Got Plans?: Restaurant Week, kid-friendly theater, bowling and meeting new people

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Thursday, January 7, 2010; 1:00 PM

The Going Out Guide staff talked about Restaurant Week, bowling, kid-friendly theater and how to meet new people on Thursday, Jan. 7, at 1 p.m. ET.

____________________ Hello and happy new year to you, chatters. Another year of Got Plans? fun awaits us, so let's dig right in. Rhome, Anne, Julia, Fritz, Stephanie, David, all here and ready to go.


Arlington, Va.: Any suggestions for an inexpensive outing this cold cold weekend? I'm not interested in bars. Maybe something cultural? Artsy? Active (but inside)? Thanks!

Stephanie Merry: Sure thing, Arlington. On Friday and Sunday you can try your hand at spontaneous comedy for free with the Washington Improve Theatre. You have a couple of arty options on Saturday, either joining in the artistic fun with Drink + Draw at Neptune Gallery or heading to the opening reception for Jackie Milad's exhibition at Flashpoint. Another fun outing could be the Harajuku fashion show and talk at the Textile Museum on Sunday, which is the priciest of your options at $20.


Alexandria, Va.: Way to go, making the LNS fiasco one of your Editor's Picks. How exactly do you make something a Pick before it's happened, especially an event from these guys? Do they really have such a great reputation that you thought the party sounded pick-worthy? I'm definitely taking your suggestions with a grain of salt from now on.

Fritz Hahn: So here's the thought process behind why that debacle of a party -- and yes, I stopped in briefly and saw the chaos -- was a pick.

I went out party hopping with a Post photographer on Halloween and we stopped by four venues, one of which was the same promoters' event at the City Museum. It was pretty well run -- lots of bars, lots of people telling us they were having a great time as we took pictures, no overcrowding, no uncomfortably long lines, no bars that were out of liquor. Talked to people after the fact who said it was a great time, etc.

That's why when the same two promoters -- Fritz Brogan and Reed Landry -- announced they were holding a NYE party at the Building Museum, which is one of my favorite venues in D.C., I felt it merited consideration. I've been to a couple of events there in the last year, like the Savor beer festival, and thought the staff/service/setting was wonderful.

Take that, a performance by D.C. indie buzz band U.S. Royalty, the promise of "60 bars," "limited number of tickets sold," the previous track record of the Halloween party, and advance tickets for $65 that included five hours of open bar, and yeah, I thought it sounded like something I'd recommend, especially over some other bigger hotel parties that I felt had been too lame/same-old in recent years. (Yeah, I know some people will say "Just go to house parties!" but there are thousands and thousands of people who go to these giant NYE soirees.)

But honestly, after going, and seeing bars out of champagne before 11:30, the small number of bars that looked like a riot could break out any second, people flooding out of the venue before midnight, etc., it's going to be a long time before I recommend one of their events again. And I'm really sorry to anyone who took our advice and went. I'm also of the opinion that the organizers should be offering refunds to upset patrons instead of gift cards to their own bars.

On the other hand, I also made the Science Club's free party an editor's pick, based on the space's reputation, a great DJ (Chris Burns of Disco City, etc.), and an optional $35 open bar, even though I haven't done Science Club on NYE, because it sounded like such a great time. And I've heard from plenty of people who went to that and loved it. Basing advice on previous experience goes both ways.


Looking for specific event: In the guide, I saw for Jan 2 a drag queen contest held monthly on U St. Can't find it for Feb and when I search on queen, it doesn't come up. Help!

Fritz Hahn: That's odd. Town's next installment of "So, You Want to Be a Drag Queen" is on Feb. 5 -- a Friday this time, not a Saturday -- with Patrick McDonald of Bravo's "Launch My Line" as the guest judge. Attitude contests, lip-synching contests ... it's everything a girl could hope for, plus $250 for the best drag queen, and a chance to win 10 times that much at the end-of-the-year pageant.

All the details are here.


Attn: Fritz: I've been (admittedly half-heartedly) on the lookout for Harpoon's Winter Warmer beer either on tap or on a shelf somewhere. Can you or the peanut gallery share any DC sightings? Finding a supply would make my boyfriend's month and probably clinch my title as Girlfriend of the Year. Thanks!

Fritz Hahn: I had it on draft just the other night at CommonWealth in Columbia heights, and have previously seen it at Boulevard Woodgrill, Big Hunt and ... ChurchKey?

Honestly, though, I don't recall seeing it in bottles. Chatters?


Dupont, D.C.: So next week is Restaurant Week! Which restaurants would be your top picks? I'm not interested in the traditional steakhouses. I always prefer kitchens that are a little more experimental.

Julia Beizer: Well, I think Volt is probably the most of-the-moment pick for this January's Restaurant Week. Chef Bryan Voltaggio is obviously enjoying a lot of buzz for his run on Top Chef and I had an itty bitty taste of some of his cooking when I went to help shoot this video and, um, wow. That being said, I looked into tables there this morning for a blog post that'll go up some time today about Restaurant Week, and man, it's booked solid.

I think the newcomers are always really interesting: Ris is participating, as is Bibiana (though tables at the latter appear to be hard to come by). I think expensive places are generally worth the RW price -- looking at you 2941, Adour and Westend Bistro. As for me, I'll be lunching at the Greenhouse at the Jefferson andJ&G Steakhouse (which is steak, but a lot more than that too). Expect a blog post mid-next week.

This'll be up on the blog later today, but just wanted to point you chat readers toward my list of restaurants that are extending Restaurant Week. There are more than 30!


Crafts Shows: I love the summer fairs in Reston and Alexandria, and was bummed I missed the holiday festival in DC becuase of the snow. So many great artists with amazing wears from all over. Is there anything like this permanently, or upcoming, in the DC area? I hear Torpedo Factory has great artists. Thanks!

Stephanie Merry: Torpedo does have great artists, and it's a fun place to spend a weekend afternoon. For more of a crafty vibe, you could also hit up Eastern Market.


Gaithersburg, Md.: Tom didn't answer my question yesterday -- so I'll try my ever helpful Gurus. My mom, sister and I are all going to see Show Boat at the Signature theater this Saturday at 2, and we'd like to do lunch beforehand. Any ideas on a spot to eat in that area of Arlington?

Julia Beizer: The Carlyle is generally the most reliable place in the area near the Signature. Guapo's is always fun, too.


Bethesda, Md.: Hi GOGs! Happy New's to a fun 2010! My resolution is to get out more and meet more people to do fun stuff with, particularly men. I'm a 46 year old female who looks a few years younger, is fairly attractive and in good physical shape, and likes a variety of activities. Where are all these people who keep saying they want to meet more people? Every time I go to a bar, events sponsored by clubs I belong to, etc. and start talking to people, I feel put off. I ask their name, introduce myself, and make general small talk. They usually clam up or act disinterested, and the sad thing is they're usually by themselves too so a lot of people just stand around doing nothing. Sometimes we even exchange contact info. They say they'll call and never do, or if I call they act like a deer in the headlights. I have a lot of friends but many of them are in relationships or live far away. I'd like more people to be able to do stuff with, even as simple as going to a movie so I don't have to go by myself. While it would be nice to also meet a man I could be in a relationship with, that's not as important as just making new friends. So tell me where all these people are who say they want to meet people too! Help me keep my resolution!

Rhome Anderson: This is a puzzling one but the principle at the center is a sound one that I've preached for years: be active doing stuff you enjoy, be friendly and you will meet people.

I still stick to this principle and see it succeed consistently. Maybe you're just having a string of bad luck? Some chatter input on this one perhaps?

I know friends in relationships who have social gatherings where they make it a point to invite single folk. And it's always good to chat up people who are coupled, you might make personal, romantic, friendly and professional connections to others through them.

The best (and easiest) connections often happen when there's a connector who can vet folks to each other. It helps people let their guard down. Maybe you should suggest some dinner parties to your coupled up friends.


Washington, D.C.: I'm stir-crazy in this cold weather! Do you have any fun/different/creative ideas for things that my boyfriend and I can do on weekends and weeknights? I don't usually get out of work till 6:30 on weeknights and I feel like we're getting trapped in a trend of just getting dinner somewhere and I don't want to be just running errands on weekends. We both like outdoorsy activities and he's not much of a fan of watching movies or sitting still too long. Last night, we tasked each other with coming up of a list of things to do together this winter...ideas would be great! Thanks!

Anne Kenderdine: I like how you think, D.C. The first thing that comes to mind is the obvious -- ice-skating. I think you should also check out the Arboretum's very popular full-moon hikes; the ones for January and February are already full, but you can sign up Feb. 1 for the next ones, which will be on March 27, 28 and 29, says Lindsay Hicks, who coordinates the hikes for the Arboretum. For indoor, but interactive ideas, pick a trivia night -- an easy way to get to know others, too.


Quizzo: In Phila bars used to have a wonderfully fun game called Quizzo. One bar on Capital Hill had it years ago, but we lived in Reston. Now are in Arlington and owuld love to find a bar here that does something like this. Know of any? Thanks!

Fritz Hahn: Quizzo is back on the Hill, actually, at the Union Tap on Tuesday nights. I wrote about it on our blog. Still one of the best trivia nights in D.C., and similar to the Philly quizzes.

In Arlington, I've done the quiz night at RiRa, which was a pretty basic multi-round Irish pub quiz with plenty of pop culture. It's Tuesdays at 8 p.m., and there are beer specials to go along with the questions.

I've also played at Union Jack's in Ballston, which wasn't that great -- really easy questions, host without a ton of personality.


Harpoon Winter Warmer: I bought some Harpoon Winter Warmer in bottles, and it is just not the same! Very disappointing. In order to make GF of the Year, I would stay away from the bottles and just get it on tap!

Fritz Hahn: I think I'll agree with this.


Bowling at Strike: Do you think they'll ever open up lanes in Arlington? There's no cool place to bowl here, is there?

David Malitz: I'm kinda glad there's no "cool" place to bowl. When I wanna get my bowl on, I don't want to pay for atmosphere. Just disgusting shoes and a lane, y'know? So I'm fine driving a little bit out into Virginia for just regular old bowling. I wonder if the alley in Falls Church has re-opened, anyone know? A year or so ago I went there and it was closed because the building was about to collapse or something.

Julia Beizer: *Like*. Malitz, when are we going to do that bowling outing we planned about three years ago?

David Malitz: Today's chat will be ending early so Julia and I can go bowling. Later, suckers!


NBM NYE debacle: Hi Gurus! I'm afraid that I was among the unlucky who attended the New Year's Eve travesty at National Building Museum. My question is: do you know what the buyer's best recourse is when the event fails to deliver on all promises? Or do I just have to swallow their caveat emptor? (I've opened a dispute on PayPal, but I'm not optimistic that anything will come of it...)

Fritz Hahn: Lots of people on our site and on the Late Night Shots message board are suggesting just that avenue, but then, I'm not a lawyer.

Anyone want to offer some pro-bono legal advice?


Swimming Dogs: Where can I take my dog for some indoor winter swimming? I would like to get in the water with him.

Rhome Anderson: I wish something like this existed, but I highly doubt it does. For anyone who wants to clown me for answering a gag question, you probably have raisin hearts.


Cork and Fork?: An empty storefront at 14th and Church started displaying a liquor license request with the business name "Cork and Fork." Do y'all know if this is still planning on opening? We're wondering if the fact that ACKC is now doubling as a wine bar and Cork Market has opened up right up 14th street if the owners decided the strip was too saturated with wine bars already. Thanks!

Julia Beizer: Cork and Fork isn't really a wine bar -- more of a gourmet wine and food shop. A bit like Cork Market, actually. One location is already open on Bethesda Row. Check out the Web site for more info.

Just spoke with one of the owners, Anna. She says she hasn't spoken with her contractor yet in 2010, but they're still working on build-out and permitting. My guess is that it'll be a while.

I do think it's interesting that ACKC's getting into the wine game too! All of my vices under one roof. Anyway, there's obviously always a limit to how many gourmet shops one neighborhood can sustain, but 14th Street still has such a strange mix of shops, empty storefronts and Chinese restaurants that also sell fried chicken that I think we'll just have to wait and see how it all pans out.


Volt: When I got the RW e-mail a month ago it was booked solid!! But definitely on my list to go....

Julia Beizer: OMG, I know. Looking around today, I couldn't even find a lunch reservation. Rough.


Northwest D.C.: Mom's in town for the weekend, and I need a few fun activity ideas for her. We've taken the tourist route tons of times (I've lived here for several years), but I'd like to find somewhere new (and warm) to take her. Any ideas?

Stephanie Merry: There are a bunch of great exhibitions closing that might be fun to hit, from Man Ray at the Phillips to Robert Bergman at the National Gallery. If mom is a fan of the King, there's an Elvis-centric show at the Portrait Gallery, which opens tomorrow. It's also your last chance to catch The Fantasticks, which would make for a fun mother-daughter outing.


Alexandria, Va.: Gurus,

My wife and I were looking to be a little more out and about this year... one of our new years resolutions. We were looking for something we can do together on Thursday nights- something like game playing or bar trivia. We just want to get out and enjoy other people and have some fun. Your suggestions will make me a hero in my wife's eyes, so I really appreciate it.

Fritz Hahn: First, I have to say that I honestly can't think of a trivia night on Thursdays. Most bars do trivia on slower nights (Mon-Tue) because (a) it brings in business and (b)lets someone shout questions without annoying the after-work boozers.

So let's talk games. In Alexandria, I like the games in the Evening Star Cafe, and the homey atmosphere is great. (They also have live music on some nights.)

I'd suggest trying a bunch of different neighborhoods -- bars that you can treat as your own private game rooms. Maybe board games/darts/foosball at the Argonaut on H St. NE, some Wii bowling at Bedrock Billiards, shuffleboard at Continental in Rosslyn, Skee-Ball at Rocket Bar ... and so on.

You could also try, say, drop-in salsa dance lessons at the Salsa Room on Columbia Pike, where $10 includes your lesson and open dancing afterwards.


Girls Night: Friday is girls night out and we're going to U Street for the first time. What are the best places for dancing for early-mid 20s girls? Thanks!

Julia Beizer: St. Ex's basement is a personal fave. I think Local 16 is a good bet too. Fritz adds Marvin to the list, but be forewarned, it gets crowded. Sometimes the tables get in the way of a good groove.

Oooh last-minute idea from Fritz! Check out Kicks at the Black Cat -- a free show on the backstage with DJs spinning rock, punk and power pop.

Have fun, ladies. Don't do anything we wouldn't do.


Arlington, Va. - Bowling: You can bowl at Ft. Meyer! It's an appropriately kind of run-down place (aren't all bowling alleys?), and pretty cheap. You do have to show ID an have your car checked out upon entering the complex, but it's the closest place to Arlington that we've found to get our bowling fix.

David Malitz: Yes, there is Ft. Meyer, this is true. I don't know, I just don't like the minor hassles that you described, just to go bowling. Completely unfounded, I realize. But I prefer driving further out and maybe stopping at Old Navy or Trader Joe's or something on the way back, you know, really make a day of it.


Trivia night link: You know there's just one bar listed there, right? And I'm thinking there must be more than one bar in all of DC that does trivia night.

Fritz Hahn: It looks like there are some technical difficulties with that list. Here's a story I did in the fall about a couple of my favorite trivia nights. Add Quizzo, RiRa, the Argonaut (Wednesday) and Sticky Rice (Sunday) in there as well.


Capitol Hill: Gotta ask this question every two years: Is there anywhere to watch the African Cup of Nations (besides Silver Spring's Roger Miller's) this year? I would prefer DC proper.

Fritz Hahn: The new-and-improved Ghana Cafe, which just opened two days ago, plans to show the matches, which start on Sunday.


I'm hungry and it's cold outside: Hi ladies and gents! I'm wondering what your favorite 'romantic' or cozy restaurants are in NW. I'm starting to think about Valentine's Day (the last 2 years I've been too late for a reservation) and wanted to know your faves. Also, seeing as it is a Sunday, will restaurants normally closed be open? Thanks and hope you all have a great 2010!

Julia Beizer: Let me answer your last question first: possibly. The night is such a big money-maker for restaurants that some might choose to open on Sunday. If you have a special place in mind, it's worth calling. I'd be willing to bet that some restaurants will be offering special V-day menus Friday, Saturday *and* Sunday, which is, of course annoying to all of us who hate special menus.

After a two-year stint of hating, I'm back in love with the Tabard Inn. Had a great couple of dates there over the holidays and I just adore the place. Even if you don't have dinner, it's a cozy spot for a drink.

I should also point you to our Best Bets for romantic restaurants list. Some of these are super pricey, but others, like Eventide or 2941, could work for you.


Chinatown: Any updates on Buddha Bar? They've pushed back the launch for nearly a year now...Smells like debt financing went down the toilet, no?

Fritz Hahn: I'm not holding my breath. The Buddha Bar Web site has been updated (yet again!) to say "Opening early 2010" and the contact info is gone. Hmmmmm.


Ellicott City, Md.: For Bethesda, who wants to get out and meet people: Try I'm a woman of similar age, and I have found lots of people with similar interests, fun events, and the people are all genuinely interested in meeting new people. Log on, search for groups that interest you, and enjoy!

Fritz Hahn: More advice for our Bethesda resolver.


Chatter advice - meeting new people: The best way (IMO) to meet new people is to get involved in pre-established groups by going to their events. Your alumni association, or any alumni groups of any organizations you were in in college is a good start. Or a common interest group here - such as a political or volunteer type group. They have a vested interest in encouraging you to attend events, introducing you to fellow members, etc, because they want their organizations to grow! People always say also to join a sports team, but do so within the structure of another one of the aforementioned groups, so you are already with a group of people you know(ish).

Rhome Anderson: Worth repeating.

I think original chatter was saying that she's already out there doing activities in organized groups, but it helps when there's a connecting thread of commonality.


Bowling in Arlington: There's a (cheap) bowling alley at Ft. Myer. As of a few years ago you didn't have to have a military ID to get on base and bowl, but things could have changed. Oh, and they have pony beers!

Fritz Hahn: You're technically supposed to have military/DOD ID or have someone with those IDs sponsor you.


Restaurant Week Fluke?: I thought RW reservations were really hard to get, but I just went on and made a lunch reservation for 2 at the Palm (Dupont) on Monday the 11th. There was tons of availability. Is this a fluke? I feel suspicious somehow. Please advise.

If it is not a fluke, any experiences at the Palm for RW? I have heard it is a good place to go for RW....

Julia Beizer: I've never been to the Palm for RW (or for any other reason, for that matter) bur I too have heard that it's good for Restaurant Week. I think the Palm is the kind of place worth checking out for RW. Steaks aren't cheap, so getting one at a discount is a bonus. It's not an imaginative restaurant, but if you like steak, you shouldn't be disappointed. (Side note: Is it bad that when I read that Snyder and Shanahan celebrated their deal over dinner, my first question was "Where did they eat?" Turns out it was the Palm in Tysons.)

Your experience for reservations mirrors mine. I thought I made mine late this year -- on Monday. I had my pick of tables and restaurants. If you still want to get in on the special, there are quite a few reservations available.


My weekend with the kids . . .: Gurus . . . I've got the kids this weekend, mother nature thinks it should be frigid outside . . kids have been to the museums. . indoor ideas? 10-12 year olds.

Thanks for your help

Stephanie Merry: Do you think they'd be game for theater? If so, here are a few kid-friendly options. The Little Engine might be a little young for the 10- to 12-year-olds, though. I know they've done the museums, but there are also a couple of new museum options: There is an early MLK Day celebration at the American Art Museum and a hands-on Afro-Mexican instrument demonstration at the Anacostia Community Museum that could be fun for the little ones.


Swimming Dogs: There is indoor dog swimming at the Northern Virginia Animal Swim Center in Middleberg, VA.

Rhome Anderson: Well look at that.

Kinda far, and doesn't really have anything to do with going out, but I like doggies.


Arlington, Va.: Hey GoGs! Happy New Year! Your insight is always much appreciated. I'm starting to plan early for my b-day next month, which will be on a Friday. Here's my issue: I'm over 21 already but my boyfriend won't be 21 until after. I want to be able to go out and enjoy the night with him and have some fun. I am not trying to go to a big club like Fur. Rather I am looking for lower-key options where I can drink & combine that with some other activity. Could be dancing, playing games, karaoke or whatever, as long as I still have tons of fun (since it is my birthday after all)! I just don't know what types of places we can go. When I go out with my friends, we usually go to 21+ bars like Mister Days or Rhino. So I'm not really keyed into what kind of places I can go to with my underage (for just a little bit longer) boyfriend and still have fun on a Friday night. We are in Arlington but I have no problem going to DC since I know that gives us loads more options. But what are they? Please help a sister out!

Fritz: I'm trying to find something, Arlington, but not having a ton of luck. Most bars station a large ID-checking bouncer at the door on Friday nights. The lower-key options would include the Black Cat, which has DJs on most Fridays, a large bar, and an 18-and-over policy. You could also try Sticky Rice on H Street -- go for sushi and sake bombs for dinner, and stick around for DJs and the party atmosphere.


Arlington, Va.: Happy New Year's Gurus! Look forward to another wonderful year of the chat!

I was passing by Ray's Hell Burger the other day, and noticed that it had closed....say it isn't so! I'm hoping they simply moved to a bigger location (and are still in the same neighborhood?)

Julia Beizer: Hiya -- still in the neighborhood for sure. They recently moved down a few doors -- from 1713 Wilson to 1725 Wilson, so that might be some of the confusion.


bowling: The Falls Church lanes have been re-opened for quite sometime now.

Julia Beizer: Sweet. Malitz, it's on.


Washington, D.C.: Do you have suggestions for a quiet place after dinner this Saturday?

I'm taking a date to Makoto and afterwards, we'd like to relax in a relatively calm venue to relax, have a drink, and talk. The only places I could think of are hotel lounges like the Four Seasons or the Ritz. Thanks for your help.

Fritz Hahn: Julia and I have been hashing this out, and think your best bet might be the cozy Kemble Park Tavern -- the bar's not huge, but they do have pairs of armchairs (if you're lucky enough to snag some).

Also on our short list: Martin's Tavern, the side bar at Mie N Yu, and even Degrees, though you sound like you don't want a ritzy hotel bar.


FYI Trivia: Recently went to Tues night trivia at Looking Glass Lounge in Petworth and it was packed and a pretty good time.

Fritz Hahn: Yes, thank you. Been meaning to get there, since a Petworth/Columbia Heights-dwelling friend was talking it up.


Arlington, Va.: Bowl America in Falls Church has re-opened.

David Malitz: Nice. Who thinks we should have a GOG Happy Hour there????


Washington, D.C.: I am looking for a spot to take my wife for dinenr for her birthday. She's a foodie, so I would love to do something like a chef's table or a tasting menu. (all the while not breaking the bank!!). Any ideas??

Julia Beizer: Gotta say... these are kind of mutually exclusive. I've heard good things about the chef's table at Teatro Goldoni and at Tosca, so those are some options. Komi is a pricey tasting menu, but one of the best.


Real World D.C.: Not sure if you guys discussed this last week, but what do you think of the RWDC so far? What's the inside buzz among the gurus?

Julia Beizer: Funny you should ask! I'd be interested to know what everyone says too. I actually haven't watched yet. Which kind of surprises me, since I was sucked into hours and hours of Jersey Shore on Jan. 1. Sammy, you are such a sweetheart.

Rhome Anderson: I can't be bothered.


Fairfax, Va.: Any good jazz happening this weekend in DC? How about a good "new" place to watch the NFL this weekend in DC or VA. Thanks all!

David Malitz: Here's one at a bit of a different spot for jazz -- Erik Deutsch at Velvet Lounge on Friday night. For something slightly more traditional, Mose Allison is at Blues Alley through Sunday.


Alexandria, Va.: Gurus, My best friend will be visiting from New York this weekend and I need to show her DC is just as cool as the Big Apple. We are planning on heading to H St on Saturday night and I was thinking of going to Sticky Rice for dinner before we try to pretend we are still 22. We both love sushi, is it worth the wait or should we stick with the old standbys?

Fritz: Sticky is an interesting spot -- some of the rolls can be hit-or-miss, and some are just awesome, but it's the atmosphere that is the place's biggest selling point. It always feels like the coolest party around. You'll get your sushi fix, do some sake bombs, pretend to be 22. And then head down the block to Little Miss Whiskey's Golden Dollar.


Grandmaster Flash?: Contemplating treking to DC, which I never do. What time would you suggest getting in line?

Fritz: If you're going to trek into D.C., it might as well be for one of the founding fathers of hip-hop, right? From what I understand from the club, he'll be on around/after 12:30, but the opening DJs -- Buster and Dan Amitai -- are worth catching as well.


Who thinks we should have a GOG Happy Hour there????: I'm in!!

Julia Beizer: Come on, people! We get five good endorsements and David and I will beg the powers that be.


Arlington: Hey GOGs, love reading you all. I'm planning my roommates bday party next Sat night (15 or so people, even gender mix) in Dupont/Midtown. For our last spot, we want dancing. Something nicer than Rumors, but not as expensive/exclusive as Josephine. Anything come to mind?

Fritz Hahn: Cafe Citron is kind of the go-to spot here if you want middle ground between Midtown and Eighteenth Street Lounge, though the latter is one of my favorite spots to go dancing. (I just hesitate to recommend it w/15 people because of the lines.)

Anyway, Citron does make you wear nice shoes, but the crowd is lively and fun, the shots and mojitos are good, there's always dancing.

Midtown Loft could be a lower-key "nice but not really a club" option, as could Public Bar.

Oh, and there's always Lucky Bar, which is really a step or two up from the Rumors dance party.


Re: Jersey Shore: 2 of them are coming to a bar in DC (I have heard but don't know the details) - gurus will you come with me? I wanna go but have no one to go with.

Does anyone know of any public places that are doing Real World DC showings, like at bars? I dont have cable.

Fritz Hahn: They're going to be at McFaddden's next week. I was seriously thinking about writing it up. I expect it will be packed.

Nellie's is doing RWDC showings every Wednesday.


Washington, D.C.: GOGS, Where are they making good Hot Toddies this cold winter?

Fritz: Bourbon's hot toddy is my favorite hot drink on right now, with the Tabard Inn's Hot Buttered (Haitian) Rum not far behind.

_______________________ OK, that's it! Thanks for playing, tune in next week!


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