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Wednesday, March 17, 2010; 2:00 PM

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Jen Chaney: Hi there. We're running late. And poor Liz has lost her Internet connection, so she's feeling for higher-speed ground at the moment. Hopefully she'll be online with us in about 15 minutes or so.

Until then, I'm taking your questions solo. So be nice!

Let's rock it.


An idea from B'more: Need help from the chatters to vet this idea for sure...but what if life facts about each character remain true in all parallel universes up until Jacob touches them. Then things can change for life in the alternate universe.

For example-Sawyer meets Jacob AFTER his parents have died, etc. Locke meets Jacob once he's fallen/paralyzed...So when we flip to this alternate/parallel time, those things are still truths.

Jen Chaney: Interesting idea. Need time to think that one over.

Chatters, what do you think of this one?


Miles-Sawyer cop show spinoff: Can you gals please start a FB group for this? It truly would make my life complete.

Jen Chaney: I will discuss this concept with Liz. But I could see it happening.

It can run at 10 p.m. on ABC, right after "Modern Family" and "The Smoke Thing Chronicles."


Falls Church, VA: I HATED this episode. It was slow as molasses, it dragged, we learned nothing interesting, and there was too much violence and intimidation toward women. But with that said, I did come away with a question: Did it seem to you as though the directors/lighting folks/makeup team were going out of their way to make Widmore look really ill? Is it possible that he's not "working for" either Jacob or Smokey, but he's really out for himself, because he knows he's living on borrowed time and he thinks the Island (from which, remember, he has been exiled) can save him?

Jen Chaney: Wow, really? I didn't find it slow at all, but we're all free to disagree here. I really liked the way it kept twisting and turning, both in sideways time and on the island.

Re: Widmore looking ill -- I didn't notice that. And unfortunately I can't look at the episode right this second because I failed to set the DVR to record last night. (Idiot!) But here's

a screencap of Widmore


Honestly, I could be led to believe he's ill or healthy. This image isn't enough to sell me either way.


B'mores idea: Depends - how old was Jack when Jacob touched him? Did enough time elapse for Jack to have gotten married and fathered a child?

Jen Chaney: Ooh good question. Jack was definitely working at the hospital with his dad, but it's unclear exactly how old he was. I'm thinking not old enough, though, given David Shephard's age. Which pokes a hole right away in that other nice little Jacob theory.

Hey, Liz is here!

Liz Kelly: Hi there -- sorry about the tardiness. Lost my Internet, phone and TV connection minutes before the show was due to start. I've now relocated to an undisclosed location and, wearing my "I am the smoke thing" t-shirt, I stand ready to weigh in on last night's ep.


Charlotte the Harlot: Not really, but I guess this means that Faraday doesn't ever get together with his true love.

Sad, really.

Liz Kelly: I know! I had the same thought. That somewhere in sideways world Daniel Faraday was either a) a very lonely man who never even met the love of his life (Charlotte) or b) Happily ensconced at Oxford and dating his non-vegetative assistant.

Jen Chaney: I'm going with option B. I like Daniel too much to think that his life is all about A.


Denver, CO: So, am I the only one who wants to watch the new ABC cop drama 'Straume and Dang'? And do you think Miles can speak to dead people in Sideways LA?

Jen Chaney: "Straume and Dang" is a much better title than "Hottie and Straume." Well done. (I'm also partial to "Ghostbuster and Redneck," which has a nice, "Tenspeed and Brown Shoe" quality to it.)

Re: dead people: I am inclined to say no, but I think the answer depends on what happened to Miles and his family on the island. Was Miles born there according to sideways narrative, or did Mom and Dad leave before then? Miles's abilities seem tied to the island in some way, so if his exposure to it as a child was either limited or non-existent, I think his paranormal abilities might be gone. But as a cop, he clearly still has that investigative (and sarcastic) nature that we all have come to adore.


DC: I agree with Falls Church. The episode dragged, but I've felt that way this entire season. They're introducing new characters and new questions without resolving anything meaningful.

I also thought Widmore looked ill. Reminded me of Ben's sideways-flash dad. I definitely think he's coming to the island to be healed.

Liz Kelly: Okay, hmmm. I'm wondering if Jen and I were just a little too engrossed in the Sawyerness of the episode to notice, but I didn't see Widmore as appearing ill at all. Maybe the guy looked a little pale, but that'll happen after an extended period of time in a sub. And the lighting in that thing -- horrid.

Jen Chaney: Yeah, this question came up before you got here, Liz. Not sure about the illness factor either.

I've been with you on the dragginess in some previous episodes, particularly the Sayid one. But last night's didn't feel that way to me, and not just because of the Josh Holloway factor. As I said earlier, the plot kept me guessing, and I also felt like we're beginning to lay the groundwork for all the things that will come to a head during finale time.

Of course, that said, when Kate started talking to Sayid about getting off the island, I did think to myself: "They just got back and now they immediately want to leave again? This is all they do -- go to the jungle, then the beach, then off the island, then back." Doesn't make me love the show any less, but it is kind of funny.


Edinburgh, Scotland: First off, thank you for the entertaining analysis and chat over the years. Well done. Is it just me or is it bizarre that Claire, as nutty as she is, has never bothered to ask Kate where Aaron is now? Did I miss something? It seems that Claire has no idea that her son is with her mother and you would think that would be something Kate would mention straight away. What do you make of this?

Jen Chaney: Thanks for the kind words, and good question, Edinburgh.

My best explanation is that when Kate first told Claire she had taken Aaron, Claire didn't really want to hear what she had to say. So (I think) Claire cut her off before Kate could say much else. And then all the crazy stuff with MIB went down, and now Kate is trying to suss out exactly how nuts Claire is (answer: very), so it just hasn't come up again.

I think Claire is in about 870 forms of denial right now. To ask where Aaron is would mean that she's acknowledging that he isn't on the island as she has been led to believe. And she's not quite ready to do that yet. Plus she's infected and presumably, isn't functioning the way a rational person might.

Liz Kelly: I'm with Jen -- Claire doesn't need to ask any questions because she's convinced she already has the answers. She believes Aaron is somewhere on the island and that MIB will lead her to him. Which is interesting since for the past couple of eps MIB has been pretty vocal about leading his group off of the island.

Hmm. Maybe that would be a better question for Claire to ask -- of MIB: "Hey dude, are we going to make a detour and pick up my kid from stigmata practice before we make our big island getaway?"


Sayid: Um, so is this what we have to look forward to from Sayid? Sitting on a log looking mopey? Awesome. Just wonderful!!

Liz Kelly: Well it wasn't really a Sayid-centric episode. But I can understand the guy being a bit, ummm, withdrawn considering he had just murdered two people in cold blood with his own hands and walked away from the temple knowing the innocent people he left behind would be massacred.

So, yes, we may be in for a morose Sayid for a while. But I'm sure there's another chapter yet to be written about Mr. Jarrah.

Jen Chaney: I thought he seemed more drugged-out than mopey. But I'm with Liz, I have to think he'll do more than sit there and give one-word answers for the rest of the season. At least, I sure hope so.


Miles's girlfriend: Anna Lucia? He's used to being #2 in a relationship.

It's gotta be someone that's been on the show already.

Liz Kelly: Ooh. Good call. I could totally see him dating a beat cop.

Jen Chaney: And as we know, Michelle Rodriguez is returning to the show.

I like the idea of a former ghost busting cop dating a formerly dead cop.


Rockville, MD: Did you notice how Island Sawyer was deceiving both Fake Locke and Widmore, by telling the truth? Deception via honesty. Interesting.

Liz Kelly: A reader noted that in the comments this morning -- that Sawyer has boldly chosen to tell the smaller truths in a bid to obscure his ultimate aim -- grabbing the sub while Widmore and MIB are busy with each other.

But that assumes, of course, that they really are headed for pitched battle. The reality may actually be much more civilized and, as Jen noted in the analysis, friendly.


Fort Mill, SC: Why are my questions not getting posted here? This happens almost everyweek. What do you guys look for in the question before accepting one to answer it?

Jen Chaney: Sorry your questions haven't been getting answered. So many come in, that a lot of the time we're just grabbing from the top of the queue.

Tell us what you want to ask again and we promise to answer.

Liz Kelly: Well you've hit upon the sure fire way of having your question posted: complaining that your questions never get posted.

Okay, not to get all braggy or anything, but we get hundreds of questions during the course of this hour-long chat. So it's impossible to get through them all and Paul can barely keep up with vetting the subset he sends over to us.


Smoked-Out Dad: I think Jacob is Smokey's dad. When I say Smokey, I mean Smokey=Fake Locke=MIB.

It kind of just gelled for me listening to Fake Locke talk about his crazy mother. I got the feeling Jacob had something to do with Smokey's mom being crazy, or at least Fake Locke thinks he does. I also remembered the season 5 opener, where Jacob offered fish to MIB. Jacob seemed to sense MIB's anger before MIB spoke, but Jacob was nonchalant in a parental "the kid is mad at me but he'll get over it and later understand me" way. When Jacob was killed, he seemed to hope both Ben and Fake Locke would change their minds because they had been taught better.

Liz Kelly: The impression I got last night, which was helped along by some rumors floating around the web that Jacob and MIB are somehow to split parts of one whole, is that Jacob and MIB may be brothers. A la Cain and Abel. Which would make their parents who?

Adam and Eve, our favorite cave skeleton couple.

Jen Chaney: Someone else here has also mentioned the brother theory, which, as Liz notes, is nice and biblical. And ties into the "they are one unit" theory, without the pesky business of trying to explain how they could physically have been one person or entity.


Chicago: Everyone thinks Desmond is in the sub's locked closet...given it was a Sawyer-centric episode, I'm going with Clementine.

Jen Chaney: Oh, man. That's interesting, but awful. They shouldn't keep a kid locked in there.


Milwaukee, WI: P.S. These chats/wrap-ups are great; part of my Lost routine now, even though I moved away from DC 3 years ago! Let the higher-ups know it draws me to the site every week.

Liz Kelly: Okay, here's another surefire route to having your comment posted.

Kidding. But thank you!

Jen Chaney: I'm pretty sure the higher-ups don't read this chat. But if they do, I have no doubt they'll be sending Liz and I big, fat bonus checks any second now.

(Cough. Cough. Man, something is *really* stuck in my throat...)


Love me my Sawyer: --- this may be a repeat, my internet connection has been fussy today.

First of all, Sawyer should be shirtless for the rest of the season. It's only fair, take off my show, ya gotta give me something.

Secondly, and in no small part inspired by St. Patrick (the man, not the holiday) I realized last night that Locke is like the trinity. The body- and memories?- of Locke. The soul of the man in black. And of course, smokey. Three in one, just like God. Consider me the Lost's version of St Patrick but without all the snakes....

Liz Kelly: Jen, I'm thinking that in addition to marketing your "I am the smoke thing" t-shirts, we could add a Shirtless Sawyer pin-up calendar to our offerings and make at least enough money to cover expenses for Comic-Con this summer.

Jen Chaney: Brilliant thinking, Liz.

And I like that trinity analogy, too.


Smokeless in Springfield: I don't know why, but I got the distinct sense (call it a Miles moment) during last night's episode that Sawyer will not make it alive off the island. That he'll go out in a blaze of glory, maybe during the MIB/Widmore smack-down. I know that won't be popular with you Sawyettes, but that's my sense. Oh, and I think we might see several casualties among the core Losties before the series finale.

Jen Chaney: I think that's certainly possible. And in a weird way, I hope there are some casualties. I don't want these characters to die, but the demises on this show have been some of the most emotionally touching moments.

Have to think we'll have at least a couple of this before this all ends.

Only eight more episodes, as the promo reminded us last night. Fun fact: as soon as the last "Lost" episode ends and the clock strikes 11 p.m., Liz and I will both turn back into mangos.

Liz Kelly: Nice try Chaney, but I know that as soon as the clock strikes 11 p.m. after the finale ends that you will immediately fire up your DVR and watch it again while we're writing our analysis. At the end of that session, though, I'm sure my IQ will be roughly equivaent to that of a mango.


It's not a God thing: Hey! My comments never get posted, either! :)

What about Sawyer's comment: "Trust me, God has nothing to do with it." I think that was a message to us, the viewers.

Jen Chaney: Oh, thanks for bringing this up. It may have been a message to us, but I'm not sure the message is that there is no God at work here.

Sawyer believes that, and for good reason. His faith in plans or the universe following the right path got destroyed when the bomb didn't give them a do-over (as far as he knows) and led to Juliet's death.

I think it was important that Sawyer said that, and I definitely think the writers want us to know that these characters have some free will. But I also think God -- or some grand scheme -- definitely has a little bit to do with what's happening here.


The Elephant in the Corner...: OK, guys, I challenge you to come out swinging at a tough pitch: WHAT is the deal with LockeMonster's reference to his crazy mother? Huh..huh..huh..huh???

Jen Chaney: I can't even pretend to know the answer to that question. But here are some thoughts that may at least get me a foul ball.

Someone suggested -- either on our blog or one of the others I was looking at, can't remember -- that Claire could be MIB's "crazy mother." Which is one of those cockamamie "Lost" flashes that we all have from time to tome, but that is really hard to explain with any actual, you know, reason. Of course, it helps that reason often is irrelevant on this show. But still, a little hard to buy.

I like the theory Liz posited earlier about Adam and Eve being mom and dad to Jacob and Locke.

I also think it's entirely possible that he's flat-out lying, and that he never had a crazy mother at all. He could simply be telling a story to manipulate Kate. Liz, your turn to knock this out of the park.

Liz Kelly: Gee thanks.

I think MIB looked too sincere to be totally lying about the crazy mom thing. Sure, he wasn't relating it because he felt close to Kate. He was manipulating her, but I think over the season -- and specifically in last night's episode -- we're seeing that MIB has a longing to be understood. He doesn't see himself as a bad guy. He's trying to qualify what he's doing.

-- It's not my fault I am this way. My mother twisted me.

-- I can't control my hatred of Jacob, it's a



I just don't think the writers would put that little detail out there as a throw-away. Next week we'll get Richard Alpert's origin story, but at some point we'll have to get MIB's, too, and at that point we may find out more about mommie dearest.


Frederick, MD: So do we now think that Widmore is a part of the Dharma leftovers, complete with a nerd army?

Liz Kelly: I think we established last season that Widmore was an Other, not a Dharma. But I do like the idea of a nerd army. As long as there's someone named Booger on his team.

Jen Chaney: His army does seem a little nerdy. Those aren't Keamys he's got with him, that's for sure. He's got Liz Lemon and the dude from the Honey Bunches of Oats commercial.

Which actually raises a good question: why would he recruit these particular people to help him? Are they scientists along the order of Faraday?

Liz Kelly: Honestly, Dirty Liz Lemon (Zoe) looked like she could be his executive assistant, pressed into service on the sub.


Southwest DC: So isn't it MIB's fault that Claire is wacko? I'm thinking that he's the one who lured her away and stowed her in the creepy cabin with Christian. He's just trying to push the blame off on Kate.

Liz Kelly: This was much discussed in the comments. Many people took exception with the idea that MIB was somehow trying to blame Kate for Claire's break with reality. And I think there is a case to be made for Kate's blamelessness in that department. Claire, as we remember, went kooky all by herself (or at least without an assist from any of her traveling companions) and left Aaron to fend for himself. All Kate did was pick up the pieces.

Jen Chaney: Clearly I need to go back and look at the comments.

I completely agree that it's not Kate's fault. But I do think MIB either partially blames her, or at least wants her to feel a sense of guilt. He needs Kate to feel responsible for Claire, undoubtedly to suit his own needs.


FredVegas, VA: I just want to go on record as saying that Rebecca Mader was friggin' totally, completely HOT last night.

Jen Chaney: She was indeed. A very nice, fiery match for Sawyer.

Liz Kelly: Did I mention that my hair is kind of reddish when I stand in the sun?

Jen Chaney: It's funny. People often mistake me for Lucille Ball, my hair is so red.


Richard-centric episode: Apologies if you don't watch the previews for next week's episodes, but it looks like we are going to get a Richard-centric episode next week (something you all weren't so sure of last week). Hooray! Maybe we'll FINALLY get some answers in the second half of the season.

A small question about last night's episode, probably insignificant, but it keeps gnawing at me. How did Sawyer know that Zoe wasn't from the Ajira flight? What tipped him off?

Liz Kelly: I think it was Zoe's not-so-deftly queries about how many people Sawyer had with him on the other island and whether or not they had guns.

Jen Chaney: Something about her didn't seem right. And Sawyer could pick up on that.


Ocala, Fl: The episode was shown on 3/16. Ajira 316 was used extensively in the episode. Awesomeness

Liz Kelly: Good catch!


Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel:

If Jacob and MIB/Smokey/Fake Locke are Cain and Abel, then who are Adam and Eve? They would need to be a man and a woman important enough in the past 5 seasons of the show to be accepted as plausible parents with half a season remaining. Plus, they would need to have some supernatural gifts to explain how Jacob and Smokey got their characteristics.

Liz Kelly: But would they really need to be characters we've already seen if the idea is to tie in the story to a larger, spiritual tale? In that sense, they could really be, well, Adam and Eve and the island then becomes Eden.

And I could see MIB thinking his mom "crazy" for, you know, talking dad into taking a bite from that apple and all.

Jen Chaney: I like Biblical references and all. But I hope they aren't literally Adam and Eve. Because then this is going to start feeling way too much like some weird episode of Veggie Tales. Or "Lost," as scripted by Ned Flanders.


LOSTinMD: I look forward to this discussion every week because none of my friends understand this show!

Question: Sawyer is a cop, so why did he let Kate out of the elevator when he saw that she was wearing handcuffs in "LA X?"

Liz Kelly: Because Sawyer lives by his own personal code of what is right and wrong. Most of the time, for sideways Sawyer, that jibes with the letter of the law. But obviously there is some wiggle room when it comes to avenging his parents' death and helping hot fugitives escape capture.

Jen Chaney: It seemed like he was amused by the fact that she was cuffed. And Sawyer probably figured, hey, I'm not on the clock and this is not my problem. So I'll let the hot chick do what she needs to do.


Washington DC: Who are the dead people Sawyer discovered on island #2 and who killed them?

Jen Chaney: Good question. I suppose they could have been on the flight, since there were some randoms hanging around post-crash.

As far as who killed them, I am thinking Widmore's people.

Liz Kelly: Really? I'm not so convinced -- mainly because Widmore seemed to be morphing into a much more sympathetic character at the end of season five.

Jen Chaney: If not, Widmore, then MIB? That your thought, Liz?

Liz Kelly: Yep, my assumption is MIB. That heap of bodies looked like the work of a smoke monster.


Ohio: So, Kate didn't/wouldn't touch Locke/MIB (he offered his hand to help her up). Claire touched Kate noticably a couple times (hug, hand holding). Any theories here? I definitely thought it was something we were supposed to notice; to me it was blatantly focused upon, but not sure why...

Liz Kelly: An interesting notion considering the importance placed on Jacob touching the Oceanic 6 at various points along the way, which seemed to propel them to the island at least once -- if not twice.

So, yes, I'd say it was significant that Kate recoiled from his touch.


Smokey 'n Claire: At one point Smokey Locke had a confab with Kooky Claire which the audience could not hear. I think he was telling her that, although she could not kill Kate now, she would get her chance when Kate was no longer useful to Smokey's plans.

Liz Kelly: I'm with you. I thought the same thing. At the same time, I think Locke is setting up Kate to think her only option -- at some point - will be to kill Claire to save Aaron from his "crazy" mother.


Fort Mills, SC: So in sideways, since Sawyer is the Cop, he can easily now encounter Sayid also who is the criminal right?

Jen Chaney: He could, yes.

Perhaps he can also encounter Claire (the basketcase), Faraday (the brain) and Molly Ringwald (the princess).


Bolton, MA: Did Jen actually just admit that Kate was smokin' hot?

Jen Chaney: I don't think I did. But I will. Liz is the one with Kate issues.

Liz Kelly: I did describe Kate as a "hot fugitive." And in Sawyer's eyes, she is.


adam and eve: ... doesn't work because then the "home" that MIB would be trying to get to is Eden. The real world definitely isn't Eden, and that's the only place the sub goes.

Jen Chaney: Well, I don't think home is necessarily a little place in the suburbs where MIB's mom lives. But I'm not sure I feel about this Eden business later.

Let's hope the Richard Alpert story next week starts giving us some clarity about MIB and Jacob and their origins.


Bethesda, MD: What do you think of Sawyer shattering the mirror this week? How does this fit into our "mirror analysis" with Jack, Kate, Sayid, etc.?

Jen Chaney: I wrote something down in my notes about him and Jack both breaking mirrors in frustration.

I keep thinking of it in terms of the looking glass, and the idea that looking through it gives them insight into their parallel lives. That's not a coherently formed thought (I'm rushing to answer a couple more before we close), but that's what percolates for me.


Liz Kelly: Alrighty, thanks for joining us again. A good discussion of a good episode. We'll meet you back here next week to talk about the Richard Alpert-centric episode, Ab Aeterno. Which is Latin for "I'm hiding rippling abs under this J. Peterman shirt."

Jen Chaney: I actually think Sawyer might have borrowed the button-down he wore last night from the Alpert wardrobe.

In any event, I am sure we will have lots to talk about this time next week. We'll see you then.

Thanks again, everyone!


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