Inside Your Body

How Crowns Are Done
In front or back, crown application is basically the same.

The No-Pill Menu
A sample 1,800-calorie menu for fulfilling nutritional needs without taking vitamins or other supplements.

That Ringing in Your Ears
Learn about the likely sources of tinnitus.

Readers, Digest!
An upclose look at how your stomach digests food.

Shoulder Maintenance
There's no reason to wait for an injury to pay attention to your shoulders, your upper back and the muscles that assist them.

Body Language
Nonverbal communication can speak louder than words.

Replaceable You
When a body part wears out from age or overuse or both, older Americans increasingly expect that it can be fixed or replaced.

On Your Feet: High Heels' Effects on the Body
Wearing high heels can harm knees, ankles and posture.

Bone Matters
By far the most common bone disease, osteoporosis affects an estimated 10 million people in the U.S.

Stress and Your Body
Stress reaches through your body far and wide.

Less Invasive Hysterectomy
You may be ablet to greatly reduce your recovery time and have a smaller incision.

Lyme Disease Primer
It's the season for ticks, but lyme disease can be prevented and treated.

Mosquito Bites: What Causes That Itch?
The resulting itch is caused not by piercing proboscis or the protein in the mosquito's saliva but by the body's immune response to them.

Anatomy of a Sneeze
A sneeze is a protective reflex that clears the upper airway of irritants including viruses, bacteria and pollutants.

Posture Perfect
Good posture removes unnecessary strain from muscles.

How Our Bodies Age
While many age-related changes cannot be prevented, a lifestyle that includes exercise and a well-balanced diet will slow or minimize many problems related to aging.

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