Oscars 2010: Online Academy Award Party

Liz Kelly, Washington Post Celebritology Blogger
Sunday, March 7, 2010; 6:00 PM

Don't watch the Academy Awards alone. Spend Oscar night on washingtonpost.com.

Join Celebritology blogger Liz Kelly for a live chat beginning Sunday at 6 p.m. ET and running through the end of the ceremony. We'll talk fashion highs and lows, red carpet snafus, the ceremony's best (and most cringe-worthy) moments, winners, parties and more.

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Liz Kelly: Welcome to tonight's online Oscar party. My name is Liz and I'll be your host. So glad you could join me since my husband sequestered himself far away from the TV about 10 minutes ago. But for us, the brave Oscar watchers, the party will keep going until the last statuette is awarded and James Cameron has left the building.

The red carpet is already awash with journos jockeying for position and among them is our own Jen Chaney, who has already started tweeting from her vantage point outside the Kodak theater. While we're all safely parked on our couches, we'll check in with Jen from time to time during the evening to find out what we're not seeing on TV.

Sitting passively on the couch not enough? Print out on of our three Oscar night bingo cards to play along throughout the evening.

So, here we go! Send in your predictions, gown critiques, random observations, catty remarks -- all are welcome...


New Market, Va.: Could you kindly post which shows/networks you will recommend to live chat participants so that we're on the "same page" as you... other than the obvious live broadcast at 8:30 p.m.? Many thanks!

Liz Kelly: I'm watching the E! red carpet coverage, helmed by that fame [rhymes with "dough"] Ryan Seacrest, though TV Guide channel is also broadcasting live from the carpet. Then, at 8 p.m. I'll switch over to ABC HD to watch their 30 minutes of highly scripted red carpet moments before the main event starts at 8:30.

I won't be breaking away to watch Barbara Walters's Oscar night special -- her last one, alas -- so if anyone wants to report in on any especially poignant Barbara moments, we'll post your dispatches. And for true diehards, E! will be covering the after parties once the ceremony ends.


Liz Kelly: We'll be polling through the night, and here's our first:


Liz Kelly: Seacrest is already jumping on the interviews -- he's talking to "Me and Orson Welles" star Zac Efron, who just narrowly avoided going in for a dude hug.

After years of watching, trust me, this portion of our evening will fly. It starts slow, but soon our heads will be spinning as the carpet fills up with enough star power to sink the Titanic.


Portland Maine: RE: "Examining the real 'Hurt Locker'"

I believe we have had quite enough real "WAR" in the news for the last 10 years.

Why do we have to 'celebrate' WAR with such a movie? Is this all the Hollywood has to offer for 'entertainment'?

Liz Kelly: Well, that's a good question. And one that I, annoyingly, will answer with another question. Did you see "Inglourious Basterds," also nominated tonight?

Same subject -- war -- but Tarantino approached it from a very different angle. So, did you see it? Like it? Does Tarantino's treatment excuse the subject matter?


Washington, DC: Am I the only one in America who has frown lines and wrinkles on my forehead?

Liz Kelly: No, though it would be interesting exercise to add up all the Botox on that carpet tonight.

Though don't look to "Up in the Air's" Anna Kendrick for wrinkles. She just turned up on the red carpet in a lovely pale pink draped gown.

And there's Robin Thicke who is there... why?


Liz Kelly: Monique -- nominated for her role in "Precious" -- just told Ryan Seacrest that we (meaning the nominees) are all "kids with adult faces." I'm not sure what that means, but maybe it explains the lack of wrinkles thing.


Chevy Chase, Md.: Best boobs on the red carpet?

Liz Kelly: Well, it's a bit early to make that call, but my money's on Seacrest at this point.


Kensington, MD: Hi Liz,

Besides the obvious who will win and who will go home disappointed questions, my question is this: how do you think Steve and Alec will do as hosts?

I miss Whoopi and Billy...

Liz Kelly: I love Alec, I have great respect for Steve. I have low expectations, though, for their hosting prospects. It's one of the hardest gigs in show biz -- live TV, cheezy scripting, having to read from a teleprompter.

Suffice to say I wouldn't measure their talent by whatever transpires tonight.


22202: Robin Thicke is married to Paula Patton, who was in Precious.

Liz Kelly: Thank you. Guilt by association.

Speaking of which, Mariah Carey -- also in "Precious" -- just showed up with husband Nick Cannon to talk to Seacrest.

Mariah just got her blingy bracelet caught on the edge of her decolletage. Classy. She does seem to be coherent at this point, though, which is a plus for her when it comes to attending awards shows.


Why Robin's there: His wife is Paula Patton, who was in Precious. Gorgeous couple.

Best boobs so far--Vivica Fox--little saggy in that dress, but on nice display.

Awful dress from Mo'nique, though.

Liz Kelly: E!'s Guiliana Rancic is looking pretty perky, actually.

Augh! Mickey Rooney just turned up. This is what they had to resort to to make Seacrest look tall.


Washington, DC: I am thrilled the Best Songs have been jettisoned. It's always amazed me the time the show takes for these, in comparison to the short shrift for clips of best pic, actor, etc. Your thoughts, Liz?

Liz Kelly: Yeah, I'm with you -- they didn't add much to the show, except for the year Three 6 Mafia performed their "Hustle and FLow" nominated song. That was pretty cool.

Though the live song breaks always provided a nice reliable bathroom break. I'm sure the Academy will find ways to fill the time, though -- like by showing clips from the additional best picture nominees.


Vera Farmiga: Looking gorgeous (on TV guide channel, one channel over from E--easy to flip back and forth if you've got DirecTV).

Liz Kelly: Also looking lovely, Zoe Saldana, who is getting drowned out by Los Angeles mayor Villaraigosa. A handler finally pulled him away.

Saldana's dress -- enh, not wild about it. Looks like the lining of a blinged out Easter basket, but she's still lovely.


Washington, DC: Zoe's dress gets crazy. I hope they show the whole thing.

Liz Kelly: OMG, jsut saw the bottom. Holy flamenco.

And here's local Maryland native Joel Madden and wife Nicole Richie. Joel will be deejaying tonight's event. That's right, two hosts, a deejay, 10 best picture nominees -- this is not your father's Oscar broadcast.


VA: Why did the Post choose to use this old kind of chat for this, and not the fantastic kind used each night during the Olympics? Seems that would have allowed a lot more people to participate.

Liz Kelly: There's no limit on the number of participants using our old reliable software. We are, however, in the midst of transitioning to a new tool.

Vera Farmiga looks stunning in Fuschia. I was distracted for a sec by a phone call, but I think she said she's wearing Marchesa. She will definitely be among the best-dressed contenders tonight.



Liz Kelly: Our second poll. I'm going to go with Mo'Nique, though I do kind of wish Farmiga would win. "Up in the Air" really wouldn't have been as watchable without her and, hey, I'm a fan of anyone who is capable of breaking George Clooney's heart. Even if it is fiction.


River City, Va.: Best Song - there was also the year Robin Williams performed the Oscar nominated "Blame Canada" song from the "South Park" movie. That was pretty memorable.

Liz Kelly: True. And last year's opening number by Hugh Jackman -- although not a nominated song -- was definitely a high point for Oscar music performances.

Speaking of awkward Seacrest, he just told Ryan Reynolds that Sandra Bullock is "kind of like half a guy." And he meant this as a compliment. Oy.


New Market, Va: Used to love when costume design (for movies, that is) were featured during the live show . . . but that was during a period of more "period" cinema. Any knowledge on when/where costume design awards will be/were presented?

Liz Kelly: Actually, as far as I know, costume design will be awarded during tonight's broadcast. We'll get to see images form each movie and probably some of the costume designer's original sketches.


DC: How do they space these arrivals out so everybody doesn't show up at the same time - and what do these people showing up now do for the next 2 hours while they wait for the show to start?

Liz Kelly: Oh, they don't. But you'll likely see some of the more "desperate to be on camera" types (ahem, Mariah Carey) showing up early when they know the press is just looking for anyone to talk to. But as we creep closer to 8:30, it becomes a complete scrum.

James Cameron and wife both sporting Navi blue. Nice.


Anonymous: Sandra is kinda masculine

Liz Kelly: Really? Masculine, or just more of a guy's girl?


Tina Fey!: Looking great! Huge dress improvement over her GG dress.

Wow, Mrs. James Cameron--eat a burger, will ya? Those cheekbones, so severe!

Liz Kelly: Agreed re: James Cameron's wife. SHe's all skin and bones.

And another nominee for best dress of the night: Maggie Gyllenhaal in a tye-die-ish Dries van Noten and a smart updo.


Readington, New Jersey: What has been your favorite movie of the past year?

Liz Kelly: Well, I'll confine my answer to the nominated movies and I'm going to have to go with "Inglourious Basterds." Perfectly paced, amazing script, even better delivery from Brad Pitt and Christoph Waltz and just an all around great film.

"Hurt Locker" was also incredible, as was "District 9." But "Basterds" packed the most satisfying bang for my buck.



Liz Kelly: Christoph Waltz is the runaway fave in this category, though Woody Harrelson also turned critical heads with his "Messenger" performance. But Harrelson did win an Independent Spirit award for that performance on Friday night, which may be the universe's way of recognizing him without awarding him Oscar gold.


Washington, DC: Once again Maggie needs to wear a foundation garment for the bodice. Big rumor is she had work done on her face. Can you see a difference?

Liz Kelly: Gyllenhaal? She looks just like the Maggie Gyllenhaal of yesteryear to me. If she did have work, it's good.


Nitpicky: Hey Liz, Kathryn Bigelow's first name is misspelled in the poll. My mother's name is spelled the same way and I know she gets all shirty when it's wrong. Plus, history (hopefully) should be spelled correctly.

washingtonpost.com: Thanks, we'll fix.

Liz Kelly: Thanks for the catch!


Fayetteville, N.C.: Is Seacrest's goal to embarrass every celebrity who stops by him? He is really off his game. Sadly, Carrie Ann Inaba is worse on the TV Guide channel, so it is Seabiscuit or nothing.

Liz Kelly: Short answer: yes.

He's tlaking to Sigourney Weaver now, who is towering over him wearing a section of the red carpet belted with a karate black belt. Ick, bad choice Sigourney.


Waltham, MA: The more I see Nicole Ritchie's dress the more I like it. The covered in front - backless situation is really working for her.

Liz Kelly: The more I see of Nicole Richie and how she's living her life these days, the more I like her. She's really calmed down and become a pretty successful entrepreneur. And a good mom to boot.


Anonymous: Is there a correlation between a heart shaped derriere and best dress?

Liz Kelly: Hmm, good question.

Tarantion just turned up looking appropriately disheveleed.

Ooh, and Sandy Bullock in a stunning skin tight ivory sheath. That dress will definitely look good with an Oscar statuette.


New Market: Miz Liz . . . you simply must insist that WaPo installs the new chat format yesterday. Trying to refresh, vote, watch . . . too difficult!

Liz Kelly: I'm insisting as we speak. Multitasking.


Chicago, IL: To the woman accompanying Lenny Kravitz -- I love, love the dress. A magenta upper bodice trimmed in velvet with the softer pink chiffon below - oh so perfect for the occasion.

Liz Kelly: I believe that is Lenny's adorable daughter, Zoe. Her mom: Lisa Bonet. That girl lucked out in the gene pool game.


I agree.: Inglorious Basterds should be the hands down winner; but, my opinion of who should win is usually the kiss of death. Christopher Waltz's performance was unforgettable.

Liz Kelly: Your opinion is the kiss of death? Don't beat yourself up. The Oscar balloting process is so bizarre and convoluted, there's no real predicting who will triumph. I mean, this is the same academy that (as this NPR story points out) gave an Oscar to "Oliver Twist" in 1968 and failed to even nominate "2001: A Space Odyssey."


Sigourney Weaver: Also has some sort of jeweled pet on her shoulder. Not hot.

Liz Kelly: No.

On the flip side, Carey Mulligan -- nominated for her performance in "An Education"-- looks just stunning in a balck strapless number that is form fitted ot the waist, then poufs out in a lovely full skirt.

Ay! Dyan Kruger now talking to Seacrest and her dress is a total fail. Ivory silk or satin gathered at the neck with some kind of poufy black lace collar and what looks like a feathered skirt.



Liz Kelly: More poll!


Poor Christoph Waltz!: Standing there for ages and then Seacrest invites Tina Fey over and not him! Lame!

Liz Kelly: Seacrest is a tool. Also an easy target.

He's talking to my fellow Washington-Lee High School alum Sandra Bullock now, who is amazingly composed for someone who is expected to leave with a statue tonight.


Sandra's Dress: Top is real nice ..... bottom too gold lame (sp?). Not sure about plain hair.

Liz Kelly: I like it -- the hair. It's understated.

And for those of you who don't follow the Razzies, Sandy took away Worst Acress honors last night for her performance in "All About Steve." And she actually turned up to accept her award.


Penelope Cruz: Looks stunning in deep red. . . anyone looking for an alternative red carpet show, check out On The Red Carpet showing on ABC--that's what I'm watching.

Liz Kelly: Agreed.

On the other hand, Amanda Seyfried, not so much. The bodice of her strappless Armani Prive gown looks like a body cast and couldn't possibly make her look flatter.

She also took the opportunity to dis "Big Love," which she's leaving after this season to pursue her film career. She implied that she didn't get enough screen time. Meh.

Speaking of "Big Love," the season finale is running tonight against the Oscars. Silly HBO.


Liz Kelly: Miley Cyrus is posing at the step-and-repeat area and she coldn't look more inappropriately dressed for her age. This is becoming a trend. That dress is way too form fitting for a 17-year-old.


St. Somewhere Else: Faith Hill needs to brush her hair. It looks a little wild. Nice dress though.

Liz Kelly: Miley Cyrus also rocking the strategically mussed 'do.

Aww, Jake Gyllenhaal just said he may need his pocket square to dab his sniffles if sister Maggie wins for her "Crazy Heart" nomination.



Liz Kelly: Speaking of nominees, another prediction poll...


Lookin' good: I covet Carey Mulligan's shoes. And Jeremy Renner. I have to say that Amanda Seyfried is still tops for whole outfit tonight. I love Zoe Saldana, but the top and bottom of her dress just don't match.

Liz Kelly: I'm so not with you on Amanda Seyfried. That body cast bodice is just not flattering at all.


Seyfried: I am a HUGE Big Love fan, but how tacky was it of her to diss the show for "not enough screen time?" Can't wait for sniveling, crying Sarah to go now.

Liz Kelly: It was super tacky. I'm thinking the show will be better off without her. She should be careful. Dissing the show that puts one on the map isn't the best strategy. Just ask Katherine Heigl.


Maggie Gyllenhaal: Her dress at first glance looks like it is tye-dyed. Not the best.

Liz Kelly: I'm liking it. It's something different.

Speaking of fashion, I'm not seeing any overwhelming fashion trends tonight. Anyone else seeing any red carpet trends?


Miley Cyrus: Wow. Does she know she's a teenager? Aside from the total inappropriateness, I want to grab her shoulders and get her to stand up straight. Tiny bodice and slouching do not work well together.

Liz Kelly: She stopped doing the age appropriate thing a year ago. She's trying to be seen as a star, not a child star. We'll see if it works out better for her than it did for Lindsay Lohan.

Though, to be fair, Lindsay muddied the waters with those pesky arrests.


Chicago, IL: I know, I was impressed that Sandra Bullock took the time to attend the Razzies (and a wagon full of DVDs).

OK, will someone hire Miley Cyrus a posture coach?

Liz Kelly: Right. Why take the trouble to get all glammed up, then stand around like an awkward teenager. Oh wait...


Jake Gyllenhall: Is so hot. :) Ok, ok, I'm old enough to be his...um, aunt, but I still think he's hot.

Liz Kelly: Indeed. I'm assuming you've already bookmarked the "Prince of Persia" trailer.

Back to Miley -- mom just showed up and, well, it explains a lot.


Oscar Drinking Game: Lizard-

Our Oscar drinking game involved Seacrest asking Jake about Reese.

Can we drink anyway?

Liz Kelly: I think so. He probably wanted to ask.


Chicago: Miley's dress looks like a merry widow and poof underskirt, you know, the stuff that you wear underneath a wedding dress.

Liz Kelly: Yep.

Another worst-dressed nominee: Sarah Jessica Parker. She's on with Seacrest now, wearing Chanel COuture, but it's like a silk towel wrapped around her body, held up with a band of silver metallic roses.


Chicago, IL: Faith Hill is absolutely gorgeous. Her dress, not so much. Unfortunately, a lace cutout going up the leg and the cutout waist just makes it look like an ant hill is creeping up her skin. Yuck. But nice hair and earrings.

Liz Kelly: Nice.

George Clooney is in the hizzouse. Or, well, on the red carpet.

The latest celeb to tower over Seacrest: Kathryn (did I spell that correctly?) Bigelow, who has a good foot on him. And her dress, not so shabby.


Chicago, IL: I'm sorry I didn't recognize the woman who accompanied James Cameron, but I couldn't help notice that she looked severely anorexic. Maybe she's not been feeling well.

Liz Kelly: That's his wife, and sometimes actress, Suzy Amis. Who is in bigtime need of a candy bar.


Chicago, IL: SJP in Chanel couture; beautiful for a change. Matthew Broderick - kudos for becoming interesting in gray hair and not dyeing it.

washingtonpost.com: Ferris Bueller should not have gray hair.

Liz Kelly: Ooh, dissension re: SJP.

Charlize Theron posing for pix now and she's wearing a rose pink sheath with some kind of bodice that makes it appear as if a someone wearing mittens is cupping her ta-tas from behind.


wait a minute.: Did i read that Kathryn Bigelow is 58? Wow; she looks 35. Beautiful.

Liz Kelly: Yep, 58. She's hot, she can direct and she may walk home with an Oscar (or two) tonight.


epjd: No tv Liz (even though I am not in NYC). Any suggestions for online viewing? Thanks.

Liz Kelly: I'm not sure if anyone is streaming the red carpet online. I can tell you that we'll have up a gallery from the red carpet as soon as we can pull it together -- defnitely by the time the ceremony starts.


Hampton VA: Why did Ryan ask Ms. Bigelow what she would say to James Cameron if she won? How about "I got one too!"

Liz Kelly: Because Seacrest has no filter.


Boobcakes!: My hubby just called Charlize Theron's dress boobcakes! it's gorgeous, but I totally agree with Guiliana--everyone's going to be looking at her boobs and not her face.

Liz Kelly: Boobcakes! Nice.


Party Foul : Lizard-

Our drinking game also involved Seacrest asking Stanley Tucci an inappropriate question about his wife.

I have a party full of unhappy, sober people here and a list of 10 other inappropriate questions Seacrest could ask. What to do?

Liz Kelly: You may need to loosen your standards a bit.

Though, as we noted above, Seacrest did ask Bigelow a totally uncomfortable question re: ex-husband James Cameron. Surely that counts for some kind of power chug social.

And kudos to you for hosting 10 people and chatting with us.


Big hair: Seems to be lots of big hair - SJP's is HUGE!

Liz Kelly: Way too huge, and paired with that hideous dress, total fail.



Liz Kelly: Time for another poll.

We've been chatting for 90 minutes already. Time is flying. Jen Chaney, tweeting from the red carpet, reports a Molly Ringwald sighting.


Jen's tweets?: Hey, is Jen not tweeting? I keep refreshing her page, but there are only 6 tweets, the latest an hour ago. Techno difficulties?

Liz Kelly: We're only displaying the latest six tweets. Keep chekcing back.


What's with Clooney's hair?: He's about 4 weeks overdue for a haircut! Gak!

Liz Kelly: At least the beard is gone.


Washington, D.C.: Hi Liz! What's with Giuliana Rancic stuck in the skybox? Has she been demoted? Was her incident with Clooney at the Globes so bad that E! won't let her near the red carpet?

Liz Kelly: Maybe it's punishment for screeching after George Clooney and Elisabetta Canalis at the Globes.


Seacrest drinkers, take note: Seacrest just totally dissed Queen Latifah, interrupting an interview with her to grab Clooney. So rude. At least Clooney is trying to be inclusive and include Latifah in the conversation.


Liz Kelly: Meryl Streep in a pure white gown -- shoulder pads out to her, plunging neckline. I'm not feeling it.


J-Lo: I only saw the top of J-Lo's dress, but it looks like she jerry-rigged a snuggie.

Liz Kelly: Can't say I agree, but I love this description.


Wow Demi Moore!: Too much tanner, but gorgeous peach dress!

Liz Kelly: Agreed. Demi looks fab. A really nice natural look for her. A big improvement over her 1989 biker short look.


Poor, beautiful, classy Queen Latifah: Don't they have some flunkies to prevent this kind of madness?

Liz Kelly: You'd think. But Clooney has to be a prime target for E!, so they would probably let Seacrest step on Meryl Streep's neck to get that interview.


Arlington, Va.: Is Meryl wearing a bathrobe?

Liz Kelly: Yes, a really expensive bathrobe.


Seacrest Drinkers!!!!: When he pronounced "LO-PEZ" with a fake Spanish accent, we all took a shot.

Someone get this man off the red carpet.

You're welcome.

Liz Kelly: I'm thinking your crew needs to order bowling shirts with "Seacrest Drinkers" embroidered over the front pocket.

I think you should put in that order now. Before your buzz wears off.


SJP: I actually think she looks pretty gorgeous, too. I like metallic and the color. Sorry, Liz.

Liz Kelly: It's okay. We don't have to agree, honey!


Live Stream: Hey Liz!! Thanks to film critic, Roger Ebert, I found out the AP is streaming the Oscars online. AP Live Oscars Red Carpet

Liz Kelly: Thanks Roger Ebert! And thanks AP.

And no thanks to Keanu Reeves and his patchy beard. Someone get this man a shave.


Liz Kelly: Seacrest drinkers, take note, Seacrest was just totally snubbed by Woody Harrelson.

And, better, Gabourey Sidibe is totally stealing Seacrest's spotlight. And she looks stunning in a lovely blue gown with some strategically placed bling. This girl has got some serious personality.


Helen Mirren, is perfection. Classy.: She has fabulous taste. Plummer is a perfect escort.

Liz Kelly: Agreed. Helen looks fab.

On the other hand, Robert Downey, Jr. -- who I adore -- is looking a little nerdtastic in a cornflower blue bow tie and tinted balck-framed glasses. An interesting look, but not sure it works for Oscar.

Any other thoughts on the guys tonight? Any standouts?


Hey, Keaanu: The Civil War called- it wants its beard back.

Liz Kelly: Eggzactly.


What you're missing by not watching Barbara: The clip where Hugh Jackman gives Barbara a lap dance.

Liz Kelly: Oh good lord.


Un Petite Cinema en Paris: I thought Inglourious Basterds was brilliant. It took Tarantino's pet theme of the revenge fantasy to a higher level by tapping into the shared disgust for the Nazis, the most hideous of villains in the last 100 years. What made it so good was that he created an ending that was historically impossible, so the viewer is left wondering what the point of the movie was. I think it was to show that as long as we can make movies reminding the world of the evil of the Nazis, we will continue to defeat them. The power of film to overcome evil, and all that. Setting the revenge slaughter in a cinema was no accident.

It was the film he was meant to make. I thought it was truly original.

Liz Kelly: I agree with you completely. Nothing to add.


Severn, MD: Gabourney: What a great line. Seacrest is a jerk? Pull out for "WIDE" shot. Awful. But she is perfect.

Liz Kelly: Yeah. Another one for the Seacrest hall of shame.


Up in the Canyon, CO: Liz, I love you with everything I have, but we just don't have the same fashion taste. C'est la vie.

Did Tim McGraw get plugs?

Liz Kelly: Likewise, bubby.

I missed getting a gander at McGraw's hairline. I'll have to take your word for it.


Liz Kelly: We've got about 12 more minutes before the "offical" red carpet pre-show kicks off on ABc. Then at 8:30, the show kicks off and we'll get our chance to critique co-hosts Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin.


River City, VA: Why doesn't my family understand snarking the Oscars with you is too important to be interrupted with such things as bedtime for the kids?

Liz Kelly: Amateurs. What you need is a TV in a room with a door that locks.


Trend tonight: Many women wearing their hair slicked back, and lots of bare shoulders--no halters, sleeves or straps--just open shoulders.

Liz Kelly: Okay, I'm still not seeing a huge overwhelming trend, though. Lots of variety this year.


Michael Bluth: Did his voice drop 10 octaves?

Liz Kelly: Maybe he has a cold.

Kate WInslet just showed up wearing a pretty unremarkable taupe sheath. I'm tempted to say it looks like a two-piece bridesmaid's dress. Usually she's a stunner. Tonight, not so much.


RDJ: I have to disagree on RDJ..totally loved the blue bow tie and nerdy glasses..he might be my best dressed so far. All the other guys have been pretty boring so far!

Liz Kelly: Alrighty, one vote for Downey.


NY, NY: What did Seacrest say to Gabourey? Don't have TV, so I am following online!

Liz Kelly: Well, he made a crack about widening the camera shot to get a full view of her. Not to defend him, but I don't think he meant it that way. He's just clueless.

She totally plowed past it and dominated the interview anyway.


Nashville, TN: How much is politics (like placing the movie in the right year) and how much merit, Liz?

Liz Kelly: Both play a role. Oscar voodoo is really an inexact science. Timing matters -- release too early in the year and you risk having your movie forgotten by the time nomination time rolls around. Too late and you may get lost in a crush of other hopeful contenders all vying for a nomination. Then, as you mention, politics plays a huge part. As does the Oscar campaign and how much money a studio is willing to spend to push their product. Then, there are PR snafus (f'rinstance, last week's banning of one of the "Hurt Locker" producers from tonights festivities after he sent emails around asking academy members to not vote for "Avatar"). Then, there's the balloting procedure itself, which is so convoluted it gives me a headache even thinking about it.

So, umm, it's complicated.


What is What's-Her-Face-Wearing: Two big pink roses over her boobs? Really?

Liz Kelly: Charlize Theron. The ta-ta mitts.


Babra Wawa: Seacrest drinkers- switch to ABC and take a shot every time Babs' face doesn't move or she pats herself on the back. You'll be drunk by 7:40.

Liz Kelly: Or, 7:59 even.


Chicago: Jeff Bridges - OK I get it, you rocked the roll. It would have been more impressive if he could have at least cleaned up for the night.

Liz Kelly: Hey, the dude abides.

(And yes, I'm going to slap myself on the wrist for making award season's ten thousandth "Big Lebowski" reference).


11150 Westwood Gateway: For the Noo Yawkah who is looking for a streaming website, go to ATDHE.Net (thanks to Soccer Insider for showing me this handy site) and scroll down to the second "Oscars Red Carpet" link. Further down is a link for 82nd Annual Academy Awards. Hope this helps!

washingtonpost.com: If we get in any trouble for this, let's all blame Steve Goff.

Liz Kelly: Done.


Uh-oh: Jason Bateman gave a shout out to pleated pants. Does that take him down in your book?

Liz Kelly: Well, not yet. I'm going to have to pursue him now to attempt to change his mind in my ongoing crusade to wipe pleated pants off the face of the earth.

Okay folks, time to switch to ABC for the super-produced red carpet. Good riddance to Seacrest.


Liz Kelly: But, there's a trade off, and instead of Seacrest we get hostesses Sherri Shepherd and a very wooden Kathy Ireland. Look away!


Whoa: Not sure who the lady interviewing Clooney was, but if Elisabeta hauled off and slapped her one, I wouldn't blame her.

Liz Kelly: That's "The View's" Sherri Shepherd. And I loved Clooney's quip that if Elisabetta (who is Italian) understood her, she'd stab Shepherd with her stiletto.

In other news, Kathy Ireland just did a really awkward interview with Zac Efron. It conjured up images of a porn star trying to give a dissertation on quantum mechanics. How in the world did she end up with this gig. I mean, I realize the bar isn't that high, but how many people did they have to pass over to arrive at Kathy Ireland?


Chicago, IL: Oooh, ABC's prom queen format is a little awkward. I mean lining them up together and hoping they'll cat out? I'm actually sorry for their deer in the headlights moment. Next time girls, get someone who knows how to prep for cross examination; not your fawning agents.

Liz Kelly: Yeah, it looked like a homecoming court. A really glam homecoming court, but cheezy nonetheless.

And Sherri Shepherd is now talking to Helen Mirren and Christopher Plummer and, again, I'm struck by how stunning MIrren looks tonight.

And looping us way back to the conversation from the beginning of the night, Mirren is not a woman who is afraid to show off her wrinkles. And she looks all the better for it.



Liz Kelly: Okay, now that we're nearing the end of the red carpet portion of the show, it's time to put tonight's looks to a vote.


Chicago IL: Liz , will your chat continue through the telecast of tonights awards?

Liz Kelly: Oh yes. I'll be here until the show is over. So, you may want to change into your jammies now.

And, for you Seacrest drinkers, maybe take a breather? This is an endurance race, not a sprint, kids.


too late!!! I didn't look away! : kathy ireland's hair, jewelry, and over-the-top gesturing...EH!!!

Liz Kelly: I'm so sorry. It'll fade.


Not necessarily Oscar-related: But is Emmy-nominated actress Jane Lynch so hard up she has to do Healthy Choice commercials with Julia Louis-Dreyfuss during the Oscar telecast? Really? I think my spirit is crushed.

Liz Kelly: Hey, she's found success later in her career. I can't blame her for grabbing the odd endorsement deal or two.


Chicago, IL: Fashion how-to: Helen Mirren and Christopher Plummer. Nice interview too.

Liz Kelly: Agreed. Class acts.


Midlothian, VA: Kathy Ireland --wooden AND her spanks are failing her. What a shame. What's the point of two second interviews, anyway? They gave the complete bum's rush to Matt Damon.

Liz Kelly: Hey, why spend all that time with Matt Damon when we can get more Kathy Ireland moments.

And maybe it's the ABC cameras or the switch to an HD channel, but Sarah Jessica Parker is looking way fake-baked. It's just another factor contributing her utter fail tonight.


Midlothian, VA: Does Jennifer Lopez need a second seat for that growth off her left hip? What a truly hideous dress!

Liz Kelly: Yes, but to put a positive spin on it, isn't it amazing the the things they can do with papier mache?



Liz Kelly: And now for the other end of the spectrum... worst dressed.


Montreal, Canada: You're right about SJP and the fake-looking tan.

That hairdo of hers were pretty awful, too. It looked as if she should rush off to a doctor to get the growth surgically removed.

Liz Kelly: It also looked like she'd been rubbing balloons on her scalp. Lots of fly aways


renaissance hotel press room: Ugh..Amy's dress is u-g-l-y ugly. Gold is not her color...at all.

Liz Kelly: Thanks Ren Ho. Agreed.


Severn, MD: Oh, my goodness. WHOOPI, what happened? I can't breathe...

Liz Kelly: Yeah, that ad was completely inscrutable.


Chicago: I agree with the previous poster...subjecting us to Sherri Shepherd and Kathy Ireland is enough to make me hit the mute button. I'm not sure how George didn't stifle the urge to walk off that interview...

Liz Kelly: He's a gracious guy. Even when faced with the likes of flat-earther Sherri Shepherd.


Oh Sherri: Sherri just asked Cameron Diaz a ? and then didn't want to listen to the answer--kept trying to cut her off. Plus is Sherri that short, or is Cameron that tall?

Liz Kelly: It's a combo.

Speaking of odd couples, here's Kathy Ireland interviewing yet another big player (not) -- Miley Cyrus.

Kathy's burning question: "Miley, how do you like drama?"



Three questions: 1) Why did ABC hire three inexperienced, charisma- challenged people to do interviews instead of, you know, professionals?

2) Helen Mirren's face looked a little weird. Wrinkles around the eyes but no wrinkles below that. How do you do that?

3) Is it just me or is Matthew Broderick not aging well? He's starting to look like a middle-aged schlump.

Bonus: wow, Meryl Streep has gone cougar tonight.

Liz Kelly: 1) ABC hasn't perfected their red carpet show and they've been trying for years. I"m thinking they should just give up, let E! have the carpet and start the cermony at 8.

2) I thought Helen looked lovely, wrinkles and all.

3) Ferris Bueller has hit middle age.


Annandale, Va.: Kate Winslet is a class act. Lovely.

Liz Kelly: Agreed. And boo to the Variety editor who didn't realize she was presenting Best Actor tonight.


Andy and Opie: Enjoying the Oscars? My cat is already bored and is encouraging me to quit watching and give him the attention he deserves.

Liz Kelly: They are. I've already shoo'd And away from my keyboard about a dozen times. I think he had something he really wanted to say about Kathy Ireland. But really, what haven't we said?


Maryland: Meryl Streep is wearing a bathrobe.

Liz Kelly: Thank you.


Liz Kelly: Okay, here we go. Time for the main event and switch gears to critique the Martin/Baldwin pairing and share our reax to tonight's winners (and losers).


Andy Cooper?: Who's the Anderson Cooper wannabe on ABC?

Liz Kelly: A Variety editor whose name is escaping me.


Liz Kelly: Okay, this is definitely an unorthodox beginning. The best actor and actress nominees lined up like prize live stock on stage.


Ryan S. Drinkers: OMG, it's starting! The suspense is killing us!

-tear- with the nominees

Liz Kelly: Steady on.


Liz Kelly: Yay, Neil Patrick Harris with an opening number.


Alexandria, VA: I would love to have been around the Oscars in the 30's & 40's, when stars were STARS! Bogart, Gable, Cagney, Cooper, Stewart, Bette Davis, Bergman, Garbo, Garland, Crawford, Stanwyck, Harlow. Oh My!

Liz Kelly: Agreed, but aside from the riff raff, we've still got some pretty glam stars on hand tonight: Kate WInslet, Meryl Streep (despite that dress), George Clooney... I could go on.


Midlo, VA: Yay for Neal Patrick, but what up with the awkward moment with the nominees onstage? That was just very weird.

Liz Kelly: Agreed. Just the academy again trying something to grab our short attention spans.


Arlington, VA: Why don't we get to see Robert Osborne on the red carpet? If he's the official Academy rep before the show, then why doesn't ABC take the feed?

Liz Kelly: Good question. He'd make a much better pre-show host than a former Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue model.


Alec Baldwin: Looks great - has lost a lot of weight.

Liz Kelly: Alec is looking good The banter thus far isn't over-the-top funny, but they're getting some laughs.


Prisoners drop their soap b/c they don't want to do it alone?!: Wow. That's all.

Liz Kelly: Yeah. They took a risk on that line and lost.


Chicago, IL: Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin: such a cute couple.

Liz Kelly: Nice "Jerk" reference from Steve Martin.


Why is Maggie sitting next to Gaborey?: Please to explain. How weird.

Liz Kelly: Ummm... so both are near the stage in case of a win?


Spring Hill, TN: While I'm still holding out hope for Steve and Alec, I do so wish that NPH was hosting the entire show!

What is with all of the weird, horribly bright lipstick? Vera Farmiga and Sandra Bullock look like PETA splashed their faces with paint.

Liz Kelly: I'm liking Sandy's bright fuschia smackers. I realize this won't be a popular opinion. I'm prepared to face your wrath.


RSD (we're shortening it): NPH- LOVED.

Alec & Steve- a little...um....AWK-WARD.

Liz Kelly: Give them time.

George Clooney looking utterly unimpressed by Baldwin and Martin. Seriously -- if looks could kill.

Also, nice move academy in seating James Cameron in the row directly behind ex Kathryn Bigelow. I think that counts as a score on the bingo card.


Arlington, VA: re: Variety editor...that's Jess Cagle who is the recently installed editor-in-chief of Entertainment Weekly.

Liz Kelly: There you go. EW, not Variety. My bad.


New Market: Martin and Baldwin are NOT cutting it for me. Some of the stars look absolutely peeved at the whole "call out" thang!

Liz Kelly: Agreed, and it's going on too long.

And we just got another shot of a completely non-plussed George Clooney. I hope someone asks Clooney about this after the show. There has got to be some bad blood there.


Liz Kelly: And best supporting actor goes to...

As expected, Christoph Waltz for "Inglourious Basterds"



Huh: Maybe I should go to the Ryan Seacrest drinker's party bc obvs I've drank enough that I think Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin are hilarious.

Liz Kelly: Maybe you can find them on ChatRoulette.


Penelope Cruz: Was Agnes Mishkin? She looks gorgeous in red.

Liz Kelly: They were joking. Penelope was actually born Edna Kravitz.


In-joke not working: Clooney faux fight with Baldwin not working. Yay Christoph!

Liz Kelly: Really, you think it was faux? Clooney looked genuinely hostile.


Liz Kelly: And now an extended look at best picture nominee "The Blind Side." Which I have to confess I did not get a chance to see before tonight.

Anyone care to weigh in with a critique?


RSD: Oh, Lizard. We were pulling for you until that "Chat Roulette" comment.

May Whoopi Goldbehttp infest your next chat. Seacreast drinkers OUT.

Liz Kelly: Oh no, I've fallen out of favor with the Ryan Seacrest Drinkers. What have I done?! Is my house going to be tee-peed tonight?


George Clooney: I'm in on the whole thing. Chill.

Liz Kelly: Thanks for taking the time to write in, George, especially since you're taking a big risk writing from one of the front rows at the Kodak Theater.

But I'm not buying it -- if it were a joke, I think there would have been some kind of give before the opening bit ended. There wasn't. You've got something against Jack Donaghy and we will get to the bottom of this.


Liz Kelly: Okay, hilarious -- hilarious -- Jimmy Kimmel promo.

For those not watching along, he wakes up in bed with Ben Affleck on one side and Jennifer Garner on the other.


Martin + Baldwin = Movie Promo: Seemed totally scripted by the marketing dept., did love the stern looks between them and Clooney though. ? Have the winners become more predictable, or does it just seem that way as we (meaning me) read so much pre-Oscar blogs/articles etc?

Liz Kelly: The opening was weak. I think we all agree. We will, though, be polling on their performance in a bit. Because we just wouldn't be us if we didn't poll on every single detail of the night. Hmm... maybe we need a poll on whether or no Clooney's rage was genuine or a put on.

As for the predictability, there were a lot of clear front runners this year so, yes, this year does seem more predictable. But let's not get carried away, we've had only one award so far.


Liz Kelly: And best animated feature film goes to...



RSD: No, we'll just find your house and ask you really awkward questions about how Baby Liz was conceived.

washingtonpost.com: Creepy!

Liz Kelly: Okay, someone over there needs to make a strong pot of coffee.


Midlothian, VA: Dear heaven, if they're only going to do one award every 30 minutes, this is going to be a nightmare.

Liz Kelly: Sorry honey, but I'm not sure heaven has much to do with the pacing of tonight's show.

And at least both acceptance speeches have been mercifully short. I"m liking this trend.


And the winner is...: Aren't they supposed to say "And the Oscar goes to..."?

Liz Kelly: They've reverted to the original wording "And the winner is..." after years of "And the Oscar goes to..." It was originally changed, I believe, to avoid painting anyone as a loser.

Speaking of losers, here's Miley Cyrus presenting Best Original Song with Amanda Seyfried. And she's (Cyrus) still slouching.


Alexandria VA: Nothing wrong with Miley or Amanda ... but they're both five years late for my senior prom.

Liz Kelly: And, in Miley's case, five years too early for that bodice.


Ellicott City, MD: Does Mylie Cyrus have really bad posture?

Liz Kelly: Yes, yes she does.

And the Best Original Song Oscar goes to "The Weary Kind" from "Crazy Heart."


Re: your Seacrest drinker feud: Q: Is my house going to be tee-peed tonight?

A: Well, given the copious amount of liquid, probably just pee-ed.

Liz Kelly: Dude, it's not a feud.

That rhymes.

And I'm not even drinking.

I love the RSDs more than rainbows.


Fayetteville, NC: Miley Cyrus's is too young for that dress and hairdo. Loved J-Lo's hair, but the dress looks like a blanket wrapped around her.

Liz Kelly: Ayup.

And, in a poll update, Miley is tied with Sarah Jessica Parker for worst dressed. They're both holding steady with 28 percent of the vote each.


I love you more than rainbows: Okay, I'm stealing that line...

Liz Kelly: It was a good line, delivered by "Weary Kind" writer Ryan Bingham. The guy ain't a songsmith for nothing.


Alexandria VA: I've been rooting for District Nine all along. It doesn't have a snowball's chance, but I loved it. An allegory and a lesson for so many things.

Liz Kelly: It was a great movie, but I think this may be a case of "It's an honor just to be nominated." Not bad for an indie film from South Africa. No way it would have made the cut if the nominee field hadn't expanded to 10 films this year.

What an honor for the director and cast, though.


RSD: More than rainbows?

Liz, you like us!!! You really like us!!!!!!

Liz Kelly: Ooh, nice Oscars of yesteryear reference. The RSD know their way around Academy Award miscellany.


Fort Washington, MD: How is Oscar seating determined? Anyone have the inside scoop......?

Liz Kelly: Not me -- aside from the obvious move of placing nominees up front. Anyone?


Niles, Michigan: Didn't Miley Cyrus misspeak when she claimed that neither Amanda Seyfried nor her had been "on stage" for the Oscar Presentations before? I thought from last year's ceremony Amanda ("Mamma Mia") had been one of the Youth Presenters? Am I wrong?

Liz Kelly: No, I think you're right. Amanda was there last year -- maybe not as a presenter, but as one of the dancers in part of Hugh Jackman's opening number.


Alexandria VA: "I'm not just saying that because she revived my career" - very honest and humble, Alec!

Liz Kelly: Alec totally hearts Tina. Unlike George, who totally unhearts Alec.

And we've finally got some banter that works - between presenters Tina Fey and Robert Downey Jr., who are presenting the best original screenplay Oscar...


RDJ: Despite his odd outfit, the man looks great. After fighting his drug addiction for years and facing the consequences, he looks like the picture of health and fitness. Kudos to him.

Liz Kelly: Agreed.

And the Best Screenplay Oscar goes to "The Hurt Locker."

And the short acceptance speech train is still rolling. Roll on...


Front Royal, VA: Where's good ole Jack Nicholson? Haven't seen him yet. Usually, he's seated on or near the front row.

Liz Kelly: I don't think he's there... he wasn't last year either.

And now that we see Molly Ringwald, I see we had a glaring omission in the Worst Dressed poll.

But we can forgive her since she and Matthew Broderick are leading the tribute to the late John Hughes.


DC: Molly Ringwald looks like a deer caught in the headlights. Is she that out of practice?

Liz Kelly: Ha ha -- I'm guessing it's nerves. This isn't exactly Molly's usual gig.


Baltimore, MD: Oscar bingo players: political statement.

Liz Kelly: Thank you -- I've been remiss in keeping track of my card.


Spring Hill, TN: Weirdest duo so far: Ginormous Molly Ringwald with her ginormous swirly jewelry and nebbish Matthew Broderick. They are creeping me out.

Liz Kelly: Yeah, but they are the perfect pair to present this tribute. And I'm getting all teary eyed watching these clips. These movies feel like a part of my adolescence. I know I'm not alone in that sentiment.

It really makes you think, what happened to the art of making a good teen movie? Maybe I'm just stuck in my generation, but "Twilight" just doesn't compare.


John Hughes, really?: Does he really warrant a tribute at the Oscars and I love a lot of his movies. But at the Oscars?

Liz Kelly: Well, based on my last answer, yes.

It's not a bad move for the Academy, who have been watching ratings for these shows slide for years. Part of the reasoning behind that slide is that the ceremony lost touch with popular film and paid heed only to the high brow "serious" films.

The expansion of best film to 10 nominees is a bid to be more inclusive of box office faves and the nod to John Hughes, a beloved American filmmaker, is another.

But, more importantly, what was Ally Sheedy wearing? It was like Oscar gown, by Under Armour.


Montreal, Canada: When they keep cutting to Quentin Tarrantino, that's Diane Kruger next to him, eh?

Liz Kelly: If it's a woman wearing a hideous ivory dress with a black floofy lace cuff around her neck, then yes.


Liz Kelly: For all of you Andy fans out there, I just wnat you to know that I am sitting uncomfortably on the floor because when I hopped up to run to the loo, he took my seat.

I really am hopeless.

(For those of you not familiar with Andy -- trust me, you don't want to know.)


Johnstown, NY: Help! lost the thread: what does "RSD" mean? thanks!

washingtonpost.com: Ryan Seacrest Drinkers

Liz Kelly: Just so.


Liz Kelly: And now Carey Mulligan and Zoe Saldana (who was regretfully left out of the worst-dressed poll) are presenting the Oscar for Short Film.

Will local filmmaker Gregg Helvey win for "Kavi"?


Arlington, VA: I'm with you, Liz...got all misty during the Hughes tribute. Teen movies just don't have the soul that his films possessed. And it really annoyed me to see Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner look so bored during the cutaway shot.

Liz Kelly: I say they should both be strapped into a chair and forced to watch every single John Hughes movie back-to-back.


Liz Kelly: Best animated short goes to... "Logorama."


Hughes Tribute...: Did you see the Twilight crew? The were like "OMG, who IS this guy...I'm SO bored...And where are the vampires and werewolves???" Ah...the things lost on youth!

Liz Kelly: Youth is wasted on the young.

And Best Documentary Short goes to "Music by Prudence," whose director (?) was just totally interrupted by some nutty red-headed woman.


Liz Kelly: And, finally, best live action short goes to... "The New Tenants."


Liz Kelly: And Ben Stiller has taken the stage dressed as a Navi, complete with a rather long tail... a follow-up to last year's Joaquin Phoenix impression.

He's got a legitimate-ish reason, though -- he's presenting the award for best make-up.


Cablevision: Apparently turned ABC back on about an hour ago. And why can Ben Stiller make fun of "Avatar" and not Sasha Baron Cohen?

Liz Kelly: I guess Sacha is a bit more of a wild card. And, according to James Cameron, he didn't even know Baron Cohen's bit had been scrapped until it was already a done deal.

And best makeup goes to Star Trek.

Still trying to find out who that woman was who stormed the stage during the presentation to the "Music by Prudence" director. Stay tuned...


Music by Prudence: Just so we are clear... Who was the woman... And did she really just cut the guy off..

Liz Kelly: I'm going to guess she was some kind of producer, perhaps the film's financial backer.


Hollywood, CA: I am watching with a group of industry folks and we are embarrassed for Ben, yikes.....and don't the pauses between awards, et al seem awkward and lengthy??

Liz Kelly: Hi, thanks for ID'ing yourselves. Wouldn't want to confuse you with the Ryan Seacrest Drinkers.

The blue paint did lend Stiller a certain aura of... desperation.


Liz Kelly: And our first gallery of the night is up: Red Carpet Fashion


let them talk!: Liz, I'm all for keeping the speeches short, but I feel like they're cutting everyone off too quickly. For some of these people, it'll be their only time up there! They can't even talk over the music like in previous years, it's like the microphone is turned off.

Liz Kelly: Enh. The speeches are often the most slow-moving parts of the evening.

And Jake Gyllenhaal and Rachel McAdams now presenting the best adapted screenplay award to...

"Precious" writer Geoffrey Fletcher -- who also won the Independent Spirit award on Friday.


re: A Serious Man : Liz, interested to know whether you or any of the other posters saw this movie and your/their takes. It's available On Demand; just haven't watched it yet. I love the Coen brothers and have stuck with them through all of their ups (Raising Arizona, Fargo, Oh! Brother Where Art Thou, Big Lebowski) and downs (Burn after Reading, The Man who wasn't there..) .

Liz Kelly: I haven't yet seen it, but it's on the list. From what I've read, it was a real sleeper, but a rewarding watch.

Anyone out there care to weigh in with an actual informed opinion?


Brooklyn, NY: Perhaps the flap over the 'Music by Prudence' acceptance speech will raise the profile of what seems to be a worthy picture.

Liz Kelly: Interesting thought -- that it could have been a staged "Kanye" moment designed to build buzz around the film.


Fashion Note. : I'm putting Rachel McAdams as one of my top 2- 3. Lovely dress and earrings; great hair.

Liz Kelly: She does look good tonight. She managed to pull off that soft palette quite well. It wouldn't work for everyone.


He abides!: Jeff Bridges is too cool for us, isn't he?

Liz Kelly: Naw.

A standing ovation for Lauren Bacall and Roger Corman. Nice moment.


Liz Kelly: And Robin Williams presents the Best Supporting Actress nominees. Why is he presenting? Because last year's winner was the late Heath Ledger for his Joker portrayal in "The Dark Knight." Thanks to colleague Christian Pelusi for pointing that out.

And the winner is... Mo'Nique for her "Precious" performance.

And an update on the "Music by Prudence" stage crasher. I was right. The scoop from Jen Chaney, who is in the backstage press room right now, is that she is indeed one of the producers, and very pushy.


Minneapolis: My husband and two kids just kicked me out of the TV room since they wanted to watch a "real" movie....so I'm going to be hanging with you tonight if that's okay - First statement: What is with Sarah J Parker's CHEWING GUM not only on the red carpet but seated watching the show all about?!

Liz Kelly: You're kidding me. She's chewing gum? The nerve.

And welcome! You're among friends.


TP,MD: Purple maniac - Elinor Burkett. Producer and annoying spotlight hog.

washingtonpost.com: Twitter is going crazy about her right now.

Liz Kelly: And even more detail on our stage crasher...


Gum Chewers: What is up with that? Gross. I'm talking to you, Cameron Diaz and Sarah Jessica Parker.

Liz Kelly: Two gum chewers? That's it, it's an Oscar night trend.


Alexandria VA: Fingers crossed for Mo'Nique ...

Liz Kelly: It worked! You can uncross now.


Liz Kelly: Ninety-ish minutes to go. How's everyone holding up.

RSDs, you still partying?


Lone Voice: Just want to say that I think Colin Firth deserves the Oscar. His performance made me weepy and has stayed with me.

Liz Kelly: Thanks -- but I'm sure you're not alone in thinking Firth deserves the honor.


Liz Kelly: Sigourney Weaver, in her big red drape of a gown, is presenting the Oscar for Art Direction.

And the winner is... "Avatar."

Surprise surprise.



Jack!: Mark you Bingo square, Jack made it, glasses and all via the Governor's Awards footage.

Liz Kelly: Excellent. Good catch! Mark those bingo cards.


Gaithersburg, MD: Here's the scoop from the sister of the director of "Music by Prudence."

Liz Kelly: Nice. Here's the pertinent quote:

"He's a real gentle guy," she said. "That's why Miss Pain-in-the-Butt could interrupt like that. He's not that kind of guy. He's a smiley, 'OK, let's-make-it-work' kind of guy."


Alexandria VA: Watching the Oscars is making me rearrange my netflix queue like mad. My fiance's going to be a bit upset that The Tudors is going to be delayed.

washingtonpost.com: I'm doing this exact same thing. My husband also may not be pleased.

Liz Kelly: I'm too disracteed by Sarah Jessica Parker's sheet dress to pay attention to anything else.

Ironically, she's presenting the Costume Design Oscar, along with Tom Ford.

And the winner is... "Young Victoria" costume designer.


Bawlmer: I would love to see Clooney and/or Alec Baldwin get really boozed at one of the afterparties and start throwing some punches at each other. Seriously, if there wasn't bad blood there before there's got to be now.

Liz Kelly: That would give me something juicy for Celebritology in the a.m.

But, of course, I'm not endorsing violence. Maybe just harsh words?


not to be snarky but: SJP's hair really is not holding up well! LOL. wow. love her but just not the Look for tonight

Liz Kelly: Still, the costume design winner gave her a run for the money with her dress.

And now Charlize Theron and her ta-ta mitt dress is introducing "Precious."


SJP: Sorry, kind of like it. It's very retro 60s-ish.

Liz Kelly: I respect your difference of opinion, but retro doesn't automatically equal elegant design. Please see, for instance, the current '80s fashion revival. It was bad the first time around and is even worse the second.


Washington, D.C.: I think Elinor Burkett just won herself a Wikipedia entry tonight. And/or a "Jeopardy!" question.

Liz Kelly: Or at least a Kanye West mashup.


Liz Kelly: And the pre-recorded "Paranormal Activity" skit from Martin/Baldwin just went over like a lead balloon.

I wonder what George Clooney thought.


RSD: Still in the hizz-ouse. But, barely.

Next year, we begin at 9.

Liz Kelly: It's all about the pacing, my friends.

So, to change the subject, while I could get behind the John Hughes tribute, I'm not as on board with this tribute to horror films. It's montages like this that keep the show at a bloated three-and-a-half hours.


Kodak stage: What do you think of the set? I like it, seems a mix of mid-century modern and sci-fi futurism.

Liz Kelly: Ya know, I guess it's pretty unremarkable because, until you just asked, I hadn't given it much notice.

Nice shot of Jennifer Aniston ("Leprechaun") in the horror montage.


Alexandria VA: Thanks, Oscars. I really needed a horror-film tribute while I'm watching the show by myself. At night.

Liz Kelly: Surely, this is less frightening than SJP's dress.


Liz Kelly: And now Zac Efron and Anna Kendrick present the Oscar for Sound Editing... and probably Sound Mixing.



Monique Speech: What was her line about voting for "performance over politics"? Hasn't her performance been topping lists ever since the movie came out? Why the anger?

Liz Kelly: Ya know, I'm not sure what that was all about. Jen Chaney says she'll try to ask Mo'Nique herself when she gets to the press room.

And the Oscar for Sound Edting goes to... "The Hurt Locker."



Liz Kelly: I think we've seen enough of Alec and Steve to put this poll out there...


Liz Kelly: And accepting the sound editing award, the albino monk from "The DaVinci Code!"


If there is a sequel: Every time Precious is announced, I can't help but think, "Constipation: Based on the novel Push, by Sapphire."

Liz Kelly: Hahaha... yeah, the reading of the full title is kind of... precious.

And the Oscar for Sound MIxing goes to... again, "The Hurt Locker." This time, alas, no albino monk.


Elon, NC: And did you catch the clip of a VERY young Jack Nicholson as the dentist in the original Little Shop of Horrors during the Horror montage? That's 3 shots of Jack (Governor's montage and 2 in Horror).

Liz Kelly: Well then there's no reason to not fill in that Bingo square.

And I lied -- the albino monk is indeed back.


Manhattan Beach, CA: Who came up with the definition of horror they used for that montage? Young Frankenstein? Edward Scissorhands?

Liz Kelly: Good point. A little bit of a stretch there.

And the montage was followed by... nothing. It was thrown in for, seemingly, no reason.


Arlington, VA: Elizabeth Banks drew the short straw for the Sci Tech show?

Liz Kelly: Apparently and her scripted shtick also fell pretty flat.

This night is a bit of a snooze so far. I think what we need is four hours of red carpet and one edited hour of awards.


Alexandria VA: Others' thoughts on Elizabeth Banks' dress? I love it!

Liz Kelly: It was pretty darn grey, wasn't it?


Monique performance v. politics: She didn't campaign/believe in campaigning for votes becuase she thought her performance should be enough for voters to determine if she should win or not.

Liz Kelly: Okay, interesting.

I guess that quote about how her husband is welcome to have affairs and appearing on the Barbara Walters Oscar special doesn't count as campaigning.


Washington: Why does George Clooney look so mad tonight? Did he get in a fight with his latest girlfriend? Maybe he needs a drink.

Liz Kelly: He could take a lesson from the RSDs.


Liz Kelly: And the stunning Sandra Bullock presents the Oscar for Cinematography.

And the winner is... "Avatar."


Best dress: Elizabeth Banks gets my vote for for best dress tonight. Though I've seen quite a few I'd liked, for a change.

Liz Kelly: It was a nice, safe choice. Solid. Not a winner's circle dress in my estimation, but a nice dress.


Arlington, VA: Ok - I think Sandra is looking great...and funny!

Liz Kelly: Is this a Bullock writing in?


Kathy Bates: Did she slip the camera operators a bribe? They keep showing her in the reaction shots--she isn't nominated for anything is she?

Liz Kelly: She's the next big thing.

And Demi Moore -- who co-starred with the late Patrick Swayze in "Ghost" -- introduces the "Those We've Lost" montage. WHich is accompanied by a live performance from James Taylor singing the Beatles' "In My Life."


Hmm: Demi gets the Dead Celebs intro -- interesting choice.

Oh, and, the pleather shorts outfit was 21 years ago -- isn't there a statute of limitations?

Liz Kelly: I know, I know -- I was just having a little fun at her expense.


Sniff, sniff: They just had to start the Memoriam with Patrick Swayze. so sad, how many we lost this year.

Liz Kelly: Though the montage felt altogether shorter than in previous years. Or did I somehow nod off?


Baltimore, MD: Tribute to the deceased was not even three minutes...for bingo players, can we add the Hughes montage to the tribute to mark the space?

Liz Kelly: Sure, and throw in the horror montage for good measure -- surely there were some people slain in the horror montage.


Nosy Parker: Just my imagination, or did Karl Malden get the most applause on the In Memoriam tributes? Not that it's undeserved, but who'd have thought he'd outdraw the Swayze or MJ?

Liz Kelly: Maybe it was those American Express ads.


Arlington, VA: A Serious Man was worth the watch... good story, you really root for the guy, though as one reviewer said, you kind of feel like the filmmakers had it out for him. Up in the Air was certainly more fun, and still kind of thoughtful, but A Serious Man was thoughtful and still entertaining.

Liz Kelly: Thanks for weighing in.


Liz Kelly: And now Jennifer Lopez, her dress flounce and Sam Worthington present the Oscar for Best Original Score.

And we get an interpretive dance performance of the nominees. Oh my.


New York: Is J Lo wearing bubble wrap?

Liz Kelly: That's one way of putting it.


Oh No!: I see dancers on the stage! Hold me...

Liz Kelly: Oh yes!

This is just bad. Currently a dancer is slow motion pop-locking to "The Hurt Locker" soundtrack.

Who thought this would be a good idea?


Alexandria VA: I looked away for a minute and now we have ... interpretive dance? Wha? It's almost bedtime, hurry it up!

Liz Kelly: The show is skedded to last until 11:30 and you can thank the addition of interpretive dances and horror film montages for that bloat.


Serious Man: I just loved this understated film. A Job story somehow more true to the feeling you have while reading the biblical one. That Job get's his things "back" never really negates the horror, and is a more Hollywood-type end then the actual movie treatment.

Oh, and "Do you take advantage of the new freedoms?" is the mantra that's been guiding me for months.

Liz Kelly: Thank you.


Soundtrack nominees: Movie soundtracks and interpretive dance; the academy won't take a chance on Borat, but they'll greenlight this? I'm speechless.

Liz Kelly: You and me both, hon.

And not only did "Avatar" have the biggest budget in film history, they get the biggest troupe of interpretive dancers. How is that fair.


Tonight's show: It's kind of mildly entertaining. I don't think it's fabulous but it's not embarrassing, either. I wouldn't mind seeing Martin and Baldwin come back again.

I'd also like to have a really cool Aussie accent like Sam Worthington's.

Uh oh, I might have to change my mind about the show.


Liz Kelly: And, for some reason, the producer cut to a shot of George Clooney after the dance segment. He, also, looked non-plussed about this segment.

And the winner is "Up's" Michael Giacchino, who also does the score for a little show we like to call "Lost."

Sadly, I'm scratched out my eyes during the fourth minute of dancing, so I can't see the acceptance speech.


Washington: I think Clooney is drunk.

Liz Kelly: I'm guessing he wishes he was drunk at this point.

Interesting choice -- Bradley Cooper and Gerard Butler (both rumored to have been attached to Jennifer Aniston) -- presenting the Oscar for Best Visual Effects.

And the winner is... "Avatar."


the avatar dude is also chewing gum.: Re: soundtracks. Avatar's music sounded quite similar to that of Titanic... it was really distracting watching the movie.

Liz Kelly: I'm thinking they must have been giving out free gum at the entrance to the theater.

Quick, someone give a pack to James Cameron's wife. SHe might wring at least five or six calories out of it.


Important question: Did Bradley Cooper bring Renee Zellwinger?

Liz Kelly: Haven't seen her on hand tonight, no.


Los Angeles: I've heard it said that actors couldn't win a major Academy award for playing a Nazi given the Jewish influence in Hollywood. That's one possible explanation for why Ray Fiennes didn't win Best Supporting Actor for his role as Nazi Amon Goeth in Schindler's List . Was that saying just a myth, has the Jewish Hollywood influence declined somewhat, was Cristoph Waltz really that good or what?

washingtonpost.com: Also, Kate Winslet.

Liz Kelly: Well, I'm not sure that premise is correct. But, yes, Christoph Waltz was just that good.


Another view of Basterds...: Self-indulgent and offensive.

Liz Kelly: Okay, that's definitely a different take. Tell me, are you a fan of any Tarantino movies? I think appreciating "Basterds" might involve having a taste for his particular brand of filmmaking.


Elon, NC: I'm a little late with this, but Karl Malden got the most applause because he was President of the Academy for 5 years and it is an industry crowd.

Liz Kelly: THanks for that insight.


Annandale, Va.: Liz was Farrah Fawcett in the death tribute? I didn't see her. Michael Jackson was there, (for one movie),but Farrah did more movies. When Michael died I guess everybody forgot about Farrah.

Liz Kelly: I didn't see her, but I did look away a few times. Although judging from years past, it seems the Academy can be pretty arbitrary about who is -- and isn't included -- in the tribute.


Liz Kelly: Matt Damon is presenting the Oscar for Best Documentary Feature.

And the winner...

"The Cove"


Chicago, IL: I forgot about the Cove. I'm glad they showed a clip of it. The Documentary category is robust this year. OMG.

Liz Kelly: Yep, some very good nominees. Definitely gave me some fodder for my Netflix list.

And now Tyler Perry presenting the Oscar for Film Editing...


Warrenton, VA: Unbelievable thing occurred during the ceremony. Singer Ryan Bingham said "I love you more than rainbows baby" to his wife during his Oscar acceptance speech. The line lit up Twitter (was a trending topic!). And ... it happens to be the title of my wife's children's book: I Love You More Than Rainbows.

Liz Kelly: Okay, this is totally weird.

I'm thinking you have to send Bingham a copy of that book, ASAP.


Bingo: I (along with all the Card A holders) got bingo when you let us combine the memorium montage w John Hughes. Thanks!! I was just thinking --if only it had gone on a bit longer.

Liz Kelly: You're welcome, and congratulations on your win.

And the Film Editing win goes to "The Hurt Locker."


Again,: the commercials are better than the show; that Modern Family ad killed me.

Liz Kelly: Love that show. Love it.


Can't decide : whether all the tech wins for Avatar forebode a sweep or are indicative of the Academy giving it all the consolation prize(s) for not giving it he big (Director and Best Pic) awards. Hoping it's the latter...

Liz Kelly: I was just thinking the same thing. But, on the bright side, it could also be the makings of a sweep.


Just Outside the TMZ, CA: A quibble with a previous comment -- Jack Nicholson was NOT the dentist in the original (Roger Corman) "Little Shop of Horrors"-- he was the dentist's PATIENT. And of course the tie-in with tonight's show-- in the musical version of "Little Shop," the dentist was played by Steve Martin. (The patient was Bill Murray.)

Liz Kelly: Thanks for the clarification.

Ooh, coming up -- Sean Penn -- perhaps he'll take the opportunity to wish rectal cancer on his critics again.


Why not Farrah: You have to be a member of the Academy to be included. I don't think she was a member.

Liz Kelly: But Army Archerd was?


Fisher Stevens?: Interesting. I just remember him from some movie with Marisa Tomei and Bonnie Hunt and Robert Downey Jr where he said "IT-Ly" instead of Italy. I'm tired now.

Liz Kelly: Me too.


Why?: Why is George Clooney rocking a mullett?? And why do he and Alec Baldwin hate each other? Two alpha dogs?

Liz Kelly: Maybe the mullet is responsible for his sour attitude tonight.


Ren Ho PR: Robin is stunning, drop dead gorgeous in blue!

Liz Kelly: Thanks for sharing.

And how wonderfully disheveled Quentin Tarantino -- presenting Best Foreign Film with Pedro Amoldovar -- is.

The winner, by the way, is Argentina's "The Secret in Their Eyes."


Interpretive dance: Jen Chaney tweeted, "The Oscar audience seems excited by the dance performance." So maybe you had to be there?

Liz Kelly: Or maybe she confused an attempt to escape with excitement?


non-plussed: Liz dear, I love you, but are you sure you mean George Clooney looks non-plussed? That would mean he was looking bewildered, but he just looks bored....

Liz Kelly: Maybe nonpolussed isn't the word.

Here's a less ambiguous one: hostile.


Dark Knight: It really was locked out, wasn't it? Does anyone know why?

Liz Kelly: Umm...


Oops: My friend just told me Dark Knight was 2008 and took away the tequila...

Liz Kelly: Okay, you've got a good friend there.


Liz Kelly: I'm going to make a bold prediction and say the ceremony is going to run overtime. It's almost 11:30 and we've still got to get through best actor/actress, director and best film.

Good thing they squeezed in that interpretive dance.


Falls Church, VA: Why is Jennifer Lopez at the Oscars?

Liz Kelly: She's a member of the academy and was tapped to present tonight. I mean, dude, a better question is "Why is Miley Cyrus there?"


Acceptances: I think the winners should have to accept with an interpretive dance.

Liz Kelly: I'm too tired to even find that amusing.

Lookie -- Tim Robbins. IF only Susan Sarandon was there for a crowd shot.


Liz Kelly: And now an overlong introduction to the best actor field of nominees.

Michelle Pfieffer now talking about Jeff Bridges and his "three tow-headed daughters."


Seattle: I wonder why the academy doesnt do this...

Why dont they have more categories for other types of movies similar to what the globes do.

Why not set up a category for : Drama, Comedy/Romance, Sci fi/Effects, Action. Ten the overall best picture comes from these categories. You would have 5 nominies in each. The people would vote from 1-20. The highest vote getter in the comedy subcategory would get the award in that. The winners would then be the ones who face off for the best picture.

Liz Kelly: Because they are too busy planning for interpretive dances.


Liz Kelly: Finally, a smile from George Clooney -- as he listens to Vera Farmiga sing his praises.


best actor: man, i can't believe they're revived that prayer-circle thing from last year. we're not getting out of here until midnight.

Liz Kelly: You got it.

And we'll get to go through this for lead actress, too.


Ho Hum: This has been the dullest Oscars EVER! I liked last year's multiple presenters so much better. Oh, look! They heard me!

Liz Kelly: It is definitely worrisome when the highlights of the night are:

1. The interruption of the best Documentary Short Subject director's speech.


2. Snarking at the interpretive dance sequence.


Gushy: I don't want to hear actors gush about other actors as part of the best actor awards. It feels kinda creepy.

Liz Kelly: Dude, you're watching the wrong show if you're not up for actors gushing about other actors.


New Market: You'd think these guys were nominated for a citizenship award rather than an Oscar!

Liz Kelly: True -- but Jeremy Renner pulled the short straw getting his tribute delivered by Colin Farrell.

But, we're finally through the character references.

The Oscar, delivered by Kate Winslet, goes to...

Jeff Bridges, as predicted.


Arlington, VA-will it ever end?: ARG! Good thing I'm on business travel in the central time zone - maybe they meant the show would end at 11:30 CST?

Liz Kelly: Or, you know, PST.


And if there was ever a time to say "The dude abides," now would be the moment. Good on Jeff Bridges!


Atlanta : Jeff Bridges is about to win an Oscar and I'm about to be sad it wasn't Colin Firth. Jeff was great is Crazy Heart, but Colin was amazing beyond amazing. I'm mad it's not his lifetime achievement award year.

Liz Kelly: Sorry, but the other nominees weren't only up against Bridges's performance in "Crazy Heart," but his career.


Liz Kelly: Random observation: The old Jeff Bridges gets, the more he looks like Kris Kristofferson.



The Bronx: Liz, how come the question about "the Jewish influence in Hollywood" didn't set off your creep alarm? Yeah, news alert, there are lots of Jewish people in Hollywood. In the first half of the century, it was one place you could do something besides run a store. But this crap about "the declining Jewish influence" is ax-grinder propaganda language. Feh, ptui!

Liz Kelly: It did, to tell you the truth, which is why I didn't spend much time on it or agree with the premise. I just didn't think it was worth fanning into a larger argument. We're here to have fun.

Or were for the first three hours. This show is getting a bit long in the tooth.


Jeff Bridges: What do you think, just the usual hooch/weed, or something more potent?

Liz Kelly: I think he's an admitted pot smoker.


Liz Kelly: And now for the tributes to the lead actress nominees.



Crofton, MD: Liz, do you think it's in poor taste for actors to clap for themselves when their nomination is announced? I think it looks classier to not.

Liz Kelly: I can't get excited about it.

At this point, I can't get excited about anything.


Lewiston, Maine: Jeff Bridges looks like Kris Kristofferson? I think he's trending dangerously toward Col. Sanders.

Liz Kelly: Maybe if his hair was a few shades whiter.


Arlington, VA: Spot on with the Kris K. comparison - and notice they have never been in the same room? Hmmmmmm...

Liz Kelly: Dismissed as coincidence...

And is anyone else even slightly creeped out by Peter Sarsgaard (who is now paying tribute to Carey Mulligan)?


boring: I want to like the show, but it is pretty boring

Liz Kelly: And now Oprah pays tribute to Gabourey Sidibe. Okay, this is actually pretty touching. Gabourey is tearing up. If I weren't close to a coma, I would probably be shedding a tear or two, as well.


RE:The old Jeff Bridges gets, the more he looks like Kris Kristofferson. :


Liz Kelly: Oh stop! So not true.


New Market: Queen Oprah knows how to pay tribute, no?

Liz Kelly: Indeed.

And here's Sean Penn, Mr. Personality, to present the award. And if I'm not mistaken, he just apologized for not acknowledging his wife in his "Milk" acceptance speech last year.

And Arlington native Sandra Bullock is this year's Best Lead Actress.


Chicago, IL: Sandra Bullock. Say it's not so.

Liz Kelly: Indeed it is. And she's giving a one of the more gracious speeches of the evening.


RE: Sandy's win: Jesse James cleans up nice!

Liz Kelly: Sandy's tearing up thanking her mother, who is no longer living. A lovely speech and a truly Oscar-worthy moment.

But it still doesn't make up for the show already running 22 minutes over time. And we've still got two awards -- and acceptance speeches -- to go.


SP: I love Sean Penn

Liz Kelly: Thanks for sharing.

And now Barbra Streisand, presenting the Oscar for Best Director.

And the winner is...

Kathryn Bigelow for "Hurt Locker."

She's, umm, queen of the world.


Bawlmer: Is Ms. Streisand trying to get on the Supreme Court?

Liz Kelly: What, you're not a fan of her Diane Keaton-inspired get-up?


Almost midnight...: Geez, I'm starting to think Vegas offered an over/under on the broadcast length, and the director needs to make bank to pay off his bookie for prior losses.

Liz Kelly: Agreed. I don't remember this show running over this far in quite some time.


Arlington, VA - and no, not a member of the Bullock Family: Best speech of the night bar none...

Liz Kelly: Agreed. Belongs on a reel with Robert Down Jr.'s fab Globes acceptance speech.


Manassas Park, Va: Woah.. can you say cougar? Bigelow is 58? Wow.. you go grandma.. I mean girl!

Liz Kelly: She's a turbo hottie. And a best director, to boot.


Liz Kelly: And here's Tom Hanks presenting, without delay, Best Picture to "The Hurt Locker."

It's a sweep with six Oscars.

Sorry James Cameron. Box office doesn't equal peer acceptance.


Liz Kelly: What a huge night for Kathryn Bigelow and "The Hurt Locker." A nice victory for an underdog film.

Too bad we had to wait until after midnight to get to this moment.


The End: "Hi, I'm Tom Hanks. And the winner is... The Hurt Locker. Thank you and good night."

Too bad they didn't do the rest of the show like that.

Liz Kelly: You said it, brother. OR sister.

And I'm going to follow Tom's lead and wrap up this chat without delay.


See you in the blog tomorrow morning!



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