Education Special Reports

Fixing D.C. Schools
The Washington Post investigates the state of the schools and the lessons of failed and successful reforms.

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Education Review: Fall 2007
Post Magazine looks at gap years, elementary school homework, the military and education, and lessons in low-tech.

Top High Schools
Washington Post Education Reporter Jay Mathews identifies the nation's most challenging high schools and explains why they're best.

Tragedy at Virginia Tech
Full coverage including news, analysis, profiles of each victim, multimedia, interactive timelines and more.

Grad Guide 2007
What does it take to turn a college graduate into a "fully functioning" member of adult society? Try our new collection of info and resources for college seniors.

Students Report
Read local high school newspapers on

Gallaudet Protests
Key coverage of recent developments at the school for the deaf.

Building Blocks and Next Steps
A two-year series of articles looking at kindergarten through the 12th grade.

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