The 'Lost' Hour: Season 6, 'The Substitute'

Jen Chaney and Liz Kelly
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Wednesday, February 17, 2010; 2:00 PM

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Liz Kelly: So three shows in we finally got a meaty hour's worth of storytelling. It doesn't hurt that the episode was Locke-centric. And we kind of got closer to some answers, though many commenters are arguing that we were given just as many new questions: F'rinstance which numbers precede each "candidate's" name. But, enough with my jibber-jabber. Let's jump in.


Jen Chaney: What she said. Let's roll.


Why Ben is off the island: Sideways reality seems to assume that Jacob didn't "touch" anyone and this is how their lives would have played out if Jacob hadn't messed with their futures to ensure they came to the island.

Perhaps Jacob is the reason why everyone came to the island directly or indirectly (including Dharma, Black Rock, etc.). The only reason Ben came to the island was because of Horace who may have been brought to the island by Jacob. Since Jacob now doesn't exist, Horace would have never brought Ben to the island. Therefore, Ben is a teacher in LA. But we saw the Dharmaville buildings under the water.

Liz Kelly: Still, it doesn't follow that Ben was brought to Dharmaville just because it exists. Right?

Jen Chaney: True. We don't know the circumstances that put Dharmaville underwater or who might have been there when it happened.

I am not sure, though, if Ben needed to be "touched" (that sounds so unseemly, doesn't it?) to get to the island. The island may not have been his destiny the same way it was the destiny of other Losties.


Alexandria, Va.: I was very surprised to see Ben Linus teaching history. I thought he would have been dead. Because of all the characters, only Ben and Sun have not jumped through time.

1977: Ben Linus is 14, is on the island, was shot by Sayid, and taken care of by Richard. Juliette then sets off the bomb destroying Dharma. How does 14 year old Ben survive the blast and then get off the island to teach European History in Los Angeles 27 years later?

Jen Chaney: Again, let's assume the blast obliterated everything we previously understood about the past and backstory. That means maybe Ben never came to the island at all. Or maybe he did, and left at an earlier age. I know that's a weird thing to wrap one's head around, but that seems to be the course we're on.

Personally, I really want there to be a "Lost" spin-off called "Welcome Back, Linus." Ben can tell bad jokes, Hurley and Sawyer can be among the sweathogs. It could be something special, I'm tellin' ya...

Liz Kelly: He'd need to grow his hair out into some kind of 'fro, though.


The numbers: In your analysis you mentioned why certain people are certain numbers, namely Jack being number 23. I remembered seeing some of the seat numbers somewhere, so I looked it up and sure enough, Jack was in row 23 on flight 815. Although, he seems to be the only one with that correlation. I either can't find the other's seats, or they don't match up.

Liz Kelly: Blog commenter petedebm also offered this explanation for Jack's 23:

RE: Jack's association with the number 23; the 23rd psalm. "The Lord is my SHEPHERD". No doubt many others caught this. My 18 year-old daughter, who rarely watches the show, instantly recognized the significance. Her birthday is May 23rd!

Not sure where this takes us with the rest of the number/name pairings, though.

Jen Chaney: Ah, well done. Should have caught that.


A "Can't Doer" in the audience: Remember that Aaron is Christian's grandson so he could presumably look like Claire AND Christian. And Jack for that matter.

Jen Chaney: He could indeed.


Anonymous: Never mind my question as I realized Desmond wouldn't have come to the island at all in the changed time line. But that brings up another question. What happens to that story now -- will we see them again? I still recall Damon saying that Lost is ultimately the love story of Penny and Desmond.

Jen Chaney: I recall that, too. And looking at Desmond's face on my Lost screensaver this morning reminded me that we shouldn't forget about him. He's got to figure back in beyond just being on the plane.

Fortunately, we've still got some time to find out.

Liz Kelly: Desmond will be back. He has to be. If nothing else, we know he exists -- somehow -- in the alterna-timeline.


Jacob's Ladder: So, MIB wants us to believe that Jacob has been trying to find his rightful heir to take his place and protect the island. MIB also made it sound like that was dumb and unnecessary ("It's just a damn island!"). (By the way, the whole situation reminds me of Willy Wonka having the Golden Ticket contest to find someone to care for the oompa-loompas.) But my question is, if Jacob was trying so hard to find an heir, did he know he was going to be killed?

(And let the record show that I am super bummed Vincent wasn't on the cave ceiling.) I would like to see Oompa-Loompa versions of the cast, personally.

Liz Kelly: Dominic Monaghan is already halfway there.

Jen Chaney: Well, Golden Tickets have indeed figured into "Lost" before.

I am not sure that MIB really think it's "just an island." He may be saying that to push Sawyer's buttons and get him to do his bidding.

And I wanted to see Frogurt on that wall. And Scott and Steve, who clearly were brought to the island for extremely important reasons.


Greenwich, Conn.: I was looking at the list of numbers and names of the Candidates on Lostpedia, and assuming that list is accurate, a couple of things struck me:

1) Straume is crossed out.... but he is clearly still walking around the food court in the temple! I am starting to think he was dead all along, and thus can talk to dead people.. but then again, didn't Sawyer throw him onto the ground in LA X, so he is a touchable ghost?? hmm...

2) A number of names are missing, including Boone, Eko, Ana Lucia, etc.. they seem to be important enough that they should not be left out but some other names are put there.

Jen Chaney: How did they get that full list? I was squinting like mad looking at screenshots and couldn't make out anything.

Good question about Miles. If he was dead all along, even when he was living in L.A., that seems far-fetched, even for "Lost." But it is curious that his name is crossed-out.

And equally curious that we don't see other names, as you mentioned, Kate's being most curious of all.

Liz Kelly: But we have to assume that no every single passenger on flight 815 was a candidate. If so, we'd see red shirts like Frogurt and Arzt on the list, too, and they ain't there. Besides, you'd never have me believe that Frogurt would be capable of taking over a taco stand, let alone assume responsibility for the island.

Meaning that some of the passengers were just that -- passengers.


Reston, Va.: I would like to see Oompa-Loompa versions of the cast, personally.

Liz Kelly: Dominic Monaghan is already halfway there.

Ok, Liz, you got a spit take for that one...kind of mean tho.

Liz Kelly: I know, I know. I apologize. 50 lashes with a wet noodle.


Helen. Dead or Alive?: Can you refresh us a little. Last season when Locked turned the wheel and go out to LA, didn't he try to reach Helen? Was she dead? Do you know how she died? I am just thinking will course correction still kill her and get Locke to do his walkabout and return to our island. Also, interesting that on mainland, Locke is always in a wheelchair. Even when he was Jeremy Bentham.

Liz Kelly: She was indeed dead. John was visiting her grave when Matthew Abaddon was killed. A quick peek at Lostpedia confirms Helen died -- at least in the previous timeline -- on April 8, 2006 of a brain aneurysm.

But I guess we have to assume two things: the Oceanic 815 flight that landed in this season's opener landed as planned in 2004, two years before her death. And, because we are in alterna-timeline, anything is possible. So she may never get that aneurysm after all.

Jen Chaney: But the universe could course-correct. So Helen will probably die, but it may be for another reason.

Anyone who has a serious illness or disability (Locke, Rose) still seems to have it, even though other details are different.


New Bern, NC: First, thanks for this awesome chat. I look forward to it every week.

I'm wondering what you think about the possibility of the boy from last night being Aaron? You know, the whole, "you're not allowed to kill him" thing? Perhaps this is far-fetched, but it's what a coworker mentioned to me and I think it might work.

Jen Chaney: I raised that possibility in the analysis this morning. And I think it's a strong one, especially since that boy bears such a strong resemblance to Claire. And it fits in beautifully with Claire taking over the Rousseau-type role.

Perhaps Aaron is living with the temple people (like Emma and the other kids) and Claire was cast out because she got "infected."

Liz Kelly: And the fact that Aaron seems to have aged about a decade? Well, if Walt can come back as a teenager, then hey, who am I to question Aaron's sudden growth spurt?


3 Alternative Timelines: The Island, LA and whatever timeline Ilana is in. Her 90s outfit was hurting my fashion senses. I mean what wardrobe person put her in highwaisted pleated pants, a body suit tank top (tucked in) and a vest! (I don't care if it's petty, it threw me off everytime I looked at her).

Jen Chaney: Dude, I so would have worn that outfit in 1995. In fact, I'm pretty sure I did.

Liz Kelly: Oh come on -- she's an international woman of mystery. Maybe high-waisted pants and vests were all the rage when Jacob recruited her in Russia.


Neglectedville, SC: Anyone else think that maybe the Kwon on the cave ceiling isn't Sun or Jin, but maybe Ji Yeon? Hmmm.

Jen Chaney: Oh, that is interesting. I'm still inclined to think it's Sun and Jin, because they are a unit and were both visited by Jacob. And if it were Ji-Yeon, I think somehow Sun would have gotten a sign that the baby needed to go to the island.

Still, I like the idea.


Boston: Hi Liz and Jen,

I'm a fan of your columns...always entertaining and never take it too seriously (in a good way).

I was fascinated by the Numbers revelation. I know there's discussion around what the numbers mean for each person, but one thing i wanted to say is that perhaps we shouldn't assume that Shephard refers to Jack. Perhaps it's his dad, since the body is still missing. So even if the Man in Black had possessed Christian, his body should still be able to be found, like Locke's is now, right?

Jen Chaney: Well, but Jack has also been told he's on "the list" before. So I think it's safe to assume Shepherd means Jack, although that's a fair point.

And thanks for the compliment, Boston. Although I think I probably take all this way too seriously. My loved ones would surely say so, anyway.


Beltsville, MD: When the kid told MIB "You can't kill him" I thought he meant Jacob, not Sawyer.

Liz Kelly: Hmmm, I thought Sawyer seeing as how Jacob is already presumed dead at this point.


Washington: Am I the only one who thinks it is going to end up the Man-in-Black is "good" and Jacob is "bad"?

Liz Kelly: Yes.

Jen Chaney: No.


Mumbai, India: Why is the name Austen missing from the wall? Could it be that the writers are messing with us and that Kate's real name is one of these - Locke, Ford, Shepard, Jarrah, Reyes or Kwan? Though it sounds far-fetched, Kate's name must be on the wall, since Jacob "touched" her. (Sorry,if that sounds rude!!)

Liz Kelly: That was one of the bigger mysteries of the episode, if you ask me. It was odd that Kate wasn't mentioned in that sequence since MIB systematically went through each of the other Losties "touched" by Jacob.

Another possibility is that candidates can only be men. Meaning women -- like Kate and Sun -- only play supporting, though important, roles.

Jen Chaney: Well, I think women are a possibility. Especially now that we know Lewis (for Charlotte) was on the wall. Plus, the fact that MIB said he wasn't sure whether Kwon meant Sun or Jin means Sun is a possibility.

You know, assuming we can believe a single thing that dude says.


Ilana: I wouldn't be surprised if we find out she's been on the island before, and is good buddies with Dogan (Dogen?).

Jen Chaney: Nor would I.


Dominic Monoghan: Cmon! Oompa Loompas and hobbits are WAY different! .....and besides I've been a washed out junkie musician and a genius in quantum mechanics since I was last seen spending time in middle-earth!

Jen Chaney: I do not endorse any negative commentary about Mr. Monaghan. Let the record show that previously snarky statements came directly from Ms. Kelly.

Liz Kelly: Did I mention that I'm only 5'4"?


Candidates: I would think Farraday would have been on the cave list - since he has a family history tying him to the island... oh and he's a gentle genius.

Maybe the crossed out STRAUME - was for Mile's DADDY - the Doctor in the Dharma videos. Is this possible?

Jen Chaney: According to the previously published Lostpedia page, Faraday's name was in the cave. And Chang also appears, which would account for Miles's dad and/or mom.


Santa Clara, Calif.: A commenter on another site theorized that perhaps Kate wasn't assigned a number, even though Jacob touched her, because she would eventually take over Richard's role on the island (he was brought in chains, she was brought in handcuffs). Sounds plausible to me.

What are your thoughts?

Jen Chaney: I like that theory. She's enslaved by the island, trapped in her own way.

Also ties in nicely with her being trapped between Sawyer and Jack and never being able to fully follow her heart in either direction.

Liz Kelly: Puh-leeze.


Washington, DC 20016: Last night we saw one of the best characters, original timeline John Locke, not only get burried six feet under, but have his name crossed off "the list" by MIB Locke. It seemed very final to me, but I'm hoping otherwise. Any chance we'll get to see John as we knew him alive again?

Liz Kelly: Good question. I guess one could argue that he is alive and well in the alternate timeline. Also, in the New York mag interview I linked to from the analysis this morning, Terry O'Quinn said he's been careful to keep some traces of the original Locke in his MIB portrayal, as if there are remnants of Locke that MIB is unable to shake.


DC: So I am not trying to be a jerk, but you linked to some twitter about the music used last night during Locke's funneral was a throwback to season 1. Well, it's been used is many, if not all of the seasons....such as when Charlie died, and when Hurley and Sun go to Jin's grave. So it that one really doesn't seem as much a nod to season one as all the other stuff going on.

Liz Kelly: A fair point, but I'll have to leave that one up to LMPodcast to defend.

Jen Chaney: I thought that music might have been different from the music you mention, which is absolutely my favorite piece of music from the show's score. (I think it's called "Life and Death"?)

But I absolutely stand corrected, since I rather hastily made note of that Twitter comment because it sounded right to me at the time.


LA, CA: First, the pace of the revelations is agonizing -- I almost want to stop watching and wait till May and see the rest of the season in one bum-numbing marathon session.

I have a few theories (probably already mentioned before by real Losties):

1. I think the first Others are Romans -- the Spartacus crushing kind not the la dolce vita, grape-crushing kind. That is why the language of the others is Latin. MIB irked some ancient Egyptian (priest, demi-god, what not) and was cursed to this island. Jacob recruited these first others to help him contain MIB. Further, I think Richard was not from the Black Rock but an ancient Egyptian slave.

2. Adam and Eve. Bernard and Rose. Black and white stone doesn't always mean good and bad but one white stone for Bernard and the black for Rose.

3. Since most of the lotto number candidates are men, I'm assuming the Kwon Jacob selected is Jin. Jacob definitely did touch Kate and (though the angle is unclear) Sun so what has he marked them for?

4. Since what is past is past, Jack couldn't change his past but ended up creating an alternate reality. Since the universe rights itself, everything that happened in the 1st reality is going to happen in the second, e.g. Locke still isn't going to get married. What's interesting is to see how MIB and Jacob exist is this 2nd "sideways" reality.

Thanks. You two have been a hoot.

Liz Kelly: Likewise, dude.

Thanks for the theories.


Washington, DC: I found it interesting that Sawyer knew almost immediately that Locke wasn't Locke. He even seemed to sense that Locke wasn't even human. Yet, MIB was able to fool Ben, Richard, and the rest of the gang. And I suspect Dr. Jack wouldn't have figured it out either. This tells me that Sawyer is A)much smarter than everyone else despite his redneck tendencies, and B) is the natural heir apparent as the protector of the island. Plus, he reads all the classic literature.

Liz Kelly: There's another option: C) The writers handled that moment of recognition clumsily. Because, after all, why would Sawyer be so sure that a man who looks, talks and acts like John Locke is some supernatural being taking Locke-ian form?

Sawyer also added that he knew it wasn't Locke because Locke was always scared -- even when he was confident. But I'm not so sure I believe Sawyer since he was outplayed once by Locke himself when John tricked him into killing Anthony Cooper.

Not saying that I agree with what I just wrote, just offering it as a possibility. I stand by the drunk insight explanation I offered in the blog this morning.


Nikki sans Paolo: Checked the Candidate list on Lostpedia...Nikki was a candidate?! Jacob must have had a momentary lapse in judgement. What would she do "razzle dazzle" MIB. LOL.

Liz Kelly: Maybe he was a "VIP" fan.

Jen Chaney: I like that she was a candidate. Proof that Nikki and Paolo were always part of the masterplan. (Cough.)


Re: Shepherd not being Jack : Sawyer said, "So that's Jack?" (or something to that effect) and MIB said "yes."

(Again, if we believe anything MIB says.)

Jen Chaney: Noted. Thanks.


Lost: Again?: This is the first episode of the season that didn't feel like a sequel instead of Lost itself. Probably because there was no 80's looking temple scene.

Jen Chaney: Totally agreed. There were moments in the first two episodes that felt a little off the usual game.


TheLong Con: "You know, assuming we can believe a single thing that dude says."

I'm holding out hope that Sawyer's life as a con man will keep him from totally falling for everything MIB/Locke says. Though Ben did show him capable of being conned with that rabbit trick back in season 3.

Liz Kelly: I'm with you. I don't think Sawyer is so easily duped -- at least by men.


Beltsville, Md.: Austen was Kate's military man father, who wasn't her biological father. What was the last name of her biological father, who she killed? Is that name in the cave? Skywalker!

Jen Chaney: Good point, but Kate's last name is definitely Austen. The military guy raised her and that's the name she took. When she wasn't changing it, that is.


"You can't kill him": The statement could also refer to Richard, who's been modeling eyeliner for centuries without aging. Not Jacob, because he's already dead (and apparently was killed within the dictates of "The Rules.") Not Sawyer, because Smokey doesn't appear to have any intent to kill him, but rather to use him to get into the Temple O' Doom Amusement Park and Water Slide.

Liz Kelly: Good point.

That was a great comic moment last night when Richard came out of the underbrush, talked to Sawyer, then ducked back in to the jungle when MIB returned.


Washington, DC: How come Ilana and her crew know about being "a candidate" but Richard does not?

I was also sorta tearing up with her. Just because no one has cried over a character's death in quite some time in this show ... where a lot of people die.

Liz Kelly: Jacob seems to be the kind of guy who only gives out information on a need-to-know basis. I guess he doesn't think Richard needed to know. Though it doesn't jibe with earlier seasons when Richard was sent out, for example, to test the young John Locke to deem whether or not he was worthy of the island.


23 is a sports reference: Michael Jordan was 23 and he was the best ever. LeBron James is 23 and he is "The Chosen One." Christian and Jack

Jen Chaney: So help me, I actually had the same thought this morning.

"23 ... that's Jordan's number, isn't it?"

Clearly we all need to get out more.


MIB Answer Man: I'm about to run off and join MIB's camp too so that I can get some answers.

I don't care if Dogan, Jacob are "right." Why don't they ever say what is going on?

Someone has to introduce the principles of transparent governance to the island, STAT. (Yeah, this is totally a DC blog for those of you from elsewhere who forgot for a moment. )

Jen Chaney: Yes, the bosses of the island are doing a terrible job of communicating. And no one's managing up, either.

If Randy were in charge of the island, things would get done, by God!

Liz Kelly: And there would be more facial hair, dammit!


Unlike Jack and Kate : why no recognition among sideways characters this week?

Are Jack and Kate special somehow? (Ok, I know that sounds somewhat cheesy, but you know what I mean.)

Liz Kelly: My take on why the recognition seemed limited to the flight and the short span of time immediately following the landing: whatever traces of subconscious memory the Losties have of what happened pre-explosion dissipated the further they got away from that moment in time. I'm not so sure Jack and Kate would share that recognition if they met at this point in the timeline.

Another thing I meant to mention in the analysis this morning: Hurley really reminded me of Jacob in last night's episode. He stepped into Locke's life at a low point, waved his magic wand and set him on a different path. Could he be the substitute Jacob in this reality?


Are we expecting too much??: Hi Ladies, Thanks again for the great analysis and chats. I have to say I was really disappointed in last night's episode. When I first learned it was going to be "Locke-centered," I thought, "Great. Finally some big answers & revelations." But the whole thing really dragged for me as I was waiting. EXCEPT for the last 8 minutes when MIB Locke brought Sawyer into the cave. That scene really got the juices flowing again. I just wish the rest of the episode had been more fulfilling.

Jen Chaney: Maybe you're expecting a little much. I thought last night's episode was much more compelling than the first two of this season.

The MIB stuff is intriguing and great for discussion, but I think I'm getting the biggest kick out of seeing the differences in their lives in L.A. So I really liked that part of last night's Locke ep.

Liz Kelly: I'm with Jen (for once!). I really enjoyed last night's episode. I felt like we were finally back in the groove after a shaky season opener then a Kate episode that seemed to be so much filler.


re: Miles (to go before I sleep) Straum's name crossed out: My thought on why Miles' name is crossed out is because he rebuffed Ilana's offer to join her and her cohorts in working for the good guys. Or it could be that he was tested at some point when he was on the island as a wee laddie and didn't pass.

I don't think we can equate being dead to being crossed out, although that appears to be the case in Locke's instance.

Jen Chaney: It also appears to be the case with every other crossed out name in the cave: Lewis, Faraday, Pace...


No Austen on Jacob's Rock: When Jacob visited Kate, he told her to be good before cutely tapping her on her little freckled nose. I venture to guess that perhaps little Miss Austen's name was on the rock, but since she failed to be good (blowing up her step-father, fleeing capture, conning, stealing, killing her childhood sweetheart), she's already been crossed off the list. She didn't do what Jacob told her.

Liz Kelly: I had some similar thought this morning, but then I thought about the others on the list. By those standards, Sawyer, Jin, Sayid -- all would have been crossed off the list.


Chicago, IL: What was up with the small portion of the episode where we had Smokey's vantage point and he was poking around New Otherton? What was the purpose of that scene?

Liz Kelly: Just a reminder that Smokey/MIB are indeed one entity. That's my guess.

Jen Chaney: And also a sneak preview for the Smokey ride, coming soon to Disneyland!


dre7861: Jen and Liz, excellent analysis. I have three comments:

1) I'm detecting a pattern. Going back to Season 1 after the two-parter, "The Pilot" we had a Kate-centric episode, "Tabula Rosa" followed by a Locke-centric episode, "Walkabout." The same thing is happening this season. Just taking a guess from the scenes from next week it looks like we have a Jack-centric episode. Of course the episode after "Walkabout" was "White Rabbit." That means in two weeks we'll have a Sun/Jin episode. Of course my theory vanishes because I doubt we'll have a Charlie-centric one. Perhaps it will jump to the next surviving Lostie.

2) During FLocke/MIB/Smokey's talk with Sawyer I couldn't help of be reminded of Neil Gaiman's excellent "The Sandman" graphic novels. In one book, "Seasons of the Mists," Lucifer, being the epitome of free will, decides to abandon his post as the ruler of Hell - if Lucifer can't be told what he can or can't do than who can?

Also Lucifer tricks the Sandman into taking possession of Hell - evidently there are rules about all this - in a move very similar to FLocke/MIB/Smokey offering the choice of a substitute to guard the Island. In conversations Lucifer reveals that the souls suffering damnation and torment in Hell are doing so by their own choice. At anytime the damned could decide to end their suffering and leave.

Makes you think about how when our lives are going bad that it's our own choice that keeps them that way. Witness Sawyer's speech to Kate last episode. Many have commented on the power of redemption (Aside: I hate using that word since it is being used too much on a sister network showing a certain international sporting event. Seriously if you play a drinking game of taking a belt everytime the word "Redemption" is said during the Olympics you would be wasted before 9 every night!) in the lifes of the castaways. Perhaps FLocke?MIB/Smokey is lying and that Jacob didn't bring the castaways to the Island but rather they did of their own choice? Clearly the dark place that Sawyer is in now with the death of Juliet only mirrors the darkness of that night in Australia and in the Brig of the Black Rock.

3) With all the weirdness of the Sideways universe isn't it comforting to know that some people, especially bosses, will always remain a douche? Good call on "The Sandman" which is also all about the complicated machinations involved with killing a powerful supernatural figure...

Liz Kelly: Since we're winding down, I'll just put these v. good points out there.


Alexandria, VA: I think Jack was NOT on the list--didn't Pickett in season 3 say that in season 3 when Jack was operating on Ben?

Jen Chaney: That is true. But he seemed to be mentioned in the ankh rundown.

Pickett (if memory serves) may have got the info re: who was and wasn't on the list from Ben. And, though I know this sounds shocking, it's possible Ben lied.


McLean, VA: Liz, you wrote: "Though it doesn't jibe with earlier seasons when Richard was sent out, for example, to test the young John Locke to deem whether or not he was worthy of the island."

I'm not sure that Richard was "sent" to test the young John Locke. It seems more likely to me that Richard went on his own in an effort to try to confirm the story that some bald lunatic (aka Fake-Locke) told him back in 1954.

Jen Chaney: Yes, I think that's true. Richard was trying to corroborate.

But, to Liz's point, Richard still seemed to be in charge at some point, even if he often kow towed to Ben or whoever.

Now he's getting tied up in bags and running around like Crazy Guyliner Man.


Washington, DC: Liz: "Terry O'Quinn said he's been careful to keep some traces of the original Locke in his MIB portrayal, as if there are remnants of Locke that MIB is unable to shake"

Is it possible that MIB and Locke both exhibit the same insecurities because they actually share those same insecurities? Perhaps that's why they were brought together...I didn't really consider the possibility that smokey can't shake certain characteristics that lock possessed; I just assumed that they both share a very similar inferiority complex that manifests itself as foolish pride and lofty, ultimately unattainable ambitions, ie walk-arounds and taking over the island

just a thought

Liz Kelly: And a good one.

And to be clear, Terry O'Quinn mentioned leaving a bit of Locke in his portrayal of MIB by way of explaining his craft and his approach to playing a character he's not given much insight into beyond each week's script.


More great acting: A confident Hurley? He seemed pretty OK w/the whole money issue, and was comfortable in his skin. How cool was that?

Jen Chaney: It was very cool. I like Good 'Ol Fun Times Hurley when he's actually having good 'ol fun times.


So long as we're doing sports references...: Jackie Robinson was #42. How that connects to Sun or Jin is anyone's guess, but Dogen was playing around with a baseball in last week's episode, so...yeah.

Jen Chaney: And that brings us back to Mattingley.

So based on this theory, Lost will end with Jack building a baseball field and having a catch with his dead father.



That kid is definitely Aaron: And I think this will in some way link back to Claire's first visit with the psychic--the one where he saw something (evil?) and kicked her out.

Jen Chaney: Very true.

And think about it. The psychic told her she had to raise the child herself. And in the current island scenario, it would appear she isn't doing that.

No good can come of it.

Liz Kelly: Seriously, that kid needs a mom. 11-year-olds shouldn't run around with bloodied hands, sassing their elders.


Alexandria, VA: My theory from last night. Not only is MIB evil, or at least a very bad man with some kind of (supernatural?) power, the Island is his jail and Jacob is his jailer. Thus, his desire to leave the island and go home(wherever that may be), his hatred of Jacob, perhaps his need of one of the "candidates" to help him do that.

I know, next week something will prove me wrong.

Liz Kelly: I think you're right, at least as far as MIB goes. He seems to be trapped on the island and unable to leave.

That is an interesting idea for the rest of the Losties, too. Not one of them -- except maybe Hurley -- is completely blameless. Maybe they were sent to the island as exiles from humanity.


Liz Kelly: Alrighty. Thank you for another info-packed hour. I for one am ready for the week's break until we reconvene to tackle next week's episode, "Lighthouse."


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