The 'Lost' Hour: Season 6 Predictions with DocArzt

Jen Chaney and Liz Kelly, with special guest Jon Lachonis (aka Doc Arzt)
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Thursday, December 17, 2009; 3:00 PM

Join "Lost" bloggers Liz Kelly and Jen Chaney each Thursday at 3 p.m. ET to talk about "Lost's" looming final season. This week, we'll be sharing our predictions for the upcoming final season, which kicks off Feb. 2, 2010.

For the Thursday, Dec. 17 chat, Liz and Jen will be joined by a special guest: Jon Lachonis. As DocArzt, Lachonis has been writing about "Lost" since the end of season one. He was behind such sites as TheTailsection, TheLostExperience, and currently, resulting in over six-thousand posts dedicated to every aspect of "Lost." Last year, Lachonis co-wrote the book "LOST Ate My Life," a book about fan culture phenomenon, with Amy J. Johnston of TheFuselage. Besides, Lachonis also operates and writes for Fair warning: He has sworn off spoilers for LOST season 6.

Liz and Jen, both obsessive "Lost" fans, have been writing their weekly dueling analysis of the show since 2006. When not debating the merits of Sawyer's hotness, Liz Kelly writes the Celebritology blog and Jen Chaney acts as movies editrix and DVD columnist for For episode analysis, discussion transcripts and more, visit's Lost Central.


Cleveland Park: During my Season 1 rewatch, my boyfriend (first-time viewer) points that the roommates of Sayid's friend Assan are playing the video game 'Half Life' when Sayid first arrives at the apt shared by the misled terrorist youth. I was intrigued by the name, since 'Half Life' refers to radiation/radioactive decay, and based on the hardcore nosebleeds we've seen, radiation poisoning may be playing a role in time travel. I asked the boyf for more info and found out that Half Life (the video game) is about time travel!

Here is the Wikipedia brief: "In Half-Life, players assume the role of Dr. Gordon Freeman, a recent graduate theoretical physicist who must fight his way out of a secret underground research facility, whose research and experiments into teleportation technology have gone wrong." Sounds about par for the Lost course!

My boyfriend noted that aliens eventually come into play as well. Could we be dealing with ETs in Season 6?!?

Jon (Doc Arzt): Personally, I would not be surprised to see aliens - but I doubt it. The creators have sort of debunked the idea of the island being an alien ant farm, or anything like that. It would not surprise me, though, for some outer space connection to come into play. I've often thought the source of the island's magic is left over 'creation' energy.

Funny thing, though. There is a LOST easter egg in Half Life 2

Jen: I'm not into "Half Life," but Dr. Freeman sounds a lot like Daniel Faraday, doesn't he?

As for aliens, I'm doubting we'll see any E.T.s. But I agree with Jon: some sort of weird, spacey insinuation would be cool.

Liz Kelly: Add me as a third for debunking the alien theory. But, since we're already pretty far into messing with the space/time continuum it wouldn't surprise me to see things take on more universal themes.

I'm not a Half Life person either. In fact, the last game I was seriously into was the early '90s version of Zelda. And I'm pretty sure there weren't any "Lost" clues to be had there.


Jen Chaney: Good afternoon, "Lost" lovers. Some exciting news today: I made the Dean's List at Lost University. And only I had today to get an A in jungle survival basics was watch a couple of videos! Of course, when I begin my physics course, I fully expect to drop in my acadamic standing...

But seriously, that's not the *real* exciting news. The big deal of the day is that Jon Lachonis -- that's Mr. Doc Arzt to you -- is joining us in today's chat, which will focus on predictions. Liz, Jon and I will share some of our season six hypotheses as the chat progresses...

Liz Kelly: ... but we're more interested in hearing yours, so bring 'em on. This is our last chat of the year. We'll reconvence in early Janaury, but we need a meaty chat today to carry us through the New Year. So make with the predictions!

And welcome Jon! Or should we call you "Doc"?

Jon (Doc Arzt): You can call me anything, except late for LOST! Great to be here. So awesome to be making predictions on LOST knowing that they will all be proven wrong in just a few weeks!

Liz Kelly: Oops, we obviously meant to send this out first!


Woodstock, IL: Predictions for season 6:

(1) Ben dies. Best way to do him in, Ben travels back in time, meets younger self, younger self betrays him and kills him. Younger self is asked why he did it, he says "Because he would have done it to me."

(2) Island makes one final move offshore Manhattan, gets an agent and a guest spot on Oprah.

(3) Final episode has Locke really coming back to life, Jack denies it was anything miraculous and says it was "just one of those things".

(4) Claire is found and arrested for child abandonment.

(5) Jack finds out he's really Kate's half-brother and that Locke is their real dad. Denies it's any kind of coincidence, says it's just one of those things.

Liz Kelly: I do like the idea of Jack being Kate's brother. Very Star Wars.

Jon (Doc Arzt): Lol. Well, I actually think Jack is finally over denying everything. I can't wait to see what Jack's demeanor is like in the wake of whatever the Jughead impact was.

Jen Chaney: That Ben prediction is very funny. And also totally plausible.

And re: Kate and Jack being semi-siblings? Ew! Luke and Leia realized they were blood relatives before anything, um, happened. But Jack and Kate have already ... ew!

Unless the time reboot erases their sexual relationship. In which case, I guess that's less ew.


Cleveland, OH: I'm assuming Jen and Liz saw this, but everyone should give it a read, as about half the interviewees have Lost connections: "Geekdom's Council of Elders" from GQ.

Liz Kelly: Thanks for the link. I'll have to check it out after the chat. I'm sure Miss Dean's List has probably already read it and written up some kind of summary.

Jen Chaney: Rude!

I read the magazine piece, but haven't looked at all of the extended interviews that appeared online. I definitely plan to.

Liz, if you'd step spending all your time going to all those Lost U. acapella shows and frat parties, maybe you too could make the Dean's List.

Liz Kelly: Allow my colleague Ogre to respond:


East Troy, WI: I've been wondering for a while, but I always forget to ask, what made you choose 'Doc Arzt' as an online alias? Did you feel a kinship with the character, 'Dr. Arzt'? Or do you just enjoy Daniel Roebuck's work?

Also, when is your next podcast? I'm interested how they will go with the final season coming up.

Jon (Doc Arzt): Actually... when Roebuck's Arzt first appeared on the screen, my wife made the comment that they must have modeled that character after me. I've forgiven for that comment since I really am a somewhat boisterus pointifcater, and totally aloof. However. I've never had a date leave me holding her Lobster.

Podcasts returning... [Fade to White]


High falutin' theories from the Midwest: The battle between Jason (good) and MIB (evil) is eternal. Jack, Locke, other primary characters have always existed, have always been in conflict, moved around like chess pieces by the gods, and always will be.

This is just the latest iteration. Jacob is sad for pawns like Ben (which is why he was weepy when Ben was getting all angry and into the "what about me?" phase)not because Jacob's worried about his ultimate fate (being immortal and all-seeing) but because he's saddened by seeing poor mortals (his children?) moved to the dark side. MIB is frustrated because (being evil and stuff) he always loses, sort of an existential Wile E. Coyote.

Possibilities: This is the final iteration (Jacob: "It's all progress until it ends"), and thus the end of the conflict between Jacob and MIB is the end of the world.

Or maybe, in the series' final shot, we see Jack's eye, as he awakens on the island again, in some future or past state, unaware on a conscious level that he is going to play it all out again, but eventually, as we know, acting strangely authoritative and insisting on doing some things that don't seem to turn out well ... at least initially (like dropping a nuclear bomb down a mine shaft). And his colleague Locke will have a strange affinity for the island that he himself can't quite understand. (Again.)

Liz Kelly: Ahh, so you're hinting at a "Dark Tower"-esque ending, in which the players are doomed to repeat the same loop over and over again with a .0000001 percent chance that things will turn out differently.

I do like the chess analogy -- especially after seeing that nifty "Lost" promo from Spanish TV. But shouldn't we be concentrating on backgammon here? After all, it was Locke's game of choice early on.

Jon (Doc Arzt): I love this idea because I've believed it myself for some time. And you, like me, must have loved the dialogue between MIB and Jacob to the effect that this HAS happened over and over again. I do tend to think, though, that Jacob and MIB were referring to earlier groups of people who made their way to the island.

I do think it would make a nice resolution for Jack and crew to figure out they are in a loop and somehow break that. It would also be a nice character statement if in earlier revolutions of the loop some of the same character attractions took place - implying a 'soul' at work, or something of that nature.

Jen Chaney: I also really believed that the show would end as it begin, with history repeating itself. But now I feel differently about that, perhaps as a consequence of Faraday's flip-flopping on the time travel issue.

He thought that whatever happened, happened, which means we can't change anything. But I think last season set us up to believe that there are variables and people can change destiny to some degree. They are not just pawns, to borrow that chess analogy.

So I very much agree with Jon here, I would like to see a bit of destiny at work but, overall, a resolution that gives these characters some control over their lives. Remember: every single person who ended up on the island wanted to change something about their pasts. It would be a shame if they don't get that opportunity.


Colesville, MD: While I'm excited by an alternative reality reboot, I don't think it will last more than one episode. There are just too many questions that need answering to waste time in alternative timeline where the plane lands saftely in LA.

In other news my husband joined my rewatch of Lost. He is watching for the first time. We saw The Constant last night and He said it was one of his favorite hours of TV ever. He was so excited that he suggested that we name our baby (due in july) Desmond if it's a boy. I love my husband!

Jon (Doc Arzt): I agree with you that the reboot can't last. I think there are several agents of the island that will be unaffected by what the 815r's did. What was their slogan? "Only fools are enslaved by time and space." The guys who came up with that motto probably won't be too pleased with Jack & Company's amateur time tinkering. Just a guess.

As far as how many episodes, hopefully they learned something from the fans' time-flash weariness during season 5. If they do go temporarily into an alternate timeline, it shouldn't go on too long or fans will kvetch.

Liz Kelly: I'm calling dibs on Desmond! And Penelope for that matter. And we're due in June, so nyah. Might I suggest, instead, the dynamic "Seven?"

Jen Chaney: I don't see a reboot playing out for the entire season. But I think an episode (or two, even three) is doable.

Honestly, Desmond was on our short list of baby boy names before our son was born, and not because of me. My husband put it there because he loved Des. It is a pretty nice name.

Glad your husband has joined in. It will make season six much more exciting if you can watch together.


Add-on to the Maggie Grace question from Celebritology: As we enter Lost's final year, are you surprised at which actors have taken advantage of the show to get other acting opportunities (Matthew Fox in leads, Naveen Andrews in supporting roles), those whose careers have sputtered (Ian Somerholder - I think Vampire Diaries was a last resort career choice, Emily DeRaven, Harold Perrineau), and those that have shunned extra opportunities alltogether (Evangeline Lilly, Josh Holloway)?

Jen Chaney: Well, Somerhalder seems to be doing okay with "Diaries." And I'm not just saying that because of my Boone obsession.

And Emilie de Ravin is in a movie with Mr. Twilight, Robert Pattinson, that comes out next year. So her prospects aren't so bad.

I think the one that surprises me most is one you also noted: the fact that Josh Holloway hasn't taken on any other roles outside of "Lost," except for those Davidoff Cool Water ads. I think he's grown tremendously as an actor and I'd like to see what he can do outside of the Sawyer role.

Liz Kelly: Actually, Josh is in "Stay Cool", co-starring Winona Ryder, Chevy Chase and Hilary Duff.

Jen Chaney: That smacks of straight-to-DVD to me. I want to see Holloway in a non-Hilary Duff movie!


Portland, OR: Not that I want them to die, but I think it would be ironically poetic (or poetically ironic?) if Adam and Eve turned out to be Jack and Kate, because they were the first ones to find them.

Jon (Doc Arzt): Most definitly! As a matter of fact, when I interviewed Damon and Carlton for UGO I asked them when they knew they would be needing time travel to tell the story, and Damon told me that when they introduced Adam and Eve they knew they would need some time travel.

Source: UGO Damon: "...I will say, though, that the first significant event in the show where we were thinking in the back of our minds that this is going to require a story telling element that isn't traditional narrative, is the discovery of Adam and Eve in the caves. "

Jen Chaney: Interesting. Let the speculation about who Adam and Eve are recommence ... now!


Arlington, VA: I actually like that the season will begin on Feb. 2nd...true that means we have to wait (even longer) for the beginning of the season, but it also looks like we will have a new Lost every week without interruption ending the season on May 18th! I heart no interruptions and no skipped weeks!

Any theories for how Walt may play into the series end? I still maintain that my season 1 prediction that this is the Walt Show may come true. Of course it may just be the Tall Ghost Walt show.

Jen Chaney: Well, don't heart it too much. You forget that the Olympics comes on in February, which will put "Lost" on pause shortly after it gets started again. So thanks for that, all you bobsled competitors.

I don't think we'll see much of Walt, simply because he has aged so much. I also could swear Lindelof or someone recently said as much in an interview. I feel like they have to reference or acknowledge him somehow, though.


North Bergen, NJ: It seems an alternate reality (one where the plane lands in LA) is on the agenda for the final season. Do you think we'll see both realities (one where the losties are on the island and preceeding with events along our regularly scheduled timeline, and one where the plane lands) in the form of the alternate timeline as "flashbacks/flashforwards"? If so, will the losties be aware of both realities at the same time (ala Desmond in his jumps through time)?

Why do you think the old folks of the island (those deposed by Ben) have an interest in seeing such an event unfold? Do you feel they gain on a personal level, or they serve a higher purpose?

Jon (Doc Arzt): If they do have an alternate timeline, I think some of them are going to figure it out. Damon and Carlton seem to be very proud of the character stories they have developed, and I doubt they are going to let them fade. I think the challenege would be to make that story, of them beginning to remember, different from the "We have to go back" story.

Liz Kelly: Just to keep track of things, we'll call this one the "Sliding Doors" theory.

Jen Chaney: Nice, Liz.

And your second question is a good one. Alpert seemed to be in favor of exploding the bomb. (Or at least, he helped Jack and Sayid in their efforts.) He must want to undo something in the past as well, maybe?


R. Beagle: The last episode will end with Janet getting married and Jack opening up his own bistro. He will move out of the apartment and start living with his new girlfriend but will be shocked to learn that her father has bought the apartment building and is living next door. Larry is never seen nor heard from again.

Jen Chaney: Man, there's nothing like a solid meal at Jack's Bistro.

It would so completely rock if in the last scene of "Lost," we see a close-up of an eye, then the camera slowly moves to a wider shot of a man lying on his back in a jungle and we realize ... it's Mr. Furley!


Come on, that would be awesome.

Liz Kelly: And the Regal Beagle would, I assume, be revealed as an off-island Dharma Station.

Oh, and instaed of Jacob vs. Esau we'd have Mr. Furley vs. Mr. Roper.


Chicago, Ill.: So at this point, we have the Purgatory and Alien Ant Farm theories off the market. Any others that the creators have definitely ruled out?

Liz Kelly: If I recall correctly, LindeCuse shut down the idea that the everything was a creation of Hurley's addled brain. Or, for that matter, of any one character's brain.

Jen Chaney: I think the "it's a all a dream/Bob Newheart" theory has been ruled out.

Oh, and the "St. Elsewhere/snow globe" theory can probably be crossed off the list

Jon (Doc Arzt): The island is not on the back of a space bound sea turtle. Also compeltely debunked.


If there is a re-set on the crash, what happens to Walt? And what happened to Cindy and the kidnapped kids?: There are some plot point from Season 1 I doubt think will ever be sorted out, is a back-to-the-beach reset a convenient way never to have to answer these issues? But then, what about Walt?

Jon (Doc Arzt): The thing is, if there is a reset it begins in 1977 - since that is when they actually changed time. So the characters lives leading up to the flight are significantly changed as well, right? If not, the LOST writer's room is getting TP'd.

Jen Chaney: That's true, but I don't think we have to go back to 1977 again. We could be led to believe that their life histories have changed without having to see Jack walking around in those nose-pickin' collared shirts again...


Las Vegas, Nevada: My friend and I both see Season 6 as the "dimension" season.

In setting off the Incident, Jack and friends have created an alternate dimension where the plane never crashed. This is where Episode 1 of S6 begins; finding the Oceanic 6 as they land in L.A. and go about their lives as if nothing happened. Simultaneously, however, the dimension Jack and friends left, STILL EXISTS where Jacob has now been killed by Nemesis. This is what Damon and Carlton meant when they said at Comic-con that they've done the flashbacks and flash-forwards and now want to do something new.

In our theory, Jacob isn't dead and finds a way to enter the new dimension and bring Jack and friends back to the island to save it from Nemesis' takeover. That will be the main thrust of S6.

Jon (Doc Arzt): I think that is a great idea, and very likely. The question is, what is so important about those people? Is it all of them, or just one? A lot of folks think that all roads lead to Aaron...

Jen Chaney: Aaron ... well, he is the only Oceanic Six member who didn't go back to the island. Interesting...


Which dead characters are returning this year? (Please don't say Kiele Sanchez!): Are they all coming back or just a few?

Jon (Doc Arzt): Oooo that's a request for spoilers, no? All I can say is check out the Season 6 poster on my site.


Kensington MD: LOVE this chat, and you two, Jen and Liz. You, and the Season 5 DVD (regular not Blu-Ray) totally move my island.

I saw the cover of the Season 5 DVD out of the corner of my eye and thought, for a second, who IS that confident bald man standing in front of the group like a sure leader? Did I know him from somewhere... and then I realized:

John Locke looks like Jean-Luc Picard.

Coincidence, or not? You decide. But it definitely makes Terry O'Quinn sexier to me. But he's still no Daniel Dae-Kim.

Jen Chaney: Well, given the connections between the "Lost" team and the "Star Trek" franchise that's pretty interesting. I'm guessing that's just a weird coincidence.

And thanks for the compliments, Kensington. You move our islands as well.

Liz Kelly: Speaking of images, did anyone manage to score one of the final Lost ARG posters? Alas, I moved too slow.

Jen Chaney: I had that stupid Web site open last night for a while, and it still said "On sale soon." Go back to it this morning and ... gone.

Totally bummed.

Some of the art from the art show earlier this week is still for sale though. It's much pricier, but fun to look at.


Doc Artz - how do we resolve Walt's "specialness"?: I realize the kid is 45 now and 8 feet tall, but Walt's specialness - for his kidnapping, to his appearance to Shannon before her death demands resolution - how will they tie this up?

And what about Vincent? Will we ever find out if there is something more going on w/ him?

Jon (Doc Arzt): I have this nagging feeling that Walt's ability will never be addressed. We know he attracted birds. Apparently, The Others were interested in this...

Jen Chaney: Yeah, that bugs me. That's a big open question. Not one that's crucial to the current narrative (which is why it probably won't be addressed), but something I personally would like an answer to.

What did Walt do to scare the heck out of the Others, so much that they wanted to give him back after snatching him?

Liz Kelly: Yeah, that is a big burning question and I think the story would be incomplete without at least an attempt to give us a fuller answer.


Silver Spring, MD: Do you think Paolo and girlfriend will make a return? What was the point of that one episode with them on it if they don't return at some point?

Jon (Doc Arzt): You have to admit, if you hated the way they entered... you loved the way they exited. Burying them alive was such a statement on studio and fan culture politics. For that reason alone, we need em back! Not as key players, of course, but as a wink to the fans.

Jen Chaney: Right, which is part of the reason why Liz and I started the "We want Nikki and Paolo" Twitter campaign that swept the nation.

And by swept the nation, I mean that 10 other people Tweeted it.

But my feeling is this: LindeCuse entered them into the narrative and led us to believe they were there when the plane crashed. So they need to honor that as part of the canon.


Maggie Grace: Isn't she back? IMDB lists her as a member of the cast of Episode One. ...

Jon (Doc Arzt): IMDB is partially user edited. Therefore it is as accurate as Wikipedia. Maybe less. (Is that possible?)


Atlanta, GA: What do you suggest for us LOST starved fans during the long Hiatus?

Liz Kelly: Well, we only made it through season 3 with our re-watch. So if you're particularly couch-bound, you could probably make it through both seasons 4 and 5 by Feb. 2.

And, Jen and I will be continuing the chats starting in early January. We may move to Wednesdays to start prepping for the new season's Tuesday night sked, but we'll be here.

Jen Chaney: And there's also Lost University! You can be my roommate since Liz has requested a dorm change now that my nerdish ways are ruining her reputation as the "It" girl on campus.


Olney, MD: Lost cannot be put on pause for the Olympics and show all the episodes unless they do some back to back. And isn't the Olympics only two weeks long?

Jen Chaney: The Olympics is only two weeks long, you're right. But a two-week pause is too long after all this waiting.


Woodbridge, VA: What do you think the role of Aaron will be in the coming season?

Liz Kelly: Well, I'm hoping he'll figure as more than just a prop for Kate or Claire. Like Walt, Aaron seems to be invested with some kind of "special" status. I'm hoping that with the supposed return of Claire, we'll learn more about that.

Jen Chaney: Yes. Plus, they can always get new babies to play Aaron so he doesn't have the same age issues as Walt.


Seattle, Washington: Damon Lindelof said that Sawyer next season would have some Heathcliff action going on. Michael Emerson has said Josh Holloway's performances so far have been gripping and moving. Any predictions that Sawyer's arc this upcoming season will be? My guess is he's going to be going all bitter and vengeful again due to Juliet's death, join the Man in Black's fake Locke and be needing to be brought out of his self-destructive spiral by his beloved Freckles.

Jon (Doc Arzt): That would seem to be the direction! I do think his comment is at least somewhat deceptive. Sawyer will go totally dark, but I doubt he will wind up starving himself to death ala Wuthering Heights. There are so many ways to interepret that. Lindelof could have been indicating that Sawyer is just going to pull away, or Sawyer could go on a mission to destroy everyone. Can't wait to see what he meant by that.

Liz Kelly: Or he could disappear to make a name for himself -- turning himself into what he sees as being a bigger man than spinal surgeon Jack Shephard -- then attempt to return and make Kate sorry she ever crossed his path.

Jen Chaney: Note to readers: Liz says this primarily because she wants to make Kate sorry she ever crossed Sawyer's path.

In some ways, I welcome a bit more darkness for Sawyer. During the S1 rewatch, I realized that I missed that a little, much as I also like Sensitive Sawyer.


Sandwich, illinois: Did you feel that Charles Widmore will play a much more significant role in Season 6 in particular with Ben's competitive nature with him?

Jon (Doc Arzt): Now that MIB is in charge, it's hard to say what either Ben or Widmore's position would be on the island. MIB didn't seem to hold humans in high regard, perhaps he won't feel he needs foot soldiers in the way Jacob did.

Liz Kelly: I'd like to see some effort made to explain the shadowy Alvar Hanso and his hand in Dharma and what followed. Will I get my wish? Probably not.

Jen Chaney: I'd also like understand more about what the heck those people in Ann Arbor do.

We really need more TV shows to be set in Ann Arbor, Mich.


Arlington, VA: Prediction: Richard Alpert is from a different timeloop and is stuck in the Losties timeloop. He doesn't age, because he is out of phase with his timeline.

Liz Kelly: See I'm convinced we'll find out Richard lives somehow outside the time line. He's some kind of time-keeper or observer.

Jen Chaney: Actually, I think you're both saying different versions of the same thing.

The mention of Alpert leads me to my first prediction: in season six, we'll realize Alpert has actually been pulling the strings all along. Ben's not really in charge, nor is Locke. Richard has been quietly moving the chess pieces on the island to work in his favor.

For what reason? How should I know, I can only predict one thing at a time!

Liz Kelly: See Jen, I was moving toward the same prediction, but then Jacob and the MIB don't seem to fit into that construction. Alpert seems to be powerless over them. At least from the evidence we have so far.

What say you, Leslie? Errr, I mean Doc?

Jon (Doc Arzt): Alpert did tell Flocke (Fake Locke) that he does not age because of something that Jacob did to him. That doesn't give us enough information to figure out if that something was done in a different timeloop, etc. The bottom line is, your guess is as good as mine. I defer to Darlton's 'character' copout, I'm less interested in why Alpert is ageless and more interested in why Jacob chose him to be ageless.


Dudes: You have some Arzt on you.

Liz Kelly: Well played.

Jen Chaney: Thanks to Jon's astute analysis, we all have some Arzt on us.

(Wow, that cheesiness leaves a hell of an after-taste.)


Angie, Nashville TN: Who here is pro-reboot and who is against it? I for one think that what the producers will throw us will be something in between because... well, it's just never simple with these folks!

Jen Chaney: I am pro re-boot. I'd really like them to scramble what we already know, at least to some degree.

Liz Kelly: Agreed. I'm pro-reboot. Painful though it might be. I'd like to see some of the characters have flashes of awareness, though, of what came before. Call me sentimental.


Ft. Collins, Co.: I've heard that season 6 is going to be a crazy, confusing wrap-up to the series. I think the most confusing thing to happen would be an alternate time-line where our heroes lives are totally scrambled....Sawyer would now be a surgeon...hurley a con manm, Jack ...a box man...ect, ect...

Jen Chaney: The funny thing about this chat is that I don't know when people are making genuinely innocent predictions or dropping mini-spoiler bombs.

I think a scramble is very possible. I'm hoping for something like that. I want my mind to be blown. Or at least to go "poof" a little bit.

Liz Kelly: I love the scramble idea. I want to see Jack working at Mr. Clucks and Hurley as a Republican Guard interrogator. Now that would be some good TV.

What I'm concerned might happen is an alternate or rebooted reality -- as Kate feared at the end of last season -- in which all that came before is erased and the characters don't have any idea of their past significance to one another. Kind of like the heartbreaking end of "Donnie Darko" in which his girlfriend biked past the Darko house, not knowing why she was drawn to it.


Salt Lake City, UT: John Locke is dead. Jacob is dead. Jacob has been planning for decades all possibilities to ensure that right people at right time arrive to the island. Is it possible that Jacob foresaw his death as well... and planned something in the Dharma time to cancel out his future demise? (Am I making any sense? )

Liz Kelly: But is Jacob really dead? Or is that incarnation of Jacob dead? I'm with you in thinking he had to have foresaw Esau's move to kill him. But instead of railing against it, he submitted to it. Almost as if it was a rite of passage.

Jon (Doc Arzt): I think Jacob manipulated folks to go back in time and do the reset. It's the sort of head fake a god like being would pull against another god like being in a game of celestial risk.


Austin: Top of the afternoon everyone. I noticed Lost got a little love in a recent best tv shows of the decade list, so I feel better about myself.

Just a few rambling questions I would like answers to:

Looking forward to learning more about Mr. Alpert. What real function does Alpert serve to Jacob considering Jacob can leave the island and physically interact with chosen people? He doesn't appear to have ever been the leader but he obviously serves some official function; almost get the impression he was the high priest of Jacob, for instance.

If Jacob vs MIB is the center which everything else revolves around, the question for me is what their "war" is all about. What happens if MIB wins the war, for instance or if Jacob does. Is there an affect larger than the island? Otherwise, there is limited reason for anyone to really be invested as much as they are in my view.

What happened to Ben when he was healed as a boy and in what way was he altered (and was that altering required for him to serve the role of Jacob's stabber (doubt Jacob is dead)?

For Aaron, will he end up being Jacob's successor? What other ramifications of Aaron being raised not by Claire will there be-Claire was told the boy had to be with her (be on the island as it turns out) but we have no indication as to why.

Who made the rule that the MIB could not kill Jacob directly but had to use a (dead) proxy? (Suggests a Higher Power)

Jon (Doc Arzt): Re Richard Alpert: What is interesting is that we learned that Alpert does not necessarily answer to the 'leader' of the others. This was definitely the case with Widmore, but we need a little more information to know if it is/was the case with Locke and Ben. It's almost like Richard is Jacob's liaison and not truly a 'member' of The Others. I suppose all that this really reveals is that Jacob either doesn't want to be among The Others, or he can't. As powerful as he is, maybe there is something that prevents him from being around them. My best guess: The Others, and even Alpert, are not as important as we think they are. About as important as the chess pieces on a chess board. Alpert, in this scenario, is a bishop.


Branchville OH: they always have dual storytelling every season, offisland and on. What do u think the offisland stories will be about?

Jon (Doc Arzt): I'm going to guess that the off-island stories will be alternate realities. The what-if storylines. But I'm also guessing these stories WILL be fully relevent to the end game of the season and story.

Jen Chaney: Or that what we have thought of as off-island stories will be about what's happening on the island, since our core characters will now be leading normal lives, having landed safely at LAX.



Teresina, Brasil: Don't you ever thought about a episode of the series who is set like 30 years in the future, with a group of people (scientists or militars or somethin' like) going to the island and makin' assumptions about what happened there while the people from Oceanic were there? I guess it would be a pretty fine story. - Alexandre Costa

Liz Kelly: Welcome Brazil. Where were you when we were trying to figure out the Portuguese dialogue?!

That would certainly be one approach -- to have a different group of people go back and try to parse what happened on the island. But I think that would take us too far away from the current cast line-up. We're so invested in the characters at this point that too much deviation would be distracitng.

Jon (Doc Arzt): Might describe the pilot of "The Hunted Ones", the clever sequel to LOST mentioned in Stephen King's new book "Under The Dome".


Brother Campbell: I kind of hope we find out who Brother Campbell was, the monk who kicked Desmond out of the monastery and had a picture of Mrs. Hawking on his desk. Has anyone been able to place him on the island at any time?

Jon (Doc Arzt): We know that Mrs. Hawking took what she learned from Daniel Faraday in the past and used it to shape events later on. Brother Campbell is obviously someone who was in on all of that with her, and the church connection with the Lighthouse station is unavoidable.


Liz Kelly: Okay Losties -- that's it for today and, well, for 2009. We'll be back to chatting, most likely on Wednesday, Jan. 6, but we'll post a link at as soon as we have it.

Doc, thanks so much for joining us today. It's been a heck of a discussion. Hope you'll come back in 2010 for a chat!

Jon (Doc Arzt): Thanks for having me! This was blast!

Jen Chaney: We loved having Jon join us today. And we expect to bring on more special guests in January so, as Liz suggested, stay tuned.

See you dorks at the Lost Student Union!


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