Got Plans?: St. Patrick's Day and saving seats

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Thursday, March 11, 2010; 1:00 PM

The Going Out Guide staff dished about St. Patrick's Day events, sports bars for the conference tournaments and saving seats in bars on Thursday, March 11, at 1 p.m. ET.

_______________________ Hey everyone, we hope you are enjoying this weather and the impending March Madness and St. Patrick's Day and all of the other fine things that mid-March brings us. We know where you will be at 6 p.m. tonight -- at Ireland's Four Fields for our monthly Going Out Guide Happy Hour. Last one got canceled because of snow so we will be extra ready to party tonight. There will be Celtic rock, Irish dancing, ticket giveaways, whiskey tasting and free food (while supplies last - the free food disappears early, just sayin'). We look forward to seeing you there and we're ready to talk about whatever is on your mind right now, so let's get it.


Dupont Circle: I heard the Sign of the Whale is having some sort of reopening party tonight? Is that right? When was it closed? Any info is appreciated!

Fritz Hahn: It's been a busy couple of months for some "legendary" M Street bars, with the Madhatter moving to Connecticut Avenue and now the Sign of the Whale being run by the same people as McFadden's. They're hosting a "grand reopening" tomorrow -- though I honestly didn't notice them being closed -- hosted by Bridget Marquardt of that Playboy "reality" show "The Girls Next Door." I'm curious to see how they're going to do.

Oh, and $2 beers tonight from 7 to close.


Washington, D.C.: I'm going out to dinner with a few friends on Friday night before seeing a play. Do you have any seafood (since it is Lent time) recommendations for the Penn Quarter/Chinatown area? My go-to in the last few years would have been D'Acqua, however it is now unfortunately closed. Am I condemned to go to Legal Seafood? Any suggestions would be much appreciated, thanks!

Julia Beizer: This made me laugh. Legal might be your best bet if your set on staying in Chinatown. If you don't mind going a little further afield, Ocenaire and DC Coast could do. Sei if you like sushi. I'd also throw Brasserie Beck into the mix. They do seafood well and have a great raw bar. If you're going early, you might be able to get a table. (Bummed I couldn't get a Saturday reservation there!)


Washington, D.C.: My mother is coming to town Easter weekend and she has been here so many times, it is difficult to find something that will be exciting and new. Any special exhibits or events non-Cherry Blossom related? Or maybe something I haven't thought of to take her to?

Stephanie Merry: Would you guys have any interest in theater? That weekend you two could check out Little Shop of Horrors, which could be fun, or The Light in the Piazza. As far as exhibits go, I'd recommend heading to the Georgia O'Keeffe show at the Phillips or Josef Albers at the Hirshhorn.


ACC/NCAA Tourney Watching: Southern MoCo: Hi Gurus,

My friends and I are looking for bars/restaurants in the southern part of Montgomery County (outside of Bethesda if possible) to watch the upcoming ACC and NCAA BB tourneys. Can you provide fresh options in SS/Wheaton? I've heard good things about Quarry House Tavern, but am unsure if it's an appropriate place to watch the games.


Fritz Hahn: Quarry House isn't exactly loaded with TVs, though they have an awesome beer list. I think you'd do better at Galaxy, the pool hall on Ellsworth, which has three dozen TVs and decent drink specials.


Washington, D.C.: Your choice for first-date drinks in Cleveland Park is _______ ?

Fritz Hahn: Bardeo, probably. And maybe Aroma.

But I'd love it if a girl asked me to get beers and play Connect Four at Atomic Billiards.


Churchkey: I have friends in town next weekend, and I'd love to go to Churchkey/Birch & Barley. Are the lines still insane to get into the bar? I think we'd like to go early Saturday evening (4 or 5) just for a few beers and a little food. Would that be a good time to go?

Fritz Hahn: Lines are insane on Friday-Saturday nights, but not that early. That's actually the *right* time to go to ChurchKey, especially if you want to be able to chat with your bartenders/server and try a few samples.


Washington, D.C.: Hey Gurus! My girlfriend and I are debating going to DC101's Kegs and Eggs... Worth it? How early should we get there? Are there actually kegs or should we be prepared to pay 9:30's aggressive prices? Keep in mind we are not working that day so day drinking is possible...

Fritz Hahn: Well, you get to see Jet, Andrew W.K., etc., for free, so I think that's a big checkmark on the "worth it" side. (As if anyone would pay to see Jet these days.)

There's usually a line outside when doors open, but I doubt there will be 1300 people in it. I'd say if you get there by 8, when the taps start flowing, you'd be good. There's no actual kegs, sadly, so you're in the land of the $6 Yuengling.


Atomic Billiards: Fritz we're on the same page. Yet whenever I say to a guy "lets shoot pool and grab beers" they balk and want to go to a sit down nice or super nice restaurant. Too much pressure, and I don't like to sit still. The guy (or girl) could offer all the suggestions and see what the date wants...

Fritz Hahn: If people balk at shooting pool and drinking beer, are they really the kind of people you want to date?

But yeah, the original questioner should throw both the Bardeo and Atomic options out there.


Alexandria: Not sure if you can help but thought I'd give it a shot. My friend is now dairy free and gluten free. Any suggestions for restaurants in the Alexandria/Arlington area?

Julia Beizer: Off the top of my head, I know the Light Horse in Alexandria marks GF dishes on their menu, not sure about dairy. Rustico offers a gluten-free pizza crust, but I guess your friend would also have to get it without cheese. Chatters, any help?


Madhatter: With the Madhatter's new renovation is it still a bar? Tom's "First Bite" makes it sound more like a restaurant now.

Fritz Hahn: Madhatter is still a bar, albeit a large, good-looking and slightly soulless one. I love the dining room -- sky-high ceilings, John Tenniel prints from the old "Alice" books on the wall -- but the rest of the place is rather generic. Great beers on draft, though, including Goose Island's Honker's Ale and a couple of Starr Hill taps. My favorite part of the place is the cozy little bar upstairs, which has just a couple of tables, a short bar counter and a Big Buck Hunter game.


Crystal City: Just so you know, we hit ChurchKey around 8 p.m. last night (Wednesday) hoping to get a stool to perch on for awhile since it was midweek. There were no lines and enough room to stand, but not an open seat in sight, and the crowd of seat-stalkers was thick. We'll definitely take your "get there early" advice to heart next time!

Fritz Hahn: Yeah, I mean, even on Mondays now, it's gotten a little ridiculous. (Same situation -- no line but no seats.) Go late (after 9/10 p.m.) or early.


Arlington, Va.: Oh c'mon snobberpants -- Legal Seafood is pretty solid and you could do much worse; I mean it's not like you're going to Red Lobster. If nothing else their lobster rolls are usually pretty killer.

Julia Beizer: I didn't mean to come off as snobby on Legal -- I like the place just fine. My mom insists we go to Legal after bball games all the time. She's a sucker for clam chowder. Red Lobster, though? I will be snobby about Red Lobster.


Pool and Beer, Again: In fact, they aren't. Which is why I'm coming to the happy hour tonight, solo. In my hood, whiskey (or is it whisky) tasting and live music? What's not to like?!

Fritz Hahn: Great. Be sure to say hi.

P.S. -- Whisky is Scottish. The FREE WHISKEY we'll be giving away tonight, named after The Big Fella, has an e.


Falls Church, Va.: Hey Gurus! Headed to The Carlyle Club tomorrow to sway to Doc Scantlin and knock back some martinis. What's the dress code there? Thanks!!

Fritz Hahn: For men, it's slacks and a button-down shirt. Most ladies are in dresses.


Beer and Ping-Pong?: Seriously sign me up. That sounds so much better than the -- what kind of music do you like? here's xx funny story about me. I grew up in Oregon, two sisters. -sigh- I hate normal dating

Fritz Hahn: Me too. I think my favorite date night is tacos and ping-pong at Breadsoda. With a great jukebox and solid beer list (love that 21st Amendment Monk's Blood), it's the perfect spot. If you can get your hands on the paddles, that is.


Arlington: Ok gurus, I'm trying to woo back an ex boyfriend and not in a manipulative way and need some fun suggestions. He's artistic, doesn't like random wandering around the city, likes beer, whiskey etc. Any thoughts for Friday night or Saturday day? Much appreciated...

David Malitz: You lost me at "not in a manipulative way." But here's a possibility for late Saturday afternoonish - it's the latest Bored of Trade art and music showcase. There will be weird art and weird music and other various weird things going on. This band Talk Normal will be playing and they are pretty good. It's in Columbia Heights, somewhere between 11th and 13th, kind of a makeshift location sorta thing. You'll be able to spot it though.

Stephanie Merry: If you opt for Friday night, you could take a field trip to Honfleur Gallery for the opening reception of a new exhibit plus a celebration of the gallery's third anniversary. Another option: check out the massive art show G40 in Crystal City. In addition to tons of art, there will be quite the line up of drawing workshops, burlesque and DJs.


Alexandria, Va.: Have any of the gurus ever been to Eatbar's movie nights? They are playing "Breakin 2: Electric Boogaloo' on Sunday night and I was wondering if it was worth the trip or if I should just pop in the dvd at home. Fresh!

Fritz Hahn: I've been to some other nights -- though none that sound as awesome as Breakin' 2 -- and it's fun. Big-screen TVs, free gourmet popcorn (with truffles, spices, etc.), good crowd who seems to be into the films.


Ballston Dude: GOGS,

TS was asked not to put anymore Eventide posts up. Maybe this one will go up here.

The misses and I had a great evening there last Sat. Sat at the bar and had a nibble and some drinks and then moved up stairs for dinner.

The bartenders were so enthusiastic about their trade and the products they had. Their knowledge and passion will make me go back again. I've even found a Bourbon that I like. And I got a full lesson on English vs. Dutch gin. Never knew the difference before.

My experience at the bar was better than at the dinner table.

Julia Beizer: Hahaha, yeah, the chatters were not so psyched about Eventide yesterday! I like the bartenders there, too.

So, did you see what's going on up the block?


Friendship Heights: I can't eat wheat, eggs and soy....yeah, I'm awesome to eat out with. Anyhow, for the person looking for gluten-free, I've had great luck with East Asian restaurants, in all varieties. Since many dishes are rice based, and dairy's not big in East Asian cooking, it's easy to work with.

Also, Ethopian -- injera is not made of wheat, and is safe for most wheat-free people.

Julia Beizer: I like your sense of humor. Thanks for the tips.


What's new out there?: I haven't been hitting up any new bars recently. I'm still going out -- I like places like Red Derby, the Saloon, and the bar at 1905 -- but just not anywhere new. Is there anything that's opened up in the last year or so that I should be thinking about? thanks.

Fritz Hahn: The Passenger would fit the bill. Little Miss Whiskey's, too.


Vienna, Va.: Hi GoGs! Hoping you can help out with an early Mother's Day question. Mine has informed me that she wants to go kayacking in Occoquan. Great -- except neither of us have ever been! Do you have any resources or companies that you'd suggest for some first-timers like us? Thanks in advance!

Stephanie Merry: What a good kid. I've never been kayaking that far south, so I'm throwing this one out to the chatters. Any ideas?


20002: Hey Guys -

Are any of the restaurants still doing the Unleashed promo that you know of? Thanks!

Julia Beizer: Can't get through to Adour right now to confirm, but I'm 99-percent sure they're continuing the three-course meal for $49, Tuesday through Friday. Yeah, not the BEST deal in the world, but it happens to be the only one I know about off the top of my inbox. Anyway, call before you go just to confirm.


Silver Spring, Md.: Is there anything fun/unique/special going on this weekend for little kids (two boys ages 4 and 5)? Willing to go to Maryland and D.C., but probably not Virginia. Thanks!!

Anne Kenderdine: There are a couple St. Patrick's Day parades (downtown is noon on Sunday and Gaithersburg is 10-noon on Saturday, and yes, rain or shine). If you want to hit the one downtown, you could always start at one of the Mall museums and pop out in time for the parade. More indoor options: It's Reptile Day on Sunday at the National Aquarium, and if you're game to head up to Baltimore, you can celebrate Pi Day on 3-14 at the Maryland Science Center, where there will be, happily enough, a pie-eating contest.


Washington, D.C.: Hey Gurus, I'm looking for a fun, young, pre-St Paddy's day party on Saturday nite. I'm skipping Shamrock Fest cuz of the rain, but any ideas where that crowd might head after to party? -irishiweredrunk

Fritz Hahn: I've seen Shamrockfest after-parties at Ireland's Four Courts, BlackFinn, McFadden's and a couple of other spots.

But the one I'd most want to hit is ?uestlove of the Roots DJing at Liv. His parties are always insanely fun.


Arlington, Va.: I am an avid reader, but sometimes I go stir crazy reading in my house. I'm searching for great reading spots in this city. Ideally I'd love somewhere with comfy chairs, delicious drinks and not a ton of noise an commotion. Somewhere like the Tabard Inn by the fireplace, only more under the radar. Any suggestions?

Fritz Hahn: The Black Fox in Dupont, which I just wrote about for Weekend, is one of the places I'd steer you. Really nice leather chairs, decent wine list, the music isn't too loud to be distracting. Also try Le Bar (the art deco bar at the Sofitel), Off the Record at the Hay-Adams, maybe Firefly or New Heights.

Closer to you, I'd love to bring a book to Screwtop on a Wednesday night and settle into one of those wide, cozy barstools with a good book. And in the summer, I absolutely love the patio at Galaxy Hut.


Metro Centro, D.C.: Do you know what the worst feeling in the world is? Arriving at a bar, having to get seats for a date (or arriving WITH the date), and finding the place PAD-ACKED. This has been happening ever more frequently as so many places become trendy in DC (I swear there is no recession when I go out). Fritz and Gurus: do you have any advice on how to get seats in a popular bar...or how to save a seat for a date without aggravating nearby standers?

Fritz Hahn: You don't show up when everyone else does? That's pretty much all I can say. Either get there early or get there at an off-time, like 8 p.m., that falls between happy hour and "let's all go out" time.

Also, I'm notorious in the office for being against people saving seats for folks who haven't shown up yet. That's wrong. If you're sitting at the bar, you don't own the adjacent stool(s). They're first-come, first seated. If your friend beats you to the bar and you don't get to sit down, well, you should have been there earlier.


Re: Ethiopian food and wheat: Ethiopian Injera is made with wheat. The only injera that is made with Teff only is found in Ethiopia.

Julia Beizer: Oooh, yeah. Can't say I have any inside knowledge on this -- and the Food Lover's Companion was no help -- burt even dubiously sourced Wikipedia seems to agree with this poster. Sorry g-free-folks, I think injera's out.


St. Patrick's Day Help Needed: I will be in the area for St. Patrick's Day & want to go out bar hopping. I am looking for a place that is metro accessible, preferably in VA, has several bars within a short distance & specials on cheap beer. I am planning on hitting the bars at 2 p.m. if that matters.

Fritz Hahn: I get sent out barhopping every St. Patrick's Day. (Read about my 2009 adventures at a dozen-plus bars here.

You're right to head out around 2 to avoid the massive crowds. I'd say your best bet is to head for Court House-Clarendon, where you can hit Ri-Ra, the Four Courts, O'Sullivan's and Kitty O'Shea's while walking between two Metro stops. Most of them will have covers late, though -- all except Kitty's are charging a $10 cover at some point.


10th and Penn, NW: Posting early. My spouse and I are both in our mid to late 50s and both enjoy jazz from time to time. We usually go to Blues Alley, which is a great venue but on the pricey side. Can you recommend another place or places that would be age appropriate and maybe a notch or two less expensive? (We certainly don't object to a younger crowd but might feel out of place if everyone else was under 30, for example.) What we really miss is the Cellar Door on M Street.

Fritz Hahn: HR-57 is fantastic for this -- you get the classic jazz-club experience AND it's BYOB. You get a crowd of all ages, too.

Twins Jazz is another jazz club I like. It's a little more formal than just hearing jazz in a bar, like at U-Topia or Cafe Nema, and they get good acts.


I hate seat savers: Thats a great point & I hate that too! If I am meeting someone at a bar & I get there first I do not save a seat. My partner can either stand up or we can take turns sitting. Nothing is more annoying than seeing someone saving seats for hours because their friend will show up eventually. Same thing goes with small places to eat. Don't grab a chair before you have your food in hand!!

Fritz Hahn: Co-signed.


Arlington, Va.: I heard that the re-done Spider Kelly's was also going to have a rooftop bar, but I didn't see that mentioned in the blog post. Was I misinformed?

Julia Beizer: Just called Nick Freshman -- no rooftop bar in the works. So yes, you were misinformed, but apparently this is a common misconception in Clarendon, so don't feel bad.


Opposed to bar stool saving: Went to a bar this past Saturday and these 2 women had saved three additional stools around them. I asked if I could have 1 and the lady said "I have friends coming!" To which I replied....Really? Barstools are kind of on a first-come, first-serve basis, esp at happy hour. She promptly gave up her "saved" stools.

Fritz Hahn: Good for you! So many people probably wouldn't have said anything.


Non-St Patricks Day: Going out. Suggestions on places to avoid the St P's Day madness?

Fritz Hahn: Go to places without Irish bars? Adams Morgan and U Street, for example, did not seem too crazy last March 17. (U Street may be busy, though, with Air at the 9:30 and the grand opening of U Street Music Hall with Aeroplane on the same night.)


Injera: Friendship Heights again -- I think certain places do have the teff-flour kind (I'd check the places along U Street, like Duken and Etete.)

It is available here-I'm actually eating gluten-free cookies from Harris Teeter of all places, made with, you guessed it-Teff Flour.

Sadly I misread the label and they had eggs in them, so I'm now battling a migraine, but that's another story altogether.

I'd also point out that if she's wheat free for migraine reasons, and not celiac, the injera still holds-it did not trigger migraines for me, and all other wheat flours do (at least Etete's did not.)

Julia Beizer: You are full of great information.


Washington, D.C.: If you had to pick a spot with drink specials and decent food for tonight in Arlington, where would you go? Preference for metro accessible please.

Fritz Hahn: $2 beers at Union Jack's in Ballston, the $5 mojitos and appetizers at Caribbean Breeze, half-price drinks at Eventide.


Flavor Savers: Those need to go too! Guys we don't find a little patch of fuzz under your bottom lip attractive. Grow the whole beard or be clean shaven!

Stephanie Merry: Agreed. I feel way more strongly about flavor savers than seat savers, to be perfectly honest.


Seat savers: Anytime we run into that, my usual group of friends will crowd around the saver and start making up more and more bizarre stories. We get really obnoxious and lean over the bar, etc. to get in the person's face. Start talking about your time in prison and the drugs you took hours earlier and people will often just get up and leave. Works like a charm.

Julia Beizer: Guru reaction mixed on this one. One strongly in favor of your passive-aggressive guerrilla tactics. Two slightly opposed. (Guess which side I'm on?)


Takoma Park, Md.: Hi Gurus- I'm looking for some good traditional Irish music (i.e., no U2 cover bands) for St. Patrick's day and/or the weekend of the 19th. I've been looking around, but it seems like few pubs have posted music schedules yet. Any suggestions?

Fritz Hahn: Daniel O'Connell's is bringing some bands from Ireland for the week of St. Patrick's Day. On the day itself, if you like singer-songwriter/one-guy-with-a-guitar kind of music, I'm a fan of Conor Malone, who will be at Nanny O'Brien's, Brian Gaffney, who's performing at the Irish Channel, and the team of Rocky Guttman, Pat Garvey amd Pat Carroll at Murphy's in Alexandria.


BarCode? Is it ever going to open?: What's the story with the space that was Fourth Estate? The Coming Soon sign for BarCode has been up for forever...

Fritz Hahn: I peaked in one day on the way to work, when a builder was holding the door open, and it's definitely still under construction. When it does open, it will be a new lounge from the owners of Lima.


Dumfries, Va.: I saw an add for that naked sushi thing they were doing at some place in dc - can't remember which one. In any event, isn't that kinda like a health code violation or something and wouldn't the sushi get warm? You guys ever go to one of them things?

Frtiz Hahn: Never done it for the reasons you list. I don't think "sexy," I think "ick."


Dupont Circle: How crowded is PS7's bar area - specifically on a Friday post-work. Want to take a friend for drinks and small bites but don't want to wait an eternity for a table. If not there, how bout Russia House on a Friday post-work, pre-prime time? Or a wine bar (in DC) where finding a seat or calling head won't be problem on friday night? Thanks so much!

Fritz Hahn: Tables are usually all taken by 5:30, and bar seats generally don't open up en masse until after 7. For two, though, you should be able to not have to stand for *too* long. (I'm sure Gina will find a way to accommodate you -- she's not shy about asking people to move down the bar so people can sit together when there are random empty or "saved" stools.)

Russia House doesn't generally fill up too fast at happy hour. It's more of a late-night place. (Maybe because doing multiple vodka shots isn't the best way to start your night.)


Seat savers bluff: The problem with your tactic about surrounding someone while you discuss fake prison stories is that the seat saver may call your bluff or they may actually be a felon. Then what?

Julia Beizer: Yeah. Then what?


Chevy Chase, M.D.: Please help a guy out here... for reasons passing understanding, I've been put in charge of choosing the location of my girlfriend's birthday happy hour -- dangerous terroritory.

Circa in Dupont would be perfect except its too small. Any suggestions on places like it that could have room for 20 or so on a Thursday? It's a few weeks away so would still have time to contact the bar, etc.

Appreciate any advice!

Fritz Hahn: Upstairs at Vinoteca or Sonoma if she likes wine bars, Russia House or the Big Hunt if you want to keep it in Dupont.


Boozy Bachelorettes Bound for Baltimore: : Help! I'm in charge of a party bus of 20 ladies in their late twenties out on the town to celebrate the bride to be... but I'm solidly a DC girl with no clue about Baltimore. The cheese factor will be pretty low with this group.... just a bunch of girls looking for drinks, fun and a bit of dancing.

The party is this weekend so I'm desperate for advice! Thanks for your help!

Fritz Hahn: I'm going to throw this open to the chatters. Since the chat's almost over, send Baltimore ideas to me at fritz [dot] hahn [at] washingtonpost [dot] com and I will publish the best on our blog. Deal?


RE: pool and beer: Hey Gurus,

Is it really that hard to find or meet a guy who wouldn't opt or prefer to go on a first date for beer and pool but instead a fancy sit down dinner or drinks? What kind of guys are you meeting and where are you meeting them? Sounds like guys who are trying too hard -- just sayin'.

Fritz Hahn: I have no idea how this happens. Are you only meeting guys at L2 or something?


Serendipity3: Just a note to the readers that the head Pastry Chef of the soon to open Serendipity3 (in the old Nathans) is the one making the cupcakes for the FLY Cupcakes & Cocktails Happy Hour. I met her last Friday and the cakes were amazing!

Julia Beizer: Whoa, really? Yeah, I was kind of surprised to read that Serendipity3 is coming to town. We seem to have had an influx of specialty dessert shops over the last few years.


Columbia Pike: Is P. Brennan's opening soon? I've been following them on FB but the updates have stopped since before last weekend. They were going through inspections then. Thanks!

Fritz Hahn: They were shooting for a St. Patrick's Day grand opening, but I spoke to one of the owners yesterday and it looks like they won't be open for another two weeks or so.


Unleashed Promo: Oya is still doing a 3 course prix fixe for $30. Great before a Caps game!

Julia Beizer: Oya does that special year-round, but hey, a deal's a deal.


Washington, D.C.: I'm turning 30 in two weeks and want to do a happy hour with all my friends. It's on a Wednesday, and I'm at a little bit of a loss as to where to do it. I live around U Street and wouldn't mind doing something there, but just not sure what a good venue would be. It will probably be about 15 to 20 people - all coming after work. I would really appreciate any help!

Fritz Hahn: If you're coming right after work -- and we mean between 5 and 6 -- then we'd say you shouldn't have a problem getting your group onto the back patio at Marvin, the downstairs Gate 54 Lounge at Saint-Ex, maybe even squeeze into the front bit of Masa 14 (which has a good happy hour). And there's always Solly's or Stetson's if you want something more affordable/neighborhood bar-ish.


Friendship Heights for the win: I also forgot to mention: some Indian places have a crackery-bread made entirely of chickpea flour, which is nice. Can't remember the name of it right now, but keep Indian food on the list, too, since there are many options that avoid the dairy, and as good as naan is, you don't need it.

Also, most decent Mexican places have corn tortillas, so ask for those, and you can skip the cheese.

Maybe you just want to send this to that poor friend of a friend directly, hahaha. I feel for them, I do, but really, in a city like D.C., your food options are diverse, which means accommodating allergies isn't nearly as hard as you'd think.

Julia Beizer: Oh, Friendship Heights. You have outdone yourself, kiddo. The winner of the You Be a Guru prize for today. I think the Indian dish you're referring to is a pappadum, which is lentil flour, not chickpea, but... I think that's what you mean.


Alexandria: We're catching the Terra Cotta Warriors exhibit near the National Geographic Museum. Where should we have lunch? We're fairly adventurous eaters but on a pretty tight budget (entrees around $10 preferable).

Julia Beizer: Nando's!


Julia Beizer: And that about does it for us today, kids. Come hang out with us at happy hour tonight -- it's gonna be a really good time.

And now, for your moment of Zen. Here's the Best P.R. pitch I got all week. Keep those cell phones safe:

Hi Julia,

With D.C.'s St. Patrick's Day Parade on Sunday March 14, Irish and non-Irish alike will don their leprechaun best and celebrate the luck o' the Irish. But as glasses of green beverages are raised, beware that one drop of water could render your electronics useless. The Geek Squad has tips for St. Patrick's Day revelers on how to save your cell phone in the event you find it floating in a mug of green liquid (please see tips here ). Would you be interested in using the tips this week for Going Out Gurus?


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