The 'Lost' Hour: Fave pop culture references with Lostpedia!

Jen Chaney and Liz Kelly with Kevin Croy, Paul Kerton and Sam McPherson
Washington Post "Lost" bloggers and Lostpedia site administrators
Wednesday, January 20, 2010; 2:00 PM

Join "Lost" bloggers Liz Kelly and Jen Chaney at their new time, each Wednesday at 2 p.m. ET, to talk about "Lost." In addition to discussing the looming final season, the "Lost" ladies will focus every chat during the month of January on highlights from the series's run.

This week, we're talking pop culture references. Which were your favorite -- Hurley's attempt to write "Empire Strikes Back" or the fictional Geronimo Jackson? And which references helped to put the story in perspective for you? The library's worth of literary references or the right Patsy Cline song at the right time? Joining us this week will be Lostpedia founder Kevin Croy and admins Paul Kerton and Sam McPherson, who have wrangled five seasons worth of mythology into one of the best "Lost" references on the Web.

Liz and Jen, both obsessive "Lost" fans, have been writing their weekly dueling analysis of the show since 2006. When not debating the merits of Sawyer's hotness, Liz Kelly writes the Celebritology blog and Jen Chaney acts as movies editrix and DVD columnist for For episode analysis, discussion transcripts and more, visit's Lost Central.


Liz Kelly: We've got a really big show today. Well, it's always a big show -- but today we've got three very special guests -- Kevin Croy, Paul Kerton and Sam McPherson from Lostpedia. So while we're busy reminiscing about our favorite pop culture references from the show, please feel free to quiz them about Lostpedia -- how they got started and what kind of work goes into maintaining the online reference. I know I'm in awe.

I'm not sure I have any favorite pop culture moments popping to mind just yet (I'm sure they'll come), but think we should start off by paying homage to one of the most prolific droppers of pop culture refs on the show: Mr. Hugo Reyes.


Chantilly, Va.: Just by picking Feb 2 as the start date for Season 6, I think they are making a huge pop culture reference (i.e., Goundhog's Day w/Bill Murray)! To me it implies something is getting reset! What do you think the implications are for selecting that date for the premiere?

Paul Kerton: I don't think they were doing it deliberately but it would be nice to see Punxsutawney Phil cameo in the first episode.

Sam McPherson: Don't think there's a chance of it being anything other than ABC scheduling.

Jen Chaney: Being a conspiracy theorist of sorts, I think it may have just been a scheduling coincidence. But I suspect when the writers realized the date's significance, they had a delicious little chuckle over it.


Ellicott City, Md.: today, while dozing off at school with my Driveshaft ring on my finger, I thought of a brilliant question: what do you think Sun did (will do) with the ring? I really hope it get's to Aaron somehow.

Paul Kerton: I think she's probably kept it for Aaron, but I think that might be one of those things we don't find out about in the end.

Sam McPherson: I disagree with Paul. I think the fact that we saw it again during season five after going almost two seasons without it means that we will indeed see it at least once more.

Liz Kelly: Perhaps it will even be returned to its rightful owner?

Paul Kerton: We're Lostpedia, we don't do spoilers. :-)

Liz Kelly: Drat!


Victoria, BC: This question is for Kevin Croy and admins Paul Kerton and Sam McPherson. On lostpedia it states that the monster manifests itself as Yemi and Alex. Please give your rationale for stating that this is indead a true fact -- as we have never seen smokey morph into anyone.



Sam McPherson: It's been made painfully obvious, in my opinion.

Kevin: I don't think anyone has ever said Lostpedia only contains absolute true facts. Lostpedia allows one to see a snapshot at any given time of the general consensus about various topics within lost. What we assume is a fact today could be disproved when the next episode airs. If you read the discusson pages behind the articles you'll see what the reasoning is for various topics.

Paul Kerton: I think sometimes fans of Lost can be so reluctant to read between the lines on anything, that we question everything. Like Sam, I think it was made obvious. Of course, its not our decision, the community decides on the wiki.

Sam McPherson: Paul and Kevin have both hit the nails on the head.


Estell Manor, NJ: When Season Six draws to a close, and the reality sets in that there will be no more Lost to watch, what element of the show will you miss the most? The mythology, charcter development, cliffhangers, or something else?

Paul Kerton: I can't answer for anyone else, but for me it'll be the character development. The beauty of the show for me is that no matter what is happening around them, time travel, monsters made of smoke etc. etc. the characters are still grounded, believable humans that you can feel and empathise with, or hate and despise for that matter.

Sam McPherson: I'll miss the characters too, although most of my characters have already bitten the dust.

Kevin Croy: I will miss the community that comes together to discuss Lost. I'm certain a community will exist after Lost, but it won't be as large or as diverse as it is now.

Jen Chaney: At the risk of sounding cheesy, I'll miss the brief epiphanies I would have after certain episodes, when I thought I had figured out something important and, inevitably, realized I was wrong.

And as Kevin said, I too will miss this community. Talking with all of you every week -- in this chat, the blog, via e-mail, etc. -- has been one of the great pleasures in all this.

Liz Kelly: Okay, I'm gonna sound cheezy here, too, but I'm going to miss late night analysis writing sessions with Jen. There's nothing like 2 a.m. origami making (in search of a plot clue) to encourage bonding.


New York, N.Y.: The big question posed at the end of Season 5 concerned how the apparent detonation of Jughead will affect things to come. ie: will it prevent the events leading up to and causing the crash of Flight 815. I just can't believe that that could be the case... it wouldn't be fair to the viewers to essentially nullify the entire story of the 815 survivors. What do you, as expert Lost historians, think will happen as a result of the apparent Jughead detonation?

The other major event at the end of Season 5 was the killing of Jacob some 30 years after the detonation of Jughead. Any opinions regarding what the aftermath of Jacob's death will be? Another thought that is making my head hurt: Jacob won't be killed (by proxy) by the reincarnated Not-Locke if the Real John Locke never makes it to the island due to 815 never crashing.

The Lost timeline has become so insane I just can't wait to see what narrative devices the brilliant Lost writers come up with in Season 6.

Paul Kerton: Honestly? I think we're going to go back to Flight 815 and see that it doesn't crash, but I think our Losties will be completely aware of what occurred.

Jen Chaney: I agree, although I can't decide whether they'll be completely aware or whether they will just have a nagging feeling that something isn't right, but won't remember any of what came before, from the viewers' perspective.

Sam McPherson: Ever seen Donnie Darko? I'm thinking that the alternate timeline will be something like that.


Perth, Australia: Will we ever find out Libby's true past?

Paul Kerton: I believe we will yes. Maybe not in the detail we expected during Season 2, but we'll get some information I believe.

Sam McPherson: We already know her last name, Smith, from Comic Con. It certainly does look like we'll see her again, especially if a reset occurs.


Champaign, Ill.: Exactly what was Jacob talking about when he said, "They're coming," just before he passed away from Ben stabbing him?

Paul Kerton: Your guess is as good as ours I'm afraid. If you want me to speculate though, I would say its our DHARMA Losties from 1977 returning, but thats just speculation.

Sam McPherson: I think it's going to be Jacob's people, Ilana and Bram.

Liz Kelly: I'm with Sam. Ilana and her crew seem to have a relationship to Jacob resembling that of Richard Alpert -- they report directly to him. They aren't of the Others, but somehow separate. And remember Jacob specifically asked Ilana to come and help him.


Head scratcher: Gentlemen, what is your process? I am assuming that you are not keyed into the Lost episodes until they're aired... what happens next for you? You take notes, you track down leads, you hypothesize as to why things are included or not? And, will you be a part of the (still future) luxe Lost box set as a reference or special guest-star guide for all of us morons who give up trying to dig too deeply into the sub-text of the story?

And, for me: Charlotte S. Lewis. Awesome!

Paul Kerton: Our process? Well its the communities process really. We just facilitate that by creating the structure of the site that people work around. Being in the UK I don't get to see it till 3 days after most, so I will watch it, then read the wiki, watching it again using a PVR, and checking the communities input on the discussion pages and judge as appropriately.

Sam McPherson: Basically, we add the information from the episode, and then frantically debate on how we should show it in the article.


Atlanta, Ga.: I know that Juliet is not coming back to the show. (presumably dead) But two things from last season's finale have been bugging me about her. First, her flashback didn't have Jacob (like all the other flashbacks that episode), and she's supposed to be a little girl, but the scenery didn't look from the 70s/80s. It just seemed like a scene that was REALLY out of place.

Second, when they found Rose and Bernard on the beach, Bernard offered Juliet some tea. It was another scene that seemed completely out of place. I don't think the producers do anything without thought. Do you have any theories on the meanings?

Sam McPherson: I believe you're just suffering from apophenia, my friend. I wouldn't say that it's all lazy writing, but it was perhaps wedged in so that Juliet would have one last flashback before she went, especially because she hadn't had one since season 4's "The Other Woman."

As for the tea thing, I think that's just showing that Rose and Bernard have settled down.

Liz Kelly: I remember Jen and I commenting about that Juliet flashback when it first aired. It was a bit out of place and confusing in the show, considering all the other flashbacks were inserted to place Jacob in the Losties lives early on.

But, and Jen correct me if I'm wrong, I think we agreed it was a hamfisted attempt at explaining Juliet's theories on love and why she was ultimately willing to give up Sawyer.

Sam McPherson: I agree. It did serve to show how Juliet's decisions were influenced by her past.

Jen Chaney: I'm so tired I barely know what I'm doing, but that sounds right to me, Liz. If memory serves, Juliet's parents say something about how sometimes people can love each other but still shouldn't be together. And that sort of set up the decision that Juliet made to let go of Sawyer's hand and gave him, perhaps, the chance to start over.


Alexandria, Va.: I forget the season, but one of my favorites is when Ben shows Jack footage of Boston winning the World Series and it only serves to make Jack more positive that Ben is lying. :)

Sam McPherson: As a Sox fan, I loved that moment.

Jen Chaney: I'm not a Sox fan per se, but I still thought that was pretty brilliant.


Arlington, Va.: I can't help but think that the books the Sawyer and Ben read have some importance to the overall story? If I have to read one book before season six, which book would most prepare me for the final season?

Paul Kerton: All the books are influences on the show as much as they are harbingers. I still believe Stephen King's The Dark Tower is probably the one book, or series of books should I say, that influences Lost the most.

Liz Kelly: I'm so with Paul on "The Dark Tower's" significance. And even if it ends up not having any influence on the plot at all, the books are just so worth reading.

Sam McPherson: That being said, if the series ends like "The Dark Tower" ends, I'll be angry.

Jen Chaney: Must the book series everyone has to read before season six be so freakin' long??

Sam McPherson: Yes, yes it must. But it's well worth the time.

Paul Kerton: As for the ending of the Dark Tower that Sam mentioned, I think you might be upset Sam. This is going to be a Sopranos kind of ending. Love or hate.


Favorite pop culture reference scene - Hold Steady AND Fabio!!!: HURLEY: Sorry. Uh, well, The Hold Steady is playing the Troubadour this weekend, and I was wondering -- maybe Friday...

STARLA: Um, I have to work.

HURLEY: Oh, no, I didn't mean...

STARLA: I could probably go Saturday. Is that cool?

HURLEY: Yeah, that's totally cool.

JOHNNY: -as they are leaving the record store] Dude, you've been crushing on this girl for months and doing nothing. Today you're fricking Fabio. Seriously, man, what has gotten into you?

Jen Chaney: And let's not forget that the same episode also featurs the line "Stay gold, Ponyboy," an homage to "The Outsiders." That's a solid random-pop-culture-reference trifecta, right there.


Vienna, Va.: A small item, but I liked how they introduced Miles by invoking "Ghostbusters" with that jazzed-up Dustbuster device he brings along to impress the customers. Subtle, but it told me that he doesn't take the living as seriously as he does the dead.

That was in "Confirmed Dead", which I think is the best written episode of the series (so far!). It managed to introduce four new characters, each with a bit of back story, along with action, adventure, humor, and a couple Star Wars references (Faraday says "I'm here to rescue you.", Sawyer calls Ben "Yoda"). Very well done.

Paul Kerton: Did you miss the pictures on the stairs in that episode? He went up the staircase, passed the pictures. When he came down the pictures were all different... Coincidence?

Sam McPherson: Like Paul, I can't see how such an awful production error could be made. But I don't really see how it could fit into everything Miles did.

Kevin Croy: I remember those pictures changing, but I can't remember what they changed to and from. The Lost crew doesn't make too many mistakes like this. I would bet it was on purpose. We may find out it was a "back to the future" reference and that something changed the course of time.


Wisconsin: How diverse Lostpedia community is? Do you have members from all over the world?

Paul Kerton: Its incredibly diverse. We have over 1.3 million members of the English wiki from every corner of the world, and we also have 17 different languages, so its probably the most diverse single Lost website out there. Obviously, we just help keep it running, the site is very much created by the fans.

Liz Kelly: How many admins do you have overseeing the site's contributions? And do you ever get together for Lostpedia admin fests?

Sam McPherson: I think we have roughly eleven admins currently. And admin fests? I'm sure I don't know what you mean.

Kevin Croy: Lostpedia is as Diverse as the appeal of Lost. Take a look at where these questions are coming from to get a quick idea. here are qustions from Germany, Czec Republick, Wisconsin, Iraq, etc. The show has a very diverse audience!

Paul Kerton: We haven't all met up as Admins no. We're all over the world, so unless ABC are thinking of shipping us over to Hawaii to watch the finale at a party, then I doubt we will all get together. We all have very ordinary jobs, mostly.

Sam McPherson: Yeah, we're so spread out that a get-together would be impossible. I mean, I'm in Alabama, and Paul's in the UK. We're all so far away from each other.

Jen Chaney: "Lost": it really can bring together different nations.


Pop Culture References....: The one's I love the most? All the random Star Wars references. Hurley rewriting the movies, nicknames from Sawyer.....

Paul Kerton: I love the Star Wars references, but I think my favourite was probably the Star Trek red shirt reference Boone made to Locke in "All The Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues" from Season 1, especially in light of the movie last year.

Jen Chaney: I definitely appreciate the Star Wars ones. (Loved when Sawyer called Jin "Chewie" on the raft.)

But for me, it's all about "Xanadu," because that mention was just so out of left field.

Liz Kelly: Especially since the Xanadu moment was shared by Sawyer and Hurley.


Portland, Ore.: I think Sawyer gives us a pop-culture reference almost every time he opens his mouth, what with his witty little jibes and nicknames for everyone. He should definitely get the pop-culture award.

Sam McPherson: But Hurley's more relatable to us, the geeks.

Jen Chaney: The pop culture-y stuff comes mostly from the funny/sarcastic people.

Sawyer/Hurley/Miles really win in that category.


Capitol Hill DC: Will the bomb explosion really "re-set" the time continuum and put the characters back into their pre-crash lives? Or, do you think the key is for Ben (or Locke) to kill Jacob?

Paul Kerton: I don't think it'll be a pure reset, but I think we'll get to see Flight 815 land in LA. We know as much as anyone else.

Sam McPherson: I think it'll split off a timeline and cause an alternate universe that will run parallel to the one we already know.


I take my lunch at 1 on wednesdays.: First I just want to say thanks for both the lost hour and lostpedia. Because of this great show and all of you I am unable to get anything done and I am constantly bothering my friends and family with obsessive lost behavior (OLB).

With that being said I posted a theory last week a little too late and was hoping to get some feedback from you experts today.

I think that.....Jack as we know him will die and Jacob will take his Flocke(MIB, Esau, etc.) did Locke. Jack has always been about the people like Jacob.... and Locke was always protective of the island like Flocke. Jacob has been prepping Jack for this transition should he (Jacob) die. Both Flocke and Jacob have been going in and out of different bodies for years. The two men we saw during The Incident have not always looked that way. These bodies are all just pawns for the real unknown mission of these two characters (Jacob and Flocke).

Do you think that Flocke still has a little bit of the original Locke with him? When he talks to Sun in S5 its seems very Lockeish.

Sam McPherson: I think Flocke's just a really good actor.


Regina, SK: Where do you think the character of Aaron will lead to in Season 6? Will he still be important, perhaps as much as he was thought to be in seasons 1 and 2? -Alex, Regina Saskatchewan

Jen Chaney: I think Aaron will be significant, for sure. Actually, I thought he was fairly significant in season five. Kate's decision to leave him with his grandmother was one of the more emotionally wrenching (and memorable) moments of S5, I thought.

Kevin Croy: I think he will be significant too. I suspect that we'll find out we've known Aaron the whole time as someone else.

Sam McPherson: That would be interesting. Could he be Jacob? Both are blondies.

Liz Kelly: Okay, now my head hurts.


McLean, Va.: Don't know if it's my "favorite" (too many choices), but one pop culture reference that I loved was when Sawyer mocks an Other for falling for the "ol' Wookie prisoner gag."

Sam McPherson: I loved that bit. It didn't hurt that the guy they tricked was Rob McElhenney from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.


Washington, DC: Any thoughts how the producers/writers will address Shannon (Maggie Grace) not being present if there is a reset?

Paul Kerton: Well we don't know if she won't be back for definite. After all, they'll not finish writing it for another 3 months, and filming goes till the first week of May.
I'm sure they'll work around it if she doesn't though.

Sam McPherson: My only thought would be if somehow Shannon's past was affected by the detonation on the Island. That could possibly account for her not being there.

Jen Chaney: I don't want to say anything overly spoilery for fear of anyone's head combusting. But I believe Shannon's initial absence will be addressed in some fashion in the show. I am not sure how, and even if I were I wouldn't say for the previously stated reason. But I think it will be dealt with.

Paul Kerton: I don't want to be too harsh on Maggie, but I don't think she'll really be all that missed will she?

Sam McPherson: Not particularly. Least favorite character for sure.


Kush Cols Ga: Last week we touch on womances...the best ones are Sun/(insert character here)

Paul Kerton: My Lost crush is Juliet, so I'm going to have to disagree with you I'm afraid. Juliet is friends with no other ladies really, I think!

Liz Kelly: There really aren't any close female friendships on the show. I think the closest we've gotten was the episode in season 3 where Juliet and Kate were handcuffed to each other. Made for a kind of unlikely alliance that, of course, fell apart soon enough.

Paul Kerton: That was for the young impressionable men I think. Women in handcuffs falling in mud? Totally for the guys!

Sam McPherson: Gratuity gratuity.

Jen Chaney: I think Sun and Kate had a pseudo-friendship, as did Sun and Juliet, at least until that whole "She had an affair"/Sun punching Juliet in the face business.

But it's true, there are more male friendships on the show than female.

Sam McPherson: It wasn't a punch; it was an open-handed slap.

Paul Kerton: Juliet and Sun aside I don't think the writing of the female characters has been that great, but that can be said for most American and British TV really. I personally find Kate a very transparent character.

Liz Kelly: I think Paul has something there.


Victoria BC: painfully obvious would be the smoke monster morphing into Alex not going back in the grate and then Alex appearing from behind ben. But maybe the smoke monster went back in the grate entered Alex's dead body ran up stairs and through the secret door to suprise Ben.


Paul Kerton: I'm pretty certain the smoke monster doesn't need the body of a person to replicate them. We've seen it scan people, and take a fist like shape when it was throwing Eko around like a rag doll. It took the shape of Yemi for example, and Yemi's body was badly decomposed by then.

Sam McPherson: And, if my theory that the monster is the man in black is correct, then the same applies to Locke/Unlocke.


Laurel, MD: Season 3 is unfairly maligned - discuss. (The split season didn't bother me and there were a lot of cool moments throughout the season. And it leads to that amazing finale. Are people just bitter about Nikki and Paulo? Get over it!)

Sam McPherson: I think season two was the most uneven season. And while season three wasn't perfect, the final few episodes made up for any other errors.

Paul Kerton: Nikki and Paulo would have been accepted far easier if they'd have been introduced in a gentle way. They suddenly appeared and it was jarring. Lots of background appearances for the first 6 or 7 episodes, and we'd have accepted it I'm sure, but it was more of a "TADA!!!" moment.

Sam McPherson: Exactly. They've changed out the background cast quite a bit. But then again, you can't pay actors as big as Rodrigo Santoro and Kiele Sanchez to just mill in the background about for several episodes.

Liz Kelly: And the writers have managed to seamlessly add in other characters -- Desmond, the Tailies. Why it is they botched the Nikki/Paolo intro so badly, I don't know. Though I suspect that perhaps they were reluctant additions to the show, perhaps at the behest of the network types and so they just didn't get the TLC given to the rest of the characters.

Sam McPherson: Well, at least we got the awesome one-off that was "Expose" from the two.

Paul Kerton: I have to admit I did enjoy Expose as an episode, and I felt sad that they didn't work out as characters, because both of them are capable actors. Maybe they were just too much like Boone and Shannon in a way?

Sam McPherson: I think that similarity was pointed out in a flashback in that episode. In the airport food court.


A Tale of Two Cities: I loved how we saw Harry Potter Prisoner of Azkaban on Jack's shelf in his office... it got my hopes high for some time travel in the future. And I was not let down.

Sam McPherson: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban was the best children's time-travel story ever.

Liz Kelly: I need to go back to that series. I only made it through the first two books.

Sam McPherson: It's a great read. Sure, a little young adult-ish, but it makes that new Twilight phenomenon look awful.

Paul Kerton: Off topic I know, but Twilight makes Twilight look awful. I just look forward to all these "movie only" fans getting their eyes on Breaking Dawn. Its almost the very definition of unfilmable!


Lostpedia Blog: Whew. That looks a lot better now. Thanks for getting rid of the "temporary" design.

Sam McPherson: It looks much better now, doesn't it? That's all the result of Paul's hard work.

Paul Kerton: Well mine and the guys at who came up with the original designs for Wordpress. I'm glad you like it though.


Olney, Md.: I have a couple of questions about Rose & Bernard, who are two of my favorite people. Will we ever see them again? And why were they so out of character when Juliet and her group find them? They were almost rude. And Rose especially has always been thoughtful and considerate. Didn't she realize that the Losties were searching for them because they cared? They could have left a message somewhere to the effect that they were all right, so please don't look for them any more. This really rubbed me the wrong way.

Sam McPherson: Rose and Bernard = Adam and Eve.

Paul Kerton: I don't think they were entirely out of character. They were never the greatest fans of the adventuring that the main cast did, and they never wished to leave the Island once they got there due to Rose's cancer.

If you've seen the Sky1 videos Sam, you know that Adam and Eve and Carlton and Damon... ;-)

Liz Kelly: I'm not so sure they were out of character so much as they'd finally decided they'd had enough of following Jack and his "clique" into sketchy adventures. They were, as they said, "retired." And I can't blame them. I don't think they were cold so much as communicating that they had made their peace with the island and didn't want Jack & Co. (or Sawyer/Kate/Juliet) interfering with their idyllic existence.

And in a way it served to show Juliet's regret that her once settled life with Sawyer in 1977 had been compromised by the return of the Losties. When she's leaving their camp and declines the offer of tea, she says "Maybe another time," but I think she really meant "Maybe in another life."

Jen Chaney: And to get back to the tea thing someone mentioned earlier, that reference reminded me a bit of "Alice in Wonderland." At least figuratively, Ben and Rose are now inhabiting a different universe than the rest of the Losties.


Gainesville, Va.: Just to clarify the point about Jack, Ben, and the Red Sox made earlier (which I agree was a great pop culture reference), Jack was skeptical when Ben first told him what had happened (coming back against the Yankees, etc.), but he was convinced when Ben actually showed him the video footage.

I especially like this reference in light of the fact that the show debuted before the (unprecedented) baseball events occurred. I don't know what the show's timetable is for writing and shooting episodes, but I've long wondered whether Christian's and Jack's aphorism about "and that's why the Red Sox will never win the World Series" was originally conceived before the 2004 World Series, then took on new meaning afterward.

Paul Kerton: I think that "The Powers That Be" as we know them probably couldn't believe their luck with the Red Sox win. Fell perfectly for them really.


Fenway Park: First, to the Lostpedia guys, I just want to say thanks for all the help over the years. Recently we used your page on food to create the menu for our premiere party, so thanks a ton!

As for pop culture moments, but really closer to a reference to the real world, as a huge Red Sox fan, I totally appreciated when Ben used the tape of the 2004 world series to show Jack the outside world. Even better, was Locke's questioning look when Ben tried to show him the tape of Widmore with the baseball label still on. Hilarious.

Kevin Croy: I'm glad to hear that Lostpedia could help plan your menu!


Kush Cols Ga: I don't know..Sun seemed to be the center of the female friendships...taking care of Aaron constantly meant Claire trusted her. In fact she was the first one to tell Claire to rest. She was the first to comfort Shannon after Boone died. She and Kate were always supporting each other until Jin "died".

Paul Kerton: Like I said before, I think Sun and Juliet are the only female characters that feel real. The others aren't very well written really. I hear Joss Whedon needs some work, maybe he could talk to them about it?


Washington, D.C.: Question: Does your head ever hurt from trying to work out theories?? I just tried to write in a response related to the smoke monster, and somehow it morphed into an analysis of the island/Jacob determining how or whether someone was worthy enough, repentence and redemption, spanning all 5 seasons, and now I have a headache.

Paul Kerton: Well its not just us that work on the wiki, anyone can take part if they have an account. The hardest part is taking the knowledge of the show from working on Lostpedia for all these years and trying to apply it to the theories posted, and justify why I'd keep or remove them.

Kevin Croy: The wiki software helps make this complex collaboration possible. It allows us to distribute the massive task of analyzing all of this fresh data across tens of thousands of Lostpedia users.

Paul Kerton: Indeed. Lost came at just the right time for "Web 2.0" it couldn't have been timed any more perfectly. That timing is part of the reason Lostpedia became a success. I know I found it by looking to see if anyone had bought back in October 2005.

Jen Chaney: I may not be at the level of a Lostpedia admin, but my head definitely hurts often for the same reason.

Last season in particular was like a 16-episode Advil binge.


Most pop culture references in one sentence: From Sawyer in "3 minutes"

When do we leave? James "Sawyer" Ford: In the morning. Dr. Jack Shephard: You're not coming, Sayid. Sayid Jarrah: Excuse me? Dr. Jack Shephard: Michael wants to keep it small. Me, Kate, Hurley, and him. James "Sawyer" Ford: Yeah, well "Him" says even though Pippi Longstockings and the damn Grape Ape are ideal candidates for the Dirty Dozen, I'm just gonna say we might wanna bring along the Red Beret!

Liz Kelly: I just keep picturing a pre-teen James Ford spending 23 hours a day plopped in front of a television set.

Jen Chaney: The man loves his "Little House."

Kevin Croy: Good point Liz. I imagine Sawyer as a grown up version of Mike TV from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Paul Kerton: The irony of that being that Sawyer jumping off the helicopter meant he didn't get an Oceanic Golden Ticket :)


Theory: I have a theory, which I've never seen discussed on the many boards I read: I think LOST is just like Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, where something huge was supposed to happen (Vogons destroying Earth), but because that was somehow averted, life continued but began to become more and more chaotic, erratic, etc, until course correction ocurred, and the earth was eventually destroyed again at the end. Maybe Oceanic 815 crashing was the big thing that wasn't supposed to happen, I'm not sure--but I wonder what you all think of this?

Kevin Croy: 42

Sam McPherson: Kevin beat me to saying it.

Paul Kerton: Well HHGTTG and Doctor Who are supposed to be in the same universe (Douglas Adams wrote for Who) so why not add Lost to the mix. I haven't seen a towel on Lost for a while though.


Camp Victory, Iraq: Best culture reference has to Sawyer pounding on Desmond's hatch and yelling to him "Open up its the ghost of Christmas future". Another Dickens reference from the show, brother.

Liz Kelly: Indeed, a good'n.


On the road to shambala: SHAMBALA! this was a great pop culture reference! Great song and great moment in Lost... when hurley gets the engine in the VW van to roll over and Jin yells "Hurley!" I just love it.

Liz Kelly: Well who doesn't appreciate a little Three Dog Night from time to time?

Reminds me to mention, though, that "Lost" has all along provided us with an incredible array of musical cues. From Shambala to Patsy Cline to Pierre Chang's skipping Willy Nelson album.

And, lookie here, Lostpedia has compiled this handy list of songs featured within episodes.

Jen Chaney: And let's not forget "Make Your Own Kind of Music."

I think Damon Lindelof has said that the Mama Cass and Patsy Cline tunes were inspired by his mother, who used to vacuum and cry while listening to them.

Paul Kerton: Yes he did Jen. Mama Cass had such a beautiful voice. Its a shame women like her, not stick thin but amazingly talented, rarely get a chance these days.


Bristow, Va.: Lots of great pop culture references in the show, but I've got to go with the aforementioned scenes relating to Hurley and the "Empire Strikes Back" script, especially since one of my first thoughts when I realized that they were in 1977 was "hey, that's when Star Wars came out." Though I'm still curious as to exactly what his proposed changes were, and why he botches the plot timeline (Darth Vader cuts off Luke's hand before telling him of their familial link, not afterward as Hurley relates it to Miles).

Jen Chaney: Maybe Hurley's version of "Empire" will someday be released so we can all appreciate his hard work.

Paul Kerton: Part of me believes that 1977 was chosen deliberately for Star Wars references. The Blast Door Map referenced a different date for The Incident originally.

Liz Kelly: Ooh, interesting tidbit. Thanks Paul.


Indianapolis, Indiana: I'm a late comer to Lost but I love it. I crammed the last 5 seasons into 1 month of TV watching. My question is the whole Hanso foundation and it's tie in with lost. I see on Lostpedia I believe the Hanso stuff is canon but not once in the 5 seasons have I ever heard this person metioned! I realized this was part of a online experience but late viewers cannot participate in this "experience" as most of the websites don't even exist anymore.

What do you suggest for people becoming obssesed with the series late in the game like this.

Paul Kerton: Alvar Hanso and the Hanso Foundation were mentioned in the Swan Orientation Film in the episode called "Orientation". I believe Alvar, and the DeGroots will be a part of Season 6, somehow.

Kevin Croy: Stop by the Lostpedia forum to interact with more obsessed viewers. ;)


Thank you Lostpedia!!!!: Didn't have time to actually "rewatch" during the chat rewatch but I read each episode during lunch at work so I could refresh my memory and participate in the chats. Love, love, love the site and have recommended it to many!

Kevin Croy: Awesome, Thanks!

Paul Kerton: Thank you too. I've had two amusing moments overhearing people talk about the site and not knowing my involvement with it, so its great to know all the hard work is appreciated. Also, thanks to Kevin who without, we wouldn't have the site at all.


Alexandria, Va.: I've never understood why Nikki and Paolo were "jarring" when Arzt was introduced the same way.

Paul Kerton: Arzt came along early enough for us not to mind so much, plus he became a cult.

Jen Chaney: Well, Arzt came along in season one. And he was one guy. And he was there briefly, and promptly blew up.

I think Nikki and Paolo were jarring because they didn't show up until the third season and we were supposed to believe they had always been with the Losties, which felt odd.

It also probably didn't help that that a big deal was made of their addition to the cast prior to the start of the season, so we were all expecting something revelatory and great in these characters. And that just wasn't there, which wasn't really the fault of either actor.

Liz Kelly: It also didn't help that they asked inane questions (allegedly designed to help ease new viewers into the show's backstory).

Paul Kerton: And they were just as, if not even more good looking, than the rest of the survivors. Seriously, have you ever been on a plane with that many attractive people in it?


Tübingen, Germany: Hi Liz, Jen and the Lostpedia-Wizard. What about the crossword puzzles? Our man of science completed them in pen without errors, while the man of faith used a pencil, erasing and correcting and changing the answers. One more question from a carless woman from the heart of Europe: what does it mean that Jack drove a BMW before the crash and a Ford as one of the Oceanic 6? Ilovejackshepard

Kevin Croy: I agree, the crossword puzzles were interesting.

I think his choice of cars helped illustrate his state of mind. Before the crash Jack was a successful doctor that drove a flashy BMW. After the crash, he was an unshaven everyday kinda guy that drove a pickup.


Prague, Czech Republic: Hello, here is a big fan of both Lost and your chats! However, the depth of your thoughts about this series freaks me out a little bit :- ) As for many others, one of my favorite episodes was The Constant. But, the basic idea of a constant wasn't developed further, to my understanding. Do you agree? Or do you think it could play a significant role in the last season? Thanks and let's enjoy season 6!

Paul Kerton: I think that Constants and Variables will always be a part of the show till its very last second. I think the title "LA X" is probably a cheeky reference to X being an algebraic variable too.

Jen Chaney: I think the Constant issue will rear its head again. And I like that algebra reference, Paul.


Exeter, N.H.: In Jacob's discussion with MIB about progress Jacob seemed to be suggesting that all the destruction is OK because ultimately there will be an "end". This seems "Utilitarian" to me. Jeremy Bentham was a chief proponent of this philosophical line of thinking. Utilitarianism seems to have many strong points: rational laws, equal rights. It seems to have the weakness of fostering an ends justify the means mentality. I am starting to think that Season 6 will be a battle but not necessarily a strict dualistic good v. evil type. I am having difficulty resolving this with how the backgammon game was presented. What do you all think?

btw, Jeremy Bentham was an ideological opponent of John Locke. I liked discovering that bit of dichotomy.

Paul Kerton: Yes when Jeremy Bentham was mentioned as Locke's off island alias, I had a huge grin across my face.

If anyone is interested, you should research Jeremy Bentham and find out how even today he attends meetings at UCL in London!

Jen Chaney: That Bentham "presence" is also referenced in the philosophy class I took at Lost University, which, technically, I still haven't completely finished.

Is it possible to be put on academic probation at a pretend-college?


O'keefe, Georgia: I love how the Dharma Staff station maternity room is filled with Georgia O'keefe paintings. I remember seeing that and thinking... that's perfect!

Liz Kelly: One unintentional pop culture reference that I love: the casting of Jon Gries as Roger Linus. It is impossible to watch him without remembering his performance in "Napoleon Dynamite." The husband and I even call him Uncle Rico when referencing him in the Lost plot, as in "Oh man, Kate better back off of Uncle Rico. He's gonna catch on."

It just fits, ya know?

Jen Chaney: It's also amusing that Michael Emerson's wife plays his mother on the show, given Ben's confused mother/son and romantic issues.

Liz Kelly: Righto -- and she's now on one of TV's other hottest shows, "True Blood."


Liz Kelly: Thank you, everyone, for joining us today. And special thanks to Kevin, Paul and Sam for giving us an hour out of their busy schedules. Be sure to bookmark Lostpedia now before the start of what promises to be another mindbending season.

Jen and I will be back next week with another chat and, we hope, more special guests.

Paul Kerton: Thanks for having us, and thanks everyone for coming and asking some fabulous questions. I hope everyones enjoyed it, and if you want us back again during the season, just let us know.

Kevin Croy: Thanks for having us. I enjoyed being here!

Jen Chaney: It was a pleasure. See you next Wednesday at 2, everyone!

Paul Kerton: Oh and don't forget to visit during the season! We're also on Twitter - We don't post anything about the episodes till the Friday after broadcast (so the UK don't get spoiled) so you can be fairly safe following us!


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