You Like? Let Metro Know.

Metro is providing a sneak peak into the future of its next generation of rail cars as it tests five types of wool fabric seats in its new series 6000 rail cars. The agency is testing two types of fabric, aura and vigor. The aura fabric comes in three designs and colors: blue dots, red dots and blue squares. The second fabric, vigor, comes in two designs and colors, balls and seals and gray rainbow.

The fabric seats were installed in rail cars #6026 and 6027. After three months, the fabrics will be installed on rail cars #6014 and 6015.

Metro will be monitoring ease of replacement, durability, ease of cleaning, overall costs against the existing seat covers and the appearance of pattern and color, and will be selecting one of the new fabrics for installation on its next order of rail cars.

On average, the Naugahyde seats in a Metrorail car are cleaned every 60 days and replaced every one to three years based on wear. It costs Metro $20 to replace seats in each Metrorail car.

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