The Reliable Source: The Salahis, Third Partry 'Crasher,' Peter Orszag, Hickory Hill

Amy Argetsinger and Roxanne Roberts
Washington Post Staff Writers
Wednesday, January 13, 2010; 12:00 PM

Washington Post columnists Amy Argetsinger and Roxanne Roberts were online Wednesday, Jan.. 13, at Noon ET to discuss your favorite gossip, celebrity sightings and their recent columns.

In recent columns: The federal grand jury in the Salahi case gets off to a rock-star start, with witnesses in a white stretch Hummer. Third crasher Carlos Allen tells his suave story on Good Morning America -- and we analyze how his "invitation" is different than most. Peter Orszag -- ladykiller, baby-maker, and a guy with a really complicated life. The old Kennedy house in McLean, Hickory Hill, finally sells.


Actual Question from Northern Virginia: Thanks for your actual column today with an actual invitation to an actual White House dinner. I thought Robin Roberts dropped the ball in her interview when she didn't ask Carlos Allen WHY he was actually invited. At least the Salahis had the tenuous polo connection for the India/USA match. Initially that kind of made sense. What does a real White House state-dinner invitation look like? (Reliable Source, Jan. 12)

Amy Argetsinger: So you're from the actual Northern Virginia. Thanks for your thanks....


More on Carlos Allan: So, he uses "actually" instead of the typical "umm" or "uhh"...makes the transcripts of what he says a bit confusing. But I still don't get how he got in with the delegation.

Amy Argetsinger: Arguably, it's a fresher, more engaging verbal tic than my own, which is the oh-so-passe "you know."


Hickory Hill finally sold...: Is Hickory Hill where the infamous Martha Moxley murder was committed? I wonder if that was a factor in the difficulty to sell it (besides its historic designation that prevented it from becoming a housing development).

Amy Argetsinger: Oh, my goodness, no. Hickory Hill is the McLean, Va., mansion where Bobby and Ethel Kennedy raised their family. They bought it from his brother JFK, who had it for a few years in the 1950s.

The 1975 murder of Martha Moxley -- for which Ethel Kennedy's nephew Michael Skakel was convicted 27 years later -- happened in Greenwich, Conn.


Alexandria, Va.: Was Posh Spice anorexic on American Idol last night or what? She looked like a skeleton.

Amy Argetsinger: I am kicking myself for missing it. But doesn't Post Spice always look anorexic? Isn't that sort of her trademark "look"?


Invitation-gate: Thanks so much for the actual examples of the invitation, etc. Cool to see, and the explanations really clarify this situation. With all the paperwork, it is even more inconceivable how anyone could get in and seated for dinner without the goods! Great reporting, as usual! What does a real White House state-dinner invitation look like? (Reliable Source, Jan. 12)

Roxanne Roberts: Thanks much. Here's the thing: once a guest is inside the White House, he or she really doesn't have to produce their invitation or any of the paperwork---aside from a small name card handed to a White House official before going through the receiving line. (The Secret Service says Allen skipped that; Tareq Salahi handed his business card instead.) So once Allen was in, he asked someone where to sit and they apparently just stuck him at a table without his name appearing on a place card.


You rule!: If not for your column, I would not have known that Hickory Hill sold, and therefore would have been disappointed when I tried to buy it after hitting the lottery! Honestly, I love all these little bits of local lore that you share with us. Surreal estate: Ethel Kennedy's Hickory Hill sells for $8.25 million (Post, Jan. 11)

Amy Argetsinger: Hey, thanks!


Stop....Hammer Time!: A hearty congratulations to MC Hammer on the 20th anniversary of his 15 minutes. U Can't Touch Dis was foisted upon the world on this date in 1990.

Roxanne Roberts: And you know this from memory? Or do you have a tattoo or something?


The Orszag Saga: So, this Tom Brady-esque situation is not pleasant. The information seems to depend upon to whom you are speaking. If I were the fiancee, I would run the other way. If she doesn't, she's got nothing to complain about when he doesn't treat her well.

Amy Argetsinger: It's more drama than we ever expected from the OMB director, that's all I'll say.


New York, N.Y.: Thank you for showing an invitation to an official state dinner. My question is, do you think the party "crashers" really believe they were invited? Or is this simply an act now that they've been caught? And, do they really think anyone believes their story? What does a real White House state-dinner invitation look like? (Reliable Source, Jan. 12)

Roxanne Roberts: I believe they want us to believe they believed they were invited---which I don't.


Agent 0: So, think Arenas will go back to blogging now?

Amy Argetsinger: It's sort of impossible to predict what Gilbert Arenas is going to do, isn't it? He stopped blogging because he was annoyed with having his musings turn into news stories. But then he takes up Twitter EXACTLY at the moment that any lawyer would be telling him to shut up -- and Twitters compulsively and recklessly for about a week... And then shuts his account down altogether. For all I know, his next step is a reality TV show.


Carlos: What's the likelihood that he was punked? That some friend (or enemy) sent him a phony invite, knowing he doesn't appear to be too terribly swift and would fall for it? They'd all get a laugh when he was turned away from the gate, but then the joke went bad.

Amy Argetsinger: I don't know. If that's the scenario, then you have to assume he had a friend (or enemy) who had advance access to the state dinner program in order to send it in the mail -- or who managed to whip up something that happened to look like the inside of the dinner program.


What's next for Arenas: Maybe he'll get The Tonight Show.......

Amy Argetsinger: NBC is clearly incapable of making such a smart decision.


Butterstick: Hey ladies, I hope we get another baby panda before Tai Shan has to go back to his home country. I was confused as to when he will return though, my understanding was towards the end of the year, but I read somewhere it maybe by end of summer? Do you know? I'll have to visit soon!

Amy Argetsinger: He's leaving soon. His goodbye party at the zoo is scheduled for Jan. 30. I'm sorry.


Washington, D.C.: Can we have a moment for the very brave Miep Gies. She risked her own life to help Anne Frank and family. How admirable is that? Miep Gies was the last link to Anne Frank, and her loss is tough for many women (Post, Jan. 13)

Amy Argetsinger: It's a remarkable, and sad, story.


Woodbridge, Va.: Peter Orzag - a squeaky voiced dork. I really don't get it.

Amy Argetsinger: He's got game.


Verbal tics: At least POTUS, with his drawn out "aaaannd" is easy to follow.

Amy Argetsinger: I'm thinking about getting a new verbal tic. What should it be? I kind of like "actual" -- it's very catchy -- but I don't want to seem like a copycat.


Roxanne Roberts: And you know this from memory? Or do you have a tattoo or something?: The man changed my life. Without parachute pants, I'd have gotten nowhere.

Roxanne Roberts: I would have never figured parachute pants would be a life-changer, but more power to you.


Idea for new chat: Tiger Woods, Gilbert Arenas, Mark Sanford, Sarah Palin, John Edwards - the list is endless. Why don't you join forces with Carolyn Hax and give unsolicited advice to DC and political celebrity trainwrecks who are acting stupid? You can do the reporting on the facts, and she can give her considered opinion.

Roxanne Roberts: Carolyn has her hands full with regular people----and if famous people listened to anyone's advice, we wouldn't have anything to write about.


Arenas on Tonight Show: Wouldn't happen. He'd turn it down because NBC doesn't allow guns on its premises.

Amy Argetsinger: Hey, just one more rule to break.


Washington, DC: So who knew the key to snaring hot chicks is to be a government economist? Makes me wish I could redo my decision to be a sensitive English major.

Roxanne Roberts: Yeah, and maybe try a geekier haircut.


An Arenas Question: Does he still get paid while under suspension? Like a base salary or something? Or is he living off his investments?

Amy Argetsinger: He's on unpaid suspension right now. But when you're getting paid $111 million over six years, odds are you've had a chance to accumulate enough of a rainy-day fund to get you through brief periods of unemployment.


Cambridge, Mass.: That's kind of sad about Hickory Hill being sold. End of an era.

During my childhood, my grandparents' place in Sligo, Ireland had only three pictures on the wall: Jesus Christ, the Pope and John F. Kennedy.

Have you ever heard of Joe Kennedy III before? He's an Assistant District Attorney in Boston and would be the heir of the Kennedy dynasty in a way.

JFK had one son who died childless and Joe Kennedy III is the eldest son of Bobby Kennedy's eldest son.

He's very handsome too.

Amy Argetsinger: That would be the son of former Rep. Joe Kennedy -- one of his twins.


More on Arenas: What I found bizarre was when he said that he brought the guns to the locker room because he didn't want them in the house with the baby. Wasn't that baby number 3 or 4? So, what's the deal? Was there so much sibling rivalry that Arenas was worried the other toddlers would off the new arrival?

Amy Argetsinger: Hahaha. That's baby #3. Born last month.


Salahis & Carlos: The thing that amazes me is that these people want to come across as being ultra connected, yet they're going on TV with stories that show that they're either (a) hopelessly clueless about how official Washington events actually work or (b) big fat liars.

I can't understand how either is a good result for them.

Roxanne Roberts: It's not---at least not in (dare I say?) respected circles in town. Plus I can't imagine the Salahis will ever get any good or service without money up front.


Parachute pants: I remember once, years ago, Amy walked into the newsroom in a pair of parachute pants. Given this was the Midwest, we all thought it was one of those fancy East Coast things. We just stuck to our overalls. Shoot.

Amy Argetsinger: Oh, stop it, you.


"Oh-so-passe You know tic": Hey but you are in good company. Remember poor Caroline Kennedy and all her "you know"s during her brief unfortunate senatorial effort.

Amy Argetsinger: Yeah, I'm not going to run for Senate either.


To the tune of some Pat Benetar song...: Your love is like tidal wave, spinning over my head Drownin' me in with your budget graphs, our love's in the red You're the right kind of nerd, to release my inner fantasy Moral lines can be blurred, and you know that you were born to be

You're a Heartbreaker Baby Maker, Dating an Anchor Don't you mess around with me! You're a Heartbreaker Dream Maker, Dating an Anchor Don't you mess around - NO NO NO!

I know, Orszag is dating a correspondent not an anchor, but that's hard to rhyme.

Amy Argetsinger: She'll be an anchor one day! And then this will be perfect. Thanks!


I must say it: MC Hammer didn't wear parachute pants -- he'd never been able to do those moves. They were harem or genie pants.

Amy Argetsinger: Is there a difference?


Peter Orzag - lovemaster: Perhaps younger chatters forget that Henry Kissinger was a major although unlikely swordsman in his day. Intellect and power have their attractions.

Amy Argetsinger: Power is an aphrodisiac -- that was his line.


What's the likelihood that he was punked? That some friend (or enemy) sent him a phony invite, knowing he doesn't appear to be too terribly swift and would fall for it? : Last January 18, I got an email from an English friend in London. An American friend of hers in London, who had obviously donated money to the Obama campaign, got a large, heavy cream-colored envelope the day before, containing a lovely invitation to the inaugural. He inferred that he had somehow won the lottery, and was given a ticket to some reserved viewing section, and was not being invited to stand with the hundreds of thousands on the Mall in the freezing cold on the 20th. He was ready to jump on a plane to Washington. I had to tell her to explain to him that I got one of those too, and that it was a commemorative document, not an actual invitation. Maybe that's what happened to Carlos.

Roxanne Roberts: You were a good friend to save your English friend the airfare and frostbite. As for Carlos, I'd put punked way down the list of likely scenarios.


New verbal tic: I'd go with something that sounds like you're just gathering your thoughts and not filling dead air. Something like "in other words" or "to be clear." I use "actual" and "actually" way too much; I hear myself saying it (even writing it!) and realize how stupid it makes me sound, but I actually can't stop myself.

Roxanne Roberts: I'm a "you know" offender.


re: Hax and Hammer: Does Hax type with one hand? She has her hands full because she types sooooo slow.

Hammer didn't bring about parachute pants, that was early 80's b'boys and break dancers. He brought the vacuous crotch area to fame.

Give him credit for his 'Hammer Hammock' in this video.

Amy Argetsinger: "Vacuous crotch area"?

Anyway, he goes for quite a different look in this video.


Eugene, Ore.: One of my favorite parts when Sarah Palin was on "The O'Reilly Factor" was when she said "His approval rating consistently going down is a sign from the American people"

I had to scratch my head. She was once the most popular governor of any state in the union and when she resigned, her approval rating among Alaskans only just above 30 percent. Her approval ratings nationally have consistently gone down and she's far more unpopular then President Obama.

Do she even think through her own jabs?

Roxanne Roberts: No, which has not stopped her from saying them one little bit, has it?


Washington, D.C.: Manners and etiquette. The women of the Reagan and Bush administrations were often sorority members (good manners) unlike the liberal women in the Clinton and Obama administration. Maybe that is why there are different cultures towards official functions and preparations.

Roxanne Roberts: Well, well. Learn something new every day. I've never pledged to a sorority, so I wasn't aware partisan labels and sweeping generalizations are considered good manners.


Washington, D.C.: Do you know if person handling press for financial crisis commission "Tucker Warren" is related to staff director "Elizabeth Warren"? I'd be shocked if they're not.

Amy Argetsinger: She's not on the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission, she's on the TARP Congressional Oversight Panel. Right?


Verbal Tic: What about "Let me be clear"? Works for Obama.

Amy Argetsinger: Ah, such a good one, I wish he hadn't taken it already.


Anonymous: "But doesn't Post Spice always look anorexic?"

It's Posh Spice. You gals are Post Spice.

Amy Argetsinger: Hahaha.


Cleveland Park, Washington, D.C.: Rox and Triple A:

I just want to compliment you on last week's line about Charlie Sheen's "motion for celebrity justice." What a great description!

Amy Argetsinger: Thank you, and you are welcome.


As part of Gilbert Arenas' legacy...: ...will the Wizards be renamed the Washington Bullets again?

Roxanne Roberts: That joke's 15 minutes are almost......oops, just expired.


Kissenger: Gross, gross, gross. I don't want to know that.

To get that icky image out of my mind please post a picture of Daniel Craig.

Ick. Daniel Craig (Google Images)

Amy Argetsinger: Okay.


Maryland: Well the hot chicks preferred the jocks and the frat boys at the universities. In the real world after graduation, it is the geeks, the nerds and the docks who are getting the hot chicks since they have the job, the money, and the power.

Amy Argetsinger: Dorks, you mean. But yes.


New York, N.Y.: Did anybody really believe Ed Schultz was going to give up his paycheck and Rockefeller Center and start stump speeching at 4-H meetings in Piedmont, N.D.?

Amy Argetsinger: An excellent way to get attention for TV show or book project is to hint that you're going to run for public office.


Arlington, Va.: Whenever I read anything about the Salahis or Carlos Allen now, all I can think of is fake Jerry Seinfeld on SNL from years and years ago: "WHO ARE... THESE PEOPLE?!"

That is all.

Amy Argetsinger: Thank you.


Falls Church, Va.: Any gossip about Placido Domingo's reaction to the Post's harsh article today? I was surprised to read Anne Midgette's piece about the celebrity singer.

Roxanne Roberts: Have not heard any reaction yet, but the folks at the Washington National Opera cannot be too happy. But Placido has been getting reviews---both glowing and critical---for decades and is quite capable of taking them in stride.


Shoot: There's your new verbal tic.

Amy Argetsinger: Instead of "shucks"?


Verbal Tics: There's a guy at work who says "basically" every other word, which basically makes him seems like, basically, stupid.

Roxanne Roberts: Face it: Every verbal tic sounds stupid.


East Lansing, Mich.: I don't really consider Peter Orszag's romantic life "a scandal" so much as just funny because Peter Orszag would be the last person you'd pick for this kind of thing.

Plus even more the news of his "love child" broke, Peter Orszag was really planning on running for public office?

Amy Argetsinger: Gosh, I don't think so. He's in politics, of course, but I don't think he's ever talked about being a candidate himself.


Sorority members (good manners): Funny, I always associated sorority members with throwing up (both involuntarily at frat parties and voluntarily after big dinners). I didn't see many good manners.

Roxanne Roberts: Now, now: No sweeping generalizations, remember?


Anonymous: "And you know this from memory? Or do you have a tattoo or something?"

I'll bet that was the Hammer himself. What, like he's got better things to do?

Roxanne Roberts: You're so bad.


D.C.: Robin Roberts was at the state dinner. Why didn't she product her own invitation to show the 3rd crasher?

Roxanne Roberts: Good question. Because she had a real one to compare his with.


Manners and etiquette. The women of the Reagan and Bush administrations were often sorority members (good manners) unlike the liberal women in the Clinton and Obama administration. : Anyone with real manners would not say this, lol! (Or anyone who knows how the White House works.)

Amy Argetsinger: I'm thinking about making "lol" my new verbal tic. Do I spell it out -- l-o-l -- or say it like "lawl"?


Anonymous: Why does everyone act so shocked when an athlete does something stupid? Be shocked when they do something smart. Doesn't anyone remember the jocks in high school and college?

Amy Argetsinger: Any high school jocks want a piece of this action?


Tin Foil Hats: Most absurd thing I've ever read regarding the three White House crashers: Last week during a WaPo chat, someone seriously wondered if they were part of a Republican Dirty Tricks campaign to make the president look bad.

Amy Argetsinger: Hey, Dirty Tricks -- are you here to defend your theory?


There's a guy at work who says "basically" every other word, which basically makes him seems like, basically, stupid: There's a woman here who does that with "literally." Not only does she OVER use it, she MIS-uses it entirely, either saying things that are NOT literally true, or things that are not surprising, and thus, require no "literally." I.e., "I'm literally starving!" or "I ate literally two apples."

Amy Argetsinger: Lawl.


Ed Schultz: I thought he might run. I feel so naive. Aren't we all supposed to want to make the world a better place?

Amy Argetsinger: I keep getting letters from Lou Dobbs thanking me for my interest in his plans for the future -- and I really don't remember asking. He's such a tease.


College Park, Md.: Who's hotter, Tim Kaine or Michael Steele?

Amy Argetsinger: Ladies?


Hickory Hill: Remembered photos: RFK on the hill with Brumus, his Newfie. RFK's kids rolling down the hills. RFK alone on the hillside, deep in thought, November 22. Lots of ghosts hanging over that house.

Roxanne Roberts: Yes, which is part of the appeal for the right buyer---remember, it took seven years to finally sell.


Orszag ???: Plus, isn't that a rug that sits on top of his head ?

Roxanne Roberts: Nope. We've seen him close and think it was just his haircut---it is less extreme now.


Ithaca, N.Y.: QUOTE: "An excellent way to get attention for TV show or book project is to hint that you're going to run for public office."

With that in mind, doesn't Harold Ford, Jr. have a book going on sale the week after the New York primary elections?

Amy Argetsinger: Oh, no, does he have a book? Oh, of course he does. They all do.


Literally: A friend once said " I was so embarassed; I literally died."

Roxanne Roberts: It's a miracle!


Literally: It's the new figuratively.

Amy Argetsinger: Oh, can I make "figuratively" my new tic? "I am figuratively starving!" That would be great.


My favorite verbal tic: Is the character in "The Princess Bride" who always says "inconceivable!"

Amy Argetsinger: Forgot that one.


Smart jocks: Peyton Manning graduated summa in 3 years at Tennessee: his fourth year there for football, he was doing grad work

Roxanne Roberts: I have a crush on Peyton.


What's the point of LinkedIn?: I know this is a celebrity chat, but I'm looking for help anywhere I can find it. I just don't get it.

Amy Argetsinger: You're asking the wrong person. I find it mystifying. A friend convinced me to join, and I did, and I found it useless, but also found it was impossible to deactivate my account. So after letting it lie dormant, I went ahead and started okaying people who wanted to be "linked in" with me. That's all I ever do with it, it seems. Though now and then if you're trying to research someone, it helps you figure out what someone does.


re: Who is hotter: Yes, ladies are hotter than Steele or Kaine.

Amy Argetsinger: That time I literally -- not just figuratively! -- lawl-ed.


Tim Kaine!: He has most wonderful, twinkly eyes. And he's pleasant.

Amy Argetsinger: Thanks for your vote.


Kissenger: Gross, gross, gross. I don't want to know that. : Then I would avoid looking at the National Lampoon's Playgirl parody, which featured Henry Kissinger as its centerfold. With a strategically-placed fig leaf. It was hilarious -- my father bought it (he was a Nixon-hater from way back) and thought it was brilliant.

Amy Argetsinger: Hope you saved that one.


Dirty Tricks: Do you not remember Donald Segretti and his (not so) merry band of troublemakers? They had lots of (not so) grandiose plots for RF-ing -- can't spell it out in a family newspaper or it blog -- the Democratic Party, especially at their 1972 presidential convention.

I believe this is referred to in a little tome by a couple of Posties named Woodward and Bernstein, titled "All The President's Men."

Amy Argetsinger: Yeah, but.... state dinner crashers? As a way to embarrass the president? It's more an embarrassment to Secret Service and staff.


People of Earth: Nice that Conan took a global approach in his rejection of the NBC offer. Perhaps a U.N. post is in his future -- they could use some laughs.

Amy Argetsinger: I loved that "people of earth" salutation.


re: Orzag: Why is this a scandal? He dated a woman, they broke up. She happened to be pregnant. He met someone else and is getting married. These things happen. Its not like he skipped out on parental support for the kid or anything.

Amy Argetsinger: Oh, come on -- you're fascinated. Everyone's fascinated. Doesn't have to be a scandal to be interesting.


Davis, Calif.: How funny would it be if one of those teenybopper dramas on The CW introduced a Mathlete and class treasurer who looked like 17-year-old version of Peter Orszag and he's the high school's secret super stud?

Amy Argetsinger: That would be awesome.


Arenas did something stupid?: Didn't he actually do something very illegal and rather dangerous? I figure illegal possession of firearms and brandishing one in a threatening fashion at another person is more than stupid.

Amy Argetsinger: He didn't do the brandishing. He just, well, laid out his guns in a humorous diorama. Or something. Maybe you had to be there.


Lancaster, Pa.: Could you tell me when "look" became the way to begin a sentence? It seems as if everyone -- from both sides of the aisle -- begins their sentences that way, notably POTUS. And, what do you think of the unflattering portrayal of Elizabeth Edwards in Game Change?

Amy Argetsinger: The Game Change section on the Edwards's -- whoa.


while all you Republican girls were pledging sororities: The Democratic girls were on the debate team. Who's pulling six figures at a white shoe law firm and who's stuck at home wondering why Biff is working late again! BOOYA!

Amy Argetsinger: Real competitive vibe in the chat today.


Smart jocks: The Redskins' long-ago QB Frank Ryan, who earned both his Bachelor's degree and Ph.D. in Math from Rice.

Princeton's Bill Bradley and College Park's very own Tom McMillan, both Rhodes Scholars.

Shall I go on, or do you get the idea?

Amy Argetsinger: Point taken.


Palin's approval ratings: I know that you can't be expected to fact-check every comment that comes in, but actually Palin and Obama are only about 1 percentage point apart in approval ratings. Hers have consistently gone up since her book was published, while his have gone down.

CNN Poll: Palin's popularity on the rise (CNN)

After Brief Uptick, Obama Approval Slips to 47 Percent (Gallup)

So, maybe she deserves more credit than you give her.

Amy Argetsinger: Thanks for writing. I haven't been tuned into this thread...


Portland, Ore.: I'm so addicted to your blog. Thanks for the great reporting on the Salahis; so sorry that some people think that this is a trivial matter. It's a matter for a potential tragedy and a security lapse. Question: Do you hear of any rumblings about Bill Clinton's statement to the late Ted Kennedy that Obama would be bringing them coffee a few years before. Only Eugene Robinson in yesterday's POST seems to have mentioned this in public or am I wrong?

Amy Argetsinger: I haven't read "Game Change," and the only excerpt I've read is New York magazine's piece focusing on the Edwards campaign, so I had only heard that bit from Gene's column.. .


High school jocks: Technically, as a soccer player in high school in the 80s I wasn't considered a jock. I may have attained that status in college playing a variety of sports including lacrosse. I am, (I'm standing up for this) a dork, a nerd if you will. Always have been (I wore a pocket protector in middle school. No, really I did.) So, speaking up for my athletic brethren I'll say that there are some slow boats in the fleet, but there are also some real flyers. As Rox points out, not a wise thing to throw out gross overgeneralizations.

Amy Argetsinger: Thanks for your nuanced and fair viewpoint. Now I have to ask you if, as an '80s high school soccer player, did you have the classic soccer hair?


How funny would it be if one of those teenybopper dramas on The CW introduced a Mathlete and class treasurer who looked like 17-year-old version of Peter Orszag and he's the high school's secret super stud?: Nobody would get it outside of Washington.

Amy Argetsinger: We'd have to start watching.


Reston, Va.: So a mere witness arrives in a stretch Hummer. How the heck are the Salahis going to top that one? Have a helicopter land in front of the building?

You have to figure they wouldn't want Missy's hair stylists to show them up. They're rich and famous people, don't you know.

Amy Argetsinger: I want them to arrive in a hovercraft. Or maybe a Cinderella pumpkin coach.


Amy Argetsinger: Hey, thanks everyone! Let me be clear: This chat started off slow, but then you all literally overcompensated with some actual questions and we basically ended up with way more than we could take. Aaaand, we're outta here. Please stay in touch all week long via


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