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The Golden Globe Nominations

Golden Globe Nominees
Golden Globe Nominees

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Lisa de Moraes and Jen Chaney, Washington Post Staff Writer and Washington Post Online Movies Editor
Tuesday, December 15, 2009; 11:00 AM

The nominations for this year's Golden Globe Awards were announced this morning from the Beverly Hilton Hotel in L.A. What were the big surprises? And which films and TV shows were notably snubbed?

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Washington Post staff writer Lisa de Moraes and Post online movies editor Jen Chaney were online Tuesday, Dec. 15, at 11 a.m. ET to discuss the nominees and provide a forum for you to share all your joy/anger/disappointment about this year's field of Golden Globe competitors.


Jen Chaney: The Golden Globe nominations have made this a whirlwind morning.

A number of "what the...?" nominations -- Tobey Maguire? Julia Roberts??? -- as well as some pleasant surprises (yay, Joseph Gordon-Levitt!).

We want to hear your thoughts on everything: the nominees in both film and television that thrilled you, bored you or angered you. And of course, don't forget the snubbed -- who didn't earn a nomination that clearly deserved one?


Rockshire, Md.: What an exciting year for Glee! I am thrilled for my boyfriend Matthew Morrison's well-deserved nomination. Triple threat! I hope Jane Lynch crushes her competition Sue Sylvester-style. I'm surprised to see "Lost" and Jim Parsons ignored. It is good to see "Desperate Housewives" is no longer being encouraged to peddle crap. Are there any actors who you felt should NOT have been recognized? Does NPH have a snowball's chance against Hurt, Lithgow and Emerson (and Piven -- really? REALLY?)?

Lisa de Moraes: The supporting actor and actress categories are always strange at the Globes because they mash-up comedy, drama, and TV movie thespians. And, of course, everyone things drama actors are more important than comedy actors. Long way of saying No, I don't think Neil Patrick Harris has a prayer. And only actor I don't think belongs in the pack is Thomas Jane of "Hung" -- not impressed -- but, on the bright side, Jane Adams, who steals that show, is nominated for best supporting actress -- Hooray.


Washington, DC: I'm glad the Globes limited the categories to 5 nominees. The recent years where a few ballooned to 7 seemed silly. That said, it does create some interesting omissions--the biggest I thought was no "Invictus" for drama. Not surprised to see "The Lovely Bones" ommitted, given its mixed reviews. Really glad to see "(500) Days" in comedy. Really glad to see both Farmiga and Kendrick in supporting actress (and curious whether Farmiga stays in supporting for the Oscars or gets bumped to more competitive lead). Does the double nod to Bullock boost her chance of getting an Oscar nod for "Blind Side"? I thought no way a few weeks ago, but her fortunes seem to be improving. The acting lists were mostly snub free --perhaps the biggest were no Alfred Molina or Samantha Morton in supporting categories.

Jen Chaney: I was surprised to see "Invictus" left out of best drama, too, given Clint Eastwood's inclusion in the Best Director category. But I was not a huge fan of "Invictus" -- frankly, I found it so heavy-handed that I came out of the theater feeling bruised -- so I am not exactly mourning its omission.

Agree with all of your glad-to-sees. And I think Bullock does have at least a chance, if not a decent one, at an Oscar nod for "The Blind Side." The fifth Best Actress slot is very much -- dare I say it? -- up in the air, and it's entirely possible she could snag it, especially given the recognition she and that film continue to get.


McLean, Va.: In the supporting acting categories, Mo-Nique and Cristoph Waltz have both swept every regional film critic award that I can find thus far. Any chance either is upset at the Globes or Oscars?

Jen Chaney: Looking at those two categories, it does seem like they are pretty darn close to being locks. Mo'Nique face some tough competition from the "Up in the Air" ladies -- although with Farmiga and Kendrick in the same category, they could cancel each other out -- and Penelope Cruz. I think the Foreign Press kinda loves Cruz (and after you watch her writhe around in "Nine," it's kinda hard not to) so she should not be entirely counted out either.

As for Waltz, I think his path to a win is far easier. The actors in his category all did fine work -- I was particularly impressed by Stanley Tucci in "Lovely Bones" -- but I predict Waltz takes the Globe.


Washington, D.C.: Way to go Glee! I thought Jane Lynch was a shoo-in for supporting actress, but I'm glad Lea Michele and Matthew Morrison got nods too. I was surprised to see Parks and Rec not get any nominations, especially for Amy Poehler. Interesting that the Globes keep nominating January Jones, while the Emmys seem to favor Elisabeth Moss. I like both, and I might give Jones the edge this year. Jon Hamm really shined this year though; I hope he wins.

Lisa de Moraes: The "Mad Men" chick noms perfectly illustrate the difference between the Globes and the Emmys. The Globes go for the gorgeous blonde who's not much of an actress -- did you see her on "SNL"; I rest my case. Meanwhile the Emmys nominates frumpy Moss, whose the better actress. I like to hink of the Emmys as frumpier than the glam Globes, but maybe more serious when it comes to actual awarding of best performances....


Arlington Gay: Pookie, I love seeing "Modern Family" and "Glee" getting best comedy nods but am annoyed that none of the MF cast got nominations. Is it just too much of an ensemble cast? As much as I love "30 Rock", I'm hoping for a MF win.

Lisa de Moraes: All trophy shows seem to have trouble figuring out how to fete great ensemble shows. The Screen Actors Guild Awards does the best job -- it has separate categories for best comedy ensemble and best drama ensemble.


Arlington, Va.: Any way that John Lithgow doesn't win? He had one of the best performances in any television show or movie I have ever seen...so creepy!

Lisa de Moraes: John Lithgow does creepy better than anbody in TV -- and that's saying a lot. I hope he wins.


Lisa de Moraes: Hey -- I want to talk about the fact that at the nominations announcement this morning they totally neglected to even mention the noms for best comedy series actresses. Geesh. I'm guessing one of those Celebrity Readers: John Krasinski, Interchangeable Blonde Movie Actress, or pop icon Justin Timberlake, accidentally did not read one of their pages and, sadly, no one from the Hollywood Foreign Press Association who was at the ceremony at the Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills, noticed and told them to read that list of noms at the end. What a gaff....


Arlington, Va.: I love Joseph Gordon-Levitt but though 500 Days of Summer was just, meh. Why in the world is it nominated?

Jen Chaney: See, I loved "(500) Days." Deliriously loved it. Here's why: it was a romantic comedy that was sweet without being overly sugary, honest about relationships and why they sometimes go sour and filled with some wonderfully relatable moments.

The post-coital musical sequence set to Hall & Oates alone merits a nomination, in my book. One of the most joyful moments in movies this year.

So I hear your "meh," but I say "huzzah"!

(Good God, did I just use huzzah in an actual sentence?)


Silver Spring, Md.: Star Trek and Up both got some of the very best reviews of the year and were well received by the public as well and yet Star Trek was not nominated at all and Up only got a nomination in the animation category. Thoughts? Also, might they get Oscar nominations anyways not that the number has expanded to 10 best films?

Jen Chaney: I loved "Star Trek," but the truth is that sci-fi, especially popular sci-fi, still has a hard time earning respect at awards time. Unfair, but true. That said, it was nice to see "District 9" get screenplay recognition, so at least for that genre, there was that. And "Avatar," of course, which I find a bit befuddling.

It's visually and technically impressive, but as an engaging narrative? Meh. Definitely would rather have seen "Up" get a best picture nomination instead of Cameron's blue-alien-Sea-Monkey opus.

I wouldn't rule out the possibility of at least "Up" being recognized by the Academy. Let's face it: they initiated this 10 nominee thing in order to hopefully include more "popular" movies and get more people to watch the telecast. A film like "Up" can only help them.

Oh, and "The Hangover." If that gets an Oscar nomination, I'll lock a tiger in the bathroom of every single person reading this chat.


Danz, AK: Seems like "Modern Family" is too much of an ensemble show to snag its own acting nominations. Which is madness. Best sitcom acting in a long time. Especially Eric Stonestreet as Cam and Ty Burrell as Phil. And Julie Bowen is a better desperate housewife than any of Marc Cherry's yo-yos who racked up nominations in past years.

Lisa de Moraes: Eric Stonestreet absolutely should have been nommed; ditto Ed O'Neill, who plays the family patriarch in this wonderful ABC comedy series. Overall, HBO got the most noms this morning (yawn) but ABC did well with its new comedy lineup:"Modern Family" up for best comedy, Courteney Cox nommed for best comedy actress for "Cougar Town." And Fox has to be happy with "Glee's" noms -- best comedy and Matthew Morrison up for best lead actor. This crop of noms is very good news for broadcast comedies which must be welcome news to broadcast suits,who have been suffering years of TV navel gazers declaring broadcast comedy to be dead.


Alexandria, Va.: Why does the HFPA not distinguish between "types" for supporting categories? They have musical/comedy and drama separated for the film and leading roles, but then you have them all lumped together for supporting (which means no fun noms like Zach G. for the Hangover in comedy). In TV, it's even worse - not only is it not by category (like the Emmys), but they lump series and mini-series together!

Jen Chaney: I agree, I have always found that puzzling and weird. To be honest, I don't know the official reason for it, and it's entirely possible there isn't one beyond the fact that they didn't want to bog themselves down in too many nominees.

But supporting categories are usually so robust that they could easily handle the two categories there, too.

Lisa de Moraes: I think it's a time thing only. Because the Globes are dealing with both film and TV and they don't want the trophy show to run into the next day, they do this very strange mashup of genre in the supporting acting derbies. It's kind of silly.


Minneapolis: What was John Lithgow nominated for? I couldn't find it

Lisa de Moraes: Lithgow is nominated for best supporting actor in a drama, comedy, TV movie or miniseries -- for playing Creepy Pastor By Day/Serial Killer by night Arthur Mitchell on Showtime's "Dexter." This season of "Dexter" is well worth watching for Lithgow's performance alone.


Jen Chaney: By the way, let's not forget to talk snubs. One that bugged me: Viggo Mortensen for "The Road." I know that film isn't exactly the quicker picker-upper, but it's a pretty faithful adapatation of the novel, and I thought Mortensen did a phenomenal job.

And so did his co-star, Kodi Smit-McPhee.

Oh, and while we're on the subject? No "Lost" for best drama???? Lame!


Announcements: How do they decide who reads the list of nominations? That was a very mixed bag o' voices presenting the nominees this a.m.

Lisa de Moraes: John Krasinski was a no-brainer since he plays Loverboy on NBC's "The Office" and "The Office" is like the only bright spot on NBC's primetime lineup these days (except football of course) and NBC has the broadcast rights to the Golden Globes. I cannot speak to why Diane Kruger was chosen from among the herd of Interchangeable Blonde Movie Starlets -- maybe Jen can explain that one. And, of course Justin Timberlake is, well, Justin Timberlake....insert little girls squealing here.


Olney, Md.: No John Noble? Outrageous? The man is absolutely amazing in Fringe. I am aghast!

Jen Chaney: Once again: sci-fi.

Lisa de Moraes: And, of course, "Fringe" is, well, "Fringe." You can't see it, but Jen and I are now staring daggers at one another. In the most professional way, of course.


Arlington, Va.: I know this is going to come off as blasphemous, but I saw "Up in the Air" on Sunday and I just wasn't that impressed. I felt I'd been duped by the same hype machine that told us "Benjamin Button" was a great movie.

What's your take, Jen. Is it really that good?

Jen Chaney: Gasp! Double-gasp!

I do think it's really that good. But here's the interesting thing: for those of us who have to see just about everything that's being released, the films that are well done often seem that much more well-done because we're comparing them to other missteps.

But if you only see a movie occasionally, you might think, well, that wasn't *that* great.

Personally, I loved "Up in the Air" because it just resonated with me on a lot of personal issues (career, family, etc.) And I thought Reitman's direction was flawless. I didn't have a single quibble about any single moment in that movie, and I can't say that about many films from this year.


Herndon, Va.: What! You don't care for "The Hangover"? It's perhaps the best depiction of the modern American male ever put on the silver screen. Just because it's a teeny, tiny, gross . . .

Jen Chaney: I totally care for "The Hangover." See? I can prove it.

I just don't think the Academy will. But hey, bring it on. And while you're at it, give Ken Jeong an Oscar. That man's a maniac.


Grey's: I'm noting that none of the Grey's Anatomy actresses got nominations.

Jen Chaney: Or the show itself. Which makes sense, since it's totally played out.

P.S. Sorry for the brief delay in answers; just got phone calls from a couple of Globe winners themselves! (I didn't feel right saying, "Sorry, I can't talk to Jeff Bridges, I'm in the middle of a chat...")


Washington, D.C.: Jen, have you seen "Avatar" yet? Is it really that groundbreaking or did Jim Cameron finally hit the wall?

Jen Chaney: I have seen it. Visually, it's stunning, particularly in 3D. I love the idea of entering a distant planet and actually having it be a much more immersive experience.

But I just could not get into the story. And I thought it was way too long. I haven't fidgeted (or yawned) that much in a movie in quite some time.


Herndon, Va.: Ms. Chaney/Ms. de Moraes -- any chance your disagreements result in a videotaped cat fight which will go direct to Reality TV?

Jen Chaney: Hey, just because there was one fist fight in the Style newsroom, suddenly we work at "Melrose Place"?


McLean, Va.: John Lithgow and Joseph Gordon-Levitt both got Globe Nominations?

Where's French Stewart's nom?

Jen Chaney: Not to mention "30 Rock" is just a few words away from "Third Rock From the Sun."

I smell a conspiracy!


Wheaton, Md.: Couldn't agree more about the presenters -- Timberlake was SO self- absorbed, constantly amusing himself. Didn't he realize he was there to present noms of OTHER people, and not perform an unfunny comedy routine? I hate when actors/celebs do this. It was about the nominations, buddy, not about you.

Jen Chaney: Agreed, although I did laugh when he was ribbing Krasinski about Emily Blunt's nomination.


Fringe: Wait, are you saying that one of you doesn't like Fringe? How is this possible? It is an amazing show that I actually bother to record, watch and enjoy. That and Modern Family makes for a fun TV season.

Plus, every time I watch Fringe, I get to enjoy Noble being a nutjob, and Pacey being a babe. What's not to like?

Jen Chaney: Honestly, I have been meaning to watch "Fringe" and just haven't. Plan to catch up on DVD. My mom loves it, though.


Washington, D.C.: Any noms for "Lost?"

Jen Chaney: Just Michael Emerson. Well-deserved, but of course, I would have loved to see more.


McLean, VA: Nine is getting less than glowing reviews from critics (under 40% on Rotten Tomatoes) yet landed four non-music nominations at the Globes. It looks like the movie could end up being no better than the third best film featuring the number 9 in its title this year. Is it time for the Globes to actually wait for all the movies come out, so people aren't nominating based only on trailers and "for your consideration" ads?

Speaking of movies named Nine, even though the plot was a bit of a mess, I'm surprised to see 9 get overlooked in favor of Meatballs, especially with the animated feature category expanded to five films this year.

Jen Chaney: What do you mean non-music? With the excpetion of the supporting actress nomination for Cruz, all of its nods were in the musical/comedy category?

The people voting for the Globes have seen "Nine." And while I would agree that it's hardly the best picture of the year -- well done on that third best film featuring the number 9 comment, by the way -- I understand why it was recognized in that category. If the Globes didn't separate dramas from the musical-comedies, I am not sure it would have gotten as much recognition.

That said, I thought Marion Cotillard was excellent and so was Cruz, so those nods are certainly well-deserved.


Jen Chaney: I'm afraid our hour is up. It's been fun, as always, chatting with you. Thanks for your great questions and comments, even the ones from you weirdos who hated "Up in the Air."

(Kidding, kidding...)

Thanks again and adios.



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