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Discuss the Golden Globes, Live

A look at some of this year's key nominees for the Golden Globe Awards.

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Jen Chaney, Lisa de Moraes and Robin Givhan
Sunday, January 17, 2010; 6:00 PM

Washington Post TV columnist Lisa de Moraes and Style columnist Robin Givhan join Post online movies editor Jen Chaney online Sunday, Jan. 17 at 6 p.m. ET to discuss red carpet fashion, Ricky Gervais highlights and all the award surprises and speeches at the Golden Globes.


Jen Chaney: Welcome to the Golden Globes, ladies and gentlemen, a night when we gather around our television sets and/or computers to honor the finest film and TV work of the past year ... and also watch hot, famous people get completely trashed on network television.

I'll be your host throughout the evening, but will be joined shortly by the Post's Pulitzer Prize-winning fashionista, Robin Givhan, who will offer her analysis during the red carpet portion of the evening. Then, starting at 8 p.m., TV columnist Lisa de Moraes will arrive at the online party to join me in dissecting the night's winners, losers and Gervais-isms.

In keeping with the insanity that is covering the Globes online, I've got this chat open, as well as IM, two Twitter feeds, a Facebook page, a couple of Globe ballots and, of course, E!'s coverage on my television.

Oh, and speaking of Twitter, the barrage of Tweets from myself and our illustrious Celebritologist, Liz Kelly, will be ongoing throughout the evening.

I think that's enough preamble. Let's get right to the amble.


Global confusion: I see that Drew Barrymore and Jessica Lange have Golden Globe nominations for "Grey Gardens." Didn't the Emmys or some other organization honor that movie LAST year? Also, when the Globe noms came out, Meryl Streep got the nod for "It's Complicated," which hadn't even been released yet. Could you please explain how various award groups determine who's eligible at what time?

Jen Chaney: Hi, Global confusion.

Re: "Grey Gardens," it was indeed nominated for an Emmy; the Emmys are held in the late August/September time frame, so, for example, the 2009 Emmys recognize shows that aired between June 1, 2008 and May 31, 2009. So "Grey Gardens" qualified.

The Globes focus on the calendar year of 2009, which also includes "Gardens." Make sense?

And good question about "It's Complicated"; the awards groups, critics and other members of the media screen these films in advance of voting. The studios host screenings or distribute "for your consideration" screeners so voters can see these movies well in advance of deciding what to nominate.


Robin Givhan: I'm so pleased to be doing my first live Golden Globe chat that I've got a glass of wine by my side in honor of all the soon to be tipsy nominees taking the stage! I'm already baffled by E!'s treatment of Jennifer Morrison from "House" who had the graciousness to wear her very own dress to the awards. Giuliana Rancic looked simultaneously bored and perturbed that the woman actually owned her dress. And it was lovely...

Also, already getting flooded with e-mails from designers on who's wearing what. I'm most looking forward to Penelope Cruz who is apparently wearing an Armani couture gown that required an encyclopedia's worth of explanation: lace, embroidery, mermaid hems, blah, blah, blah


McLean: Is Jack Donaghy the funniest character on TV right now?

Jen Chaney: He's funny, but the funniest? That's a tough call.

Jane Lynch on "Glee" gives him a pretty good run for his GE money.

Robin Givhan: I vote for the entire cast of Glee and all things Tina Fey!


Austin, TX: Is this the first tag-team Live Online Chat?

Jen Chaney: Thanks for your question, Austin, and welcome to this edition of "Know Your washingtonpost.com Online Coverage of Awards Show History"!

It's actually not the first tag team chat. Lisa and I tag teamed the Golden Globe nominations chat, and Liz and I have tag teamed the Oscar chats for the past two years.

Good question, and now you have your answer. Knowing: It really is half the battle.


Seattle, Wash.: Aren't there enough awards shows already? I think this one should be cancelled and the money sent to help the suffering in Haiti.

Robin Givhan: Hi there Seattle. Are you going to have this sort of attitude all evening? Why pray tell are you logged into a web chat about the Globes? Embrace the joy and count your blessings. And give a thumbs up to George Clooney for organizing a fundraiser for Haiti.

Jen Chaney: Indeed, the situation in Haiti is distressing. And as one of the E! announcers just noticed, some of the celebs have already donated funds.

The Golden Globes are an annual occasion, and I don't they need to be canceled despite the tragedy in Haiti. No one is demanding that NFL playoff games or other "leisure pursuits" be canceled. But you're right to point out that we should be thinking of the people in Haiti, and keep all of this in perspective, so thank you for that.


Annapolis, MD: I'm not very familiar with Ricky Gervais - how do you think he will be as host?

Robin Givhan: He's a funny funny actor, but a lot of funny people are extremely unfunny when faced with the thin-skinned Hollywood crowd and the weirdness of award shows. I think Chris Rock is supremely funny, but his hosting of the Oscars? Not so funny.

Jen Chaney: I thought Chris Rock wasn't as bad as he was made out to be, but the truth is that at the Oscars, most comedians are reigned in a bit by the event. So you can only get so much of their voice because the Academy Awards are a much more "proper" event.

The Globes are a looser affair and I am hoping that means Gervais will have free reign to say whatever comes to mind.

Robin, what do you think of Jane Lynch's dress? I am liking the color.

Robin Givhan: Jen, I'm so sorry that I could not focus on the dress because Ryan Seacrest was showing a clip of a bird pooping on her at an earlier Globe show.


Pookie, you there?: We need some of Lisa's snark to get us thru this awards show.

Jen Chaney: She'll be here.

And don't worry, I'll be snarky.

So shove it.

How's that for snark?


Austin, TX: Do you think with Ricky Gervais hosting they'll do away with the annual God-awful musical spoof that has kicked off the show in years past?

Robin Givhan: speaking of Gervais, the man has just arrived and he's being sort of witty on the red carpet. his wife/gal pal sseems to be channeling Barney in her dress. and Jen, why is the entire cast of "House" so early? do they think the early birds get the awards? are they always this early?

Jen Chaney: I think the early bird gets more E! coverage than they would if they waited until, say, Clooney shows up. And it does seem like at least one "House" person shows up on the early side now that you mention it.

I am hoping they open the show with Ricky and no singing. Unless the cast of "Glee" is doing it, in which case I'm all for it.


Rockville, MD: If Avatar wins best drama, I think I'll get seriously sick to my stomach. To be completely honest, that it was even nominated is pretty surprising to me. I wanted to like it, and the visuals ARE excellent. But after it was over, I walked out of the theater annoyed that King James would skimp so much on the little things. You know, like avoiding a planetful of cliches, or having characters that are deeper than their CGI skin. Sorry, I had to vent.

Robin Givhan: it's ok Rockville. i feel your pain. the moment Oprah got on board and started screaming about how you simply HAD to go see the movie and how the "message" was so moving and inspiring was the moment that i began leading a cheer that it be deprived of all major awards.

Jen Chaney: Bless you, Rockville. I feel the same way; visuals stunning. Story? Eh. Didn't do much for me.

That said, I'm still predicting a win for it because the Foreign Press Association reportedly loved it. Would be much happier if "Up in the Air" won.

Hey, here comes Mickey Rourke and a mail-order bride...


Washington, DC: What is the protocol for loans of red-carpet frocks..are they gifts from designers (shops?) or are the celebrities obliged to return (laundered of course).

Robin Givhan: Laundered you say? Designers will be lucky to A. get the dresses back and B. not have them ripped to shreds and soaked in booze.

If it's a couture dress - really couture, not just some over-priced frock - or if it's a loan from the archives, a designer generally wants it back. if it's just a nice runway dress, it's generally considered a write off. they consider it a big publcitiy coup if it's photographed and that's that.

but Jen! are you witnessing Mickey Rourke and his Russian arm candy? i don't want to make any assumptions, but it kinda looks like they did not meet on eHarmony.

Jen Chaney: Ha!

I just referred to her as a mail-order bride in my previous post so I think you and I may be on the same wavelength, Robin.


Johnstown, NY: I hope you are right about the Glee cast singing on the show - that would be fantabulous!

Jen Chaney: Fingers crossed for a "Single Ladies" reprise!


Annapolis, Md.: me, again - not only am I unfamiliar with Ricky Gervais, but this is my first chat - love Jane Lynch and Glee, so am wondering how you are seeing her dress! I'm not clear on how this is working with this particular chat and if is it going on all evening, so I can have the fun of watching TV and also participating in and reading this chat? (hope so, it's fun so far!)

Robin Givhan: Hi Annapolis!
I am a multitasker. I'm seeing Janey on E! even as I chat. I am also looking at Gennifer Goodwin from "Big Love" and am impressed by her grape-colored Vionnet dress. It's short. it's sort of Grecian and it looks faboo on her.


Washington DC: Was there discussion on toning-down the sensational trapping of the GG in response to the Haiti Earthquake--as was done by some award shows post 09/11/01?

Jen Chaney: Honestly, I don't think there was ever a plan to cancel. But I think there will be many mentions of the Haiti crisis and that viewers will be urged to donate.

Elizabeth Moss: Robin, break down that frock for us.

Robin Givhan: On Elizabeth Moss. Is she pregnant? I know you're not supposed to actually ask that question for fear of being punched in the nose, but she looks preggers. Which leads me to the assessment of the dress. She said it was by Amsale , who is an Ethiopian born designer working in New York. Best known for her bridal gowns but she's also done quite a lot of red carpet stuff. Kim Basinger most memorably. I thought Elizabeth's sort coincidentally Elizabethan'ish dress made her look frumpy. Sorry Lizzie.


Washington, D.C.: Jen, Robin, Lisa, how do you all choose which questions to answer in this live-blogging session?

Jen Chaney: Well, Lisa isn't here just yet.

But whenever we do discussions with multiple chatters, each of us just grabs, responds and saves the answer so the other person or people can chime in.

We also can pseudo-IM with each other inside our discussion tool, so that helps us to keep track of everything.

I'm sorry, are the stars loving the glam cam technology? Because I would hate it.

Robin Givhan: I choose questions with 'tude! Wait, I must pause to take in Emily blunt and her pink merengue (sp?) dress. I'm fascinated that her face is an entirely different color than her body. Spray tan gone awry? The dress is quite pretty, though.


Laurel, Md.: Can I just say that every year when I think E! can't come up with a worse host for the red carpet, they do. We've suffered with Giuliana (or however you spell it) for two years now. She's absolutely horrible in interviewing and you can tell that no one is interested in talking to her. Star Jones and Kathy Griffith weren't any better. Is it wrong to speculate that by E! bringing Joan Rivers back for the recap fashion review tomorrow night, that they may be bringing back Joan or Melissa? They're horrible, too, but at least they are slightly entertaining in their horribleness. What "personality" would you like to see host these shows? Apparently it's harder than it looks.

If I had my choice, I'd bring back longtime E! host Steve Kmetko, who is apparently some kind of media trainer now (according to Wiki). He at least knew his stuff when someone walked up to him.

Jen Chaney: I do think it's harder than it looks. Red carpets are chaotic and insanely fast-paced and to ask good questions in the midst of all this is a major challenge.

I bust on Seacrest, but he's a big improvement over Star Jones, in my opinion. Who would be better? Honestly, someone like Ricky Gervais (who would never do it). The job calls for someone knowledgable, smart and quick-witted who has no qualms about being snarky about all the awards-show nonsense.

Pardon me, I have to pause ... Christina Hendricks' cleavage just arrived and I think that deserves a moment of chat silence...

Robin Givhan: I actually loved Kathy Griffin on the red carpet because she was so shamelessly outrageous. Star Jones was a big ole gush fest. But Kathy made the actors too nervous. She was too fast and furious with the multi-layered repartee. That's the thing. Anyone who'd ask a really interesting or tantalizing question...the stars are going to avoid like the plague. On your big night do you really want to deal with someone who'd have the audacity to ask about your recent stint in rehab? And you don't have time to ask actual thoughtful questions.


Really Ryan?: Did my ears deceive me or did Ryan Seacrest just ask Emily Blunt if she found the dialect hard when playing Queen Victoria? Honestly? Maybe if Cameron Diaz was up for the part. I hate this drivel and yet I can't look away.

Jen Chaney: It is a love/hate relationship, isn't it? Man up, my friend. There's only more delicious drivel to come.

Robin Givhan: We come for the drivel. Oh Lord, crotch shot of Adrian Grenier. A moment of silence. George Clooney has arrived!!!


Hollywood CA: Do you know the order of the awards?

Jen Chaney: I do not. I know that the best picture, drama is traditionally the last award. And I think they usually kick off with supporting awards. But specific order? No idea.

Let's be surprised together, shall we?


Washington, DC: Follow-up on the runway-loaners...does the designer actually benefit (in $$S) of the "write-off" -- do enough people/commoners really buy a particular designer gown because a celebrity wore it? Or is the payoff being mentioned on TV and in fabulous blogfests?

And how soon do the knock-offs roll into the mall?

Robin Givhan: For the knock-offs, see ABS in approximately 30 days. That would be my best guess. For the inspired by dresses, that'll come in 6 months.

It's hard to put a dollar amount on the benefit. For designers like Prada, who Uma Thurman famously wore, it puts the brand into the public consciousness. They're not going to buy the dress - often the dress is even taken out of production -- but they might buy the shoes or the fragrance or something else because all of a sudden the name registers. It's like a giant ad in Vogue,People, half a dozen newspapers and a zillion websites all rolled into one.


Washington, DC: I agree with the Elizabeth Moss comment. Color was good, but much too frumpy. Loved the Emily Blunt dress. The cut and the color were lovely. I have a question about the dresses and comments from fashion experts who often say that a gown looked great on the carpet but not on camera. Is it more important that the dress look great on camera or in- person on the carpet? Also, have there been notable dresses from award shows that look great on camera but less than stellar in person?

Jen Chaney: Robin will have something more insightful to say here.

In my opinion, it's more important how the dress looks on-camera because that's how most of the world is going to see it. The night is one night, but the photographs live forever.

Lea Michele looks cute, but the dress is a *bit* foofy...

Robin Givhan: jen is absolutely right. the dress has to look good on camera. it does no one any good if it only looks great in person. - pause, love Sandra Bullocks dress because I am in love with that color. Is violet the color of the evening? But I digress. I also love Sandy because she donated $1 million to Haiti relief.

Jennifer Connelly, some years ago, wore a dress by Balenciaga. It was beige and loose-fitting and she looked like she was wearing rags. I was told, however, that in person it was incredibly chic and understated.


Washington, DC: Seeing Anna Kendrick wear her hair pulled back makes me think she is Eddie Munster's long lost sister.

Jen Chaney: Aw, I like Anna Kendrick. I was typing and didn't see her hair, but this is her first Globes. I'm willing to give her a bit of a pass.

Robin Givhan: I missed Anna too. But did Fergie get a boob job? or is it just that dress......lilac and with what appears to be a built in Wonderbra.


Re: order of the awards: At the Golden Globes IIRC best supporting actor and actress are the first ones and then comes all sorts of awards with best director, best actor, actress, picture all the way in the end.

Jen Chaney: More on the awards order. Thanks!


Washington, DC: Do you know if Rachel Zoe has styled anyone for tonight's Golden Globes? She's a nut, but gets it right pretty often with her styling...

Robin Givhan: Haven't heard if Rachel is styling anyone tonight, but her usual suspects are people like Cameron Diaz and Anne Hathaway and I don't know if they're on the guest list. She also styles the ubiquitous Joy Bryant and I'm sure she'll be showing up for some reason or other.


Annapolis, Md.: 3rd and last time (and shortest question) - is this chat going on through the whole ceremony? (hope so, this is fun!) thanx

Jen Chaney: It is going on through the whole ceremony. So that better not be your last question!


Johnstown, NY: Yes for "Single Ladies" by Glee cast - anything but the "theme" song

Jen Chaney: All right, glad we're on the same page here, Johnstown.


Reston, VA: Quentin's voice! OMG, such grater. I am so glad I don't have to hear it everyday. And his tux looked weirdo.

Jen Chaney: "Weirdo." I expect nothing from Quentin Tarantino. I meant that as a compliment, in a way.

I like the color of Sandra Bullock's dress and it fits well, but I'm not head over heels in love with it. Robin, what do you think?

Jen Chaney: Oops, I meant nothing *less* from Tarantino. Okay, carry on.

Robin Givhan: Nothing but love for Sandy's dress. I especially loved the sheerness in the back.


If Clooney wins...: do you think he'll thank his current female companion? How would he handle having her there in an acceptance speech?

Jen Chaney: Good question. If memory serves, he has not thanked any of his ladies in the past, so I would not expect him to do so tonight. But I could be wrong.

I do expect him to thank me in a BIG way.

Jen Chaney: Well, dang, Clooney brought Elisabetta on E! with him. So maybe he will thank her if he wins.


Sandra Bullock's dress: Don't like the color. May be if it was a different fabric it would've been better IMO. Her hairstyle was awesome I thought.

Robin Givhan: You don't love that violet? I think it's breathtaking. Maybe she was inspired by the first lady, who wore a similarly colored dress to the Kennedy Center Honors.


Washington DC: How is blogging about the fashions (tee hee) of Washington, DC celebrities different from blogging on entertainment-world celebrities (EWCs)? My guess is that you all can sharpen your claws a bit more with the EWC.

Robin Givhan: Claws? What claws? OMG, Jaunary Jones has the smallest waist in the world. It's in Scarlett O'Hara territory. I also love her dress. LOVE! Very Lanvin.

Jen Chaney: It's a fairer fight with the EWCs. With some of the Washington people, picking on their fashion is sort of like starting punching someone who's got a hand tied behind his or her back. Not fair, really.


Washington, DC: I don't like the nude lipstick on Fergie. Aren't you supposed to make your eyes pop if the lips don't? She has such great lips, why not add a little color? I also did not like the hair either...

Jen Chaney: I liked Fergie's dress, but agreed, it didn't match her head.

Robin Givhan: I did not like the head or the dress. Maybe I need more wine.


washington, dc: How do you prepare to comment on all the celebs? Aside from the A&B list...some of those folks strutting their fame on the red-carpet are pretty hard to place. Did you have to cram last night going through the most recent People magazines? Perez Hilton?

Robin Givhan: I frankly don't delve beyond the B-list, aside from Kathy Griffin but that's a different story. Your question however reminds me of an interview I once did with Joan Rivers (who is the sweetest person by the way. She talked about her dogs and offered me rugelah.) Anyway, she gets a big ring binder with photos and details of all the nominees and presenters and such. She basically said it all becomes a blur, particularly at the Globes. All those supporting characters on the five million iterations of Law and Order become one giant blur. Basically you punt and try not to confuse Julia Louis Dreyfus with that woman from Flipping Out.

Jen Chaney: That's funny. I can't imagine having to process that binder.

For those of us doing this online from the comfort of our couches, we have this awesome thing called the Internet that can help us refresh our memories when needed.


Reston, Va.: Ugh - a dilemma...DVR "Human Target" and "24" and go live with the Golden Globes or opposite? Kind of thinking live "24" and just fast forwarding to the funny bits of the Globes. Not used to having choices on a Sunday night!

Jen Chaney: Hello? Watch the Globes live and watch "24" later. No brainer!

Robin Givhan: Must watch Globes. it's like champagne....it's no good the next day.


Washington, DC: Should I stick with E's red carpet show or switch to NBCs coverage?

Jen Chaney: Oh, shazaam! Thanks for the reminder. I vote for switching back and forth, just to add yet another level of freneticness to the media tracking.


Marion Cotillard: In my next life, I want to look like her.

Robin Givhan: how chic was she in that Dior?! Am so sad that Ryan did not ask Anna Paquin about that hideousness she was wearing. It looked like the entire Vegas strip wrapped around her torso


Washington DC: Clooney is tres talented and uses his power for good causes--such as his current work raising money for Haiti--but dating him must be a wild ride...with a certain ending. How long do guess he'll stay with his lovely and current GF?

Jen Chaney: I have no idea and wouldn't even venture a guess. But I will say that I suspect many, many women would be willing to take that ride, even if was brief.

Amy Poehler looks good, I think. Like that red, although her lipstick looks pinkish on TV...

Robin Givhan: Poeher looks terrific. I'm also intrigued by Tracy Morgan who is not wearing the black brocade tux that was advertised by Giorgiao Armani.


Chestertown, Md.: Do you all perceive a decolletage movement tonight? I see usually demure Anna Paquin putting things out there in a way that would make Mariah Carey blush if she weren't already outdoing herself in this department....

Jen Chaney: Yes, there is a decolletage extravaganza going on. Speaking of, feel free to vote in the first of our polls for the evening:


Austin, Tex.: You switching to NBC coverage now? I don't have cable and can't stomach Billy Bush alone.

Robin Givhan: Just took a peek in time to catch Gabourey Sidibe, whose name I'm quite sure I spelled wrong. That alone was worth enduring Billy Bush. I didn't like Gabby's dress. But, as she would say, I'm "totes" in love with her....

Also, on my purple being the color of the night, see Natalie Morales. Make Billy Bush stop. Pleeeze.

Jen Chaney: I actually just switched away from NBC back to E! because Billy Bush was making me terribly uncomfortable. Good lord.


Washington, DC: This chat is the best ever! Julianna Margulies and Chloe Sevigny are each spectacular in their own way. But Tina Fey looks like Scarlett O'Hara's pesky younger sister.

Jen Chaney: No, you're the best ever!

Chloe Sevigny? It appears a few ruffles may have detonated on her chest.

Robin Givhan: I have never understood the Chloe Sevigny is a fashiaon icon line of thought. I think she dresses like she crawled through a secondhand store and clothes just randomly stuck.

Penelope Cruz has arrived in the Armani Prive extravaganza. I think it's one of those dresses that looks better in person. Also, is someone standing at the top of the red carpet handing out the Haiti ribbons?


Reston, Va.: Tina Fey is apparently going to the HoeDown after party...

Robin Givhan: this is what i get for switching to NBC. I've missed Tina Fey. But Jay Alexander of America's Next Top Model is really annoying me with that giant camellia on his lapel. He is NOT Coco Chanel!

Jen Chaney: Not annoying me at all? Bradley Cooper. That man can wear a tuxedo.


Washington, DC: This is my first experience with Giuliana Rancic, the female E host. Is wrong to say she's a rather odd-looking woman?

Robin Givhan: we are so on the same page on this. I thought it was the 40 cameras she and Ryan were bragging about that was making her look sort of alien.

Jen Chaney: Indeed. Although she is a local girl, so I won't pick on her *too* much.


Columbia, MD: I always love all things Tina Fey, but I have to confess her dress is not so wonderful.

Jen Chaney: There seem to be some mixed feelings on this one. I am erring on the not crazy about it side.


Austin, TX: Loved the awkward moment asking Taylor Lautner about Taylor Swift on NBC.

Robin Givhan: saw it. thank you for telling me who that child was...


Tina Fey: dress is beautifully made. Not so sure if I like it or not.

Her hair is wow!

Jeff Bridges needs to shave. And George Clooney too. Pronto!

Robin Givhan: Jeff Bridges seems to be channeling the character who got him to the Globes. Clooney needs a shave, but it does not lessen his Clooney-ness

purple alert: Alfre Woodard!


Silver Spring, Md.: Couldn't the HFP spring for a cover over the red carpet? The umbrellas are quite distracting.

Jen Chaney: Yeah, not sure why they couldn't tent this sucker. It's never rained, apparently, so maybe they just weren't prepared.

Natalie Morales ... I am thinking she's not well-versed on "Twilight." She keeps calling it "The New Moon."

Jen Chaney: Oh, Courtney Cox's dress looks nice.

Robin Givhan: Courtney looked bored. I'm loving colin Firth in his Tom Ford tuxedo discussing his 1920s reproduction studs and cuff links. He wins as best dressed gentleman.


San Antonio,Texas: why is it raining Ryan?

Jen Chaney: It's actually Seacrest's fault. He has so many jobs, and one of them involves conjuring rain storms.


tina's dress!: OMG - i love TIna Fey's dress!! absolutely love it! she's adorable -- almost audrey hepburn-esque but with more flair.

Jen Chaney: Just throwing in a positive comment on the strapless controversy that is Tina Fey's dress.


Washington, DC: Flipping over to NBC's coverage occasionally and it's allowing me to see some of the stars I missed on E...check it out.

Robin Givhan: still searching for Tina Fey. But am very much in love with Kate Hudson's dress. white, scuptrual instead of her usual boho chic.

OMG, Maria Carey's breasts have arrived, as has her rear end. she looks utterly absured. who dressed this woman? i want their head on a platter. Nick Cannon.....why did you not tell this woman that she was about to fall out of her dress?

Hid-eeee-us. Mariah is getting all up in Ryan's grill. She's cussing. I'm appalled. Appalled I tell you.


Anonymous: What are the Golden Globes?

Robin Givhan: See Mariah Carey....


Reston, Va.: OMG - Mariah! Guess that's kind of demure for her though. Talk about your golden globes...

Jen Chaney: That comment was inevitable. Thank you for making it so I didn't have to.


Courtney Cox's lips: eww!

Penelope Cruz is looking lovely. Interesting hair with two shades. Love her dress.

Jen Chaney: In other news, not liking Kate Hudson's frock, but Zoe Saldana looks spot-on.


SF, California: Holy boobs bat man! Mariah Carey looks like she is going to film a Sci Fi porn!! Yikes.

Robin Givhan: Mariah is just her own personal, desperate horror show.

Robert Downey Jr. needs a tie. He looks like it fell off in the rain.


Mariah: We can only hope she drinks copiously and then wins...

Robin Givhan: I have now begun rooting for Mariah


Washington, DC: OMG...can Mariah Carey please put those things away! She always looks so trashy. At least she's not wearing a miniskirt.

Jen Chaney: And on that note, time to vote for the worst dressed so far!


Kristen Bell: Wow. Her dress, hair and makeup are all wow. Not sure about the white, but dress is wow.

Zoe Sadana's dress color is very good. Mariah Carey is looking yuck!

Jen Chaney: Agreed. Not a white fan, but Bell looks good.

Didn't see Mariah yet, but I think Robin did?

Jen Chaney: Oh wait. Just caught Mariah. Yikes.


Washington DC: For designer loans...is there a hierarchy of celebrity that designers strive to ensnare in a gown--in this case, film over tv? And has the red-carpet ever made a designer?...I'm think Elie Saab when the gorgeous Halle Berry wore his dress --but then again, he might've already been famous. Robin?

Robin Givhan: You betcha! film trumps TV. nominees trump presenters. Presenters trump guests. actors trump directors, writers, etc. And tall thin, gorgeous starlets who are destined to be copiously photographed trump everyone.

in some ways, the quintessential red carpet-made designer is Giorgio Armani. he was the first to recognize the potential of offering to dress stars back in the days of Kim Basinger's one-armed homemade dress and Demi Moore's bike shorts. they were thrilled to put themselves in his capable hands. and the press connected to his dressing them was enormous because back then it was so unusual.


Reston, Va.: I'm here for you Jen.

Amy Adams looked sweet.

Jen Chaney: Thanks, Reston.

And I don't know about Adams. That dress looked a bit Frumptown, but I only saw it for a split second. Will take a second look.


Alexandria VA: Are Samuel L Jackson's glasses plastic???

Jen Chaney: I think they self-destruct at the end of the night.

Paul McCartney has a guy who handles his umbrellas? Well, he's a Beatle. I think he's earned the right.

Robin Givhan: i think they might be 3D


The way the celebs are talking about the rain: you'd think they were braving a Haitian earthquake to get across the red carpet.

Robin Givhan: ohhh, brutal. in their world, it's a big night out. they spent hours getting ready. and now their curls are falling in front of millions of judgemental viewers...so tragic. ha!

Jen Chaney: A true tragedy.


Madrid SP: Wow, Jennifer Morrison looks amazing!!!

Robin Givhan: i agree. and Jennifer Garner is standing like she cannot breathe in that Versace dress. and apparently she could not bend over to pick up her own train. she had to get little tech assistants to reach down and grab it.


Alexandria VA: Paul McCartney's date maybe went a little nuts with the bedazzler ...

Jen Chaney: You think?

Hey, here comes Woody Harrelson in a baseball cap! Shouldn't he be wearing a Zombieland cowboy hat instead?

Robin Givhan: i hate it when the guys pretend like they're going bowling or something. John Hamm -- reportedly wearing Tom Ford -- also needs a shave.


Alexandria VA: I'm actually not hating John Hamm's beard.

Robin Givhan: why hide that face behind Grizzly Adams hirsuteness?


Hillsborough, NC: You all are most amusing. Who types for you? I have only seen a few mistakes in grammar, punctuation, and the like. I doubt your abilities to see the Red Carpet's stunning array of future falling down drunk actors and type at the same time, especially with sudden appearances of a "crotch shot," a really heinous pregnancy-look-inducing dress from Ethiopia, or anything Glee.

Thank you for your consideration.

Jen Chaney: Who types for us? The same guy who handles our umbrellas, obviously.

Honestly, we're doing this all ourselves. It also is worth mentioning that Robin and I both have eight arms. Strange genetic accident that we both share in common.

Breaking news: Taylor Lautner just said he is *not* dating anyone. Hmmm...


Alexandria, VA: I think Lea Michele is the best dressed thus far. Surprised no one has commented!!!

Jen Chaney: She looks cute, but the skirt had a bit too much foof for my taste. But she's young and fun, so she can kind of pull it off.

Robin Givhan: i thought the dress, Oscar de la Renta if I remember correctly, was a bit prom-like to me. a bit too, too.


Olympia, Wash.: Who was Morgan Freeman's date?

Robin Givhan: I'm not sure who that was. The younger woman he's dating now that he's divorcing his wife....not that I'm judging.

Just saw, Mo'Nique. Didn't think she was coming to these awards things. Please let her win.....after many, many drinks.

Jen Chaney: Oh, I agree. Would love to hear what she has to say, drinks or no.


Annapolis, MD: okay, I give in: I'm back! thanks for the encouragement - I'm in a low tech household, so only have computer and network tv - trying to find gowns on the internet to vote, but can't - any tips? btw, Mariah's decolletage is beyond the definition - is there another term for how her dress presents her girls! Right now, can only comment on Sigourney Weaver's gown - may be designer, but not very flattering... okay, seeing Sandra now - great color, not great on her - someone mentioned a sheer back, but it's strapless...did she change?

Jen Chaney: I posted some polls for your voting pleasure earlier. And keep checking in on our poll page throughout the night.

Robin Givhan: it would be more accurate to say it was transparent in the back. i'm still getting over Mariah's cleavage. i might have to shift from wine to something stronger.


Silver Spring Md: Incredibly bad camera work by NBC. they talk about a dress and then only show the top half! The E program is doing a much better job. Comments?

Jen Chaney: I have to say that I agree. E! is much more seamless than NBC.

Robin Givhan: E is much more serious about showing the fashion. they know how to do red carpet. I think NBC, deep down, is embarassed to be dedicating so much time to frocks.


Austin, TX: Have any Post Live Chat drinking games been established?

Jen Chaney: No, nothing official. Why don't you readers suggest some drinking opportunities? (And P.S., you can play the game without alcohol.)

How about: drink every time Gervais gets bleeped? I'd suggest you drink every time Billy Bush says something awkward, but those with adult beverages would be too snookered to go on...


Rain: Billy Bush keeps asking people if they knew it was raining. Do celebs live in dark, windowless bunkers?

Jen Chaney: "Did you know that water sometimes falls from the sky?"

Thank God Julia Roberts just put him (and NBC) in his/their place. Best red carpet moment of the night: "NBC is in the toilet right now!"


Kate Hudson: I like her dress. I think she is very well put together - hair, makeup, ear rings. I think that dress is one that looks good in white than any other color.

Heidi just came - don't like the color but love the dress.

Robin Givhan: have fashion news! Sandra Bullock's gown is by Bottega Veneta. Kudos to Tomas Maier for that one. And my suspicion was correct on January Jones....she is wearing Lanvin. Did I mention how much I love the dress? I want that dress.

Yikes, Giuliana Rancic just told Mark Wahlberg that she'd see him at church. What the heck??? Apparently, they attend the same church, a fact that Wahlberg looked shocked that she'd actually mention.


Colin Farrell's hair: = hot mess.

that is all.

Jen Chaney: Noted, duly.

Robin Givhan: indeed. the chatters have spoken.


Reston, Va.: Jen/Robin: Who are you wearing tonight? Me? I'm in my Target yoga pants, my Wicked Good LLBean slippers and I'm accessorizing with my leopard print snuggie.

Heidi Klum looks amazing. Wow - just saw Sir Paul. Maybe those are his royal medals?

Robin Givhan: I am in my award show special: Gap sweats and a J. Crew cashmere hoodie. My drink of choice is a white Bordeaux.

Jen Chaney: Personally, I took things to another level this year. Black pants that won't quite zip from the Limited and gray, ill-fitting sweatshirt from Hecht's (yeah, I've had it for a while). I'm dazzling, if I do say so myself.


Sandra Bullock's Dress: Looks like a cheap wench outfit.

Love her. Love the purple. But that fits about as well as my Halloween costume.

Jen Chaney: Sa-nap!

Robin Givhan: i don't know when you last saw a wench, but they are quite chic these days.


Central VA: Absolutely cannot watch the train wreck of NBC on the red carpet. Not a fan of Ryan Seacrest, but at least he sounds halfway intelligent. Halfway! Haven't even seen Guiliana in the 20 mns I've been watching. Have they given up on her?

Jen Chaney: Oh, well, she just came back with a vengeance. After screaming after Clooney and Elisabetta (I call her by her first name because I can't remember how to spell her last name right now), she yelled "Oh, George, come on!"

Then she turned around and said, "Are we still on the air right now? Oh, that's embarrassing."

Man, it's battle of the red-carpet-show trainwrecks right now!


Best dressed: No one has really, totally knocked my socks off yet...but January Jones and Zoe Saldana have come closest.

Robin Givhan: it for sure will not be Anna Kendrick. that is a dress that should not be worn on television. it's overwrought and fussy.

i am embarrased for Giuliana Rancic. She just begged Clooney to come over using Anna as bait. I cannot speak ill of Anna now. She's been put through too much.

I like Kate Hudson. Marion Cotillard looked great in Dior.

Jen Chaney: Yeah, I have to agree about Kendrick now, even though I like her work.

That Rancic moment was brilliant.


Guiliana calling after George: hysterical -- she totally lost it! but if I were wearing her dress I wouldn't have stopped to come over either!

Robin Givhan: it was spectacular live TV. she was actually starting to show a little pissiness because he wouldn't come over to talk to her, the crazy lady.

Jen Chaney: She has a thing for Clooney. She fawns all over him during these shows.

I appreciated the honesty of the moment. I'd rather watch the red carpet during commercial breaks, then go to commercial when they think they are on the air. But, weirdly, E! never asked for my feedback.


Kendrick and Guilana: Good lord, poor Anna Kendrick. Did you just see the embarrassing interview she endured with Guilana?

Robin Givhan: it was indeed a nightmare.

Christina Hendricks is wearing a dress by Project Runway's Christian Siriano. Good for him. That's quite a coup and it's a lovely dress. She escapes an interview with Giuliana unscathed.


HELP! My dish is out: Having a sleet storm here in upstate NY and have no reception. I've been waiting for this night for weeks!!! Is there any place I can SEE the Globes online? HELP!!!!!

Jen Chaney: Live video? I don't think so. Live chats and Twitter may be your best right now.

Jen Chaney: Best bet, that is.


Guiliana: I am seriously embarrassed for you right now.

Jen Chaney: That ruled on so many levels.

But yeah, that's gonna sting for Guiliana later, when the red carpet madness dies down.


Lisa de Moraes: "It's not rain -- it's just God crying for NBC," Tina Fey says. Ladies and gentlemen -- we have our best line of the Globes and the trophy show hasn't even started that. Top that, Ricky Gervais...


WDC: K Cannon (30 Rock)...never heard of her, but her necklace should have been left in the zen garden.

Robin Givhan: i just heard Jay Alexander complimenting Mariah Carey's dress. whatever he's been smokin' cut him off.


Guiliana Rancic: Who is she and why does she look like a Martian?

I wish Anna Kendrick would have bit her head off.

Robin Givhan: i don't know where she came from. she's married to Bill Rancic, the guy who won The Apprentic back when people actually watched that show.

purple alert: Jane Krakowski. J. Mendel by Gille Mendel

back to Giuliana. i think she met Bill when she interviewed him for some celebrity show. heck maybe it was E. heck, maybe i know way more about her than i should.

Jen Chaney: Giuliana is from the Washington area, or at least has relatives here, if memory serves.


Sandra Bullock's dress: Just got a glimpse of the full dress on justjared. That fabric is so awful, so cheap looking. I wish they picked something that wasn't so shiny.

Fergie's OTOH is beautiful dress from the same color family.

Robin Givhan: we're going to have to just disagree on this. i thought the fabric was light and airy and fanciful. Fergie was no Mariah Carey, but i thought the dress was wench-like, to quote another chatter...


SF, California: Jay Manual loves Mariah's dress!?!?

Jen Chaney: You actually listen to his opinions and believe them? That's just madness.

Robin Givhan: whoops, i've been calling him jay alexander. confusing him with Miss J. why didn't someone stop me!


Alexandria VA: Tobey Maguire always looks so smug!

Jen Chaney: Aw, don't bust on Peter Parker. That dude will turn Spider-Man and save your behind in a jam ... or he would have, if Sony hadn't dropped him from the Spidey movies.


Austin, TX: References to NBC's late night mess = drink.

Jen Chaney: Oh, abso-freaking-lutely!

BTW, Lisa is here. In case you hadn't noticed. Welcome, Lisa. And the show is underway. Here comes Ricky.


Robin Givhan: hey guys, like Ryan Seacrest said, i'm out! now that it's all about awards...

but if i see something truly irresistible -- a Mariah Carey acceptance speech -- i might have to leap back in!


Silver Spring, Md.: Giuliana went to the University of Maryland, CP. I was in a couple classes with her. She was not as goofy as she is now.

Jen Chaney: I knew there were some local connections. Thanks, Silver Spring.

Carell has already threatened to kill Gervais (jokingly). And Gervais is promoting his own "Office." Nice.


North Beach, MD: Holy Smokes! Julia Roberts was drunk on NBC! Telling Billy that the network was a wreck! She was quite hilarious and Tom Hanks kept trying to reposition her so the light would flatter her. Love that she is getting older, and doesn't take herself too seriously.

Jen Chaney: Yes, that was something special.

Gervais is making penis jokes. Not enough for bleeping, so no drinking yet, for those of you playing at home.


Alexandria VA: Ricky Gervais is both funny and well-dressed tonight.

Jen Chaney: Yes, not doing so badly so far. The Angelina Jolie joke just broke up the room.

First Leno/Conan joke!

P.S. You can follow more Globes action via our Twitter feeds in Celebritology.

Supporting actress up now... will it be Mo'Nique?


Lisa de Moraes: "Let's get on wtih it before BNC replaces me with Jay Leno". That was Ricky Gervais's shot at NBC. Tina Fey wins -- hands down.


Alexandria VA: Was that Diane Krueger I saw in a dress made of fuschia cotton candy?

Jen Chaney: Didn't see her dress. But I do know that Mo'Nique just won.

This speech oughta be a goodie.


Tina Fey!: Just found a way to slam both NBC and Mariah Carey in one 30 second interview, all while making an interview with Billy Bush not feel unbearably painful. That woman truly is amazing...

Lisa de Moraes: If only she wasn't wearing a cupcake...


Alexandria VA: Monique looks amazing! Plus I want Julianne Moore's earrings.

And Monique is a winner! Woot!

Jen Chaney: Love that she didn't prepare or pull out a piece of paper.

Well-deserved win, no question.


Monique's dress: yuck. Well deserved award though.

Jen Chaney: Agreed. Her make-up looks good in HD though.

And woah, Matthew Fox looks clean-shaven and younger than usual right now. Maybe it's because he's off the island.


Reston, Va.: Lisa is in the house!!!

Ok, backing off from the Merlot...

Jen Chaney: Why back away?

Lisa de Moraes: I'm here with a bunch of TV critics, who have just cracked open the Merlot, to watch the Globes. We were commenting on NBC not thinking to have an awning over the red carpet walk up, given that rain had been predicted for days. Is there anything else NBC can screw up this week?


Jen Chaney: Lead actress in TV comedy: winner is Toni Collette. I'm two for two prediction-wise. Woo-hoo!


Austin, TX: Jen, why is Jack so clean shaven? It's disconcerting!

Jen Chaney: I know, I just noted the same thing.

It must be a clue! Start examining screen shots now, "Lost" fanatics.


Lisa de Moraes: Toni Collette wins best comedy actress for Showtimes "United States of Tara." Of course she did -- she's Australian! Do you think the Hollywood Foreign Press Association thought Mo'Nique, who just won for best supporting actress in a flick, is French? Me too!


Actress from Modern Family: I like her. She just called out Matthew Fox for not coming to rehearsal. She's great on the show too.

Jen Chaney: I really need to start watching that show, ASAP.


North Beach, MD: I thought Monique speech was sweet; refreshing when the stars admit they dreamed of being stars. Just like the rest of us...

Matthew Fox is dreamy, sigh-but I think he is looking younger, and that is disturbing. AT LEAST HE SHAVED THOUGH! Which is more than we can say for Tobey Maguire and others. So not impressive.

Jen Chaney: Is it possible that Fox flashed back and is now coming to us from, say, 1977? That's my theory at the moment.


Annapolis, MD: yeah, finally have caught up and see that Lisa's on - with all 3 of you now on board, let the games begin...

penis mention kind of went on too long - a little embarrassed for Ricky

Jen Chaney: Long, you say? (Cough.)

We're on to the supporting actor category. And the winner is ... John Lithgow for "Dexter."


Washington DC: Given the red-carpet live blogging with you all went so well, would you consider coming together again, let's say, for the State of Union Address?

Jen Chaney: I am sure someone will chat during State of the Union. It probably shouldn't be us, though. We'll just be commenting on Obama's suit and that's not particularly helpful for anyone.


Monique: Why does everyone have to thank God? Doesn't He have enough to do with cleaning up the mess in Haiti? Do you think He really cares who wins the Golden Globe?

Jen Chaney: He does care. Deeply.

Nice comment from McCartney: "Animation is not just for children. It's also for adults who take drugs." Best animated film -- probably "Up" -- to be announced momentarily...


Mo'Nique: YGG!: Haven't seen Precious yet; heard she was amazing in it. Loved her heart-felt speech -- and she looked fab, too.

Jen Chaney: She was amazing in it. I liked her speech, too.

Winner of best animated feature is, indeed, "Up." Kevin Bacon looks decidedly unfazed by this news.


Lisa de Moraes: John Lithgow just won best supporting actor for a TV anything -- they lump series with movies and miniseries in this category. He thanks too many people for giving him the opportunity to have a blast creeping out the entire country the past few months on Showtime's "Dexter. Speaking of creepy -- Paul McCartney.


Washington, DC: Hey Lisa, are the other TV critics as mild mannered as you?

Lisa de Moraes: You're sweet -- don't ever change.


NPH: Is he ever going to win for his role as Barney?

Jen Chaney: Don't know. It's tough because the supporting category doesn't separate drama from comedy, and they tend to give that award to the more dramatic players.


Hangover: How much do you wish you were sitting at that table??? Minus Mike Tyson, of course.

Jen Chaney: I just Tweeted something to that effect. I actually think Tyson adds an even more appealing element.

What could they be talking about at this moment? Oh, the mind reels!


New York, NY: Did Michael C. Hall lose his hair during chemo? (Wondering about the hat.)

Lisa de Moraes: That's what all the critics here assume. He only announced he was being treated for Hodgkin's disease once the treatment was concluded....


Reston, Va.: Can someone tell me why Neil Patrick Harris never gets any award show love? He's the best thing bout HIMYM. John Lithgow, fine, he's good, but not as good as NPH.

Lisa de Moraes: Harris is apparently not going to win any trophy of any kind for his work on CBS's "How I Met Your Mother" until they give him a very special date-rape episode....Send your letters and emails to CBS.


Scarsdale, NY: Interesting that you ask why everybody has to thank God. Reminds me of Kathy Griffin's comment at the Emmys that everybody thanks Jesus, but Jesus had nothing to do with it (her getting the award)

Jen Chaney: Little known fact: Both God and Jesus are members of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. Strange that they couldn't prevent the rain tonight, isn't it?


North Beach, MD: The lights are casting weird and inappropriate shadows. Ricky looked like he had a skinny white belt on at the podium, and now Lithgow has a mike shadow trying to attack his throat.

Jen Chaney: I am watching and typing simultaneously so I am missing these nuances. NBC is just knocking 'em out of the park tonight, aren't they?


Alcohol details about the Globes?: Just beer and wine or spirits, too? Open bar? Cash bar?

Jen Chaney: They all have champagne on their tables.

And I am thinking open bar. Cash bar is so tacky.

Gervais: "One thing that can't be bought is a Golden Globe ... officially." Well done.


Alexandria VA: Do the stars eat? Or are they just served alcohol without food in order to increase the potential hilarity?

Jen Chaney: I believe food is served. But the stars, generally, do not eat. So I doubt every plate gets cleaned.


North Beach, MD: I think I saw Kate Hudson's earrings on sale at Claire's.

Jen Chaney: Dang.

Poor Felicity Huffman. She's botching this explanation of the Foreign Press. She handled it gracefully, though.


Laotian child: and Angelina Jolie. That cracked me up.

Lisa de Moraes:
"One thing that can't be bought is a Golden Globe -- officially." Ricky Gervais. Best line of the Globes so far.

Felicity Huffman of "Desperate Housewives" says that since this trophy show has been on NBC the HOllywood Foreign Press Association has donated over $10 million to film related charities. What exactly are film-related charities?


Hmmm...just wondering: How are seating arrangements at the Globes determined? Love to be a fly on the wall for those discussions/negotiations.

Jen Chaney: You all are asking great questions about the machinations of this thing. I would imagine it involves careful negotiation between the studios, publicists, networks ... you know, your usual debacle.

We're on to lead actress in a TV drama... and Julianna Margulies just won for "The Good Wife."


Felicity Huffman's dress: eww. Love the makeup. A lot of these people are wearing great HDTV-friendly makeup.

They just showed Nicole Kidman. She needs to stop the botox! pronto!

Jen Chaney: Agreed, HD is so unforgiving, but the make-up jobs are excellent.

Michael C. Hall just won for "Dexter." For those wondering about the cap, he's currently undergoing cancer treatments.

Jen Chaney: Sorry, published the Margulies one before I could get this one out, for those of you -- like our snowbound friend -- without televisions...


Michael C Hall: He announced his cancer news too late to get the Globes Cancer Vote, so it's a clean win, right?

Jen Chaney: I'd like to think so. He's a fine actor; I don't regularly watch "Dexter," but loved him on "Six Feet Under." And he comes across as a class act.


"Believing in a 10 o'clock drama": Drink!

Jen Chaney: That counts as a Leno/O'Brien reference, sorta. Have a swig, people.


Lisa de Moraes: CBS having a VERY good night. It's premium cable network Showtime has three wins -- "Dexter's" John Lithgow and Michael Hall, and "United States of Tara" has got one for Toni Collette of "United States of Tara" and now Julianna Margulies just picked up a Globe for best drama series actress for CBS's "The Good Wife"...She pointedly thanks CBS CEO Les Moonves and CBS Entertainment division president Nina Tassler "for believing in the 10 o'clock drama." Here at the Langham Hotel in Pasadena, where TV critics are taking a break from Summer TV Press Tour 2010 to watch the Golden Globes together, we have decided to start a drinking game. Every time someone gets up on stage and nicks NBC, we have a drink. You too can play!


Laguna Beach, Calif.: "Up in the Air" was good, but not great. Clooney had another "walk through" his role. What's so great about it?

Jen Chaney: I don't know, I thought it was pretty great.

I thought Reitman did a phenomenal job directing it. It was the only film I saw -- of the big Oscar contenders -- that didn't leave me with a quibble to pick at; it was just spot-on, well edited, well written and an intelligent romantic comedy, which is so, so rare.


New York, NY: Is Harrison Ford drunk or just old?

Jen Chaney: Just befuddled, maybe?

Ladies and gentlemen, Elvira. Aka Cher. I miss having her at these awards shows, I have to say.


Reston, Va.: Hmmm - Julianna Margulies...upset? I would have thought January Jones.

Jen Chaney: And here I had Anna Paquin. So what do I know?


Alexandria VA: Anybody know who designed Toni Collette's dress?

Robin Givhan: Toni Collette's dress is by Elie Saab, same guy who made Halle Berry's dress when she won the Oscar. I will speak up if I find out who is responsible for Cher's trussing.


Alexandria VA: Cher ... oh, Cher.

Jen Chaney: It's nice to see her in a way, though, isn't it?

"The Weary Kind" from "Crazy Heart" just won best song.


Film-related Charities: Cleaning up beaches and other pristine locations after they destroy them?

Funding psychotherapy for child actors?

But seriously, I think there's a home for aging actors.

Lisa de Moraes: Great causes all....


Silver Spring, Md.: Oh Lisa, we're way ahead of you on that drinking game. It's fun!

Lisa de Moraes: We are catching up as fast as we can...


Chicago, IL: Why is a transvestite presenting w/Christina Aguilera?

Jen Chaney: Hey, that tranvestite is an Oscar winner who once appeared in a music video with her butt cheeks hanging out. Show some respect!

Seriously, I have a soft spot for Cher. If she didn't look like that, I'd be concerned.


Glenview, Ill.: Michael C. Hall...can you explain the headgear?

Lisa de Moraes: um, chemo...


22202: X-tina's face and hair look very pretty. Also, I want Drew Barrymore's lipstick.

Jen Chaney: I'm sure she'd be happy to loan it to you.

Hooray, Michael Giacchino just won for best score for
"Up." Love him!


Austin, TX: Um, Pookie. We thought of that drinking game before the critics did. Just ask Jen. You owe us a gift bag.

Lisa de Moraes: Hey, we got off to a late start here. We have been deeply immersed in the more serious issue of covering the Conan O'Brien tragedy...


he spent a lot last year: With that comment Sir Paul may not talk to Ricky even if they both are in first class next year.

Never saw Christina Aguilera look so simple. She always has too much red lipstick and too blonde curls. I like her like this.

Lisa de Moraes: she knew she could not compete with Cher. Smart girl..


NY, NY: Loved Jeremy Piven's expression when Cher and Christina came out!

Lisa de Moraes: I missed Mercury Boy's reax -- what did he do?


getting old watching the winners wander around that ballroom: They could have used landing gear lights in that room so these poor schmucks wouldn't have to wander around looking lost trying to get to the stage. P.S. Cher is looking a tad scary these days.

Jen Chaney: Yeah, that is odd, isn't it?

P.S. Look, I like my Cher in a weird dress, Botoxed up and borderline scary, okay? That's what keeps the world spinning.


Austin, TX: Jen, I guess Michael Giacchino winning for 'Up' is the closest thing we'll get for a 'Lost' win tonight.

Jen Chaney: Apparently. He's incredibly talented, so good for him.


Washington: So I hear that with the recent increase in airport security, Cher was held back because of all the suspicious material in her face.

Jen Chaney: Ba-dum-bum! We're here until 11, people!


Juliana and George!: Just had a moment. Sigh, greatest tv couple ever.

Jen Chaney: That was sweet, wasn't it?

Lisa de Moraes: Julianna Margulies married to Chris Noth. Chris Noth in prison. I rest my case..


January Jones: I hope she didn't win the globe due to that ensemble. She clearly looked like she just threw something on... Couldn't she borrow one of the Mad Men stylists to help her out... ugh

Lisa de Moraes: Did you notice she had borrowed the black head-holding-together ribbon Posh Spice wore this week on the debut of "American Idol"? And, have you noticed how very very many NBC show promos there are on this trophy show? I'm not seeing many actual, you know, ads....


SNAP...Julianna M!: Loved her comment on Les Moonves for believing in the 10 p.m. drama. Take -that-, NBC!

And I'm a huge MM fan but January Jones didn't deserve to win. And if you saw her host SNL, I think it wins hands-down worst hosting job ever. Some people are clearly not meant to do live TV.

Jen Chaney: I agree. I don't think January should have won either.

Josh Brolin just gave Amy Adams's baby bump a nice pat.

I apologize for calling her dress Frumpsville earlier, BTW. Pregnant women are off limits for red carpet snark. It's one of my rules.

Right now: best mini-series or TV movie. Winner ... "Grey Gardens." No big shock. More shocking .. what are the NBC cameras doing? Don't they know where the Barrymore table is?


the District: ...if Cher can't bring out Ms. Givhan...

Robin Givhan: yea, it was like Cher was calling my name, begging for attention. i love Cher. i do, i do. but she looked like the drag version of herself, which isn't necessarily a bad thing in the scope of things. but she is no longer her original self. she is a caricature. and i am on a hunt to find out who is responsible for her trussing.


New York, New York: Go Michael Giacchino. His scores are magnificent.

Jen Chaney: Amen.

And 45 years later, the "Grey Gardens" cast and crew are onstage. It really is taking too long for people to get up there.


Toilet brush on Drew Barrymore's shoulder: A dirty toilet brush at that.

Loved seeing Cher. love love love her.

Jen Chaney: Well, another reader really likes her lipstick. So at least she didn't fail completely.

Stop talking, "Grey Gardens" people. The orchestra can't play any louder.


Gaithersburg, Md.: Can't actually believe I am asking a fashion question, but very curious as to what Robin thinks of the juxtaposition there between Cher and Christina Aguilera -- hair color, dresses, etc.

Robin Givhan: the contrast? i think the message was: that was then/this is now. christina tried looking like a latter day Cher back in her "dirty" days and realized, rightly, that it takes a heck of a lot of talent to make trashy work as a professional philosophy.


technical difficulties: Is it just my TV or does everyone else have their volume turned up louder than usual? I flipped over to another channel and about blew out the dog's eardrums, it was so loud. And speaking of creepy - Josh Brolin. Eeek.

Jen Chaney: I kinda like the Brolin. Although the baby bump pat was a little freaky, I'll give ya that.

My volume is fine. But I haven't changed channels, and won't for another couple of hours.


Robin Givhan: also, for those desperate for dress information. julianna margulies' peek-a-boo dress was by Narciso Rodriguez. Designer to the First Lady! and Christina Aguilera was in Versace. still no one accepting responsibility for Cher...


New York, N.Y.: I don't know about everybody else, but I've been pretty entertained by tonight's telecast.

Jen Chaney: I am definitely entertained by all the mess-ups with the camera work.


Albany, NY: "Is there anything else NBC can screw up this week?"

Lisa, shouldn't that be "Is there anything on earth NBC CAN'T screw up"?

Oh wait, maybe you meant "What else do they have that they can screw up?" To which the only answer is the one Marlon Brando gave in "The Wild One": "Whaddaya got?"

Lisa de Moraes: Point taken. I was underestimating NBC..


The Good Wife: Is Chris Noth there? I want to look at him.

Lisa de Moraes: Sadly, no...


Silver Spring, MD: Goodness sake, the show is going to run over simply because the winners can't find their way to the stage.

Jen Chaney: I know! And they just turned off the lights on Colin Farrell. I realize L.A. isn't used to rain, but good God. Get it together.

Now we're on to the lead actress in a musical/comedy category ... and the winner is ... Meryl Streep for "Julie & Julia."


Washington dc: Julia Roberts looks remarkably similar to Madonna.

Ladies, weigh in...

Jen Chaney: Madonna doesn't have quite that smile. So I am not seeing the resemblance.

Meryl Streep just announced plans to change her name to T-Bone.


ann arbor, mi: I hope Grey Gardens wins nothing more tonight. That speech was painfull. Seriously people, you don't have to thank every person you ever met. This is why only Brits should win. They know how to do a thank-you speech!

Lisa de Moraes: Very good point. I always hope Hugh Laurie wins anything he's up for -- best drug addict, whatever, because he gives good speech...And, in conclusion: How sloshed is Meryl Streep?


Meryl...: Rambling?

Jen Chaney: But it's Streep rambling. And somehow it works.


Julia Roberts' teeth: scary!

She needs to back to that dentist in Georgia who did her original braces.

I didn't like Julie & Julia. I didn't like Meryl in that either. Congratulations to her anyway.

Jen Chaney: It's not my favorite Streep role, but I enjoyed parts of the movie.

Hey, am I the only one who has a crush on the guy who says "Make my PC simpler" in that Windows commercial?


love love love T-Bone Streep: I could listen to her read the phone book.

Jen Chaney: I know. Orchestra ain't gonna play HER off.


Washington, DC: I have to switch channels and watch Keen Eddie. However, I will keep reading the chat to find out the highlights from you ladies. Thanks for the service.

Lisa de Moraes: you are welcome. But you're going to be sorry you did not see Meryl Streep's acceptance speech. Nobody can walk that fine line between glutinous and glorious like Streep....but who was her mother that she assumed most people in that room knew her?


Unbuttoned Ricky!: Did I miss it earlier, or has Ricky Gervais gotten a little more "informal" over the evening, losing the tie and a button or two since the broadcast begin? Love it! This (and the alcohol - related?) is why it's my favorite awards show. Thank you, ladies, for chatting it up.

Jen Chaney: You are welcome. By the end of the night, Gervais will be shirtless and the camera people will solely be filming people's feet.


Silver Spring, MD: I notice that the orchestra is letting Meryl go on and on, interesting who gets hurried off and who doesn't.

Jen Chaney: Streep doesn't get played off. That's the first rule of Golden Globes.

Oh, Cyndi Lauper. Why are you on "Celebrity Apprentice"? That saddens me.


bored: Is it just more or this Globes kinda dull so far tonight?

And seriously? Those were the 5 best actress noms? Sandra Bullock for the Proposal? I like her but really?

And what is up with Julia Roberts' hair?

Jen Chaney: I will remind you this is a musical/comedy category, so there are other nominees later.

As usual, great speech by Streep. She talked as long as the Grey Gardens people did, but she was compelling so it didn't *feel* as long.

Lisa de Moraes: Yes, it's interesting that they are hurrying off the name-prattling off speeches but letting go on and on the good speeches.. hope other trophy show producers are taking note.


Hartford, Ct: Where are Julia Roberts lips?

Lisa de Moraes: They apparently took the night off...


Fave picks of this year's movies?: What are your top 3 faves in order for must see on the big screen in the Drama category, and for the the Musical/Comedy category? And then go Oscar...top 3 best pics of this awards season?

Jen Chaney: Hmmm. Let's see.

Must-see on the big screen is a different question than must-see period. So I'll just say must-see period:

Drama category -- "Up in the Air," "The Hurt Locker" and "Precious." Musical/comedy: "(500) Days of Summer," "The Hangover" and "Nine" (just because I think it's good to see on a big screen).

My faves of the award season overall: "Up in the Air," "Up" and "Hurt Locker," with the caveat that I could change that when I actually am thinking straight.

Breaking news: Kevin Bacon just won for actor in a miniseries.


Austin, TX: Jen, the actual guy or the guy in the shower he imagines himself to be? And how 'bout that "How dare you talk when I'm presenting" look Dame Helen shot the audience?

Jen Chaney: The guy in the shower.

And don't mess with Dame Helen.

On to best actress in a miniseries or TV movie ... Drew Barrymore! And a big smacker for Justin Long. She's gonna be blubbery, I predict...


Helen Mirren: wow! Can she look anymore beautiful and radiant! wow!

Lisa de Moraes: Kevin Bacon just won very tough competition for best actor in a mini or TV movie.. and Drew Barrymore just won the tough competition for best actress in a mini or TV movie for her very first acting role -- seriously -- She's also the first actress ever to give an acceptance speech with a possum on her shoulder..


Adams Morgan: Wow, Robin and Lisa in the same chat. It's like I died and went to heaven. This has to be the best chat ever.

I just wish the three of you could be in the same room (with an unlimited supply of champagne, of course). PLEASE promise you'll do this again for the Emmys this fall.

Lisa de Moraes: I'm in....


Kansas City, MO: Helen Mirren looks amazing.

I always root for T-Bone Streep, because you never know what she'll say.

Jen Chaney: You also never know what Drew Barrymore will say. And by that I mean, Drew Barrymore clearly doesn't know what she'll say.

Phew. That was heartfelt and I appreciate the spontaneity. But a deep breath might have helped the poor thing.


To Washington DC: I totally thought the same thing about Julia Roberts/Madonna. I think it's the blonde hair and the complete lack of body fat.

Jen Chaney: All right, someone's on Team Julia=Madonna.

Does this mean Roberts will be on "Glee," too?


Camera Work: Can't help but wonder if the cameras are being manned by freelancers who spend their days calling NBC accounting dept asking when they'll paid for work done three months ago. Techs are as skilled at making a show look bad as they are at making it look good.

Lisa de Moraes: see, if that only had been said on air, the TV critics would be fractured by now... why aren't you a presenter?


Merryl Streep: was not sloshed. I think she is just like that. And how do you act normal, nominated twice knowing everything you do, as she does, about what's going on in the "real world"?

Lisa de Moraes: Normal is never expected at a trophy show....and, on another subject, why are there so many antidepressant ads in this trophy show? What are they saying?


Alexandria, VA: Why does Drew Barrymore have a hedgehog on her shoulder?

Lisa de Moraes: I thought it was a possum? did you see the needle-like teeth? She also had one on her hip. She is an animal lover.


Washington, DC: I wish Drew Barrymore lived on my street, so we could chat a bit when we went to get the mail, or wave to each other when we're taking out the garbage.

Jen Chaney: We all wish that, don't we?

I interviewed her in Toronto. She's a force in person, I'll tell ya.

FYI, kids. The hard-working Robin Givhan has already ranked her top 10 Globe fashions, which readers can re-rank.

And the equally hard-working Liz Kelly has built us another poll: predict the best drama winner:


Preggers?: Is Amy Adams pregnant? Cause she sure looked like she was......

Jen Chaney: She definitely is, yes.


Kevin Bacon: with that scraggy beard and little moustache he looks like that other actor who always looks dirty - can't remember his name now - he was in Before Sunrise and Before Sunset.

Jen Chaney: That's Ethan Hawke for 15 points!


Toledo, OH: Is it just me, but does every promo that NBC runs for "Parenthood" scare you off more and more? It looks awful!

Love following the program with you ladies!

Jen Chaney: Just seems like they're trying to ride the "Modern Family" coattails a bit...

Oh man. That camera pan on NBC almost made me barf up the tilapia I just ate.

Jennifer Aniston on the stage, looking pretty smokin'. Best screenplay on the docket.


Alexandria, VA: Kevin Bacon must be a male Dorian Gray -he just doesn't age.

Lisa de Moraes: I know -- he's like ancient, isn't he?


Washington DC: Does Aniston have talent in acting? Why do people pay to see her on film?

Lisa de Moraes: (cough)chickflick(cough)


Kevin Bacon's real age: 108

Jen Chaney: Why do you think he's connected to everyone? Hello, not rocket science.

Alec Baldwin just won for "30 Rock." Shocker.


taking bets what time this trainwreck will end: No way it's gonna finish up on time. I'm starting the bidding with 11:19. Anyone else?

Jen Chaney: I think they'll bring it in darn close to 11. 11:05, maybe?

Jason Reitman just won for screenplay, and Sheldon Turner -- who wrote an earlier pass on the screenplay, and therefore gets credit because of the guild rules -- just sort of hopped in and started talking first. That felt a little ooky.


Lisa de Moraes: Baldwin wins -- again -- for best comedy series actor. It's NBC's first -- and we're guessing only -- win tonight...And he's at a charity event instead. NBC execs slit their wrists...


Alexandria VA: Any early bets on the battle of the exes: James Cameron for Avatar or Kathryn Bigelow for The Hurt Locker?

Jen Chaney: I am going with Cameron, just because I think "Avatar" has so much momentum. Like Ann Hornaday, though, I am hoping for Bigelow, or perhaps Reitman.


A little late: What did Sir Paul McCartney spend so much on last year? His divorce?

Lisa de Moraes: Yes, that was the reference. Which explains why people gasped and he looked stricken when Gervais said it. Speaking of Ricky Gervais, what do we think of his hosting so far?


Jason Reitman: ...is such a sweetheart! What a touching sincere speech. I think I'm falling for him almost as much as for George Clooney.

Jen Chaney: He's a very smart, likable guy. No question.


That Ernst & Young chick is HOT: My bachelorhood might finally be over!

Lisa de Moraes: ick, ick, ick...


New York, NY: I don't get it. What's with all the flesh colored dresses? I understand the purple, but the Champagne, Beige, Nude, whatever I just don't get.

Jen Chaney: Only a select few can pull that off. Personally, like you may be, I am a fan of colors that pop more.

In high-def, those people just look better and brighter.


Anonymous: I have a comment - where the hell are the nominations for Criminal Minds? Do you nomination people NOT watch TV or follow the fan-based sites. Disgusted - not watching GG as my personal form of PROTEST!

Lisa de Moraes: Who would you nominate from that show?


Cameron Diaz - Dress Sleeves: How did they manage to make that top look so bad? Are those sleeves the in thing this season? Saw that kind of sleeves on someone else on red carpet earlier.

Robin Givhan: you must pose that question to Alexander McQueen, who was responsible for that dress. i think it might have been designed when he was in his more antagonistic moods....


Drew Barrymore: So winning. Humble and gracious and totally made up for the possum on her shoulder.

Lisa de Moraes: But does it make up for the possum on her shoulder AND the possum on her hip? I'm not so sure..I think it was only a One Possum speech.


Ashburn, VA: Are Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler an item? Or does it just seem like she dates alot of her co-stars...

Jen Chaney: There were rumors they were dating, but after conferring with Liz Kelly, I am told they were not true.

So there you have it. The elegant Sophia Loren now on stage, presenting best foreign film.


Alec Baldwin...: ..told Ann Hornaday he'd be at a friend's memorial service. Hmm....

Jen Chaney: Maybe they didn't want to say memorial service on TV?

"The White Ribbon" just won best foreign film.


January Jones?!?: What are you smokin', Robin? January Jones would be my nominee for worst dressed. The dress is unflattering and she looks like she just put her hair up to wash her face before bed!

Robin Givhan: not smokin', just drinking. but i am completely sober when i say that January looked incredibly chic and sophisticated amidst the frippery. i thought she looked incredibly elegant. and i love the little skinny headband. very runway. and we should all look that good when we're scrubbing our face at night!


Speaking of someone who's 108 years old ...: ... Here's Sophia! Ba dum dum

Jen Chaney: Now that's just uncalled for. And Kevin Bacon doesn't look that old either. I'd rather see people aging gracefully, than Botoxing themselves to death.

Best TV drama on deck now, presented by Zach Levi and Amy Poehler. Levi is just so dang adorable.


music during foreign film awards: That was so rude. These people get no camera time. boo.

Jen Chaney: Well, he's not Meryl Streep.

And "Mad Men" just won Best Drama. No surprise. No one else in the room seems terribly thrilled.


Washington DC: Robin! Please...share your views on Sofia.

Robin Givhan: I think the crazy 1980s glasses are part of her charm. So is continuing to dress like it's 1985. She relies on her man Giorgio Armani and he knows how to make her look like Sofia. I'm not going to smackdown anyone with that much historical cred....but I would gently suggest that perhaps she give up the illusion netting.


The White Ribbon: don't play the poor foreign guy off!! he's grappling with the language!! have compassion!!

(the winner is a great movie btw)

Jen Chaney: I have heard it's great, still need to see that one.

I know, they are clearly rushing people along now. People that aren't Streep or Barrymore, that is.

They're currently rushing Matthew Weiner of "Mad Men" off the stage, too.


Alexandria VA: Major Mad Men fan here. My night is made.

Jen Chaney: I love it, too. But at the same time, I think the praise has gotten a little over-the-top.


Lisa de Moraes: "Mad Men" wins best drama. Big AMC win. Matt Weiner will now hog the stage. But why is Christina Hendricks dressed like a peach meringue? And Elizabeth Moss is unrecognizable -- but in a good way. Meanwhile I do not know what Robin said about January Jones's dress, but I get the impression from the kick-back comments that she liked it and I'm voting for Robin in this fight -- it's lovely and elegant.


Christina Hendricks' "shoes": Damn, they are wasted on me being gay. But seriously, I'd think about converting for those gals.

Lisa de Moraes: No denying her shoe-age is awesome...but the meringue, the meringue....


Best dressed upset?: Robin, how about a top 5 list for best dressed upset -- women who looked far better than you expected? And how about best hair, worst hair, and best makeup for hi-def?

Jen Chaney: Good Lord, can't you people let the woman rest?

Robin Givhan: I've had a bit of kale; i feel duly fortified to take this one. Can't tell you about best makeup for hi-def because i'm watching on low-def where everyone looks wonderfully poreless. i thought Meryl Streep looked great and she often can look a little frazzled. But we love her because she's the incredibly talented Meryl. Jennifer Aniston looked like her hair had been dipped in spun gold.

This just in: that Tina Fey dress that you heartless people raked over the coals was by Zac Posen. Send him your slings and arrows...


Washington, DC: Hey, Jen -- two Evangeline Lilly commercials so far. Liz must be grinding her teeth down to nubs.

Jen Chaney: I was just thinking the same thing.

Good heavens, a lot of chatter in the room while Taylor Lautner is speaking. And is there anyone who isn't in "Valentine's Day," which I already suspect will be the new "Love Actually." Best TV supporting actress up now ...

Please be Jane Lynch ... it's Chloe Sevigny. Oh.


Pentagon City, VA: Robin. Thank you. You made at least one comment on men's fashion:

"Robin Givhan: i hate it when the guys pretend like they're going bowling or something. John Hamm -- reportedly wearing Tom Ford -- also needs a shave."

Is there a reason for your disproportionate coverage of women's fashion? Is men's fashion not in your job description?

Robin Givhan: Men's fashion is indeed in my job description, but on the red carpet, if a man just showers, shaves and puts on a tuxedo that fits he generally looks pretty dashing. The telling is in the details and it's hard to see them unless you're standing right next to the guy. Also, in the face of something like Mariah Carey, the men just fade into the backgrouond. i mean did anyone actually even SEE Nick Cannon standing next to Mariah and her boobs?

nonetheless, both Colin Firth and Tom Ford both managed to make my top 10 list. So there.


Putting in my bet: This is definitely going past 11:30 tonight. I am going to take 11:36.

Jen Chaney: Well, if everyone gets all snippy about people stepping on their dresses like Chloe Sevigny is doing right now, it certainly will.


Big Love: Even though you don't love it Pookie - why isn't it a mini series if there are only nine episodes this year instead of a television season? It has a lot more action than "Mad Men".

Lisa de Moraes: Excellent point -- why isn't it a miniseries? Why did NBC misspell the show's Chloe Sevigny's first name? I do, however love her gown.


Commerical discussion: Matt Damon and Michael Hall are brothers from a different mother.

Jen Chaney: Yes! I also think Nicole Kidman and Amy Adams are sisters from a different mother.


Pookie, thoughts on "The Marriage Ref?": Blech. Not impressed.

Lisa de Moraes: I never count Jerry Seinfeld out. But I actually liked the ice-fishing ad, so what do I know....NBC really really really needs this one to work -- they've given it the Thursday 10 p.m. timeslot...


Pawtucket, RI: I just started tuning in and have 2 questions: 1)Has Glee won anything yet? 2)Why is everyone talking so much in the background? Completely disrespectful & distracting!!

Jen Chaney: 1. "Glee" hasn't won a thing. Boo.

2. They are doing a bad job on the sound. We shouldn't be hearing all of that.

3. Christoph Waltz just won best supporting actor for "Inglourious Basterds." No surprise.


Chloe's dress = curtains: My mother called. She wants her drapes back.

Jen Chaney: Well, the guy who stepped on the thing almost got them back for her, to hear Chloe tell it. Sheesh.


wASHINGTON DC: Robin, can you identify a dress' designer--I know you've been to all the shows, but how do you keep track?

Robin Givhan: Sometimes I can identify the dress because I've actually seen it. But for this red carpet stuff, a lot of the dresses are made specifically for the actress. i can often tell who made the dress by its style. I made an accurate guess that January Jone's dress was Lanvin and it was. But really, I don't have to do much guessing. Fast-fingered publicists fire off an e-mail as soon as they spot their client's dress on the red carpet. (I'm giving away my secret here.) Sometimes, if they're too eager and send out the information before the actor/actress walks the carpet, they have to rescind the message because the star has changed his or her mind and worn something else.


Minneapolis: Robin: how many stars are wearing Spanx tonight? male and female?

Robin Givhan: i think every Spanx in production is in that room tonight. i think some folks are double-Spanxed.


Love me some Ricky: I was trying to work out when the Globes started and I was laughing so hard I had to leave the gym. I think if anyone else was up there, the audience would revolt though. I think the audience loves one of their own.

Lisa de Moraes: Remember when Jon Stewart hosted the Oscars and made the same sort of snippy comments about the people in the hall and he died a painful death. Not happening here with Gervais. I'm guessing they're better lubricated...


Halle Berry: needs to give Mariah Carey a lesson on how to show off the girls.

Robin Givhan: no one should be compared to halle berry. she's an alien from planet Beauty.


Alexandria, VA: Halle Berry - now that's a dress! fabulous!

Jen Chaney: And how!

Robin Givhan: come on people...it has nothing to do with the dress. it's the woman in the dress. the garment was, i thought, actually kind of ugly.


Ashburn, VA: I really think that Jane Adams should have won. She was the BEST part of Hung and it would have saved us from that nervous, weird laugh of Chloe's....

And I love Ricky.

Lisa de Moraes: She was the ONLY good thing about Hung. And I too am loving Gervais. Particularly the "I won't be asked back so what the heck" part.


Chloe's Speech: ...to me was the perfect awards speech: Thanked the right people + humor + credit to the fam + perfect length.

Thank goodness...because of all the people I predicted for a crazy moment, it was her.

Lisa de Moraes: I did not even notice her speech. I was too focused on the gorgeous gown and trying to see where it was torn...


Reston, Va.: Ok, I'm done. No Jane Lynch??? Really???

Lisa de Moraes: "Glee" is getting shafted tonight.


Best supporting actor - speech: planets, constellations, globe, blah blah - felt like a nervous and confused speech. I wanted the music to start so badly. I know, I am bad.

Jen Chaney: Yeah, I kinda tuned out there. Speaking of speeches, I know you're excited -- it's time for another poll!


Austin, TX: You were mentioning the high number of promos before. Looks like we're getting more ads in the big awards hour, including that one tied in with which awards are coming up.

Lisa de Moraes: You're right. I noticed too. But they really jammed the start with promos. Poor NBC has so few programs besides football that clock a big enough audience to be effective for promoting new shows. And football is a borrowed audience, so it doesn't really count. Did someone just compare Martin Scorsese to Beethoven on this show? Beethoven? Really?


Agree about Colin Firth: He knows how to dress up!

Jen Chaney: He also took Gervais's Irish drunkard joke with good humor.

BTW, clarification from earlier: Aniston and Butler went on two dates, and that was it. I misunderstood Liz's IM explanation earlier.

Let the record show that Liz Kelly is very well-versed on Jennifer Aniston's dating life.

Right now, Cecil B. DCeMille Award presentation to Martin Scorsese, by his two muses: De Niro and DiCaprio.


Spring, Texas: NBC is so rude: bumping the award winners off the stage with the music and where are the graphics??? I would like to see the names of the movies/shows being nominated and the winners. Sometimes it is hard to hear the announcers.

Lisa de Moraes: NBC needs to save money. Graphics are expensive. Except, of course, that little NBC peacock and Olympics graphic sitting in the corner of this entire trophy show...


Chicago: Is that Sophia Loren or Ugly Betty?

Lisa de Moraes: ooh -- snap....


Laurel: A number of people didn't walk the red carpet. Among them: Halle, Jennifer Aniston, and Matt Damon (who is up for two awards tonight). Is there a reason why some nominees/presenters don't walk the carpet? Just personal preference?

Lisa de Moraes: They're too big for the red carpet.. legends in their own mind...


Is Scorsese standing on a box?: He's that short? And is it just me, or is he looking more and more like Mr. Magoo these days?

Jen Chaney: I believe he is. And Mr. Magoo could never have done a tracking shot like the one in "GoodFellas." That guy couldn't even find his own light switch.


Let me guess...: NBC/Universal is the studio behind Shutter Island which is why we got a trailer for a ridiculously delayed movie at the end of that montage.

Lisa de Moraes: See -- something else NBC can screw up on this show... Extra points if you see a star in the audience falling asleep during Sorsese's endless speech...


Washington, D.C.: brilliant editing on the film montage for Marty.

Lisa de Moraes: yes, that was very good clip package. I'm guessing NBC was not involved...


Arlington, Va.: I've never seen any Scorsese films. Am I alone?

Robin Givhan: yes.


Martin: Needs to go now. Please cue the musak

Jen Chaney: He just went. Yes, that was a bit long, but I am willing to give legends a little latitude.


Does Spanx really work?: I put on a couple of pounds since Thanksgiving ... should I invest? This is for Robin. Thanks.

Robin Givhan: well,ehem, i've never worn them myself. but i'm told they work magic -- not miracles.


Pasadena, MD: What do the red and gold ribbons that many of the presenters and award recipients are wearing represent?

Jen Chaney: I believe those are meant to pay respect to the people in Haiti.


Height issue: Martin Scorsese sure is a short guy. I guess I never realized that before. Perhaps that is why he can't ever be an actor?

Lisa de Moraes: Two words: Tom Cruise.


Washington D.C.: Who writes those little bits of repartee btwn presenters? That bit with Amy Poehler and the guy was painfully lame.

Lisa de Moraes: I'm guessing Zach's "Chuck" writers were not involved. But it's his own fault he actually read that line. He should've winged it instead...


that Chase Sapphire commercial couple: I hate them. Her in that frou frou dress. Him in those flip flops. Thanks, feel much better now.

Jen Chaney: I actually think that woman is Julia Roberts's long lost sister.


Ashburn, VA: I actually liked Scorcese's speech. Maybe I'm the only one?? I like talking about who's come before and how they shape our future.

Too serious for the GG??

I liked DeNiro talking about the sex tape. lol.

Jen Chaney: The sentiment of his speech was perfectly fine and appropriate. Just felt a little long, that's all.

Am I the only one who finds Jeremy Renner very attractive?


Ribbons: Someone said in the beginning the blue ribbons were for Haiti but haven't seen many. Jodi Foster - wow, what a dress.

Jen Chaney: Yes. Wow, that Gervais comment was am-ay-zing.

"I like a drink as much as the next man. And the next man is Mel Gibson."



Lisa de Moraes: OMG!!! He didn't. Ricky Gervais is fearless!: "I like a drink as much as the next man -- unless that person is Mel Gibson!"


"I'm going to try to make this as brief as I can," says James Cameron. Cameron/brief= oxymoron.


ricky is unbelievable: in the best way - can't believe he did that to Mel. Go Ricky!

Jen Chaney: That was FANTASTIC.

And James Cameron just won best director for "Avatar." Sadly, that means they had to play the awful theme from "Avatar."

Cameron just gave a shout-out to his ex, Kathryn Bigelow. Somewhere in Maryland, Ann Hornaday is snapping off her television in disgust...


Lisa de Moraes: Mister I have to Pee in the Worst Way sure is making a long speech...


fayetteville, nc: No Jen, you are not the only one who finds Jeremy Renner atractive...

and He was brilliant in The Hurt Locker, as an army brat, I've lived around those adrenaline junkies my whole life and he nailed it.

Jen Chaney: He did an excellent job, totally agree.


Ashburn, VA: -rolling eyes-

Saying thank you or whatever in "Avatar" language? Dorky....

Jen Chaney: But if you see it in 3D? Less dorky.


Lisa de Moraes: Finally a "Glee" win..


Ann Arbor, Michigan: 1. James Cameron is a tool. 2. January Jones has it tough - she has to go against the beautiful clothes she wears in Mad Men. And I think she looks smashing - totally modern and the total opposite of Betty Draper but equally beautiful. 3. Ricky Gervais is the funniest person I've ever seen. I can't tell if Americans don't get his sense of humor or they are too botoxed to show emotion (Cameron Diaz, I'm talking to you)

Jen Chaney: Passing all of these points on, people.

Now we're on to best TV comedy. If this isn't "Glee," there will be a riot on Twitter.


Washington DC: Martin Scorcese is a genious, and what he lacks in height he makes up for in his ability to make beautiful and perfect films that will stand the test of time. All the short jokes are probably being made by people who think Jennifer Aniston is awesome.

Jen Chaney: Very true. And as a short person, I am on Marty's side in this.

"Glee" won!

They hustled onto stage in record time.


Dumbledore or James Cameron?: Long lost twins??

Lisa de Moraes: Cute -- and true... Meanwhile, "Glee" creator Ryan Murphy just said his Golden Globe win was "for anybody and everybody who has ever gotten a wedgie in high school." I thought that was what Comicon was for...


glenview il: Jodi Foster, always so elegant!

Robin Givhan: jodie + armani = spectacular


Minneapolis: Do the male actors also have stylists who procure complimentary tuxes and suits or do they purchase their own/fend for themselves? I somehow admire more the people who find and finance their own ensemble for the evening.

Lisa de Moraes: nope -- they're comped too. sorry to disillusion you...


Who does Ryan Murphy look like?: Gunther from Central Perk/Friends? YAY GLEE!!

Lisa de Moraes: He does, doesn't he?


Ann Arbor, Michigan: 4. In a close race, Simon Baker has edged out Jon Hamm for hotness. Shave, Jon, shave!!

Lisa de Moraes: Not even close. Simon Baker wins every time. Hamm is too purty...


Flyover zo, NE: What is the optimal snack food for watching the Globes? Clearly we want something that won't spew badly when we see or hear something funny or trainwrecky... and something that won't slow down the booze. Tapas? Cheese and crackers? Chips and dips? Chocolate?

Jen Chaney: Excellent question. I say small bites -- pizza bagels, mini quiches, that sort of thing.

Just in from Globes Poll Central: Sofia Vergera is overtaking January Jones in the ranking of Robin's best-dressed list. She's an overwhelming favorite.

And now, in the interest of giving equal time to the men, we ask you the important question: who's rocking the best beard? (Shout-out to our colleague Michael Cavna for suggesting this query):


Portland, Maine: I like Glee, but I just don't think it's that great. The stories are over the top, the acting is ho-hum on the adult side except for the crazy coach, and it's forever ruined Journey. It's more like candy than a good dinner.

Jen Chaney: Did you actually just say forever ruined Journey?

The cast of "The Hangover" now on stage, with Mike Tyson.


Seattle: How much of a delay is there in the broadcast?

Robin Givhan: clearly, not enough of one.


Reston, Va.: Yay!! Glee won!!

And I agree, James Cameron is kind of a tool, but Avatar in 3D was visually amazing. He just needs someone else to write his dialogue.

Jen Chaney: Agreed.


Parenthood: Wasn't that a movie with Steve Martin like 15 years ago. And didn't they try for a TV series at the time? Where are the new ideas in Hollywood, geez.

Lisa de Moraes: Yes, and it's the second time a network has tried to turn it into TV series. How much do we love Reese Witherspoon's dress? Me -- a lot...


Mike Tyson?: Are you kidding me?

Lisa de Moraes: It's a Pia Zadora win -- "Hangover"....


Washington, D.C.: Tyson now bites Ed Helms ear off.

Jen Chaney: Or knocks out his tooth.

Darn, no such luck.

Reese Witherspoon is here to present Best Musical or Comedy. Looking pretty flawless, I must say.

And the winner is ... "The Hangover"! Holy toledo!


Chase Sapphire: "Julia Roberts' long-lost sister": Funny. Actually, she is the fabulous Molly Culver, who was far and away the best thing about the old Pam Anderson vehicle "VIP."

Yes, I am an incredible geek. No, I am not Molly Culver's mom.

Jen Chaney: I knew I recognized her from somewhere! Thanks for correcting me.

I am now watching Mike Tyson (behind Todd Phillips) receiving a Golden Globe. This is surreal.


Bowie, MD: Was that Nora Ephron just ripping up her speech on the reaction shot?

Jen Chaney: Did she? Darn, I missed that.


The Hangover???: Am I the only person who thought that movie was completely stupid? I much preferred 500 days of Summer or even Nine.

Jen Chaney: I liked "The Hangover," actually. But if forced to vote, I too would have chosen "(500) Days."

Refreshing to see a true comedy win, though. The question is: does this mean "The Hangover" gets one of the 10 Best Picture slots?


Washington, D.C.: Who would have ever guessed that Ed Helms would be in an award winning film when watching him on the Daily Show?

Lisa de Moraes: That's because you apparently missed Craig Kilborn on "The Daily Show."


Booland in the Jungle: I think Reese Witherspoon generally looks pretty great, and tonight is no exception.

Jen Chaney: Indeed.

Robin Givhan: i tend to not be a big fan of Reese. i think it's that pointy little chin of hers and flashbacks to the "bend and snap" in Legally Blonde....but the dress? very nice. Armani. 'natch.


Washington, D.C.: Bradley Cooper is yummy--isn't he in a movie that was filmed in DC (causing major traffic headaches in Dupont/Adams Morgan)...and if so, when is it coming out?

Jen Chaney: He is yummy. And he plays a mean game of movie trivia.

I honestly don't remember which movie you're referring to that shot in D.C., though ... help me out, chatters.


Pookie, I may have to re-think NBC's Parenthood: Just saw that Peter Krause is in it -- he of Sports Night, Six Feet Under, the hour-long drama at 10 p.m. that I'm now blanking on. Not my usual type but he could eat crackers in bed with me any time. Just sayin...

Lisa de Moraes: I really disliked the first pilot -- the one with Maura Tierney in it. It was really dark and there was no one to root for. Sadly, Tierney had to leave the show for health reasons. On the bright side, it gave the network and Ron Howard to realize what a mess it was and re-do it. Lauren Graham took Tierney's role and, in keeping with that great casting, they have lightened up the pilot -- a lot. I like it much better. No, it's not a new idea. But please, people, NBC needs our support. NBC has given "Parenthood" its very best available 10 o'clock timeslot which, I'm sorry to report, is the one after the two-hour "Biggest Loser" on Tuesdays. Anyway, give it a look.


Where's Liz when you need her?: Bradley Cooper didn't bring Renee Zellweger to the Globes. Should we be worried about the state of their relationship or is it just too soon or is Renee too big of a star to be just a date?

Jen Chaney: Hang on, I'll ask Liz...

She says: "I wouldn't count their relationship out because of her absence. He took her home over the holidays to meet his family."

So don't lose sleep yet.


Annapolis, MD: for the person who doesn't get "Glee" - it's a MUSICAL TV show - have you ever seen a musical that was realistic!

Lisa de Moraes: excellent point. Even the governor of California is taking whacks at NBC.


Washington, DC: Tell me about Reese Witherspoon's dress. It's beautiful.

Robin Givhan: Reese's dress is Armani Prive (sorry i don't know how to get the proper accent over the "e") which means it's couture. one shoulder, deep v-shaped back, modest train, silk. no beads,no embroidery, no muss, no fuss. very chic.


Maura Teirney: I love her. What happened?

Lisa de Moraes: cancer...


Washington, D.C.: "Dis iss Avadar"

Jen Chaney: I think Schwarzenegger might be an avatar himself.

Here comes Mickey Rourke. Best actress in a drama, here we go...


Arnold making NBC jokes: He is not a comedian.

Lisa de Moraes: ...and yet, i'm here to report, the entire room of TV critics laughed heartily. On the other hand, they've had lot to drink tonight, compliments of NBC...


Jennifer Garner: Someone give her a sandwich, STAT!

Jen Chaney: So many of these people need sandwiches. Won't you help a starving actress?

Sandra Bullock just won for "The Blind Side." Carey Mulligan looked suicidal for a second. I predict she cries. I mean, she cried during the People's Choice, for God's sake.


Booland revisted: Yes, Reese looks like a mutant toy poodle. But she picks some awesome dresses. What do you think of Jennifer Garner? I dig the dress.

Robin Givhan: i like Jennifer Garner's dress, too. Versace. and what a figure! but the dress was so tight that she couldn't bend down to grab her train when she was doing interviews on the red carpet. she had to ask a techie for help.

and yes, now that Sandy Bullock is making her acceptance speech....i STILL love that dress.


Washington, D.C.: She is a gigantic purple woman.

Lisa de Moraes: Sorry, I like the dress -- it's floaty...


Maryland: NBC really needs to add the graphics showing the names. I didn't understand a word that Mickey Roarke just said!

Jen Chaney: Subtitles! We need subtitles!

Dang, Bullock isn't crying. This is unbelievably disappointing.

Oh no, wait. There she goes...


Parenthood looks good: I like Lauren Graham, loved her snark in Gilmore Girls. And the daughter's boyfriend looks kinda hot, tattoos and all.

Lisa de Moraes: It's worth checking out. And, like I said, NBC is now a charity case...


glenview il: Surprised that Sandra won. She looks great, and so gracious...

Jen Chaney: This "Blind Side" thing is unstoppable. I think she's well liked in Hollywood and this finally gives people a reason to nominate her in a way that, say, "Miss Congeniality 2" did not.

Now let's move on to best actor in a musical or comedy, shall we?

Robert Downey Jr. just won for "Sherlock Holmes."


Robin Givhan: ok, if robert downey jr were not so funny i'd really be hating the fact that he wasn't wearing a tie with that tux...


Adams Morgan: It was not Bradley Cooper who was filming in Adams Morgan. It was Paul Rudd, Reese Witherspoon, and the suicidal Wilson brother.

Jen Chaney: Oh, that makes more sense.

That's the James L. Brooks that still doesn't have an official title.

Robert Downey, Jr. just rules. Period. Great speech that was funny and snarky, but simultaneously gracious.


Lisa de Moraes: Robert Downey Jr. just dissed busboys like their job is a fate worse than death. Way to nick the "little" people who buy tickets to your movies, Bob. ...notice how the promos for "Parenthood" are all about Lauren Graham?


New York: LOVED Robert Downey Jr. Too funny!

Jen Chaney: Yes. Producer Paul just suggested he host the Oscars, which I think was bandied about at one point. Not sure why it didn't happen, but I second that emotion.


Washington, D.C.: Who is that starving waif? Is this supposed to be some comment on the Haiti Tragedy?

Jen Chaney: No, of course not. Just a joke about skinny people.


The woman giving out best actor: I'm sorry I was wrong - give Jennifer Garner's sandwich to her. How is she holding up her head. Is she a marionette?

Lisa de Moraes: lolipop girl.. Meanwhile, in re much much earlier comment: Kevin Bacon is 51.


Washington DC: Mea culpa.

Bradley Cooper and Paul Rudd could be twin sons of different mothers--with Bradley being the better looking.

Jen Chaney: I don't know, I think they're both pretty darn attractive.

Kate Winslet is now presenting best actor in a drama.

The winner is ... Jeff Bridges. Prepare for Dude-isms.


Commercial: The doggy Traveler's insurance commercial was so cute!

Lisa de Moraes: Ad is a star...


RD Jr: Isn't just funny - he is HOT!

Jen Chaney: Yet another attractive man.

Jeff B. is getting a standing O. Long time in coming ... he's a great actor who hasn't been recognized until now.

And Fox Searchlight's decision to get "Crazy Heart" out there at the last minute.

Jen Chaney: Sorry, stopped my answer in mid response there. Was *going* to say that Fox's decision to put this movie out there late in the game is looking pretty brilliant right now.


Washington, D.C.: The dude prevails.

Jen Chaney: Abides, and prevails.

Now's the time to make those celebratory White Russians.


The Dude: Hooray for Jeff Bridges! The audience seems to agree with that decision.

Jen Chaney: Absolutely. He's a lock for the Oscar, I think.


Jeff Bridges: Nice to see an old Hollywood family son win. Remember his father, Lloyd, well (yes, I am old).

Lisa de Moraes: yeah, uh huh. I'm a big Bridges fan. But a standing O? Don't the Globes usually reserve that for people who are a) really old (see Sophia Loren) or b) recovering drug addicts (see Mickey Rourke).


Washington, D.C.: Chrysler will not sell one car tonight.

Lisa de Moraes: Don't like those ads so much, huh? How about these campy Target ads -- they're pretty great...


Silver Spring, Md.: I'm surprised about the Jennifer Garner comments. She's always seemed more healthy than skinny. I admit, I've abandoned the Globes for 24 (but I couldn't abandon you gals), so I'll have to wait to see the pics.

Lisa de Moraes: Thanks so much for checking in on us...


Robin Givhan: in fashion news....that gorgeous white sculptural gown that Kate Hudson is wearing is by Marchesa. just in case anyone wants to rush out and order one...


It's dyingggggg....: bring back Ricky!

Lisa de Moraes: it's like one of those wormholes you learned about in astronomy..


dc: Who has seen this jeff bridges movie? do i need to run out and see it now since he's winning all these awards? clooney was excellent in up in the air and colin firth even trumped him in a single man. is he really that good or is this his long time coming year?

Jen Chaney: Bridges is very good, but he always is. So in that sense, the awards attention is payback for being good so many times, for so many years. The film is a well-done character study, but I think if you wanted to see it on DVD, it wouldn't be the worst thing.

And I agree with you, this was a very strong category. Firth has gotten a bit lost in all the hype, but he was incredibly touching in "A Single Man."


Washington, D.C.: This is getting slow. You girls are losing your spark. Maybe it's too many commercials--or are you matching them drink for drink?

Jen Chaney: I've had nothing but water tonight, my friend.


Reston, Va: Is this show over yet! I muted out Jeff Bridges's speech.

Lisa de Moraes: Nearly done. Julia Roberts rushed out of her shower with her hair still wet and threw on a black shirtdress to give Globe for best picture to "Avatar."


No "Dudes": but a lot of "Mans" from Jeff Bridges. Like, gnarly.

Jen Chaney: Love that free-spirited thing he's got going on.

Bad news, guys: we're on our last award of the evening: best drama.


Washington DC: Tell me...Julia Roberts does not look like Madonna. She does!

Jen Chaney: "Avatar" just won Best Drama. Called it!

And I am seeing the Madonna thing now. Know what it is? The hair.


Lisa de Moraes: "Give it up for yourselves, folks," James Cameron tells the crowd. The man is clueless.


Washington, D.C.: Great job tonight. Thanks, Jen, Robin, Lisa!

Lisa de Moraes: pleasure...


Ewwwww: Avatar. I saw it in the theater, so maybe I'm part of the problem, but as a writer I gotta say this film didn't deserve it.

Jen Chaney: Agree with you. The visuals were excellent as I said, what, seven hours ago when this chat started. But I didn't find it compelling, certainly not as compelling as some of the other nominees.


Ricky Gervais: was really good -did you like him?

Jen Chaney: Overall, yes. I mean that Mel Gibson comment alone was worth sitting through the three hours.

My only quibble is with the self-promotional jokes he did. I know they were supposed to be cheeky, but it kinda got old and annoying.

And hey, lookee there. We ended at 11! Told ya they'd make it happen.


Anonymous: Lisa,

I sooooooooooooo love you. I had the same thought on the Jeff B. standing O. I hadn't seen the movie, but was wondering was it that good... Glad you joined us tonight

Lisa de Moraes: And for those of us on the west coast, the fun has just started all over again. Yes, NBC is repeating the trophy show for those viewers who did not realize the network had decided to air it live on the west coast as well as the east coast. Ricky Gervais just told his first NBC joke again. It never gets old....


Silver Spring: Thanks ladies and everyone who contributed. You made the show!

Jen Chaney: No, we couldn't do this without you! And our agents. And our spouses. Oh, oh ... and God.

No, truly, thanks for sending in questions and comments.


Jen Chaney: Thanks so much for everything, and bigtime thanks to Lisa and Robin for joining us. Here's our final poll of the night:

And thanks again for making this such a fun evening.



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