Got Plans?: Arlington bars, specialty food shops and wrestling

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Thursday, March 25, 2010; 1:00 PM

The Going Out Guide staff discussed bars in Arlington and Annandale, specialty food shops, sugaring and wrestling on Thursday, March 25, at 1 p.m. ET.

____________________ Can this weekend top last one? It might not be as perfect weather as the last one, but signs look sunny for the start of the Cherry Blossom Festival on Saturday. Are you heading outside? Or are you one of those smarties like our Stephanie (who still has three potential Final Four teams left in her bracket!) so you want to hang out and watch basketball? Before we dive in, if you want our quick take on some of the best events of the weekend, check out that Best Bets list. Now, what else is on your mind?


Eventide -- Clarendon: Hey GOGs!

We've been fielding a lot of questions from our guests about when our rooftop patio is opening this year and I figured I'd give you all the lowdown!

We have just gotten permit approval to construct a retractable awning over the patio and install a permanent awning over the rooftop bar -- we applied for them months ago. Construction will start next week and then we have to hire and train the rooftop staff to get going. I predict a late April/early May opening this year.

Cheers, Dave Pressley GM/Partner, Eventide Restaurant

Julia Beizer: From one of our (my) faves. Here's the deal with Eventide's patio.


Arlington, Va.: Psyched for regular season baseball to get underway. As a life long devout Phillies fan, my entire family will be in town for opening day Phillies vs. Nats Monday April 5th. Game time is 1pm. They are all staying at the Marriott near the stadium and looking for tailgating opportunities that morning at local bars and restaurants. I have not been able to find any neighboring bars in the vicinity of the stadium that will be open early for game day. Any suggestions for a location for out-of-towner tailgaters on opening day??

Fritz Hahn: Well, Mr. Phanatic, the truth is that yet ANOTHER year is going by without any new bars/restaurants near Nats Park. (One, Justin's Cafe, is supposed to open in mid-April, but I learned long ago to not hold my breath about these things.)

But for tailgating, honestly, the best news is that the Bullpen is returning for 2010, located just across the street from the centerfield gates. The outdoor fun fair features a bar with beer and frozen margaritas, brats, live rock bands, beanbag tossing games (aka corn hole) and a tent with flatscreen TVs.

There's no cover, and it opens two hours before games.


Washington, D.C.: Hey Gurus,

This question won't rate real high in originality, but here goes: We are having friends come in from Texas and want to give them a nice evening in D.C. We (two couples) are all in our mid-forties and reasonably hip (I'd like to think...). Can you give a sample itinerary? Desired elements are 1) diverting environment to hobnob about for awhile, 2) quality dining experience, good food and atmosphere (nothing too fancy), and 3) entertaining nightspot, preferably not too loud for conversation. Also: some level of foray into Northern Va. (like Clarendon) could also be acceptable


Julia Beizer: Okay, well here's a highly unoriginal answer, but one I think will solve your problem. You could dine at Birch and Barley and check out Churchkey upstairs. (Churchkey gets pretty crowded, so it may be hard to make your way upstairs.)

Masa 14 also comes to mind. The food is fun and shareable and the atmosphere is really welcoming. Make a reservation at the Gibson for afterward.

Not 100 percent sure what you're looking for with 1)? Something to do during the day or a pre-dinner drink/activity?


Arlington, Va.: To Eventide: Any plans on having happy hour deals on the rooftop this year?

Julia Beizer: Dave, you around? Hit us up next week if not.


Please - Birthday Help!: Hello Gurus!

I'm looking for an authentic Japanese-style karaoke bar to indulge in for my husband's birthday. I've heard that there is one in Annandale - does anyone know of this mystical place?


Fritz Hahn: If you mean a karaoke bar that offers private rooms so that your husband and your friends can embarrass themselves without scaring other patrons, then you're talking about Cafe Muse. You book the room, the servers bring you beers, you rock out to your heart's content.

Totally awesome time, especially after dinner at Honey Pig.


Arlington, Va.: Any ideas for a good place to watch the games (Go Gaels!), drink some good beer (Belgian if possible), and eat some good bar food tomorrow? Somewhere close to Metro -- Orange Line in particular - would be preffered. If possible, I'd like to find somewhere that does not transform into a "wannabe back in college" dating scene during the game. Thanks, as always, for this chat. It's a great resource.

Fritz Hahn: My Arlington fallback for your scenario is the bar at Boulevard Woodgrill. Small, but they have a couple of TVs, a really solid menu of bar snacks (esp. the wings) and one of the finest beer selections in Arlington. (I'd say only Galaxy Hut bests it.)

I like First Down in Ballston -- right across from the Metro -- and it's definitely a 20s-30s crowd, but the sports bar has great wings and tons of drink deals.


Opening Day Attendee: The Bullpen is great for right before game time April 5th, but is there any news of bars doing any specials before and after the game that day?

Fritz Hahn: Not that I've heard yet, no, but I'd imagine -- based on my explorations last year -- that you will be able to hit happy hours at Ugly Mug and Molly Malone's on Barracks Row, and Hawk and Dove and Capitol Lounge on Penn (if you're taking the Circulator or walking).


Karaoke Bar in Annandale: Another place is Osaka on Rte. 236 in Annandale. I see the giant Karaoke sign out front as I drive home every day and am dying to go....

Fritz Hahn: Koreatown has numerous karaoke options, actually. I'm just really partial to Cafe Muse, thanks to my Korean friends.


Clarendon: My parents are in town this weekend. We were hoping for better weather but enjoy walking. They also wanted to buy me a gift for my new house...maybe a coffee table...but not too expensive. Any ideas on a good place to walk around and maybe cheaply purchase furniture this weekend? Thanks!

Stephanie Merry: Head to 14th and U Streets (after checking out the cherry blossoms, of course). There's a wide range of furniture stores over there from vintage like Miss Pixie's, Ruff and Ready and Millennium Decorative Arts to higher end stores like Good Wood and RCKNDY. If the weather turns out to be warmer than expected, grab some food after shopping and head to Meridian Hill Park for a nice picnic. Have fun!


Maryland: I am throwing a charcuterie/cheese/wine party. The wine isn't an issue but I was looking for go to butchers or gourmet shops in the region that can supply not just the standards (sopressata - prosciutto - serrano - garlic sausage - mortedella) but some harder to find meats such as saucisson sec, lomo, jambon de bayonne etc. As well as a top cheese shop or two in the area.


Julia Beizer: I'd definitely call the Butcher's Block in Old Town Alexandria. If they don't have what you need, they can probably point you in the right direction. (They have a lot of fresh meats there -- don't remember cured stuff, but I could be wrong.) I'd look at Cheesetique, La Fromagerie (has meat too!) and Let's Meat on the Avenue.


Karaoke: For what it's worth, most of the karaoke places in the area (concentrated in Annadale) are Korean, so not authentically Japanese. Lots of fun regardless!

Fritz Hahn: There's a reason Annandale is known as Koreatown. Sorry, I should have specified in my answer that it's a Korean spot (you can tell by all the K-pop music on the karaoke machines), but it has the private room ("Japanese") setup similar to what the poster was looking for.


Alexandria: Gurus! Can you or the chatters recommend a bikini sugaring place in the DC/VA area besides PR Partners? If sugaring is hard to find in this area, then how about some great reliable bikini wax places? You are the greatest!

Julia Beizer: Hey! Were you here last week? I actually spent a big stretch of time trying to remember the one place I had heard of sugaring around here, only to remember it -- Sugar House -- and see on their Web site that they don't do it. Chatters, any help? And, for the love, please keep this PG:)

As for waxing, Red Door is pretty reliable.


Arlington, Va.: Excited for the Upright Citizens Brigade on Saturday. Going to the 7:30pm show, so any suggestions for happy hours in Chinatown/Penn Quarter? Thanks.

Fritz Hahn: Try the Iron Horse Tap Room -- block away from the theater, and happy hour ($2 off all beers, $5 rail drinks) runs until 8, so you can enjoy beverages right up until you have to head for your seats.


Friday Dinner: GOGs, you've never steered me wrong before so I figured I'd throw this out there. Scored tickets to the extended hours for the Terra Cotta Warriors exhibit Friday at 8 p.m., where would you go for dinner/drinks before hand? I was thinking the bar at Vidalia around there anything else in the area I should be considering instead?

Julia Beizer: Hadn't thought about Vidalia. Tabard Inn is another choice for you to consider. Fritz and Julia approved.


Person looking for cheese, meat, wine etc: I LOVE Cheesetique. Just make sure you go hungry since they'll give samples of just about everything that's for sale. Also if you have time go for lunch -- they do a cheese/wine bar which is wonderful!!

Julia Beizer: I love Cheesetique too. Going to a wine/cheese class there next week. PSYCHED!


Hot Tub + Time Machine: Team GOG:

I'm heading to Silver Spring tonight for an advance screening of Hot Tub Time Machine. Any hints for a low-key place for happy hour and some food? Tom has a pretty middling review for Quarry House from 2006, but I'm wondering if it's worth going to now. Mi Rancho has also been suggested.

Fritz Hahn: Since 2006, Quarry House has added dozens of beers and the food has gotten more interesting. (The folks from Jackie's, which Tom likes, have gotten more involved.) It would be my first choice. Also, although it's a chain, I love the chips and salsa and margaritas at the bar at Austin Grill.


Washington, D.C.: For the wine and cheese party person: Dean & Deluca in Georgetown has a decent selection of cured meats.

Julia Beizer: Another good choice. I lurve specialty food shops. I was out getting all of these sandwiches a few weeks ago for this handy Best Bets list running in this week's magazine and I blew entirely too much money on truffle butter and wine at the Butcher's Block. Mmmmm, truffle butter.


Sugar Sugar....: here's a list of places.

Julia Beizer: Yeah, I tried that route last week when she asked and it wasn't as helpful as I was hoping.... When I called, I found a lot of places that do not actually do sugaring. Look at the reviews; some of them are talking about sugar scrubs, not sugaring.


FLY Private: Is Fly on Fridays still the toughest door in DC to get past? I know you said so a few months back. I have my NYC friends in town and want to show them a great club time in D.C.

Fritz Hahn: Really? Hmm. I think Josephine is hard to get into, and the lines for Patty Boom Boom have been RIDICULOUS the last few weekends. Dozens of people in line to get in at 11 p.m.


CHEESY!: Le Fromagerie on King in Old Town!! They order anything you want, their knowledge is really deep, and had burrata last year. The people there are just incrediby nice. Plus, they have local eggs and milk as a nice side purchase (pancakes, anyone?).

I am not affiliated, just addicted.

Julia Beizer: Wait, wasn't that in my list? If it wasn't, I meant it to be.


Alexandria, Va.: Please, please, please help. My inlaws are in town this weekend. They come an average of three times a year, so we're running out of things to do. They've done ALL the usual (Smithsonian, Mt. Vernon, all botanical places, monuments/memorials, walking around Old Town) so we usually end up walking around Pentagon City Mall or sitting in our living room looking at each other, which is mindnumbing.

Things off the table: movies, performing arts of any kind, art, museums, shopping (yet we go to the mall, yes, I know it makes no sense). PLEASE HELP! (bonus points if they have vodka martini's available :) )

Stephanie Merry: What do they like other than highly alcoholic beverages? There must be SOMEthing! Would they have any interest in the cherry blossom-related activities? The Kite Festival is Saturday. Or maybe they'd enjoy heading to a bar to watch some NCAA madness? If not, there's always your fallback: Fritz recommends Russia House for vodka martinis.


Washington, D.C.: Since Vidalia 24 is happening on Friday in the Vidalia bar area, the person wanting drinks before Terra Cotta Warriors should call and ask.

Julia Beizer: Vidalia 24, of course! Do call ahead. (Or just go to Tabard.)


re: Cheesetique: go for the Mole Chorizo from Salumi, mini fino salamis, and some of that delicious grayson cheese.

Julia Beizer: It sounds like I should have you guys plan my next party.


Washington, D.C.: This weekend, we're headed to Farmers and Fishers in Georgetown for dinner. They've expanded their cocktail menu for the month on March and I'm wondering if you have suggestions on either food or drink!

Fritz Hahn: Honestly, I didn't have a really good impression of the bar at Farmers and Fishers on my first visit. Kind of "meh" all around, which is disappointing, because I generally like the cocktails at Founding Farmers. The Mai Tai was unbalanced, the Fog Cutter was much better.


Washington, D.C.: Greetings Roos,

Interested in your thoughts on this one. Let's say you could pick any spot in the District to, um, relieve yourself. Which facilities are you going for?

Fritz Hahn: We're going to go out on a limb here and guess you're asking about our favorite bathrooms in bars/restaurants/museums/etc. in the D.C. area.

My list would include the same-sex bathrooms at Mie N Yu, the upstairs bathrooms at Current, whose clear windows become frosted over when you close and lock the doors, and the "arty" photos on the wall at Proof.

Stephanie Merry: Current is a little dangerous though, because I've seen guys forget to lock the bathroom door, and the door only frosts over when it's locked. Awkward! I vote for Woolly Mammoth, which are brightly colored and sparkling clean.


Honey Pig: Curious to know what Fritz orders at Honey Pig. Do you do the regular BBQ or do you get the "jul-pahn" with meat and veggies? Throw in some noodles and they'll add rice at the end and fry it all together. Husband can't get enough of this. You have to try it if you haven't.

Fritz Hahn: Honestly, I let people who know the menu better than I do take charge. But I will keep this in mind for next time -- sounds awesome.


for Texas Friends: I actually suggest starting the night at PX and then heading into D.C. for a monument look then heading to Asia Nine. You could finish at the Continental for a totally different vibe, or hit the great bar at Hotel Palomar for wonderful views.

Julia Beizer: Love the itinerary. I like Asia Nine just fine, but I'd probably sub Oyamel in for Asia Nine.


Washington, D.C.: Where is a good place on H Street NE to watch the games this weekend?

Fritz Hahn: There aren't too many places to hang out and watch games on H Street -- I mean, mini golf, burlesque dancers, live rock, drunken spelling bees, but no sports bars. Go figure.

I'd suggest heading for the Argonaut, which has a cool outdoor patio and plenty of TVs for watching basketball, plus a neighborhood pub feel.

Oh, or the Pug, where I watched Georgetown last weekend with my good friends Mr. Boh and John L. Sullivan.


Alexandria, Va.: I know you get this quite a lot so forgive me. I'm looking for some lunch and dinner options for this weekend. My vegetarian sister and college-aged, only eats fried food younger brother are coming for a visit. Any recommendations for some place "fun?"

Julia Beizer: Oh gosh. These kinds of questions stress me out! Is pizza a good compromise? Could you hit up a place like RedRocks or Pizzeria Paradiso?


D.C.: .....uh.... what exactly is.... sugaring? Sorry to be an ignorant male.

Fritz Hahn: I asked after seeing the question, being another ignorant male, and no one would explain it to me. All I was told was "it's sort of like waxing." I think that's all I need to know.


Arlington, Va.: Slightly embarrassing question (seeing as how I'm an adult with a job and a family) -- are there any bars (preferably in Virginia) that are planning on showing Wrestlemania 26 this weekend?

David Malitz: This is a good question and I wish I had an answer. I'll throw it out there - Arlington would be ideal for me as well. The thought of forking over $50 and sitting in my living room by myself watching this seems depressing but far too real. Anyone with ideas?


Georgetown: My friends and I are trying to plan a DC bachelorette party for our out-of-town friend because most of us live in this area. She doesn't want anything "crazy" - more of a "girly" weekend. We're all in our mid-to-late-20s. Any ideas for dinner and party locations?

Stephanie Merry: I'm guessing that this bachelorette party will not involve tiaras, boas and anatomically correct straws, right? In that case, you could do drinks at Veritas, grab dinner nearby at Bistrot du Coin, and then keep walking down Connecticut for dancing at Current and Eighteenth Street Lounge.


Washington, D.C.: Hiya Gurus! I have family driving up from Va Beach on a weekday to see the cherry blossoms. They would like to avoid driving and parking in D.C., so I was going to direct them to park at the Franconia-Springfield metro station. However, I'm worried that there is limited parking there. Is there another out-of-town metro alternative that is clearly marked from 95N? I don't drive, so am a little useless at these directions. Thanks!

Fritz Hahn: Tell them to take 66 to Vienna? That would be my other suggestion. I can think of clearly-signed places off the Beltway in Murlin, like New Carrollton, but not sure about Va.



Bikini & Brazilian: After trying many different places through out Nova for bikini & brazilian wax I only found one place that was great enough to continue going back. Sesen Spa in Vienna. Great job, painless and quick!

Julia Beizer: Only one suggestion for our friend looking for some suga.


Best Bathroom in D.C. Clubs: Is definitely the VIP Bathroom at FLY Lounge. It has a toilet, nice mirror, is hidden, and has a CODE LOCK on it!!!! You only can get the unlock code if you get the big VIP Table in the back. That's my vote!

Fritz Hahn: Ah, right. Sadly, I never get to sit at the VIP table at Fly.

Oh, and the private bathroom cubicles at Napoleon are large and comfortable. Should add those as well.


Springfield, Va.: Hi, Can you tell me of a place I can bring a group of 20 that is really cool, has an outdoor patio, plays live jazz, serves PBR in cans, no frat boys, close to a metro stop and has a vegeterian happy hour? Oh, and it also has to have a mix of great looking single men and women.

Fritz Hahn: Solly's doesn't have food, but it's close!


Korean Korrector here: i think that honeypig questioner from before meant "pah juhn" .. just felt the need to clarify

Fritz Hahn: It appears you may be correct. Still, at Honey Pig, I generally eat what is put in front of me. Kinda like Kushi.


Let's say you could pick any spot in the District to, um, relieve yourself. : Well if it's during the week and you're near the hill then I'd definitely recommend any House or Senate office building if you don't mind going through security. I give extra props to the Hart Senate office building for being very clean. Not for weekends though.....

Fritz Hahn: So they're clean? That's it?


BANG BANG: If I wanted to see Chelsea Handler at Border's this weekend, any good restaurants nearby worth checking out -- preferably on the inexpensive-moderate side?

Julia Beizer: Hmmmm. There's Nando's, but I feel like everyone's checked that out. I heart Kaz Sushi Bistro if you wanted to drop a little more change. Tom gave a pretty good nod to Madhatter's new menu/location.


Arlington, Va.: Re: Ironhorse before Upright Citizens Brigade. Thanks for the tip, completely forgot about there and didn't know HH was on Sat. too. The Fireball game they have is really addicting as is skeeball of course. Any tips on how early to get to the show to get decent seats since it's general admission?

Stephanie Merry: The UCB shows have been really popular, but since they've extended their run, that might help your cause. I'd personally aim to get there about 30 minutes early, but you might want to do earlier if you want to be super close to the stage.


Columbia Heights : So this is the first weekend in a long time that I have nothing planned. No parents visits, no moving, no parties, no nothing. I would like to do something, though. Can you suggest a low-key bar that has good drinks and a relaxed vibe. I don't want a place that I need to get dressed up or will have a difficult time sitting down. Does such a place exist on a Saturday night? My preference is a dive bar with a good jukebox or decent music.

Fritz Hahn: In D.C.: Red Derby, the Passenger, the Tune Inn.

Further afield: the Quarry House Tavern, Jay's Saloon, JV's.


In-laws follow up: 1. They really don't like to do anything, if you can believe that. It's actually quite sad.

I didn't realize the kite festival was Saturday, so that might be the perfect thing to do. They're OSU fans, so we'll probably head somewhere to watch Friday nights game.

2. the vodka martini's are for me. They don't drink :)

Stephanie Merry: Ha! Got it. Thanks for the clarification and good luck!


Manassas, Va.: Hi Gurus,I just moved to Manassas and I'm looking for a good local bar for a hang out spot on the weekends. Is there any fun times under 20 minutes away? I've been to the Fair Oaks area, but didn't see anything too exciting (unless I missed something). My husband and I are in our late 20's. Also I'm from Chicago and I really miss my old local haunts in Wrigleyville.Thanks!

Fritz Hahn: Wrigleyville and Manassas are like apples and oranges, honestly. Most of the good bars out your way tend to be in strip malls and shopping centers, not walkable neighborhoods.

My favorites would be the awesome beer selection (and 20-something crowd) at Dogfish Head Ale House in Fairfax, the very cool Sweetwater Tavern Brewpub, and if you need live music/cover bands/people in their 20s and 30s, the Ned Devine's pub in Centreville.

There's a pub in Haymarket called the Lion and Bull -- formerly Kirkpatrick's -- that I've heard good things about, but haven't visited yet. Thanks for reminding me.


Secret!: My girlfriend and I have been dating long distance for a few years and she is now making the move to be with me! I lived in D.C. for years, but I'm more of a dive bar person, so this question is escaping me.

I'm trying to think of a restaurant (or bar?) in the area where I can host her family and friends for a surprise going-away party (even me being there will be a surprise, as I haven't told her I'm visiting that weekend). I'm hoping for a place that would have a small-ish room/area (probably around 10-15 people) that I could rent out for a meal/drinks (probably on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon to avoid the crowded dinner hour). Would love it to be in Arlington or on the Orange line for convenience.


Julia Beizer: Cool -- congrats on the reuniting. So, for the record, renting a room can be pricey. Tallula's got a private room -- not sure how much they charge. You could check out EatBar instead, and see if you could just reserve some space for your group to gather. Eventide can set your table aside with these massive blue curtains, so that could work. Spider Kelly's has a big old space that can be rented out. But I think it holds like 80 people, and that's obviously a lot more room than you need.

It's toward the end of chat time and I feel like this was a bad answer. Holla at me at julia(dot)beizer(at) if you want more ideas. Let me know what your price range per person is.


D.C. with young kids this weekend?: We want to use the Metro to take our kids to D.C. this weekend for the Kite Festival, as well as some of the cherry blossoms. Our kids are 3 years and 4 months old and I just heard on the radio that using the Smithsonian Metro is not advised due to the traffic projected.

Which stop would be best? Also, what restaurants in the area are reasonably priced but good for young kids? In other words - has fast service, but still good food, and won't mind a toddler/preschooler in there?


Anne Kenderdine: Let me be totally honest here: I did a similar adventure for the Kite Festival with my friend's 4- and 2-year-olds just last year, and, um, I think they might still be exhausted from it. There will be crowds no matter what. My advice is to pace yourself and decide what's more important to you: seeing the start of the blossoms? seeing the kite festival? Having good food even it it means a longer walk? If you want blossoms, bring food with you, get the kids on the Metro as soon as they wake up and get off at Smithsonian -- it's the closest -- and get to the Tidal Basin early as you can. Then have a picnic and take a break. If you have more energy, walk back to the monument for some bonus Kite Festival fun. Alternately, start with the Kite Festival: get off at Farragut North (Red Line), then head down 17th Street (it's an easy detour for a White House photo) to the monument. From there, the closest food is American History museum's cafeteria, but check out Julia's list (linked above) if you want something more distinctive.


So they're clean? That's it?: Were you expecting a bathroom to put on a show for you or a massage? Think the original poster was looking for a place to go if you're out and about and need to do #2.

Fritz Hahn: No, but they were asking about our favorite places, which made me think it was less about convenience and more about bathrooms with style.

But hey, I could be wrong. And if that's the case, I've seen an iPhone App that lists public restrooms.


Arlington, Va.: I hate to ask yet again, but could you please post the link of ideas for good D.C. bars/clubs for a bachelorette party? I know it's been posted before... I swear I tried searching, but "bachelorette" doesn't come up with it! Thanks!!

Stephanie Merry: No worries, Arlington. We're getting lots of bachelorette questions; it must be that time of year. These blog posts are both a little outdated, so you might want to double-check the info, but here's Julia's post from a couple years ago and here's the one I wrote only slightly more recently.


Wrestlemania: I know Rustico was showing old wrestling shows on Sunday for a bit - they might be willing to change the channel...

Fritz Hahn: Well, Wrestlemania 26 is a pay-per-view event, and bars have to pay a bit of money for it. Rustico, on the other hand, is just showing classic Wrestlemanias starring Hulk Hogan, the British Bulldogs, Rowdy Roddy Piper, Andre the Giant, etc.

I know which one I'd rather watch...


Vienna Metro : Not a good idea. Not only is it "not clearly marked from 95," but parking fills up by 8:30am at the very latest on weekdays.

I don't have an alternative, though, since I think driving and parking in DC is both more efficient and more economical.

Fritz Hahn: Okay, I was clearly wrong on this one. Thank you, chatters.

So is Franconia/Springfield the way to go?


Sugar in Northern Va.: I would recommend Sue of sueskincare -- she has YEARS of experience and really knows her stuff! She does it either at the Sunrise Wellness Center in Annandale or the Unicorn Hair Studio in Old Town Alexandria. Hope that helps!

Julia Beizer: A reader suggestion.


Crystal City: Probably too late, but just got here and wanted to share -- for waxing, I love Violet and Mickey at Serenity in Tenleytown. I learned about 'em here in the chat, so we've come full circle. :) Plus they have a discount listserv and discount for first-timers at the spa.

Julia Beizer: Wow. Serenity was probably my suggestion from a couple of years ago (did some story, took my dog to the one in Old Town). Man. The circle of life continues in guru land. I am feeling super old.


Old folks: A group of old folks (45'ish years of age who attended college together) are re-unioning in April here in D.C. (last year Chicago -- it was great). I've got sites and museums on the list but am looking for a fun place for us to "feel young" without upsetting some generational balance in the room. Casual place that won't look at us cross-eyed when we arrive en masse (8 of us) for beer, cocktails, pool, laughs. Thoughts from you or chatters welcomed. (We probably want to stay in D.C. or close-in VA/MD.) I was thinking Blues Alley type place, but that gets to be $$$.

Fritz Hahn: Many of the good pool halls -- Buffalo Billiards, Rocket Bar, Atomic Billiards -- get a mixed crowd from college kids through people in their 50s and older, so I bet you'd do fine at one of them. Or you could try making reservations for a cool cocktail lounge, like the Gibson or PX, maybe dropping into a place like the Passenger or PS 7's for drinks and fun.


Hill Bathrooms: It you're going to use the bathroom on the Hill. Library of Congress, Adams Building top floor. Marble, clean and quiet. Your tax dollars at work.

Fritz Hahn: Gracias.


Georgetown: Where can i find growlers in the city and how long will they stay fresh? Would i be able to, say, bike somewhere to get them and still enjoy them at my apartment after a bit of refrigeration?

Fritz Hahn: Growlers -- which are large glass jugs of beer to go from brewpubs and beer bars -- will stay fresh for up to a couple weeks if they're sealed and you don't open them. (Once you've popped the cap, though, you should drink them within a day or two.)

Getting beer to go is still illegal in D.C., though I know some people are working to get that changed. In the meantime, try a brewpub like one of the Rock Bottom Breweries, DuClaw, Gordon Biersch (in Rockville or Tysons), Sweetwater Tavern, Growlers of Gaithersburg, etc.

_______________________ Well, now we have all kinds of ideas for those cherry blossom-going tourists. And for fans of sugaring. Way to keep this chat clean, folks. See ya next week.


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