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Egypt day 21: Egypt's generals impose martial law

Egypt's generals imposed martial law on Sunday, dissolving parliament and suspending the constitution, moves that many of the protesters who helped topple President Hosni Mubarak said were necessary to excise a rotten form of government.



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Feb. 14, 2011

Military police surround remaining protesters as they try to clear Tahir square in Cairo, Egypt. Egypt's military rulers dissolved parliament Sunday, suspending the constitution and promising elections in moves cautiously welcomed by pro-democracy protesters.

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CBS News: Lara Logan beaten and sexually assaulted in Egypt by Tahrir Square mob
Article | Lara Logan, CBS News's chief foreign correspondent, is back in the United States after being beaten and sexually assaulted by a mob in Tahrir Square last week while covering the celebrations surrounding the fall of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak in Cairo, CBS News said Tuesday.

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