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The sideshow, on and off stage

For sideshow artists Jill and Tyler Fleet, the offbeat has its charms.



5 Seconds



Jill and Tyler Fleet in the living room of their Harpers Ferry, W.Va., home with their dog Bandit. The head of their deceased dog Elvis is mounted above the fireplace. The late Cindora went to a taxidermist to become Spider Dog.

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When weird is wonderful: A sideshow husband-and-wife team on and off-stage
Article | What other convention draws sword-swallowers, escape artists, fire-breathers and people who compete to see how much metal they can stuff up their noses? We visit the annual Sideshow Gathering to see the not-so-normal in their element, with D.C. husband-and-wife team Thrill Kill Jill and Tyler Fleet as our guides.

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