The 'Lost' Hour: Season 6, 'The Last Recruit'

Jen Chaney and Liz Kelly
Washington Post "Lost" bloggers
Wednesday, April 21, 2010; 2:00 PM

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Liz Kelly: Afternoon. Welcome back.

Wanted to start off this hour by raising a question we didn't make it to in our analysis: Why, at the end of the show, did Widmore order his crew to again raise their weapons on Sawyer, Sun, Hurley, Frank and Claire? Is it because he suspects Sawyer wants to steal the sub or could there be a more sinister reason? Me, I'm thinking it's a simple trust issue. Case closed.


Jen Chaney: I'm going with trust issue, too. I think Sawyer pointed out that Locke/MIB wasn't with them, and that's when they lowered the 'ol guns and set off the 'splosions on the other island.

I was puzzled that they weren't concerned about blowing Jack to kingdom come, but that's another matter.

Let's get started.


Inquiring minds need to know ...: What do you both think are the handful of the most important Lost 'mysteries' left unsolved, and do you believe they will be by series end? Also, what other lesser mysteries or Lost mythos may well never be explained?

Liz Kelly: That's a good question and one Jen and I will need more time to compile. Since there's no show next week, maybe we can get a list together and discuss it here next Wednesday?

Liz Kelly: But I will add this -- Damon and Carlton have said, and said again in this Wired mag article, that they will not answer all of the lingering questions:

I think there's this essential human desire to have a unified field theory. But there is no unified field theory for Lost, nor do we think there should be. Philosophically we don't buy into that. The great mysteries of life fundamentally can't be addressed. We just have to tell a good story and let the chips fall where they may. We don't know whether the resolution between the two timelines is going to make people say, "Oh, that's cool" or "Oh, f--- those guys, they belly-flopped at the end." But the fact that we're nervous about it and that we're actually attempting it - that is what we had to do. We had to try to make the dive.

And don't go thinking they will make all clear once the series is history. So far, they are maintaining that they will not talk about the show once it ends. Which I'm thinknig means until the big DVD box set comes out sometime in the fall.

Jen Chaney: I like making a list for discussion next Wednesday. Producer Paul mentioned the pregnancy issue, which certainly is something that should be on the list.

We also still don't completely know what Dharma's deal is. Why, exactly, were they there? I am doubtful we'll get full resolution on that one.

Anyway, we'll compile, as Liz said, and compare notes next week. Great question, thanks.


True or False?: As soon as we finish this final season, we are all going to have to update our Netflix queue and immediately rewatch all six seasons with 20/20 hindsight.

Jen Chaney: Um, given?

I have all the seasons (except six, obviously) on DVD. You're all welcome to come over and watch them ... at Liz's house.

Liz Kelly: Yeah. As long as we're wrapped up by June 26 (my due date), that's fine. Once the little one arrives, the party will have to move over to Jen's house -- which is really much more spacious. And has a hot tub time machine.


Hair Schill: How has Liz not yet commented on Kate's appalling shampoo ads airing during Lost?

Liz Kelly: Ahh, another benefit of setting the DVR and starting to watch at about 9:20. I'm still done watching by 10 p.m., but get to skip all the annoying ads.


Trust issue?: I think Sawyer's deal with Widmore was originally to lead MIB to Widmore, no? Maybe Widmore was pissed that Sawyer didn't follow through.

Liz Kelly: Good point. Sawyer didn't keep up his end of the deal. Instead of delivering MIB, he brings (among others) a Burt Reynolds movie reject.

Jen Chaney: True. But their first reaction once they realized MIB wasn't there was "Blow up, MIB." That's really the goal, it seems. If Sawyer didn't bring him, they'll take matters into their own hands.

Again, though, I don't get why they aren't more careful considering that, as far as they know, Des is being held hostage by MIB somewhere. Surely Widmore wants to keep the dude alive, hence all the threats early in the episode from Dirty Liz Lemon.


Alexandria, VA: Favorite moments from last night in no particular order - "Ooh, I like you!", the Burt Reynolds movie comment, and Sayid's exchange with Locke where he came oh-so-close to smirking after lying to Locke about killing Des.

Who's your latest guess on the identity of David's mom?

Liz Kelly: I'm leaning towards Juliet again. It makes sense.

Besides, Jack's previous ex -- Sarah (aka Julie Bowen) -- is all tied up filming "Modern Family."

Jen Chaney: And Julie Bowen didn't even know there was a scene where Jack has a son. (Kristen dos Santos told her on a red carpet ... there's video about it somewhere on E!).

So I assume it's not Sarah, too. Juliet is the obvious choice. Which means that Ben might be in love with Rousseau in sideways world. (He's supposed to have an "unexpected romance" in the next episode.)


Washington, DC: Do you think Jack is REALLY the candidate?? I'm going to be so disappointed if it turns out that way. Can you see him guiding the Island like Jacob?? Somehow, Good Locke will prevail, and inherit the island. It's got to happen. Nothing else is acceptable.

Liz Kelly: No, actually, I can't see him guiding the island like Jacob. But I don't think that precludes him from being the candidate.

As I hinted at in the analysis, I think Jack's plan is to make Jacob's job obsolete. Rather than spend eternity keeping a childish imp (MIB) occupied/confined on the island, he'll look for a solution: Whether that means destroying MIB or somehow causing MIB to come over from the dark side, I don't know.


Nelson: In the next episode, will LA Jack be faced with the decision to let Locke die on the operating table, after having a flashover to the evil Locke/MIB on the island? It might even be a bit reminiscant of Jack operating on Ben and making a deal with him to let him live. It seems as though the all-knowing Des wanted LA Locke dead, thinking that it would have an effect on island Locke/MIB.

Jen Chaney: I initially thought Des wanted L.A. Locke dead, but I think he actually wanted to put Locke in a situation that would bring him to the hospital, and put him under Jack's care.

Desmond seems determined to bring everyone together, to arrange things so they are "exactly where they should be." (That line sound familiar?)

That said, I think you're right about Jack having to make a decision, as well as having to test himself, again, to see if he's really capable of fixing things.

Liz Kelly: I'm thinking Jack is going to start having flashes -- or bleed throughs to his island memories -- mid-surgery. Which is probably somewhere on the safety continuum between dropping acid while flying a 747 and swimming with sharks after rubbing oneself down with lard.


Jin and Sun reunion...: Instead of enjoying watching them run towards each other and embrace... I was SO FREAKING AFRAID that the pylon-sonic-fence-thingy was on and they'd get zapped. What should have been a great scene was just kind of ruined for me.

Liz Kelly: Oh me too. I was screaming at the TV "the fence! the fence!" I know Dirty Liz Lemon had radioed base to deactivate it, but still... that added an unnecessary element of terror to what should have been a beautiful moment.

Many blog commenters are also dubious about the reunion because Sun didn't immediately mention Ji Yeon, the daughter Jin has never met. And it does make sense that she would say something like "Our daughter is safe. She can't wait to meet you." Or something like that.

Jen Chaney: Honestly, what makes sense is that they would say something, anything, besides what they actually said.


AGGGH I HAVE A MEETING AT 2, PLEASE PLEASE READ MY Q: Ok, you fabulous ladies! Where the heck are Bernard and Rose???? Have the fallen of the face of the island?

Liz Kelly: I believe Bernard is slated to make an appearance in an upcoming episode. In sideways world. That's all I'll say.

Jen Chaney: Last we saw Bernard and Rose, they had decided to hang out on the island and retire there. (We saw them in sideways world, too, but I'm just talking island.)

How awesome would it be if The Candidate turns out to be Bernard?


Spring Lake, N.J.: I would bet Ben's unexpected romance might be actually with Juliet since he always seemed to have a thing for her on the island, even going to far as to get what's his name killed... mmmmm, ham.

Jen Chaney: I thought of that, too. Distinct possibility, though pairing her with Jack given our love square (Jack, Kate, Sawyer and Juliet) would provide more narrative symmetry.

Maybe Ben gets involved with a nice man named Henry Gale...


Dogen didn't bring Sayid back: It was pretty explicitly confirmed by Miles that Sayid was dead for hours after Dogen tried to save him. I think Miles even said something along the lines of, "They were just as surprised as anyone. Whatever brought you back, it wasn't them."

Jen Chaney: You're right. I think we established in the analysis that MIB definitely reanimated, after expressing a moment of doubt.

That's exactly what Miles said, too -- thanks for the reminder.


Arlington, VA: Re: "I was puzzled that they weren't concerned about blowing Jack to kingdom come"

I was puzzled about why he didn't seem concerned that he could be blowing Desmond to kingdom come... Desmond seems to be the key for Widmore. I don't think Widmore knows/cares about the candidates and Jacob. He is looking to exploit and use the island's resources to trap MIB, so the candidates don't mean much to him except maybe as a bargaining chip. He may be willing to blow MIB up regardless of care or thought because he may think Des is already dead.

Thanks for these great chats...helps to know that there will be others out there just as despondent as I will be on May 24th.

Jen Chaney: Very true about Des. I said this in a previous answer -- I also wasn't sure why Widmore wasn't more concerned about blowing up Desmond. That's the one person he knows he needs.

But I think he might be interested in the candidates, too. Remember, he's the one who made Locke go around and try to gather everyone to go back to the island.


Sideways Jack Knows: Jack was so totally obsessed with the man that Sarah (his ex-wife) fell for when she left him. Sideways Jack knows who he is. The problem is that WE do not.

Does anyone know?

Liz Kelly: Yes, a real estate agent named Phil Dunphy.

Okay, I'll stop with the "Modern Family" references.


Death by 'splosion: Am I crazy? No one else seems to think or have picked up on Jack dying in the explosion at the end of the episode and being reanimated like Sayid. There's a huge parallel with his sister, Claire, who I believe died in the explosion in the Dharma/Other barracks in Season 4.

Liz Kelly: Really? I don't think it was at all implied that Jack died in the episode. Just that he was thrown for a loop by the blast and (again) lost his hearing. Much like Kate after the hatch detonation at the beginning of this season. He's dazed, not dead.

Jen Chaney: Yeah, I don't think he died. He never seemed to completely lose consciousness.

But now this means I have to watch the episode for a third time...


Wauwatosa, WI: What do you think of Claire's statement that Jack is bound to MIB because Jack allowed MIB to speak to him first?

Jen Chaney: It's consistent with other warnings -- most notably, from Dogen to Sayid -- about not letting MIB talk first. But where I get a little fuzzy is with Richard; he obviously had a long conversation with MIB before he talked to Jacob. But he doesn't appear bound to him, unless he's been taking direction from MIB for a while without realizing it.

I'm pretty sure that's what Ben was doing all along: thinking he controlled the smoke monster, talking to the dude in the chair, etc. That was all MIB, convincing Ben he was Jacob.

In any event, I'm not sure MIB chit-chat always means MIB mind control. I'm wondering if Jack's meet-up with Locke in sideways world actually put him under the control of original JOhn Locke, rather than MIB, like some sort of mind control malfunction. As Liz and I both pointed out, that's who he's sounding like right now. Maybe instead of getting MIB's mind, what Jack inherited was the soul of the man who's body he's currently occupying.

Liz Kelly: Also, MIB spoke to Sawyer and Kate and neither seem to be under some kind of undue MIB influence. In fact, Sawyer's been plotting against MIB almost since day one of this season.

Claire is loco. We should take that under advisement when evaluating her blanket statements.


I am the Smoke Thing ...: and I am confused.

Why can Ben summon me to take on Widmore's mercenaries when he and he Others are followers of Jacob, my centuries-long adversary?

In that same vein, why would Ben submit himself to me to be judged?

Why would John Locke in Season 1 tell Jack that he looked into the eye of the island (namely me) and tell him that what he saw was beautiful when I am being described as evil incarnate?

Why would the Others, who are terrified of me and who protect themselves from me by surrounding the temple with ash, go into the tunnels under the temple to snatch Jack, Hurley, Jin, etc. when they had to know I hung out there? After all, that is where I killed the French guy.

Are there two of me or is that theory floating around the message boards that Jacob and the MIB are really two sides of the same coin something that can be applied to me?

And finally, was I lying when I told Jack that I had taken the form of his dead father on the island because we all recall that episode where dead Christian appeared to Jack at the hospital and I can't get off the island, right?

Just wondering, you know, because stuff is winding down and these things are hard to reconcile.

Liz Kelly: I'm in the Jacob and MIB are two sides of one coin camp, so I think that might allow for a lot of the ambiguity you allude to above.

And as for Ben summoning Smokey while a devoted Jacob accolyte, well, look at it this way: At that point, Ben didn't know what Smokey was -- only that he existed as one part of the island's mysterious power. On Smokey/MIB's side, it might have worked in his favor to help out the Others from time to time, doing little things that ultimately nudged things toward the day when he would one day "look like" dead John Locke.

And, no, I don't think MIB was lying to Jack.

But, again, these are good questions for Jen and I to consider as we compile our list of outstanding mysteries for next week.

Jen Chaney: Liz and I had an offline conversation last night about why Jack saw Christian in the hospital, an event you also mention. Best we could come up with was that it was a hallucination in that instane, brought on by Jack's drug use and generally addled mental state.

But Michael and the freighter is a good example. He wouldn't be inclined to have visions of Jack's dad, since he didn't know the man. And MIB supposedly can't travel across water (I think we established that, right?). So I'm a little stumped on that.

More for the list!


Why couldn't Juliet be both?: She's Jack's ex-wife AND she's dating Ben?

Liz Kelly: Good point. A girl has to move on.


Kutztown, PA: First off, I love reading your recaps and am going to miss them when the show ends.

My question: What's the deal with "ghost" Walt from way back? Was that MIB? I can't see how it could be, given that Walt isn't dead. I hope they can somehow tie Walt back into the final episodes, especially for how important he seemed as a character.

Liz Kelly: It's interesting to think about ghost Walt again now that we've seen the other kid -- who we think may be Aaron but really don't know -- appearing to MIB here and there with warnings about the rules and what not. Because ghost Walt seemed to be possessed of similar knowledge. He seemed to know what John Locke -- when he lay in a heap of decades old Dharma corpses -- needed to do.

But you're right -- it wouldn't make sense, based on what MIB said last night, for that to have been him. Walt isn't dead and, as far as we know, neither is Aaron.


Confused, VA: Didn't Claire give birth in sideways world shortly after landing? Why was she still pregnant in last night's episode? What am I missing? LAPD Sawyer acknowledges meeting Kate in handcuffs at LAX, which is right before she helped Claire to the hospital, no?

Liz Kelly: She had a scare that landed her in the hospital, but did not give birth.


Lingering Mysteries: Things I have questions about but can't even really fully form explanations of my questions...

Donkey Wheel/Ben landing in Abu Dhabi or wherever. huh?

Ben/Widmore confrontation--doesn't it seem like Widmore doesn't care about Ben anymore? Why?

Liz Kelly: I think we talked about Widmore's waning interest in Ben last week. Widmore was using Ben as a proxy for MIB and now doesn't need that proxy.


Lost rookie: Hi girls, I am new to Lost. This season has really piqued my interest--probably because it's the last!--and now I wish I'd watched from the beginning. Other than renting all the DVDs (which I plan to do), are there any other good resources for getting up to speed? 'Lost' Central

Lostpedia - The Lost Encyclopedia

Liz Kelly: Both of Paul's suggestions are excellent -- Lost Central contains all of our analysis of seasons 3 - to the present and chats covering seasons one up to now.

But before getting too deep into the mythology, I would just watch and enjoy. There's a library's worth of source material and theories floating around about plot, ultimate message, etc. -- but this show is also very character driven and you'll only get the full impact of some of the most well-written characters on TV by watching.


Truxton Circle, DC: Are they ever going to resolve the fact that the guy Locke saw when Ben took him to Jacob's cabin is not the current version of either Jacob or MIB? Is there a third person/force to reckon with?

Jen Chaney: I think that was MIB, passing himself off to clueless Ben as Jacob. If he can assume other forms, it's not like he has to look like the versions we've seen since, right?

A little confounding, maybe, but I'm willing to accept that.


lost in Baltimore: I think we should just have a 6 day marathon at Liz'z house. One season per day with a couple of hours for food and sleep.

But seriously. If MIB just needed a body to escape the island, why didn't he just take Cristian Sheppard, or one of the gazillion people that died? Is it that he could only inhabit the body of someone that died off of the island? Could he only inhabit the body of a candidate? Then he could have killed any one of them and taken them over. Is it that he could only inhabit the body of a candidate that died off island? Maybe he can't or is not allowed to kill a candidate. If that is so, then Jack is safe from MIB even if he hangs out with MIN for a few episodes. He needed Locke's body to convince Ben to kill Jacob.

Liz Kelly: I think Paul's onto something there. Something that maybe MIB could have said when Jack asked him the same question last night. Instead, MIB used it as an opportunity to hold forth about what a loser that John Locke was because of his belief that he was somehow special.

But maybe MIB's need of John's image is proof positive that Locke was special -- perhaps there was something about Locke (aside from the fact that Ben would be susceptible to his influence) that made his body the necessary ingredient needed for him (MIB) to make some kind of breakthrough.

Jen Chaney: Agreed. I think Locke was special, and using his image was key to MIB being able to do what he did.

And I like your marathon idea: The Lost Lock-In. Or maybe just "The Locke-In."


Bizarre Liz Question: Off topic; my apologies!

Liz, you weren't by any wacky chance at a birthing class this past Sunday in Arlington, were you? I kept thinking, "I know that face . . . " and later I thought, "Wait! It might've been Liz!"

Liz Kelly: How bizarre. Yes! And so, yes, that was me asking all of the idiotic questions.

You should have said hi!


you can't fool me: I have suspected for some time that you two have advance screenings of the show and probably have a fair indication of what to expect next but just like to mess with us and speculate and pretend and it may even have something to do with Jen's hottub time machine but I'm just guessing at this point.

Jen Chaney: Crud. You're onto us after all these seasons.

I haven't admitted this before, but "Hottub Time Machine" is actually based on events that happened in my own home. They decided to shoot it in Canada, though. You know. Cheaper.


Ashton MD: There are going to be lots of plot holes left unfilled. My personal favorite is how it's been established how hard it is to find the island, yet somehow Dharma was still regularly parachuting supplies onto the island years after their settlers there had been massacred.

Latest plothole to develop is Claire originally saying she hadn't been alone on the island since she had her Dad and her friend but now saying she knew her Dad was actually MIB (her friend) all along.

Jen Chaney: Well, the Claire pothole can easily be explained by the fact that she's crazy. And also that, while she knows they are the same entity, Christian and Flocke appear as separate individuals to her. So she might view them that way.

The supply drops are a very good question, though, and one that LindeCuse has said will be answered before all is said and done.

Liz Kelly: And loco Claire keeps going on about how everyone left her behind when really it was her that left everyone. She disappeared without a trace, leaving her defenseless infant in the middle of the jungle.


Enough with the spoilers!: Sigh. This has come up multiple times but it will become even more critical as we approach the finale. There is a significant proportion of your audience who would consider "-Ben]'s supposed to have an "unexpected romance" in the next episode" to be a spoiler. So please be considerate of us, and don't share that stuff that you know from doing research outside of the show itself, including plot and casting.

Can you do us all the favor of assuming that we all watch the promos for next week and NOTHING ELSE?

Liz Kelly: I hear you, but it's kind of a tall order to ask "who do you think Ben is dating" or "will we ever see Bernard and Rose again" without hinting at information that is already out there all over the Web.

Not to be harsh, but if you're spoiler averse, maybe a chat about the past, present and future of "Lost" isn't the best place to park your wagon.

Jen Chaney: Liz has a point. But ever the diplomat, I'll be more careful about saying SPOILER ALERT if I'm going to mention any rumors or information about future episodes.

It's hard to remember, though, because Liz and I sometimes share this info in blog posts, Tweets, etc. So what's a spoiler and what isn't gets a little blurry.

But I hear you, and I'll try to do better.


:): In my guess the most lasting impact of Lost will be the way Linde Cruse changed stoytelling with flashforwards and such. So much so that shows like "FlashForward" became possible. Do either of you watch that one or "V" for that matter ? Just curious/

Liz Kelly: I meant to, but never got around to starting. I plan to catch one, or both, on DVD or OnDemand.

I only have so much room in my week for series TV and just added "Treme" to my weekly sked.

Jen Chaney: I've only seen a couple eps of "Flash Forward" and "V," and they haven't fully drawn me in.

I'm also trying to get into "Treme," and of course keeping up with "Glee." Which has so many things in common with "Lost" ... I mean, I could just go on all day about them. But I won't.

Another lasting impact, I think, is the approach shows take to communicating with their fans. The "Lost" people recognized a community was taking shape and they continued to feed it, and in a way that completely spoke the same language as the audience. Not an easy thing to do.


Chesterield, Va.: The better question is, why is Widmore ordering them to fire their weapons on MLB on the beach? It almost seems comical, if it is an attempt to kill or intimidate MIB.

Liz Kelly: Agreed. You have to think Widmore knows a scud missile is hardly going to kill MIB. So my only conclusion is that he's trying to either slow MIB down just a little or intimidate MIB's remaining followers.


Seriously, what would you have said?: So the Jin-Sun reunion didn't move your island. If you were reunited with your significant other after 3 years, what would you say? Apparently, I love you, I never stopped looking for you, and I'll never leave you again are too trite? But I honestly can't think I'd realistically say anything different. You?

Liz Kelly: I think I would have been more hysterical -- crying, grabbing Jin and not letting go. I would have addressed my long lost love in our native language if I said anything at all. I may just be too overwhelmed for words in the initial moments.

And, I'm sorry -- but the mid-reunion flash to Lapidus saying "Looks like someone got their voice back" was just so cheesy and hackneyed that it pretty much proves the scene was fumbled. I felt like I was watching "Fantasy Island." It was that bad.

Jen Chaney: To be honest, no, I don't think I would say those things. I think "I can't believe it's really you" would have been a more appropriate option. Or just uncontrollable sobbing with no words, even.

Also, to be fair, Desmond said "I love you, Penny" when he reconnected with her, too. But that scene was just much more gracefully done. And as Liz said, not so rushed. So that made any obvious dialogue not seem cliche to me.

I liked this episode a lot; Jin and Sun was my big quibble with it.


Lost in Tatooine: So Sawyer calls his friends "Chewbacca" and "Jabba the Hutt" for five seasons, but doesn't catch Hurley's Star Wars reference? Seems like a stretch...

Liz Kelly: You've got a point there.

Jen Chaney: Oh, my dear, dear, not-geeky-enough friends.

The whole point of that line is that of course Sawyer wouldn't know Anakin, because Anakin is from episodes I through III. Sawyer is a straight up-and-down Episodes IV, V and VI man. He would have zero patience for "The Phantom Menace."

Liz Kelly: Sorry Jen, but before you go flashing your Star Wars fan club membership card around, please recall that Anakin Skywalker was in fact mentioned in eps IV, V and/or VI. So Sawyer still should have caught the reference.

Jen Chaney: Yeah, but I think that's why they wrote the line that way. To imply that Sawyer would have nothing to do with the more Anakin-focused movies.

So there, Jar-Jar.

Liz Kelly: I dunno. I think it was an oversight. And stop calling me Jar Jar.


Jen!: Please write an article on Glee and Lost!!!

Jen Chaney: I will, right after "Glee" does its all-"Lost" themed episode.

Finn will sing "Shambala," the whole Glee club will do a moving rendition of "Make Your Own Kind of Music" ... actually, this is not sounding like a bad idea...


Hingham, MA: What do you make of the end credits which say that "his soul had gone mad living in the wilderness"? Clearly this is Locke/MIB.

Liz Kelly: That was a bit puzzling and it was purportedly a promo for the finale, not the next episode -- which made it all the more strange.

In the most recent podcast, Damon and Carlton made it sound as if they don't have much control over those end of show promos and even seemed to suggest that they hadn't even chosen last week's (very good) Willy Wonka themed promo. So, if that's so, I think we need to view them with a bit of caution.

But, yeah, I would assume they were referring to Locke/MIB.


Malvern, PA: No, no no, Juliet IS Jack's ex-wife and is going to run into Sawyer at the hospital when she comes to pick up David...Sawyer will be there to talk to Sun/Jin about the shooting at the restaurant.

Jen Chaney: And -- SPOILER IF THIS GUESS TURNS OUT TO BE CORRECT -- she'll run into Ben there, too, and he'll fall in love with her! This could all come together perfectly.

Liz Kelly: And then all of the above can head over to the hospital cafeteria for ham sandwiches.


Desmond: I'm not entirely sure that Des isn't on the path that Widmore set him on. As was specified just before Sayid took him, 20 minutes had passed between them zapping him and them walking through the woods. And as Des said, a lot can happen in 20 minutes. Widmore may have had time to let Des in on an elaborate plan, part of which involved being taken into MIB's camp and convincing Sayid to go back on the good side. We don't know how much Widmore knows about what's happening and going to happen, he does keep company with eerie Eloise, after all.

Jen Chaney: Yeah, Widmore in general is a massive enigma.

Add him to the list!


Birth class: I was right in front of you! How funny. I wish I would have put it together sooner.

You looked great!

Liz Kelly: Thanks, you too! Good luck with the baby and all and definitely send me an update next week.


What the What?: Okay, I'm willing to suspend belief for this show on alot of things. I mean, I watch tv to be entertained, not because I expect it to be real. We have smoke monsters, time travel and even a parallel universe. But I was seriously annoyed last night at the tiny ditch Desmond was laying in, after we watched Flocke throw him down a really deep well last week. Seriously?

Oh, and was I the only one thinking, as Des and Sayid were talking, "it puts the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again?"

Jen Chaney: Good point. That well did look a lot more daunting last week, didn't it?

And I didn't think of "Silence of the Lambs," but now I will if we see Des in the well again.


Cannonball Run: The "dude from a Burt Reynolds movie" line just about ruined the show for me. The entire next scene I couldn't stop laughing at Frank and thinking of him driving Jamie Farr's limo and kept laughing every time I saw him thereafter. And then when he made that horrible line about Sun getting her voice back I thought he was gonna take a pie to the face. Why treat such a great character so poorly? I also think Sally Field would have made a better choice for Zoe.

Liz Kelly: The image of Frank taking a pie to the face just made me laugh out loud. And I needed that on a gloomy overcast day in D.C. Thanks dude.


Ann Arbor, MI: I'm trying to think through the pairings on Lost (and if they are each other's constants or whatever) - and locke and jack are the ones whose on-island match isn't apparent - so maybe it's each other ...

Jen Chaney: Could be, Ann Arbor. And you oughta know, since you live in the home of the Hanso Foundation.


Liz Kelly: Okay, that's it for this week. We won't get the next new episode -- "The Candidate" -- until May 4, but Jen and I will be here next week to talk about the show's unresolved mysteries.

And, I'd just like to add that any fan of the original "Star Wars" trilogy who doesn't instantly recognize the name "Anakin" is suspect. Probably some kind of Ewok-lover.

Jen Chaney: You know what? I like Ewoks, and I bet Sawyer does, in his heart of hearts, too. I make fun of them, but I secretly love them.

There. I said it.

See you next week, kids.


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