D.C. Sports Bog Live: Gilbert Arenas, Redskins offseason, Caps rise and more

Dan Steinberg
D.C. Sports Bogger
Tuesday, January 19, 2010; 11:30 AM

D.C. Sports Bogger Dan Steinberg was online Tues., Jan. 19 to break down Mike Shanahan's future and the Redskins offseason, Gilbert Arenas's gun issues, the surging Capitals and your questions and comments about his latest bog posts.

A transcript follows.

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Dan Steinberg: Hey everyone. This is the first week in a long time where the Redskins are not threatening to break major, earth-shattering news. Which I guess makes it hockey season for yours truly. I was at Caps practice on Monday, where I was dinged by several players for ignoring them during the past four months. And fair enough.

Anyhow, if you have any questions about the menu at Mike Shanahan's Steakhouse, Jeff Schultz's new nickname or what it was like to sit in court and watch Gilbert plead guilty to a felony, I guess you should fire away. Or whatever the less gun-oriented term would be.


Silver Spring, Md.: What's your opinion on the Gilbert purge by the organization?

Dan Steinberg:

There are a lot of questions here along the lines of this

Dan Steinberg: Sorry for the hiccup in this answer. Anyhow, there are a lot of questions here along these lines. I think it's hard, but necessary to distinguish between what the Wizards are doing/have done, and what the NBA is doing/has done. The Wizards took down the giant Gilbert banner on the Verizon Center, of course, but I have no problem with that. Not the best advertisement for your product when the guy isn't playing, no matter what the reason.

Mike Jones reported that the Wiz were told by the NBA not to display Gilbert merchandise, but Wiz PR told me that if you go to the counter of the team store and ask for a Gilbert jersey, they'll sell you one. I haven't tried it out myself yet, and I was told this before the guilty plea. The Wizards' online team store, which is run by a third party vendor, was still selling Gilbert jerseys before his plea, but stopped sometime after that.

The one that I really dislike is the NBA ruling that Gilbert's name isn't fit for the back of a jersey, a rule which oddly now applies to NFL, NHL and MLB shirts, due to a shared vendor. All manner of tasteless things are permitted, but "Arenas" is judged inappropriate. I get the impulse -- a fear of people buying the shirt to glorify guns or rebellion or something -- but I just think it's over the top. You can't pretend the guy never existed, or wasn't in your All-Star game in the recent past, and he's far from the worst villain in sports. But that's on the NBA, not the Wiz.


Rockville, Md.: The highlight of the weekend: watching Shaun Suisham miss field goals for the Cowboys. Yes, Vinny didn't make a lot of good moves, but this was one that was needed and he got criticized heavily for it when it happened.

Dan Steinberg: I'm not sure he was really criticized heavily. I, and others, merely pointed out that Suisham had been pretty solid on field goals this year. Plenty of others pointed out that his kickoffs were often weak, and his history on clutch kicks was abysmal, and with the season dead and buried you might as well experiment with a kid who could be the answer down the road. I think a huge number of Skins fans agreed with Vinny the second he cut Suisham, and even more so once they saw Gano's kickoffs.

As for your highlight ... I like Shaun very much as a guy, and feel sorry for what happened, but it was hard not to smirk a little bit when the Redskins' arch nemesis got crushed and when their departed kicker added to the onslaught. I'll tell you, the weekend ended up a lot better for Daniel Snyder than it would have had Norv Turner won and Suisham kicked an overtime game-winner.


19th and R: While stipulating that what Arenas did was wrong and he should be punished, should he really be punished this much? When all is said in down its looking like he'll have served one of the longest suspensions in NBA history. Assuming he's kept out till his sentencing he'll have the third longest, ahead of Stephen Jackson's 30 games. Does that make any sense at all?

Dan Steinberg: I go back and forth on it. The suspension would likely not have been this long had Gilbert not taunted Stern into taking the "indefinite" action before anything had happened legally. That's on Gil. Also, local gun laws obviously play a huge part in this being as serious as it is. It wouldn't surprise me if Gilbert had absolutely no idea about the laws in D.C., which also isn't an excuse. On the whole, I can't see how this was one of the handful of most despicable deeds in NBA history, and I tend to agree that it seems like overkill, but I also don't think you need to respect precedent on things like this. Roger Goodell spits on precedent. If you're seriously concerned about the image of your league, you can put your fut down at some point, even if it seems unfair to the guy and the fanbase affected.

Just my opinion.


Washington, D.C.: I read on a blog today about nicknames and "The Jedi Council" came up for the Caps Ovechkin/Backstrom/Knuble line. What are your thoughts on this?

Dan Steinberg: This was a blog called the Sundries Shack. Puck Daddy also had a piece on line nicknames either yesterday or today. The OBK one is based on Knuble, who some fans call Obi-Wan I guess? I don't know, this doesn't strike me as particularly organic, plus I'd be worried that Bruce Boudreau will break up the line about 17 times between now and the playoffs. He does like to fiddle.

Do any of the Caps' current lines have nicknames that are in wide use?


Arlington, Va.: I know the Wiz are having a tough time recovering from the Gil situation, but what about Final Boss? How can they rebound from this?

Dan Steinberg: Is Gilbert still involved? That's his video game team that he (used to?) sponsor. Other things I'm curious about: his Vitamin Water deal (is that still current?), his book with D.J. Gallo (which was supposed to come out this spring), his sculpture at the wax museum downtown (will call them as soon as I stop chatting, no one beat me to it or I'll pour hot wax on your neck, and that's a joke with no serious subtext plus wax isn't illegal).


South Arlington, Va.: Dan, Do you think Virginia's strong start is flash in the pan? The ACC seems like a bit of a toss up this year?

Dan Steinberg: Virginia is much better than last year, but will not win the ACC. That's my assessment. Matter of fact, I was convinced they were gonna blow that game against UNCW last night.

My favorite ACC scandal of the day is the outrage over UNC still being in the Top 25. Since basketball polls seem not to matter at all for much of anything, I don't get worked up about them, but a name sure can carry you far in those things.


Rockville, Md.: Won't the Gilbert situation affect the franchise's value? If I was going to buy the Wiz, it would make a difference as to whether or not, his contract is on the books. Have you heard from Ted Leonsis on how he feels about the situation?

Dan Steinberg: Tom Heath's story in Monday's Post about the ownership issue made it pretty clear that yes, the Gilbert situation will almost certainly affect the franchise's value. When you have a guy owed $80 million or whatever, your most popular and best player, the guy the kids love to see, the guy with the best-selling jersey, and he's now a felon who may or may not serve jail time and is suspended indefinitely, yeah, that will affect your franchise's value.

I'm pretty sure Leonsis has not commented publicly on Gilbert, or much of anything regarding the Wiz, since Abe Pollin died.


19th and R: So should I have my son circumcised? You be the deciding vote.

Oops, sorry, wrong chat.

Dan Steinberg: Wow, what was the right chat for this? First Cuts?


Canova, Va.: It's just hockey right?

Dan Steinberg: There were at least three ways to deal with Mike Wise's two-day hockey rant last week.

1) To ignore him, arguing that he was just looking at attention.

2) To turn red in the face and scream about The Post's bias and irrelevance, and the general decrepitude of Mike Wise's brain.

3) To realize that Wise was mostly joking but shouldn't have gone there, and to revel in the small surge of Web traffic the incident might provide.

I chose no. 3, but I wouldn't begrudge anyone for choosing 1 or 2. Also, every 10th time I read On Frozen Blog I get red in the face and scream about something or other, so I sort of sympathize with Wise being set off. Still, I plan on asking Caps fans to carry by blog for the next five months or so, so I'm planning on shelving on my hilarious insults.


Washington, D.C.: Tell me if I'm reading this wrong: David Stern literally came down this hard on Gil because of a perceived slight, -- not -- for bringing weapons to work. This, I think, says much more about the NBA and David Stern's character than it does about Gil.

Dan Steinberg: That's certainly the widespread assumption. Until David Stern or one of his employees comes out and explains exactly what Gilbert is being punished for, I'm not sure we can say this as fact, but since he acted the day after Finga Gunz, and mentioned in his statement not Gilbert's legal infraction but his unfitness to take the court, it's hard to come to any other conclusion.

I guess you could say that Stern believed Arenas was damaging the brand, and since Gilbert admitted he had even more in store (the 10 paces gimmick with Nick Young), he might have had a point.


About the Capstranaut: I saw him with a buckle belt laser blaster at the Verizon Center.

Dan Steinberg: Shocked to hear that Capstronaut has already engendered some hostility at Caps games. Some think he has no organic connection to the team. Some think he's too hungry for attention. Some think he's usurped other longtime fans with a greater claim on owner's box invites. Some think he's too weird.

And some see him with buckle belt lasers, whatever those are.

I like the Capstronaut, especially as a diversion when CSN goes to break. Also, I heard there was an ape at a game last week. True?


Los Angeles: Doesn't much of the recent hoopla regarding steroid use by baseball players ignore the fact that baseball was never pure in terms players using/abusing substances affecting performance? Chewing tobacco (a powerful autonomic and hemodynamic stimulus), alcohol and "pain killers" are just a few drug categories that permeate baseball.

It's naive or disingenuous to assume past players' performances and records they achieved weren't affected by these substances. And we shouldn't ignore the ill effects of Baseball's past racial discrimination practices which kept many otherwise deserving players off the field and out of the record books. Did sports writers/reporters, baseball's Hall of Fame and some fans just discover the asterisk?

Dan Steinberg: I take my cues from Tom Boswell, who was asked about greenies and the like in HIS chat last week, and responded "YAWN."

I have to say, widespread use of legal pain killers or beer or baseball locker rooms doesn't strike me as outrageous, even if they affect performance. I would say the same thing about band-aids and Ben-Gay. While all the counter-arguments saying baseball players have been substance-abusing scoundrels for decades may well be true, the statistical weirdness really seemed to center around the time that baseball players started looking like muscle freaks, no?

I know why you'd bring up the racial issue, and you're right, but I don't think it's been ignored, not any more.

To me, the weirdest thing about the baseball steroid craze is the lack of a similar craze regarding the NFL. Sure, their testing policies are much stricter, and I'm not sure what you can say with the testing policies in place, but I've been around athletes in every major sport, and man, the football muscles really really really really really stand out. Those guys do NOT look like the normal human beings I encounter at, say, Whole Foods. It's easy to start wondering where those muscles came from.


Newington: I've developed an organic hatred of your overuse of the word "organic". Stop it, right now...

Dan Steinberg: I have used it twice so far, right? And not even in my answer about Whole Foods. My fault, I'll stop. I realized after the second time, but I didn't feel like changing it.

That said, how about the sudden use of "wash out" by executives who don't want to talk about something? Derek Fisher used "wash out" about 14 times in discussing the Gilbert situation.


Ernie: Dan,

Wouldn't it also hold true to can Ernie G if the Wizards are going to be dismantled? Ernie coddled Arenas, drafted McGee and Young who McGee gets very little playing time and Young is so hot and cold. Then for our No. 5 draft pick we got Foye, who is restricted next year, and Miller, who can leave (which he probably will do).

Dan Steinberg: While everything you say is true, I'd think Ernie's situation hinges equally on the new ownership situation. Bruce Allen could say all the right things he wanted to about Jim Zorn when he was introduced, but new GM = new coach. You have to wonder if new owner = new GM.

Foye and Miller were done under the assumption that this group's time to win was right now, that Pollin had agreed to go over the luxury tax to keep his core together and that this wasn't the time for 20-year old point guards. Sure, it's fair to judge Grunfeld on that decision, but it's a decision that just about everyone thought made sense when it happened. The Vegas over-under for Wizard wins was something like 42, right; this was supposed to be a playoff team, and in the playoffs you'd like to have Foye and Miller.


Anonymous: While waiting for the chat on 'circumcision' to begin, thought I'd kill some time and ask you a journalistic Q. What's the best part of your current WaPo 'bogging' gig? The unlimited travel around the D.C. metro area? Free eats at the various events you attend? Scintillating conversation with the various fans that support our local pro teams? Other?

Dan Steinberg: I think a lot of people can enjoy unlimited travel around the D.C. area. All you have to do is get in your car and drive. It's not like I have a chauffeur. I'd say my current favorite part is being able to work from home while wearing ripped shoes, ripped socks, and ripped jeans.

As for food, my understanding is that we pay our own freight, certainly with the pro teams. I know the Nats explicitly charge for meals, and I think we make a contribution to the Redskins charities for our wretched game-day meals, which for me usually consist of coleslaw and popcorn sandwiches and massive numbers of cookies.

If you want me to be cheesier, I could say the best part is developing an organic (ha!) connection with D.C. sports fans, who e-mail me their hopes and dreams and ridiculous customized jerseys and sometimes send me stuff in the mail.


Martinsburg, W.Va.: It looks like Gilbert Arenas' poop that ended up in a teammate's shoe may end up on some farm to help grow our food. Looks like Obama and the EPA are going to approve sludge or human waste for use as fertilizer on our food crops. What bad taste. Sludge is very high in heavy metals such as lead, mercury and arsenic. This sure looks worse to me than what Arenas did with guns, even though it will be legal to poison people with human poop.

Dan Steinberg: I know nothing about any of this, but if you submit a question involving two uses of the word "poop," I will publish it. Though I'd have preferred you mention whether or not said poop was organic. I assume it was.

I can't tell you how many times I've had the conversation about whether it would be easy or difficult to defecate inside a sneaker. On the one hand, Andray Blatche is a big dude and probably wears a pretty large shoe. On the other hand, the experience would (presumably) be so foreign, that I'd think issues of pressure and performance might interfere. Also, do you hold the shoe over a toilet while you act? Or just on the bathroom floor? Or elsewhere?

Still in the midst of potty training at home, incidentally, so I manage to discuss poop a lot during a typical day.


Washington, D.C.: You can still buy a Delonte West jersey at NBA.com and that guy had a guitar case full of guns on 495!!! How can we not look at this situation and see it as David Stern overreacting against a player who insulted him?

Dan Steinberg: Hmmm. Maybe the concern here was that if you ruled the word "West" was offensive, you wouldn't be able to move any David West jerseys. Or West All-Star merchandise.

No, seriously, the West situation is brought up all the time regarding Arenas, especially since it happened locally. I don't have a great answer for why they received such different treatment. West obviously has a medical condition, and his legal situation hasn't been resolved. Those, and his lack of frivolity after the fact, are about the only differences I can come up with.


McLean, Va.: Dan,

Your post on Caps jerseys was very timely for me - call me a bandwagoner/fairweather fan/whatever, but I caught Caps fever in a bad way last year and I'm about to go to my first ever game vs the Wings tonight. I'm definitely buying a jersey at the Verizon Center but the question is which one? I see those top 5 sellers, and they're all appealing to me, but do you think there's a hidden gem out there for me as a 23-year-old male?

Dan Steinberg: I love this question. I once wanted to create a post on the 20 best Redskins jerseys, and what they said about the wearer, but then I got worried there would be too many stereotypes and offensive characterizations involved.

I'll throw this open to the audience. I'm pretty sure I'd go for one of the gritty-type forwards, a Knuble or Bradley. I'd say a Laich probably has the best chance of earning approving nods from hockey connoisseurs around town, signifying that you know and love this entire team.


Silver Spring, Md.: Hey Dan, I was behind the ape in the men's room line in the 400s vs. Montreal. Definitely real. TMI warning: he said he had cut a hole in the gorilla suit to facilitate ... um ... using the men's room. Was also wearing a jersey and pants - no risk of "banana exposure". Did a great job of hooting at the Habs fans.

I don't understand the hostility towards the superfans. Cape guy, the Capstronaut, horn guy, Goat ... they make going to the games just a little more interesting.

Dan Steinberg: I think at least some fans feel like Horn Guy and Goat paid their dues during the downtime, and so if some Caps fan is going to be on SportsCenter, it should be them over the guy that bought an Astronaut suit a month ago. But I say the tent's big enough for everyone.

As for this ape, how is it a week later and no one has sent me a photo of this? So much for my organic connection to the fans of D.C. Future reference: if you see a large zoo animal costume at any local pro sporting events, or at a Wizards game, please send me a photo.


Collegetown, USA: Agent Steinz,

Watched some of the Wiz-Blazers game on the TV yesterday. Announced crowd of 12,000+. Based on the crowd shots, I wouldn't be shocked if there were only 5,000 at the game. Is that reflective of the overall league trend, the Wizards general attendance, or just an outlier for a holiday matinee game? Or have fans just decided that NBA games are too expensive to see a substandard product?

Dan Steinberg: I'd say it's more reflective of

1) Non-matinee opponent

2) Beautiful beautiful day

3) Tendency of people to leave D.C. on holiday weekends

4) Wizards' stinkiness.

The last one is the most important, by a lot. The Wiz played home MLK Day games in 07 and 08, and the announced attendances for those were 20-some and 15-some, respectively. Sure, attendance has probably been hurt some by the economy, here and elsewhere, but I don't think the Wiz crowd on Monday says anything about NBA crowds in general.


Caps Line Combos: Lots of great possibilities when Brooks and Alex S. are linemates ...

Hey, you were already aiming low when you posted the circumcision question ...

Dan Steinberg: Wow, you're so demure, not even mentioning the last names. I think some out of town fans have made that leap repeatedly, in a less demure fashion.


Washington, D.C.: Speaking of Boswell, is it just me or was his column today paleolithically stupid? Oooh, let's argue about which awful D.C. sports team is worse! I mean, yes, the Wizards/Bullets have a long history of suckitude, but they made the playoffs in recent history, unlike most DC (non-hockey) teams.

Dan Steinberg: I thought it was pretty interesting, and I thought it raised the question of why Wiz ownership has gotten off comparatively lightly vs. Snyder and the Lerners. The Wizards' awfulness over three decades is nearly unmatched in the NBA, and yet they're not treated as a punchline the way the Nats certainly are. Of course, some of this is hard to judge, because the Wizards' had some of their best seasons of the past 31 years in the past half-decade, so the jokes wouldn't really fly. I recall them being much more of a punching bag in the late 90s and early 00s.

As for them making the playoffs in recent history "unlike most DC (non-hockey) teams," to whom are you referring? DCU and the Redskins both made the playoffs in 2007, the Wizards made it in 2008. Not a massive difference, really. The Nats, of course, are their own case.


Burke, Va.: Dan, are you going to cover the Winter Olympics in Vancouver, B.C.? Or have you been confined by the WaPo to the D.C. metro area in travel? If they have some travel money for you, how about doing a week down in Florida following the Nats spring training gig? You and Boz. And whoever the new beat reporter is going to be or does Chico Harlan still have that job? Finally, and completely unrelated, why did Angus Phillips leave the WaPo? To write the great American outdoor novel?

Dan Steinberg: Wow, these are a lot of questions.

1) No, I'm not going to Vancouver. Travel money isn't what it used to be, and I'm trying to be D.C., anyhow. Sure, the hockey has a lot of D.C. connections, but you can do a lot off television and the Internet.

2) I spent four days at Spring Training last year. I'm not sure if anyone judged that a success. I haven't asked anyone whether I should go back. I also had some of the worst Thai food I've ever tasted down there.

3) No Nats beat reporter has been named. My understanding is that Chico is still in charge until the new guy/gal enters.

4) Actually I'm not sure about Angus. Pretty sure he took a buyout years ago and continued to write, beautifully and wonderfully, about the outdoors on contract. Maybe you've noticed, but our Sunday section seems to be a tad smaller than it used to be.


Section 425: Is it my excessive consumption of Blue Moon beer or my general lack of attentiveness that results in me not noticing "Capstronaut" until later in the game? He's not there in the beginning, usually, is he? And I agree that horn guy should be invited to the owner's box before "Capstronaut", but I am not all that worked up about it. The more entertaining crazy people at the game, the better, I say.

Dan Steinberg: I think it might be the lack of attentiveness. I'm pretty sure he's there throughout. Certainly doesn't just show up late.

And I'm in agreement on crazy fans, with the caveat that they shouldn't interfere with the hardcore folks's ability to watch. There are enough commercial breaks for the crazy people to act crazy, though.


Martinsburg, W. Va.: I have not seen organic human poop since I visited China 20 plus years ago. At that time all food was grown with organic human manure. I did not meet one person with gray hair or whom was bald in China during the month that I was there. Since my trip the Chinese have built chemical fertilizer plants across China so I would bet most Chinese are going gray and bald today.

The USDA tried to add human sludge to the organic farming standards years ago, but a big outcry kept it out. So the poop that ended up in Arenas' teammates shoe most likely was not organic unless Arenas only eats out and only eats at Restaurant Nora.

Dan Steinberg: This may not technically be a question, but it's definitely my favorite question I've ever received. Thank you. I'm definitely blaming my bald head on a lack of organic human manure.


Cap Line Combo: Things could get very dirty very quickly if the Caps call up Jay Beagle and put him on Brooks and Alex S's line

Dan Steinberg: If they call up Andray Blatche it would be even dirtier.


Baltimore: Re the lack of a steroid scandal in the NFL: The thing is, the NFL was using steroids in the 1980s. Lyle Alzado, the great Oakland defensive lineman, admitted he had been a heavy steroids user and believed it caused the cancer that killed him. I don't know how the NFL players build that muscle mass (look at the arms on Ray Rice, the Ravens running back who stands 5-feet-8), but it may help that a lot of these guys are in the weight room 12 months a year. I doubt if McGwire and Bonds were.

Dan Steinberg: New Redskins DC Jim Haslett has admitted using steroids in the 80s, and has talked about how widespread they were then. And new Redskins DC Jim Haslett never looked like guys today look. Obviously I am not basing this on one shred of reporting; I'm just saying there are some outrageous bodies in the NFL, and it's hard not to wonder with everything you hear about every other sport.


Caps Jerseys: I want '28' with a more graphic version of that gentleman's last name on the back (so to speak).

Dan Steinberg: Russian Machine Never Breaks, a blog run by a longtime reader and buddy of mine, has a new Semin shirt that you might appreciate.


Outer Space: Problems with Capstronaught is

1. He is wearing white (my guess is that Leonsis will buy him a red outfit for the playoffs)

2. The song they played while showcasing capstronaught was Rocket man which makes sense but very slow song and not a song to get the people pumped up

3. As for getting attention, who cares? Anyone that paints their face or blows a horn is doing that, just so happens this one hasnt caught on.

Dan Steinberg: Well, the Caps wear white on the road. Maybe he should only go to road games.

I would agree that Rocket Man probably doesn't make fans go crazy. What would be an up-tempo, high-energy song about outer space? Anyone?


Washington, D.C.: Who you pulling for down the stretch in the Super Bowl race? I was rooting for New Orleans, but the Vikings may have pulled me to their side with that exciting win over Dallas! BRETT FAVRE!!

Dan Steinberg: I tend to listen to more of the commentary and read more of the stories for Super Bowl Week than for any other week of the season. The Favre stuff would likely slay me. It would just be unbearable in every way, far worse than the stories about how the Saints are inspiring post-Katrina New Orleans. So the Saints are an easy pick in the NFC. On the AFC, I actually don't mind Peyton Manning, but I've heard it all before, and it gets a little thick any time a Manning is involved. Plus, Rex Ryan is funny as hell. So I guess Saints-Jets is my pick.


About the Capstronaut hate ...: I think the hate is due to the inorganic, attention-hungry nature of the "character". I mean, seriously, who wants Caps games to turn into "Let's Make A Deal"?

Dan Steinberg: I'm not sure if I agree, but this will allow me to publish the word "inorganic" for the first time today, so I'll roll with this.

There's definitely a balance here. If every Caps fan came in a Halloween costume to every home game, it would be weird, then it would be annoying, and soon Greg Wyshynski would be writing about what horrible people D.C. sports fans are. On the other hand, it's nice to have a tiny bit of flavor-enhancement at times, and it's great on TV, and from what I can gather the guy is a legit longtime fan who attends games regularly. So I'm ok with it.


About horn guy: I freak out when I see him in Verizon Center. He is a top quality fan who deserves recognition.

Horn at Caps game ok, horn at D.C. United game, verbotten.

Dan Steinberg: "Freak out" how, exactly? I saw Horn Guy at the 7-11 in downtown Silver Spring one evening. I managed not to freak out, but we did have a nice chat. When I think back to the pre-Rock the Red days of empty VC crowds, I always think first about hanging out with Horn Guy and his gang up in the 400s. They were very very kind to me.


Bethesda, Md.: Hey Dan!

Can the Bears we trade back Jay Cutler to the Redksins? Since Mike and Jay worked together a long time in Denver, he can help the offense immediately. What do you think?

Dan Steinberg: I love that you STILL want Jay Cutler after last season. What the heck, why not.

I also love that the JC lovers and the JC haters (and me, on both sides) are regularly willing to use single-game performances to judge who the Skins' QB should be. JC lights it up against the Saints and Raiders, and the lovers say "too bad we didn't get Sanchez," spewing irony. Sanchez leads the Jets to the AFC championship game, and the haters say "hope you're all happy with Campbell," leaking cynicism. These battles will be waged as long as JC makes his home in Washington, and probably long after he leaves, too.


Gilberts Corner, Va.: Maybe I've just been missing them through bad timing, but is it just me or are there far fewer Easterns Motors ads? I mean, the Mercedes Benz ads with Gabby, the Geico ads with Greenie (and Gabby), and the ad for ??? with Ovie and gang vs. Mike Richards and the Flyers at the airport? Those are all ok, but they don't hold a candle to Ovie singing the Easterns Motors jingle ...

Or at least bring back his NHL.com ads with Leonsis and the snack machine - or ordering room service for Cindy ...

Dan Steinberg: Now that you mention it, you may be right. Certainly far fewer than in the golden age, when the jingle first got going.

There's no doubt that the ones with Boudreau and the copier machine are the absolute nadir of local company sports-endorsements. I mean, really, just put your company's name on the screen for 30 seconds and play a funny jingle.

Mike Shanahan did some sort of regular spots in Denver, right? I've heard about this but haven't found any yet.

Ok, I have to try to get some audio files about Mr. Nasty off my Blackberry. Feel free to email me everything you didn't get in here; since I get too many emails now, I'll probably ignore you, but I'll do so with a nod and an organic laugh of appreciation.


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