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A look back at the history of space shuttle launches

Discovery, one of NASA's three operational orbiters, has been prevented from taking off on its final mission by bad weather and electrical glitches. Discovery's next launch attempt is now no earlier than Feb. 3, 2011.



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Nov. 5, 2010

The space shuttle Discovery sits on Pad 39A at Kennedy Space Center in Florida. A hydrogen leak forced NASA to announce its fifth delay Friday to Discovery's final mission to the international space station, this time until the end of November. A seven-inch crack was found on the external fuel tank of the shuttle just hours before it was to launch, prompting the latest setback for the troubled mission after a spate of bad weather and electrical glitches.

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SpaceX rocket launch heralded as successful test of commercial spaceflight
Article | The first of what NASA hopes will become a fleet of privately built rockets and capsules successfully launched from Cape Canaveral on Wednesday morning in a major test for the commercial space industry. After twice circling the globe, the capsule landed in the Pacific as planned three hours later.

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