The Reliable Source: Obama's pens, Biden's gaffe, Lady Gaga, Andy Samberg, Kathy Griffin, Sandra Bullock, Netanyahu, more

Amy Argetsinger and Roxanne Roberts
Washington Post Staff Writers
Wednesday, March 24, 2010; 12:00 PM

Washington Post columnists Amy Argetsinger and Roxanne Roberts were online Wednesday, March 24 at Noon ET to discuss your favorite gossip, celebrity sightings and their recent columns.

Today: How did the president manage to use 20 pens to sign one bill? And Joe Biden -- always so much funnier when he doesn't know the mike is live. Bad news about that Lady Gaga/Adam Lambert concert in W.Va. -- it's a hoax! Andy Samberg and Joanna Newsom visit the White House. Kathy Griffin on the Hill. Washington VIP stylist declares bankruptcy. Rough week for Sandra Bullock, huh? And Chuck Schumer tells everyone about the time that Binyamin Netanyahu ruined a dinner party by spraying Pepsi everywhere.

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Amy Argetsinger: Good morning everyone. Let's dispense with the niceties, shall we?


Pen signings: Select people get an official pen that signed a document. So, it used to be one pen per letter, and I guess it is now one pen per part of a letter. Members of Congress hope for the day that Vladimirosky Michalrocavidillevokic is elected president, so everyone can get a pen. Health care reform: Why so many pens at the signing ceremony? (Reliable Source, March 24)

Amy Argetsinger: Or John Jacob Jingleheimerschmidt.


Reality show idea: Congressman Massa, Rielle Hunter and the tattoo chick who had the affair with Jesse James all work together in an ad agency. The tickle fights would be interesting.

Amy Argetsinger: Do they have an opening for a summer intern? Because I know of a certain former apprentice electrician/single dad from Alaska who is interested in a career shift.


Alexandria, Va.: I'm feeling worse for Sandra Bullock by the moment, but no longer solely for her horribly public betrayal. Already, it seems being America's Sweetheart is starting to backfire on her. The new revelations are just tugging at her pedestal -- "how could she not know?" etc. -- and public opinion seems to be shifting against her! What in your celeb-life-expertise do you see coming next? Thanks!

Amy Argetsinger: Whoa, you're way ahead of me in your reading of arcane celebrity personal-life punditry if you're detecting a backlash. Are real people really saying that, or is that comments-thread nuttiness? And I guess at the end of the day, what does public opinion matter here? She's a woman who has just abruptly and humiliatingly lost her husband. She doesn't have to respond to constituents.


Orono, Maine: While the obvious answer to which cabinet-level official gets to most action is Peter Orszag, I was wondering who you think would be the sexiest cabinet secretary?

I'm actually leaning toward Tim Geithner or Arne Duncan. Granted neither of these guys is going to get cast as a shirtless vampire on The CW, but they have something.

Amy Argetsinger: You know, here's where public opinion DOES matter. So I'm going to turn it over to you, the people.


Washington, D.C.: When Cheney said the F-word, the Post printed it, but Biden is censored in your column. Why the double standard?

Amy Argetsinger: Hey, fair question. It's sort of apples and oranges, though. The Cheney F-bomb was a Serious News Story, because he used it as a derogatory imperative verb on the Senate floor to a senior Democratic senator. The Biden F-bomb was used as an exhilarated adjective, in a non-confrontational way, to an ally, when he didn't realize he could be heard. So it's more a funny ha-ha. Anyway, link to follow.


Netanyahu: He could have just dropped Mentos into a 2-litre of diet soda....

Amy Argetsinger: THAT would have been awesome.

_______________________ Cheney Dismisses Critic With Obscenity (Post, June 25, 2004)


Joe Biden is right: I love the way the VEEP brings on the fun! But, do you really think he doesn't know the mikes are on? I'm sure his family is used to this, but for the rest of us it's a great SNL skit!

Amy Argetsinger: Having been present for Joe Biden's comedic riff at the RTCA dinner last week (link to follow), I can tell you that Joe, bless his heart, is so much funnier when he's not trying to be.


She's a woman who has just abruptly and humiliatingly lost her husband.: Not only that, this came out right after she shouted to the entire world in her Academy Awards speech how great he is! How can anyone not have sympathy for her?

Amy Argetsinger: Word.


Woodbridge, Va.: Roxanne -- last Saturday morning we had the most pathetic feline stagger into our garage. We'd never seen her before. Clearly she hadn't eaten in who knows how long.

We fed her and took her to the vet Monday night -- she's about 16 and has cataracts, but other than that, we are hopeful that a steady, high protein diet and a few good nights' sleep will help her get back on her feet.

I should run a convalescent home for cats. Unfortunately, that doesn't pay the bills.

Roxanne Roberts: Hi all----got stuck in traffic after dropping off my taxes.

Wanted to start with this....well, because it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy, unlike most of the stories this week (Tiger, Jesse James, etc.) Woodbridge, you get points in Kitty Heaven.


WDC: Did I read (I think from you all) that the Edwardses bought a house in Charlotte, but Rielle said she can't afford it and now lives in a rental? So there's a perfectly good house going to waste?

For the kid's sake, I hope she got paid for that interview last week, because no one will hire her, she's too notorious!

Amy Argetsinger: She says she didn't get paid for the interview... Her statements about the house are a little mysterious. Of course, the Edwardses are so wealthy, it's not going to hurt them to have an extra house on their ledger.


Hollywood, Calif.: Can we just vote out half of the American Idol finalists? There really is a lot of badness there. I kinda of hope Paige and Tim stays around just for the comedy.

Amy Argetsinger: It's the worst year ever. Do I say that everywhere? There's really no one to be particularly intrigued by.


Georgetown, D.C.: The Vice President's unfortunate choice of words must have landed him in the dog house so I'm wondering does this mean Bo gets to sleep upstairs ?

Roxanne Roberts: Ha! Truth is, I don't think anyone in the White House is seriously upset. Gibbs tweeted shortly after the slip that the veep "was right." And I'm betting Bo already sleeps upstairs.

_______________________ Joe Biden subs for Obama with some executive humor at Radio & TV Correspondents' dinner. (Reliable Source, March 18)


Berkeley, Calif.: Is Andy Samberg more famous then I think he is? I actually tried to watch "Hot Rod" and barely made it 15 minutes.

I admit he does a funny Rahm Emanuel, but as is often the case, one of the skits really ever go anywhere funny. Hey, isn't that: Andy Samberg and Joanna Newsom at the White House (Reliable Source, March 23)

Amy Argetsinger: He's arguably the big breakout star currently on SNL. Should I try "Hot Rod"? A random screener copy has been gathering dust at home for a while.


Rockville, Md.: What kind of pens did Obama use, and where can I get some?

Roxanne Roberts: They were Cross pens, although we don't know the specific model. The company is based in Rhode Island and has a website----but I'm guessing without the custom pens with Obama's signatute and presidential seal.


Amy Argetsinger: Oh, by the way -- you know what time of year it is? Time for the annual Reliable Source tournament. Brackets will be released on Monday, but it's not too late to tell us who you think should be headed to the Gossip Final Four. (Link to last year's tourney to follow.)

_______________________ 2009 Reliable Source Tournament (Reliable Source, March 23, 2009)


Seventh Avenue: Your story on lesbian wedding wear seemed a bit out of the ordinary even for you two. I'm not sure if there was much of a story there, I mean women have been wearing menswear since the days of Marlene Dietrich and it went mainstream back in the Annie Hall '70's didn't it? Read this: Lesbian fashion, Justin Bieber's new album, "baby killer" shouter comes forward (Reliable Source, March 23)

Amy Argetsinger: That entertaining and well-read story was written by the talented Monica Hesse. (We just linked to it.) I think you're kind of missing the point of her story, but she's got her own chat coming up in 40 minutes, so go tell her how she's just so hopelessly ignorant. Reporters always appreciate that.


When Cheney said the F-word, the Post printed it, but Biden is censored in your column. Why the double standard?: People are really going to turn this into a conspiracy?

Amy Argetsinger: Everyone's keeping score these days -- EVERYONE.


Washington, D.C.: Humor and politicians: I think they continually edit themselves to keep from being funny or candid when they know the mic is on, because of an innate desire to be seen as serious men (and women) addressing great issues of public policy. I have read, for example, that in private life Al Gore is an extremely funny guy, but you put him in front of a microphone at an official occasion and he becomes a block of wood.

Amy Argetsinger: That's what we keep hearing. It's one of those enduring legends.


Baltimore, Md.: Re Sandra Bullock: The absolutely best thing she could do from both a PR and personal perspective is follow the lead of Jenny Sanford, hold her head high and immediately petition for a divorce. Yes, she has a "sweetheart" image but now is the time to overlay a little "tough gal" on that.

By the way, last week I said it was you two ladies who opined "Never marry a man whose last wife was a porn star." It was actually the celeb watching team of Kelly and Cheney.

Roxanne Roberts: Let me ask a question: If she still loves the guy and he promises never, ever to stray (I know, but go with me here), doesn't her desire to stay married trump the PR aspect?


Re: Woodbridge, Va.: You rock! That is one lucky kitty. We need more big hearts like you in the world.

Roxanne Roberts: More for the cat sub-group of this chat.


got stuck in traffic after dropping off my taxes: I'm disappointed that you're not late in every aspect of your life. I haven't even done mine yet (I'm waiting for my self-employed husband to get his info together.) You should be ashamed of yourself!

Roxanne Roberts: I had a grave fear of some big guys from the IRS showing up at my door demanding money I don't have.


Edgeboro, Va.: Shouldn't CTU do background checks on its employees?

Amy Argetsinger: CTU is clearly trying to bring back the sexy excitement that the murderous traitor Nina Myers brought to the workplace back in the first season. Dana Walsh is so much less cool, and I have no interest in seeing her killed just to be brought back from the dead again and again. BTW, where's Tony Almeida? He usually shows up around this time. Miss him.


Arlington, VA: If we're submitting favorite Obama administration officals, I nominate David Stevens at the Federal Housing Administration. Not cabinet level or anything, but neither is Orzag and someone nominated him.

Amy Argetsinger: Huh. Not bad. Has a certain silver-fox vigor about him.


Alexandria, Va.: What on earth will we do after Katherine Heigl leaves Grey's Anatomy?

Roxanne Roberts: Wonder what ever happened to her? I mean, how many lame romantic comedies can she make? Doesn't Jennifer Aniston have first pick anyway?


The Final Four: That's easy: 1) The Salahis 2) The Salahis 3) The Salahis 4) The Salahis

Roxanne Roberts: Ha! Defeats Carlos Allen in the Elite Eight?


"He didn't realize": As Chris Matthews pointed out yesterday, in this day and age, the veep should know that there are mics everywhere.

Oh and it is a big f@#$@# deal.

Roxanne Roberts: And cameras everywhere. People forget.


Small town blues: Yesterday's column by Tom Shales ricocheted around the blog world before collapsing from the weight of its own insularism. Do the locals really think that the Sunday morning shows must be staffed from within the beltway ring? I don't watch them generally -- though I do pass by the Chris Matthews show to see how many of his friends are there as I work the remote toward A and E's Sopranos repeats -- but I would probably tune in to see Christane Amanpour. This past weekend notwithstanding, the world is a big place and we need to know more about it than the current crop of Sunday inside baseball gossip shows provide. Sorry to post on your question time but missed Mr. Shales confab yesterday and figure you have some insight into the zeitgeist chez D.C. ABC's choice of Amanpour for 'This Week' has critics inside the network and beyond (Post, March 24)

Amy Argetsinger: I got no insight whatsoever. I don't even really watch any of these shows, so definitely no dog in this fight.

I think it's perfectly reasonable for a critic who IS invested in this area to question why one of the top broadcast jobs is being handed to a journalist who doesn't have any beat expertise in that particular field, and whether this is the exaltation of charisma/personality over journalistic credentials... but it someone wanted to make the case that journalists change beats all the time and that doing so brings a fresh perspective, well, I'd think that was perfectly reasonable to. In general, I'm all for people expressing their opinions, and for other people to disagree.


Biden Gaff, Va.: I overherd that his new codename is the Bleep instead of the Veep.

Roxanne Roberts: BOTUS.


Capitol Hill, Washington, D.C.: Does Mandy Moore still pass as a celebrity? I don't recall the last time she did anything of note before going to the Capitol today. Hey, isn't that: Mandy Moore on the Hill (Post, March 24)

Amy Argetsinger: As discussed in my doctoral dissertation last summer on the famesque, a celebrity no longer needs to move a lot of product in the medium for which they're ostensibly famous in order to still be considered a celebrity -- fame is its own medium. You and I can bemoan this trend, but it's the world we live in.


Can't give my location: I got my census forms in the mail and boy are those people nosy -- they want me to name names and I find it kind of invasive and even though it says I'm required by law to fill this out, I'm thinking of pretending it never came. Do you know if this will mean trouble for me?

Roxanne Roberts: You'll get a few more letters, then some hourly-wage earner will be forced to show up at your door and beg you for the answers. Then....well, I don't know. You'll have to buy health care or something.


MCI Center: Will three months in the pen make us love Agent Zero more or less? Seems that Arenas likes Chuck E Cheese and Costco -- so what if he threatened to shoot someone in the face?

Amy Argetsinger: OR set his car on fire! I mean, it's unfair to imply that Gilbert was simply going to shoot the guy in the face; he was using Swiftian rhetoric to facetiously imply that they had options to fistfighting and thus defuse the situation. I should go to law school.


Baltimore, Md.: Well, yes, it would be nice if Bullock could extract and believe such a promise from Jesse James. Unfortunately, his hot and heavy action with the "tattoo model" happened while she was away filming The Blind Side. So for absolute peace of mind, she would either have to give up her career, or make sure every movie she did from now on filmed in Austin.

Amy Argetsinger: Didn't they already have a promise like that? You know -- in their wedding vows?


Cleveland Park, Washington, D.C.: Rox and Triple A --

I realize I'm a little late on this, but I have some alternate casting for HBO's "Too Big To Fail":

For Hank Paulson, Jeroen Krabbe (Dr. Charles Nichols from "The Fugitive"); and

For Timothy Geithner, Dean Winters (Johnny Gavin from "Rescue Me")

Amy Argetsinger: Hmmm. Google Images suggests that you're onto something with the Dean Winters idea.


Not cabinet level or anything, but neither is Orzag and someone nominated him.: Actually, no. Orzsag is not a cabinet secretary, but is cabinet level.

The Cabinet

Amy Argetsinger: yeah, yeah, whatever.


Re: Biden and That Word...:

Yes, I agree, Ms. Argetsinger. There is a world of difference. There's a difference in using the word enthusiastically and angrily. But I do have a question. Does this change things now? For a long time now, many people have said, "Cheney" when they are mad instead of that word. So, does that mean, when I win a million dollars in the lottery I can say, "Oh, Biden! Wow!"

Amy Argetsinger: A million Battlestar Galactica fans and Eric Massa can't be wrong: The word is now "frack." Until we come up with something else funnier.


Washington, D.C.: What was all the commotion at the Mayflower Hotel yesterday? The road was all blocked off with cops and a big white tent.

Amy Argetsinger: Hillary Clinton's meeting with Netanyahu was at the Mayflower on Monday so, probably something along those lines...


Lansdale, Pa.: RE: Radio & TV Correspondents' dinner

Who was the stand-up comic at the dinner? He was very good though I had never heard of him before.

Amy Argetsinger: Joe Wong. He got very good reviews. I was filing my story on Biden's routine so unfortunately missed most of it, but everyone spoke well of him later.


D.C.: Maybe I was watching too much C-SPAN this weekend, but you know what, Steny Hoyer is a pretty good looking guy.

Amy Argetsinger: We'll pass that along to him.


Winchester, Va.: It's looking like a bad month for Gilbert Arenas. Thoughts? Prosecutors: Gilbert Arenas led a cover-up, deserves jail (44, March 24)

Amy Argetsinger: I'm kind of in denial about the possibility that he might go to jail. Not to say that he might not deserve it, it's just weird to think about.


Celebrity Bad Taste: Okay, I know... beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but why is it that when these guys creep out on their wives they are always strippers or "escorts" and the like? Don't they like lawyers or librarians? Is it because they think that they won't tell because that is their job? Maybe they have other qualities that we don't see. As my grandma used to say "it must be under the hood 'cuz it ain't in the windshield!"

Roxanne Roberts: Boredom. Variety. Cheap thrills. The chance to do anything they want sexually without judgment. Women who are (supposed to) keep what goes on confidential. (But as I've already said, when the man has a lot to lose and the escort doesn't, the men are begging for trouble.)

Maybe guys married to porn stars fantasize about librarians?


Washington, D.C.: Wondering how Catherine Ommanney got the job at Housewives of D.C. I mean isn't she a British national? How long has she been here? Is she a U.S. citizen/resident? How did she get employed by AMERICAN "reality" television?

Amy Argetsinger: These were the mysteries that were consuming me in mid-November, little realizing that my life was about to be thrown into chaos by a couple other "Real Housewives" stars and their White House date with destiny. At this point, I'll wait until this show has an air date before I start fretting over the other cast members much.


Philadelphia, Pa.: Dick Cheney and now Joe Biden. Is it a now a requirement of the job of vice president that the f-bomb be dropped? Oh well, I await when Obama carries out his job requirement and barfs on a head of state. Biden to Obama: "A big [expletive] deal" (44, March 23)

Amy Argetsinger: Ha!


Biden: is there a vice presidential swear jar?

Roxanne Roberts: Between Joe and Rahm, you just solved the budget problem.


Bombshell McGee: I don't know why because being cheated on is bad no matter what, but it seems even worse to me that Jessee James picked this particular woman to have an affair with. Would you feel better or worse if your S.O. got it on behind your back with a "model" who has a crazy tattoo on her face, or with just some normal average chick?

Amy Argetsinger: That's a good question. I don't know the answer.


Alexandria, Va.: Hi again -- arcane celebrity personal-life pundit here! Re Bullock... I may be too much of a cynic, but beginning with the muted speculation about his relationship status when they first dated, and now the revelations of a sexual harassment lawsuit while they were married, seem fodder for a sea-change. She ain't running for office but it must still be agony.

Amy Argetsinger: It's just sad that we're at this point. We don't really know the people involved. We don't really deserve to know any of the details -- but we want to. Why is that? It's a weird business.


Sandra Bullock: should do whatever she wants (within legal reason) and not worry about the PR. Puhleez, many marriages can survive infidelity. But what about James's daughter, Sunny, that Sandra was helping to raise? And to all those folks saying, "You have that at home and you cheated?" It has nothing to do with the one at home, but solely the fault of the cheater looking for a thrill.

Roxanne Roberts: No one ever knows what goes on inside any marriage. Maybe it WAS all Jesse's fault, and that's certainly the way the story will be reported. Who's going to say anything bad about Sandra---especially now?


College Park, Md.: If he redid his hair, I think Craig Ferguson would be a pretty good casting pick for Hank Paulson.

Amy Argetsinger: Hmmm, no, I totally disagree. It's Ed Harris.


When Steny Hoyer is "good-looking": the one has definitely been spending too much time on C-SPAN!

Amy Argetsinger: How much time on CSPAN is too much time on CSPAN?


Corning, N.Y.: Eric Massa did nothing wrong, except use a little salty language, right? So perhaps Biden should think about doing the honorable, Massa-like thig resigning his job too?

Amy Argetsinger: It's not just the saltiness. There's the tickling (so misinterpreted!) and the (alleged) snorkeling...


Census: I was one of the hourly workers in 2000 and one of the worst parts of the job was asking all the questions on the long form of neighbors in my rural community. Please, fill out the long form and send it in. Don't end up having to give that information to someone local. Your privacy should be inviolate but the census taker you meet one on one knows your information.

Roxanne Roberts: Chatter has a point: Your form is going to end up in some giant computer processing center.


Married to a librarian: So, about whom do I fantasize? My husband (that's right) is a school librarian, and I would have to say that I fantasize about Gerard Butler.

Roxanne Roberts: He needs a shave, but looks like fun.


Annapolis, Md.: WJLA just reported that Bob Ehrlich is going to run against Martin O'Malley. Perhaps there will be more O'Malley's March shows in the near future.

Amy Argetsinger: Interesting.... Time to get those fitted black tees out again, governor.


Would you feel better or worse if your S.O. got it on behind your back with a "model" who has a crazy tattoo on her face, or with just some normal average chick?: I would feel worse if it was a woman with a tattoo on her face: I'd understand if it was a beautiful star, but he's saying "this scary tattooed face is preferable to yours."

Amy Argetsinger: Okay, thanks for your vote. Still mulling.


In Hiding: You know what would make a great celebrity sighting? The POTUS when he's doing something unpopular. You know, like meeting with the Dalai Lama (can't do that, China would be upset), meeting with the PM of Israel, signing his abortion funding executive order...

Amy Argetsinger: Ha.


Most grateful to Jesse James bad behavior:: Kate Winslet and Sam Mendes. The who, what and why of their divorce became a one or two-day gossip item instead of like a week or two!

Gotta wonder what is going on with Kate. I know she seems older, but she's only 34 and already had two marriages that have come and gone.

Oh, and the "go ahead and get together already" couples should be Keanu and Sandra, and Kate and Leo. Remember when Kate gushed about Leo at the Golden Globes last year and barely mentioned her husband?

Roxanne Roberts: Kate is an interesting woman. I wonder if she'll end up as this generation's Ingrid Bergman.


American Idol: I agree with you that most of the `talent' on that show is awful. But I am concerned about next year. Is there any way that show survives without Simon? He is the only one who adds a hint of truth to that show. With more and more of the over-Botox'd Ryan Seacrest, that show may just become unwatchable.

Amy Argetsinger: I'm really worried about this. I already feel this once-great enterprise is kind of slipping away. Simon was in fine form last night, speaking great truth. Amid all the desperate false praise, only he was saying, look, you wouldn't listen to any of this on the radio, you wouldn't buy any of these songs.


Maybe they have other qualities that we don't see.: No, I think the qualities you see are the qualities the guys are going for.

- Librarian

Roxanne Roberts: Taste is in the eyes of the beholder, too.


Ed Harris as Paulson: I definitely see the resemblance; however, Hank Paulson was TALL. Like Paul Volcker tall. Ed Harris is decidedly not.

Amy Argetsinger: Hmmm, you may be right. Ed Harris is only 5-9. However, maybe surrounded by a bunch of short actors (they're all short, right?) he'll look to scale.


Cabinet hotties: Well, Susan Rice, Hilda Solis, and Rahm are both pretty hot.

The Cabinet



Amy Argetsinger: Ah, good picks.


He may not be in the cabinet but...: sexiest staffer in the White House has to be our own Kal Penn hands down !

Roxanne Roberts: Speaking of which: Anyone seen him lately? Is he THAT low-profile or on leave making a movie?


Washington, D.C.: Sandra Bullock's taste in guys has just kept going downhill since the Tate Donovan era.

Amy Argetsinger: Remember when Tate Donovan was THE ladykiller of Hollywood? And then he disappeared for a couple of years, and then when he resurfaced, he was a dad on "The O.C." You think YOUR youth is fleeting? Be glad you're not in Hollywood.


Pittsburgh, Pa.: You think the 2010 Census questions are invasive? You should see all the info on the ones from a century or so ago. They're a real treasure trove for us amateur genealogists!

Roxanne Roberts: Odd....and kind of interesting.


Rochester, N.Y.: Did you know Barack Obama tickle somebody and poor fellow broke his arm?

Granted he was under the age 10, but where is a Senate hearing when you need one.

Obama Tickle Fight: President Admits Breaking Friend's Arm During Childhood In Indonesia (VIDEO) (Huffingtonpost)

Amy Argetsinger: Tickling! My god, it's everywhere suddenly. Tickling's the new fracking.


Re the Mayflower: My cab driver said Netanyahu was staying there. And then opined that the protection was a good thing -- both for him and for the U.S. as it would be very bad if something happened to him here when our relations are "strained." D.C.: home of the smartest cab drivers anywhere. Ask a question about cops, get a foreign relations lecture.

Amy Argetsinger: You know, there's something to be said for driving around all day listening to news radio.


Sizzle: Come on - will no one mention Rahm in this online poll of the administration's sexiest? The silver hair, the slow smile, the legend of the fish and the missing finger. Rowr!

Amy Argetsinger: Hard to top, huh?


Bethesda: "he's saying 'this scary tattooed face is preferable to yours.'"

Well, if it's about the thrill of the forbidden, or the different, or however you want to put it, I don't think it was really about her face, you know. Just sayin'.

Amy Argetsinger: Word.


Fort Worth, Tex.: Was anyone else as disgusted as I was that every morning show made Tiger's decision to play a round (of golf, that is) at the Masters their top story on Monday. I went from channel to channel hoping for something else but had to opt out for Sesame Street. I am SO tired of this non-story. Okay, rant over.

Roxanne Roberts: Tiger back on the links is big news and big bucks. The Masters's ratings are going to be HUGE. Will Tiger choke? Can he focus? Will he come back and win? HUGE.


Biden and the f-bomb: Haven't plenty of celebs used the f-bomb in a similar context at awards shows when they've won?

Amy Argetsinger: I didn't expect I'd come into the office today and Google "Meryl Streep f-bomb," but that is what I just did. I've got a weird job, you know.


I liked your piece on Kathy Griffin: Her sincerity came through with her concern for her issue and her fan base. We don't usually catch that glimpse with all her snarky sarcasm in the comedy she dishes out.

Roxanne Roberts: Kathy is a smart cookie. She knows her fans and what matters to them.


Salahi: I was in California last week and all anybody wanted to talk about when they foud out I lived in D.C. was what I knew about the Salahis. They really did succeed in finally finding a way to be famous.

Amy Argetsinger: That warms my heart to hear. Thanks for sharing.


Anonymous: I know I'm getting old because I used to be able to multitask while doing this chat and get stuff done but now all I have is a headache.

Amy Argetsinger: Please, just a few more minutes -- you can do it!


Portland, Ore.: Given the acrimony and general all-around toxic behavior surrounding the health care debate, are there any Democrats or Republicans who still speak socially? Even furtively? Just asking.

Roxanne Roberts: Lots of them. There are a lot of issues that don't break on party lines, but regional, rural or urban. These folks have to work together to get things done, so even when lawmakers are barking about the other side, they have plenty of friends on that side.


Bloomington, Ind.: RE: Tate Donovan

Oh Hollywood, I love you. Only there can you have 20-somethings playing teenager and 30-somethings playing parents of teenagers.

Man, isn't Jasmine Guy playing a grandmother on The CW?

Amy Argetsinger: Wow, you're right. In "The Vampire Diaries."


Atlantic City, N.J.: Amy -- Perhaps a moment of silence for Colleen Kay Hutchins, the 1952 Miss America. As a mutual lover of the Miss America entertainment, it is always sad to see one pass away.

Amy Argetsinger: RIP.... Google her -- she had quite a look. That was back when Miss Americas were still a little va-voomish. And it seems her son is interim coach and general manager of the New Jersey Nets. Interesting.


Tickling: I HATE tickling. It's like torture. If I'm laughing while being tickled it's involuntary laughter and I'm actually panicking because I can't breathe. If Massa wants to say he was just tickling someone and not groping them, that's not okay in my book.

Amy Argetsinger: Well, this is very interesting intel to have on you.


Washington, D.C.: No, no, with the best will in the world, tickling will never be an adequate substitute for fracking

Amy Argetsinger: Well, of course not. I think we can all agree here that we'd much prefer a good...

Geez, I need to be more careful with this word so they don't take it away from us.


Tate Donovan: He dated Jennifer Aniston also, before she and Brad got together.

Amy Argetsinger: Oh, he cut quite a swath. Can I call him a legendary swordsman? I love that phrase.


isn't Jasmine Guy playing a grandmother : Well, she is 48!

Amy Argetsinger: Technically possible.


You think the 2010 Census questions are invasive? : Really, I had to provide more information to get my Kroegers card! It's so funny how people will gladly give any information to a store who will use that info for their own profit; but balk at giving much less info to an organization required by the U.S. Constitution that will keep the info private.

Roxanne Roberts: Besides, the government already knows a lot about you.


Paparazzi in D.C.?: I'm wondering if there is such a thing as full-time paparazzi in the DC/MD/VA area? The reason I'm asking is I saw a quote from Jennifer Garner, who is followed almost daily by paparazzi in Los Angeles. (I know, weird, but apparently the Affleck-Garner children are right up there with the Jolie-Pitts and Suri Cruise in terms of demand for photos on celebrity blogs.)

Jennifer was asked why they don't move from LA, when her kids are followed to and from school/the park/the store, each day by photogs. She said she and Ben had thought about leaving LA for somewhere like Cambridge, Mass., but there are "idiots with cameras everywhere" and they and their kids would be targeted by paparazzi wherever they moved to.

Do you think that's true? Would a Hollywood celeb who actually lived in D.C., for example, be photographed virtually every day? I just don't see that happening unless there was some sort of scandal -like the Bullock thing, and even that will die down eventually. What do you think? (I personally think Jennifer wants to stay in LA so that producers and directors don't forget about her for movie roles, which is understandable.)

Amy Argetsinger: I don't know that there's a full-time corps, but I've been fascinated to see how there's this group of photographers/videographers who just come out of the woodwork when there's a celeb in D.C. Don't really know who they are or where they're based or how they earn a living. I think it's mostly part-timers doing stuff on spec for TMZ or whatever. We used to see more of the random video of congressmen-not-responding-to-random-questions on TMZ -- that stuff seems to come and go, probably depending on market forces.


Hey, A Question on the F-Bomb...: Who decided it was a bad word in the first place? Was it like centuries ago, a group of scholars sat around different words and said that "Darn!" is okay but we deem that F-bomb to be a cuss word? Any linguists out there?

Amy Argetsinger: This is a good question for another chat, or maybe a full-length magazine article.


Given the acrimony and general all-around toxic behavior surrounding the health-care debate, are there any Democrats or Republicans who still speak socially?: You know it's all just a big show right?

Roxanne Roberts: Not all of it. Some of them really don't like each other.


NWDC: Famous cheating hubbies with strippers, porn stars, whatever else they are employed as...

What do these women get out of finally revealing their affairs? Do they get mad and tell? Or do they dislike the wives at some point and want to break them up? That's the part I don't get. I always want someone to ask them why they are now telling after months and/or years of the sexual relationship?? Thanks.

Amy Argetsinger: They get attention, they get revenge, they get big checks... None of the motives are very pretty.


Arlington, Va.: You know what I learned this week? That "tattoo model" is a job.

Roxanne Roberts: Time-consuming, but you don't have to stand on your feet.


Harris shorter than Paulson expected: He could do what Alan Ladd did when filming westerns, have trenches dug so that actors working with him could walk in them and appear shorter on camera.

Amy Argetsinger: I'm thinking about asking some of the people I work and socialize with to please stand in trenches.


Re: Dand R Lovefest: I was at a briefing featuring Warner (D-Va.) and Corker (R-Tenn.) and it was a lovefest between them. They acted like BFFs.

Amy Argetsinger: That's nice.


Can I call him a legendary swordsman?: That sounds like you're talking about his ... er ... shoe size?

Roxanne Roberts: Exactly.


Biden's F bomb: Who in this particular modern-day world works in an office where nobody ever lets an F-bomb slip? And who in the world doesn't know the huge gap between "F-You" and "F-ing huge"?

Roxanne Roberts: Nuns and pre-schoolers. And let's keep it that way.


Jefferson City, Mo.: Me again, now responding to the cat thread. This is what I posted earlier today about a cat we're fostering:

Cats (Daily Kos)

We're wonderful people. :)

Roxanne Roberts: More kitty distractions.

_______________________ Ink Job (Slate, March 19)


History of the F Word: The F-Word by Jesse Sheidlower and Lewis Black

Published in 2009

No stake in this; I just remember reading a favorable review of it in Publisher's Weekly.

Amy Argetsinger: Good to know, thanks.


Cats: Can we please give them their own chat? Why are they invading ours, when we have really important Sandra Bullock discussions going?

Amy Argetsinger: Oh, I have no doubt cats are having their own chat, and excluding all of us.


Palatial NOVA: How happy do you think Rielle Hunter is now that Michelle McGee is the hot new homewrecker, and a neo-Nazi at that. You stay classy, Jesse.

For sexiest cabinet member, I have to give it to Rahm Emanuel, he's got the bedroom eyes and curses like a sailor.

To play Rahm in a movie, my vote is Robert Downey Jr.

Amy Argetsinger: That's a very good idea, actually.


Cats and the F-bomb: If you stop posting comments about cats, I'll stop bringing up Tom Sietsema.

Amy Argetsinger: HA!


Nuns and pre-schoolers. And let's keep it that way. : These days it might just be nuns. Sorry.

Roxanne Roberts: Ouch.


Who decided it was a bad word in the first place? Was it like centuries ago, a group of scholars sat around different words and said that "Darn!" is okay but we deem that F-bomb to be a cuss word? Any linguists out there?: These words have changed a great deal over time. Let's not forget that the c-word is a mere vulgarity in the U.K. and Australia, but "bloody" is a really bad word there.

Roxanne Roberts: There are people writing their dissertations on this very subject and hoping you will buy their books. History aside, the safe bet at the moment is "darn" in polite company.

So darn), we've got to stop. Thanks for all the questions and apologies to those we didn't have time to answer. Please send you tips, sightings and gossip bracket ideas to See you next week.


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