend was quite romantic and sweet.

Now that Jenny has kicked him to the curb, as well she ought, part of me really hopes he can find happiness with his soul mate.

Thank you for providing a forum for saying this. You know, an anonymous one.

Amy Argetsinger: You are welcome.


Washington, D.C.: You heard it here first, Elin was beating Tiger with club while he was asleep, that's why he was disoriented without shoes. Also, did catch Megan Mullally hocking It's Not Butter in new commercial? Fabio was better. Megan Mullally -- I Can't Believe It's Not Butter! 'Turn The Tub Around' Music Video Sneak Peek (YouTube)

Amy Argetsinger: Are you a flack for I Can't Believe It's Not Butter!? Well, you owe us one. Here's your ad.


Kate's future in terms of an SAT-style logic question. If her dating life has been, in roughly this order: Chris Robinson, Owen Wilson, Lance Armstrong, A-Rod, then the next in the sequence is -----------. : Tiger Woods

Roxanne Roberts: You are so right.


Kate Hudson's next step: Well, duh, isn't it obvious?

John Mayer, of course.

Roxanne Roberts: Him, too.


Sarasota, Fla.: Come on, "Naughty or Nice", all regular chatters know Amy is all Viggo all the time! (Finally watching Eastern Promises tomorrow)

Amy Argetsinger: I'm actually not a big Viggo fan -- during Lord of the Rings, I was one of the few women who Did Not Get It. But in Eastern Promises, he was just da bomb. Loved him in that.


Davis, Calif.: Maybe it will be the same as what happened at "Meet the Press."

They brought the ratings heavyweight Tom Brokaw for a year before handing it over to David Gregory.

So they give it to Ted Koppel until have November mid-term elections and then pick somebody. I cast Jake Tapper in the Chuck Todd role of really wanting the job but ultimately not getting it.

Roxanne Roberts: I'd watch Ted.


Kate Hudson next date: Tiger Woods? No, she's too classy for him...

My bet on the Salahis is that the next time they're on TV it'll be on America's Most Wanted.

Amy Argetsinger: Haha.


Arlington, Va.: The author of the authorized sequel to Gone With The Wind lives in Virginia in Bath or Highland county and is quite a character. He competes in area sheepherding trials with his BCs.

Roxanne Roberts: That doesn't mean Scarlett and Rhett should end up in Ireland together.


Date girl, again: Yeah, he seems into me. I think that's what's making me all nervous and weird. But seriously -- what do people do for a 3rd date in this town. I've had a LOT of first dates, and a couple second dates, but can't remember my last 3rd date. Is it out to dinner again? Dinner and a movie at my place? Is that too much.

I think I should have been a nun.

Amy Argetsinger: Stop it with the self-deprecation, okay? It's not becoming. Come on, snap out of it!

Go out to dinner. That's your answer.


Boulder, Colo.: As a media/entertainment person, evening news makes no sense as a prize.

As a serious TV journalist, it's still THE prize.

I get why Diane Sawyer took that job.

Roxanne Roberts: Me too. Goes down in history as a network news anchor, regardless of how many people watch.


Kate's Next Conquest: So, if it's a logic question, the pattern I recognize is substance abusers (alleged with Lance) who are steadily increasing in size. So who's a famous WWE star?

Amy Argetsinger: Hmmm, Mick Foley is married... who else?


Tempe, Ariz.: @Ithaca, N.Y.

I haven't seen that vampire show myself, but my daughter loves it too. My sons are always complaining whenever she makes them watch it. The fact that my sons could just leave the room and take the dog for a walk or finish up their homework never seems to occur to them.

Amy Argetsinger: Kids these days...


3rd Date: Why doesn't "date girl" go to dinner and then walk around looking at Christmas lights? It is cold out, but maybe after looking at lights you could get hot chocolate or coffee.

Amy Argetsinger: Very nice idea. Thanks!


I liked GWTW: when I read it at age 11, but then I saw the movie in college and realized Rhett rapes Scarlett and she "likes it" (we see her all smiley afterwards) and that ended it for me.

Plus, have you seen Syriana, Good Night, and Good Luck, Michael Clayton, Up in the Air, any of the Cohen Bros. movies (incl Intolerable Cruelty)? Clooney is an incredible actor, plus he has got that magic something that some people have on screen. He is up there with Cary Grant, no question.

Amy Argetsinger: I really really liked Up in the Air. Best movie of the year so far.


Frankly...: Okay I give -- what is it with all the GWTW questions today? Is it because TCM showed the movie last night and wasn't the sequel written by a woman?

Amy Argetsinger: 70th anniversary of the movie's release.


Richmond, Va.: The GWTW sequel also makes Scarlett nice. Wrong, all wrong. Re: Kate Hudson. It would be so fun if she next dates Derek Jeter. Think of all the fake controversy with A-Rod!

Amy Argetsinger: I instantly thought of Jeter, and then decided that that's too similar to dating A-Rod, whereas Kate's pattern is a lack of a pattern (except for "rich" and "famous").


Las Vegas, Nev.: Kate Hudson too classy?

Chris Robinson, Lance Armstrong, Owen Wilson, Alex Rodriguez... what do they even have in common.

The girl has a type and it's famous?

Amy Argetsinger: Hey, that was my line.


what do people do for a 3rd date in this town: You know what they say about the THIRD date!

Amy Argetsinger: No, I don't.

(In other words: Shut up, and stop making her more nervous.)


Midlothian, Va.: EEEWWW to Rhode Island thinking there's anything sweet about Mark Sanford's behavior. He's a sleazebag, through and though. Disgusting.

Roxanne Roberts: Well, yes. But a sleazebag in love, which makes him less bad than, say, Tiger.


East Lansing, Mich.: I feel bad for Matt Damon.

The White South African accent is probably one of the hardest accent to copy. Really? It's ridiculously hard.

Amy Argetsinger: The New Yorker had a very absorbing article about the dialect coach who taught him the accent (and also taught Brad Pitt how to sound like a mountain man in "Inglorious Basterds.") Link to follow. But I don't know why you feel bad for Matt Damon -- learning a new accent and getting paid millions for your trouble sounds like fun. Heck, I'd do that for free.

_______________________ ABSTRACT (The New Yorker)


GWTW sequel: Written by the late Alexandra Ripley -- that is a lady, right?

Amy Argetsinger: The late Alexandra Ripley did the silly silly authorized sequel "Scarlett" back in 1991. Donald McCaig of Virginia wrote "Rhett Butler's People" -- covers the same time period as GWTW, but from the man's perspective -- a couple years ago.


I've moved since we last spoke...: Did you need me to send you my address again because I didn't receive any home-baked cookies last year and I'd hate to be left off your list again this year...

Roxanne Roberts: Ha! Who has time to bake cookies? I've been in a Salahi coma for two weeks and am just waking up. I tried to wrap Christmas presents last night and my cat insisted on sitting on my lap, which slowed down the process a lot.

Anyway, there's a column to be written. So we're signing off for now---send your sightings and tips (dating and otherwise) to We'll be here next week for any last-minute Christmas advice. Cheers.


Ashburn, Va.: Can we all agree that Jersey Shore is the greatest show on TV now? Sure it is vile, crude, ignorant and the characters are stupid and fill the worst stereotypes, but the entertainment value is sky high and you cant turn away no matter how hard you try.

Amy Argetsinger: I'm on the wrong side of history: I haven't seen this yet. But I've heard nothing but great things about it. I promise to catch up...


Amy Argetsinger: Okay, really done now.


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