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Guatemalan army takes on Mexican drug traffickers

Guatemalan soldiers, at the request of the country's president, have increased patrols in the Alta Verapaz province because of invasions by a Mexican cartel in the area.



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Soldiers salute their superior during a shift change at a checkpoint in the town of Coban, Guatemala. So serious is the perceived threat to national security that Guatemalan President Alvaro Colom has extended "a state of seige" and martial law in the Alta Verapaz province, where authorities say the soldiers are beating back an invasion by the Mexican cartel known as the Zetas.

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Mexican drug cartels draw Guatemalan army to jungles where it fought civil war
Article | IN COBAN, GUATEMALA The once-fearsome Guatemalan army has returned to the jungles where it battled Marxist guerrillas a generation ago, this time to hunt shadowy Mexican drug traffickers fighting for control of strategic smuggling routes to the United States.

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