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No 'going commando' under that kilt

Last month, the Scottish Tartans Authority -- the governing body that sets the world standard for Highland dress -- called for an end to the Scottish custom of "going commando" underneath one's kilt -- saying the practice of not wearing underwear "unhygienic" and "offensive." The 40th annual Scottish Christmas Walk was held in Alexandria, Va., on Saturday.



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Bagpipe and drum bands perform in front of the bandstand during the 40th annual Scottish Christmas Walk in Alexandria.

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At Scottish Christmas Walk in Alexandria, mixed reviews on underwear under kilts
Article | For the kilt-wearing hordes who descend each year on Old Town for its Scottish Christmas Walk and Parade, the bawdy joke has always been: boxers, briefs . . . or nothing at all? A true Scot never wears anything under his kilt, the saying goes.

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