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Cindy Boren
Washington Post NFL Editor
Monday, December 21, 2009; 3:30 PM

Post NFL Editor Cindy Boren takes your questions about tonight's Redskins-Giants game and discusses results from around the league.

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Cindy Boren: Greetings, gameday dudes and dudettes. What's on your minds today? Bruce? Shanny? Giants-Redskins on MNF?


Columbus, Ohio: Cindy...

For all of the criticism leveled at Snyder, I just want to salute his attention to Redskins tradition...the re-hiring of Gibbs and now the hiring of the son of the architect of the Over The Hill Gang? All we need is the return of Billy Kilmer and Diron Talbert to complete the "old school" transformation.

Let's hope Snyder has learned something too...let Allen make the decisions.

Cindy Boren: That is Snyder's playbook when things are bad, isn't it? Hire someone who harks back to the burgundy-and-gold tradition. This is a good move, though, provided the right coach comes in and that Allen and the coach are allowed to make the personnel decisions. Otherwise...well, as someone joked on Twitter, there was a report that Lombardi was seen at Redskins Park.


Houston: I hate to say it, but the 'Skins will help the Cowboys if they win tonight - how about a great, close game, that shows they are progressing, but a loss, so they can dim the Cowboys playoff chances next week?

By the way, would you like some degrees on your thermometer from sunny Houston?

Cindy Boren: Yes, please. Send about 15 degrees of heat this way (don't want to be too much of a pig). Is it really that much about the boys of cow for you guys? Really? Wouldn't a win be nice? All last week I thought the Redskins would win, but now that the game is here, I think the Giants will squeak by.


Richmond, Va.: Everyone seems to agree that the Skins offense has improved since the 2nd half of the ATL game ... and that the new play-calling process must have started working better. But to me the offense has been better since that point because CP has not been in the mix ... thoughts?

Cindy Boren: I think it's the plays and the absence of Portis. It's no accident that Betts was so successful; he'd been practicing with these guys. And there's a reason fubball coaches are obsessed with execution: it works. While razzle dazzle and improvisation are important, so is executing a game plan. Portis wasn't hitting the holes in the line at the precise moment or place or in the ways in which the plays were designed. Betts (and then others) did. It also helped that, because of injuries to the line, the plays were streamlined a bit. Campbell is going to the three-step drop, which makes him far more successful.


Atlanta: Hi Cindy,

I hear that Haynesworth is playing tonight. I don't see the Giants line having the ability to stop AH, Carter and Orakpo, especially if they send Landry on a regular basis.

I'm thinking "Hi Eli, welcome to Jason's world!"

Cindy Boren: The Giants' offensive line has been dinged a bit. If they can get rush going, Manning will have a better game. If not, well, I see group hugs with a blue No. 10 in the middle.


Vero Beach, Fla.: Hi Cindy !!

Any comments on Jaworski's statements in this morning's article by Rick ?

washingtonpost.com: ESPN's Jaworski breaks down the Redskins

Cindy Boren: Ron Jaworski is a very smart man. I think there is some validity to his points about Jason Campbell. I don't know that JC can be a great QB, as I've said here before, but I'd be reluctant to scrap him. Every Redskins fan I know has a nightmare vision of him going elsewhere and succeeding. Jaworski pointed out that there are plenty of greater weaknesses on the roster than Campbell. I do agree with that; I'd start elsewhere with the roster. Will Allahan (Shanlen? Mice?) agree?


Westminster, Md.: We're still a joke of a franchise, right? Or are we a few big free agents and a big name coach away from winning a division game?

Cindy Boren: A joke? No, I don't think so. It's hard to laugh when Albert Haynesworth is about to crush you. And that Orakpo kid (you know, the one I'm responsible for drafting; you can thank me later) is a beast as well. Before you run giddily into the streets, though, your team is more than a few big free agents away. You need a good sound evaluation of personnel with a prudent person looking for the best value as well as talent at each position while also considering what will work when put together. It would appear that you're about to get that big-name coach; I'm not sure he could be a winner with this roster.


North Carolina: Do you get a sense that the 'Skins are really focused for this game? This game has seemed to become an afterthought in the fans' and media's eyes since the Cerrato/Allen/Shanahan circus.

Cindy Boren: The timing of Cerrato's resignation was certainly distracting. However, there are a ton of guys who are playing for their futures in the game; that's motivation enough for them. Speaking as a media member, it's tough to focus because you know the games affect opponents more than the locals and you know a big story is coming down the pike. You want to be prepared for it. It helps that the last three opponents are so good. Helps fans, too, because your team can wreak some havoc.


Boston: This is what happens (not that it's what I want to see happen): Shanahan comes in and trades Campbell and #1 pick for Cutler and #3 or #4.

Cindy Boren: We'd pretty quickly get an answer to the question of whether any QB would struggle behind this offensive line.


Wet blanket: For all of the talk of Snyder finally "getting it" and bringing in a proven winner in Shanahan, there's really no reason to believe that he will win here. Nobody has ever won a Super Bowl for two different teams, and Shanny's record was mediocre after Elway retired. (He was shown the door at Denver not all that long ago, remember?)

Shanahan's best recommendation is that he was able to take advantage of the Redskin's stupidity on multiple occasions (most notably getting a shut down corner plus draft picks for a running back). How well can he do when he is working for the sucker?

Cindy Boren: JReid has a Redskins Insider blog post about this very thing. As with stocks, past performance is no guarantee of future success (I lerned that from the ETrade baby). Has Parcells gotten a ring anywhere else? Did Jimmy Johnson? Lombardi? If Shanahan is the guy, the system here would be a virtual duplication of the Broncos'. He had a GM there who did the paperwork; he identified the talent and coached it up (sorry). My preference, as an owner, would be to build my own organization, with the next generation of football minds, rather than trying to replicate something.


What if . . . ?: Cindy, I know that the Redskins are already negotiating with Mike Shanahan, further disrespecting Jim Zorn, but is there any way that they'd consider keeping Zorn if the Redskins post two really impressive wins over the Giants and the Cowboys? Let's suppose they score at least 35 points in each game, Jason Campbell looks great, and they win by at least two touchdown in each victory. Is there any chance they'd consider keeping Zorn and reaping the benefits of keeping Jason Campbell in the same system? Campbell has played quite well in the last two games.

Cindy Boren: I would say something about a snowball's chance, but we've got plenty of 'em and they aren't going anywhere. So I will say this: I think there is less than zero chance of that happening.


Bowie, Md.: What kind of cookie today? Snickerdoodles? Spritz? Oatmeal chocolate chip? Seven-layer?

(You are a brave woman. When I eat pfefferneusse, or for that matter pecan balls, I can't wear black or the evidence is there all day.)

(P.S. Obligatory Redskins question: Shanahan Gruden Holmgren Cowher blah blah blah. Your thoughts?)

washingtonpost.com: Points for spelling "pfefferneusse" correctly!

Cindy Boren: A delightful Snickerdoodle with a cup of joe, thank you very much. Holiday cookies are the best, except when someone puts coconut on them. Coconut is good only for supplying traction when you're stuck in the snow.

Shanahah yep; Gruden Holmgren Cowher nope.


South Hill, Va.: Hi Cindy,

I have a theory on why Vinny got canned by Snyder. I wonder if Vinny is the guy who leaked the information that he and Snyder were out scouting QBs Clausen and McCoy. That news caused Snyder much ridicule in the sports world and probably made him very mad.

Cindy Boren: That's a really terrible theory, South Hill! Terrible in that there's no way on earth it happened.

For a really good theory, you've got to either go farther out on a limb or hit on a kernel of a germ of a sliver of a possibility. Keep trying, though!


Vinny Cerrato: Hey Cindy,

Do you have a key to Redskins Park? I left a six pack of plain yogurt in the office fridge. If you can help me out I will give you a signed copy of "Kindergarten Ninja."

Cindy Boren: I would kill for a signed copy of "Kindergarten Ninja," but, alas, I have no key. I am completely bummed and therefore am going to eat another cookie.


Fairfax, Va.: Other than the fact that it's so fun, WHY is everybody talking like Mike Shanahan has his name on a parking space at Redskins Park? Fans and media alike have taken it as a given. Lots of connect the dots, wild speculation, wishful thinking...sounds like what got the Redskins in the fix they've been in for the past 10 years. Just the facts, ma'am... oh, and yeah, I'll allow you did a bangup job getting the Orakpo kid...

Cindy Boren: Everybody is talking about it because everybody has sources telling them the same thing, even though, if you're Mr. Shanahan, don't you hit the free market (more advice from the ETrade baby) first? Can't say I'd blame you for thinking "here we go again." And, as for the Orakpo kid, all I can say is, "You're welcome, D.C."


Troy McClure: Did we learn more about the Saints or the Cowboys? I don't see a lot of people giving out any props to the 'Boys...

Cindy Boren: Troy McClure, I remember you from such educational films as "Lead Paint: Delicious But Deadly," and "Here Comes the Metric System!" That game told me a lot more about the Saints. I am officially concerned about the defense; that was a terrible loss at home. Maske disagrees, but I think this is a horrid time for a team to lose its first game. If you go 15-1, 14-2, 13-3, you sure don't want the 1, 2 or 3 to be over the last three weeks of the season. It's no way to go into the playoffs. It also doesn't help that the Saints play weak sisters Tampa Bay and Carolina next.


Cookies?: Did the win against JaMarcus Russell's Raiders last week satisfy your urge for cupcakes?

Cindy Boren: That was some cupcake, wasn't it? (With apologies to my Raider fan colleague, Steve.)

I see by the clock on the wall and the sugar in my keyboard that it's time to amble on down the road. Thanks as always for joining me. Maybe Santa will bring you a W tonight. See you next week!


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