D.C. Sports Bog Live: Scuffling Wizards Redskins offseason, Caps and more

Dan Steinberg
D.C. Sports Bogger
Tuesday, January 26, 2010; 11:30 AM

D.C. Sports Bogger Dan Steinberg was online Tues., Jan. 26 to break down Mike Shanahan's future and the Redskins offseason, Gilbert Arenas's gun issues, the latest Atlantic 11 and sports news and your questions and comments about his latest bog posts.

A transcript follows.

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Dan Steinberg: Sorry to be late, just finishing up a post about the Caps and the use of smelling salts on NHL benches. Yet another way their job is different than my job. I stick with hard alcohol during my work day.

Anyhow, it seems like there might be a lot to ask me about, especially if you're interested in ammonia, so have at it.


Herndon, Va.: I came across this offer for a free cheese poster online and thought I would pass it along (no shipping fee either). Although you most likely already own this one...

washingtonpost.com: Free Cheese Poster: Wisconsin Cheese Variety Guide (Woot.com)

Dan Steinberg: I do not. I used to have the Cheeses of France on my fridge, but I'm not sure if it made the move to Maryland with us. Haven't seen it lately. Will request this poster as soon as the chat is over. Or maybe during the chat. Thanks.


Washington, D.C.: Dan,

I am obsessed with the Gilbert Arenas case. I have read everything. A couple questions;

Who actually broke the story (I have heard Yahoo!, cbssportsline, New York Post and why didn't The Washington Post break the story?)

Also, except for bringing a gun in his backpack the story in The Post of what happened seems right on the money with prosecutor's report. How many people did The Post reporters interview and how did they get that information before police?

And the last one is, what do you really think happened?

Thanks. Read you every day.

Dan Steinberg: Thanks for reading.

Take this with a grain of (smelling) salt, but I'm pretty sure that CBSSports.com broke the news that Gilbert was being investigated for having guns in the locker room (that broke on Xmas eve or Xmas day), and Yahoo broke the story of this relating to a conflict with Crittenton, although it was only a matter of hours before the NYPost story came out.

Without playing armchair critic of my colleagues, I think The Wash Post story also significantly differed with what prosecutors reported on the question of Crittenton chambering a round. That's not a small difference.

I know Mike Wise and Mike Lee talked to a lot of people on their story, and i think they wrote that the account of what happened in the locker room was based on two eyewitnesses. I'm not sure they got the information before police, I just think they published it before the prosecutors had reached a plea deal, allowing the government's version(s) to come out.

As for me, I think it seems pretty obvious that the incident fits into Gilbert's history of inappropriate pranking, with rhetoric that took it well beyond the realm of the funny, and that the introduction of guns into the "joke" made multiple people react in inappropriate ways. If the actual incident was as chaotic and rapidly developing as you'd expect, then the five (or however many) eyewitnesses might actually remember it in different ways, which means we might not ever know what "really" happened.


Syracuse, NY: I just wanted to let you know that its 11:02 right now, and Georgetown still stinks.

Dan Steinberg: Cool, thanks. Why don't you make a video about this, accompanied by some comedic dancing?


Baltimore: I heard recently that you and Kornheiser had a riff a few years back. Is that true?

Dan Steinberg: I don't think so. I think we're on such dramatically different levels financially, professionally and demographically that we couldn't actually have a riff.

I think I probably wrote some things about Tony that only someone who was young and insecure would write. He reacted as you might guess. But I'm a huge fan of his professional work, and I can virtually guarantee you that he thinks about cheese a whole lot more than he thinks about Cheese Boys.


Smelling Salts: B Mo said: "It's just like bam, and you're like, whoa...."

Are you sure Keanu Reeves didn't drop by Kettler to give you this one?

Dan Steinberg: Yeah, I didn't want to make him seem like a stoner with that quote. There aren't a lot of great ways to articulate the effect of a smelling salt, I suppose. He's a very articulate and friendly guy.


Arlington, Va.: Lets be honest, Georgetown has the worst support and worst fans in the area. When Duke comes to Maryland, the stadium is not 50 percent Duke fans. The fans don't come out to support the team either at bars or at the arena.

Even with the identity of an urban team, they have always failed to draw from D.C.'s general population. Georgetown fans are too busy eating wine and cheese to be bothered with supporting their team.

Dan Steinberg: I've read this several times and I still don't see the question.

Georgetown is a smaller school with a smaller alumni base, which plays off-campus in a massive arena. Put their games in the Patriot Center and things would be electric every home date.


Silver Spring, Md.: You think Stern will give Arenas a lifetime ban

Dan Steinberg: No.


Faces of Zorn...: Obviously you had plenty of time to prepare, but you must be pretty bummed Zorn is gone since he offered such a variety of great material for the Bog.

How do you go about extracting some of the same "Bog material" from Shanahan? I mean I doubt he's skinning Coyotes or anything... but maybe. Plus the "Faces of Shanahan" probably won't work. He seems like a pretty serious dude.

Dan Steinberg: He does make one funny face, but it's the same face, over and over and over. Sort of the one where he extends his upper teeth in a sort of a grimace.

I'd recommend to you a post on Yahoo!'s Olympics blog yesterday, concerning the faces of some ice dancers. They put Zorn to shame.

I don't think I'll ever cover another coach quite like Jim Zorn, certainly not in the NFL but probably nowhere else either. He was one of a kind. I really don't think it worked out well for him on the field, even without the meddling from above, but I'll never ever say a bad word about him as a guy, and I think 100 percent of reporters who covered him would agree with me. The fact that he did have so many diverse interests, and he wasn't just a football-watching automaton, only improved his image in my eyes.

I have no feel at all for Shanahan yet, but I'm certain he won't be like Zorn.


Caps Rap: What do you think of the Caps rap? I think it's o.k.

Where's Remy when you need him?

Dan Steinberg: I think it's pretty good. I know some fans don't like it. I just didn't like the guy who plays Ovechkin; I know it was all meant in good fun, but he was a bit too Neanderthally for my tastes, and the accent was ... yeah.

At a recent game I ran into one of the Caps Rap guys AND Remy within about a 5 minute span. I'm sure Remy will come up with something new before too long.


Washington, D.C. in the 35332: Forget about the Wiz or Redskins upcoming offseason. Lets also forget about the Caps and the road to the cup under soon to be Wizards owner Teddy L.

Lets talk baseball!

Dan Steinberg: Well, the Nats Winter Caravan and FanFest are this week, so there will be plenty of opportunities. John Lannan was on a radio station this morning, and was asked about being one of the Wizards' starting pitchers. Really.

Personally, I'm most anticipating:

1) Seeing Tony Plush at the Caps game on Friday night

2) Asking Adam Dunn a few offseason questions

3) Waiting for funny photos of Rob Dibble posing with fans to surface


Richmond, Va.: What kind of things (money, limbs, blood relatives) would you have sacrificed to have been in the Wizards locker room when the Arenas/Crittendon debacle allegedly happened?

Dan Steinberg: You know, I've always been a bit on the fence with some of Gilbert's antics. I think this one I would have been well over the fence. Poop jokes are funny so long as they revolve around the word "poop," but once they cross over into involving the actual substance, I don't think I'd laugh.

Having typed that, I notice that you weren't asking about the Gilbert poop incident. Whoops. Ok, now you're asking me whether I'd sacrifice money and blood relatives to be in a room with two grown men throwing guns and other grown men fleeing in terror? Not sure I'm sad about missing that one, either.


Washington, D.C.: So Gilbert and Javaris both brought guns to work, both were investigated by the feds, both were charged with a felony offense, and both plead guilty. Yet, only Gilbert gets an indefinite ban from Roger Good ... er ... David Stern. Um ... yeah, that makes sense. Worst. Commish. Ever.

Dan Steinberg: Gilbert was charged with four counts, and pleaded to a felony, while Crittenton pleaded to a misdemeanor. But that's beside the point. Gilbert was suspended way before either of them submitted their pleas. It's obvious that he was suspended because of his continued insistence on making light of the situation, whereas Crittenton kept his mouth shut and spoke through his lawyer. Former Wash Times beat writer Mike Jones has a fabulous post on this subject on his new web site, MikeJonesSports.com. Highly recommended.

That's not to say I don't agree with you that Stern went overboard, but I do think he had to stop Gilbert, especially if he planned on that John Wayne 10 paces gimmick for the Cleveland game. The PR disaster wasn't going to go away until Gilbert did.


Storrs, Florida: Gonna beg to differ about the Georgetown fan support. I used to go to the U-Conn.-Georgetown game every year at the Cap Centre, and there were times when it was the loudest place I've ever been.

Dan Steinberg: Thanks. I've certainly been to a few (Louisville two years ago comes to mind) where you couldn't possibly complain.


Annandale, Va.: Personally, I think the NBA is in the gutter and is by far the most disreputable pro sports league around. So I don't pay attention. But I do have to feel sorry for long suffering Wizards fans who had to deal with the terrible ownership of Abe Pollin (politically incorrect I know, but true) and now have the Arenas mess along with another crappy team. Any word on Leonsis taking over? Best thing that could happen ...

Dan Steinberg: In what way is the league "disreputable?" Curious.

People said many, many nice things about Abe Pollin when he died, largely having to do with his philanthropy and civic mindedness. There's really no way to argue that his franchise had basketball success over the past three decades.

I know the same thing about Leonsis that all of you do: it's set up for him to take charge, and people in the know seem to think it will happen.


Fushezzi, Md.: I can't help but think about Gladiator when I think/watch/read about the current state of the Wiz. You have an aging King (Abe) who has a trusted warrior whom he loves like his own son (Gil/Maximus). Sadly the King dies and his son takes the throne (Pollin family) however, they have no real clue how to properly run the kingdom (organization) and its people. They refuse to embrace or protect Maximus turning their back on him when he needs them most. Unfortunately, in the Wizards case, the minions have not yet turned on the Royal family for its lack of loyalty. That may be the saddest part of all.

Dan Steinberg: I've never seen Gladiator. I think I've seen fewer than 10 studio released movies in the last decade. Certainly fewer than 20.

I know you and several (or at least one) of your friends think the Pollin family has botched this, and maybe so, but don't forget how Abe Pollin handled Chris Webber. I'm not sure he embraced or protected him.


Washington, D.C.: If you heard someone call Gilbert Arenas a thug, would you defend him?

Dan Steinberg: Sure I would. I think the proper insult of Gilbert is "immature child," or something like that. "Thug" connotes violence, and I'm not familiar with any stories connecting Gilbert with violence, other than wrestling Awvee Storey in the locker room.


Boston: Any chance you can do some posts on Greivis Vasquez? Seems like he would have a great quote or 10 ...

Thanks, and love the Bog

Dan Steinberg: I haven't been to a single college basketball game this season. The access to college players (at least at big schools) is usually so much more limited than access to pro athletes, that everyone ends up leaving with identical quotes. But I'm gonna be out of material pretty soon, especially when the Caps shut down for the Olympics, so I'd imagine I'll turn to college hoops.

Thanks for reading.


Chantilly, Va.: How bout some love (or as Wilbon would say, dap) for Coach Larranaga? In what looked like a rebuilding year for GMU, he has the Patriots at the top of the CAA, again.

A three game stretch late in the year vs Old Dominion, Virginia Commonwealth, and William and Mary will determine the Patriots' CAA tournament seed, but they have clearly exceeded expectations and the future is very bright in Fairfax.

Too bad they couldn't have won that Villanova game!

Dan Steinberg: Or the Georgia Tech game, or the Dayton game.

But I'll agree with this. Since the Final Four run, Mason has remained remarkably consistent: the Patriots challenge for a top four CAA seed, play their brains out against BCS-conference schools, and remain in the conversation all spring. My only complaints:

1) I still hate the new uniforms.

2) The GW debacle. I've said for years that the Patriots have eclipsed the Colonials in the local hierarchy, but that game wasn't a good argument, suspensions notwithstanding.


Mark Brunell!: Just wanted to say I loved your bog post about Mark Brunell. When they showed him briefly sitting on the sidelines before the kick I, a long suffering Jacksonvillian, turned to my husband and said "Was that Mark Brunell?". We had no idea! I figured he had retired after his years with the Deadskins. Well, good for him after all those years in Jax and playing backup to a backup here. Even if his key role now appears to be holder... he did a hell of a job!

Dan Steinberg: Even though I had heard 50 times that Brunell was Brees's backup, I was still like, "Whoa, Mark Brunell!" when they announced him as the holder on the game-winning kick. Why is the Redskins' holder always the punter instead of the backup QB, anyhow? Did Brunell ever hold here? I can't remember him doing that.

It would truly be fascinating if Brees gets hurt in the Super Bowl--not that I'm wishing for that in any way. But if Brunell and/or Chase Daniel were responsible for winning the Saints' first Super Bowl? Can you imagine?


Re Olympic hiatus: Any truth to the rumor that the Caps will all be playing for Russia?

Dan Steinberg: Pretty sure Matt Bradley's on the Slovakian team.


Kensington, Md.: If the Capstronaut is sitting directly in front of you at a game, do you ask him to take off his helmet so you can see that game? I'm all for wacky fans, but if he was in front of me I'd be pissed.

Dan Steinberg: I've heard a lot of people ask this. You have to imagine the fans find a workaround, because I haven't seen the Capstronaut get pummeled into submission with any handbags yet. Maybe he's really short, and so the helmet only brings him up to normal size?


Washington, D.C.: How hard is it to operate a subway without killing people every week? Oops, wrong chat.

Dan Steinberg: I had a foot-long veggie delight in Ballston yesterday, with barbecue Baked Lays and unsweetened (thank you) iced tea, and I didn't die. Oops, wrong Subway.


Fredericksburg, Va.: Question: if you really felt you're life were in danger, would you bring an unloaded gun to protect yourself?

Dan Steinberg: This doesn't add up, and will never add up. The fact that Crittenton's lawyer would emphasize both facts is just mind-boggling. Let's say you really, really believed Gilbert was going to either shoot you or blow up your car. So you come across him trying to blow up your car, and you say "Stop, I've got a weapon!" and you draw your unloaded gun. Is that going to improve your prospects? Or let's say Gilbert draws his (presumably loaded, if you're so scared) gun on you, and again, you respond with a weapon of your own. Are you now safer?

Honestly, he'd have a better chance at defending himself if he was throwing basketballs at Gilbert's head. But this is going to have to be one of those unsatisfying parts of this story. There are a lot.


Kool Aid Drinkin Redskins Fan: Dan - Favre doesn't come back. Vikings need a QB. They give the Redskins a second rounder for Jason Campbell. Shanny beefs up the line through draft and free agency. Sam Bradford takes the Redskins to 9-7 with Chad Pennington as a reliable backup. On the Far Fetched Scale - how do you rate this scenario?

Dan Steinberg: Favre doesn't come back? Hahahahahahahahaha. Favre always comes back.

I'm skeptical of Jason Campbell. But I'm much, much, much, much, much more skeptical that a rookie QB could come in here and improve the Redskins' record by five games. If you're spending your top pick on Sam Bradford, there's only so much "beefing up through the draft" you can do, and that line is not one seventh-round pick away from the playoffs.


Arlington, Va.: Mason is a much bigger school than GW with a bigger arena and state funding. It would be no surprise if it displaced GW. I may point out however, that the year Mason went to the Final Four, GW also had a fantastic team that was ranked as high as number six in the country. Who knows what would have happened if Pop Mensah Bonsu hadn't been hurt ...

Dan Steinberg: Well this was the origin of my comparison. I covered both teams that year, and as crazy athletic and high-scoring as GW was, I always thought George Mason was better. While I never wrote this anywhere (no blog), I remember calling one of the then-night editors, Micah Pollack, from the Patriot Center parking lot and telling him I thought Mason was better than GW. This must have been in January, because I spent that February in Italy.

That GW team was fortunate to get past UNC Wilmington in the first round (in overtime). Mason went 1-1 against UNCW, winning at home and losing on the road. GW couldn't compete with Duke or N.C. State, Mason took Wake to overtime on the road.


"Why is the Redskins' holder always the punter instead of the backup QB, anyhow?": Because they want to make absolutely sure that the defense knows that there's absolutely no chance of a fake field goal ...

Dan Steinberg: Dude, have you seen Hunter Smith's arm? Or his legs?


Anonymous: I'm going to my first Caps game this Friday. I've got my red shirt ready and I'm starting to feel feisty. What else should I know or expect before I go? GO CAPS!

Dan Steinberg: It'll be loud, and you'll be yelling a lot. They got rid of the Funny Follies, so you won't be able to see any kids riding their tricycles into mud bogs. Many of the men in attendance will have unusual facial hair. 97 percent of fans will be wearing red. The Papa Johns pizza is no good. The home team will probably win. Adam Dunn and Nyjer Morgan (and I) will be there. That's about it.


Washington, D.C.: Peter Vecsey or Mike Wise. Pick one.

Dan Steinberg: I've got Wise, if for no other reason than he'd never use the phrase "pistol-packing point guards."

Also he's my friend, so maybe I'm not a fair judge.


Washington, D.C.: The laughs here are coming a mile a minute, time to hide the lampshades - D'OH! - but would a serious sports question be out of line here?

Specifically, why was Chris Clark traded with nary a "don't let the door hit ya," I mean he was the CAPTAIN right? Is he super-bummed or just figure it's the business? Have any players said anything?

Dan Steinberg: Publicly, players have said what you'd expect: that he was a great captain and a great teammate and they'll miss him, that it's a business, etc. I haven't heard any rumblings of private criticism, but the team's record since the trade sort of speaks for itself, no? All they do now is win.

And I don't think he was traded with a "don't let the door hit ya." I mean, he was traded; what's a kind way to do that? They didn't spit on him on his way out; everyone said kind things. And they did just fine in the playoffs with their captain in a suit, watching from the press box. I'm sure he IS super-bummed; his family is here, and he was the captain of a legit Cup contender, instead of starting over in Ohio. But again, that's the way sports work.

The room seems to have great chemistry now, but there will be plenty of trade speculation as March draws near.


Washington, D.C.: If he commissioner is going to penalize teams that don't play their starters in meaningless games (meaningless to their team), or reward those that do, should we assume that the commissioner will also require players selected for the Pro Bowl to play, even if they're coming off the League Championship game and heading into the Super Bowl?

Dan Steinberg: I think the suggestion that teams be penalized for resting starters is absurd, but even I can acknowledge that's different than the Pro Bowl. No one suggests the Pro Bowl is anything more than an exhibition, for either team, or for the relatively small number of fans who are tuning in. Week 16 games, on the other hand, can have a dramatic influence on the competitive balance of the league, as we saw this year.

So no, is the answer.


Washington, D.C.: As a D.C. native, I have inevitably developed a loathing of all things Georgetown. Good to see there are some kindred spirits up in Syracuse.

Dan Steinberg: Why inevitable?

On the other hand, I've had some friends suggest that it's ok to root for both Georgetown and Maryland, just like it's ok to root for both the Orioles and the Nats (different leagues/conferences, few head-to-heads, etc). Both propositions seem odd to me, especially because of the natural enmity storylines (O's helped keep baseball out of D.C., Terps and Hoyas refuse to play each other). So if you're a Terps fan (or a GW fan), I understand the loathing. Otherwise, I'm not sure.


Manhattan, N.Y.: I'm a new Caps fan, I admit it. I've wandered over to the team like a moth to a light in the sea of darkness that is the DC sports universe right now.

So where do I rank on the "true" Caps fan's scale of derision? I'm a native Washingtonian who hasn't even lived in DC for the last 10 years, yet maintains rabid allegiance to the Skins, Wizards and yes, even the Nats. I support all DC teams, including Maryland, G'town, GW etc. (went to William and Mary, so I haven't exactly cultivated any sports-related college rivalries). Following that logic, I've always supported the Caps in theory but I just never got into hockey as a sport. This year I've been watching hockey for the first time, trying to learn the game, actively rooting for the Caps. Am I a poser? A fair-weather fan? It's not like I was rooting for the Detroit Red Wings for the last five just because they were good, like the idiots rooting for the Cavaliers even though they've never even set foot in Cleveland and probably couldn't even locate it on a map- they are the lowest form of sports fandom.

So what's the verdict? Can I rock the red? Or am I a poser, not worthy of enjoying the Caps recent success? I'd be interested to see what you, and other readers think.

Dan Steinberg: Well I certainly think you're entirely within your rights to go as crazy as you want to with the Caps, but I think you should follow certain guidelines (deference to longtime Caps fans in mixed company, occasional acknowledgments of your situation, for example, "Well, I never made it to a game at the Cap Centre, but...," refusal to buy a Langway jersey, etc.).

Caps fans have keen bandwagon sensors, but I think they're most wary of

1) media bandwagoning, and

2) short-term bandwagoning.

If you don't write for The Post, and you agree to maintain your interest even after this current wave subsides, I think you'll be just fine. The hardcore anti-bandwagon folks (and there are very few of them) will manage.


Germantown, Md.: Papa Johns pizza is never good!

But I digress...

I keep seeing headlines blaming Favre for losing the game the other day. While Favre did throw the interception at the end of the game, they could have been up by a touchdown or more if they hadn't kept turning the ball over to N.O.

Dan Steinberg: Well that's true. And the Redskins could have put away the Saints if Marcus Mason had converted a 3rd-and-1 near the goal line early in the fourth quarter instead of getting stopped for no gain. That doesn't mean it still wasn't Suisham's fault they lost the game. The last, most dramatic screw-up will always get the headline, and deservedly so.


Martinsburg, W. Va.: Why not trade the Redskins first round pick to the Bucs for their two second round picks and their third round pick. You could pick up a good running back and three offensive linemen.

Dan Steinberg: The no. 4 for two seconds and a third? I'm pretty sure the NFL draft pick value chart would have the Redskins losing out on that trade. Plus, I'm not sure how you're taking four players with the three picks you're acquiring.


Washington, D.C.: Why hasn't Critter been suspended indefinitely? David Stern is a joke.

Dan Steinberg: He's injured, hasn't played yet this season, and won't be playing again tonight. You're worried about Gilbert's lost money vis a vis Crittenton? That's the only thing that comes into play here, and Gilbert brought that on himself with the jokes and japes and jests.


Cleveland Park, DC: Doesn't David Stern owe Wizards fans an explanation of why Gilbert was suspended, and for how long he will be suspended? We're not the ones who brought a gun to work..

Dan Steinberg: I completely agree with you on this. I, and everyone else, has been assuming that it was because of the finger guns and the comments and all the rest of the tomfoolery, but Stern never explicitly said that, he just said "his ongoing conduct has led me to conclude that he is not currently fit to take the court in an NBA game." Which parts of that conduct? I think Wizards fans, and players, and front-office types, deserve that much explanation.


College Park, Md.: Why would a Terps fan hate Georgetown? They never play each other, and as a U-Md. grad I have much more hate for, say, Virginia Tech. Especially after that guy defamed Comcast Center by throwing up on the court.

G-town ... ehh I don't really care one way or the other, unless they get a good recruit from the area. And I'm sure Prisbell will keep us updated on if Gary misses anyone "good"

Dan Steinberg: I dunno, they compete for the local spotlight. They do indeed compete for local recruits. And they should play each other but don't, and each side blames the other.

I'm shocked that you would hate Virginia Tech more than Georgetown. Virginia or Duke or UNC I can see, but what did the basketball Hokies ever do to you, besides lose some partially digested mac and cheese?


Alexandria, Va.: How convenient for you to call out GW now. Don't worry, nobody will even notice, since, you know, nobody cares about GW or anything ...

Dan Steinberg: I'm not trying to call them out. They were fantastic that year, and produced a bunch of guys who went on to make money playing basketball. That team was very fun to cover, although obviously the coach and I didn't have the best relationship in the world. But the players were always great with the media.

I just thought Mason was better. They certainly got a far more favorable NCAA draw; I'd rather play UNC and Michigan State in Ohio than UNCW and Duke in North Carolina. And then Mason got to play its third and fourth games at home.


Frederick, Md.: What were the odds that Eric Fehr would be the biggest tweeter on the Caps? 100000-1? 200000-1?

Dan Steinberg: This is a great question. I think you're probably going too high, because we knew it wouldn't be just about any of the foreign-born guys. (Canada apparently doesn't count as foreign. Not sure why.) I mean, can you really see Tomas Fleischmann over Eric Fehr, much less Alexander Semin?

But if you were making a list, you'd start with Ovechkin and Green, and then move on to Laich, Bradley, Steckel, Knuble, B. Morrison and Pothier before arriving at Fehr. I think. On the other hand, he does host his own radio show. Maybe we've got this all wrong.


Vasquez: I'm a Wahoo fan married to a Duke fan, so disclaimer up front: I kind of can't stand Vasquez. But the previous chatter was right, the guy is funny and probably worth a good post or two. Here's a recent example (found, among other places, on the Raleigh News and Observer web site):

"Duke is the best at saying mean things and talking about my country. The good thing is, (a lot of them) say it in Spanish, so I can understand what they're saying pretty well. And they do their research, because they know everything that's going on in my country right now. They will know it, and they will make fun of it. In Spanish. So I think that's funny, that's interesting, I like that."

Dan Steinberg: Ok, two requests for more from Greivis. Will attempt to oblige.

And with that, I'm going to go work. Apologies for ignoring the questions about the legal intricacies of the Critt/Arenas pleas, and about the Leonsis purchase of the Wiz. We have reporters who are much better versed in those matters than I am, and I'd feel more comfortable if they answered those questions. See you all next week, if I don't run into you at Maryland wrestling practice first.


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